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Uhaul Overcharged Me And Left Me Starving
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Rating: 1/51

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY -- I will never rent another you haul truck again. I had a rental truck for a couple days at the end of May. After my contract was final the total cost was $406. Uhaul took over 700 dollars out of my account without my permission. I don't drive so my only mode of transportation is the city bus and I live outside of the city. Knowing I had money in my account, my wife and I took the bus to the city with the cash we had, thinking we could withdrawal more at the ATM in the city.

When we get to the ATM it says that we have no money and I call to find out that Uhaul had overdrafted my account. Also the main reason we went to the city was to turn my phone on so I now have to call on a phone at a gas station. We realize that they aren't going to help us that day so we have no choice but to walk for over 2 hours back to our house to try and solve the problem. After being disconnected and hung up on several times, we are able to get someone to put MY money owed to me back on the card.

They tell me this is going to take another 4-5 days to be accepted by the bank after taking 3 days to have Uhaul solve the initial problem. I tell the lady of my immediate need for the money and she questions me, only to tell me she feels sorry and can't help. For the 7 days it took to resolve their negligence, my family is living without any food or money. I also have 2 dogs that are unable to eat.

On top of this my rent is past due and I face eviction. My wife pulled muscles in her leg on the walk back from walking so far and we have to pay our bank overdraft fees. The customer service was horrible and everybody seemed to tell us something different. Worse experience of my life and I will never use another rental from them again. GO PENSKE!!

Ridiculous Cleaning Charge; Attempt at Overcharge for Mileage and Gas
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Rating: 2/51

BETTENDORF, IOWA -- $28 (almost $43) of b. s. charges: Upon my timely return of the truck, I forgot to take out three very light and compact items that were nicely placed near the overhead door of the back of the truck (items that I'd intended to place back in my car; it had been a long hot day, it was late at night. I was very tired, and I was distracted by having to write a note regarding U-haul's incorrect mileage and gas gauge readings—more on that below).

Nevertheless, I should have not have left them in there. I did call them first thing the next morning about this, but it was too late. They charged me $26.75 to “clean” it, which is ridiculous and frankly downright dishonest; it could not have taken more than one to two minutes to reach into the truck from the ground, pick the items up with one hand, and throw them into the nearby dumpster.

This would not have been so bad were it not for the extra charges I would have incurred had I not spotted the errors and had them corrected by the reps earlier in the day: the mileage and gas gauge readings had both been off—in U-Hauls favor for approximately $15. The manager's attitude at that time appeared to be such that I was making a fuss about nothing.

His last words about the matter were that the $25 cleaning charge was going to stay, because he had taken care of the mileage and gas gauge problems. Excuse me, but those were your errors, not mine, to take care of; they should not have reflected poorly upon me and influenced you to make an unfair decision regarding the other matter of “cleaning” the truck. I've been going to this company (Bettendorf, IA) for over 20 years. This is the last time.

Worst Moving Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

HARDEEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- About a month in advance, I reserved a truck and car transport to be available at 8 am in Hardeeville. When I called the morning of my move to check and make sure that the truck was ready for pickup, the dealer "had no reservation under my name and no available trucks". After spending all morning on the U-Haul hotline, I found out that U-Haul changed my reservation location and time at the last minute. They did email me this information but only about 12 hours before I was scheduled to pick up the truck! Because my computer was already packed, I hadn't seen it.

Now, I had to drive about an hour north of my home to pick up my truck, and THEN drive about an hour south of my home to pick up the auto transport in a different location! Also, my truck would not be ready until 5:30 pm! They also did not have any Dolly's available, which I had also reserved. Because of all these changes, I was not ready with the truck in time for the movers that I hired. I spent my entire day driving around to different U-Haul locations trying to get my equipment, when it should have been ready at 8 am!

When I actually got to checking out at U-Haul, the experience was just as bad. The server was running so slow that it took me two hours to check out. The computer denied 2 of my credit/debit cards which had PLENTY to cover the cost. Finally the man told me "Oh, on the last day of the month the server is so busy it usually just denies all credit cards".

