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U-Haul and Safety Storage Has Left Me Penniless and Homeless!!!
By -

PLEASANT VALLEY, MISSOURI -- This is perhaps more on safety storage: 7101 Stewart Rd, Pleasant Valley - (816) 781-0007. I made reservation # ** on 11/06/09 for a truck and tow dolly. The safety storage lady called me back as U-Haul promised right at 6 pm on Friday night (thought that was latest time they would, not actual time).

The clerk, a woman, called and repeatedly asked for me, I repeated phrases like "speaking", "this is him", "you're talking to him" before the incompetent could comprehend that they were actually talking to me. All the while being extremely irritating by not disclosing who they were or the nature of the call. I believe with the name repeating and what not, it may well have been 3 minutes before she even would say who and what she wanted. Not a good start.

I arrived this morning to pick up the equipment, and was surprised to see the equipment I ordered was not even on the lot. I entered the store, gave ID, CC, etc. to learn my order had been changed from a car dolly to a trailer. I asked if there was a cost difference and she replied she did not know and it should not be much if so. This made me fee uncomfortable yet I played along, trying to get to the bottom line what's it really going to cost me.

I expressed my fears of a cost difference and my hesitations on the difference between my internet order and what I was actually receiving and the possible cost difference. It was at this point the woman picked up the papers I had already signed and told me to forget it then. I asked her what she meant and she flew off in some tirade about me belching in her face (???) and told me to get the hell out of there.....

WTF!??? Not only do I have no reflection of belching or passing any other bodily gasses, just some poor stiff trying to move. Long story short, my card was charged $292.19 for equipment that I did not receive or use with a promise of a refund some 7-10 days from now. The best part is that I have this weekend to evacuate this house and move or be homeless. I now have no money to rent a truck or trailer from anyone and no other way to move my belongings some 200 miles.

Was on the telephone the rest of this morning trying to get a refund receipt number to expedite the refund and after 3 hours, that was not forthcoming either, so here I sit with packed belongings, no truck and no cash left to rent one. Most are happy to rush in a cashless society, remember this story well before you hand your card out to anyone you could be on the street and penniless too.

Thanks U-Haul for nothing, you are all a bunch of crooks, mostly safety storage of the Kansas city area. Stay way away from these people. I notice they try to gloss over their incompetence here with replies. I spent my time this morning trying to get another truck or a direct refund. It was not forthcoming and will never be for any other either. They are crooks.

Company Response 12/02/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to apologize for the rude behavior and inconvenience you received from our U-Haul dealer. As you realize, this U-Haul dealer is an indepedent businessman. We do have a regular program for counseling with dealers to give them the benefit of our experience in successful U-Haul service. As independent businessmen, they are free to accept or reject our suggestions in accordance with their own independent judgement. Please be assured this matter will be addressed and corrective action will be taken as needed. I did verify that a full credit was issued back to the same credit card that was charged on the same day as the charge. The credit should post on your next credit card statement if not already. As we value you as a customer, I would like to send you some VIP Certificates for future use in the hopes you will allow U-Haul to redeem itself in the future. Please forward me your current mailing address or email to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

U-Haul - Does anyone have any advice on launching a class action lawsuit?
By -

TORONTO -- ***UPDATE*** After U-Haul offered me some useless coupons in exchange for the nightmare move they stuck me with, I got the paperwork to file a civil claim against them and sent them the contents of my claim. Briefly, my intent was to sue them for the total cost of my move, including the rental fees, gas for the wrong truck they gave me as well as gas for my personal vehicle, legal paperwork fees, hired help fees and punitive fines in the maximum amount of $10,000. I was ready to go - on principal alone.

U-Haul had a rep contact me and I was issued a full refund for the rental and gas for the rental as well as my personal vehicle, in addition to the $35 I spent on small claims court paperwork. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS - UNTIL YOU DO, THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE UNWILLING TO FIGHT.

ORIGINAL POST: U-Haul made this the single worst moving experience I've ever had. What was carefully planned to be an easy 4 hr move turned into a grueling 18hr marathon from hell. We made reservations for a 14ft MOVING TRUCK (or larger). Sometime mid-afternoon the day before our move, we were called by U-Haul and informed that they could only provide us with a tiny regular van – or we could pick up the truck we made reservations for 200 kilometers (120 miles) from our location (that's 400km before we could even start loading the truck!!!).

