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Posted by CAM1 on 06/06/2006
I have had 2 bad experiences with UBID. One with their watch company and the brand Bernoulli. The information provided for Bernoulli is basically "smoke and mirrors", no information on the fabrication of the watch could be obtained until I did some Google reasearch and finally tracked down a Texas phone number where I reached the rudest "customer service" rep ever to pick up a phone! I found out the watch is made in Tiwan and their MSRP is something one could better determine by using a Ouiji Board! The watch is attractive and comes with a nice case but it is NOT worth the thousands they claim as their MSRP. More like $75 to $100.

The Motorola ROKR phone was advertised as "new". It was used, when turned on it said "Hello" and provided the owner's name! It also did not come with the memory chip or the IPOD disk necessary to operate the phone which was advertised as being in the box. Definitely a fraudulent transaction! It was sent back and UBID has not responded to my follow up messages regarding my refund. When I saw all the negative information on UBID after a Google search, I filed a claim with my bank to get my refund of almost $200.

CAVEAT EMPTOR! I should have known better! A good rule of thumb - If they don't accept Pay Pal, there is most likely a problem.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-06:
"I should have known better!" right. Lotsa counterfeiter's, including ebay, don't buy it from China, or one of these asian countries, your bound to get burned big time.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-07:
Thanks. If it's any consolation, you just warned a bunch of people.
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Ubid's shipping scam
Posted by Dripac on 01/11/2008
Ubid sells "a genuine Italian leather coat" for a silly price (1$ !) They charge $38.99 for shipping (light and medium sized package !) I receive the item, and it is a piece of garbage, made in you-know-where. So, even if I wanted to go through the Ubid's "return process ", I would lose $38.99, plus a 15% restocking fee (not much in this case, but when you buy a $1000 TV....). And they would sell it again, I'm sure, to next sucker, for another $40 bucks. Actually, I noticed that practice on Ubid before(glass items sold for a buck, over $30 shipping, Ubid has this little scam polished.

So, I keep my genuine Italian coat, to remind me that greed is not always rewarded. (does not apply to Ubid and similar operations, they live off greed.)And, when they sell legitimate stuff, they do not come even close in price to places like Newegg, or Amazon.
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Posted by HKong on 2008-01-12:
Their shipping prices may be a bit high, but you seem to think shipping costs should be based on price paid no matter what the wight of the product is.
Posted by autumn35802 on 2008-01-12:
You thought you could get a good leather coat for $1.00? Come on! Surely you knew this was a scam from the get go! If you want a discounted coat I suggest you shop at Ross for Less, Marshall's or T. J. Maxx.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-12:
It came from Italy, they shipped direct.
Posted by chris on 2012-02-22:
bought diamonds qotes at best quality.....................the were garbage jewery guy told me....totalgarbage......and fake earrings...........plus 5 dollar item they want 25 dollars to ship......problemsomewhee must be sucker me......
Posted by mrvn43 on 2013-05-02:
I have spent more on shipping than on the products themselves. Why does not some agency stop these ripoffs, products i understand for a dollar are good gag gifts but not worth the shipping costs.
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Fraudulant Offer
Posted by Walkers16 on 08/05/2003
I bid on a vacation package that was titled 4Days Orlando/Disney World plus Cruise. There was no detailed information, but I bid on it anyway the price I offered ($56.) was so low, I didn't think I would win it, but low an behold, I did! When I tried to get the information on this vacation, I was told the travel agency would email the details. I never received anything via email. When the package arrived, it was a almost worthless package of paper. The trip had nothing to do with Disney World. It was only 4 days hotel stay anywhere in Florida, and the Cruise was buy 1 get 1 free, at premium prices, plus many non-refundable and refundable deposits! Ubid claims there is no refund policy for vacations, but that was not revealed on their web-site or on the vacation package. Matter of fact, the package explained how you may return a vacation. I am disputing this charge with my credit card company and have returned the package to Thrifty Travel of Kentucky. So far the travel company is not cooperating with me. They are offering other vacations, but that is not what I wanted. I wanted 4 days at Disney World plus a cruise. DO NOT BID ON THESE VACATION PACKAGES, THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISE!
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$1 bids actually mean a lot more
Posted by GrandmaGG on 04/07/2010
I placed a few (4) bids for $1 and was a happy grandma until I realized that the total was $41.96 (with Shipping being $37.96 of that). That, my friends, is totally insane. I've dealt with a lot of auctions and although each has their own little glitch that I could live without, this shipping amount just kills me. I won't ever bid here again and unless you are aware of the shipping charges, you shouldn't bid here either. Just a "heads up".

