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Time Warner Cable: The Identity Thieves
By -

OHIO -- Hello. My name is ** and I have a serious consumer message to pass on regarding a very well known and trusted company: Time Warner Cable. On the first of the month my fiancé and I moved from an apartment to a rental home in a neighboring town. We contacted Time Warner several days in advance to make sure our service would be transferred to our new home without interruption, we rely on the service because my fiancée is currently a college student and needs internet access. This Monday the installers came to the new place and hooked up the service with no problems.

The next day we called Time Warner to make sure the service at our previous address was disconnected so we wouldn't end up with two bills. Here is the problem: When we called they informed us that the installers did not transfer our account to the new house, but rather opened a new account and now we had two running. Here is where it gets really bad: They say we not only have those two accounts.. but also an account from 2005-2006 that has an outstanding balance, and that it is from when we lived here (our new home) in 2005-2006.

For the record, and we also have proof, we have NEVER lived at this address in the past. In fact, we have never had Time Warner until last summer, at our previous address. We are like most other people, we have had late payments with the company over the past 5-6 months that we have been customers.. and never once was this 2005-2006 outstanding balance mentioned.

Time Warner records show my fiancé's social security number on the questionable account, along with MY cell phone number.. which I did not have in 2005 or 2006. I did not even know him during those years. I wasn't even living in the state of Ohio at that time and he wasn't living at this address. I feel like something is messed up in their computers because this issue didn't surface until this week. I really don't know what happened but now they are expecting us to pay this balance that isn't ours and I really wonder how safe ANYONE's information is with Time Warner because I am witnessing his personal information get tacked onto accounts that are not his.

They are now saying that we have to jump through several hoops just to prove that we are not lying, and they are suggesting identity theft. Well I don't know about you but that is one hell of a coincidence... that someone that lived in this apartment 5 years ago happened to steal his identity and we just happened to move to this place now and conveniently the bill that we have never seen in our lives resurfaces... We have called a few times in the past two days, and have even been denied the chance to speak to a supervisor on several occasions. THESE COMPANIES NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

Macroblocking lies
By -

Been a TW Cable residential client for over 2 years now and since day one I have had this same issue. My HD channels for the most part have good quality but some experience macroblocking. This is something that I am sure most of you have experienced and the easiest way to explain it is pixelation of the picture when it starts to freeze or turns into small cubes of the picture. When this occurs it will be almost impossible to tolerate any show as it will constantly slowdown, speed up and become distorted.

When you are paying $150+ for your cable TV service you expect problems like this to be solved in a timely fashion but with TW Cable this is not going to happen. First off you can expect the run around. Customer service told me for months that I need to reboot my cable box and they would boost the signal. Doing this 20-30 times didn't help and I was able to have a service engineer come to my home to check the equipment in and out of the home. Nothing was found and he left with the expectation that his boss or foreman would take the next steps in correcting this issue.

Weeks later the service team came back and they did the exact same thing the first team did and were not able to fix the problem. After 4-5 service visits I reached my limit and called the President of the residential services department Mr. Jeffrey Hirsch. Mr. Hirsch assured me that the problem would be resolved and I would be credited after the problem was fixed. He told me that I would not have to pay for such poor service so I stopped making payments on my account in August 2010.

During that time the cycle of lies and useless service visits continued and Mr. Hirsch used his assistant to communicate with me. She called and told me that the problem is not being ignored and a senior foreman would look into it from the pole. Nothing was done and the problem still continues.

During this time I was informed by one of the service techs who candidly told me that they know about the problem in my area and it's "Network" related. He told me that the problem is that during peak hours, TW Cable cannot support the amount of voice/video and data that it sells to its customers with the current network infrastructure so the problem will continue. He was the only honest person I spoke to at this organization. What he said makes perfect sense because the problem is more apparent during prime time hours.

Now I know more people have this issue besides me and I want to organize a class action lawsuit against TW Cable for oversubscribing clients to an insufficient network that can't support the services which they sell. Today my cable service is shut off, no credit was issued and no repairs have been made in over 7 months. If you feel the same way as I do and want to do something about it then join me in forming a legal movement to financial restitution and compensation. We should not be abused by these monopolies and franchised companies. They abuse their rights and the PSC should hear us and do something. IF not the PSC the FCC too.

