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Took to Much Money for Storage
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Rating: 1/51

COEUR D ALENE, IDAHO -- So I got a U-haul. The first month is free and my payment was due on June 30th. Well I decided to make my payment for the $79.99 storage unit 3 days early. Somehow it went to $84.98 is what they said. Okay no big deal, tax right? So everything went good with the payment until my bank account balance automatically text me anytime anything is spent on my account. It said the charges were for $97 and 69 cents.

So naturally I call the local store. They said a supervisor would call me back. Well, I got no call back. Then I call corporate and was told they are working on it and would call me back, still no resolution for days later. I have called the store, spoken to many customer service representatives, and even corporate. I have been hung up on and they have sworn they only took that much money yet my statement says otherwise.

Trying to get this matter resolved is near impossible so I will be taking them to court for false advertisement because the advertisement was get a storage unit. Want first month free $79.99 a month, not 97 dollars in 69 cents a month. I have talked to an attorney and what they did is considered false advertisement and theft. I am in the middle of filing Better Business Bureau dispute. And before I got the storage unit, I rented one of their trucks and they told me the gas tank was full, it was not. I had to fill up the gas tank from half way and yet they would not result that matter with me also.

When I first got the storage unit they did not explain to me anything. "Where was that?" I had to ask other people where to go. This whole uHaul experiences been very stressful, very time consuming, and now has over ** my account costing me way more money than it should have. The resolution I am seeking in this is training for customer service representatives, new management at court Elaine, and all my money back for the uHaul truck for storage for my time, and a free month of storage. Because a true customer service department would have helped me get through this and the store would not keep ignoring me.

I have tried to go into the store and was told somebody is in my account working on this and yet nobody is. Because when I call corporate, they said they do not have any information on this and I will get a phone call within 24 hours. It has now been 5 days. This is not OK. They think that people have all this money when we don't. I live on a limited budget income for me, my wife, and my 5 kids. As is, we are already homeless living out of a hotel.

Don't Walk, RUN Away From UHaul Fast as You Can.
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- Several months ago, I was planning a cross-country move and checked into UHaul's U-Box Pods system. I spent an entire day on the phone with them, because I kept getting "transferred" and cut off. I spoke with seven different people, and got seven different quotes for the exact same scenario. They refused to send me a quote in writing (ie. an email) until I'd paid them an amount ranging from $240 to $650, depending on who I was talking with. I asked to speak with a manager, and kept being transferred randomly to various non-managers. Not that it mattered, because when I did get someone who said he was a manager, he was as clueless as the rest of them.

I had such bad vibes about the company that I changed my entire plans for the move and did NOT use UHaul. Now my son has made a cross-country move, and he did use UHaul's U-Box pods. He's been in his new location for a month, and hasn't gotten anything except a runaround from UHaul. They didn't show up to pick up the boxes the day they said they would. They sent him an email stating they were going to charge him for storage, even though he doesn't want anything stored. They were supposed to have delivered the boxes within two weeks. It's a month - no boxes, and no one seems able to tell him where they are or when they'll be delivered.

He's been reduced to threatening them with legal action if they don't deliver. Carry your worldly goods on your back if you have to, but avoid UHaul like the plague. I've never dealt with a more inept, unprofessional, poorly run company in my life, and that includes spending endless hours on hold with AT&T's laughably named customer service. I did get to hear at great length about one UHaul rep's daughter, who's a long haul trucker, so if that's what you want from a moving company, then maybe they're right for you. Anyone who actually wants to move their possessions would be well advised to look elsewhere.

Where to get heard in UHaul
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PHEONIX, ARIZONA -- I worked in a regional office for UHaul. What I heard and saw UHaul management do to customers went from helpful, to uncaring, to down right detestable. Obviously I've distanced myself from them. So, in helping consumers rectify bad customer service at UHaul, I will provide suggestions;

When reserving equipment, call BUDGET and PENSKE first, then call UHAUL and request they match their rate. Regional traffic offices at UHaul have the authorization to match or beat rates. Just be sure you have the exact amount because UHaul does ghost the other companies and does inquiries of their own while you are talking to them. If you have an issue, on the exit door to every corporate UHaul center, there is the regional cell number of the Marketing Company President. Basically they are the president of that region and they will often try to resolve your issues.

