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Support Squad Scam/New Customer Beware
Posted by Valeriehn on 03/13/2011
CALIFORNIA -- When I signed up for Time Warner Cable, they asked me whether I would like to sign up for the Support Squad(SS). I clearly stated "No". Next billing statement, I started being charged $9.99/month for Support Squad on my credit. I called my local TWC and told the first representative about the SS charge and she had no clue what Support Squad is. I hang up and call again for a different representative and asked whether or not that they authorize this charge for SS. He started scolding me/preaching me about how the company will not give out my information without my authorization. He did not let me explain my problem. I had to tell him that he was rude to stop him from yelling into my ears. I was very sastisfied with TWC until now. I don't understand why they advertise the SS service when I signed up for my cable/internet service, now I'm being charged and they don't know why. The representative didn't even have the SS's phone number that I can reach. They have very nice representative when I sign up for the service. I'm thinking about switching service because I start to have unclear billing statement and I don't want anything to do with their customer service again.

On the bright side, their installment technicians are always on time, the cable/internet service is good.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-14:
Did you ask them to cancel the service and remove the charge? You get more bees with honey than vinegar.
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Time/Warner lies! Do not believe anything they tell you!
Posted by Davetato70 on 02/09/2011
Just like the other review I just read on this sight about Time/Warner, I too, was lied to about what services I was getting, and how much it was actually going to cost. Again, the srevice lady who originally took my order was sweet and nice, and promised me that there was no installation fee, that all equipment was included, etc. I also was very specific about the fact that I had 2 TV's that needed a box, and one desktop pc, and one wireless laptop that would both need internet access. She promised me that both TV's would be included, and that my laptop could access the modem wirelessly, no problem. Well, when the tech showed up (an hour later than the 3 hour time frame they originally scheduled, by the way), he said that only one TV box was included, and that the laptop would not be able to work from that modem, and that we needed to pay for a wireless router, even though I had speciffically asked if those two things were in included. In addition to that, he said we would have to pay for the install of the second TV box, and and additional monthly fee for the equipment. One of these two people, either the lady taking the order(most likely), or this tech were completely ball-face lied to me! Very frustrating. So I just told the tech to cancel the order and not to do anything.
In addition, after I cancelled the order, I checked my bank account(since I needed to give my credit card info to them at time of order) and saw that they went ahead and billed my card for services anyway. So I called the next day to have them reverse the charges on my card, and the first thing the service lady said was that they would mail out a refund check, and that I should get it in 3 to 4 weeks!! WTF?! I said "Hell no! Thats B. S.! I 'm not waiting a month to get my money back!" So then she puts me on hold, comes back, and says she made a mistake, and that she would reverse the charge on the card, and would take 24-48 hours to process and be put back in my account. So I said fine, even though I know that credit card charges can be reversed immediately, since I have done it for past clients of mine that wanted refunds, so I knowe that's crap that it takes that long. So I wait, and 4 DAYS go by and still no refund. So I call again, and ask to speak to a supervisor, who goes on to tell me that the reversal has been issued, but that it takes 5-7 bussiness days to process! Complete B. S. again!
LIES LIES LIES!! Everyone there is full of crap! Even when I threatened to report them for fraudulent practices, the guy just shrugged and said that that was company policy. What a horrible bunch of cheats they are!
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TIME/WARNER CABLE, unless you like being lied to and taken advantage of.
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Posted by Belloh2o on 01/03/2011
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Come the new year 2011 and Time Warner Cable HDTV stops working. It's about to be midnight making it the THIRD day without TV. Even the basic cable is screwed up. They cut the sound. Oh wait, they gave me Channel 7 but it's in Spanish if it comes with sounds. WTF Time Warner? Where is the government in all of this? I tried looking for other people who are experiencing this around my area in Los Angeles and apparently...I'm the only one? Yeah right.
I wish there was another cable company. Time Warner is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
Thats why I got rid of them and switched to DirecTV.
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Posted by I wanta sue you on 11/11/2010
NY10019-8016 212.484.8000, NEW YORK -- I'm Writing About personal Information that is being released About A name of A certain
Individual . On the Time Warner Company Package deal In the South County Of
Orange County, CA Their have been threats And the well being of Persons not involved
In certain Criteria That is being discussed. Names of Companies And Actors Have not Been
Disclosed. Id like further Action taken to resolve this Problem

