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Poor Information Management
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- In late October I contacted Time Warner Cable to inquire about transferring my cable and internet service from my current residence to my new residence a few blocks away. The Time Warner representative told me that would not be a problem, to hold on to my cable box and modem, and asked for a time when a service technician could come and install it in my new home. I was headed out of state for the month, and gave the contact information of my roommate to Time Warner so they could arrange a date to transfer the service.

Upon my return in late November, I found that neither the cable nor internet was working. I contacted Time Warner, and found that my account had been terminated and a new account had been created in my roommates name. The service technician had installed a new cable box and modem, leaving my old equipment in the house. The service representative whom I had been talking with then sent a technician back to the house to determine the problem with our cable. When he arrived I asked about the old equipment and he said he could not take it with him.

Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from Time Warner stating I owed them over $400.00. I inquired about the charges, and was told they were for the cable equipment I never returned. I informed the caller that Time Warner had never told me to return the equipment and that actually I was told it was going to be used in my new home. Following that phone call I promptly returned the equipment to the Time Warner Store in the Independence Mall. While at the store, I asked the Time Warner representative behind the counter if my account was now settled in full. He said it was.

A week later I received another bill from Time Warner. It stated I owned them around $53.00. I called customer service to inquire about the charges. The service representative told me that $50.00 was levied on my account as an early termination fee, and the remaining $3.00 was for the final days of my service. I told the representative that Time Warner had terminated my account without my consent. After checking the call logs he determined this to be true and removed the charge from my account. I then settled the remaining $3.00 charge.

Two weeks later I received a threatening letter from Time Warner Cable demanding I return the cable box and modem... the very equipment I returned over two weeks ago. I called customer service once again and was told they had no record of my account.

This whole ordeal highlights an internal communication and information management problem within Time Warner Cable. They are incapable of managing simple account transfers and subsequently manage/track modifications to that account. This basic incompetence has lead me to question other aspects of Time Warner Cable, such as the security of personal information, including banking information used for online bill pay. I strongly recommend utilizing another cable provider if possible.

Transfer of Services... Is there any help out there?
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- 8/20/09 Called Time Warner to notify we were tentatively moving into a new home, but was unable to give date due to well water issues. Spoke with **, who informed me I would be able to keep my current equipment and they will install into our new home (he was aware this was a newly built home).

8/27/09 Called Time Warner spoke with Larry and requested our service be transferred over to our new home. He was unable to complete service as our new home was determined to be "unserviceable", he cancelled the service for our old home and a bill would be sent for that. He said he would have to send out their "construction" team to check home and he would call and let me know results.

I asked about the equipment and he said I would have to return it or pay for it. I explained what ** had instructed me and he said he would note I was keeping it because we planned to connect the service. He told me that he would know something in 7-10 days, but since we had already been waiting he told me he would call and update me tomorrow.

9/3/09 Called Time Warner and spoke with **. I informed her of above and she checked our account and informed me that the construction team came out and checked our home and it was determined to be "unserviceable", that we need to return the equipment. I told her it might be a few days because the nearest site to us was Webster (30-40 minutes away) and I had just broken my toe, so walking was painful. She told me that was no problem.

9/3/09 Called a **, who left a Time Warner cable brochure on the door of our newly built home weeks before we moved in (actually before we even bought the home). He told me he would call and check with his construction people on status. I asked about the equipment from previous home and he said he would stop by tonight, he would be in the area anyway to get a signature from another client and would update me on status. He never came and never called again.

9/4/09 Called Time Warner again, could not understand the name. They informed me that construction had indeed come out on 8/28/09 and deemed our newly built home unserviceable. I asked why because many of our neighbors had the service, why couldn't we when we lived practically next door. They informed me a letter was being sent to our new address about installation and fees we would need to pay in order to set up service at our new home. 9/5/09 My husband called Time Warner and spoke with **, who told him that the construction department was looking into the installation.

9/7/09 Received final bill in the mail. Was charged approximately $200 for the equipment that I was told to keep at one point, told they would pick up at another. 9/10/09 Still have not received a letter from construction department (do they even exist?), am very frustrated. No one seems to be able to assist us with this. I keep getting pacified by their customer service department, with promises to notify me and keep me updated, which never occurs. I definitely would not recommend this company to anyone after this experience. Too bad there is not enough competition in this area.

