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2727 North Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
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Good Service
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Rating: 5/51

ORCHARD PARK, NY, NEW YORK -- Would like to compliment the personal (did not get his name) for the prompt good service they provided on the problem I was having with my trailer wiring in my car. Thanks. **

U-Haul insurance denial for damaged goods
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I rented a trailer from U-Haul which leaked and damaged several items. The leak and damage was reported at drop off. I filed an insurance claim which involved a great deal of paperwork, photographs etc. Two months later the claim was denied on the grounds that no problems were found. The soaking items taken from the trailer were not evidence. I was pretty much being called a lair and that no water damage took place. I have witnesses and I have a bookshelf that I won't use due to its appearance.

U-Haul through its insurance agent denied the claim not based on evidence but because they will suffer no consequence by doing so. If there was no water damage then I am guilt of insurance fraud by filing a claim. If there was water damage then they should offer some reimbursement. How many times have we seen this insurance scam. U-Haul is responsible for the actions of its agents. So long as there is a choice I will not choose U-Haul again and will urge others to look elsewhere.

Bad service
By -

MINNEAPOLIS AND COLORADO SPRINGS -- I recently moved from Minnesota to Colorado Springs. My brother rented a trailer to bring my things out. 6 miles from my new home the trailer got a flat. He called Colorado Springs base and got the run around for 5 1/2 hours. In the meantime I used my car and unhooked the trailer to use the truck to move my stuff to my home. We made at least 5 trips each! U-haul would not give a refund of any kind and wasn't apologetic at all. It took valuable time away as well. What kind of reputable company succeeds with such poor customer service! I will NEVER use U-haul again even if it costs less than other companies. AVOID using them if you can. They give third world country type service!

Company Response 11/13/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first want to apologize for the inconvenience you and your brother experienced. Please be assure our goal has always been to help make moving easier. It is only through communication with our customers that we learn whether our programs are working and which areas need attention. I would like to obtain more information from you to further research your concerns and prevent the situation from happening again. Please provide me with the date of your rental, the address of the location your brother rented from and the name of the lessee listed on the rental agreement. You can reach me at maria_palmisano@uhaul.com. Please accept my apology and I hope to hear from you soon.

Be Warned - If You Actually Need A Truck Or Trailer Do Not Book U-Haul
By -

Never again will I ever rent from U-Haul! I reserved (or so I thought) a cargo trailer three months prior to the date I needed it to move my daughter to a city 8 hours away for college. As my confirmation said, they would call me the day before to tell me where to pick the trailer up. Well they called at 5:30 pm the night before to tell me they had no trailers!!!!! They said "it's all subject to availability".

When I read that when booking the trailer, I assumed maybe if there was an unforeseen circumstance and someone didn't return the trailer on time or whatever, that would be when it was "subject to availability". I didn't realize that they just wait and see if someone has dropped a trailer off in the city you want to pick it up in!!!!!! How has U-haul made it in business this long???? They will NEVER get my business again. We will have to move the daughter back home in the spring and then back up to the school in the fall again next year but we certainly will not be using U-haul!

Company Response 09/09/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to relay my apology for the inconvenience our customer experienced. We realize moving is stressful enough without the added frustration of trying to secure the needed equipment to make their move. When filling reservations we are in fact working off of reports for incoming equipment. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Having to offer an alternate pick up location or incurring a delay in filling a reservation can be due to a number of reasons and include customers not returning equipment on time or to the appropriate location, as well as equipment malfunction.
I would like to research JTDL's reservation further to find out where exactly we failed. I can be reached at maria_palmisano@uhaul.com. Please provide me with the name on the reservation, preferred pick up location, date of reservation, and reservation number if available. I hope to hear from you soon.

Trailer Reserved Not Available
By -

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- On 12/26/2008 I arrived to pick up the low profile trailer I had reserved. None was available (they had rented it to someone else instead of "upgrading" them), so they told me I had been "upgraded" to a 5x8 high profile trailer. I explained that this was not an upgrade as I didn't need the room or the wind resistance for a 1500 mile round trip into the mountains on snow packed roads. They hooked a trailer to my vehicle, but were unable to get the lights to work, so they sent an employee to a nearby town for another trailer.

The next trailer was hooked up and I was told I was ready to go. On inspection of the trailer I discovered a front marker light not working. They had to put in a whole new light fixture. By then, I was an hour past time for my trailer reservation. I asked for the return time to be changed to reflect this, but they failed to do it. I am totally dissatisfied with this location at 525 North Stemmons, Lewisville, TX.

Do Not Give Uhaul Your Money! They Treat You Like Dirt!
By -

A brief summary in case you don't want to read the whole story: I paid for a trailer from nj-wa, it broke down, we paid for a truck for the rest of the way. U-haul didn't give us our money back but offered us a $50 gift certificate for the next time we use them. I will never use them again, ever! Everyone treated me so rudely. The worst customer service. My last experience with U-Haul was so bad and I'€™m so pissed and got ripped off, but there is nothing I can do about it other than pass on the info so other people won'™t let it happen to them.

My wife and I relocated from NJ to WA, we rented a trailer to tow with our car, we had to buy a trailer hitch around $500, it seems the trailer was already broken but we didn't know it. We found out in SD, the badlands when the whole axle was grinding with springs and wheels was smoking and almost caused a huge accident.