We were moving from one city to another, and U-Haul was made aware of this when we made reservations. It would not have taken a stroke of genius to inconvenience someone moving locally with a smaller vehicle than to do this to people moving to a different town, nearly 100 km away.

Additionally, their customer service representatives were rude, under-trained, and besides what I believe was breach of contract, their staff engaged in record falsification. For example, U-Haul's records of our telephone conversations state that I agreed to a van pick up. I did not agree to this. I was GOADED into it through lack of choice due to U-Haul's failure to provide the services it contracted to offer me when I made my reservation.

Finally, U-Haul's failures resulted in substantial additional expense in labour costs (400% over budget), as well as fuel costs (3 return trips from Toronto to Acton versus the budgeted single one-way trip). My time is also very valuable and I cannot put a price on it - U-Haul cannot refund me my time. I am completely disgusted with this company and its irresponsible, thoughtless, & sub-standard employees and suggest to that a complete refund of my costs would hardly be a satisfactory outcome. As far as I'm concerned, they should be run out of business completely.

I would love to hear from a reputable class action law firm how running a business that compromises people's situations to such a large degree can possibly be legal. I can only imagine how many countless other U-Haul customers have been victimized by their outrageous business practice.

U-haul Useless Roadside Assistance and un safe truck
By -

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- Useless Roadside Assistance and unsafe truck. On Nov 2007, I was helping my friend move to the Bay Area and told him I would drive one of the U-Haul trucks. The truck that I was assigned was old and somewhat beat up, but I assumed would be in good working order. The trucks 'check engine' light was on.

The problems started when I was traveling down the hill to I-580 when I applied the brakes and the pedal hit the floor. I pumped the brakes and the brakes and the truck slowed down just fine. As I was traveling on I-580, I heard a loud pop from the left rear of the truck. The pop was the inner left rear tire. I immediate pull off to the shoulder, where I notified my friend and U-Haul emergency roadside service.

At approximately 10:30 am I contacted the U-Haul roadside emergency service and explained to them about the flat tire and my concern with the brakes. I gave the operator my location W/B I-580 in Livermore. That stretch of I-580 is a three lane Highway posted 70 mph. The operator was polite took my cellular phone number and told me that help would be on the way.

At approx. 11:30 hrs, I re-contacted the emergency roadside assistance and was told that they were working on the problem and they would call me back. As I was standing alongside the freeway, I noticed a yellow truck about the size of the U-Haul driving towards at me at approx. 25 mph. I soon realized that the driver was looking into his side mirror and talking on a cellular phone. At the last minute the driver saw my disabled truck and swerved into the highway causing a non-injury auto accident. He could have easily hit the U-Haul or run over the two working safety triangles supplied by U-Haul. The third triangle was broken.

I believe Federal law requires three working safety triangles. After helping the people in the accident and calling Highway patrol I received a voice mail from U-Haul emergency roadside service. The operator told me that they were unable to finding anyone to help me and that they would be calling me back in 30 minutes. Time approx. 12:30 to 12:40 pm). After waiting for over 30 minutes and failing to hear from U-Haul I recontacted the road side service and asked the operator what was going on.

The operator told me that they were trying to get a hold of a supervisor who could authorize a mechanic or tow truck to help me. The operator said they were having a hard time getting in touch with an on call supervisor. I ask the operator if I could speak to her supervisor, at first she told me that he was not available then connected me after I pressed the issue.

The supervisor was polite but was unable to help me. I told the supervisor that I was concerned for my safety and if I could move the truck off of the freeway. Closest exit was approx. 1 mile down the freeway. The supervisor told me that they were doing the best they could and call back when they knew someone was en route to help me.

During the 1 o'clock hour I again recontacted U-Haul and was told that they were trying to get someone out to my location to help me and that they would call me. The operator did agree with me that the wait time was unacceptable and that she would not want to be in the same situation. The operator did advise me that if I left the truck on the freeway it would be concerned abandoned, even though I told her I had given them the location of the vehicle.

I again expressed my concerned for my safety about being on the side of the freeway with traffic driving by in excess of 70 mph. The operator told me that U-Haul was concerned for my safety and that they were doing the best they could to get someone out there to help me.

