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$1 bids actually mean a lot more
By -

I placed a few (4) bids for $1 and was a happy grandma until I realized that the total was $41.96 (with Shipping being $37.96 of that). That, my friends, is totally insane. I've dealt with a lot of auctions and although each has its own little glitch that I could live without. This shipping amount just kills me. I won't ever bid here again and unless you are aware of the shipping charges, you shouldn't bid here either. Just a "heads up".

Not worth the risk...
By -

If ANYTHING goes wrong with your purchase, it is simply not worth the hassle in trying to get it resolved. No response to emails. Hold times on the phone are 1 hour+.

Company Response 01/14/2011:

While we are short staffed we do take every issue presented very seriously. Sometimes the hold times can be a little excessive and we attempt to resolve all emails within 48 hours of receiving them.

By -

I have had 2 bad experiences with UBID. One with their watch company and the brand Bernoulli. The information provided for Bernoulli is basically "smoke and mirrors". No information on the fabrication of the watch could be obtained until I did some Google research and finally tracked down a Texas phone number where I reached the rudest "customer service" rep ever to pick up a phone! I found out the watch is made in Taiwan and their MSRP is something one could better determine by using a Ouija Board! The watch is attractive and comes with a nice case but it is NOT worth the thousands they claim as their MSRP. More like $75 to $100.

The Motorola ROKR phone was advertised as "new". It was used. When turned on it said "Hello" and provided the owner's name! It also did not come with the memory chip or the IPOD disk necessary to operate the phone which was advertised as being in the box. Definitely a fraudulent transaction! It was sent back and UBID has not responded to my follow up messages regarding my refund.

When I saw all the negative information on UBID after a Google search, I filed a claim with my bank to get my refund of almost $200. CAVEAT EMPTOR! I should have known better! A good rule of thumb - If they don't accept PayPal, there is most likely a problem.

Fraudulent Offer
By -

I bid on a vacation package that was titled 4Days Orlando/Disney World plus Cruise. There was no detailed information, but I bid on it anyway. The price I offered ($56.) was so low. I didn't think I would win it, but lo an behold, I did! When I tried to get the information on this vacation, I was told the travel agency would email the details. I never received anything via email.

When the package arrived, it was a almost worthless package of paper. The trip had nothing to do with Disney World. It was only 4 days hotel stay anywhere in Florida, and the Cruise was buy 1 get 1 free, at premium prices, plus many non-refundable and refundable deposits! Ubid claims there is no refund policy for vacations, but that was not revealed on their web-site or on the vacation package. Matter of fact, the package explained how you may return a vacation.

I am disputing this charge with my credit card company and have returned the package to Thrifty Travel of Kentucky. So far the travel company is not cooperating with me. They are offering other vacations, but that is not what I wanted. I wanted 4 days at Disney World plus a cruise. DO NOT BID ON THESE VACATION PACKAGES. THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISE!

Advertisement misleading advertising/selling practices

I purchased a Denon DSW 30 powered subwoofer for my home theater from Ubid shipped a different model than advertised (DSW 30A instead of the DSW 30). I am not sure that misleading (fraudulent) advertising / selling practice by, or a mistake in model number, but product I received included hardly any of the features of the product advertised.

The advertisement for the product advertised stated it included: 80 Watt power amplifier, magnetically shielded, variable crossover frequency 40-180 Hz, level control auto power on; on / off manual switch, phase reversal switch, line level and speaker level inputs and outputs. The product I received had a volume control, a 50 watt amplifier (according to the enclosed pamphlet from Denon) and one line level input. No other features. It is not even magnetically shielded because it causes interference when placed close to a television.'s customer service is unsatisfactory. I sent in a complaint via their website form and received a response requesting the same information I submitted. Then I received an e-mail asking me not to submit multiple e-mails for the same complaint. So far the response has been, "We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.. and we are researching the problem." Even if authorizes a return, I will end up paying as much for shipping as the item cost itself. I STRONGLY CAUTION ANYONE AGAINST DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS VENDOR!!!

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