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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-04-07:
Is this shipping amount disclosed before you bid? If so, you should just avoid bidding and move on
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-04-07:
I just went to that site because I have never been there before. I saw a glass necklace that I thought was really pretty. It said I could bid $1, but had to buy at least 3. At the bottom of the page it says "Click here for more information on shipping." So I did.
It says "Shipping and handling costs are dependent on your ship-to address and the shipping type you select. To use the shipping estimator, simply enter your ZIP code, and you will see a table listing the different ship types available, and the costs for shipping the first item on your order followed by the costs for each additional item you order. Your total shipping and handling cost will be the sum of the first item cost plus the number of additional units times the additional item cost." So I went to the estimator and it shows $19.75 for the 1st one, then $18.75 each for the next 2. So I would be paying $60.25 for 3 glass necklaces. It also states "US customers only. This shipping estimate is based on Zip code entered and distance from originating warehouse. A final shipping cost will be displayed in the PREVIEW section of the Bidding process."
So... you are correct... $1 bids does mean a lot more!
Posted by uBidAmanda on 2010-04-07:
All of our shipping and handling charges are provided before bids are placed on our website. In the section under the list of winning bidders you will find a "calculate" button, this will allow you to enter your zip code to get shipping information to your area. If you still have issues or other questions, our Customer Service department is open from 9am - 4pm CST Monday - Friday and we will assist you with any issues.

Thank you,
Posted by Inat on 2010-04-07:
nice that a Ubid repr responded.... butthis does sound somewhat unscrupulous and certainly not actual shipping costs - more 'handling' than shipping
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False advertising
Posted by Kno512 on 12/14/2006
UBid.com advertised an HP Media Center m7357c PentiumD 920 DC 2.8GHz 1.5GB 300GB DVD+- RW computer for sale. I bid and purchased this computer and what I received was not what was advertised. Not only did this computer not function correctly
This computer only had 1.0GB of RAM not the 1.5GB that was advertised. UBid was contacted regarding the problems and told me that the computer had to go to HP for warranty repair. They ignored that fact regarding the missing RAM. When questioned again about the missing RAM they did not respond for twelve days. By then I had assumed that they were not going to do anything about this problem and sent the computer to HP for repair.

When UBid finally contacted me regarding the missing RAM, they said that I could return the computer but I had to pay for the shipping and a restocking fee. I did not feel that this was appropriate due to the fact that this computer was falsely advertised. UBid refused to do anything about it. UBid has a published "UBid's Promise of Trust for our Customers" which states "We will try to make things right, if you are not satisfied". BUT DON'T BELIEVE THIS FOR ONE MINUTE!

UBid finally got around to saying that they would pay for the return of the computer (didn't mention the restocking fee) but I had already invested four days of On-line troubleshooting with HP and then ten days without the computer, while at HP for repair, to just return the computer. Because of the problems with the computer I had to load and reload software, my programs and data several times during this adventure (takes many hours). I did not ask UBid for anything unreasonable As a solution to the problem; I asked for the missing RAM or a credit for the amount of money that it will cost me to replace it. They refused the solution.

I have every email and letter sent to and received from UBid to demonstrate and document everything that has transpired regarding this issue, If anyone is Interested. My suggestion to anyone considering using UBid is "DON'T". It still bothers me that a company would falsely advertise a product and then refuse To make it right. And it further amazes me that the "Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services" allows companies to get away with this.
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uBid.com misleading advertising/selling practices
Posted by on 01/21/2002
I purchased a Denon DSW 30 powered subwoofer for my home theater from uBid.com. Ubid shipped a different model than adversited (DSW 30A instead of the DSW 30). I am not sure that misleading (fraudulent) adverstising/selling practice by uBid.com, or a mistake in model number, but product I received included hardly any of the features of the product advertised.

