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False Charges Not Settled - U-Haul Brooklyn New Utrecht and Park Slope
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I sent this email to the CEO Joe Schoen:

"I've run into a sticky situation with your U-Haul's of Brooklyn NY. I think you would be interested to know that there are some poor practices going on in that area. I scheduled myself to pick up a truck at the New Utrecht location at 10 am ((718) 232-1400). I'm not complaining about the service at this location, although I should. I counted 25 people in line on a Sunday morning at 10 am and we were all there for an hour or more in line. It just didn't move. I did get my truck, having arrived early, received it at 10:30 am (my pickup time was 10). No biggie, right? OK.

My scheduled drop off time was 10 pm, same location (contract number **). When I arrived at 10 pm the location was closed with a big fence locked around the place. There was no drop box for keys, as my contract indicated there would be. Perplexed, I called U-Haul Customer Service (1-800-GO-U-Haul) and spoke with two fine ladies, ** and **, who both told me to take it to the nearest location with a drop box. I didn't like this solution, but I had no other option, I live in the city without a car and it's a decent-sized headache to get to these U-Haul locations.

So off I go to the closest U-Haul with a drop box, 88 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY‎ - (718) 788-3370. This location is so awful, it should be immediately stripped of any right to the name of U-Haul. There is a chained dog which greets the visitors with vicious barking. There is a non-English speaking employee handling the drop-offs. He made me move the van 3 times before I gave up and handed him the keys. He refused the keys so I put them in the drop box myself, and left. I walked under a dark bridge to the nearest subway station in Brooklyn at night thanks to the unclear policies of the New Utrecht U-Haul. But wait, there's more.

The next day I have my $80 mandatory pre-payment from U-Haul on my card PLUS a $143.78 charge for dropping off the U-Haul truck at the wrong location. The location which U-Haul told me to drop it off at. And that's nothing to mention the gas I used and the miles I used (which I will have to get reimbursed for) to get to the new location. So now you see my $19.99 truck has cost $220. Not good.

The worst part was being shuffled around general customer service, the regional district, the New Utrecht store, and the non English speaking Park Slope address. I would particularly like to point out that ** at 718-522-4924 who is a reservation manager kept me on hold for no less than an hour and a half and a couple of times, pretended she hadn't already spoke with me, and rudely told me repeatedly that it was my fault, despite listening to my explanations.

My request is this: a full refund for the $80.00, plus any additional mileage or gasoline fees New Utrecht U-Haul might add on, plus a refund for the $143.78. I've had an awful experience and I would appreciate your support at this time. I have used U-Haul before and had a very positive experience, I hope we can resolve this matter in a manner that benefits both of us. Thank you for your time."

U-Haul and Safety Storage Has Left Me Penniless and Homeless!!!
By -

PLEASANT VALLEY, MISSOURI -- This is perhaps more on safety storage: 7101 Stewart Rd, Pleasant Valley - (816) 781-0007. I made reservation # ** on 11/06/09 for a truck and tow dolly. The safety storage lady called me back as U-Haul promised right at 6 pm on Friday night (thought that was latest time they would, not actual time).

The clerk, a woman, called and repeatedly asked for me, I repeated phrases like "speaking", "this is him", "you're talking to him" before the incompetent could comprehend that they were actually talking to me. All the while being extremely irritating by not disclosing who they were or the nature of the call. I believe with the name repeating and what not, it may well have been 3 minutes before she even would say who and what she wanted. Not a good start.

I arrived this morning to pick up the equipment, and was surprised to see the equipment I ordered was not even on the lot. I entered the store, gave ID, CC, etc. to learn my order had been changed from a car dolly to a trailer. I asked if there was a cost difference and she replied she did not know and it should not be much if so. This made me fee uncomfortable yet I played along, trying to get to the bottom line what's it really going to cost me.

I expressed my fears of a cost difference and my hesitations on the difference between my internet order and what I was actually receiving and the possible cost difference. It was at this point the woman picked up the papers I had already signed and told me to forget it then. I asked her what she meant and she flew off in some tirade about me belching in her face (???) and told me to get the hell out of there.....

WTF!??? Not only do I have no reflection of belching or passing any other bodily gasses, just some poor stiff trying to move. Long story short, my card was charged $292.19 for equipment that I did not receive or use with a promise of a refund some 7-10 days from now. The best part is that I have this weekend to evacuate this house and move or be homeless. I now have no money to rent a truck or trailer from anyone and no other way to move my belongings some 200 miles.

