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There Is No TW Corporate Office of the President to Escalate Your Consumer Complaints
Posted by WaterDivaHolly on 11/17/2009
SAN MARCOS, TEXAS -- Time Warner misleads its customers in stating that the customer has a voice with the TW President's Office which was set-up with the purpose of receiving and handling complaints that could not be resolved by the local office.

I spoke w/ a customer care advocate (TW version of a manager) last evening who stated that not only are ALL customer complaints submitted to the Office of the President, but also ALL Better Business Bureau complaints, concerning his office are routed to him for resolution.

So where is the credibility and accountability if the complaints don't actually reach a higher authority within Time Warner for review and an audit for accountability of their staff's conduct with the potential of resolving your service issue, especially if those issues are a result of the poor ineffective service received by the very same staff members who are allowed to answer the vary same complaint they created?

Where is Time Warner's honesty and integrity?

Time Warner has no credibility behind their statement that Customer Service is their highest priority as they have set-up a system that misleads the consumer.

For more information detailing our 8 phone calls to TW Customer Care, please find my next posting. This was so appalling, that it deserved it's own headline.

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Posted by goduke on 2009-11-17:
I know that all customers who are having a problem with a company believe that they have a right to speak with the actual president of a company. That's just not realistic. The senior executive of the organization has a tremendous number of responsibilities, and their time is generally very limited. That's why companies, such as TW, have an established escalation path for customer issues. Sorry if folks don't think that's "customer friendly," but it's exceptionally realistic in today's world.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-11-17:
The CSR stated that they are routed to The Office of the President not the President's office. I would take that to mean that someone in the President's office reviews the issues and escalates to him/her if warranted.
Posted by WaterDivaHolly on 2009-11-18:
MsCantBeWrong, thank you getting the point. That is the point that any such structure that promises consumers a path to the executive level ought to be set-up completely segregated in duties so as to review and audit the quality of service their reps at the local level are providing. It would be in their best interest to QC their staffs conduct just to help protect themselves from avoidable class action litigation.

In my situation, TWC couldn't process a simple transfer of service on our good standing account for they violated their own procedures in allowing the next residents of then rental to set-up an account, thereby freezing both accounts. The local rep didn't know what the procedure was to correct their admitted error. They promised to call back, but didn't. We called them six more times over the course of five days just trying to get our new place set-up. it finally came to them offering to come out between 6-10 pm on the same day they collected an additional $120 fee, which they did take out of our account immediately. And they didn't show up even after we called to double check the status of this appt.

And the Customer Service Center locally... un-apologetic! They wanted to set-up yet another appt after we took the day off to meet with them. So, we took our business to AT& T. And now I learned they slapped us with an $80 early termination fee.

What early termination fee I asked. They replied we SIGNED a contract. Well, show us. I don't recall ever signing a single document from TWC, much less one that tied me into a 2 year contract, especially on a rental we only planned on being in for one year.

In addition, on the back of every invoice we ever received, it provides directions for canceling... and there is no mention of any applicable early termination fees per applicable contracts. Their website states they are not offering contracts. But when presented this evidence, the local Reps say they can't do anything.

So we asked to be escalated, and they outright refused to fill this request. So where does that leave the consumer, but to try to circumvent the local store. There has to be someone at TWC that holds their staff accountable or who can send me a copy of my "signed" contract.
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Time Warner Customer Service Is The Worst... Here's What You Can Do...
Posted by Traci N on 04/08/2009
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- I just endured a 2 week long battle with TW Cable regarding a billing issue. Basically, they wanted me to pay cash only, in person for 6 months, for some unknown reason (my account was up to date, no late payments EVER). First, nobody could explain this billing blunder to me. Then I was told I could pay over the phone with a credit card (for an additional $3.00), only to be told 3 phone calls later that I did not have this option and I would have to show up in person with cold hard cash.

Customer Service Reps. refused to put a supervisor on the phone. They also refused to give me an address/phone number to a regional corporate office. I ended up filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which resulted in someone from the office of the president calling me within one or two days. The person that contacted me resolved the billing issue in about 3 minutes (something the customer service reps. couldn't do in 2 weeks time).

Had I not filed a complaint with the BBB, I am confident I would still be calling the service reps daily, arguing with them, and getting absolutely no resolution to the problem. The complaint is easily filed online, and you should get a response fairly quickly. Hope this helps anyone dealing with TW Cable, which certainly has the worst customer service I've ever experienced with a utility.