When I asked him what to do, he told me to go to the bank and get cash. This was on a Saturday afternoon when banks are not even open, and why would I want to carry thousands of dollars in cash? If this happens every month on the last day of the month, shouldn't that be something U-Haul addresses and fixes? Finally after many tries, the card randomly went through and was accepted.

When I tried speaking to the regional manager in Savannah about the hundreds of dollars of costs I was incurring (movers cancelling, another night in a hotel because of the late pickup, gas to drive the U-Haul several hours out of the way), she simply told us that the reservations are only a "preference" and are not guaranteed and she could not discount or compensate us in any way.

I moved last year with Penske and the whole thing ran so smoothly, it makes U-Haul look like a joke. Avoid this company if you can - they are unprofessional and they will inconvenience the customer without a second thought, even when it is costing you hundreds of extra dollars. By the way - the poor employees of the "neighborhood dealers" were mostly nice. It's the corporation as a whole that screws you.

First the A/C, Then Serious Illness Including Heart Attach
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Rating: 1/51

TEMECULA CA, PRESCOTT AZ, CALIFORNIA -- I've got a Whopper of an abuse case. I'm 73 and rented 3 trucks for my move from CA to AZ. The air conditioning went out on the lead truck, the one I was riding in, as we filled up to make the drive. I suffered indescribably and have respiratory and vision problems ending in a heart attack last week. I couldn't reach their ‘hotline' until the dealer finally called for me and they called me.

I was reaching the Palm Springs area, with my driver and dogs suffering; we even had to turn on the heater full force to avoid overheating. Amazing. They directed me to their Palm Desert area shop, where the owner stopped everything to work on ‘my' truck, resented it and it showed. He wouldn't tell me anything about his progress, then after about 4 hours I called U-Haul to tell him to release the truck; I could wait no longer. He threatened my life then said he would ‘beat me up' when I left his ‘office'. I called the cops for police escort off the premises.

The grades out of Phoenix were as bad, and I moved the dogs to the 2nd truck back; they were dying, and it took a lot of box moving but we saved them. We were extremely late arriving in Chino Hills. I had to hire a Labor Ready crew to offload and send the drivers back in an expensive Avis one-way rental.

We had to stay overnight in a hotel but got no rest. The entire schedule was woven to include my wife driving a truck and trailer with our livestock, but that went all to hell also, needless to say. It was an absolute fiasco, and physically harmful at many levels. The ‘regional manager' doesn't respond to my emails or calls and I'm going after them in Riverside, CA Superior Court for actual and punitive damages. Can you help me post this on your site?

Priority #2
By -

LAVEEN, ARIZONA -- I made a reservation online for a huge move. I planned and scheduled moving help on a certain day and time. We get to the U-Haul location to pick up the truck and are told that we need to have the truck back soon since there was another reservation made over the phone and phone reservation are priority over online reservation. In result of this, we rushed as much as we could and did not finish our move, we just moved the things that were really needed at the new location.

Thankfully we were able to work out more time to keep our things at the old house a little longer. So to finish our move, we had to rent a second U-Haul this past weekend with no problem by the way. When I called to voice my concern, the person that took my call was very understanding. But when I received a call back from **, he sounded very annoyed and stated that the location we rented from was very busy and that the time was not a guarantee which I understand, but us being customers just like the customers over the phone, how is one priority over the other?

** offered $25.00 propane vouchers to resolve my concern which sound like he just wanted me to just get off the phone. Propane? I spent time and money with this confusion and I get offered propane? He didn't even sound sincere - maybe if he did, it wouldn't matter. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said it. He was the highest person there to handle this call and there was no one else to speak to. So again my business is not a priority.

I have always used U-Haul. This move was very stressful and this is not the kind of service I feel I deserved from U-Haul. I will tell everyone I know what kind of experience I have had with the rental and the service. With U-Haul being in the moving business, your employees should know moving is extremely stressful and be sensitive to that fact. This is all unnecessary aggravation and stress. Unfortunately, when my family and I need moving services, we will definitely not use U-Haul again, we will take our business to another company.

