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BUYER BEWARE - Time Warner lies and does not give consumers what they promise them
By -

CULLMAN, ALABAMA -- I am currently in a dispute with Time Warner Cable Company and have filed a BBB Complaint (not sure if it will do any good or not). However this is the situation and I feel that other consumers should be made aware of it. I had been a Dish Network customer for several years. When I discovered that Time Warner had brought cable service to my area I decided to call them to see what they could offer me. I called the company's toll free on 01/24/07 and was told they had a special "Dish Winback" promotion, in which I would get a 50% discount off my cable service as well as all my digital box equipment and fees for free for one year.

At this time I asked if there was a limit as to how many boxes this applied to and I was told "NO". So I ordered the service since it was supposed to be saving me money and it was connected the following day on 01/25/07. The first bill I received dated 01/25/07 was for $62.28 which included an activation fee of $29.95. It also reflected the 50% discount and all the equipment and fees for free as promised when I signed up for this service. However the next bill I received dated 02/26/07 was for $151.65.

On 03/05/07 I called the company and asked them why my bill was so high. At this time I spoke to operator # **, he informed me that I had been told incorrectly and that only one digital box was for free and that not only did they need to correctly charge me for this month but that they were also going back and charging me the difference for the previous month as well. At this time I told him that I felt as if I was misled and led to and would like to talk to a supervisor. He told me that he would "escalate" my complaint and someone would be in touch with me.

I also asked him if all phone conversations were recorded and he said "yes"... so I said "It should not be a problem to review the original conversation I had with the person who signed me up to hear what I was promised." He simply said he would have a supervisor contact me. I told him if someone would be calling me during working hours that they needed to call me at my work number which I provided to him. He said that would not be a problem. By 03/07/07 I still had not heard from anyone, so I called the company again. This time I explained my complaint to operator # **. I was placed on hold several times.

Finally he came back and said that the problem had already been addressed and there was nothing more to be done. He said someone had already called and spoken to be about the situation. I told him this was news to me since I had not talked to anyone since the phone call I placed on 03/05/07. I asked him who had spoken to me and when.... Finally he said well there was a record of their phone contacting my phone. I asked them what number they had called and if there was a record of me requesting them call me during business hours at my work number. He said there was no such request in his notes.

I again asked if phone conversations were recorded and he said yes and I told him that if he checked then it could be verified that I did provide my daytime work number. I again asked to speak to a supervisor, and he told me that my case had already been handled and there was nothing that could be done. Basically I was told incorrect information and this was now the amount I owed. I asked if there was a corporate number I could call or anyone else I could talk to since basically his company had lied to me about the service, promotion, and price just to make a sale. He said there was not a number but I could write a letter if I wanted.

I asked if there was a local office. He gave me the address and I went there on my lunch and explained the situation again. However their supervisor was at lunch also. I told the woman at the front desk how upset I was and how I was lied to and wanted my situation resolved. I asked for access to the original taped conversation in which I was promised the "Dish Winback" promotion and the free equipment for a year, she said she didn't know who had access to those tapes but they are supposed to be recorded. She also said that there have been several complaints about the customer service or lack thereof from the company's toll free number.

I left my number and asked for her supervisor to call me. Sometime later I finally received a call from the Cullman Office supervisor who explained to me that her hands were tied and she was sorry that I had been given incorrect information when I signed up for their service. I have written and mailed a letter to the General Manager of the local office to have him forward my complaint to their corporate office. In my opinion Time Warner is a large company and this is not the way they should conduct business. I feel as if they have broken the law, misrepresented their company and lied to me as a consumer.

I feel that even if their authorized sales representative did give me incorrect information Time Warner should honor the promotion that was explained to me. Why would I change companies not only to pay more but to be treated with such disregard and disrespect? I looked up Time Warner and am including a link of their values as a company. ** (The following is an inclusion from Time Warner's website)

"These elements form the foundation upon which we build our continued success. Creativity - We thrive on innovation and originality, encouraging risk-taking and divergent voices. Customer Focus - We value our customers, putting their needs and interests at the center of everything we do. Agility - We move quickly, embracing change and seizing new opportunities. Teamwork - We treat one another with respect-creating value by working together within and across our businesses. Integrity - We rigorously uphold editorial independence and artistic expression, earning the trust of our readers, viewers, listeners, members and subscribers.

Diversity - We attract and develop the world's best talent, seeking to include the broadest range of people and perspectives. Responsibility - We work to improve our communities, taking pride in serving the public interest as well as the interests of our shareholders."