The advertisement for the product advertised stated it included:

80 Watt power amplifier
Magnetically shielded
Variable crossover frequency 40-180 Hz
Level control
Auto power on; on / off manual switch
Phase reversal switch
Line level and speaker level inputs and outputs

The product I received had a volume control, a 50 watt amplifier (according to the enclosed pamphlet from Denon) and one line level input. No other features. It is not even magnetically shielded because it causes interference when placed close to a television.

Ubid.com's customer service is unsatisfactory. I sent in a complaint via their website form and received a response requesting the same information I submitted. Then I received an e-mail asking me not to submit multiple e-mails for the same complaint. So far the response has been, "We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused . . ." and we are researching the problem.

Even if uBid.com authorizes a return, I will end up paying as much for shipping as the item cost itself.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-03:
I have had similar problems with UBid. It seems that their problem is that they get their products from outside wholesalers so it is often a warehouse problem.
Though I did, once, purchase a computer on UBid and the one they sent me was not only not what I had ordered, but it was also souped up in more features than the one I had ordered (including a cd burner and dvd player). So, in that case I didn't complain.
But, I agree, their methods of customer service are poor. There is basically no way to get any response from them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-02-23:
I had a similar problem with a defective computer. Ubid really stinks. Their equipment is cheap and you get zero response to emails. If you try to call them, their phones don't work. I got fed up and just shipped my product back without a return auth. About a month later the credit showed up on my credit card. Send it back using some kind of signature required.
Posted by CAM1 on 2006-06-06:
I could not agree more with this reviewer! I am thinking of filing a complaint with the Attorney General of my state. It appears others should be doing the same thing.
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Watch out
Posted by Spapke4583 on 12/27/2011
ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA -- The prices in the auction are very reasonable, and you truly get suckered into the process of bidding. The completion of the bidding is done so quickly you receive your gratification. Beware!!!!!
The shipping charges are not revealed until after payment I paid 1500% on the item I won (ex. $1.00 winning bid,$14.95 shipping& handling, $1.99 Transaction fee= $17.94.
The products I received was not quality as they lead you to believe, the genuine gem stones are of a poor grade they are very cloudy. The other item was a simulated stone it had no life to it.
I never received one of my rings, I did receive the invoice and the ring box: it was empty. I expect as much help from uBid as I have read other people have received. The consumer means nothing to uBid.
Bottom line for me is: I will stay away from uBid.
As a final note. They have your credit card on file or you can't bid, uBid charges your account, even if you don't want to pay the shipping, that is not revealed until after you Win the bid, to bad for YOU.
I have learn a very expense lesson......

The return policy: 15% restocking fee and no refund on shipping & handling.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-12-27:
I don't know any business that refunds shipping and handling, but thanks for warning others about your experience.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-27:
I looked at the UBid site once, and moved on. There is a lot to be said for the saying "too good to be true". Helpful review.
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-12-27:
I was going to bid on some batteries. When I heard that they charge as much as $15 to send out something that weighs a couple of ounces I passed on them also. They are as bad as Tele Brands trying to make all their money in the S&H fees.
Posted by apasserby on 2011-12-28:
Hello! Thank you so much for your feedback. It's hard to read these posts because we have millions of customers who order from us every day and are very satisfied with their orders, and that's the experience we want everyone to have! We are very sorry to hear about this, our jewelry sellers offer great deals on wonderful items and they are very popular. Obviously this wasn't the case here, and since we don't have any info from this post we would ask the poster to kindly email us at customersupport@ubid.com so we can discuss this order. Thank you!
uBid Customer Care
Posted by CJ on 2012-02-05:
In the companies defense (I do not work for them) I have bought a few items from them and received them SUPER quick. Also, there is an option underneath the bidding window where you can calculate your shipping cost. Come on people, look closely before jumping in and bidding. I am very happy with them so far, have bought a computer and 3 rings...all arrived EXACTLY as described and the computer works great.
Posted by ASIAN on 2012-08-26:
I won earrings that says diamonds at Ubids....when I received them its not diamond its made of plastic!
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UBid = UBetter AVOID!!!
Posted by Sjckervin66 on 12/21/2011