Empire U-Haul in Novato, CA, is HORRIBLE!
By -

NOVATO, CALIFORNIA -- We have rented trucks from this location twice, and both times the agent (Josh? Agent signature #**) was very rude. We shouldn't have gone back the second time, but we were in a hurry and the location was closest to us. "**" avoided eye contact and acted like a jerk at the desk, as well as upfront when we asked him to empty the truck of trash and wash the side-view mirrors that were so dirty, they would have been a driving hazard. The whole truck was VERY dirty and the air in the cab didn't work properly: it only blew on our feet.

I called ** to ask if it was broken and he said, "Without seeing it, I don't know." I don't believe him, especially after he tried to pass off a dirty, garbage-filled truck as appropriate! "**" also listed the gas tank as being more full than it actually was; he wrote "15/16" but the gauge was closer to the halfway mark between 3/4 tank and full. Also, we bought a roll of packing tape there that turned out to be SO THIN, it curled up and broke apart like the cheapest scotch tape on the market -- useless!

Before we took the truck, "**" put a $75.00 hold on my card, and my receipt said it was only an authorization hold, not a charge... but when I returned the truck, and the total fee came to $57.76 and he STILL CHARGED MY CARD $75.00! I had a feeling he was screwing around with me, so I asked if he had released the hold and charged me the correct amount. He was annoyed and said, "I charged you $75.00 and gave you a refund for the difference." I asked how long it would take for the refund to post and he snapped: "I just put it through. How long your bank takes to process it is how long it will take. It could take 7 to 10 days."

What!? What a JERK! He should have canceled the hold and charged me the CORRECT amount! So, from his horrible attitude, to the filthy, broken-air truck, to the scam on the gas gauge and over-charging me, WE WILL NEVER STEP FOOT INSIDE EMPIRE U-HAUL AGAIN! And what's with the $1 environmental fee? I read the explanation for it on the U-Haul website, and it still didn't make sense. We will avoid renting from U-Haul -- any U-Haul -- from here on in. We'd rather pay our relatives with vans and trucks than contribute to a business that allows JERKS to work for them and scam their customers.

Company Response 02/18/2011:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to offer you my apology for the rude treatment you experienced at our U-Haul location. We know moving can be stressful enough without the added frustration of experiencing less than satisfactory service from a company you are doing business with. This U-Haul dealer is an independent businessman. We do counsel our dealers to give them the benefit of our experience in successful U-Haul service, but as independent businessmen, they are free to accept or reject our suggestions in accordance with their own independent judgment. I have forwarded the information you provided to our Area Field Manager that oversees this U-Haul location. Please be assured the matter will be discussed with all involved and corrective action taken as needed to see that our standards are understood and observed. It is only through communication with our customers that we realize which programs are working and what areas need attention. If you need to contact me or have other concerns, you can reach me at

Reservations Mean Nothing
By -

When you make an online reservation, it counts for nothing. They will change the truck you want to rent and the pickup location and then tell you, "Tough!" I reserved a 14' truck to be picked up in College Station, TX; they changed it to a 17' truck at a location outside the city. I called the customer service number provided by the franchisee - which turned out to be a "traffic office" (1-800-326-4020).

The young woman to whom I spoke told me I could drive 55 miles to pick up the truck I had reserved. When I asked questions, the customer service representative refused to answer them and, instead, continued to answer me from a canned script. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was disconnected. I called back, again asked to speak to a supervisor, and was again disconnected.

I called back a third time, and spoke to a man who stated there was no supervisor available. He then told that changing me to a truck that is too big {for me} to drive, at a location outside the city, was an "upgrade". (The implication was that I should be grateful. I don't consider these changes to be an upgrade, and I told him so.) Then they offered me a 10' truck - which has no loading ramp - also not an upgrade.