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Lack of Customer Service
Posted by Wallskev on 10/31/2010
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Times Warner - Carolina's (Raleigh Area) has the worst Times Warner Service I have ever encountered. I have been with Times Warner for over 15 years.
This week my DVR failed for the 5th DVR in 2 weeks. They cannot send a technician out because they cannot schedule for the next week as the schedule is full and they have no way of scheduling for the following week because they have no calendar yet for that week.

My DVR(SA) and the Mystro Software has had so many issues in the past 6 months it is unbelievable that the FCC has not fined them.

My DVR is now in permanent failure according to their tech on the phone. He put me on a some type of "Waiting List" so they would call me if an appointment opened up. It has been 2 days now and no call. Figure they are just stalling till next week and I will call back and complain and then they wills schedule for some time later next month. Mean time - No Cable as the DVR box must work to get reception.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-31:
Hey, Im in the same boat as you! I HATE my DVR and reciever in my bedroom. They are both the meistro boxes and they are JUNK. Constantly freezes on me, SLOW responding, and sometimes just reboots itself. I HATE it. Luckily they havn't broke on me, but would LOVE to get new boxes!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-31:
The last thing I want to be doing in my bedroom is watching tv.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2010-11-01:
I would suggest take your box down to the Time Warner store (check their website for the closest one to you) and tell them the problem. They can swap it out for a new one right then and there. I had the same problem about a year ago and exchanged it out with no problems
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Bad customer service
Posted by DVB on 08/19/2010
TEXAS -- I used to be with DirecTV and was always very happy with their customer service but changed to AT&T Uverse as I no longer wanted a dish as we lost signal every time there was bad weather. I was also very happy with the customer service I got from AT&T Uverse and still have internet service with them. I have just changed to Time Warner Cable as my husband watches Rugby which we get on the Fox soccer plus channel and AT&T does not have this channel. The sales person gave me incorrect info and even argued with me when I said I would need 3 boxes as I have 3 TVs. He insisted I only need one. When the technician arrived he agreed I need 3 boxes. I phoned customer service, got a rude person who told me I would have to pay another $40 for them to bring the 2 boxes or would have to pick them up myself, then when trying to transfer me to another person they cut me off. I phoned back and asked to cancel and suddenly they were happy to bring me 2 boxes at no charge and told me they would be there between 5-8pm. No one arrived. I phoned after 9pm and the person appologised and said he would get someone to phone me in the next few minutes with a new appointment. No one phoned. I phoned back in the morning and got a very rude person who said I should just go get them myself and then when I got mad refused to talk to me. I phoned again and was kept on the phone for ages and told the first ticket was never closed that is why no one came and now they could only send someone out in about a week. I told her I did not want to wait a week and she said she would phone me back. I am still waiting. If it was not for that one channel, I would cancel now. If AT&T Uverse gets that channel I will definitely change back. In the 2 years I was with them I had no problems with their service or with their customer service. I have been with TWC for 2 days and already hate them.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-19:
Well, why can't you just go get them yourself? My local TW place is like a few miles up the road.
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Absolutely Terrible
Posted by Timewarnersucks88 on 08/18/2010
I have had Time Warner for almost 3 years now. I am in a town where they have a monopoly so I have no choice but to pay for their services, including internet.
The past year they have absolutely let their standards fall below terrible. The internet is beyond slow. I have had to have them come out here 3 time this year to repair this problem. I own a PS3 and play online, so all you gamers can only imagine how bad it lags.

The cable is an absolute joke, from the remotes to the the reception. Turning the channel or bringing up a main menu can be as aggravating as waiting for an internet site to load. then flipping down the menu is hit or miss. Landing on a channel I'm aiming for is rare. The programs go in and out, freeze, or black out. Ive called many times about this thinking I had an older box and maybe needed an upgrade. They informed me that I owned the latest version, which only goes to show how bad it is.

