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Cancelled Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Where to begin? Well, let's start with the fact that after 3 attempts to get a date for a technician to come following a planned move, the original date Time Warner confirmed was not a date we had given them. the to top it off, we had our service cut off on this fictitious date even though we had informed them we were not moving.

The service desk told my wife the service could not be restored remotely and would require a technician to come - the next day.
After waiting on the day the technician to arrive, which they did not, we called to ask where they were. Get this, they called the number they had disconnected and since we did not answer did not bother to show up.

Then the little geniuses after several more painful attempts to call their customer service on our mobile phone called the land line and had managed to restore service remotely. Wow - to think we pay them good money each month for this kind of service.

I say - break up Time Warner into small pieces and let the competition in each sector they operate in feast on their incompetence. They should not be allowed to offer their service to the public let alone charge for it!!

Worst Cable TV Experience
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Worst experience in cable TV!

Digital Cable TV from Time Warner was a disaster. The picture froze every few minutes, it recorded random shows on random channels rather what was programmed. When I called customer service, someone with an Indian accent so heavy it was barely legible, took their time to repeat EVERYTHING I said, and then reset my TV box. This went on for 4 weeks, with people from India resetting my box daily. Congrats, Time Warner on saving money by outsourcing!

Finally, I called to cancel TV service, and was informed that my TV box is damaged. This gentleman offered to credit me for the full amount due for TV service, because of my bad experience. Nice, right?

The bill came in, and lo and behold - there was no credit. I called numerous times, inquiring about credit - instead, Time Warner disconnected my Internet service, which I had for two years prior, was not a part of TV service, and was billed separately.

I called, for the 19th time, and Lakisha informed me that she knows nothing, nothing at all, about any credits, she can't care less (her words) about my bad experience with Time Warner, and if I don't pay the TV bill, my Internet will stay turned off, and Time Warner will forward my account to collections. Way to provide Customer Service, Time Warner!

I would drop Time Warner Internet in a heartbeat, because this is a horrible company, unfortunately, there is not other provider in my area.

Don't use Time Warner!

What Happened to the Rolling Stones Documentary Premiere?
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Rating: 1/51

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I am homeless & have been waiting to see this documentary for weeks. I have recycled cans & bottles to get a motel room & see the documentary. All I got was a lot of broken up squares, blank screens etc. for 2 hours. I never would have ever rented a room if I knew this would happen. I have become more & more agitated through the night and morning because of this major screw-up. It's now 8:20 am & can't sleep because of this. I feel Time Warner should at least reimburse me for my room & apologize for the problems they have caused.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKPARK, OHIO -- I had a complaint about my bill and wanted question's answered and was transferred 4 times to different people who once I was transferred was put on hold for a total of 40 minutes. I wanted a supervisor to speak to and found out by the 4th person that one was not there, they are just service people answering the phones.

I paid the balance they said I owed which I believe was wrong! But I couldn't deal with any of them anymore. I feel if Time Warner wants people to sign up with them they should supply someone qualified to answer simple questions. I don't like this cable company and feel none of them care how long they leave a customer on hold, or that their customer is getting upset because the service is so POOR!

I will quit them very soon unless I receive some kind of apology or credit for my trouble.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

At approx. 9 pm PST on 3/4/2012 ordered by phone the CD offer.
Called at 8:30 am PST wanting to cancel.. There was a long wait followed by "NO cannot cancel", then an ongoing product list of offerings, i.e. Trip to Orlando, Disneyland, Cruise, As I kept informing the gentleman that I did not want to purchase anything, he kept on it. Said finally he could not cancel the order as it was already at the shipping point, (less than 12 hours on a Sunday!!) He did offer me a 20% discount. That never happened. Again he went on offering me different deals. Did not understand what NO meant. Very pushy Sales group, annoying to say the least. I'm 82 years old, The TV ad was unclear. Yes, at my age I do enjoy good music, but at over $16.00 per CD. and on Social Security Income~~~~~~~~ Outrageous Acct # assigned 3013159. Order #45156861.

