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U-Haul insurance denial for damaged goods
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I rented a trailer from U-Haul which leaked and damaged several items. The leak and damage was reported at drop off. I filed an insurance claim which involved a great deal of paperwork, photographs etc. Two months later the claim was denied on the grounds that no problems were found. The soaking items taken from the trailer were not evidence. I was pretty much being called a lair and that no water damage took place. I have witnesses and I have a bookshelf that I won't use due to its appearance.

U-Haul through its insurance agent denied the claim not based on evidence but because they will suffer no consequence by doing so. If there was no water damage then I am guilt of insurance fraud by filing a claim. If there was water damage then they should offer some reimbursement. How many times have we seen this insurance scam. U-Haul is responsible for the actions of its agents. So long as there is a choice I will not choose U-Haul again and will urge others to look elsewhere.

Bad service
By -

MINNEAPOLIS AND COLORADO SPRINGS -- I recently moved from Minnesota to Colorado Springs. My brother rented a trailer to bring my things out. 6 miles from my new home the trailer got a flat. He called Colorado Springs base and got the run around for 5 1/2 hours. In the meantime I used my car and unhooked the trailer to use the truck to move my stuff to my home. We made at least 5 trips each! U-haul would not give a refund of any kind and wasn't apologetic at all. It took valuable time away as well. What kind of reputable company succeeds with such poor customer service! I will NEVER use U-haul again even if it costs less than other companies. AVOID using them if you can. They give third world country type service!

Company Response 11/13/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first want to apologize for the inconvenience you and your brother experienced. Please be assure our goal has always been to help make moving easier. It is only through communication with our customers that we learn whether our programs are working and which areas need attention. I would like to obtain more information from you to further research your concerns and prevent the situation from happening again. Please provide me with the date of your rental, the address of the location your brother rented from and the name of the lessee listed on the rental agreement. You can reach me at Please accept my apology and I hope to hear from you soon.

Be Warned - If You Actually Need A Truck Or Trailer Do Not Book U-Haul
By -

Never again will I ever rent from U-Haul! I reserved (or so I thought) a cargo trailer three months prior to the date I needed it to move my daughter to a city 8 hours away for college. As my confirmation said, they would call me the day before to tell me where to pick the trailer up. Well they called at 5:30 pm the night before to tell me they had no trailers!!!!! They said "it's all subject to availability".

When I read that when booking the trailer, I assumed maybe if there was an unforeseen circumstance and someone didn't return the trailer on time or whatever, that would be when it was "subject to availability". I didn't realize that they just wait and see if someone has dropped a trailer off in the city you want to pick it up in!!!!!! How has U-haul made it in business this long???? They will NEVER get my business again. We will have to move the daughter back home in the spring and then back up to the school in the fall again next year but we certainly will not be using U-haul!

Company Response 09/09/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to relay my apology for the inconvenience our customer experienced. We realize moving is stressful enough without the added frustration of trying to secure the needed equipment to make their move. When filling reservations we are in fact working off of reports for incoming equipment. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Having to offer an alternate pick up location or incurring a delay in filling a reservation can be due to a number of reasons and include customers not returning equipment on time or to the appropriate location, as well as equipment malfunction.
I would like to research JTDL's reservation further to find out where exactly we failed. I can be reached at Please provide me with the name on the reservation, preferred pick up location, date of reservation, and reservation number if available. I hope to hear from you soon.

Trailer Reserved Not Available
By -

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- On 12/26/2008 I arrived to pick up the low profile trailer I had reserved. None was available (they had rented it to someone else instead of "upgrading" them), so they told me I had been "upgraded" to a 5x8 high profile trailer. I explained that this was not an upgrade as I didn't need the room or the wind resistance for a 1500 mile round trip into the mountains on snow packed roads. They hooked a trailer to my vehicle, but were unable to get the lights to work, so they sent an employee to a nearby town for another trailer.