At approximately 2:14 pm I re-contacted U-Haul roadside assistance and was told that they a tow truck was en route and should arrive to my location in 90 minutes. I again asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that one was not available. Again after pressing the issue, I spoke with a supervisor who told me that the tow truck was coming from San Jose. Livermore and Pleasanton are closer to my disabled vehicle.

I again explained to the supervisor that I was concerned for my safety and had not eaten or used the restroom since 8:00 am. He was polite and apologized fort the inconvenience but told me that was the best they could do. The supervisor said they would check back within 90 minutes. At approximately 4:00 pm the tow truck arrived. The tow truck driver was unable to tow the U-Haul truck because U-Haul roadside assistance failed to tell him that the truck was loaded. After waiting for approx. 30 minutes, I was told I could drive the vehicle to the closest U-Haul. The closest U-Haul is in Livermore.

Note: U-Haul failed to call or check on my status. Upon arrival at the Livermore center and after telling them what had happened, they were more than helpful and apologized for the U-Haul roadside assistance had handled the incident. After replacing the tire and checking the brakes (low brake fluid) the supervisor told me that the Stockton U-Haul should not have let the truck leave the lot. He assured me that the truck would be taken out of service once it reached Fremont U-Haul center.

I was very disappointed in the U-haul Roadside Assistance because of the horrible way this whole situation was handled. The operators were polite but did not seem to care about my situation.

Here is what was especially upsetting:
1. The U-haul Roadside Assistance was useless and could not offer any kind of help in getting the tire replaced or me to a safer location.

  1. Having a customer wait 5 1/2 hours along the side of a busy freeway for a tire replacement or tow truck is absolutely unacceptable and shows that U-haul does not care for the safety of their customers.

  2. That U-Haul would let an unsafe vehicle leave their lot.

In the end I (Do to time constraints) was unable to help my friend unload the other two trucks. Through U-Haul overall incompetence I will never do business or recommend others to use their services.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance in resolving my problem. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Terrible, Just Terrible
By -

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- I have had a TERRIBLE experience with UHAUL. I acquired the truck as a birthday present for my mother, to help her move to a new apartment, and believe me, she has no idea how much grief and aggravation I saved her by dealing with it myself.

I received NO call to tell me when or where to pick up or drop off my UHAUL. When I called (at 3 pm the day prior) to find out where, I was put on hold while I was at work for 25 minutes. When I finally spoke with the apathetic representative, they could not tell me when store would even open to pick up my truck, so I had to call them on my own. My truck was loaded with empty UHAUL boxes and blankets when I picked it up, which I did NOT ask or pay for. They were only in the way while I was trying to load and unload the truck.

When I attempted to return my truck, I was met by a sarcastic, and downright mean attendant who continually talked down to me and told me I would be "getting charged" for certain things. For example, he told me that the gas was low, and there would be a $30 charge plus gas for returning the truck low on gas. The readout on the dash (which is in a COMPLETELY different format than that of the readout on paper, making it IMPOSSIBLE to put the exact amount of gas in that was there when I picked up the truck) looked pretty close to my novice eye, and there was no need for him to give me an attitude.

Despite this, I told him I'd take the truck to the nearest gas station and fill it up with gas. He replied "you better hurry up, we close in 10 minutes" with a sneer. To reiterate, I was never told when the stores opened or closed. When I returned, he opened up the back of the truck, to see the 2 boxes of moving boxes and the blankets in the back of the truck. Once again, he proclaimed to me, "you're going to get charged for that". Keep in mind, that I DID NOT ask for or want the items that were in the back of the truck, nor was I charged for them initially.

Also, there was trash in the front cabin when I picked the truck up. I relayed this information to him and he came back with some sort of sarcastic response. I told him that I was NOT going to be charged for anything related to these items that I did not request. He said he'd talk to his boss and for me to call back the next morning to straighten things out, because his boss wouldn't speak with me at that time because he was "digging a hole in the back".

Further enhancing the hassle that UHAUL had ensnared me in, I attempted to call the UHAUL store the next morning, 10/1/07. Once again I was met by a rude employee who told me that "there's a line of customers out the door" and he couldn't talk to me at that point. I was told I could "try" back later. I asked him what my further obligation was at that point, and was told "nothing" and that I would get an invoice in the mail.

