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Jewelry Refund
Posted by on
ASHLAND, OHIO -- DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ULTIMATE SHOPPING NETWORK! I have never in my life dealt with such an irresponsible company. They are more than willing to take your order and your money. I was luckier than some in that I did receive my orders after many many weeks of calling to inquire on their whereabouts, only to be disappointed when they finally arrived. I returned all merchandise expecting the 30-day money back guarantee that was promised. I have not yet received a refund of almost $3,000. This has been ongoing since June, 2006. I have been trying to contact anyone that has half a brain that would speak with me regarding my account. Those in customer service, which as I now understand has been contracted to a company in India, would listen as I would repeat the same information over and over week after week only to be told that I would receive a refund in 10 days. The last time I called I was told it would take another 15-30 days max. Well I'm still waiting. I was told that everything goes through the accounting department and when I asked to speak with someone in charge no one was available at that time, no supervisors, managers or CEO. Mark Miller (CEO),surely he could authorize a refund! It was a simple transaction, two items ordered, two items returned, this is what you owe me. Issue a refund! These managers and supervisors were always in meetings every time I called. I looked up phone numbers on the net and no one would answer when I called. I've emailed but no response from that either. I sent along a 3-page letter on my last return item and put a note in it to forward to management, nothing came from that as I expected. I was told by customer service to leave a message and someone would contact me within 24 hours, that never happened. At this point I felt as though I was somewhere in the Twilight Zone. Was anyone else having the same trouble as I was? Could it be that I have been scammed? You know how you get that sickening feeling inside and want to fight back but don't know where to start? Somehow by divine intervention I suppose,I managed to get through to speak someone that I could understand. His side of the story was that he understood my situation, well thank God, he UNDERSTANDS!! I was told by him that USN was backlogged in their paperwork, they didn't want to hire anymore people, and that I would be getting a refund but he didn't know when. Well, that certainly MAKES ME FEEL BETTER!! He didn't say anything to ease my uncertanities. After all of this I did a little research on the internet and found that USN filed bankruptcy in 2003 or 2004, their stocks aren't doing good, etc. you get the picture. So after months of me getting no where and still seeing their program on Direct TV where they tell you "take it out and shop it" "we guarantee it'll be worth double what you pay for it" I tuned in one day and they were off the air. I called Direct TV and they didn't know where they went, just that another show had taken their place. USN said that they would be back on the air in one week, that has now been at least a month. So after all of this aggravation I called my credit card company. I explaned the situation and send all documentation that they requested to them. They are going to give me credit back to my card although I don't know if it will be the full amount. If you are having this same problem, and you used a credit card to make the purchase, contact your credit card company, they are willing to work with you to help resolve the problem. In the meantime USN shouldn't get away with this. There must be thousands of people out there who are out of a bunch of money. Shame on you USN!!
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millymolly on 02/07/2007:
Hi Hoopie, welcome to the world of USN. I have gone through almost word for word, email for email and phonecall for phonecall since approx August 2006 after ordering Jewelry in July 2006. Everything you have done I have almost copied. I got NOTHING ! I had a bad feeling way back but found no complaints on the Internet at the time and thought I was going nuts !! Everyone you read about has the same problem, I saw them go off TV and called, yep I got India, I asked where is the TV program they told me it will be back in a week !! Somehow so far they are getting away with it, where do we go next? who do we March on to let them know what's happening and for how long its been happening? Any suggestions would help many. Thanks for your post.
Marcia Arizona on 02/07/2007:
Hello from Marcia Arizona. I have posted many times regarding this company. I too am sorry that I ever shopped with USN! Fortunately I found this website after only a short period of time, and I was able to get my money refunded by my bank. I can relate to the frustration from this company. I have reported them to the SEC, the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General, E-Government, and anyone else that will take my complaint.

I agree that there must be something illegal in continuing to sell jewelry and other items, that the company KNOWS it doesn't have, AND cannot get. As I indicated in my post, the company admitted that they have been having a cashflow problem for a long time. All of the money paid for orders goes to their bankruptcy payment plan, and to payback the suppliers that they owe. This company doesn't have the money to refund your money, because they are more than $5M in debt to their suppliers. The CEO admitted to the SEC that they are unable to fulfill their customers' orders because of this reason. So, bottom line, they are selling what they don't have and cannot get. Isn't that fraud?
dfields on 02/12/2007:
if the CEO admitted to the SEC they are unable to provide merchandise bought, why are they still operating? can you sue the SEC? lol... that would be a riot!!
millymolly on 02/12/2007:
Marcia I applaud you for not letting them get away with it........I check this site daily, I did not give them as much money as many others did but 1 cent is 1 cent I want back that they have no right to keep so I won't give up
diamondgirl on 02/15/2007:
Yes, it is fraud what this company is doing to people, if they cannot refund our money they should be put in jail. I cannot believe this is happening to us. I also reported them to all the agencies you mentioned, hope something comes of it. Whoever is reading this, please do the same, there is power in numbers. Thank You
diamondgirl on 03/28/2007:
Just want all of you to know the latest on my experience with USN, after two months, I finally heard from the Calif. Attorney General, I was told they can do nothing to help me because USN is out of business, they suggested I get an attorney. Luckily I don't have to because my money was credited back to my account by my Credit card, I caught it in time, thank God, I would have been out $2,700.00. When USN started giving me the run around I had a funny feeling they were scamming me, so I didn't play around with them back and forth too long.
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Diamond Ring
Posted by on
In 2006, I ordered and paid for a diamond ring that cost $450.00 And never received. I called many times with reassurance that I would receive my ring. After many calls, I finally talked to someone in India who also promised the same. No ring or no refund. I am paying for this on my credit card even though I paid for but received no merchandise. Now, no one will answer the number I used for the previous calls to customer service.