The next trailer was hooked up and I was told I was ready to go. On inspection of the trailer I discovered a front marker light not working. They had to put in a whole new light fixture. By then, I was an hour past time for my trailer reservation. I asked for the return time to be changed to reflect this, but they failed to do it. I am totally dissatisfied with this location at 525 North Stemmons, Lewisville, TX.

U-Haul : Secrets of from an independent dealer
By -

EREHWEMOS, KANSAS -- Uhaul is out for themselves. They creatively put you in a binding contract that holds you responsible for everything. A normal rental is for 24hr periods. If you need a truck for 3hrs and decide that you need to keep it for an additional 30min. UHaul will charge you an additional rate. Equivalent of a 48hr rental charge.

If you make a reservation, they can (because it is in your contract) make you go anywhere that a truck is available. I have had customers come to my location, that had traveled up to 175 miles from where they were originally supposed to pick up, because UHaul told them that if they canceled their reservation it would cost them $50. Even though my pay is based on the amount of rentals I do, I would like to discourage anyone from renting /buying anything with a UHaul name on it!

U-Haul Sucks and their insurance company Republic Western SUCKS even worse!!!!!
By -

GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA -- While my husband was deployed to Afghanistan for 13 months our two children and I stayed in Kentucky with family. Upon on his return in February we rented a trailer to tow behind our vehicle so that we could move our belongings that we had in Kentucky here to Fort Lewis, Washington. When my husband went to pick up the trailer it was an old rusty trailer that looked as though it might fall apart, he was assured by the U-Haul that the trailer was perfectly fine and he need not worry about anything.

When we arrived to Fort Lewis and received our house on March 02, 2007 we opened the trailer, which is the first time we had opened since we left Kentucky, and were gagged by the smell. The trailer leaked and everything packed on the bottom and everything against the door of the trailer was soaked, molded, mildewed and reeked. The smell I can not explain, it was awful; I have been in the medical field and have smelled some really nasty things, but nothing like this-it took all of my strength to keep from vomiting.

My husband immediately called U-haul to see if they needed to see the items as they were, or what we needed to do. They told him that he should take his time going through the boxes making a list and seeing what was salvageable. He asked if there was anything particular we should do about the items that were ruined, the gentleman told him that all he needed to do was make a list and call back and not to feel rushed because there was no time limit on placing the claim. My husband is active duty and had to report back to work on the 5th of March, which left me to unpack everything, go to school full-time and care for two small children.

So, I began with the boxes that contained electronics, when I picked up our PS2 water ran out of it, the same goes for a CPU, V-tech--V-smile game, 4 of the games to the V-tech, and a key board for the computer, the monitor for the computer was also wet, the screen had part of the box molded to the front of it. All of my dress cloths and summer cloths, my children's summer clothes and clothes that I had purchased that they had not grown into yet, were soaked and smelled awful. Almost all of my husbands clothing were packed in boxes in the U-haul, except, two pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts, a few t-shirts and 2 sweat shirts which I had not packed.

He also had placed his military bag at the back of the U-haul, since he would not need it until we arrived here. All of his clothes that were in the boxes and reeked, just like the others, and 2 of his army uniforms were ruined. Anyway, I think you can surely see that many things were destroyed. So, I called to place the claim with Republic Western Insurance Company, who said that we waited to long, I said, "“But, when my husband called on 02 March, he was told there was no deadline and to take our time going through the items to see what could be salvaged."

So, she took the information and said that an adjuster from the claims office would contact me and she asked for our contact information. So, my mother called to let me know that some adjuster had left a message on her voicemail, which was the phone number we used when we rented the U-haul, but not the numbers I gave as our contact information to the first young lady. So, I called leaving a message, the next day I called again leaving a message.

I finally received a call back the following day, in which a ** began the call when she needed my clam number since I had not left it on the message. I said, "Well, I did not leave it in the message because the claim number in which you left, differs from the one that was given to me by the first person I spoke with". She yelled, "What is the one I left?" I said, "It is 426... In which she said, "Well, that is incorrect! It is 326..." I said, "That is the number that the first young lady I spoke with gave me." She began to become more and more rude as the conversation progressed.