Today, I checked the credit card account on which I made the initial charge for the UHAUL. To my surprise, this UHAUL store had made an additional charge of $12.84 to my card, without my authorization or notification. Because of the hard time and obstinance I have been met with at this UHAUL store already, as well as the time of mine that they have wasted, I do not want to deal with them again, even if to inquire about or dispute a charge.

This was my first time using UHAUL services and will definitely be my last time using them. Once I find out what the additional charges are for, I will undoubtedly be contesting them. I suggest that the UHAUL corporation really take a look at itself and the way it does business. As of right now I will be an ADAMANT opponent of anyone (friend, family, acquaintance, business associate, passerby) using UHAUL services. I have never used another truck rental company, but I doubt that they could be any worse than UHAUL.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I will never as long as I live use a U-Haul truck to move any of my things around, so help me God. I was moving out of my apartment July 31 and I did not get the keys to my new place until August 1st. My only option was to get a U-Haul, load it up, let it sit overnight, and then unload it the next day.

I used the easy to use website to reserve my U-Haul with no problems. It allowed me to reserve a U-HAUL for 24 hours and gave me the closest location. I put this reservation through and then called the location to see if it would be a problem to extend it from 24 hours to 48 and explained my moving situation. The guy who answered assured me this would not be a problem at all. I also at this time changed my pick up time from 8 am to 10 am and the drop off to reflect the same time change.

I arrived at U-Haul at approximately 10:15, as we all know nothing goes as planned on moving day. After standing there for several minutes while the THREE employees (one of which being the manager) chatted amongst themselves I was beginning to be annoyed. I was finally acknowledged (did I mention I was the ONLY customer in the store?) and as he was pulling up my reservations I made small talk and apologized for being a little late.

He get real short with me and was like "yeah two hours late, your reservation was for 8. You're lucky we held your truck with it being the last day of the month". I responded with, "No I had that changed to 10 because I knew I would never make it here by 8".

I am quite upset about this as you can imagine, so after I am done moving, I write a "contact us" on U-Haul's main website. I get the automated "thanks for contacting us" message telling me someone would contact me in 2 business days. 2 weeks go by, I respond to the auto message saying I still haven't heard anything from them. I get another response back apologizing and I should receive a call the next business day. It's now another week later. I have heard nothing.

I refuse to give money to a company that flat out called me a liar, didn't want to give me what I paid for, and then doesn't care enough to try to contact me. Never again U-Haul! P.S. This was the Washington Blvd. office in Pittsburgh and I believe the managers name was ** or something similar.

UHaul Moving Truck
By -

CALIFORNIA -- On Sat., March 3, 2007 every available friend and family member were gathered in Elk Grove, California (moving from) and in Redwood City, California (moving to). We met at 7 a.m. and by 10 a.m. our U-haul truck was packed and ready to roll. The master plan was that all were to meet in Redwood City at 1 p.m. to unpack, put together furniture, two sheds, and various other items that a family with three children would typically be moving.

At approximately 10 a.m, we realized there was a leak in one of the tires. We tested the tire, knew that it was a leak in the sidewall and that we needed a new tire. We began calling U-haul's phone no. on the contract sometime before 10:30. We were placed on hold for a long time and were eventually given the “road service number.” (Counting all of our calls to U-Haul, I would estimate our total accumulative time on hold was approximately two hours).

When we were finally connected with road service, we explained that the problem was definitely a hole in the tire side rim and that we needed a new tire. We were parked at our residence in Elk Grove with a fully loaded truck. The estimated waiting time for service was 1 hour and 40 minutes. Since we all had AAA, we asked if we could call them and go buy a tire and be reimbursed. U-Haul's response was “Absolutely Not. We could not do this because 1. We would not be reimbursed for the tire and; 2. All of U-hauls liability insurance would no longer be in effect; we would be moving with an “uninsured vehicle.”

We made a status call (and of course experienced long waiting on hold) and were assured that the 1 hr. 40 minutes was still the ETA & they would be there soon. When the ETA was exceeded by 15 minutes, another status call was made (again long hold time). We were told it would be a matter of a few minutes. When the ETA was exceeded by 35 minutes, we were told that the service call work order had been lost and that now the ETA would be another 1 hr. and 40 minutes. At this point we tried to go back to the original contract phone number, hoping someone in management could assist with our grave situation.

