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Took to Much Money for Storage
Posted by Rick.wright78 on 06/29/2013
COEUR D ALENE, IDAHO -- So I got a U-haul. The first month is free and my payment was due on June 30th. Well I decided to make my payment for the $79.99 storage unit 3 days early. Somehow it went to $84.98 is what they said okay no big deal tax right? So everything went good with the payment until my bank account balance automatically text me anytime anything is spent on my account. It said the charges were for $97 and 69 cents.

So naturally I call the local store they said a supervisor would call me back well I got no call back. Then I call corporate and was told they are working on it and would call me back still no resolution for days later. I have called the store spoken to many customer service representatives and even corporate. I have been hung up on and they have sworn they only took that much money yet my statement says otherwise.

Trying to get this matter resolved is near impossible so I will be taking them to court for false advertisement because the advertisement was get a storage unit. Want first month free $79.99 a month not 97 dollars in 69 cents a month. I have talked to an attorney and what they did is considered false advertisement and theft. I am in the middle of filing Better Business Bureau dispute. And before I got the storage unit I rented one of their trucks and they told me the gas tank was full it was not. I had to fill up the gas tank from half way and yet they would not result that matter with me also.

When I first got the storage unit they did not explain to me anything where was that I had to ask other people where to go. This whole you Haul experiences been very stressful very time consuming and now has over John my account costing me way more money than it should have. The resolution I am seeking in this is training for customer service representatives, new management at court Elaine and all my money back for the you Haul truck for storage for my time and a free month of storage because a true customer service department would have helped me get through this and the store would not keep ignoring me.

I have tried to go into the store and was told somebody is in my account working on this and yet nobody is. Because when I call corporate they said they do not have any information on this and I will get a phone call within 24 hours it has now been 5 days this is not OK. They think that people have all this money when we don't. I live on a limited budget income for me my wife and my 5 kids As is we are already homeless living out of a hotel.
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Don't Walk, RUN Away From UHaul Fast as You Can.
Posted by BDMHaskin on 06/21/2013
TEXAS -- Several months ago, I was planning a cross-country move and checked into UHaul's U-Box Pods system. I spent an entire day on the phone with them, because I kept getting "transferred" and cut off. I spoke with seven different people, and got seven different quotes for the exact same scenario. They refused to send me a quote in writing (ie. an email) until I'd paid them an amount ranging from $240 to $650, depending on who I was talking with. I asked to speak with a manager, and kept being transferred randomly to various non-managers. Not that it mattered, because when I did get someone who said he was a manager, he was as clueless as the rest of them. I had such bad vibes about the company that I changed my entire plans for the move and did NOT use UHaul.

Now my son has made a cross-country move, and he did use UHaul's U-Box pods. He's been in his new location for a month, and hasn't gotten anything except a runaround from UHaul. They didn't show up to pick up the boxes the day they said they would. They sent him an email stating they were going to charge him for storage, even though he doesn't want anything stored. They were supposed to have delivered the boxes within two weeks. It's a month - no boxes, and no one seems able to tell him where they are or when they'll be delivered. He's been reduced to threatening them with legal action if they don't deliver.

Carry your worldly goods on your back if you have to, but avoid UHaul like the plague. I've never dealt with a more inept, unprofessional, poorly run company in my life, and that includes spending endless hours on hold with AT&T's laughably named customer service. I did get to hear at great length about one UHaul rep's daughter, who's a long haul trucker, so if that's what you want from a moving company, then maybe they're right for you. Anyone who actually wants to move their possessions would be well advised to look elsewhere.
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Posted by Julie on 2013-07-10:
I had very much the same experience. I was quoted one amount, after I packed my boxes they LOST the account and had to re-do my reservation. The quoted amount was over $300 difference. I put in multiple requests to contact and was NEVER called back. I left "high priority" requests to specific locations to be contacted. Never returned my calls. The only way I was ever able to talk with an actual location was if they happened to answer the phone. Upon the delivery of my boxes, I was told I was being charged an additional $450 for delivery fees. BOTH of my quotes were directly to my location. Hidden fees, no phone calls returned, terrible service! I have used PODS and they are a dream!
Posted by Paaduun on 2013-07-23:
I will glady pay more $$ to use penske or budge over uhaul for any and all of my future moving needs. Never again will I be a customer of u-haul.
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Rip-off....never Go There Again!!!!
Posted by Rbnyy15 on 08/01/2012
BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT -- I'm sure I don't have to go in too much detail. From reading most of the reviews already posted, mine is similar too. It's a total rip off. How do you advertise a low price for the trucks and then the next thing you know you're paying almost 300.00 dollars for a truck that was 29.95 to rent to begin with.