The individuals who work at U-Haul may be good, hard-working people, but the people I spoke to at the "traffic office" were idiots. They could not explain why the reservation system allows a person to reserve equipment without that equipment being available. What happened here, obviously, is that they gave someone else the truck I had reserved. Worst of all, I am stuck in a situation where I have to accept this mess - or not move. I will NEVER rent from you Haul again, and I will tell all my friends of this experience. What a crock!

No Truth in Advertising
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GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have read a couple of recent reviews regarding the excessive pricing of U-Haul truck rentals just to see if I was the only one. I see that I am not. I rented a truck yesterday (10-13-10) just to pick up a mattress in a neighboring city. I made the reservation online and arrived early at the center for the pick-up. I mistakenly left my wallet at home on the desk, and had to return home to retrieve it in order to continue my transaction. They were nice enough to hold the reservation for me.

So you see, my complaint is not with customer service, it is with the charge of $19.95 turning into a charge of $60.59. I feel that this charge is exorbitant. When I was handed the keys and read the contract, I was under the impression that I would be charged a fee that exceeded the set mileage of 50 miles (and by the way, if I am going to be charged a fee per miles, then why have a "set mileage", that implies that if the renter goes over that set mile then he/she will be charged an additional over the mileage fee, yes? Or am I being too logical?).

I, in fact, did exceed those miles by 7, however, I was charged 59 cents per all 57 miles. That comes to a whopping total of $33.63. That seems quite excessive to me. U-Haul also added a rental tax of $6.01. I do not have a problem with the rental tax actually, I understand that rental companies do those sort of things, but all in all, my card was charged $60.59 after a quote of $19.95. There is something that just seems unhanded and dishonest about this practice. There needs to be a full disclosure as to what you will actually be paying, and clear and concise jargon.

This company is fully aware that it is providing a service that a majority of the public at large will need, especially with foreclosures happening around the country, and they are taking full advantage of that fact. I can confidently state that I will not rent from U-Haul again. I will also notify everyone that I work with, attend classes with, and perhaps even random people in a grocery check-out line of my experience with the price inflation of U-Haul. I will simply tell of my recent and only experience with this rental company, and let them make their own informed decision as to their future rental needs. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

P.S. They emailed a copy of my receipt to me (which was convenient), and in the email was a link to review the company. I clicked on the link, entered my information and was shown a notice that the actual review link would be emailed to me. I have yet to see that link in my inbox. I just thought was funny.

Company Response 04/11/2016:

I am a Uhaul Dealer and I would like to help you understand your charges. My store number is 18051 in Hampton, SC. I have a 5 star review and I have been doing this by myself for 4 years and I have had the same complains said to me from OTHER locations because the other dealers aren't explaining the charges to customers fully. Please let me know the mileage you went exactly. All in town rentals (bringing back to same location) are charged PER mile. The $19.95 is JUST the cost of that size truck. That does not include mileage and tax. That is the only charges that should have incurred unless the right amount of gas wasn't put back in or you kept it longer than the agreed time. ALSO, I have never had a problem with reviewing a Uhaul dealer with that link and neither has my customers. It takes you to the link right away. So, maybe you're not doing it right.

U-Haul is completely unreliable and reserving a truck in advance will do nothing for you.
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I've been having issues with U-Haul for quite some time now. My last move last year was an absolute nightmare because the truck I reserved a month in advance was not available on the pick up day. And because they only had a van left, I had no other choice but to abandon 70% of my furniture back at the old apartment for the maintenance guys to dispose of. And at every one of U-Haul locations that I've gone to in the past, the customer service was beyond terrible. The people that work there are either incompetent, rude, lazy, and in every way unhelpful. To be specific, I've had these problems in the Brooklyn, NY and Philadelphia, PA locations.

Last Saturday was my moving day. One way from Philly to Brooklyn. I had reserved the a 10' truck (once again) 2 weeks in advance. I get a call from the Chestnut location the day before for confirmation. I specifically asked the gentleman if I could pick up the truck at 8am, as soon as the store is open and he said yes, and that I was all set. Come that day, we go to the Chestnut location and the guy there was extremely unhelpful. He shrugged and said that he didn't know anything. I kept on repeating the reservation number and the preferred location of pick-up and he decided to finally tell me that the truck was at a different location.