I cannot even tell you how many times we were on hold and just transferred over & over & eventually back to the road service dispatcher, who started arguing with us about the original time we had called. At 3:25 p.m. the service technician finally showed up and 5 minutes after that the Goodyear (the one with the original service order) showed up also. It was 3:45 by the time we were able to leave Elk Grove. All of the people who were going to help with the unload had to leave. The person that was going to assembly our sheds had to leave. Everyone had a Sunday commitment. We ended up hiring people to help us unload and put together sheds.

Finally, today (Tue., 3/6) we were able to get the last shed completely assembled. Until then, all of our things were out in the yard. Had it rained we would have been contacting you for reimbursement for ruined goods. As we indicated when we returned the truck, we have no intention of paying U-Haul because of the horrible way this whole situation was handled.

Here is what was especially disconcerting: 1. that no one could offer any kind of leverage (management) in helping us deal with getting the tire replaced; 2. The fact that there are so few people available on the weekend (when you have the most customers) to answer calls that we had to be left on hold for so long; 3. This was a known condition with a known solution. It wasn't something that a mechanic had to guess at or fix or anything.

Being in the business of renting trucks and trailers, one would assume that a changed tire is a fairly easy situation. To make the customer wait 5 hours for a simple tire replacement is absolutely unacceptable and shows that U-Haul is in serious trouble with their service policies. I trust that you won't fight crediting us the $133.62 the cost of the truck. Seriously, if there is a problem with this, then we are going to pursue U-haul's reimbursing us for the cost of labor we incurred because of the improper handling of our move.

If there are managers or owners at some level concerned with U-Hauls total lack of customer service, please take the initiative to share our letter with them. I look forward to an immediate and positive response. Additionally, if U-Haul's web page allows for customer comments, this letter along with your responses will be posted. response to date.

Ridiculous Cleaning Charge; Attempt at Overcharge for Mileage and Gas
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Rating: 2/51

BETTENDORF, IOWA -- $28 (almost $43) of b. s. charges: Upon my timely return of the truck, I forgot to take out three very light and compact items that were nicely placed near the overhead door of the back of the truck (items that I'd intended to place back in my car; it had been a long hot day, it was late at night. I was very tired, and I was distracted by having to write a note regarding U-haul's incorrect mileage and gas gauge readings—more on that below).

Nevertheless, I should have not have left them in there. I did call them first thing the next morning about this, but it was too late. They charged me $26.75 to “clean” it, which is ridiculous and frankly downright dishonest; it could not have taken more than one to two minutes to reach into the truck from the ground, pick the items up with one hand, and throw them into the nearby dumpster.

This would not have been so bad were it not for the extra charges I would have incurred had I not spotted the errors and had them corrected by the reps earlier in the day: the mileage and gas gauge readings had both been off—in U-Hauls favor for approximately $15. The manager's attitude at that time appeared to be such that I was making a fuss about nothing.

His last words about the matter were that the $25 cleaning charge was going to stay, because he had taken care of the mileage and gas gauge problems. Excuse me, but those were your errors, not mine, to take care of; they should not have reflected poorly upon me and influenced you to make an unfair decision regarding the other matter of “cleaning” the truck. I've been going to this company (Bettendorf, IA) for over 20 years. This is the last time.

Worst Moving Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

HARDEEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- About a month in advance, I reserved a truck and car transport to be available at 8 am in Hardeeville. When I called the morning of my move to check and make sure that the truck was ready for pickup, the dealer "had no reservation under my name and no available trucks". After spending all morning on the U-Haul hotline, I found out that U-Haul changed my reservation location and time at the last minute. They did email me this information but only about 12 hours before I was scheduled to pick up the truck! Because my computer was already packed, I hadn't seen it.

Now, I had to drive about an hour north of my home to pick up my truck, and THEN drive about an hour south of my home to pick up the auto transport in a different location! Also, my truck would not be ready until 5:30 pm! They also did not have any Dolly's available, which I had also reserved. Because of all these changes, I was not ready with the truck in time for the movers that I hired. I spent my entire day driving around to different U-Haul locations trying to get my equipment, when it should have been ready at 8 am!

