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Product maintenance/sharpening
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I am sitting here with well over $100 worth of Tweezerman products, which might just as well be a pile of trash. I've been using the products for years; the ONLY time the tweezers are truly sharp is when they are purchased new.

The so-called sharpening/repair service offered is essentially useless. I've sent tweezers in for sharpening, etc. and have called to complain, have returned them to be correctly handled. All to no avail - when I've returned them(even w/supervisor supposedly monitoring situation), I get some of them back saying I need to replace them and they'll sell them to me at a discount. Now please tell me how much sense that makes when they were just sent in a short time before and supposedly sharpened!

I plan to return to buying MUCH cheaper tweezers and simply throwing them away when they are no longer sharp. Wasting 20+ dollars on Tweezerman doesn't fit my budget any longer.

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