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Posted by TWC Vendetta on 2009-08-13:

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Time Warner Cable's Local Franchising Authority
Posted by Gonendunit on 09/03/2008
CENTRAL, TEXAS -- Recently, I tried repeatedly to get Time Warner Cable of Central Texas to tell me the name of their local franchising authority. This is to where complaints about Time Warner Cable need to be directed. Over and over, Time Warner either refused to tell me or fed me false information. As a result, I wrote to the State Representative from Austin, Texas for help. Here is his response:

Flag this message RE: Time Warner Cable/Local Franchising Authority Wednesday, September 3, 2008 2:09 PM
From: "District49 Naishtat" Add sender to Contacts To: Gonendunit@sbcglobal.netDear Mr. Briggs,

Thank you for your email. In answer to your question, the franchising authority depends on whether the city is under a local franchise or is on the state application. Temple went on the Time Warner Cable state-issued certificate of franchising authority application in 2006 so the franchising authority is now the Public Utility Commission. I hope this is helpful to you.


Asst. to Rep. Naishtat


I received this email moments after Time Warner had falsely told me that it was the City of Austin. Considering the quality of their service and total lack of customer support, I can certainly understand why Time Warner keeps this information a closely guarded secret. They will do whatever it takes to keep customers from filing complaints.

After reading page after page of complaints on this site about Time Warner, I noticed a great number were from customers in this part of Texas and this information is directed to them.

Again... the local franchising authority for Time Warner Cable in central Texas is the TEXAS PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION.

Let your voices be heard. I sure did.
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Time Warner Cable: The Identity Thieves
Posted by Paperjane on 03/03/2011
OHIO -- Hello,
My name is Lydia and I have a serious consumer message to pass on regarding a very well known and trusted company. Time Warner Cable.

On the first of the month my fiancée and I moved from an apartment to a rental home in a neighboring town. We contacted Time Warner several days in advance to make sure our service would be transferred to our new home without interruption, we rely on the service because my fiancée is currently a college student and needs internet access.

This Monday the installers came to the new place and hooked up the service with no problems. The next day we called Time Warner to make sure the service at our previous address was disconnected so we wouldn't end up with two bills.

Here is the problem:
When we called they informed us that the installers did not transfer our account to the new house, but rather opened a new account and now we had two running.

Here is where it gets really bad:
They say we not only have those two accounts.. but also an account from 2005-2006 that has an outstanding balance, and that it is from when we lived here (our new home) in 2005-2006.
For the record, and we also have proof, we have NEVER lived at this address in the past. In fact, we have never had Time Warner until last summer, at our previous address.

We are like most other people, we have had late payments with the company over the past 5-6 months that we have been customers.. and never once was this 2005-2006 outstanding balance mentioned.

Time Warner records show my fiancées social security number on the questionable account, along with MY cell phone number.. which I did not have in 2005 or 2006. I did not even know him during those years. I wasn't even living in the state of Ohio at that time and he wasn't living at this address.

I feel like something is messed up in their computers because this issue didn't surface until this week.
I really don't know what happened but now they are expecting us to pay this balance that isn't ours and I really wonder how safe ANYONE's information is with Time Warner because I am witnessing his personal information get tacked onto accounts that are not his.

They are now saying that we have to jump through several hoops just to prove that we are not lying, and they are suggesting identity theft.. well I don't know about you but that is one hell of a coincidence... that someone that lived in this apartment 5 years ago happened to steal his identity and we just happened to move to this place now and conveniently the bill that we have never seen in our lives resurfaces...

We have called a few times in the past two days, and have even been denied the chance to speak to a supervisor on several occasions.


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Posted by Ytropious on 2011-03-03:
"2005-2006 that has an outstanding balance, and that it is from when we lived here (our new home) in 2005-2006.
For the record, and we also have proof, we have NEVER lived at this address"