Old Digital Boxes
By -

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I've had to take four digital boxes back to TW in the last two months. The first box I returned could not receive a signal after TW tried to send me one through their lines so I was asked to take the box down to their facility near Fox Hills. When I exchanged the box, I asked the Service Rep if I could have a new box and she informed me that there were no new boxes and that all of the boxes were refurbished. I took the second box home. The box was wrapped in plastic and when we removed that, we noticed immediately that there were scratches over the top of the box. My husband hooked the box up properly. The box didn't work.

I took the second box back to TW and was given another box. The second box lasted about 2 months and we lost our service an hour before the TW service center closed on a Thursday evening. I returned the third box and by 3:00 PM Friday, the box went out. We went through the rebooting procedure and even called the company for a signal. The box could not receive the signal from TW. Time Warner sent a really nice Cable Repairman on Saturday to check the newest box. He performed diagnostic testing and the box received the signal. He also informed us that there are no new boxes unless a customer has HDTV which we don't have.

He even informed us that the boxes available for their use were all repaired boxes. He stated that all of the service repairmen were frustrated by this as it makes them look bad. When he left our home, our cable was up and running and we were satisfied with the good people that work for the Time Warner family. On Sunday, about 3:00 PM, the fourth cable box went out. I called TW and was told to reboot and wait 20 minutes for it to reset itself. It didn't reset so I called TW again and was told to do the same thing and wait five minutes.

I even asked the phone representative to stay on the phone with me but he wouldn't as he was busy with other calls and of course, the box never reset. When I called back TW, I spoke with a very nice Rep who understood our frustration and who tried her best to let me know that she was there to help me. But in the end, all she could do was ask her Supervisor to get us another home service call which will be on Tuesday. TW promised to send out a Supervisor to see why we keep having this problem. We already presume that this Supervisor will temporarily correct the problem and that eventually, the FIFTH box will not last long.

I've been a Consumer of cable TV for 22 years. I must say that some of the people who work for Time Warner do the best that they can do with the equipment that they have available for their customers. I do however, believe that Time Warner is not fulfilling their contract by sending out faulty and refurbished equipment that doesn't work properly. Service is constantly interrupted by this deceit and incompetence by whomever repairs the boxes.

Although TW is willing to give you a small credit for your discontinued service, they apparently are not willing to have more digital or cable boxes manufactured and service guaranteed for their Customers. My family and I are discussing other options for TV at this time and if Time Warner doesn't do something for their PAYING customers, they'll lose us after 22 years of cable service.

Deceitful Practices & Non-Disclosure of Regular Channels Removed
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Rating: 1/51

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Aha! I could almost cry with utter joy! We finally dropped TWC and went with DirecTV. Wow! I had no idea that this was what television was REALLY about! I feel like sending a great big "Thank You" card to TWC Corporate because thanks to their lousy treatment and horrible customer service, we have been brought out of the 'Dark Ages' and introduced to the "Genie" (included with service not EXTRA as TWC charges for every single thing) and literally hundreds of included channels in our package.

I asked the VERY polite and efficient, knowledgeable installer how business is for DirecTV, and asked if there was any people such as ourselves switching from TWC. He said they are very busy with newly subscribed installs and to that I smiled and laughed... I said "I'd bet the people dumping TWC might be likened to great numbers of lemmings jumping en masse from the cliffs!" Thank YOU TWC for causing me to shop around... I would have never known what a great service DirecTV is or about the fantastic options and myriad channels without your lousy service! Oh and the picture is so vivid on our new flatscreens, too. Bye Bye TWC.

Hope you figure it out before you end up out of business! Within this past year we decided to cancel the HBO & Showtime premium channels. We were asked if we wanted anything added and we said yes to a particular sports channel. Like the flip of a switch, instantly the premiums disappeared, literally. HOWEVER, quite a number of 'regular' channels also disappeared that we indeed did want and were used to enjoying regularly. BIO, ID, H2, Hallmark, Science, and a few others were suddenly GONE! When we called to inquire about the missing channels we were told that those were under an "old" plan that we got when we signed up 10 years ago.

We were told that we could easily get them back but that we would have to pay $8 EACH for them!!! The CSR who handled our premium cancellation call did not disclose the fact that we would be losing all of those channels and I was fit to be tied - I was so angry. This is deceitful business practice and I utterly detest TWC for this. One other thing, after seeing commercials "clipped" with such a redundant pattern of regularity (a solid 2 years +) I decided to file a complaint against TWC with the FCC and FTC about the ads not being played but TWCs never being omitted.