If talking to the MCP doesn't help, here are a couple of names and numbers at the corporate office that do have the power to change things (and if not change things, at least you can put a bug under someone's butt); UHaul Corporate switch board; 800-528-0463, VP Field Operations (#2 man at Corporate): CEO: Joe Shoen. Just ask the switchboard operator for the offices of these people and they will pass you through. Believe me, they hate getting calls into Corporate and heads will roll.

By -

I reserved the 17 foot truck and vehicle trailer for the 27th day of June 2010 and I was told at that time my pick up location would be West Edmonton, which I requested being that is the area that I lived in and much more convenient in every way. When I received the call on the 26th they had told me that my truck was available at west location and I could pick it up after nine am the next morning.

Upon arriving at the west location, it was really quite busy in the office which is understandable, but I waited in a line-up for over 45 minutes only to be told that the reservation was NOT there and that I would have to go to the North side to pick up truck. I will have you know that I had to drive another 45 minutes out of my way to be able to pick up, and drive back that amount of time. This was a very big inconvenience to me as of the traffic in Edmonton for one and the COST of Fuel, and extra kilometres that I had to put on the truck which would not be called for if the truck was in location that they told me it would have been.

As well, the reservation agent did not explain anything to me about having to pay for the truck in FULL before it left Edmonton. The only thing that was explained was that I needed 150.00 dollar deposit on said truck which I had with me. So that was the other things I had to deal with in order to pick up truck which I believe should be explained to everyone in full detail upon reserving. My biggest complaint is about the inconvenience and extra cost because of location pick up. Thank you.

Unreliable U-Haul
By -

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK -- Booked a van for early afternoon on Friday at about 12:30 pm for a van to be picked up at 2 pm. Needed a van to pick up goods in storage that is costing me $30 per day. All good so far. Took car service ($14) to get there and arrived at 2 pm. When I got there, I was told computer was down an hour ago and don't know when it will get back up. They can't process any reservations without computers. No one even called me to tell me about the problem until I got there. Seemed to be a lack of communication.

Waited at the service desk for 1.5 hrs until I missed my cargo pickup time altogether. Had to cancel my reservation and rebook for Monday. What has their unreliability in service cost me for this? Transport to and from U-Haul $16. Extra 3 day storage cost $90. Total $106 + few hours of wasted time. If you have an important delivery or pickup to make, don't count on them and prepare your own backup plans.

They really should have some sort of backup system, maybe even an old fashioned system using plain old paperwork and phone, and having the people at call center for this location to confirm all the information. They already have dedicated people at call center take reservations just for the Manhattan location so I don't understand why they can't use these same people to complete the rental paperwork.

Was told the problem was LOCAL cabling to computer. They have so many trucks and vans on site and they couldn't even invest in doubling up the cabling to reroute the network in case it fails. Cabling is so cheap these days and they can't even perform some simple fail-safe system. Really short sighted and poor planning - I'm sure their systems will fail some other time soon since they don't have proper back-up plans in place. That I believe is something they can guarantee.

Updated: Make sure you demand $50 cash guarantee on the spot if they fail to fulfill your reservation w/ your vehicle of choice and your location and time. I didn't do it at the site and made a phone call next day. They wouldn't give me $50 cash and instead gave me a $50 coupon to use on next rental. If enough people would do this, maybe U-Haul would get their act together.

Overcharged Then Thrown Out When Calling Them on It
By -

CAMP VERDE, ARIZONA -- On Mar 18, 2010 my mother and I rented a U-Haul from Verde Valley U-Haul located at 27 West Gen Crook Trail Camp Verde, AZ 86322. We rented a 17 ft truck and returned it the same afternoon. When we returned the truck your worker told us we drove the truck for 47 miles and was going to charge us for that mileage. We then told him that has to be a mistake. He looked at the paperwork again and then changed it to 36 miles which was also incorrect as the storage we drove the truck to is less than 5 miles away from your store while only making one trip. (Her house is less than 5 miles from the store as well).

Your worker insisted the computer never lies and that's too bad as this is what the odometer read. We tried to explain to him the route we took and that there is a mistake somewhere. He put his feet on the table and reminded us the computer never lies and to pay the money. He then said he has been doing this for 13 years and refused to listen to us. I then asked him if he has been ripping people off for the 13 years. He then stood up and briskly walked over to me in a very confrontational/threatening manner and told me to 'get out'. He slammed the door at my face as I was walking out almost hitting me. Lucky for me I moved out of the way.