That sounds confusing. You're saying you did live there, then you're saying you didn't. Which is it? It sounds like too much of a coincidence to be identity theft. It sounds like you either don't remember having an account that you did in fact have, or your fiance or someone close to him used the info to open an account. Maybe he's hiding something from you?
Posted by Grandma on 2012-06-18:
I totally understand what you meant. You did NOT live in the new place until NOW. I believe someone who lived in the new place back in 2005-2006 had cable. When they moved, they didn't pay their bill. When TW moved your current service from the place you just moved FROM to the place you live in NOW, they somehow merged the account that the previous renter didn't pay, to your current bill.(Now I sound confusing dont I? LOL). But I do know what ya mean...
Posted by Muffie on 2012-09-02:
Did you ever get this resolved?
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Stealing Money and Billing Twice a Month
Posted by Mindyinhb on 08/17/2010
WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a customer of TWC's for over 14 years. I have even walked into their office and paid them cash even when I was on Unemployment. For the last four m onths they have cliamed that with every balance that I pay, I still owe them more money - even though the amount that has been paid to them is straight off of my statement. Then in May of this year, they start calling my cell phone 2 and 3 times a day. When I call them back, I get a call center that isn't even in the state that I live in and this representative has no idea why they are calling me and leaving me messages! It only took me approx. 20 minutes to get through to a representative that could tell me wth they wanted. Apparently there was 15 dollars of an paid balance that they were calling me over and threatened to turn my service off if the entire balance wasn't paid immediately. So here we are in August and we are playing the same guessing game all over again. The representative tells me this time that the balance was never paid in full! So are you telling me that the last customer service representative didn't give me the correct balance????? Whose fault is that????? So as of today if this balance is paid in full, which I have committed to AGAIN, my account will be brought up to date. Of course, they have no notes in their system about the prior conversation and that I took care of the balance from our last go 'round. Is that not convenient! THEY ARE THE WORST CABLE COMPANY THAT EXISTS AND THE ONLY REASON I HAVE THEM IS THAT THE APARTMENT COMPPLEX THAT I LIVE IN DOESN'T ALLOW US TO HAVE ANY OTHER CARRIER. As soon as I move, Time Warner is the absolute last cable company I will ever use again! They are the worst company there is and rip off their customers on a regular basis. Not only that, now they are threatening to take the ABC stations - which includes ESPN's away from us. Guess what, they will 'renew' the contract and pass the difference along to the consumer! That's what company's that have no ethics do and they laugh all the way to the bank!
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Time warner cheats
Posted by Timewarner really sucks on 04/17/2010
I was told when I signed up for Time Warner that the contract was for one year. Today when I called to cancel by services, I was told that this contract did some “magical” turn over in Sept of every year and that my contract automatically went from a year contract to now being a 15 month contract. This was not explained to me at all! Time Warner sucks
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Old Digital Boxes
Posted by TattleTail12 on 06/29/2009
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I've had to take four digital boxes back to TW in the last two months. The first box I returned could not receive a signal after TW tried to send me one through their lines so I was asked to take the box down to their facility near Fox Hills.

When I exchanged the box, I asked the Service Rep if I could have a new box and she informed me that there were no new boxes and that all of the boxes were refurbished. I took the second box home. The box was wrapped in plastic and when we removed that, we noticed immediately that there were scratches over the top of the box. My husband hooked the box up properly. The box didn't work.

I took the second box back to TW and was given another box. The second box lasted about 2 months and we lost our service an hour before the TW service center closed on a Thursday evening. I returned the third box and by 3:00 PM Friday, the box went out. We went through the rebooting procedure and even called the company for a signal. The box could not receive the signal from TW.

Time Warner sent a really nice Cable Repairman on Saturday to check the newest box. He performed diagnostic testing and the box received the signal. He also informed us that there are no new boxes unless a customer has HD TV which we don't have, He even informed us that the boxes available for their use were all repaired boxes. He stated that all of the service repairmen were frustrated by this as it makes them look bad. When he left our home, our cable was up and running and we were satisfied with the good people that work for the Time Warner family.

On Sunday, about 3:00 PM, the fourth cable box went out. I called TW and was told to reboot and wait 20 minutes for it to reset itself. It didn't reset so I called TW again and was told to do the same thing and wait five minutes. I even asked the phone representative to stay on the phone with me but he wouldn't as he was busy with other calls and of course, the box never reset.

When I called back TW, I spoke with a very nice Rep who understood our frustration and who tried her best to let me know that she was there to help me. But in the end, all she could do was ask her Supervisor to get us another home service call which will be on Tueday. TW promised to send out a Supervisor to see why we keep having this problem. We aleady presume that this Supervisor will temporarily correct the problem and that eventually, the FIFTH box will not last long.

I've been a Consumer of cable TV for 22 years. I must say that some of the people who work for Time Warner do the best that they can do with the equipment that they have available for their customers. I do however, believe that Time Warner is not fulfilling their contract by sending out faulty and refrubished equipment that doesn't work properly. Service is constantly interrupted by this deceit and incompetence by whomever repairs the boxes. Although TW is willing to give you a small credit for your discontinued service, they apparently are not willing to have more digital or cable boxes manufactured and service guaranteed for their Customers.

