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What a Rip Off
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- So I purchased a TxTag. They made it sound like you was getting this really great deal by purchasing one. They charge you 20.00 to get it started. OK no problem there. So we decided to get a tag for the bike as well. They charge a 20.00 deposit and 20.00 to get it started. OK no problem there either. I give them my 60.00 and think wow this is going to be great. No more waiting in line at the toll booth. No more digging for quarters!

Boy was I ever wrong. Seems that EVERY toll booth you go by even if you DO NOT take that exit you get scanned and charged for it! That's right folks. I went from paying 1.50 a day to paying almost 5.00 a day. Not much of a big savings there.

I of course sent an email asking about this practice but as of yet no reply. I do not expect to hear back from them as I emailed them last week to find out why I was using so much money on the TxTag. Still have not heard from them. Had to call them to find out. So not only are they ripping me off but their customer service leaves alot to be desired.

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