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Usave - Usuck
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So early May 2011, I rented a car from U-Save at the airport, in Myrtle Beach, SC. When I went to return it, I left my backpack in the car. The car was left for 5 min. In that 5 min, an employee took the car to get washed in a back lot. An employee found the backpack, took it out of the car and went through it behind closed doors or a sketchy garage. He then abruptly left work. He stole a brand new Canon camera worth over $1000 from my backpack. He never punched out. He left work nearly 2hrs early. He never called the front desk to inform them that a customer left behind a personal item.

When I made it to the front counter to turn in my car and tell them I left my backpack in the car, one of the managers named Dave told me that the employee that found my backpack is the most honest employee he has and he would never steal anything. He couldn't answer my questions as to why the employee left early? Why he didn't call the front desk to turn in the backpack? Why he took my backpack into a garage? Why he didn't punch out that day? He didn't even know his best employee's last name or cell phone number. He became so furious with my questions that he actually tried to start a fight with me. The Horry County police dept. stepped in and stopped it. The manager actually said to me, "you staring hard boy." He then went to square up with me and that's when the police stepped in.

I've called the corporate office of u-save, followed up with them on their website. All much to no avail. I even spoke with the regional director of usave for the South. Doug told me they would not refund my camera because it's my word vs theirs. And they are not responsible to lost items. Doug was also supposed to call me back regularly with negotiation updates...he never phoned me back once. This is typical customer service @ usave. I asked if they would refund my car rental fee b/c of the way the manager treated me. Doug said they would not b/c the franchise owner, Rock, was angry that I posted negative comments. I also learned they did not terminate employment of the manager that tried to pick a fight with me.

I spoke with the main manager of Usave in Myrtle Beach. He told me that they do allow their employee's to go through anything left behind in a rental car. He told me they allow this "so we can see what's been left behind." How about we go through our customers belongings in an effort to find identification in an effort to return any items left behind? Or how about having a lost and found box? Or what about some security camera's where the car's are cleaned.

I also found out that each Usave is its own privately owned branch. Usave corporate office clearly doesn't care about each branch. One review after another rips the cars quality or there shady practices, or how the folks are rude.

The cars may be slightly cheaper over the course of a week. I'd personally rather spend $40 extra over a week and not have to deal with rude people who go though your belongings and can't consistently produce a quality product. Save yourself the aggravation...rent from a mainstream car rental agency.
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Alain on 06/09/2011:
Was a police report filed about this? If so, what did the police say? Depending on what the official report is, you may have to pursue this in civil court. The Horry County Clerk of Courts (843- 915-5082/918-1356/915-5080 may be able to direct you to someone who can assist you in this matter.
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MYRTLE BEACH AIRPORT, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Just a heads up folks! I rented, waived the insurance, asked about early return policy prior to counter opening, followed all procedures as instructed. Guess what? Got a bill for "damage" to rear door panel driver's side "fist sized" per manager. $1284.00 WHY? BECAUSE I WAS NOT PRESENT DURING THE RETURN INSPECTION! THERE WAS NEVER ANY DAMAGE OR INCIDENT WHILE IN MY POSSESSION. Contacted my credit card to withdraw payment pending investigation on damages. Notified my own auto insurer to investigate, and U-save couldn't come up with any proof of damages. No pictures, car was rented while this dispute was going on AND here's the best part:The BILL FOR COLLISION REPAIR INCLUDED, RT. SIDE COMPLETE BODY PANEL, LUGGAGE LID, REAR TAIL LIGHTS, BUMPER, PAINT! What happened to the "fist sized" dent on driver's rear door? Funny how they continued to rent this vehicle in this condition! NEVER AGAIN.