I don't feel that Time Warner has upheld any of their values as a company in the way in which they have lied to me as a consumer and treated me disrespectfully. I am sure I'm not the only person who this has happened to but I might be the only one willing to fight for what I believe in which is honesty and integrity in business practices.

OK so now TW has outsourced its chat line to India
By -

WOW where do I start? The area in which I live does not have 24/7 phone support for billing/bill reduction. However there is a billing chat line available 24/7. When finally an "analyst " enters the chat room his name is **. I am assuming that he has all my info from the form I filled out at the start of the chat. He proceeds to ask for the information all over again. Mind you there is a place on the form to asking if you would like a copy of the chat transcript via email which I checked and never received, which leads me to believe that the chat was never logged.

After about 5 minutes of reconfirming my account, apologizing and asking for my patience when I finally asked if he could lower my bill he states he is a billing tech. Well that's what I am inquiring about. He states that he will have to transfer me to another queue. OK fine, the next "rep" states his name is ** (sorry I forgot the last name). Again he asks me to confirm all the info I have already given 3 times so far. A little frustrated I ask "you cannot read the notes??" Again he apologizes and asks for my patience. I copy and paste the notes from the beginning. About this time I have no patience and couldn't care less about their apologies. All I want to do is lower my bill.

The length of time between responses was getting longer and longer and finally I asked where their call center was located and was told it is in India. GREAT, MORE JOBS BEING OUTSOURCED TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES. The representative then asked what services I had and I am wondering to myself, no access to my account info so what is the use? Time Warner has figured out a way to discourage customers who have paid their bill on time every month for over 3 years to actively seek another provider. Great job. I also received a postcard in the mail thanking me for being a "valued customer". It was to inform me of rate increases.

I wish I had a way of informing them that they do not make me feel valued and maybe instead of providing all employees with free cable, internet and phone services, they might consider charging their full time employees a nominal monthly fee so that they wouldn't have to raise consumer pricing plans. I am researching now and have found that by using 2 different services I can save $100 a month. Bye bye Time Warner and thanks for outsourcing all those jobs to India.

Bad customer service
By -

TEXAS -- I used to be with DirecTV and was always very happy with their customer service but changed to AT&T U-verse as I no longer wanted a dish as we lost signal every time there was bad weather. I was also very happy with the customer service I got from AT&T U-verse and still have internet service with them. I have just changed to Time Warner Cable as my husband watches Rugby which we get on the Fox soccer plus channel and AT&T does not have this channel. The salesperson gave me incorrect info and even argued with me when I said I would need 3 boxes as I have 3 TVs. He insisted I only need one. When the technician arrived he agreed I need 3 boxes.

I phoned customer service, got a rude person who told me I would have to pay another $40 for them to bring the 2 boxes or would have to pick them up myself, then when trying to transfer me to another person they cut me off. I phoned back and asked to cancel and suddenly they were happy to bring me 2 boxes at no charge and told me they would be there between 5-8 pm. No one arrived. I phoned after 9 pm and the person apologised and said he would get someone to phone me in the next few minutes with a new appointment. No one phoned.

I phoned back in the morning and got a very rude person who said I should just go get them myself and then when I got mad, refused to talk to me. I phoned again and was kept on the phone for ages and told the first ticket was never closed that is why no one came and now they could only send someone out in about a week. I told her I did not want to wait a week and she said she would phone me back. I am still waiting.

If it was not for that one channel, I would cancel now. If AT&T U-verse gets that channel I will definitely change back. In the 2 years I was with them I had no problems with their service or with their customer service. I have been with TWC for 2 days and already hate them.

Abysmal Service
By -

PORTLAND, MAINE -- I have been a subscriber to TW since May 2010. Virtually every contact has been dreadful and intensely frustrating. My first contact was online to subscribe and set up my account. I provide info and was contacted quickly by a TW representative (I thought: "pretty good and responsive service"). The representative took all the info and offered a special deal on the cable TV and internet package, and a free trial for a security service. The call took about 20 minutes but the representative was pleasant and efficient. I was told I would need to contact the local office for installation.

When I did the next day, the local office had no information on. I explained the call, gave confirmation #, etc. No luck. I had to go through the same procedure again. When finished, the price quoted was $20 more per month than quoted and no trial offer on the security service. I complained and was told that TW does not make special offers; this couldn't be the case. I was flabbergasted: this person was basically calling me a liar. I was transferred to a supervisor. She said she would look into it.