Was on the telephone the rest of this morning trying to get a refund receipt number to expedite the refund and after 3 hours, that was not forthcoming either, so here I sit with packed belongings, no truck and no cash left to rent one. Most are happy to rush in a cashless society, remember this story well before you hand your card out to anyone you could be on the street and penniless too.

Thanks U-Haul for nothing, you are all a bunch of crooks, mostly safety storage of the Kansas city area. Stay way away from these people. I notice they try to gloss over their incompetence here with replies. I spent my time this morning trying to get another truck or a direct refund. It was not forthcoming and will never be for any other either. They are crooks.

Company Response 12/02/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to apologize for the rude behavior and inconvenience you received from our U-Haul dealer. As you realize, this U-Haul dealer is an indepedent businessman. We do have a regular program for counseling with dealers to give them the benefit of our experience in successful U-Haul service. As independent businessmen, they are free to accept or reject our suggestions in accordance with their own independent judgement. Please be assured this matter will be addressed and corrective action will be taken as needed. I did verify that a full credit was issued back to the same credit card that was charged on the same day as the charge. The credit should post on your next credit card statement if not already. As we value you as a customer, I would like to send you some VIP Certificates for future use in the hopes you will allow U-Haul to redeem itself in the future. Please forward me your current mailing address or email to me at maria_palmisano@uhaul.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

U-Haul: U-Get Ripped Off
By -

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I have rented a U-Haul truck previously for all of my moves - from my first apartment, to my first house, to my current residence. However, I must say that the time that I rented a 26-foot truck on March 4, 2006 from an authorized Shell station in Annapolis, MD. was and is the last time I will ever do so.

As an inconvenience to me, I had to pick the truck up from a location that was 20 miles away from my home when I lived less than a quarter of a mile away from a U-Haul location - a customer svc. rep. told me that my truck would be shipped to the convenient location and that didn't happen. And when I arrived to pick up the U-Haul truck, the gas gauge was broken but the representative made a note of it and assured me that it was full of gas. I drove it off the lot and when I reached the highway nearby, I was only able to drive 10 miles per hour in a 55-MPH zone; the speedometer, odometer, signals, and safety hazard lights did not work.

As this was the day of my move and a paid moving team awaited my prompt return with the truck, I contacted a serviceman and went to Budget, which graciously had a large, fully operational truck available. Now to my utter frustration, U-Haul refuses to refund me for the charge made on 3/4/06 of $144.72 and on 3/20/06 U-Haul decided to charge my MasterCard an additional $206.91 for towing, as if it was my fault that the lemon truck broke down and endangered MY safety!

I contacted a representative prior to the second charge posting and she said that it was not in her power to issue any refunds but she gave me the Phoenix, AZ customer service info and said I could debate the charge of $144.72 and I would not have to worry about ANY ADDITIONAL charges. So unfortunately that was not accurate, just like when a rep told me my truck would be shipped to a convenient location, because indeed I have been charged $206.91 for a truck that was a total LEMON - I as the customer am penalized.

There are some very helpful representatives who have lent an empathetic ear who I am sure hear horror stories and atrocities that U-Haul "family" endure constantly. My suggestion to anyone considering renting a U-Haul truck - DON'T DO IT.

My suggestion to U-Haul online - please don't penalize U-Haul "family" when U-Haul equipment is not functional. Improve the technological quality of your vehicles and make the truck pickup process convenient and both U-Haul as well as U-Haul "family" will be happy.

Anyone who has access to a computer can do a web search on U-Haul and find thousands of blogs and complaints about service and equipment; I only wish I had done the online search prior to my reservation. It would have saved me stress, worry and money. Now I will eagerly join the thousands of dissatisfied U-Haul customers with online postings, complaints, and a formal letter to the Better Business Bureau.

Unsafe Trucks On the Road
By -

LEAGUE CITY, VIRGINIA -- My recent experience with U-HAUL tells me that they care only about the money, not the customer... On Feb. 1, 2006, I went to my local U-HAUL dealer to rent a 26 ft truck for a move. That day, it was pouring down rain. After getting the transaction started, they pulled a truck around for me to get the mileage off of it. When the guy got out of the truck, he stated that I would have to roll down the window, as the inside release did not work. I went back inside, told them that this was unacceptable, especially in the severe rain.

After 3 other trucks with various safety problems, they found yet another truck, and again, brought this one around. This one seemed at first glance to be better. Only issue was a manual transmission, but, since I have driven them before, did not see a problem. Because it was raining, I noted the mileage, and signed the contract. By this time, the wind had picked up, and it was raining so very hard, I could not see the front of the hood of the truck.

