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Bad Customer Service
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WILLOUGBY, OHIO -- We have been with Time Warner Cable for over a year. It wasn't bad at first, but lately it has been another story. In the month of August of 2008 I was having a particular problem with my cable service, and I called to speak to a manager. I spoke to a customer service representative and they told me that a manager would call me back within a hour. Well, I never received a call. Now the cable company has charged us for the next 2 months which is freaking crazy. I called and just so happen a manager picked up, so she say she was a supervisor.

I was a little outrage on what was going on with this bill, and she informed me that they couldn't do anything about it. Yes I was on the pissed off side and was screaming because she gave me no real excuse on why they charged us for two months in advance. So as a grown woman I apologized for screaming and she told me that it really don't matter to her. What kind of zoo are they running. Then to top that off they keep stating that we are behind 2 months. I told them that isn't possible when we pay every month whether it is on time or not we do pay! I then asked them to inform me what month didn't we pay they never could actually tell me that info.

Another incident was when my husband was having a fight party, and he went to order the event a message popped up saying to call your cable comp. So he called and they bring up this 800 dollar bill again, but the thing is we are only passed due about 150 dollars. My husband offered to pay the amount by cc and the CSR says that he can make the payment, but it won't post until tomorrow. Therefore, we still couldn't order the event. (This I don't understand because if our service was disconnected and we made a payment they would restore our service in 30 min. This to me was straight **!)

So my husband was furious and asked to speak to the manager and the first time the CSR told him that they were all busy. He called again and they told him that there are no sup. on this late, it was only 9 pm eastern time. So the story ended as no fight party and the people who was already over had to go somewhere else. That was so damn embarrassing that it topped the cake, and I am calling DirecTV tomorrow. I really hope they either shutdown or is bought out by a better company.

Billing - Credit
By -

BELLBROOK, OHIO -- Hi. I just wanted to let anyone know if they want to disconnect their cable, make sure you call every month afterwards to make sure you are not being reported to a credit agency. I paid my Time Warner Cable bill off on February 12th, and called to make sure everything was taken care of. In March I received a letter from the Credit Protection Agency (which have awesome phone attitudes... not), so I called Time Warner again and they said that I had a .05 credit on my account and that they would get this taken care of.

Well this month I received the fourth letter, and had called every time to check and make sure everything was taken care of. Well turns out it isn't and now it is reporting to the credit bureaus that I am "delinquent" when in fact I have had the stupid account paid off for over 2 months now. Also, they don't offer any time of compensation for the problems this caused, only a "sorry ma'am we can't help you." All I have to say is TIME WARNER CABLE NEEDS TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS. THEIR SERVICE BLOWS!!!

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

At approx. 9 pm PST on 3/4/2012 ordered by phone the CD offer. Called at 8:30 am PST wanting to cancel.. There was a long wait followed by "NO cannot cancel", then an ongoing product list of offerings, i.e. Trip to Orlando, Disneyland, Cruise. As I kept informing the gentleman that I did not want to purchase anything, he kept on it. Said finally he could not cancel the order as it was already at the shipping point (less than 12 hours on a Sunday!!). He did offer me a 20% discount. That never happened.

Again he went on offering me different deals. Did not understand what "NO" meant. Very pushy Sales group, annoying to say the least. I'm 82 years old. The TV ad was unclear. Yes, at my age I do enjoy good music, but at over $16.00 per CD and on Social Security Income ~ Outrageous Acct # assigned **. Order # **.

Support Squad Scam/New Customer Beware
By -

CALIFORNIA -- When I signed up for Time Warner Cable, they asked me whether I would like to sign up for the Support Squad (SS). I clearly stated "No". Next billing statement, I started being charged $9.99/month for Support Squad on my credit. I called my local TWC and told the first representative about the SS charge and she had no clue what Support Squad is.

I hang up and call again for a different representative and asked whether or not that they authorize this charge for SS. He started scolding me/preaching me about how the company will not give out my information without my authorization. He did not let me explain my problem. I had to tell him that he was rude to stop him from yelling into my ears.

I was very satisfied with TWC until now. I don't understand why they advertise the SS service when I signed up for my cable/internet service, now I'm being charged and they don't know why. The representative didn't even have the SS's phone number that I can reach. They have very nice representative when I sign up for the service. I'm thinking about switching service because I start to have unclear billing statement and I don't want anything to do with their customer service again. On the bright side, their installment technicians are always on time, the cable/internet service is good.