While those agencies didn't contact me about my complaint I will tell you that it must have gotten the proper and immediate attention of their investigators. It was almost an overnight improvement of 100% because EVERY advertiser was suddenly getting the ad played in its entirety. Finally, the businesses were going to actually get what they were paying big bucks for. Whether or not I can be credited for that bit of justice, no one can say. I was pretty struck by the fact that this hadn't been brought to light in those couple of years; it was done methodically, the ad-cutting.

In that complaint I mentioned that I, myself, did not have ads running for my own business, but that if I had I would have been on the path to a lawsuit for TWC's bad faith and breach of contract, to start. TWC willfully omitted ads to obviously insert more ads for themselves. The minute I start to see that occurring again I plan to file another complaint with each agency. We can't get the Verizon internet here, and we HAVE TRIED (signal too weak) but if we could we would assuredly dump TWC in an instant. TWC keeps adding more Spanish and other foreign language, and sports channels, which is another sore point with us.

WHY can't folks order what they want to pay for? We have absolutely NO USE for most of the crap they peddle in channel line-ups. We know we are paying way too much for a fraction of a product where cable t.v. is concerned. The internet "Roadrunner" service is awful, too. The mailbox is tiny, the problems are many...but the connection is good using a different browser.

My husband insists on relying on that terrible email of TWC's and I think he is just too old to make a change to a simpler service like Yahoo or Google, etc. Internet service is definitely not their forte. We wouldn't dare to ever allow them to "bundle" or bungle up a phone service after what we have been through.

Time warner rips me off for a day's wages for a glitch
By -

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I got home from work today to find out my Time Warner cable TV service was having a problem. The picture on the TV was jumping and freezing and repeating itself over and over. Called TW customer care and got the 1st local live voice and as always says "I'm so sorry for the any problem you are having". She proceeded to send a "reboot" to the cable box and to just hit the power button when it comes back and it will be fine. She says "goodbye". The box reboots and the picture comes back fine as expected but there is NO sound at all.

I call customer care again and hit tech. support again and I get ** in Costa Rica and he after telling him what happened just 5 mins before he sends another "reboot" to the cable box and we wait the 5 mins it takes to reboot itself and it all comes back on, picture good as before and still NO sound. He says "let me send it another signal", 5 more mins go by still no sound and then tells me that I must have touched or unplugged something as there is nothing wrong with the service or signal. I assured him nothing was touched at all which it wasn't.

Only thing touched was the power button on the cable box as instructed. He says he will report it as an outage and to wait for a service tech in 24 to 36 hrs. Then hangs up. I called a 3rd time - got same guy. Told him same thing that we had just spoke and he had me go through it all again and then tells me that there is an outage and that I was the 5th person he had talked to today in the last hr in my area. When on the 1st call with ** he stated to me that I would be the 1st one that called on an outage in my area and it hadn't been reported as of yet. All this within 5 mins per him. 1st lie to me by TW tech help.

Next I call again hoping for a local person like the very 1st call. But no such luck I get Costa Rica again and another tech does the exact same thing reboots and tells me to wait 24 to 36 hrs and I'll meet a service tech and to be there or it wouldn't get fixed. Now mind you I work some 60 miles away from my office and for me to take off it's a cost of $125.00 for a half day's work and drive to and from for me to meet the service tech that I think is coming. I complain about the lost time they have forced me to take and the lost wages I have to lose. They offered a $10.02 credit to my account for a day lost of cable service.

I just did some quick looking and for a mere 15 dollars more than I pay now I AM switching to Dish Network and we have another carrier for internet that is a bit faster and a bit cheaper. So guess who wins this one Time Warner. You don't. Your service techs Need to learn something besides "let's reboot the box". It cost you a long-time customer.

Don't Waste Your Money on Time Warner For Anything
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- The physical address of Time Warner doesn't matter; the whole of their company is the same no matter the service locations. What an unbelievable shifty company this is. *First off don't go to digital if you haven't yet, and I highly suggest using a different provider or not having any cable television at all. Okay so we switched to digital, and of course it costs more for two reasons: they charge $11 more per month to just have digital, and you can't have it in more than one room without paying more for that, too; which, I'm very glad about because it sucks and we have regular cable still in the other rooms.