UBid is one of those shady companies. They attempt (and sorry to say succeeded) to sell you products at cheaper prices than their competitors. These so called deals are nothing more than a scam. I called UBid, only to be on hold for over 48 minutes before a representative answered the phone. When I explained the situation:

Purchased a Toshiba Camileo S30:
Box looked as if it had been opened before and resealed,
Tried to charge the Camcorder battery, but the model was broke.
The screen/camcorder would on turn on with the A/C cord attached.

After I had explained this to the representative, he told me to hold on. After another 5 minutes of wait time, he came back and gave me the number to Groupon. He told me that since I bought the offer through Groupon, they were the one's responsible for refunding my money. Since I couldn't remember if I had purchased a Groupon for UBid, I accepted the number after expressing my disappointment with UBid's products that they sell. He had told me "Sir, don't go there!" as if he was the one who had purchased a product and received a broken one.

I called Groupon, only to find out that I didn't purchase a UBid Groupon, and they didn't have any history of selling any UBid Groupons in the past.

I had to spend another 1+ hour of time on hold to get back in touch with UBid Customer Service. Once on the phone with them again, I asked to return the product I purchased and was put on hold again. After finally coming back to the phone, the representative told me that they didn't have any batteries in stock for that camcorder. I told him I didn't want a new battery, just to return the item. He finally sent me a RMA number which I printed out and returned. Hopefully I will receive a full refund shortly.

In short, I would highly recommend NOT buying anything from UBid, their customer service is absolutely horrible and you will not get the product that you actually bought.

Read Company Response
Company Response on 12/22/2011:
We're so sorry this customer has had a bad experience! Sometimes, but rarely, issues do arise with recertified or refurbished goods but we always try to provide customers with fair, fast resolution. This time of year, our call center sees very high call volumes and wait times, and it looks like this customer experienced both, and we do apologize for that. However, uBid is not a shady company by any means, we're a group of very dedicated people who have been providing great online deals to millions of members over the last 15 years. Based on this review, we don't have enough information to identify this customer specifically but we encourage him/her to contact customersupport@ubid.com directly so we can make it right. Thanks!
uBid Customer Care
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-23:
There are quite a few poor reviews about Ubid and it appears that customer service is not one of their strong points. With many online auction sites available and few regulations governing them, the best defense against poor service is doing a lot of research prior to using one of these sites. To that end, thanks for alerting your fellow consumers to the problems you had with these folks.
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Bad avenue for sellers
Posted by Pcchips on 07/05/2011

1/5 posted Jul-05-2011

"Seller and small business people: Be careful of this website. Do not sign up to sell with them. They drag you down and not pay you for the goods you post on their website. They've cheated us of more than $8,300 and refused to pay. They even pretended that they are not the same company now.

We used to sell computers and electronics on their website for thousands of dollars. They topped paying us and when we called over & over, they kept encouraging us to post more items and that they have a temporary problem but they'll pay us later. There was no later and we ended $8,300 in the hole.

Scam and not worth any initial money you may make at the beginning."
Read Company Response
Company Response on 07/08/2011:
Unfortunately, due to the anonymous nature of this posting, uBid Holdings, Inc. f/k/a SunRise Bidders, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“we” or “us”), cannot effectively respond to the allegations in this complaint. However, it is a matter of public record that the online marketplace, uBid.com, was formally owned and operated by Enable Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiaries. In September, 2010, various creditors of Enable Holdings, Inc., filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against Enable Holdings, Inc. We are an entirely separate company from Enable Holdings, Inc., and were, in fact, creditors of Enable Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiaries at the commencement of the bankruptcy proceeding (although we were not among the petitioning creditors). on October 8, 2010, we acquired the uBid.com market place pursuant to a public foreclosure sale of Enable Holdings’ assets, which was conducted with the authorization of the Bankruptcy Court and in accordance with the Illinois Uniform Commercial Code. As such, we did not own or operate the uBid.com website prior to the foreclosure sale and are not responsible for Enable Holdings, Inc.’s actions. Furthermore, no third party seller has failed to receive payment from us.