The claim was dismissed by my insurer due to insufficient evidence provided. Found out on this site, I'm not the first VICTIM!
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Anonymous on 02/05/2009:
If they did not note damage at the time you returned the car, they cannot claim it (although they will try) after. They cannot prove that the damage did not occur while the car was in their possession. This happened to me once, and AMEX conferenced called them and basically laughed in their face.
beachin on 02/16/2009:
Did it happen at the same location? Myrtle Beach Usave Airport counter?
vlak on 11/19/2010:
I rented a car from them, end up paying 3 times my rental because the charged me for insurance I did not consent, and charged for...hospitality fee! don't rent from them , kept on hold for 20 mint when I called to complain and finally hanged up on me.
Steve on 05/24/2012:
Every time I rent from them, they charge credit card an extra day. Then it takes 2 weeks for them to credit it back. Its their running scam because most people don't even notice it. BEWARE
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Car Rental Rip-off
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I reserved a car with U-Save at LAX as part of my airline reservation with Southwest. When we arrived at the U-Save location, I immediately had a bad feeling. There were 2 people behind the desk, with 3 customers waiting, but no one seemed to be actually interacting with the customers. Did not see the usual exchange of info and paperwork. When it was finally my turn I referred to my confirmation number and was told they had no cars. At 3pm in LA they did not have a compact car for me. Did not have ANY cars. Sorry. Yes, I had a confirmation, but, NO, they did not have a car for me. They would arrange a car rental for me with National. Of course, there was a $30 difference in price. Here's the catch -- I had to pay the higher price, and afterward I should send U-Save the invoice for the cost difference, and they would send me a check. Sure they would. I argued that this was not the right way to handle the problem, that U-Save was responsible for the problem and should be picking up the tab for the difference, etc. After several minutes of arguing I could see this was going nowhere. I got my rental from National, have sent U-save the invoice for the difference in cost, and am still awaiting my refund. Not feeling optimistic -- hope I can save someone else from experiencing the inconvenience of dealing with U-Save. It's just not worth it!
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Alain on 11/23/2011:
Hopefully, you'll get the refund at some point. In the meantime, you can file a complaint with California consumer protection at http://www.dca.ca.gov/consumer/complaints.shtml and also let Southwest know you had a problem with you save at http://www.southwest.com/contact-us/contact-us.html
Carrie K., U-Save Car on 01/24/2012:
Cdaniels, we are so sorry about your experience at the former LAX franchise. Our corporate office is working with customers to try to rectify all complaints associated with that former franchise, which is no longer part of the U-Save family. If your specific issue hasn't been corrected yet, please contact us at usavesocial@gmail.com, or at 1.800 434.2300 so we can try to resolve it for you.
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If You Actually Want to Get a Car Don't Rent From These People!!!
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I'm writing to make you aware of the horrible service I received from the Orlando, FL airport location on July 21st. I had made a reservation weeks ago on 6/28/10 for 7/21 through 7/26. I received a reminder the night before my trip never indicating a problem. I got to the Orlando Airport as scheduled at 10PM and went to the shuttle stop to wait for the shuttle. We waited 30 minutes and no shuttles ever came. I finally called the office and was told that they had no cars available. I informed the person I spoke to that I had made a prior reservation. He told me that didn't matter people decided to keep their cars longer and I would just have to find someone else to rent a car from. Now first of all if I hadn't decided to call. I would have been waiting there for whom knows how long with no one bothering to notify me of the problem. Secondly, if you know you have a reservation scheduled that you need a car fulfill why do you allow people to keep the cars for longer. They should be told the car was promised to someone else. What is the point of taking reservations if you don't honor them. I had to go through the airport at 11 o'clock at night trying to find an available car and then had to pay $200.00 more than the quote I was given.
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Alain on 07/27/2010:
I went to U-Save.com and clicked 'Contacts' and the first thing that came up was a form that was all ready preset to 'customer service'. I suppose that could have been for compliments, but, combined with a review like this, it just didn't inspire a lot of confidence with me.
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Be extremely careful if you rent from these people. We rented one of their run down cars for a weekend. On our way down the highway we were hit by a bus that swerved in our lane. The rental agency was very helpful at the scene and told us not to worry because the bus company would have to pay. We were very naive and did not file a claim with our credit card insurance because we were assured everything would be taken care of. I called U-Save three times from the U.S. to make sure that everything was fine and we wouldn't have to pay. All three times I was assured that they were taking care of things, and I told them to contact me if there were any problems. Well, exactly three months after the accident I found a $5000 charge on my card from U-Save. Never ANY word from them about this and it was impossible for anyone there to return my calls. They charged my card exactly 90 days after the accident which is the exact cut off date you have to file an insurance claim. Of course my bank would not reverse the charge since its a rental agency and they have the 'right' to charge your card for accidents.

Be extremely careful if you rent from them. It took months for them to actually send me a breakdown of what they had charged me for. Car damages, legal fees, etc etc. Because we got hit by a bus. Who even knows what is going on... Anyway, be very careful if you decide to rent from them. It was a nightmare for us.
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