I asked him to call the Ogontz location to make sure that the truck was there. He said yes. And so when we finally got to the other location, they told us that the truck was reserved for 10am and they could not guarantee whether we'd get the truck before or even after 10am. The point I'm trying to make here, is that moving is not a joke. When someone comes early in the morning to pick up a truck, that means they're planning on moving that exact same day.

We had to turn back because it made no sense for us to be on "stand-by" not even knowing for sure that we're going to get the truck. And since that location is 45 minutes away from my apt, there was no way I could wait around for their phone call, IF I even get a phone call from them. This whole situation was absolutely ridiculous. My entire weekend, or even the whole week is ruined because I can't go back to the city until next weekend. And for this reason, I'll be losing a lot of money and time. Going forward, I'm not sure if I'll ever reserve a truck from this company again as long as this kind of problem consistently occurs, which it already has for me.

Company Response 04/12/2010:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first want to offer you my apology for the inconvenience you have experienced in the past and also most recently. We always strive for 100% satisfaction and in fact successfully fill confirmed reservations for millions of families each and every year without failure. However, having to offer an alternate pick up location or offer a different pick up time can be due to a number of reasons and include customers not returning equipment on time or the appropriate location, as well as equipment malfunction. If you have difficulty securing equipment locally, you can reach our Traffic Office for the Philadelphia area at 888 829-7326 and for the Brooklyn area at 888 510-4237. I hope you will allow U-Haul to redeem itself in the future. If you have other concerns or questions, you can reach me at

U-Haul Rental Is Way More Than $19.99 as Advertised!
By -

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- The advertisement scheme goes a long way $19.99 for me turned out to be $26.95 plus $0.99 per mile (I put in 38 miles!) and I had to put in gas (if not, they will charge me $30). All in all, the $19.99 price that I expected to pay on a U-Haul truck rental turned out to be way more. First, they forgot to put my dolly in the truck. I had to call them twice to tell them I didn't have it. I told them I am not paying for something I didn't have and knowing how they are, if I did not call to notify them, they probably would charge me for the actual price of the dolly! I just hated the fat that the staff who I spoke with sounded really sure that I got a dolly and I was actually just not seeing the dolly in the empty truck!

I felt like I had to defend myself about it. What am I going to do with a dolly after moving my belongings from one place to another? Use it as a stroller for my daughter? And, most of all, the next day when I returned the truck, the staff who was checking me out tried to get away with me signing off a $104++ bill instead of $65. This was after she asked me if I returned the truck with the same amount of gas. When I asked about the total, she said it was because I was being charged for some mileage or gas or whatever she was talking about. She revised it and came up with $64.98.

What a mess! I hope they do not give other people this kind of experience. A little piece of advice for people needing to rent a truck from U-haul, check all the paperwork and the vehicle before driving off their lot. Take note that with the $19.99, tax is added, as well as $0.59/mile for pick-ups, $0.99/mile for trucks, and so forth and so on, and you have to replace the gas that you used or they will charge you. Especially, make sure the final bill is accurate. Hope this helps.

Company Response 03/16/2010:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I would like to offer you my personal apology for the inconvenience you experienced. We are always concerned when a customer reports an unsatisfactory rental occurrence. Please be advised we will follow up on the information you provided with our U-Haul locations involved to ensure our customers are receiving the quality of service they have come to expect and deserve from U-Haul. I also wanted to add that the rental charges are outlined on the rental agreement, including our fuel and mileage policies, when you are asked to initial and then sign the contract. I did review both your one-way rental done recently on March 6th as well as your in-town rental done on November 28, 2009. All charges appear to be correct. However, if you have specific concerns I can address for you, I can be reached at Again I apologize for your inconvenience and hope you will allow U-Haul to serve you again in the future.

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