Next day, I was told that I spoke with an independent marketing firm that represented TW and they had no right to offer me special and TW did not offer security services. I explained that the person I spoke with represented herself as TW. Period. And TW should honor this verbal commitment. It shouldn't be my problem. Fast forward. A DVR 3-month trial came with the service.

Today I get a bill that shows a charge for DVR beginning next month. I call and say "No thanks; please delete from bill". I was told that in order to cancel the service, I would need to remove the set-top box and return it to the TW office in another town and get a new one. I didn't ask for it in the first place, and now I have to do their job. I HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH A MORE INEPT, CALLOUS, UNPROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION IN MY LIFE. It astounds me that they stay in business. And if it wasn't a monopoly (in my area), I am certain TW wouldn't last long.

Billing Due Date Change 3 times in 6 months
By -

What's caused me to come online is the complete lack of caring the company gave me about canceling my service. When I started service my first bill was due October 22nd. I was told that would be my billing due date for each month after. My next bill due date was changed to December 1st. No big deal. Each month after it was off by a day or 2. Once again no big deal but I don't understand why a company that obviously has a varying due date because it goes by a generated statement date doesn't just generate the statement at the 1st of every month so my bill won't vary from month to month.

I paid my bill on the 4th of March when it was due, then checked the web on April 2nd to pay my bill again only to find out my bill due date had been changed to the 27th of the month. Not April 27th but March 27th meaning I was supposed to pay 2 billing about 2 weeks apart. When I contacted customer service about this they kept going over the fact that I was paying for service I had received. I wasn't arguing that, what I was pointing out is they should adjust my bill to help me out since they had cause my account to have 2 bills due in 1 month, and to make me consider staying with a company that is so incompetent.

I was told by the supposed manager of the customer service/ billing/equipment service/everything department there was absolutely no way they could credit the account because I had already gotten the service. When I asked them to credit my next month for service I hadn't gotten, they just did the run around again and claimed if they requested the credit it would be denied. I can not understand how a company can stay in business when they won't even attempt to resolve issues with the customer. I was only a customer for 6 months. I don't ask for much, just my bill to be due roughly around the same time each month.

Pathetic and Hideous Service - 1 year and problem after problem. No wonder they lost 16 Billion this last qtr
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I have been with TMC for about 16 months now, after buying my new home in their neighborhood. Had been with DirecTV and AT&T for 15 years prior and was reluctant to switch but I thought maybe they have got their act together, as I had heard so many distressing encounters. So glad they don't put people on contracts, that's a huge mistake for them, anyway. The latest incident is my last. I have a 24-yr old daughter - just had a baby 8/9/09 in England so naturally I have been using the telephone a little more than usual. My bill got to $239 so some bureaucrat decided that all of a sudden I was going to stop paying my bills and pulled the plug on my line.

I have excellent credit and never not paid my way. I called them up today spoke with a representative and her supervisor, who insisted they could not unblock the phone so that I could congratulate and speak to my daughter, in fact when they knew it was a complaint call, the mood and tone changed, and I was spoken to as though I was a criminal that had just robbed them, and the supervisor with his bolshy attitude, "I'm Mr. big and one less power than the Lord himself", told me that I had to pay the $239 before they put the plug back in.

As I explained to him my bill usually gets to me by the 12th of each month I pay it on the 15th and you get your money before the 23rd due date and since it was only the 10th I could not see an issue and would pay it as always before the due date. Other issues I had was with the installation, slow internet speed, blackouts on the TV and every time I have called I always seem to get someone with an attitude. Maybe that's why they lost $16 billion in the 2nd qtr, and have laid off almost 2,000 employees. Instead of blaming AOL for its loss, maybe they should look at the grass roots, products, customer service and satisfaction.

My days with TW are over and I will be switching back to DTV this month. As for my Daughter, God bless her, gave birth to a 9 lb, 1 oz girl **. I will have to put my granddad status on hold until I find another way to get in touch with her. God Bless America and thanks for 16 months of hell with TW. It's about time customers unplug TW. TC.

Poor Customer Service
By -

TEXAS -- I entered into an annual bundle contract early last year to receive internet, phone and cable for one low price. I was nervous about committing to a contract but was reassure by the representative that it will be void if I moved for any reason. The end of the year I had to move and stay with a relative (who already has cable) for a couple of months. When I move I called Time Warner and ask to cancel service. The representative failed to cancel the service. Instead I received a bill over two months later from collections for over $1000 which included a past due + collection charge s+ breaking the contract fee.