My family and I are discussing other options for TV at this time and if Time Warner doesn't do something for their PAYING customers, they'll lose us after 22 years of cable service.
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Deceitful Practices & Non-Disclosure of Regular Channels Removed
Posted by SCIFgirl on 10/31/2012
PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- ***Aha! I could almost cry with utter joy! We finally dropped TWC and went with DirectTV. Wow! I had no idea that this was what television was REALLY about! I feel like sending a great big "Thank You" card to TWC Corporate because thanks to their lousy treatment and horrible customer service, we have been brought out of the 'Dark Ages' and introduced to the "Genie" (included with service not EXTRA as TWC charges for every single thing) and literally hundreds of included channels in our package. I asked the VERY polite and efficient, knowledgeable installer how business is for DirectTV, and asked if there was any people such as ourselves switching from TWC. He said they are very busy with newly subscribed installs and to that I smiled and laughed...I said I'd bet the people dumping TWC might be likened to great numbers of lemmings jumping en mass from the cliffs! Thank YOU TWC for causing me to shop around...I would have never known what a great service DirectTV is or about the fantastic options and myriad channels without your lousy service! Oh and the picture is so vivid on our new flatscreens, too. Bye Bye TWC. Hope you figure it out before you end up out of business!

Within this past year we decided to cancel the HBO & Showtime premium channels. We were asked if we wanted anything added and we said yes to a particular sports channel. Like the flip of a switch, instantly the premiums disappeared, literally. HOWEVER, quite a number of 'regular' channels also disappeared that we indeed did want and were used to enjoying regularly. BIO, ID, H2,Hallmark, Science, and a few others were suddenly GONE! When we called to inquire about the missing channels we were told that those were under an "old" plan that we got when we signed up 10 years ago. We were told that we could easily get them back but that we would have to pay $8 EACH for them!!! The CSR who handled our premium cancellation call did not disclose the fact that we would be losing all of those channels and I was fit to be tied I was so angry. This is deceitful business practice and I utterly detest TWC for this. One other thing, after seeing commercials "clipped" with such a redundant pattern of regularity (a solid 2 years +) I decided to file a complaint against TWC with the FCC and FTC about the ads not being played but TWCs never being omitted. While those agencies didn't contact me about my complaint I will tell you that it must have gotten the proper and immediate attention of their investigators. It was almost an overnight improvement of 100% because EVERY advertiser was suddenly getting the ad played in its entirety. Finally, the businesses were going to actually get what they were paying big bucks for. Whether or not I can be credited for that bit of justice, no one can say. I was pretty struck by the fact that this hadn't been brought to light in those couple of years; it was done methodically, the ad-cutting. In that complaint I mentioned that I, myself, did not have ads running for my own business, but that if I had I would have been on the path to a lawsuit for TWC's bad faith and breach of contract, to start. TWC willfully omitted ads to obviously insert more ads for themselves. The minute I start to see that occurring again I plan to file another complaint with each agency. We can't get the Verizon internet here, and we HAVE TRIED (signal too weak) but if we could we would assuredly dump TWC in an instant. TWC keeps adding more Spanish and other foreign language, and sports channels, which is another sore point with us. WHY can't folks order what they want to pay for? We have absolutely NO USE for most of the crap they peddle in channel line-ups. We know we are paying way too much for a fraction of a product where cable t.v. is concerned. The internet "Roadrunner" service is awful, too. The mailbox is tiny, the problems are many...but the connection is good using a different browser. My husband insists on relying on that terrible email of TWC's and I think he is just too old to make a change to a simpler service like Yahoo or Google, etc. Internet service is definitely not their forte. We wouldn't dare to ever allow them to "bundle" or bungle up a phone service after what we have been through.

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Poor service
Posted by Barbie 3102001 on 10/09/2012
MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- I had a horrible time getting correct installation date. I had to change date and called in but they could not even find order in McKinney tx I had a confirmation number but still had to redo order. I set up installation and two guys came out and set up cable TV. After they left I tried to turn off TV with remote. It made a horrible sound. I called back to technician and he told me to turn off TV manually I touched box and it made a loud sound and the tech heard it over phone and told me not to touch anything someone was coming out to change box. the next day white spots started showing up a few each day until my TV was not viewing I called time earner and they sent a representative out to check my TV and said he would pull the first cable box in warehouse that was first installed. I got a registered letter from this man and he said cable box was ok and time Warner would not be responsible for my destroyed TV.
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Horrible service
Posted by Vickishoppe2003 on 04/12/2012
The worst most undependale service I have ever seen. I canceled March 23 rd and they said would pick up equipment since I couldn't get to car
I have called them every few days. Keep getting cut off. Got 2 bills today. One for a month I wasn't using it and another for that amount plus equipment. I won't give them a dime.
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Posted by idontthinkso on 2012-04-13:
Very typical of that company. They will get you for the last dime they can. It's not personal, it's just numbers to the drones.
Posted by Fiddle T D on 2012-04-13:
you're only hurting your own credit score by refusing payment. either take the "equipment" in on your own and ask for a supervisor to settle the dispute or do it over the phone.
Posted by granny on 2013-08-07:
they only bring the stuff not pick it up
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