My husband called before we unloaded the things off of the U-haul, we wanted someone to view the items and be able to see how badly the trailer smelled and how wet things were, but he was told that that was not necessary just to make a list. So, now it seems as though not only are we screwed out of almost $700.00 for the rental, but now over $3000.00 worth of our personal belongings are trash and they just get away with it. I washed the clothing several times, yet the clothing still stunk horribly, we tried drying the electronics out, but it did not help.

U-haul sucks and I will never rent from them again and I would definitely warn others not to as well!!! If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do please let me know. We have been told that since we do not have for receipts for our items and that clothing has no value (exact words of a Supervisor from Republic Western Insurance-**) that we will most likely not be receiving any thing for our claim. I would warn anyone not to use U-Haul-they suck!!!

By -

I called UHaul's toll free number around 4 pm on Saturday, Sept. 27th and reserved a 5 x 8' trailer for pick up on Sunday, Sept 28th in the Woodbridge, NJ 07095 area. I gave my credit card number to which they charged $5 in order to confirm the reservation. I was then told to expect a phone call with the pick up location and instructions by 6 pm. I gave my email address for them to send a rate confirm (this was never received).

I was also given a phone number to call in the event that they did not call me first. No one called me by 6:00 pm so I called back and was told the regional schedulers work until 7:00 pm so I should wait until then. Again, no call back. I called again at 6:50 pm and after the automated answer came on, I chose option #4 and let it ring and ring and ring--no answer--until 7:00 pm, and which point I called again only to get the automated message that said "we are now back between... yada yada". At that point, I had already committed to moving on Sunday including people we lined up to help us, yet had no information on where to pick up the equipment.

On Sunday morning I called back at 9:00 am (which is the time the automated message said they reopen on Sunday) and again used option #4 and it rang and rang until it went directly to the hold music, which I listened to for a good half hour before someone picked up and said "you'll have to hold at least another 45 minutes" and promptly put me back on hold! I held on for over 2 hours!!! (which I will prove when I mail in my cell phone bill!), to NO AVAIL! No one ever came back on the line. In the meantime, my husband was trying to get through to ANYONE at UHaul using our regular phone.

At this point I drove around to 8 UHaul locations in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas (Edison, Linden, etc) and there was not one 5' x 8' trailer available at any of the locations, which makes me wonder how the reservations center could possibly have confirmed my reservation when the equipment wasn't even available!!! Needless to say, the "regional scheduling office" NEVER EVER bothered to call me. I ended up having to drive all the way down to Parksdale, Pennsylvania and rent the trailer for $76 (as opposed to the $19.95 I was quoted on the phone by the toll-free morons.)

NOT ONE PERSON that I spoke with on any of their 800 numbers was helpful or even made any attempt to assist me! After sending in this complaint via their website, I got the following response: Thank you for taking the time to contact our Customer Service Department. Please accept our sincere apology for the difficulties you encountered with your reservation and any inconvenience we caused. Your feedback will enable us to improve our service. Our procedures are as follows: Fill the reservation as requested. Find the equipment at another location. Find equipment of agreeable substitution. Keep in contact with the customer to review options.

Our goal is to provide a better and better product and service to more and more people at a lower and lower cost. Consumer input, from customers like you, helps us work toward this goal. The $5.00 non-refundable service fee is collected on all confirmed reservations that require In-Town, Remote Pick-up or Same Day / Next day reservations. This information is communicated at the time of the reservation over the phone and on line through our Website.

When a location is unable to assist with your rental needs, they should refer you to the Regional Office for assistance. We apologize for any breakdown of communication. The Saddle Brook, NJ Regional Office at (800)541-0134 has been apprised of your experience. Please accept our apologies. We want to keep you as a customer and show you we can satisfy your needs.