Currently, numerous third party sellers sell products through the uBid.com marketplace on a regular basis and promptly receive sale proceeds from us as per the terms of our agreements with these sellers. Moreover, we have made numerous changes to the uBid.com website and enacted specific policies designed to make the marketplace attractive to third party sellers and to ensure that sellers receive the payments they are entitled to. Among other things, all proceeds that are to be paid to third party sellers are segregated from our bank accounts and are not available to us in the operation of our business. These are substantial changes from the way that uBid.com was previously operated and managed. We are working to make uBid.com a vibrant and robust marketplace that sets the standard for our collective industry. We are very grateful for the many sellers that have and continue to sell goods on uBid.com and look forward to welcoming new sellers in the future. Please visit our website and give us a call if you have any questions about selling through the uBid.com marketplace and especially if you have any reservations of doing so based on any prior experiences.
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Posted by pcchips on 2011-07-08:
No matter what excuses you use, UBIS still owes us money since you are still in business. Your "voluntarily" maneuver is just another scam to avoid paying your debts. No matter what excuses you claim, you still owe us $8,300 and we will not sit quiet and let you get away with that. I will keep posting and warning customers against you on every occasion on every avenue. And I will file a law suit against you.
I was selling on UBID for more than 10 years and UBID collected a good amount of commission from our sales of computers and the they need to pay their debts. Just a reminder to all sellers to remember that UBID could at any time file again for “voluntarily” bankruptcy to avoid paying the sellers their money.
Posted by trdd inc on 2014-03-05:
Ubid owes us $2000 as of today. When we refused to ship they closed our account. They expect you to ship and not pay you. We did not get paid since january 2014.
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Ubid A Company Without Morals
Posted by Togo on 06/21/2011
Avoid U-bid like sin. Refurbished computers are apparently bottom of the barrel. Got one at average bid-price, died after 2 months. Won one with a low-bid, Ubid refused to send it, seller apparently got "SELLER-REMORSE". Wasted a lot of my time! A company without morals.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 06/22/2011:
We are sorry that this buyer has had these two bad experiences. We hate hearing these types of comments because we work very hard to provide consistently great products and service, and have been for 15 years. Ju

Refurbished and recertified merchandise is generally very good product - it's typically been through a thorough inspection, has been re-built or re-conditioned, and packaged for sale. Warrantees are offered on most of these products through the manufacturers, although the timeframe may vary. This customer didn't say whether they called uBid on the first purchase, but that likely would have been under mfr warrantee. A large share of uBid's customers buy re-certified and refurbished products every day and are completely satisfied.

uBid's Circle of Trust is our pact with customers and sellers that we will provide a safe, protected, honest buying experience. There are times when unfortunate situations occur and we always work to make it right, starting with a 15 day no questions asked return policy. We have live phone customer service daily and 24/7 email monitoring should anyone need to contact us regarding their purchase.
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Posted by GeekieChick on 2011-06-22:
I've had nothing but great experiences with uBid, I've gotten a lot of products from them that I would not have been able to afford from other places. Tablet, iPod, even a really cool coffee maker. Most of the items you get at uBid are re-certified or open box but that's fine with me, I've never had an issue with them.
Posted by pcchips on 2011-07-08:
Again, 2 bad experiences is not all what you'll have. You'll have more bad experinecs. Chekc for your self the problems on their web site, they do not care about buyers or sellers.

They are morally bankrupt company and I am amazed the FTC allows them to stay in business.
Posted by George on 2013-10-09:
I couldn't have said better than PChips. This company is the center of scam artistry, period. They make excuses for their candalous listings and show no responsibilty for lying to their customers
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