They kept us out there trying to find a tow truck in the middle of nowhere. Then they wanted us to stay so a mechanic could look at it and try to fix it, there was no way they could fix it there on the side of the highway. So we had to contact other locations, try to work something out, we drove hours to the closest location, the manager was so unfriendly and treated us very badly, like we were inconveniencing him! So we decide to not use the trailer anymore and want to instead pay the difference for a truck. Well we had to drive two more hour€™s to another location to pick up the truck.

Now here is the worst part, they say these two transactions well be completely separate, and we won't give you a discount now, so you can get all your money you should when you get to your final destination. I agree to this. And pay another $1200 for a truck and tow for my car. When we get to WA, I try to get in touch with someone to help me, and I go around and around, talking to people in SD then to people in NJ. Everyone I spoke to were not helpful and straight out rude. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I send in complaints through the website, and it all goes to the same people that were rude to me!

So my big problem is I paid for a trailer from wa-nj. It broke and didn'™t make it to wa, but I still paid for it, they offer me $50 gift certificate. I say no way, I want the amount of money from sd-wa refunded to me. After I explain everything again she says "we'€™ll give you $150 back". I spent around $2000 and get back $150 and the worst treatment. DON'€™T USE U-HAUL!!! DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED $$!!!!

Trailer not available
By -

MICHIGAN -- OK... I've been unhappy with U-Haul in the past but they messed up their second chance. First time around, I rented an auto transport trailer from them and they were great... no problems. Second time around, I again rent an auto transport (from a different location)... and the guy outside hooks it up to my vehicle for me. I go home and proceed to load the car. Yeah, it comes disconnected form my hitch and tips back WHILE I'M LOADING. It was just me, so all I would do was back the car off the trailer and let it fall on my bumper, putting a crease in my liftgate down to the metal. I call the 1800 number and get the right directions on how to secure the trailer.

I go back to the place where I rented it and he first tries to tell me I was loading wrong (mind you, I have done it before and was doing it as instructed). Then he arranges a later meeting where we can "discuss" the matter. After everything was said and done, he missed 2 "meetings" with me where he was supposed to pay for the repair estimate (aka buying me off), so I called their insurance company directly and they had to pay to fix my truck and rent me a car for a week. Apparently, according to the insurance company, they have had an excess of claims lately at that location (probably why the manager was trying to buy me off).

Third time around... I called 2 weeks ago and reserved a trailer for tomorrow. I have 1 day to move all my stuff out of my apartment into my new house and clean the apartment. First they didn't have the one I wanted so I had to get a smaller one which means 2 trips. I called today to confirm my reservation and guess what...no trailers available at the location I reserved one at or in the near vicinity...

So, you mean to tell me that you take a reservation for a product that you don't have then tell me that you will charge me a cancellation fee for not renting an invisible trailer? Yes that's right, they said that if I cancel within 24 hours its a $50 cancellation fee (which is more than the trailer) and guess what... it's within 24 hours and they do not have one.

My thoughts are... if you're going to charge me $50 for canceling, shouldn't you have to pay me $50 for not having it? Isn't it called a reservation because its RESERVED? So far they are 1/3 but I think the headache of a damaged vehicle, being dodged by a "Manager" and getting stuck trying to find a trailer on 1 day notice on a holiday weekend are enough for me NOT to rent from them again.

UHAUL IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I am sick and tired and exhausted! I waited for 4 hours in the hot sun in Arkansas for UHaul to come and fixed the flat tire on the 4x6 trailer that I rented. I am trying to drive from Texas to Michigan to be back with my young children. UHaul gave me a bad trailer with bald tires! Giving me a bad start in Texas! I had to call them over and over again.

I was on the highway in a dangerous spot with a flat tire! When I told them I had a flat they asked where is it!! They seem very uncaring and very demeaning! I will never rent anything from them. They cannot understand plain English! They make me repeat numbers over and over again and then tell me that I'm not reading it right but I am. They told the service man the wrong direction!! He was lost because of them. UHaul is a very terrible company!!

I want my all my money back and insurance on the piece of junk they gave me!! And I want to be reimbursed for all my cell usage too. They kept me stranded for 4 hours!! They are very disgusting!! They don't talk nice to you and they talk very demeaning to you.

Very satisfied with my service
By -

CRESCENT CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I have had a great experience dealing with this Uhaul. I have not only rented from them but returned equipment to them many times over this last year.

They will sell you a receiver and hitch, but they won't rent you a trailer
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- These jerks installed one of the receivers, sold me hitch then told me they could not rent a trailer because the car was a ford explorer. So they made a lot of money off me for nothing. I will never use U-haul again.

Company Response 09/03/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. Unless we were notified our customer planned on renting a U-Haul trailer, we would not have known his intentions. Of course had we known, we could have advised him of our policy that U-Haul has chosen not to rent behind this tow vehicle based on our history of excessive costs in defending lawsuits involving Ford Explorer towing combinations. Other options would have been provided. Our customer still has a valuable addition to his vehicle and can still tow other trailers. I can be reached at maria_palmisano@uhaul.com if he has other concerns.

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