My complaint to them has been that when you're recording two programs you cannot watch a third... you have to watch one of the two you're recording. Umm.. that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Why would I record something that I'm watching already? For most general purposes this makes no sense at all. I called Time Warner the other day... The representative checked our account and said... "nope you should be able to record two and watch a third", but still it isn't working that way. I called this evening and immediately was told that no I cannot record two and watch a third. I have to watch one of the two I'm recording.

I go over and over why this makes no sense... that a twelve-year old genius can engineer better than that and that a twelve year with a low IQ can make better sense of that than them, but they keep saying it makes sense to them. Finally after going on in circles they say "Yes it is possible, but you have to pay more for it." Okay... so we already pay for subpar crappy programming and now we should have to also pay to record! WTF! When you bring up the subpar crappy programming, they always revert to, "Time Warner does not choose the programming." Oh really?

My response is, and was, TW can certainly employ their salespeople to negotiate better programming, but obviously TW doesn't care to, so yes... TW is responsible for the programming they charge for. Not only that but they are 100% responsible for what they do charge, and it should be a hell of a lot less for what customers are not getting. Digital sucks. Everything is delayed while you wait. The few extra channels you do get LOL... are only shows that regular cable channels already have but they circulate them to the few channels that are new to you. We're looking into another provider.

Terrible Programming: you get virtually next to nothing except very old shows and movies, reruns, and massive paid programming. The newer movies they offer are usually one-star movies - even if they give them more stars, and Lifetime doesn't count… that has to be the worst network ever! Why should anyone have to pay for premium movie channels? Why, because they give absolutely nothing worthy unless you do, but then still… STILL you're paying for massive reruns there, too.

Other programming like for example True Tv… which was Court TV before that, and then it was something else before that; all the same shows over and over, but sometimes with a different narrator LOL - as if that is going to go right over our heads. Something like Animal Planet, History, and Discovery channels (just as examples) - forget it - you get so few new shows per year and the rest of the airing is just reruns over and over and over again.

Regular television channels actually offer much better programs, and we can rent whatever else we want without these absurd fees. Just imagine paying maybe one hundred to a very maybe two hundred dollars per year instead of over one thousand dollars per year for NOTHING MUCH.

By -

CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA -- Took over 25 mins for online chat agent to come online. Prior to trying online help, I tried to call TW customer service. A recording came on and then hung up on me... tried this several times all resulted in a recording and hang up. Called a different dept. (Billing), which answered right away(???). I explained problem to billing rep ** who refused to give her employee number. She then transferred me to the same line that (again) hung up on me.

Unethical handling of Time Warner Cable payment check
By -

Hello, I have been with TW Cable now for 7 years. Most of the time paying $200+ in monthly fees. Recently, I accidentally wrote a check for $298 to TWC on an account that I rarely use...and the check was returned to your collections dept 3 weeks later and my services subsequentially were shut off immediately. I had also paid the statement balance off over and above that $298 a few days afterwards the original $298 cash leaving a Zero balance. I made good on the $298 returned check + all TWC service charges that were added the very next day after shut-off at a local TWC office.

When I returned home I checked my bank account and only then found out that TWC billing had tried to put that check through 3 separate times on that account drawing a $35 service charge on my account each time for a total of $105 in bank charges. I immediately called a supervisor in billing dept and told him the situation. He stated that it was NOT company policy to put the check through multiple times and that I should FAX a copy of my bank statement to TWC banking services dept for a credit for 2 of the 3 bank service charges.

I had actually called more than once and was told both times that it was TWC billing policy to only attempt cashing a check once before it is returned. Both supervisors also stated that I would be given a credit for those charges if I faxed a copy of bank statement to your banking services dept. So, here I am two weeks later after doing exactly what I was told and I get a voice message form TWC banking services dept saying that I will get ZERO CREDIT for the bank charges!

Why was so much of my time wasted and where is the mitigation of financial hardship or damage to the customer who is obviously not in a good financial standing at the moment anyhow? Why would you people so frivolously try and exacerbate a situation from bad to worse by shoving a check through a customer's account over and over at $35 a pop!!!??? Anyway, I have never been so kicked and run around so carelessly and recklessly by a utility company as I have with TWC. So, after 7 years this where I say goodbye to your company.

I have cancelled my service as of May 1st and will go to FiOS or Satellite service. Don't really want to but I am disgusted by your company's callous actions. I was really surprised that the last Supervisor would actually let me cancel my service rather than give me a measly credit of $70 when I pay you guys nearly $1700/year! Especially, when you caused me unnecessary cost and hardship! I have got my parents and my sister to follow suit in cancelling your service as well... after all, family's got to stick together! Total damage to TWC... probably about $5k per year lost revenue. You guy's really know how to shoot yourselves in the foot!