Poorly Running the High Speed Monopoly
By -

PULLMAN, WASHINGTON -- I live in a fairly small college town where the only option for any sort of internet connection over 5 megs a second is Time Warner Cable. This is unfortunate because that it is an extremely poorly managed business where mistakes go forever uncorrected and frustration is met with the silent treatment.

I've been a Time Warner customer one way or another for about 3 years now, and for the full three years I've been saying the following: I wish we had Comcast here. But since that isn't the case I've had to put up with Time Warner without any other option to connect to the internet with a halfway reliable connection. I say halfway reliable because if you live in an apartment complex you can expect several lost packets and highly inconsistent transfer rates, but if you live in a house or duplex you can expect fairly decent rates.

My biggest complaint however lies within the terribly uncoordinated customer service, chock full of miscommunication and underestimation. When my roommate and I prepared to move into our new apartment we called Time Warner to have our service moved, which was no problem until the unit we were supposed to move into flooded. Naturally, my roommate called to cancel the move and continue our service at our current location at the time. Time Warner assured us this was no problem and canceled the move from July 1st to August 1st, knowing we would be in our new apartment by then.

However on July 1st, the day we were supposed to move into our new apartment, Time Warner visited our new place and called us, informing we had missed the appointment we knew we had cancelled, and on top of that, they disconnected the internet at the apartment we were living in until our new one was fixed, so we were without the services we were paying for.

We called Time Warner to let them know of this mistake, and they told us it would be weeks until they could come re-connect the internet at our old apartment. After several phone calls expressing our disapproval Time Warner finally sent a technician days later, instead of weeks, to re-establish the connection by removing the service blocker, which took maybe 2 minutes.

I would have been halfway pleased with this "prompt" resolution to their mistake, unfortunately Time Warner saw this reconnection not as an appointment to rectify a mistake, but to permanently change our service to the same address we had kept. So, much to our chagrin, when August 1st came around Time Warner was nowhere in sight. We called to find out why they had missed the appointment only to find that they had canceled it altogether.

Once again we called them over and over to have them come fix the mistakes they had made, only to have them assure us that it was a busy time of year and it would have to be 12 days until they could come reconnect us. After being transferred to what I can only guess was half the staff, telling them that I knew for a fact it took 2 minutes to remove their service blocker, they told me that there was absolutely no way to squeeze in these 2 minutes to rectify the mistakes they had made over the last month until August 12th.

After several more phone calls and a lie to a customer service representative I finally got transferred to a supervisor who was out of his office. So I had to leave a message, explaining the situation and letting him know I was very much looking forward to talking to someone in charge. He hasn't called me back.

The part that bugs me the most is that they are the only high speed internet provider around, and whether or not they know it they should at least make an effort to make up for their mistakes, since I know that they happen to everyone. But instead these mistakes are left to be made without any sort of compensation while you have to talk to a CS representative who knows nothing about computers, the internet, or the services the company he works for provides except for what the booklet of pre-chosen responses to frequently asked questions tells him.

So basically what I hope you'll pull away from this is that if you are looking for high speed internet, Time Warner is the way to go because it's the ONLY way to go. But prepare to be reminded constantly of this, because during your tenure with this company you'll constantly wish for something better which doesn't exist. But if you're one of the lucky few who has the option of going with Comcast, don't consider Time Warner for a second.

The TV Cable Service Has Been Down More Than 3 Dozen Times Since Mid January
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Rating: 2/51

ATHENS, OHIO -- Our son is a TV news producer on a channel only carried by Time Warner. We got the extended package to see his work once he changed jobs from PBS. The DVR has been a nightmare. I've kept a log of the first 24 calls since January but misplaced it. One day last week I was cut off 4 times in quick succession. Nearly all of the cures involved waiting while the tech person coached me through rebooting the DVR. This took about 15 minutes and was enough time to usually miss his piece.