That's ok Uhaul...be like the rest of the businesses out there....rip off America and laugh now. The next thing you know, no one will be using your garbage service and you will also be subject to closing down and boarding up the windows.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-02:
Your review needs to give details because I have no idea to what you refer. The majority of complaints have to do with there not being a truck available at your location when you go to pick it up.

I've seen no complaint about overcharging, especially $29.95 turning into $300. If this happened often nobody would rent from them.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-08-02:
Did you rent this locally or take it out of state? The lower prices are usually for a one day local rental and return...the higher price is usually when you take it out of state one way.
Posted by Unkown on 2012-10-06:
Most people on these forums complain a lot, your told at the begining of the rental what your charges will be such as rental rate of truck and cents per mile..younsign the contract aknowloging these charges..before you leave....
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Deceptive- Rental Practice
Posted by Anizaf31 on 07/24/2012
Mother's Attic attachment not covered with insurance??? No one said anything and it is not in contract. I will be going to court. Horrific!
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Incompetent and disrespectful
Posted by Thao.naranin on 05/15/2012
EDMONTON -- Complaint about a Canadian U-Haul at Edmonton (9521-51st avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E4W8 Canada).

Complete dissatisfaction with the unprofessional services and disrespect demonstrated by several staff members . The experience has left us with the impression that U-Haul’s advertising is completely false and we will not be recommending your business to anyone in the near future.

We booked a 26` truck at U-Haul online more than 3 weeks in advance for our planned household move. We were supposed to have it at 9 am.

My husband arrived at the pick up location on time but was told to wait. The staff members did not have the courtesy to give a word of explanation as to the status of the rental despite my husband having asked several times. He was finally told at 10:15 am that there was no truck available and that he could register on a waiting list in case a vehicle suddenly became available. My husband was very dissatisfied as he had waited for so long for nothing, and also considering that he had asked for a day off at work and that several people were also waiting at home to help us move. This created a huge loss of time for several people.

My husband decided that U-Haul had wasted enough of our time and decided to leave and asked for a refund as per the slogan you so proudly display on your website as “$50 back if we can’t provide you with the vehicle you booked”. Not only did the staff member tell him it was not possible to give him this refund because he had changed his reservation (and please note SHE had changed the reservation by putting him on a waiting list) but in addition, if he left, he would be charged for not picking up the vehicle without a 24h notice. This was completely inappropriate as you not only failed to meet your commitments in the first place, you then expect your customers to pay for multiple mistakes due to mismanagement and poor organization.

My husband, who does not speak fluent English, as we arrived from France last year, asked for better explanations. Other customers present had supported him, saying it was ridiculous to take so many online reservations without checking the availability. He was then referred to your on-site manager. She was obviously not happy to deal with the situation. Several times while my husband was trying to find his words in English, the on-site manager interrupted him and prevented him from speaking by talking louder and louder without listening to him. My husband finally lost his temper and demanded that she let him speak. Suddenly, she portrayed herself as a victim, claiming she would not tolerate his attitude and that she was calling the police… For what? For having not been able to do her job respectfully and properly? For having taken advantage of someone who could not communicate as easily as she could? For choosing to ignore a problem she was supposed to deal with as a manager and for which U-Haul is completely responsible for?