Don't transfer TW service without expecting a ding to your account
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Terrible experience in transferring service from one unit to another in same building/complex. Bill from original unit paid in full on 3/19 for service period 3/19-4/5. Service physically transferred to new unit on 3/20. Service at original unit not disconnected until 3/26 (told that they are short-handed). Attempted to charge me twice for partial month services at both units. Contacted Customer Service once to be explained that due to lack of disconnect for almost a week an additional 2-3 days would be necessary for that action to reflect on my account. I end up with a $200+ balance along with a friendly disconnect notice and 2 phone calls to my home on 4/5.

Contacted Customer Service again to ensure that my account showed proper credit and comments. Get automated message telling me I owe 64.55 now. Rude representative ** stated she saw the credits but wanted to know when I would pay. I indicated that the bill was not even due until 4/18 and she said she would put down that she "won't pay until the due date". I did not want an inappropriate comment on the account and asked to speak to a supervisor. Waited 5 minutes and had to hang up and called back. Got ** again. After another 5 mins wait, ** comes on the line.

After again explaining my concerns and how I felt it was inappropriate for ** to make the statement she did, ** would eventually make a comment to the effect that he would listen the tape to ensure the representative indeed made the comment. And it gets better! As I expressed to ** that his statement saying that was uncalled for (I hope someone listens to the portion of the tape with his conversation as well) he said "What else do you want me to do?" I did not raise my voice, I was not belligerent, and I did not use foul language.

I just pointed out that I felt I was a very good customer for 13 yrs who spends over $1200 with TW and hoped for a better experience when trying to do the right thing by continuing to make sure TW and I both agree the account is in good standing. ** took it upon himself to then basically say that TW settles with me each month when they provide the channels. I may not spend the most, but I do not spend the least and I would think for that amount the billing/transfer process would go a lot smoother.

** assured me he would take care of the calls that had come to my home phone already so they would stop but guess what? Just got my third call in less than 24 hrs. 3x to get resolution on being labeled a 'disconnect' when in fact the previous month bill was paid in full and the upcoming bill not even due for weeks. All I did was move the service. I get double billed, credits take weeks to appear, and 'customer service' feels that because they provide the cable customer service is negotiable.

Poor Information Management
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- In late October I contacted Time Warner Cable to inquire about transferring my cable and internet service from my current residence to my new residence a few blocks away. The Time Warner representative told me that would not be a problem, to hold on to my cable box and modem, and asked for a time when a service technician could come and install it in my new home. I was headed out of state for the month, and gave the contact information of my roommate to Time Warner so they could arrange a date to transfer the service.

Upon my return in late November, I found that neither the cable nor internet was working. I contacted Time Warner, and found that my account had been terminated and a new account had been created in my roommates name. The service technician had installed a new cable box and modem, leaving my old equipment in the house. The service representative whom I had been talking with then sent a technician back to the house to determine the problem with our cable. When he arrived I asked about the old equipment and he said he could not take it with him.

Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from Time Warner stating I owed them over $400.00. I inquired about the charges, and was told they were for the cable equipment I never returned. I informed the caller that Time Warner had never told me to return the equipment and that actually I was told it was going to be used in my new home. Following that phone call I promptly returned the equipment to the Time Warner Store in the Independence Mall. While at the store, I asked the Time Warner representative behind the counter if my account was now settled in full. He said it was.

A week later I received another bill from Time Warner. It stated I owned them around $53.00. I called customer service to inquire about the charges. The service representative told me that $50.00 was levied on my account as an early termination fee, and the remaining $3.00 was for the final days of my service. I told the representative that Time Warner had terminated my account without my consent. After checking the call logs he determined this to be true and removed the charge from my account. I then settled the remaining $3.00 charge.

Two weeks later I received a threatening letter from Time Warner Cable demanding I return the cable box and modem... the very equipment I returned over two weeks ago. I called customer service once again and was told they had no record of my account.

This whole ordeal highlights an internal communication and information management problem within Time Warner Cable. They are incapable of managing simple account transfers and subsequently manage/track modifications to that account. This basic incompetence has lead me to question other aspects of Time Warner Cable, such as the security of personal information, including banking information used for online bill pay. I strongly recommend utilizing another cable provider if possible.

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