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Don't transfer TW service without expecting a ding to your account
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Terrible experience in transferring service from one unit to another in same building/complex. Bill from original unit paid in full on 3/19 for service period 3/19-4/5. Service physically transferred to new unit on 3/20. Service at original unit not disconnected until 3/26 (told that they are short-handed). Attempted to charge me twice for partial month services at both units. Contacted Customer Service once to be explained that due to lack of disconnect for almost a week an additional 2-3 days would be necessary for that action to reflect on my account. I end up with a $200+ balance along with a friendly disconnect notice and 2 phone calls to my home on 4/5.

Contacted Customer Service again to ensure that my account showed proper credit and comments. Get automated message telling me I owe 64.55 now. Rude representative ** stated she saw the credits but wanted to know when I would pay. I indicated that the bill was not even due until 4/18 and she said she would put down that she "won't pay until the due date". I did not want an inappropriate comment on the account and asked to speak to a supervisor. Waited 5 minutes and had to hang up and called back. Got ** again. After another 5 mins wait, ** comes on the line.

After again explaining my concerns and how I felt it was inappropriate for ** to make the statement she did, ** would eventually make a comment to the effect that he would listen the tape to ensure the representative indeed made the comment. And it gets better! As I expressed to ** that his statement saying that was uncalled for (I hope someone listens to the portion of the tape with his conversation as well) he said "What else do you want me to do?" I did not raise my voice, I was not belligerent, and I did not use foul language.

I just pointed out that I felt I was a very good customer for 13 yrs who spends over $1200 with TW and hoped for a better experience when trying to do the right thing by continuing to make sure TW and I both agree the account is in good standing. ** took it upon himself to then basically say that TW settles with me each month when they provide the channels. I may not spend the most, but I do not spend the least and I would think for that amount the billing/transfer process would go a lot smoother.

** assured me he would take care of the calls that had come to my home phone already so they would stop but guess what? Just got my third call in less than 24 hrs. 3x to get resolution on being labeled a 'disconnect' when in fact the previous month bill was paid in full and the upcoming bill not even due for weeks. All I did was move the service. I get double billed, credits take weeks to appear, and 'customer service' feels that because they provide the cable customer service is negotiable.

Poor Information Management
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- In late October I contacted Time Warner Cable to inquire about transferring my cable and internet service from my current residence to my new residence a few blocks away. The Time Warner representative told me that would not be a problem, to hold on to my cable box and modem, and asked for a time when a service technician could come and install it in my new home. I was headed out of state for the month, and gave the contact information of my roommate to Time Warner so they could arrange a date to transfer the service.

Upon my return in late November, I found that neither the cable nor internet was working. I contacted Time Warner, and found that my account had been terminated and a new account had been created in my roommates name. The service technician had installed a new cable box and modem, leaving my old equipment in the house. The service representative whom I had been talking with then sent a technician back to the house to determine the problem with our cable. When he arrived I asked about the old equipment and he said he could not take it with him.

Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from Time Warner stating I owed them over $400.00. I inquired about the charges, and was told they were for the cable equipment I never returned. I informed the caller that Time Warner had never told me to return the equipment and that actually I was told it was going to be used in my new home. Following that phone call I promptly returned the equipment to the Time Warner Store in the Independence Mall. While at the store, I asked the Time Warner representative behind the counter if my account was now settled in full. He said it was.

A week later I received another bill from Time Warner. It stated I owned them around $53.00. I called customer service to inquire about the charges. The service representative told me that $50.00 was levied on my account as an early termination fee, and the remaining $3.00 was for the final days of my service. I told the representative that Time Warner had terminated my account without my consent. After checking the call logs he determined this to be true and removed the charge from my account. I then settled the remaining $3.00 charge.

Two weeks later I received a threatening letter from Time Warner Cable demanding I return the cable box and modem... the very equipment I returned over two weeks ago. I called customer service once again and was told they had no record of my account.

This whole ordeal highlights an internal communication and information management problem within Time Warner Cable. They are incapable of managing simple account transfers and subsequently manage/track modifications to that account. This basic incompetence has lead me to question other aspects of Time Warner Cable, such as the security of personal information, including banking information used for online bill pay. I strongly recommend utilizing another cable provider if possible.