OK so now TW has outsourced it's chat line to India
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WOW where do I start. The area in which I live does not have 24/7 phone support for billing/ bill reduction. however there is a billing chat line available 24/7. When finally an "analyst " enters the chat room his name is "michael chapman". I am assuming that he has all my info from the form I filled out at the start of the chat. he proceeds to ask for the information all over again. Mind you there is a place on the form to asking if you would like a copy of the chat transcript via email which I checked and never received, which leads me to believe that the chat was never logged. after about 5 minutes of reconfirming my account, apologizing and asking for my patience when I finally asked if he could lower my bill he states he is a billing tech. well that's what I am inquiring about. he states that he will have to transfer me to another queque. OK fine, the next "rep" states his name is "Steven" (sorry I forgot the last name) again he asks me to confirm all the info I have already given 3 times so far. a little frustrated I ask "you cannot read the notes??" again he apologizes and asks for my patience. I copy and paste the notes from the beginning. about this time I have no patience and couldn't care less about their apologies. all I want to do is lower my bill...........

The length of time between responses was getting longer and longer and finally I asked where their call center was located and was told it is in India. GREAT MORE JOBS BEING OUTSOURCED TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

The representative then asked what services I had and I am wondering to myself, no access to my account info so what is the use. Time Warner has figured out a way to discourage customers who have paid their bill on time every month for over 3 years to actively seek another provider.
great job.

I also received a postcard in the mail thanking me for being a "valued customer". it was to inform me of rate increases. I wish I had a way of informing them that they do not make me feel valued and maybe instead of providing all employees with free cable, internet and phone services, they might consider charging their full time employees a nominal monthly fee so that they wouldn't have to raise consumer pricing plans.

I am researching now and have found that by using 2 different services I can save $100 a month. Bye bye Time Warner and thanks for outsourcing all those jobs to India.

Fake speed test with Time Warner
By -

Did you notice that the techs from Time Warner always send you to speedtest.net or speakeasy.net or their own website for your speed test?

Well, sorry but 95% of TWC customers are fooled by the results. The 3 websites give you between 10 and 20 mbps in download and 1 to 2 mbps in upload, it depends on what kind of plan you have, right? When you read the results you're satisfied, right But in the reality, when you're downloading or uploading from different servers you are far from this "blasting" speeds, right?

It's simple, it's an ugly conspiracy and a thievery. Why? because there is a booster behind these servers installed by Time Warner techs to give you false results. Let me explain. My plan is a Turbo+ and a Mac G5 desktop which means I should be getting between 18 to 20 mbps in download. My results with Time Warner website, speekeasy.net and speedtest.net is between 20 mbps and 25 mbps in download... WOW!! ...... Great! you'll say, but, mysteriously, when I make a test with other websites (and they are legion), I get a maximum of 3 to 6 mbps in download and this result is completely accurate with my actual download. Believe me I did several tests and I downloaded and uploaded different size and kind of files from different servers.

My question is why all this websites are accurate and saying the same thing in term of speed except speekeasy.net, speed test.net and Time Warner website?

I reported that to Time Warner, the answer was, "sorry we don't use these websites for our speed test"... Yeah right!!!! It's much easier to still our hard earned money by faking the results.
The proof is bellow and it's your turn now to try any of these 8 speed test websites like I did and compare the results you have with Time Warner or Speedtest.net or Speakeasy.net. You'll see that the results are more accurate with your actual speed and you'll be enraged.
Please count me in for any class action lawsuit.
http://www.america/. myspeedtestonline.com/
http://performance/. toast.net/
http://www.wugnet.com/myspeed/speedtest. asp