Even more aggravating is when I switch to another channel during an ad during his program and when I return I'm frequently presented wish a black screen that says his channel isn't currently available. When I call tech services they say it usually has to do with sunspots. If NBC, CBS and ABC can broadcast through a satellite from New York to Ohio 24 / 365 why can't other stations???

One nice thing about Time Warner is that their service people who visit the house are decent folks totally different species from the ones on the phones. Another is that TW internet troubleshooting has been quite helpful over the years. They even speak Mac!

Poor service
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Rating: 1/51

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- I had a horrible time getting correct installation date. I had to change date and called in but they could not even find order in McKinney tx I had a confirmation number but still had to redo order. I set up installation and two guys came out and set up cable TV. After they left I tried to turn off TV with remote. It made a horrible sound. I called back to technician and he told me to turn off TV manually. I touched box and it made a loud sound and the tech heard it over phone and told me not to touch anything someone was coming out to change box.

The next day white spots started showing up a few each day until my TV was not viewing. I called time earner and they sent a representative out to check my TV and said he would pull the first cable box in warehouse that was first installed. I got a registered letter from this man and he said cable box was OK and time Warner would not be responsible for my destroyed TV.

Maintenance Crew cut my 75 year old mother's service and left cables loose for pets and children to get tangled in in her yard
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- My widowed mother's cable service (phone, TV, internet...) was working until a Time Warner cable crew came in her backyard to do maintenance work on a Friday afternoon. By the time they left, hours later, they had cut her drop disabling her service for hours and did not come back to finish the work that evening. They left cables strung about everywhere and left the fence gate open, leaving the possibility of our dogs getting lost and the kids getting strangled. I called Time Warner telling them about the incident and they ensured me they would have a crew out there, hopefully that evening.

Again, I need to emphasize she had all her services working prior to Time Warner's crew's arrival. Fast forward to Saturday, where now my husband is arguing with Time Warner as to why they have not fulfilled their promise. When he inquired about the incident progress, he was informed they were going to try to fix it by the end of the day. Totally unacceptable. They can break their own system and not fix it is the bottom line. They said "their technicians are all booked and we squeezed her in." Really nice. Judging from the other comment regarding this company, they couldn't care less.

Error made by Cable Co on Debit Card
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- I called the cable co on Aug 3rd 2011, to pay cable bill for my elderly mother who is out of town. There was a past due amount, I asked if the full amount could be paid Aug 10th. The CSR said yes but you have to do a post date payment on your debit card. I gave her my debit card information, I said 3 times very clearly the payment will be taken out on Aug 10th. She replied Aug 10th. ( that call is recorded.) They record all their calls.

However, they ran my debit card that night (Aug 3rd). They caused an overdraft fee. In addition I have spent 6 hours total around my full time schedule w/ no results. I gave them a copy of my bank statement. Their call hold times range on an average 15-30 min. I have one timed call on my Sprint Blackberry 29 minutes. Third, I called back that night wed Aug 3rd it said their offices were closed. They state their call lines are open until 11:00. I have the calls to prove I called multiple times that night. One lie they told me is they only did an inquiry on my bank account Aug 3rd.

The lady from Suntrust Fraud investigation, said that is not the case, they ran the card. I spent 4 days arguing w/them. At this point, it is going to be handled through my bank, which is very helpful, and I may file a suit. I have given ample time, hours on the phone, trip to the Cable office. Even though the account is in my mother's name, I should not have to suffer damages because of a error by a n employee in their accounting dept. Has anyone else had problems w/ this co from hell about improper use of your debit card?

Customer Service Reps are Liars
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went out of town for the long weekend and unplugged my TV and cable box to save on electricity. When I returned home, I plugged them back in, but when my cable box came back on it said that it was not an approved box. This has happened in the past when I have gone out of town, so I knew that I was going to have to call Time Warner to get them to ping it on their end. I find this to be a hassle, since as we all know, getting to talk to a live person is not easy. When I was finally able to talk to a live person, I was told that the system told him that there was an outage in the area.

I asked how long he expected it to last, and he told me that since I was the first to call in (at 3:00 PM), that it would take them 2 hours to respond. My question to him was either the system was telling him there was an outage in the area, or I was the first to report it. It did not make sense they could both be true statements. He would not ping my box from his location (how hard can that be?), so I hung up after asking for a credit for today.