Well, after traveling about 2 miles, a car jumped in front of me, causing me to have to hit the brakes...would have been fine IF the air brakes worked!! No air pressure was the indication on the dash, so I reached for the emergency brake, and...no brake!! Well, I changed lanes quickly to avoid an accident. When I finally got home, the brakes returned to normal, but, still no emergency brake.

Anyway, got the truck loaded, and shut down and locked up the truck for the night (3:15am!). At 7:00 am the next morning, a knock on the door...the police officer needed me to move my U-Haul truck because it was blocking the road. Much to my surprise, it had rolled down the driveway, and into the street, blocking the traffic. I moved it back into the driveway, and set the emergency brake, and it seemed this time to hold. Went to breakfast. Came back, and the truck was in the street AGAIN! Moved truck to the street.

Called UHaul, and requested to have someone look at it. After waiting for 3 hours, called again, and they stated that they had nobody that could come until tomorrow, and that as long as the truck was drivable at all, I needed to bring it back to them. Well, my movers, whom I am paying by the hour, called me from the new house, and wanted to know when I was going to arrive.

I told them that I would be right there, so moved the truck to my new location, and unloaded...I took the truck back to them, and when I tried to tell them of the numerous problems, they very passively said "We'll look at it." I have also found out that they, at the recommendation of U-HAUL Corporate, place the new(er) trucks on one-way, and the older trucks, on local only. The thought is that if it breaks down, local is easier for them to work.

However, it seems that by doing that, they also have the attitude that: (1) screw the local user, he doesn't need the automatic trans, or the emergency brake, or, even hazard lights; (2) the local person doesn't mind having a truck that is really no longer road worthy...he should be grateful for what he can get... Well, my take is, SAFETY is not a concern for the local user as far as U-HAUL is concerned. Next time, I will utilize someone else...U-HAUL is NO-HAUL in my book!!!

Another Horrible Experience Provided by U-Haul!
By -

CALIFORNIA -- After reading pages of online complaints almost exactly like mine, I realize that I am not alone. I reserved a moving truck, 2 dozen furniture pads, appliance dolly and utility dolly online about 2 weeks before my required move date which was 8/12/05. I expected a reservation to mean something but found out that it does not at U-Haul. This was probably the worst customer service experience that I have ever been involved in.

My preferred location was about 2 miles from my current house but when I received the call the night before, my truck was at a location over 20 miles from my house. I asked the man who called about the dollies and furniture pads that I had reserved and he told me that he would not have the utility dolly and the other items were first come first serve. Since this was unacceptable for my situation, I called the regional office in Hawthorne, on my first call attempt, I was on hold for about 20 minutes before the phone system hung up on me.

On the second call attempt I spoke with a woman named ** who told me she was the manager and refused to give me her employee number and was extremely rude from the start. I tried several times explaining to her that I had to have the dolly that I had reserved and needed to pick up the truck at a closer location, and yes I realize that it is a "preferred" location and not a guarantee of the location but let's try to make it just a little convenient for the paying customers!! U-Haul overbooking their trucks and not having them available should not be customer's problem.

I checked online and from my zip code of 90245, the pickup location that I was given was # 91 on the list, which I assume means that there are 90 other U-Haul locations within the same radius from my house. She told me that there were no trucks available at any of the other 90 closer locations and there was nothing she could do, she then put me on hold.

Several minutes later a man named ** picked up the phone and informed me that he was also the manager and that he was going to make this conversation very short. He told me that he was taking me off of the truck that I had and was putting me on a waiting list for another truck closer to me, this all being before he even asked me what my problem was or heard anything from me.

I asked him if that meant he was canceling my reservation and he said no, but that I no longer had that "guaranteed" truck. I explained to him my situation and he told me that I was getting "huffy" with ** and himself and he demanded a yes or no answer if I wanted that truck or not. He didn't even take the time to talk to me to find out that my biggest problem was not getting the moving dollies and I could deal with the distance of the truck if need be. He told me he would call me back in a little while.

In the three hours I waited for his call back, I called Penske to inquire about a truck, for 10 dollars more than the U-Haul "reservation" that I made weeks ago. The very friendly Penske Customer service agent made me a guaranteed reservation including all of the equipment that I requested. She called the pickup location to verify that they had the equipment that I required and it was done...all in about 10 minutes, less that the time that I spent on hold waiting for U-Haul's very unprofessional "Customer Service" department. The next call I made was to U-Haul to cancel my reservation which was the only part of this ordeal that went smoothly.