Transfer of Services... Is there any help out there?
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- 8/20/09 Called Time Warner to notify we were tentatively moving into a new home, but was unable to give date due to well water issues. Spoke with **, who informed me I would be able to keep my current equipment and they will install into our new home (he was aware this was a newly built home).

8/27/09 Called Time Warner spoke with Larry and requested our service be transferred over to our new home. He was unable to complete service as our new home was determined to be "unserviceable", he cancelled the service for our old home and a bill would be sent for that. He said he would have to send out their "construction" team to check home and he would call and let me know results.

I asked about the equipment and he said I would have to return it or pay for it. I explained what ** had instructed me and he said he would note I was keeping it because we planned to connect the service. He told me that he would know something in 7-10 days, but since we had already been waiting he told me he would call and update me tomorrow.

9/3/09 Called Time Warner and spoke with **. I informed her of above and she checked our account and informed me that the construction team came out and checked our home and it was determined to be "unserviceable", that we need to return the equipment. I told her it might be a few days because the nearest site to us was Webster (30-40 minutes away) and I had just broken my toe, so walking was painful. She told me that was no problem.

9/3/09 Called a **, who left a Time Warner cable brochure on the door of our newly built home weeks before we moved in (actually before we even bought the home). He told me he would call and check with his construction people on status. I asked about the equipment from previous home and he said he would stop by tonight, he would be in the area anyway to get a signature from another client and would update me on status. He never came and never called again.

9/4/09 Called Time Warner again, could not understand the name. They informed me that construction had indeed come out on 8/28/09 and deemed our newly built home unserviceable. I asked why because many of our neighbors had the service, why couldn't we when we lived practically next door. They informed me a letter was being sent to our new address about installation and fees we would need to pay in order to set up service at our new home. 9/5/09 My husband called Time Warner and spoke with **, who told him that the construction department was looking into the installation.

9/7/09 Received final bill in the mail. Was charged approximately $200 for the equipment that I was told to keep at one point, told they would pick up at another. 9/10/09 Still have not received a letter from construction department (do they even exist?), am very frustrated. No one seems to be able to assist us with this. I keep getting pacified by their customer service department, with promises to notify me and keep me updated, which never occurs. I definitely would not recommend this company to anyone after this experience. Too bad there is not enough competition in this area.

Poorly Running the High Speed Monopoly
By -

PULLMAN, WASHINGTON -- I live in a fairly small college town where the only option for any sort of internet connection over 5 megs a second is Time Warner Cable. This is unfortunate because that it is an extremely poorly managed business where mistakes go forever uncorrected and frustration is met with the silent treatment.

I've been a Time Warner customer one way or another for about 3 years now, and for the full three years I've been saying the following: I wish we had Comcast here. But since that isn't the case I've had to put up with Time Warner without any other option to connect to the internet with a halfway reliable connection. I say halfway reliable because if you live in an apartment complex you can expect several lost packets and highly inconsistent transfer rates, but if you live in a house or duplex you can expect fairly decent rates.

My biggest complaint however lies within the terribly uncoordinated customer service, chock full of miscommunication and underestimation. When my roommate and I prepared to move into our new apartment we called Time Warner to have our service moved, which was no problem until the unit we were supposed to move into flooded. Naturally, my roommate called to cancel the move and continue our service at our current location at the time. Time Warner assured us this was no problem and canceled the move from July 1st to August 1st, knowing we would be in our new apartment by then.

However on July 1st, the day we were supposed to move into our new apartment, Time Warner visited our new place and called us, informing we had missed the appointment we knew we had cancelled, and on top of that, they disconnected the internet at the apartment we were living in until our new one was fixed, so we were without the services we were paying for.

We called Time Warner to let them know of this mistake, and they told us it would be weeks until they could come re-connect the internet at our old apartment. After several phone calls expressing our disapproval Time Warner finally sent a technician days later, instead of weeks, to re-establish the connection by removing the service blocker, which took maybe 2 minutes.

