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What a rip off
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- So I purchased a TxTag. They made it sound like you was getting this really great deal by purchasing one. They charge you 20.00 to get it started. OK no problem there. So we decided to get a tag for the bike as well. They charge a 20.00 deposit and 20.00 to get I started. OK no problem there either. I give them my 60.00 and think wow this is going to be great. No more waiting in line at the toll booth. No more digging for quaters!

Boy was I ever wrong. Seems that EVERY toll booth you go by even if you DO NOT take that exit you get scanned and charged for it! That's right folks. I went from paying 1.50 a day to playing almost 5.00 a day. Not much of a big savings there.

I of course sent an email asking about this practice but as of yet no reply. I do not expect to hear back from them as I emailed them last week to find out why I was using so much money on the TxTag. Still have not heard from them. Had to call them to find out. So not only are they ripping me off but their customer service leaves allot to be desired.
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Calexica on 03/08/2007:
TxTag is a pretty scary system, but it is quite clever. It is a business enterprise that pretends to be a public service!

I find that it is completely not worth the cost, and I fear that it will stay there forever. There is one entrance that cost 50 cents, off Wells Branch. But if you going south, you are only one streetlight away from the end of the toll road! I'm amazed, but I see people take that ramp every morning.

I also think that proper street signs are lacking. I've seen several cars cross 3 lanes of traffic, during rush hour, at the sight of the first "last free exit" sign, right off Parmer. People who don't know about it are caught off guard, and that causes accidents.

This system looks very expensive to both create and maintain. It seems like it would be better if tax payers just paid for it in advance, because now we're paying for that large office plus all those toll workers.
deedee_2 on 03/08/2007:
You know I never even gave the way they set this up a thought. But you are right. The way they have the lanes set its just a multi car pileup waiting to happen. Where I work there is no way to get around it w/o going way out of my way but you can be sure I am ripping that tag off my truck and will sit in the pay toll here lane from now on.
Anonymous on 12/08/2007:
deedee 2, this is a good review. Thanks for the information
txsugarbear on 07/30/2008:
Yup..that is what a toll road is all about..paying the staying on it
Anonymous on 07/30/2008:
VH post deedee 2! It's another system where the issuing business cannot lose, since they demand that you 'prove' you didn't use their road. Of course, their system 'cannot fail'...cannot fail...cannot fail...cannot fail BLIP *static*
pinkglittercupcake on 01/20/2009:
For one, you are not charged for every exit that you pass only ones that you use. There are toll plazas that you pay as you go down the road. With a toll tag you pay a 10% discounted rate so you are getting a cheaper rate. Maybe you are just using the toll road more than you were before. You should get your facts straight before whining about the roads. If you have a problem with them, then simply use another road. Not rocket science...
Ben There on 01/20/2009:
I only get charged for the toll plazas, not every time I pass a toll booth exit. I never use the booths as I happen to get on and off at non-controlled ramps. Maybe something is wrong with your tag?
Marco on 05/21/2013:
I will never use aTexas from the Texas Tollways system.
This is what happened.

I used the toll road to go to Austin and then come back to San Antonio.
Being the first time using the toll road I was expecting an invoice in my home but I did not get it. Since I drive a company car my company got the bill in March 13th. There was an internal miscommunication and then we got a Notice of Violation for $39.96.
The bill showed a due date of 5/22/13.
On 5/21 I called to pay my bill by credit card (Tried to do it on line but the system did not allow me). When I called to pay the $39.96 they told me that the amount was not $39.96 but 87 and some dollars! I do not understand since the Notice of Violation 27337794 was showing $39.96 and it showed it must be received by 5/22/13 to avoid additional fees.
This motivates me not to use the toll road never again.
I will also bring this complain to the Texas Department of Transportation.
dblcliq on 02/09/2014:
Ref Heathersilde Blvd at Toll Road 45: I was 'forced' to enter the toll road because there are no signs indicating an alternate route, last exit, or other 'must enter toll' signs, and the access road stopped, not allowing through traffic around the toll. Why is there none of the above? So getting on the toll road, then getting off consisted of about 400 feet of toll road. My fine, or toll, is $2.53 for 400 feet? Less than half of a block - not even a tenth of a mile.
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