I called Time Warner and the representative was loud, talked fast and sounded like she was chewing gum! I told her my problem and she just said there was nothing they could do, that the only way I could be released from the contract was if I was deployed or dead. I ask for a copy and she stated she didn't have one. When I ask to speak to a manager she stated that they would have to call me back. I insisted on holding then she put me on hold for a while. Upon returning, she stated that the manager said they would waive the contract fee if I paid the full amount, signed a two contract and paid the first month of service - that the fee would be applied after 60 days of service.

I never spoke to the manager! I reminded her that I lived with family. I guess she wasn't listening when I told her the first time! She then encourage me to switch my service to their address. How rude is that? I never complain about much but this is crazy! This account has been reported to collections and I will have to pay every penny. I will be moving next week and of course will NOT BE GETTING TIME WARNER CABLE!!!

Bad Customer Service
By -

WILLOUGBY, OHIO -- We have been with Time Warner Cable for over a year. It wasn't bad at first, but lately it has been another story. In the month of August of 2008 I was having a particular problem with my cable service, and I called to speak to a manager. I spoke to a customer service representative and they told me that a manager would call me back within a hour. Well, I never received a call. Now the cable company has charged us for the next 2 months which is freaking crazy. I called and just so happen a manager picked up, so she say she was a supervisor.

I was a little outrage on what was going on with this bill, and she informed me that they couldn't do anything about it. Yes I was on the pissed off side and was screaming because she gave me no real excuse on why they charged us for two months in advance. So as a grown woman I apologized for screaming and she told me that it really don't matter to her. What kind of zoo are they running. Then to top that off they keep stating that we are behind 2 months. I told them that isn't possible when we pay every month whether it is on time or not we do pay! I then asked them to inform me what month didn't we pay they never could actually tell me that info.

Another incident was when my husband was having a fight party, and he went to order the event a message popped up saying to call your cable comp. So he called and they bring up this 800 dollar bill again, but the thing is we are only passed due about 150 dollars. My husband offered to pay the amount by cc and the CSR says that he can make the payment, but it won't post until tomorrow. Therefore, we still couldn't order the event. (This I don't understand because if our service was disconnected and we made a payment they would restore our service in 30 min. This to me was straight **!)

So my husband was furious and asked to speak to the manager and the first time the CSR told him that they were all busy. He called again and they told him that there are no sup. on this late, it was only 9 pm eastern time. So the story ended as no fight party and the people who was already over had to go somewhere else. That was so damn embarrassing that it topped the cake, and I am calling DirecTV tomorrow. I really hope they either shutdown or is bought out by a better company.

Billing - Credit
By -

BELLBROOK, OHIO -- Hi. I just wanted to let anyone know if they want to disconnect their cable, make sure you call every month afterwards to make sure you are not being reported to a credit agency. I paid my Time Warner Cable bill off on February 12th, and called to make sure everything was taken care of. In March I received a letter from the Credit Protection Agency (which have awesome phone attitudes... not), so I called Time Warner again and they said that I had a .05 credit on my account and that they would get this taken care of.

Well this month I received the fourth letter, and had called every time to check and make sure everything was taken care of. Well turns out it isn't and now it is reporting to the credit bureaus that I am "delinquent" when in fact I have had the stupid account paid off for over 2 months now. Also, they don't offer any time of compensation for the problems this caused, only a "sorry ma'am we can't help you." All I have to say is TIME WARNER CABLE NEEDS TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS. THEIR SERVICE BLOWS!!!

Cancelled Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Where to begin? Well, let's start with the fact that after 3 attempts to get a date for a technician to come following a planned move, the original date Time Warner confirmed was not a date we had given them. Then to top it off, we had our service cut off on this fictitious date even though we had informed them we were not moving. The service desk told my wife the service could not be restored remotely and would require a technician to come - the next day.
After waiting on the day the technician to arrive, which they did not, we called to ask where they were. Get this, they called the number they had disconnected and since we did not answer did not bother to show up.

Then the little geniuses after several more painful attempts to call their customer service on our mobile phone called the land line and had managed to restore service remotely. Wow - to think we pay them good money each month for this kind of service. I say - break up Time Warner into small pieces and let the competition in each sector they operate in feast on their incompetence. They should not be allowed to offer their service to the public let alone charge for it!!

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