This is a much more serious problem than mere incompetence or unprofessional customer service. Her attitude, mixing bad faith and dishonesty, is an intolerable lack of respect for my husband, as a customer first, but as a person above all, that should not be tolerated from anyone.

It is a shame for a company such as yours, internationally recognized, claiming to be the largest moving operator, to offer such poor quality service (incompetent and disrespectful) as your agents and manager displayed. After reviewing the many bad customer reviews on your website, it can be clearly seen that I am not inventing or dramatizing the situation. There are many similar disrespectful situations presented there.

For the reasons discussed above, I have sent this letter to you and I intend to forward this complaint to anyone dedicated to these kinds of issues.
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-05-15:
Wow, this is the best written review I have seen on this site! Nice job! As for your complaint, I agree with you completely. This was ridiculous and this SHOULD BE addressed by someone at UHaul HQ.. totally unacceptable.

Good review!
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U Haul Sucks
Posted by Huntrjss393 on 06/04/2011
Rented a 8 foot trailer online and after answering several questions about the vehicle I was using to pull the trailer with I made my appointment to pick it up the next morning. I arrived at the Addison location about ten minuets early. When I pulled up I saw one of the reps in front smoking and talking on her cell phone. I went in were I waited for about 30 min. I walked up to the counter and presented my order number and the representative said I see you are using a 04 Jeep Wrangler. I responded yes and was told that they do not rent to any vehicle with a soft top.

Now why don't they ask that question on line when they are asking you all about the vehicle you will be using. This was a complete waste of time and I will never use them nor recommend their services.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-04:
You're right - it would be great if they had such limitations on the website. I wonder how long the list would be.

I took an 8' trailer I had used back a few years ago, and was informed that they should have never rented it to me because my hitch mount did not have a rating stamped on it. I guess it is the luck of the draw, do to speak.
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Getting a lock cut off
Posted by Wbilth on 03/07/2011
SANFORD, FLORIDA -- My wife managed to lose both keys to out storage lock. I asked U-haul if they could just cut the old one off and I would buy a new one to replace it. They said they couldn't do that that I should call a locksmith. WTF? How do they get into units that have defaulted on their rent? Do THEY call a locksmith every time? Just seems silly to me!
I see some u-haul managers have responded trying to defend their silly policy. Nothing was in MY contract about getting a lock cut off. Also, they require you to buy THEIR locks. Very poor customer service!
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Posted by 2inform on 2011-03-07:
It's in the contract.
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-07:
Why don't you just it cut off, with a pair of bolt cutters?

Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-07:
Yep, you're problem, not theirs.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-07:
When people don't pay for their lockers, U-Haul goes to the trouble (aka expense) to remove the lock and clean out the locker.

When renters lose their keys, it is the renter who has to arrange to break into the locker, unless that service is provided in the contract.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-03-08:
You know they have a set of bolt cutters right under the desk. They could have done this for you, easily, after checking to ensure you were the actual renter of the unit. They didn't. I'm sure there's a policy dreamed up in some boardroom when someone said they'd make $100 more per decade if they quit doing this for you.

I'd take my business elsewere. Thanks for the post.
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Disgusting Customer Service, Shabby Collection Practices
Posted by Srands on 02/22/2011
CRYSTAL, MINNESOTA -- I rented a truck for the day. There was a winshield incident. I called them immediately to let them know, CSR said we will deal with it when you bring truck back. When I got back ,He demanded 400 cash, I declined, I had full coverage ins, he stated they don't deal with insurance companies. I refused to pay. I tried to pay for the cost of my rental. He refused to take my money or insurance info. Then he claimed there was a ton of damage done to you Haul besides window, to his dismay I took pictures! My ins company took it from there, then they sent me to collections for the 40 rental fee, never sent me a bill no notice or anything.

