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Very Bad Experiences With Ultimate Fares Aka Cheap Flight Sales
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I cannot but share my very negative experiences with "Ultimate Fares" also known as "Cheap Flight Sales." Doing business with them is not only frustrating, aggravating and fruitless, but a total waste of time that yields absolutely nothing.

I had the misfortune of being forwarded a link to their site someone said he'd seen online, when I mentioned that I was trying to purchase an international ticket. After I had gone through the whole process of "supposedly" purchasing online, with a notification that my CC had already been charged and my money was non-refundable, I checked my e-mail later for the promised confirmation only to be told to now fill out and mail a CC authorization form and my license and CC copy, which I did.

That same night I tried to call to make sure the transaction was legitimate since I'd never used them, but a recording said they were closed, so I sent an email to their help"less" desk. By the next day when I called to confirm the E-Ticket no., I was told the fare had gone up $700. I was astonished that a ticket I had been told was already purchased was now supposedly cancelled and 40% higher than what I had paid and was assured had been charged. The sales people were of no help either.

I decided to book the reservation directly with the airline, but was told the computer was down, and since time was of the essence I made the foolish mistake of giving this incompetent outfit another opportunity to sell the ticket.

This time I called their no. directly instead of booking online to avoid any excuses and possible incompetence. The woman whom I spoke to assured me that the ticket was already paid for and my CC would be charge the moment she gave me a confirmation no. I was then told to expect my confirmed itinerary to be followed up with another itinerary within 24 hours that would have the eticket no. and my receipt.

Although she assured me everything was processed, I still didn't feel assured because of my previous experience. I did check my email and saw the itinerary, but didn't want to have my hopes until I actually had the E-Ticket and receipt in the 2nd itinerary promised.

When I again checked my email, instead of the promised 2nd itinerary, what I got was another CC authorization form again requesting the copy of my CC and license.

Despite the fact that I had already submitted these, I again faxed them. Because of the time difference I decided to stay awake until they opened to call and confirm receipt as well as notify them that I had not received the 2nd itinerary as promised.

To my shock when I called these b*stards had the audacity to tell me that the fare had again increased by $300 and that they had not yet processed the payment or ticket despite my being told this was already done when I spoke to the sales person on the phone the previous night.

I requested to speak with a Supervisor and conflicting info. was given. I was first told that the supervisor leaves by 4 p.m. then I was told the supervisor doesn't come until evening. It is infuriating enough that this outfit has a bunch of outsourced people whose accents you can barely understand especially when they are lying and deceiving their customers, but their rudeness only compounds matters.

I am extremely angry because I could have purchased my ticket directly from the airline, but now these b*stards due to their deceptive business practices, misrepresentation, lies and incompetence have cost me time, sleep and money and I'm expected to purchased my ticket for at least $1000 dollars more.

The same agency that stated that my CC had already been charged at the time of purchase and that my payment was non-refundable was now telling me that it hadn't been charged, but is usually delayed until their billing dept. gets around to it, hence the up to 24 - 48 hrs lapses in time and reason for exorbitant fare increase.

This is nothing but hogwash. I should probably be glad that I didn't purchase from them as worse things could happen and one might get stranded in another country due to their incompetence and deception. My only prayer is that my CC is not fraudulently used since I provided all details including my CCV no.

After having a confirmation with them that was cancelled for no reason within 24 hours and then again in less than 12 hours only to tell me the prices are much higher now I can only advice you to be very wary of Ultimate Fares' "Bait and Switch" practices as I cannot but say that their crooked and deceptive practices has cost me tremendously. I was finally able to purchase a ticket I could have purchased since last weekend elsewhere but it cost me at least $1000 more because of their deceptive delaying "Bait and Switch" tactics.

The Federal Trade Commission’s policies and regulations, says deception exits "If there is a representation, omission or practice that is likely to mislead the consumer acting reasonably in the circumstances, to the consumer's detriment." Ultimate fares certainly deceived me twice into believing that tickets will be issued after receiving payment and other demands from me only to leave me stranded and cost me plenty.

BTW "Ultimate Fares" is the same company doing business as "Cheap Flight Sales". I discovered this while searching for tickets online, and when I clicked to purchase at the stated price, I realized it was a bogus site. When I tried to call their no. directly, I realized it was the same tel. no. as the deceptive "Ultimate Fares." No wonder the results were the same. Negative

I would NEVER again visit their site or call, let alone attempt to purchase from this deceptive agency and would under NO circumstances ever recommend them to another person.
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User Replies:
BobJohn on 08/01/2008:
Dispute it all on with your credit card company, immediately.
Crystal777 on 11/19/2008:
I wanted to add an update to the Ultimatefares.com fiasco, so Buyers should BEWARE.

After being scammed by the 'Bait and Switch' tactics of Ultimatefares.com aka Cheapflightsales.com they had the audacity to again pull another scam by fraudulently charging my credit card without my implied or expressed consent for Travel insurance which I never discussed, requested, authorized or bought.

When I saw the charge on my credit card and called the no. of the insurance provider. I was told that Ultimatefares.com automatically processes travel insurance for all those who contact them to purchase tickets. I thought this was absurd considering I never purchased a ticket from them let alone discuss travel insurance.

This company is indeed FRAUDULENT and should be shut down considering the amount of fraudulent complaints I've read about them over the internet, including those by ex-employees which are NOT disgruntled comments, since they only CONFIRM the fraudulent practices of Ultimatefares.com which we consumers that were conned and scammed have already stated in our complaints.