Also, if I'm wanting to watch a sporting event on a HD channel, good luck getting volume on it, the picture is perfect, but there is no sound. I have to turn the TV on in the kitchen to hear the broadcast.

Overall, I cannot wait to move out of here in 2 week to a city where there is more to choose from. I will be getting DirecTV and could not be more excited about it. IF ANYONE READS THIS REVIEW SEEKING INFO ABOUT SIGNING WITH TIME WARNER, DO NOT DO IT. GO ELSEWHERE IF YOU CAN.
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Worst Customer Service EVER
Posted by A_Very_Happy_Customer on 08/10/2010
I've had problems with this company over and over. Their customer service operators have NO manners, are impatient, and provide NO help whatsoever. I cannot understand why a company would hire such incompetent operators. I've also had problems with the men they have sent to fix my cable. I've even had to ask one to leave before he finished his service! I do not recommend this company to anyone, the prices are nonnegotiable in addition to very rude staff.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-11:
Been there with them. I cancelled my internet with them, and was a complete hassle. I told the operator I am trying to cut expenses to save some money and not longer need the internet (since i am getting it for free from my neighbor. HEHE!) anyway, first she tries to sell me digital phone when I told her I am trying to LOWER my bill, not raise it. Then she offers me some other internet LITE. I just told her no thanks. Then she puts me on hold, and comes back and tells me I have to go to the office to cancel it since i have equipment to return. So yeah, their CS dept is practically useless, unless you want to RAISE your bill. They are happy to do that. I dont like time warner, but its either them, or DirecTV or DISH Network. They are even worse. So I guess Im stuck with em'
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If I Hear "Reboot" One More Time...
Posted by Smr4 on 08/02/2010
If there's another company to use, use it. There's always problems with the television and internet service, and when you call customer service, they're favorite thing to tell you is "reboot it."

If you inform them that you already have and it made no difference (and rebooting NEVER made a difference), therein they'll approach the conversation as if their crappy product was your fault.

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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-02:
They have to tell you to reboot because a lot of people's problems can be solved by rebooting. Just because it doesn't help you doesn't mean it doesn't help anyone.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-08-02:
I have Comcast, my TV was acting quirky and my internet was very slow this past weekend. I rebooted and everything fixed itself.

Just saying
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Abysmal Service
Posted by Jimcx on 07/26/2010
PORTLAND, MAINE -- I have been a subscriber to TW since May 2010. Virtually every contact has been dreadful and intensely frustrating.

My first contact was online to subscribe and set up my account. I provide info and was contacted quickly by a TW representative (I thought: "pretty good and responsive service). The representative took all the info and offered a special deal on the cable TV and internet package, and a free trial for a security service. The call took about 20 minutes but the representative was pleasant and efficient.

I was told I would need to contact the local office for installation. When I did the next day, the local office had no information on. I explained the call, gave confirmation #, etc. No luck. I had to go through the same procedure again. When finished, the price quoted was $20 more per month than quoted and no trial offer on the security service. I complained and was told that TW does not make special offers; this couldn't be the case. I was flabbergasted: this person was basically calling me a liar. I was transferred to a supervisor. She said she would look into it.

Next day, I was told that I spoke with an independent marketing firm that represented TW and they had no right to offer me special and TW did not offer security services. I explained that the person I spoke with represented herself as TW. Period. And TW should honor this verbal commitment. It shouldn't be my problem.

Fast forward. A DVR 3 month trial came with the service. Today I get a bill that shows a charge for DVR beginning next month. I call and say no thanks; please delete from bill. I was told that in order to cancel the service, I would need to remove the set top box and return it to the TW office in another town and get a new one. I didn't ask for it in the first place, and now I have to do their job.

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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-26:
By security service, do you mean internet security or home security? TW definitely does NOT do anything with home security, period. I sounds like someone was trying to pull one over on you originally.
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