The man was shaking, sweating, totally irrational. I would never rent another truck from these idiots again!!!!!!!!!!!!! rip offs
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-22:
All of this should have been included in your contract. I don't understand why he wouldn't let you pay for the rental at the time you returned the truck.

Last December we rented a truck from Budget Truck Rentals. They were actually a great company to work with. We bought their insurance policy--which was minimal compared to the cost of paying for a damaged truck (under $30 dollars). Their rental rates were much lower than U-Haul's too and the truck operated perfectly during our 3 hour drive. It was a one-way move and it still was pretty inexpensive.

After having problems with mechanical and availability issues with U-Haul, we won't use them either. Budget is a great and better alternative. Thanks for the post.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-22:
What chowderheads. It sounds like because he couldn't extort $400 out of you, he refused to process the payment for the truck.

Good for you for standing your ground, but it really stinks this resulted in you being sent to collections. For $40.
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U-haul computer glitch allowed them to steal money
Posted by Mindbender1966 on 01/10/2011
KILLEEN, TEXAS -- On 1 January U-haul experienced a computer glitch which aloud their account system to charge my banking account 16 times for the rental of a truck. They wiped out my account on payday. I had just moved into a new home and rent was due as well as my rental deposit. I contacted the U-haul office to which I had rented from as well as their customer service office. Here I sit 10 days later broke, two over drafts, and a maxed out credit card and after calling them each day the best I got from U-haul each day is the check is in the mail. I am a soldier and I move allot. I have used many different moving companies over the years with little to no problems. In this case U-haul has made me feel insignificant, helpless and at the mercy of a big corporate company. I can't tell you that any of the other companies are any better but I can ensure you that with regards the U-haul you, as a customers, are merely a source of revenue. Even if they knowingly steal your money don’t expect any sympathy or urgency from this corporation.
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Posted by karleebarlee on 2011-01-10:
A computer glitch isn't really anything they do on purpose. The check very well could be in the mail on it's way to you. Unfortunately, processing checks like that take time. And if it was a computer glitch like that, they probably had to process hundreds, maybe thousands, of checks. At least they are sending you a check for you to get your money back.
Posted by saj80 on 2011-01-10:
Another good example of why not to use a debit card for these types of transactions. I hope you get this resolved in a timely manner, but next time, use your credit card.
Posted by memoryx57 on 2011-01-10:
Granted, he should have used a credit card. That in NO WAY negates the fact they THEY had a computer error. This is not a run of the mill overcharge!! And the resolution should NOT be routine. It doesn't matter what it cost's them, they should have either reversed the charges or had a check overnight. This is absolutely unacceptable!! If I were you I'd contact my bank and find out who you can file a complaint with if you haven't already filed one with U-Haul. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-10:
This is why I never use a Debit card. Once the get your cash you are out of luck until they decide to give it back. I always use a credit card for all purchases.. Its much better using someone elses money.
Posted by iceman123 on 2011-01-10:
Your pretty lucky. They have not told me a check is in the mail. I did have a credit card. Those fools kept insisting on using the debit card. U haul is going to screw people out of a lot of money on this.
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Added Stress
Posted by Hate UHaul on 01/06/2011
EBENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Horrible! I rented a U-Haul by phone 2 weeks before our move. I was assured that everything was ok. I called the night before to make sure the truck was there and ready to go- I was informed by the manager that he "just got off the phone with U-Haul" (convenient) and the Johnstown office would not bring our truck to them. I asked "When were you going to let me know this?" He did not have an answer. I called Johnstown (45 minutes out of our way-and we were on a very tight schedule with the movers)and was told that it was the other facility's responsibility to pick up the truck. Nothing like adding to the stress of moving.
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Posted by rockfishing on 2011-01-06:
All the truck rental places do this. They just want the truck rented, reservations mean nothing.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-06:
These complaints surprise me, because I never had this happen. I rented trucks to move maybe 7 times in my life, and never once was there not a truck there.
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