Actually lucky for him and U-Haul as I have no issues filing assault charges against him and your company. Not to mention fraud charges. I felt he was trying to injure me. If he did manage to do what he wanted to do, the force would have bruised my face and probably broke the skin on my face as well. I was this close on calling the police for the overcharge and assault. I should have. I went to the car and waited. 10 minutes later my mother and your worker come out to tell me he made a mistake in the math and did overcharge us.

Apparently the owner wrote down the wrong number from the odometer when we picked up the truck in the morning and did finally correct his mistake. Come to find out we did only drive 17 miles which is far from the initial 47 then 36 miles he was overcharging us for. Let's just make up numbers shall we?!? Is this what it takes to make sure your company is honest?

Company Response 03/31/2010:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I am posting this response to offer you and your mother my personal apology for the rude treatment you experienced at our U-Haul location in Camp Verde, AZ. Please be advised this U-Haul dealer is an independent businessman. We do have a regular program for counseling with dealers to give them the benefit of our experience in successful U-Haul service. I was advised that our Area Field Manager (AFM) in charge of our Camp Verde dealer did address the situation you relayed thoroughly with our dealer to ensure our customers are receiving the quality of service they have come to expect and deserve from U-Haul and to see that our standards are understood and observed. I understand our AFM also contacted you and offered his personal apology and wanted to send you $50.00 in VIP Certificates to help offset your inconvenience. We are continually attempting to improve our products and services and view your feedback as beneficial. Our customers are very important to us and I hope you will allow U-Haul to redeem itself in the future. If you have other concerns, I can be reached at It is only through communication with our customers that we realize which programs are working and which areas need attention. I hope you will accept my sincere apology.

Bad Customer Service for Deploying Soldier
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, NC, NORTH CAROLINA -- My fiance received last minute orders to deploy to Afghanistan and had to pack and store his things quickly. We chose U-Haul storage on a Saturday and stored everything except a washer and dryer. That Monday his captain helped him move his washer and dryer--they had been training all day and came in about five minutes before closing. The manager refused to give him access because she said it was too close to closing time. He told her they were leaving the next day but she still refused and told him he didn't have 24 hour access on his account (which we knew nothing about) and that he needed to read his contract.

The captain who was with my fiance tried to reason with her but she still refused. It would have taken them all of seven minutes or so to put the washer and dryer in with the rest of his things and she wasted all that time telling him no! Luckily my mother let him take the washer and dryer to her garage for the night--but they had to leave early the next morning so it's still sitting in her garage!

I called and spoke to the Assistant Manager and she was very defensive and would not let me get a word in. I told her that her customer service was not up to par and that I had yet to hear an apology from her. She told me to get a life and hung up on me!! I called the 1-800 number and spoke to a nice representative who did not interrupt me. He apologized and said he was a Vietnam Vet and appreciated my Fiance's service to our country. He assured me someone would be contacting me in the future. I will update as soon as I have more info. Thanks.

Taking Advantage of an Elderly Lady/Foul Language
By -

OCEAN PARK, WASHINGTON -- When my 70 yr old mother stated to me that upon renting a 26' long U-Haul truck to move approx. 85 miles she asked the lady that serviced her if U-Haul had any guys that could load her belongings for her. The women told her no but she could call her son and a friend of his but their starting rate would be $200.00 for the first hour and then $40.00 per guy per hour. When they were finished, the son called U-Haul to have his mother pick them up. The lady pulled in to where the U-Haul was. Her son said something to his mother and when my daughter walked by her and her son my daughter heard her state,"is that the **".

My daughter approached my mother noticing a distress look on her face. After she informed my mother of the foul language from the U-Haul service lady. My mother went to her to find out the amount owing for loading the U-Haul. When my mom informed me they charged her $600.00 cash only was the most appalling charge I have ever heard of or about from U-Haul. With experience myself with U-Haul and needing helpers to load a truck for me U-Haul explained to me they do not have anybody there at their office but would get on the internet and contact e-movers.

My experience 2 guys loaded the same size truck within 6 hours and I was only charged $385.00. I called this U-Haul location and spoke to the women and couldn't really get a word in edge wise, for she was screaming at me then hung up. I called back and a man answered, I informed him maybe we were disconnected somehow. WOW no we weren't and he was yelling, that I couldn't understand all he was saying. I asked for his boss and was told she was the boss. I stated I knew there was someone over their heads for me to talk to and was told there was not.