No Service
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Come the new year 2011 and Time Warner Cable HDTV stops working. It's about to be midnight making it the THIRD day without TV. Even the basic cable is screwed up. They cut the sound. Oh wait, they gave me Channel 7 but it's in Spanish if it comes with sounds. WTF Time Warner? Where is the government in all of this? I tried looking for other people who are experiencing this around my area in Los Angeles and apparently... I'm the only one? Yeah right. I wish there was another cable company. Time Warner is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life.

Lack of Customer Service
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Times Warner - Carolina's (Raleigh Area) has the worst Time Warner Service I have ever encountered. I have been with Time Warner for over 15 years. This week my DVR failed for the 5th DVR in 2 weeks. They cannot send a technician out because they cannot schedule for the next week as the schedule is full and they have no way of scheduling for the following week because they have no calendar yet for that week.

My DVR (SA) and the Mystro Software has had so many issues in the past 6 months it is unbelievable that the FCC has not fined them. My DVR is now in permanent failure according to their tech on the phone. He put me on some type of "Waiting List" so they would call me if an appointment opened up. It has been 2 days now and no call. Figure they are just stalling till next week and I will call back and complain and then they will schedule for some time later next month. Meantime no cable as the DVR box must work to get reception.

Absolutely Terrible
By -

I have had Time Warner for almost 3 years now. I am in a town where they have a monopoly so I have no choice but to pay for their services, including internet. The past year they have absolutely let their standards fall below terrible. The internet is beyond slow. I have had to have them come out here 3 time this year to repair this problem. I own a PS3 and play online, so all you gamers can only imagine how bad it lags.

The cable is an absolute joke, from the remotes to the reception. Turning the channel or bringing up a main menu can be as aggravating as waiting for an internet site to load then flipping down the menu is hit or miss. Landing on a channel i'm aiming for is rare. The programs go in and out, freeze, or black out. I've called many times about this thinking I had an older box and maybe needed an upgrade. They informed me that I owned the latest version, which only goes to show how bad it is.

Also, if i'm wanting to watch a sporting event on a hd channel, good luck getting volume on it. The picture is perfect, but there is no sound. I have to turn the tv on in the kitchen to hear the broadcast. Overall, I cannot wait to move out of here in 2 week to a city where there is more to choose from. I will be getting Directv and could not be more excited about it. If anyone reads this review seeking info about signing with Time Warner, do not do it. Go elsewhere if you can.

Time Warner Is a Joke
By -

GROVES, TEXAS -- Here we go again...usual problems with this... hmmm...wouldn't even call it a company. My husband is working out of state. Before he left, we had to go to Time Warner's office and get my name put on the account - this was done YEARS ago, and, oops, "You're not on the account." - so that I could take care of the bills and any questions that I may have. Well, for some reason our Time Warner bill is jacked way up this month and I called to see what they're charging us extra for this time. Well, oops, "You're not on the account," AGAIN!!!

So, since my husband is working seven 12's out in the refineries, he is not able to just pick up the phone and give them a ring AGAIN to get this taken care of AGAIN. So, AGAIN, they've made paying them a nightmare. They couldn't care less if they've overcharged you, as long as you pay them without ANY questions!! I will be the one laughing the LOUDEST when another cable company comes along and puts these jokers out of business!!!

Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

Worst customer service ever. Supervisor Irvin employee Number **, is rude, will not listen and had the nerve to call me a liar in not so many words. When confronted with his comments, he claimed he never call me a liar and he would never call a customer a liar. When asked to get the contact name and number for someone higher than him, his stated that he was his own boss. I said I wanted to speak to his boss. He said that he was his boss and every time I called in and asked for a supervisor, I would only get him, because he was the highest I could go.

Man, he must really think that I am stupid! A couple of minutes and a google search and I have a couple of numbers. The number for Customer Care Advocate in the Time Warner Cable Office of the President: 212-364-8300. Or call Barry **'s direct line: **.

Same charge for channel broadcaster decided to take away
By -

I found out just recently that my city no longer gets channel 4, 29, 51, and 63 because the broadcaster decided to take these channels away. Time Warner, as usual, sent out no notification, no nothing. Guess what, because of their screw up the tech had the nerve to tell me that they are offering these channels free for 1 year in lieu of having the digital box.

My beef is that if I did not watch these channels before, regardless of getting 4 free channels free for 1 year, they are still charging the same price. Does not make sense to me considering the fact that if the customer so chooses to not have a digital cable box, they are still paying the same price. Why? The representative could not explain to me other than giving me the dumb reason of offering them free for one year. I then told him, I don't want the channels. He claimed my bill cannot be reduced, so I have decided to reduce my own bill at a price I feel is fair.

Once again, Time Warner gets away with unscrupulous practices and no government agency does anything to help the consumer. Thank God I get mine free through my apartment complex. I have to call for my mom who is a senior citizen being ripped off.

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