When I actually got to checking out at U-Haul, the experience was just as bad. The server was running so slow that it took me two hours to check out. The computer denied 2 of my credit/debit cards which had PLENTY to cover the cost. Finally the man told me "Oh, on the last day of the month the server is so busy it usually just denies all credit cards".

When I asked him what to do, he told me to go to the bank and get cash. This was on a Saturday afternoon when banks are not even open, and why would I want to carry thousands of dollars in cash? If this happens every month on the last day of the month, shouldn't that be something U-Haul addresses and fixes? Finally after many tries, the card randomly went through and was accepted.

When I tried speaking to the regional manager in Savannah about the hundreds of dollars of costs I was incurring (movers cancelling, another night in a hotel because of the late pickup, gas to drive the U-Haul several hours out of the way), she simply told us that the reservations are only a "preference" and are not guaranteed and she could not discount or compensate us in any way.

I moved last year with Penske and the whole thing ran so smoothly, it makes U-Haul look like a joke. Avoid this company if you can - they are unprofessional and they will inconvenience the customer without a second thought, even when it is costing you hundreds of extra dollars. By the way - the poor employees of the "neighborhood dealers" were mostly nice. It's the corporation as a whole that screws you.

First the A/C, Then Serious Illness Including Heart Attach
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Rating: 1/51

TEMECULA CA, PRESCOTT AZ, CALIFORNIA -- I've got a Whopper of an abuse case. I'm 73 and rented 3 trucks for my move from CA to AZ. The air conditioning went out on the lead truck, the one I was riding in, as we filled up to make the drive. I suffered indescribably and have respiratory and vision problems ending in a heart attack last week. I couldn't reach their ‘hotline' until the dealer finally called for me and they called me.

I was reaching the Palm Springs area, with my driver and dogs suffering; we even had to turn on the heater full force to avoid overheating. Amazing. They directed me to their Palm Desert area shop, where the owner stopped everything to work on ‘my' truck, resented it and it showed. He wouldn't tell me anything about his progress, then after about 4 hours I called U-Haul to tell him to release the truck; I could wait no longer. He threatened my life then said he would ‘beat me up' when I left his ‘office'. I called the cops for police escort off the premises.

The grades out of Phoenix were as bad, and I moved the dogs to the 2nd truck back; they were dying, and it took a lot of box moving but we saved them. We were extremely late arriving in Chino Hills. I had to hire a Labor Ready crew to offload and send the drivers back in an expensive Avis one-way rental.

We had to stay overnight in a hotel but got no rest. The entire schedule was woven to include my wife driving a truck and trailer with our livestock, but that went all to hell also, needless to say. It was an absolute fiasco, and physically harmful at many levels. The ‘regional manager' doesn't respond to my emails or calls and I'm going after them in Riverside, CA Superior Court for actual and punitive damages. Can you help me post this on your site?

Priority #2
By -

LAVEEN, ARIZONA -- I made a reservation online for a huge move. I planned and scheduled moving help on a certain day and time. We get to the U-Haul location to pick up the truck and are told that we need to have the truck back soon since there was another reservation made over the phone and phone reservation are priority over online reservation. In result of this, we rushed as much as we could and did not finish our move, we just moved the things that were really needed at the new location.

Thankfully we were able to work out more time to keep our things at the old house a little longer. So to finish our move, we had to rent a second U-Haul this past weekend with no problem by the way. When I called to voice my concern, the person that took my call was very understanding. But when I received a call back from **, he sounded very annoyed and stated that the location we rented from was very busy and that the time was not a guarantee which I understand, but us being customers just like the customers over the phone, how is one priority over the other?

** offered $25.00 propane vouchers to resolve my concern which sound like he just wanted me to just get off the phone. Propane? I spent time and money with this confusion and I get offered propane? He didn't even sound sincere - maybe if he did, it wouldn't matter. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he said it. He was the highest person there to handle this call and there was no one else to speak to. So again my business is not a priority.

I have always used U-Haul. This move was very stressful and this is not the kind of service I feel I deserved from U-Haul. I will tell everyone I know what kind of experience I have had with the rental and the service. With U-Haul being in the moving business, your employees should know moving is extremely stressful and be sensitive to that fact. This is all unnecessary aggravation and stress. Unfortunately, when my family and I need moving services, we will definitely not use U-Haul again, we will take our business to another company.

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