I informed him I would be contacting the Attorney General's Office and also the Better Business Bureau. He hung up on me as well. My opinion it took those two men over 6 hours to load. Myself (135 pounds) and one other guy had that U-Haul unloaded in three and a half hours.

Company Response 11/12/2009:

My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to offer you my apology for the rude treatment you received at our U-Haul Dealer. Please be advised the U-Haul Dealer in question is an independent business and not U-Haul owned. This means they rent U-Haul trucks and trailers as an additional service to the public, however, their main business is their mini-storage. We do have a regular program for counseling with dealers to give them the benefit of our experience in successful U-Haul service. As independent businessmen they are free to accept or reject our suggestions in accordance with their own independent judgment. Please be assured the information you provided will be forwarded to our Regional Office for further follow up to ensure our standards are understood and observed. We appreciate the information you provided as it is only through communication with our customers that we learn whether or not our programs are successful.

Poor Experience
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- We had an extremely poor experience with U-Haul Storage. We began renting storage space in June 2009. Paid monthly rent promptly, each month. Beginning in August we began receiving late notices via email and regular mail. Called to inquire, as U-Haul had cashed our checks. They said they didn't have record of payment. I sent in copies of cancelled checks. They then said matter was taken care of. We began receiving phone calls requesting payment, more letters, emails, and my sister began receiving letters.

We paid Sept rent in-person, received receipt, were told we were OK and did not owe any more money. Then began receiving late notices and pre-lien notices for Sept rent as well. More phone calls, letters, emails to us and to my sister. Embarrassing, annoying. I called U-Haul several times, was put on hold for 20-plus minutes, no one ever came back on the line. Would receive calls from employee, I disputed charges, saying we had paid rent, he suggested we talk to manager, was put on hold for again 20-plus minutes, no one answered line. Called other times, was told someone would call me back, no one did.

We finally went in yesterday to remove our belongings and take them elsewhere, and discovered we were LOCKED OUT (the dreaded "red lock). Spoke to manager who said he couldn't do anything on his end, it was some computer glitch (this has now happened 2xs, we have receipts and copies of all canceled checks!). I came prepared with copies of everything (which I had previously sent to them). Manager let us in, we took stuff out.

This is a very disappointing and frustrating experience. We have used U-Haul in the past for moving (truck rentals) and have never had a problem. I would not recommend U-Haul Storage to any of my friends or family, as U-Haul seems to be very disorganized when receiving payments. U-Haul did not credit payments to our account but cashed the checks anyway. Completely unacceptable.

Bad Customer Service!
By -

SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- I have not used U-Haul since this incident and never will again. I reserved a truck for my moving day and when I got there to pick it up everything seemed to go OK. The guy behind the counter asked me for an "estimated return time" and I said that I would hope to be done my 5:00 pm of the same day. I left with the truck that I ordered and proceeded to start my move. Things got behind schedule and I hadn't finished by 5:00.

Around 6:00 I got a call from the man I spoke to at the pick-up location. He said that I was an hour late with the truck and that it had been rented to someone else. I attempted to explain that he had asked me for an "estimated" time I would return the truck and I saw no time obligations in my contract. At this point he began to get hostile. He said that I did not have it back by the time that I had stated, and that I would now "be charged an additional $400 per hour for every hour" I keep the truck! I was in shock! (This was not in my contract either.)

I asked to speak with his supervisor and he handed the phone to a female worker. I attempted to explain to her that the man I was speaking with was yelling at me and that I was not happy with their service. She cut me off and informed me that I must have been mistaken and that she had trained him herself. At this point I felt more like I was being handled by some hostile collection agency than by a rental car company. I then said that I was not going to pay the $400 "late fee" as this was not specified in my contract to which she replied that she might be willing to "waive that fee" if I were to return the truck promptly.

When I said that I would return it as soon as I could. She seemed very frustrated with me and I could hear her talking to someone while trying to muffle the phone in order to cover up the several profanities she used when referring to me. I returned the truck around 7:00 pm. When I got there they were very abrupt with me and there was no mention of the supposed $800 I owed them in "late fees." Then they tried to charge me for extra gas when I returned the truck with a full tank. This whole experience was absolutely childish!

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