False Advertising
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Rating: 2/51

CALIFORNIA -- False advertising, bait and switch: U-Haul website advertises a 15' truck at my nearest location, which I reserve. I get a call shortly after confirming me for a 10' truck and they'll get back to me on if a 15' or 17' becomes available in the area. I then found out (online) that the 10' truck doesn't have the ramp I need for heavy items. I went back on the website the following day and find another nearby location that says in large bold lettering above the location that a 15' truck is "currently" available there. Great. I booked it, then got a call that it doesn't have a 15' truck, but I can get a 10' truck.

Observing a pattern at this point, I voice my frustration at the sloppy advertising. I am rudely informed that the fine print says trucks might not be available at the location where they are booked. I reiterate that the less-fine, large, bold print atop the online booking for the location said it was currently available at that location.

Also, don't be fooled by the $50 guarantee. U-Haul gets around this by calling both your online reservation and subsequent phone confirmation "reservations." Only the latter phone confirmation triggers their guarantee. So, even though you "reserved" the truck online, that isn't the "reservation" U-Haul guarantees. I cancelled my reservations. I have used U-Haul in the past and been satisfied, but doubt I will be using U-Haul again.

Uhaul Truck Rental
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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- Reserved a truck with Uhaul from El Paso to San Antonio and verified with Uhaul that truck was available. A day later Uhaul called to change my reservation to another city 40 miles away and notified me they did not have the size of truck I reserved only smaller. I explained to them that came from SA to ELP for the sole purpose of moving my furniture from storage and did not have a way to get to the other city. I asked if they could drive the truck to ELP and they said no. I asked if they would cover the cost to pick up the truck at the other city and they said no.

After all of this we moved the reservation one day. Later I got a text message saying they are going to change the reservation ANOTHER time to another location and a different time. I asked if they could guaranteed that this time they would have the truck I reserved and they stated no. I was left with no good option.

Through it all Uhaul reps were not sympathetic and kept on saying, "I don't know what to tell you", when I would ask why and what happened. First and absolutely last time I use Uhaul. I have used both Budget Truck and Penske before and never had any issues and received significantly better service.

Worse Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- We went to get a service from this location and we were assisted by the General Manager, **. First of all, we had to wait a long time for get his attention, then he looked really hurried, like he does not matter anything more than his personal time. He rushed us like dog, also he was yelling his staff in unprofessional manner.

When we asked for any advice regarding the service that we requested, he said to the staff in front of us that he need help on the reception because he was dying because we were asking a lot of question about the service that we needed. Also he showed all the time that he does not like to spend the time that the client need for get a good service from this company. We want to let the company President Mr. Chris Ferguson knows that with manager like **, the U-Haul company will lose a lot of client because the most important in any business is THE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

But not everything is lost on U-Haul because after this incident, we went to different U-Haul's location, which is placed on Preston Highway and we received a great customer service. All our questions were answered, we received orientation and advice from the personal staff and the manager. Thanks to Mr. ** and his manager ** because they gave us a better day.

Mixed Experience
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Rating: 3/51

NATIONAL -- My experience with U-Haul was mixed. The preferred pick up location in Emporia, KS at Hahn Rental & material was not good. I called the office three times on my way there and they said they would wait on me because I ran into icy roads. When I arrived they started my paperwork and we even inspected a truck before they realized they didn't have the truck I rented at that location. The office was very junkie and unorganized.

I called Traffic the next morning, their customer service was bad but the information was good. I had to pick the truck up in Osage City, Kansas, 33 miles away at Tony's Tire & Auto - their customer service and information was great. I dropped the truck off at Morrilton, Arkansas at McKey's Lawn & Car Care and everything there was excellent especially the customer service. If you rent from you Haul I recommend, to save time, you call Traffic to make sure you know where to pick up your truck. They may forget to call you.

Don't Count on Picking It Up at the Pickup Location You Reserved
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Rating: 2/51

HAMBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I reserved a 20' U-haul truck one month in advance by reserving it online. The online form required that I select the U-haul location that I would like to pick up the U-haul and listed a wide range of hours that the location would be available. I selected one near my home and planned a time that my wife and I would be available to go together to pick it up.

One day before moving, they sent me a confirmation call about my reservation. They had changed the pickup location drastically and had chosen an arbitrary but specific time that I would be picking up the truck. Instead of picking it up at the location in which I had reserved it (3 min from my house), I would be picking it up at the location they chose (30 minutes from my house). Now I rearrange all of my plans at the last minute to accommodate them.

I questioned their completely changing my pickup location and received the explanation that that location just "didn't have one." When asked if I would receive any sort of discount or other compensation since they didn't follow through, I was told "we don't do that." Even if other companies are more expensive for your move, I would recommend someone else for your moving truck needs unless your moving day schedule is more flexible than mine was.

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