I would have been halfway pleased with this "prompt" resolution to their mistake, unfortunately Time Warner saw this reconnection not as an appointment to rectify a mistake, but to permanently change our service to the same address we had kept. So, much to our chagrin, when August 1st came around Time Warner was nowhere in sight. We called to find out why they had missed the appointment only to find that they had canceled it altogether.

Once again we called them over and over to have them come fix the mistakes they had made, only to have them assure us that it was a busy time of year and it would have to be 12 days until they could come reconnect us. After being transferred to what I can only guess was half the staff, telling them that I knew for a fact it took 2 minutes to remove their service blocker, they told me that there was absolutely no way to squeeze in these 2 minutes to rectify the mistakes they had made over the last month until August 12th.

After several more phone calls and a lie to a customer service representative I finally got transferred to a supervisor who was out of his office. So I had to leave a message, explaining the situation and letting him know I was very much looking forward to talking to someone in charge. He hasn't called me back.

The part that bugs me the most is that they are the only high speed internet provider around, and whether or not they know it they should at least make an effort to make up for their mistakes, since I know that they happen to everyone. But instead these mistakes are left to be made without any sort of compensation while you have to talk to a CS representative who knows nothing about computers, the internet, or the services the company he works for provides except for what the booklet of pre-chosen responses to frequently asked questions tells him.

So basically what I hope you'll pull away from this is that if you are looking for high speed internet, Time Warner is the way to go because it's the ONLY way to go. But prepare to be reminded constantly of this, because during your tenure with this company you'll constantly wish for something better which doesn't exist. But if you're one of the lucky few who has the option of going with Comcast, don't consider Time Warner for a second.

TWC Has Employees That ARE Dishonest!
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have absolutely had it with TWC. Their scripted customer service agents are a joke! I paid my bill this past Thursday. My son had mentioned that "someone" called our home asking "Do you still want your cable? If not I can hook you up with a cheaper package" but would not disclose his name. My son declined and told "him" to call back and speak to me.

This past Sunday we come home to find a green notice on our door that our cable had been disconnected. We immediately call TWC and was told several times that "your cable has not been disconnected - your account is in good standing." While I am getting lousy service from this representative who is repeating her script, my husband calls the cell # noted on the green notice and goes into a voice mail that just says "leave me a message." No business or name or anything. He tries the number again and a guy picks up and my husband asks him "did you cut my cable off?"

This guys proceeds to ask for our street name and that he could "hook him up with better service for less." My husband started yelling at him and told him to get back to our house and turn the cable on. So I relay this guys comments and cellphone number to the rep at TWC who refused to take the phone number or take any additional steps to verify the fact that the cable had indeed been disconnected.

I requested to speak to a supervisor who basically said there was nothing they could do and that the earliest they could get a technician out was the following day. She sounded as if I had just woke her up from a nap or something - I had to ask the supervisor to speak up. I also asked for her manager but of course she was the only supervisor there. She then proceeded to place me on hold until I "calmed down".

I hung up and then called the phone number on the green notice starting with a 310 and 866 area code. Neither number stated the name of the company. (I could barely understand the person on the recording.) The notice also said "do not go to any office and make a payment." RED FLAG. The notice also said to call the numbers on the notice and they would have a field rep come out where we should pay by cash, money order, or credit card. ANOTHER RED FLAG. This appeared to be very suspicious. We almost called the police because we thought there was some kind of scam going on.

Did I mention that when the guy offered to "hook us up" that he got a major attitude and hung up on my husband? Yes we were both upset, never cursed or used any bad words but they could not handle the fact that an error had been made and we had the right to be upset. No one knew how to fix it because they train their staff to use scripts. NOT THEIR OWN BRAINS.

This is the MOST horrible service I have ever received. TWC sucks! The other thing that happened was the person who left the notice went in our backyard and removed something so that the cable would not work and we believe he did it in a way where it would not show up at the TWC office. We could not understand why the office kept saying the cable was on and that it was getting a signal and this mysterious field rep was saying he disconnected the cable. Why would their systems show two totally different things?

I'm concerned that TWC has unscrupulous people working for them and that these same people are giving inside information to others so they can call people and say "we can hook you up" which means bootleg cable. Out of all three representatives no apology was offered, no real solution and I had to keep calling to try to get this resolved.