NEEDLESS to say, this moron did not read my complaint or is illiterate and uses a standardized response. When I called UHaul on the phone, they had the nerve to tell me that since I did rent UHaul Equipment, (despite the fact that I had to call around to the various locations myself) I am not entitled to a refund for even the $5 "reservation" fee, which at this point is nothing less than highway robbery -- THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEVES!

U-Haul: an adventure in !&#$% moving….
By -

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- So I needed a trailer to move from Wake Forest to Chapel Hill this weekend. Only about 35 miles away, under no time pressures, things pretty much still packed from the last move. It's really a pretty simple affair. Except there's a U-Haul involved. I called the local U-Haul place in the center of town, across from the Hardees, and reserved a 5x8 trailer. My family doesn'™t have a pickup truck or such for when we need to move something big, we just have sedans that are rated to tow our utility trailer, our boat and when we need to move mattresses or something we want to keep covered, a U-Haul.

We've got the hitch professionally mounted on my folks'€™ Toyota Camry. Used to have a hitch on the old Volvo 850 until some ran a red light and totaled it (thankfully my Mom wasn't injured). Before that it was a Ford Taurus. I think before that it was a VW€.

Anyway, we've got the 2-inch ball as well as the 1 and 7/8, I'€™ve been hauling trailers as long as I'€™ve been driving and can even back one (*gasp*). Believe it or not, we'€™ve got our crap together. But our car isn't wired for trailer lights. This doesn't conflict with any law as far as anyone's ever told me and I didn'€™t see any problems in the statutes that I just glanced at online -- **, because we only use tow boats, pine straw, sand in the daylight.

So whenever we rent a U-Haul trailer, which comes equipped with a lighting system, we tell them that we'™re only towing in daylight and either that'™s always been enough before or they don't care one way or another. Making the reservation yesterday I told the guy we were only going to be driving it in the daylight. I went in today, had some pleasantries with the fellow and then I tell him I'm towing with a Camry. Can'€™t do that, he concludes.

Really, how about you check? Yep, just like the owner'€™s manual and I say, the 2005 Camry is rated for towing 2000 pounds, and my mattresses certainly aren't that heavy. Some folks seem under the weak idea that anything less than a Hummer is puny, child-sized toy that'™s too small to carry more than a little old lady and too impotent to tow her walker.

I was working as a courier someplace once and we had to go pick someone up. They decided to take an SUV instead of my Camry because my car was alleged to be too small. Listen, it'€™s a full-sized sedan for full-sized people. If you're too darn fat, it'™s not the car's fault. And the continent of Europe does just fine towing their boats, trailers, campers without Hummers. So the U-Haul guy and I went out to hook up the trailer. I start hitching it up and I can take it from there. He heads in, but says he'€™ll have to check the lights before I leave.

Oh, please. I'€™ve got it hitched up and he comes out to check the lights and we don'€™t have any and I explain that it'™s never been a problem before, that as I said on the phone yesterday we'€™d only be driving during daylight and he said it was his "€œlegal"€, "€œmoral"€ and "€œethical"€ duty to not rent the trailer to me.

Wow, I didn't know I was defying God by driving a trailer with no lights during the day, as kosher by state law. That must be in one of the chapters of Leviticus I haven'™t gotten to yet. But, U-Haul is a private business that can set up its regulations the way it wants. So my Dad and I drive down the road to the next U-Haul guy, really wishing there was some competition in the trailer-renting marketplace. Somehow, this new U-Haul guy, who knew exactly what our car was rated for, could rent the trailer to us with a third the paperwork, in half the time and for $5 less. And his guy says the lights aren't required anyway.

Good Service
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Rating: 5/51

ORCHARD PARK, NY, NEW YORK -- Would like to compliment the personal (did not get his name) for the prompt good service they provided on the problem I was having with my trailer wiring in my car. Thanks. **

Very satisfied with my service
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CRESCENT CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I have had a great experience dealing with this Uhaul. I have not only rented from them but returned equipment to them many times over this last year.

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