Two hours later I called back, again taking forever to reach a live person, to find out the status and was told there was no outage in my area. She pinged my box, and I was able to get my cable back. When I asked her the name of the person I spoke to earlier, she would not tell me, but did apologize for his lying to me, and said that she would give me a credit (which he had not). If I signed a 2 year contract with this business, at what point does their lack of service negate that contract? And yes, I love how at the end of the call they try to sell you other services. Please!

HORRIFIC COMPANY...Just read the reviews ALL over the internet
By -

My fiance and I have had Time Warner cable service for over 2 years in Mar Vista California (near Venice/Santa Monica area). Dealing with them has truly been one of the most painful experiences we've ever had with any company from every standpoint. Their customer service is horrific, their cable boxes malfunction on a near-daily business (please just imagine how annoying this would be for 2 entire years) and, the worst part, we have no other options as far as cable companies go.

To give you an idea, our cable box has been replaced 5 times in the last 2 years (yes, five) and after each replacement, the exact same problem persists (DVR doesn't play, rewind or record properly, will freeze for several minutes, then suddenly fast forward to the end of the show). My fiance was watching the world series on DVR last year and the box suddenly fast forwarded all the way to the end of the game (talk about ruining the surprise). Can't tell you the number of times we've just sat and looked at each other while a show we were watching stood frozen for 5 minutes or more, we've had to unplug and reboot the box at least 50 times before.

What sent me over the edge was last week, after we got our 5th box, I called to ask for a credit for the time that the box was essentially useless (the technician suggested I do this after HE couldn't get 3 of the boxes from is van to work, then finally installed a 4th). I was placed on hold for 35 minutes by customer service while waiting for a supervisor. The representative got back on and said the supervisor was busy and would call me back within 1 hour. We waited 5 days and called back ourselves.

Another supervisor looked at the notes from 5 days before and said, I quote, "We decided your request was unreasonable and decided there was no reason to call you back." We got a whopping $6 credit out of him for the pain of over 2 years without functional cable. The technician had also told us to ask for a 3 month free showtime special they were running, and the supervisor straight up said "no" to this request also (IT WAS THEIR OWN SPECIAL!!!)

We've always hated the idea of satellite, but Time Warner Cable is truly a disgusting company that really deserves to go under for taking advantage of people, so we're going to switch. I think there are some new providers coming to the area, but not for another year or two. If you have doubts about my review check out all the other ones on Yelp and Google and this site and everywhere else.

Time Warner cable is horrible
By -

So when we first moved into out house we decided because TWC was the only service offered in our area, we would go ahead and get the standard cable which was $45 a month and it wasn't to bad. They took the payments on time every month and we had no issues. After January of 2009 we switched over to the phone internet and cable and then the trouble started. They sent $300 bills for two months and then even though the payment was sent the same exact way from the bank that it was before, they wait until your next due date to cash the check and say you owe more than you do.

So eventually you catch on to it and tell them off a few times it changes for a month and then it screws up again. So after 6 Months of having their phone service with no issues, I try to call home and knowing I paid my bill was very upset to find my phone shut off as if I had not paid it. So I finally get a hold of my husband and ask him if he shut off the phone and he said no so we called them and the excuse for this was "We gave you a number that belonged to someone else and your phone was shut off today." So they issued a new phone number. I just told them to shut if off because that was bs and we had no issues before and no one calling our house for someone else.

So they jacked the bill up and we ended up going from the digital cable because it kept going out back to standard cable and the internet, Our bill is 105 a month but they still can't take the payment on time. An example of this is. I made the payment on the 19th of Feb 2010 from my bank so they would get it.

So here it is 20 days later and I know the bank sends the payments early because every other bill I pay online is always cashed on the day I post the payment for and they still have not credited my account so instead of my bill being 105 for this month. It was 215 because a late fee but as soon as the due date for this bill they will cash my check. I will not send them a new payment until it is credited to my account. Not to mention that the internet goes up and down when the weather changes.

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