Installation and overall service
By -

BROOKLYN -- Having used DirecTV for 12 months, and being extremely satisfied, I was not looking forward to subscribing to the higher monthly cable and internet package offered by TWC in my area, but the new apartment property managers would not allow DirecTV satellite installation.

My first complaint is that I had to take a day off from work to wait around for the technician to come and setup the installation, unlike my previous service provider who came in the evening.

Secondly, although TWC internet is faster than Verizon DSL with DirecTV, I was initially told that a wireless router would come with my TWC installation package, and was later told that TWC does not provide such equipment and that I would have to buy my own.

Thirdly, the TWC technician set up my cable service and all was working well, until he left and I turned the TV on using the power button on the remote. The cable box displayed strange symbols and would not work. I called and was told that there is a defect in the remotes and that using the power button shorts out the cable box! Um ... why are they still being used?! A technician was back in 30 minutes to fix this (which is good timing by TWC) and he did something to make it work. As soon as he left, it stopped working AGAIN. When I called this time I was told that I would have to go to a TWC service center and get a new cable box myself. TWC service centers are not exactly nearby in most areas. So, after $160 spent on 1st month cable, internet and installation, I had internet service with no wireless connectivity and a cable box that did not work. I didn't even want cable to begin with but it is mandatory with TWC because the internet service is via cable modem. I am then told to go get a new box MYSELF?! wack.

For the hassle involved, the TWC service representative on the phone offered me one month of free HBO. This would be great except that offer was already included as a "freebie" when I got the service. Nicely enough though, she upgraded it to free Showtime and Cinemax as well which will supposedly automatically remove itself from my monthly bill and not recur in charge.

Last complaint on actual cable service are that the programming freezes for 15 seconds every hour or so, turns to black for an additional 15 seconds and then is fine again. Oh, and one more thing, I am not impressed with the pastel purple and yellow menu on TWC's guide channel, nor the button placement on the remote. Maybe I just need to get used to a non-DirecTV remote and stop being so picky.

One positive, yet non-essential perk to TWC is that the menu allows you to go back in time and see what you missed earlier in the day ... not that you can actually watch the programming though.

Overall, if you can get a DirecTV package and don't mind the extra 4 seconds it takes Verizon DSL to load the page, do it.

Bait & Switch
By -

I ordered service from Time Warner Cable based on an online promo I saw on their website. I was to get Cable and Internet service for $79.99. I ordered an additional box which was $6.99 and I was told that my total, including tax, was $94.00 (and some change). This price was confirmed in a phone call before my installation date on 06/23/11. When I received my first bill, I was charged $109 (and some change). My first contact was via chat and it was confirmed that I was to pay $79.99 + tax. Please keep in mind that this charge includes being charged for 2 digital boxes; the online promo says that one box is included.

My next contact was with ** on July 22, 2011. I explained my issue and she said that my recorded calls would be pulled by a supervisor to confirm and I would receive a call back. After waiting a week, I didn't hear from her or anyone at Time Warner so I called back. On 07/28/11, I spoke to **. I told him about my previous conversation with ** and he looked at the notes. The notes that ** took indicated that I hung up and didn'€™t provide all the necessary information necessary to have the calls pulled. A total lie and an excuse for someone not wanting to do their job.

I haven't received a call back from Time Warner as of yet, but wanted to let you know about my experience with the company so you can decide if you guys want to deal with them. Their chat is a joke too... Me: "I appreciate your help" (I thought she was even going to try to help). Agent: "thank you for appreciating." Everything went downhill after that because she had no idea what she was doing. I also sent a complaint with FTC.

Follow-up: Filed with BBB and here's TWC Response: "The surf n view package IS $79.99. However, you have 2 cable boxes, the 1st one is $7.99, the 2nd is $9.99 for a total of $97.96 plus tax, as agreed upon during the Sales call." This wasn't what I was told because I kept verifying the price including tax and they (2 calls) kept agreeing to $79.99 plus tax. BEWARE the cable amount on the web doesn't include a box as you can see in their response. Since they PAY the BBB a fee, TWC isn't worried about their A rating being affected. They'd rather lose their customer than work with a $14 discrepancy.

