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$1 bids actually mean a lot more
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I placed a few (4) bids for $1 and was a happy grandma until I realized that the total was $41.96 (with Shipping being $37.96 of that). That, my friends, is totally insane. I've dealt with a lot of auctions and although each has its own little glitch that I could live without, this shipping amount just kills me. I won't ever bid here again and unless you are aware of the shipping charges, you shouldn't bid here either. Just a "heads up".
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 04/07/2010:
Is this shipping amount disclosed before you bid? If so, you should just avoid bidding and move on
trp2hevn on 04/07/2010:
I just went to that site because I have never been there before. I saw a glass necklace that I thought was really pretty. It said I could bid $1, but had to buy at least 3. At the bottom of the page it says "Click here for more information on shipping." So I did.
It says "Shipping and handling costs are dependent on your ship-to address and the shipping type you select. To use the shipping estimator, simply enter your ZIP code, and you will see a table listing the different ship types available, and the costs for shipping the first item on your order followed by the costs for each additional item you order. Your total shipping and handling cost will be the sum of the first item cost plus the number of additional units times the additional item cost." So I went to the estimator and it shows $19.75 for the 1st one, then $18.75 each for the next 2. So I would be paying $60.25 for 3 glass necklaces. It also states "US customers only. This shipping estimate is based on Zip code entered and distance from originating warehouse. A final shipping cost will be displayed in the PREVIEW section of the Bidding process."
So... you are correct... $1 bids does mean a lot more!
uBidAmanda on 04/07/2010:
All of our shipping and handling charges are provided before bids are placed on our website. In the section under the list of winning bidders you will find a "calculate" button, this will allow you to enter your zip code to get shipping information to your area. If you still have issues or other questions, our Customer Service department is open from 9am - 4pm CST Monday - Friday and we will assist you with any issues.

Thank you,
Inat on 04/07/2010:
nice that a Ubid repr responded.... butthis does sound somewhat unscrupulous and certainly not actual shipping costs - more 'handling' than shipping
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UBID not honoring extended warranties
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I recently ordered a computer, and on a separate order, a monitor, from UBID. Both items came with only a 30-day warranty, but on the product information page, under Extended Protection Plan, it said Available. Not wanting to buy items that come only with 30-day warranties, I ordered a two-year warranty on the computer and a one-year warranty on the monitor.

I received the computer and the monitor fairly quickly, and both seem to work fine. I didn’t receive any paperwork on the extended warranties (or any paperwork on the items at all, for that matter), and waited for information to come in the mail. After about two weeks, I contacted UBID, and received the following response:

We have received your request for assistance with order _________ for
Computer __________ Duo Core 2.8ghz 1G 200G DVDRW. Unfortunately the
warranty purchased with this product is not valid since the original
warranty with it is only 30 days from the vendor. It has to have at
least a 90 day manufacturer's warranty. We can either credit you back
for the warranty or we can return the unit. Please let us know how you
would like to proceed.

I received a similar response for the monitor.

Not only had the availability of an extended warranty been clearly marked when I ordered these, but I had been billed for the extended warranties when I ordered the items! If I hadn’t contacted them, I would have had no idea that they considered the warranties that I ordered to be invalid. Think how many people are out there right now with warranties that they have paid for that will be invalid if they try to use them.

I called their customer service, and they said I had no alternatives – they would not honor the extended warranties. This was due to a glitch in their system, and they are sorry to cause me so much trouble.

So now I have to repack the computer and monitor and return them – not an easy task.

Not only did I have to catch them cheating (UBID isn’t contacting their customers to warn them about this), but I have to spend a couple of hours repacking these items to return the
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Fraudulent Offer
Posted by on
I bid on a vacation package that was titled 4Days Orlando/Disney World plus Cruise. There was no detailed information, but I bid on it anyway the price I offered ($56.) was so low, I didn't think I would win it, but low an behold, I did! When I tried to get the information on this vacation, I was told the travel agency would email the details. I never received anything via email. When the package arrived, it was a almost worthless package of paper. The trip had nothing to do with Disney World. It was only 4 days hotel stay anywhere in Florida, and the Cruise was buy 1 get 1 free, at premium prices, plus many non-refundable and refundable deposits! Ubid claims there is no refund policy for vacations, but that was not revealed on their web-site or on the vacation package. Matter of fact, the package explained how you may return a vacation. I am disputing this charge with my credit card company and have returned the package to Thrifty Travel of Kentucky. So far the travel company is not cooperating with me. They are offering other vacations, but that is not what I wanted. I wanted 4 days at Disney World plus a cruise. DO NOT BID ON THESE VACATION PACKAGES, THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISE!
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uBid.com misleading advertising/selling practices
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I purchased a Denon DSW 30 powered subwoofer for my home theater from uBid.com. Ubid shipped a different model than adversited (DSW 30A instead of the DSW 30). I am not sure that misleading (fraudulent) adverstising/selling practice by uBid.com, or a mistake in model number, but product I received included hardly any of the features of the product advertised.

The advertisement for the product advertised stated it included:

80 Watt power amplifier
Magnetically shielded
Variable crossover frequency 40-180 Hz
Level control
Auto power on; on / off manual switch
Phase reversal switch
Line level and speaker level inputs and outputs

The product I received had a volume control, a 50 watt amplifier (according to the enclosed pamphlet from Denon) and one line level input. No other features. It is not even magnetically shielded because it causes interference when placed close to a television.

Ubid.com's customer service is unsatisfactory. I sent in a complaint via their website form and received a response requesting the same information I submitted. Then I received an e-mail asking me not to submit multiple e-mails for the same complaint. So far the response has been, "We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused . . ." and we are researching the problem.

Even if uBid.com authorizes a return, I will end up paying as much for shipping as the item cost itself.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/03/2002:
I have had similar problems with UBid. It seems that their problem is that they get their products from outside wholesalers so it is often a warehouse problem.
Though I did, once, purchase a computer on UBid and the one they sent me was not only not what I had ordered, but it was also souped up in more features than the one I had ordered (including a cd burner and dvd player). So, in that case I didn't complain.
But, I agree, their methods of customer service are poor. There is basically no way to get any response from them.
Anonymous on 02/23/2002:
I had a similar problem with a defective computer. Ubid really stinks. Their equipment is cheap and you get zero response to emails. If you try to call them, their phones don't work. I got fed up and just shipped my product back without a return auth. About a month later the credit showed up on my credit card. Send it back using some kind of signature required.
CAM1 on 06/06/2006:
I could not agree more with this reviewer! I am thinking of filing a complaint with the Attorney General of my state. It appears others should be doing the same thing.
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