Bad customer service
By -

TEXAS -- I used to be with DirecTV and was always very happy with their customer service but changed to AT&T Uverse as I no longer wanted a dish as we lost signal every time there was bad weather. I was also very happy with the customer service I got from AT&T Uverse and still have internet service with them. I have just changed to Time Warner Cable as my husband watches Rugby which we get on the Fox soccer plus channel and AT&T does not have this channel. The sales person gave me incorrect info and even argued with me when I said I would need 3 boxes as I have 3 TVs. He insisted I only need one. When the technician arrived he agreed I need 3 boxes. I phoned customer service, got a rude person who told me I would have to pay another $40 for them to bring the 2 boxes or would have to pick them up myself, then when trying to transfer me to another person they cut me off. I phoned back and asked to cancel and suddenly they were happy to bring me 2 boxes at no charge and told me they would be there between 5-8pm. No one arrived. I phoned after 9pm and the person appologised and said he would get someone to phone me in the next few minutes with a new appointment. No one phoned. I phoned back in the morning and got a very rude person who said I should just go get them myself and then when I got mad refused to talk to me. I phoned again and was kept on the phone for ages and told the first ticket was never closed that is why no one came and now they could only send someone out in about a week. I told her I did not want to wait a week and she said she would phone me back. I am still waiting. If it was not for that one channel, I would cancel now. If AT&T Uverse gets that channel I will definitely change back. In the 2 years I was with them I had no problems with their service or with their customer service. I have been with TWC for 2 days and already hate them.

Abysmal Service
By -

PORTLAND, MAINE -- I have been a subscriber to TW since May 2010. Virtually every contact has been dreadful and intensely frustrating.

My first contact was online to subscribe and set up my account. I provide info and was contacted quickly by a TW representative (I thought: "pretty good and responsive service). The representative took all the info and offered a special deal on the cable TV and internet package, and a free trial for a security service. The call took about 20 minutes but the representative was pleasant and efficient.

I was told I would need to contact the local office for installation. When I did the next day, the local office had no information on. I explained the call, gave confirmation #, etc. No luck. I had to go through the same procedure again. When finished, the price quoted was $20 more per month than quoted and no trial offer on the security service. I complained and was told that TW does not make special offers; this couldn't be the case. I was flabbergasted: this person was basically calling me a liar. I was transferred to a supervisor. She said she would look into it.

Next day, I was told that I spoke with an independent marketing firm that represented TW and they had no right to offer me special and TW did not offer security services. I explained that the person I spoke with represented herself as TW. Period. And TW should honor this verbal commitment. It shouldn't be my problem.

Fast forward. A DVR 3 month trial came with the service. Today I get a bill that shows a charge for DVR beginning next month. I call and say no thanks; please delete from bill. I was told that in order to cancel the service, I would need to remove the set top box and return it to the TW office in another town and get a new one. I didn't ask for it in the first place, and now I have to do their job.


Billing Due Date Change 3 times in 6 months
By -

What's caused me to come online is the complete lack of caring the company gave me about canceling my service. When I started service my first bill was due October 22nd. I was told that would be my billing due date for each month after. My next bill due date was changed to December 1st. No big deal. Each month after if was off by a day or 2. Once again no big deal but I don't understand why a company that obviously has a varying due date because it goes by a generated statement date doesn't just generate the statement at the 1st of every month so my bill won't vary from month to month. I paid my bill on the 4th of March when it was due, then checked the web on April 2nd to pay by bill again only to find out my bill due date had been changed to the 27th of the month. Not April 27th but March 27th meaning I was supposed to pay 2 billing about 2 weeks apart. When I contacted customer service about this they kept going over the fact that I was paying for service I had received. I wasn't arguing that, what I was pointing out is they should adjust my bill to help my out since they had cause my account to have 2 bills due in 1 month, and to make me consider staying with a company that is so incompetent. I was told by the supposed manager of the customer service/ billing/ equipment service/ everything department there was absolutely no way they could credit the account because I had already gotten the service. When I asked the to credit my next month for service I hadn't gotten, they just did the run around again and claimed if they requested the credit it would be denied. I can not understand how a company can stay in business when they won't even attempt to resolve issues with the customer. I was only a customer for 6 months. I don't ask for much, just my bill to be due roughly around the same time each month.

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