Still have my credit card statement with purchase on it. Will they ever pay for the fraud they have committed? Nannie
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User Replies:
MRM on 01/28/2008:
After all the complaints against this company, why are they still in business?
Anonymous on 01/28/2008:
Why didn't you dispute the charge with your credit card company?
chris513 on 01/28/2008:
Ken nailed it. Try disputing this charge w/ your cc company as this looks like a clear case of fraud to me.
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Here is the reason why USN cannot deliver...
Posted by on
CALL USN AT (310) 229-2299, ARIZONA -- I have been researching Ultimate Shopping Network for the past week or two, since they have screwed me on a $649 ring I bought. The amazing thing I see (READ THE PARAGRAPH BELOW)is that the company has been having problems with cash flow for a while, as notated in their Quarterly Report to the SEC. Their CEO reports that they cannot deliver paid orders because of it. This report was submitted to the SEC in November 2006. Interestingly enough, their CEO is ALSO the company's Principal Accounting Officer!

Bottom line is: They cannot pay their suppliers, which means they are continuing to sell what they don't actually have. And, after they take your money, they cannot give you a refund for the unshipped item, because the money is spent (they are in bankuptcy.) This company is WAY in the hole!!

Check out their stock page (symbol is USNR) It's in the toilet. It all makes sense now why no one answers the phone at their company, and why no one gets a refund for items that they cancel or return. believe this constitutes fraud. Here is part of their SEC report (I cut and pasted it in...)

Quarterly Report Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange For Quarter Ended: September 30, 2006
Address of principal executive office)
Issuer’s telephone number, including area code — (310) 229-2299

NET SALES — The decrease in net sales was the result of higher returns in the diamond category. We have reduced the time allotted to diamonds for our second quarter programming. In addition, due to cash flow constraints, we have been unable to fulfill all orders. Our backlog has increased from approximately $36,000 at March 31, 2006, to $5,536,000 at September 30, 2006.

Date: November 21, 2006
By: Mark J. Miller Chief Executive Officer And Principal Accounting Officer

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User Replies:
*Brenda* on 01/19/2007:
Yikes, did you put the charge on a credit card that you can dispute?
Noneill on 01/19/2007:
I think there are 2 ways to interpret "all orders". This could mean that none of the orders are sent or that some orders they cannot send. But you are absolutely entitled to be outraged by this. Why are they allowed to keep taking money if they admittedly cannot fulfill (any/or/some) of them?
Anonymous on 01/20/2007:
#7 in complaints of Ultimate in the past 4 weeks. I wonder what's been happening to all the order money they received? Executive lunches? First class travel to diamond markets? The SEC needs to order an audit but I feel all the money is gone to where it's untouchable.
millymolly on 01/24/2007:
Sorry but you won't get your money or goods I have tried since October 2006. I cannot get my credit card to do anything as I left it to late to dispute. My credit card company said good luck we have had a lot of complaints against this company. *Good Luck* no I WANT MY MONEY LIKE THE HUNDREDS OR EVEN THOUSANDS OF OTHERS.
Figment on 01/26/2007:
I am glad to see I am not alone. My order goes back to June of '06. I have made numerous calls to several places. The most recent being last Friday, 1/19/07 to Mr. Jessie McFarland who advised he would either send me my product or refund my money. I was supposed to get a return call last Monday, 1/22/07, and have not. I suggest possibly a class action complaint with the Federal Trade Commission? They are selling and advertising for sell products they do not have which is not legal.
millymolly on 01/31/2007:
wow I have found someone dating back to problems before July 2006. The complaints I have read so far came from orders after my problems found. No we are not alone !! Seems hundreds maybe thousands are owed money or goods and yes I agree we need somehow to get as many as possible together to complain as a whole.
TJ Sheltie on 02/04/2007:
Me too. My order was actually for an auction item which was said to be the "last one" and in hand for immediate shipment. That is definitely fraud !! I have another post too, but I ordered four pieces, and received one. Guess I should be glad I received the one. I did return it because it was defective (the stone in the ring was cracked) and asked for a refund. All this explains why they sent me another ring instead of a refund and told me I could not return the ring again for a second time.

Of my other three orders, I was able to dispute two of them with the credit card company, but the third was past the credit card company's allowable length of time (that one goes back to August 2006). I have talked to someone almost weekly and documented every phone call. I am going to try the corporate office phone # posted by someone else and see if that gets me anywhere (although it probably won't).