Some are available here for your perusal, so customers beware http://ultimatefares.pissedconsumer.com/ultimatefares-com-and-cheapflightsales-com-is-the-same-company-20080321116048.html

I advise everyone else who has been scammed to report to the Better Business Bureau, and please check your credit cards for months after any contact with them, as they count on your not doing so, to get away for continuing to rip you off. This too was confirmed by other complainants and ex-employees.
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Fraudulent Charges; Dishonest Work Practices
Posted by on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I attempted to purchase tickets on the Ultimate Fares website, but the website showed "website error, please contact agent at 1-800 number". I called their website and the agent said they were experiencing very high volume and to keep refreshing my browser until I got a confirmation. I never did, the error message kept coming up, so I bought the tickets directly from the airline. Then, I check my email. Three reservations had been made. I called them back immediately and explained what had happened and my discussion with the agent re: refreshing my browser which resulted in many purchases of the same ticket and told them I didn't need any of the tickets, since I bought them from the airline directly. They charged me $50 a piece for the tickets and $24 a piece for an 'agent fee' which means talking to agent on the phone.

I challenged the fees on my credit card and they couldn't get UF to rescind their charges, so my cc company paid the $24 fees, but not the $50 fees. Now they hound me day and night, by phone, email and mail that they are going to charge me the full amount for all of the tickets, plus the $50 fee for each. Unbelievable. A total scam and dishonest business practice.
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User Replies:
Ponie on 05/24/2008:
Take a look at some of the other complaints shown on this forum regarding this same problem. Never, never, never buy tickets through a third party. You were able to locate M3C to lodge a complaint, why didn't you do your research in advance?
luv2travel on 05/26/2008:
This problem is probobly because you pressed the button to book your ticket too many times, I have used Ultimate Fares and did not have anyproblems, I found it to be a good price for the non stop flights I wanted, a lot of people don't know how to use the computer correctly and end up causing problems for themselves and for the companies. Next time you have to read and pay attention before booking yourself a reservatoin.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
MULTIPLE CITIES, NEVADA -- I have never experienced such terrible customer service!! I spent 6 hours on hold. I started out as customer #9 with an estimated 60 minute wait time and after 4 hours ended up as caller #1 with a 2 minute wait which eventually went to me being still caller #1 but again with a 60 minute wait time. During all the time on hold I was using their emailing site to correspond with their rep and repeatedly asked for other numbers so I could call to speak directly with a supervisor.

In the end they disconnected me and I never did get resolution through Ultimatefares.
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User Replies:
Vicky123 on 04/01/2008:
I used to sork for them and I really feel for you. They are the absolute worst.
Vicky123 on 05/23/2008:
Travel Guard is the company that Ultimatefares.com and Cheapflightsales.com charge you for Travel Insurance. Their website was built and designed to charge people for Travel Insurance when you do not even elect to choose it. They have ripped off thousands of people and they get monthly checks approximately $20,000 each month.

The owner of Ultimatefares.com is stating I am a discrunted employee and is writing lies about me and his company. I ran their billing department and I know that this company will rip you off left and right, forwards and backwards, they are scam artists. The owner Roni writes Reviews calling himself Samantha and a lot of other bogus names as he tries to protect his company and image. If anyone has been ripped off from this man and company please send me an email to randi dot greenberg at yahoo dot com and I will advise you exactly how to stop this man from ripping you off.

I will be more than happy to explain to you exactly how to go about filing a Chargeback which is disputing the Fraud Charge on your credit card. This man Roni, dba Samantha is scared Chiittless as he know my posts are true and his business is in big trouble. When I worked there my last month I had spoken to approximately one hundred people that received error messages on his website, booked elsewhere as they did not think there tickets had gone through, when they did and got charged for two sets of tickets and this company will not be refunding their money. Roni Herskovitz is Fraud and so is Ultimatefares.com, Cheapflightsales.com, Travel Services, Arcade Travel, and Interglobe, oh my god so many names. If anyone needs additional information about this Fraud huming imbosil, please contact ARC in Virginia. Ultimatefares.com must be on good behavior with them or else, well Roni, want the plugs pulled again so you cannot sell any tickets and have to used Indian Consolidators "Skybird" and Trams Am Travel to book your tickets.

Your Fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicky123 on 05/27/2008:

Ultimatefares.com and Cheapflightsales.com are the same company doing terrible online web travel business practices. I have recently booked a trip for my family and received an error message advising me to call in. After being on hold for over one hour, I finally got connected to a person (Indian) who could hardly speak any English nor speak it. After spemding over an hour on the phone with him as he could not understand Emglish,
He told me I did not have a reservation. I then decided not to book another flight with this company due to the type of customer service I was receiving from this Indian Man but the terrible customer service I was receiving. I then called the Airline directly and booked my flight with them. Two days later I received an email stating an Airline Itinary from Ultimatefares.com which the Indian Employee advised me there was no reservation in my name. I then called Ultimatefares again waited over an hour and got to another Indian Man and he did indeed tell me I had a reservation for my family. I was aphauled and he told me I could cancel and receive a credit with the Airlines for up to one year from date of purchase. I did not want a credit as I cannot afford a credit with the airlines as I wanted my money back. I then got the corporate number and spoke to a lovely lady
(American) who was the Billing Manager and she felt terrible about what I went through.
She advised me that I was truly rigjht and I should file an Airline Chargeback as I was
Charged for airline tickets when I should not have. This wonderful employee dreaded to tell me such terrible news about the company she worked for. I was also charged for Travel Insurance which I did not select and I was on with Travel Guard for over an hour
Trying to get it refunded. Please stay away from these two terrible Web Based Companies as they will steel your momey
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