Stealing Money and Billing Twice a Month
By -

WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a customer of TWC's for over 14 years. I have even walked into their office and paid them cash even when I was on Unemployment. For the last four months they have claimed that with every balance that I pay, I still owe them more money - even though the amount that has been paid to them is straight off of my statement. Then in May of this year, they start calling my cell phone 2 and 3 times a day. When I call them back, I get a call center that isn't even in the state that I live in and this representative has no idea why they are calling me and leaving me messages! It only took me approx. 20 minutes to get through to a representative that could tell me ** they wanted.

Apparently there was 15 dollars of unpaid balance that they were calling me over and threatened to turn my service off if the entire balance wasn't paid immediately. So here we are in August and we are playing the same guessing game all over again. The representative tells me this time that the balance was never paid in full! So are you telling me that the last customer service representative didn't give me the correct balance????? Whose fault is that????? So as of today if this balance is paid in full, which I have committed to AGAIN, my account will be brought up to date.

Of course, they have no notes in their system about the prior conversation and that I took care of the balance from our last go 'round. Is that not convenient! They are the worst cable company that exists and the only reason I have them is that the apartment complex that I live in doesn't allow us to have any other carrier. As soon as I move, Time Warner is the absolute last cable company I will ever use again! They are the worst company there is and rip off their customers on a regular basis.

Not only that, now they are threatening to take the ABC stations - which includes ESPN's away from us. Guess what, they will 'renew' the contract and pass the difference along to the consumer! That's what companies that have no ethics do and they laugh all the way to the bank!

Error made by Cable Co on Debit Card
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- I called the cable co on Aug 3rd 2011, to pay cable bill for my elderly mother who is out of town. There was a past due amount, I asked if the full amount could be paid Aug 10th. The CSR said "yes but you have to do a post date payment on your debit card". I gave her my debit card information, I said 3 times very clearly the payment will be taken out on Aug 10th. She replied Aug 10th. (that call is recorded.) They record all their calls.

However, they ran my debit card that night (Aug 3rd). They caused an overdraft fee. In addition I have spent 6 hours total around my full time schedule w/ no results. I gave them a copy of my bank statement. Their call hold times range on an average 15-30 min. I have one timed call on my Sprint Blackberry 29 minutes. Third, I called back that night wed Aug 3rd it said their offices were closed. They state their call lines are open until 11:00. I have the calls to prove I called multiple times that night. One lie they told me is they only did an inquiry on my bank account Aug 3rd.

The lady from Suntrust Fraud investigation, said that is not the case, they ran the card. I spent 4 days arguing w/ them. At this point, it is going to be handled through my bank, which is very helpful, and I may file a suit. I have given ample time, hours on the phone, trip to the Cable office. Even though the account is in my mother's name, I should not have to suffer damages because of a error by an employee in their accounting dept. Has anyone else had problems w/ this co from hell about improper use of your debit card?

Customer Service Reps are Liars
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went out of town for the long weekend and unplugged my TV and cable box to save on electricity. When I returned home, I plugged them back in, but when my cable box came back on it said that it was not an approved box. This has happened in the past when I have gone out of town, so I knew that I was going to have to call Time Warner to get them to ping it on their end. I find this to be a hassle, since as we all know, getting to talk to a live person is not easy. When I was finally able to talk to a live person, I was told that the system told him that there was an outage in the area.

I asked how long he expected it to last, and he told me that since I was the first to call in (at 3:00 PM), that it would take them 2 hours to respond. My question to him was either the system was telling him there was an outage in the area, or I was the first to report it. It did not make sense they could both be true statements. He would not ping my box from his location (how hard can that be?), so I hung up after asking for a credit for today.

Two hours later I called back, again taking forever to reach a live person, to find out the status and was told there was no outage in my area. She pinged my box, and I was able to get my cable back. When I asked her the name of the person I spoke to earlier, she would not tell me, but did apologize for his lying to me, and said that she would give me a credit (which he had not). If I signed a 2 year contract with this business, at what point does their lack of service negate that contract? And yes, I love how at the end of the call they try to sell you other services. Please!

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