I agree with one of the other posters, I want my money back too !! If anyone starts a class action suit, I would be willing (even eager) to join. I am at least glad to see that DirecTV has taken this fraudulent company off the air !!
Cindyc45 on 02/23/2007:
Don't feel so alone anymore. they got me for over $700.00, 1st week of January right before they went off the air on Direct TV. I had 3 orders and received only one. After reading everyones comments, I know now to try to dispute charges instead of waiting for UPS.
Skeelou on 03/02/2007:
I too have been waiting for my refund since January 2007. The items were delivered by UPS but required an adult signature. I signed the paper to leave the package along with a copy of my drivers license (55 yrs old) but they still would not leave the packages. Ultimately they were returned to USN. I have been trying to call but I get either a busy signal or no answer. I e-mailed them but do not receive a response.

Class Action Suit---COUNT ME IN!!!!!
Florida Lady on 03/07/2007:
Count me in on a class action suit against this company. I sent two rings back one was the wrong size and the other was for a refund. Now I read all these horrible stories and I am absolutely furious that they would allow a company to sell items they do not have and/or cannot give a refund. Does anyone have any other phone numbers for any higher ups? Let's let them know we are here and we aren't going to take it anymore!!!
graphic painter on 02/28/2008:
Maybe this can help also. I to could have written the first complaint. Sept 2006, I ordered a 1.5 carat diamond solitaire, supposedly SI2. My account was charged immediately $2514. After many inquiries and a subsequent request to cancel the order, the ring finally arrived in November. I immediately returned it, doing everything required as the stone was totally included. I checked and the ring was delivered a few days later. I have yet to receive my refund and the phone lines and web site no longer work.
I tried to get my Visa card company to dispute the charges but they would not. They said to give it a few more days, so I did then it was to late.
Today Feb. 20, 2008 I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They took down all the information. So maybe if you have been scammed by this Ultimate Shopping Network you should file with FTC also. Their phone # is !-877-382-4357 or go on lline at www.ftc.gov. they go after these guys on behalf of the group.
Good luck
graphic painter on 02/28/2008:
Maybe this can help also. I to could have written the first complaint. Sept 2006, I ordered a 1.5 carat diamond solitaire, supposedly SI2. My account was charged immediately $2514. After many inquiries and a subsequent request to cancel the order, the ring finally arrived in November. I immediately returned it, doing everything required as the stone was totally included. I checked and the ring was delivered a few days later. I have yet to receive my refund and the phone lines and web site no longer work.
I tried to get my Visa card company to dispute the charges but they would not. They said to give it a few more days, so I did then it was to late.
Today Feb. 20, 2008 I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They took down all the information. So maybe if you have been scammed by this Ultimate Shopping Network you should file with FTC also. Their phone # is !-877-382-4357 or go on lline at www.ftc.gov. they go after these guys on behalf of the group.
Good luck
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USN Owes Me For Personal Property
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I worked for USN as a security officer for about six months. I was asked to leave by my company because USN hadn't paid any bills. When I returned a week later to pick up my personal property, a 21" TV and antenna, I was told they mistakenly donated it to the Salvation Army. I sent letters to [name removed], President, [name removed], Comptroller. and [name removed] V.P., asking for compensation. I was assured by [name removed] that I would be compensated.

They all lied. I was never compensated, and now I'm out a TV because of these three crooks.
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Anonymous on 07/28/2007:
If you can prove the TV & antenna were your property then file a police report. However, since you returned a week later they can say you abandoned your property. It's a shame that USN even screws their own employees.
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No Merchandise/No Refund
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YONKERS, NEW YORK -- I won an auction for a diamond ring in August for $2,500+ - my credit card was charged immediately and I never received the merchandise - always being told that it was back ordered, they were having problems with the vendors, etc., etc. After about 3 months I cancelled my order and demanded a refund which I was supposed to get in a few weeks. I never did - in the meantime, the time to complain to my credit card company was up and I am still out the money. I see that I am not alone in this. Is there nothing that can be done. This is obviously fraud and some government agency should be going after this company. Has anyone heard anything? Isn't there anyone out there that can help us?
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MRM on 04/05/2007:
Its funny that the company can quickly charge your credit card but too slow to give your credit back.
Anonymous on 04/05/2007:
You have fallen victim to the newest scam from these companies. They string you along until they know you can't file a chargeback any longer. Once you have passed the point of no return they will ignore you completely. Call the local Los Angeles police and have them arrested for felony theft.

USN Television Group, 2121 Ave of the stars, Los Angeles, California 90067, United States
323 908-8903
Anonymous on 04/05/2007:
I think USN close up shop last last year. There are many complaints against them.
DaBear on 05/28/2007:
Did anyone who had trouble with USN (Ultimate Shopping Network) call the Federal Trade Commission? I don't know if they can help you individually but they do handle consumer fraud actions and might take action against this company.
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Don't wait to seek restitution
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I submitted a review about two months ago stating that I purchased coins for approximately $4,000.00 returned them because of their poor quality and was waiting for a replacement and ultimately a refund. Just to update all of you, I have never received a replacement for the coins or a refund of the purchase price.

I just want to pass this along to all of you--DO NOT WAIT TO SEEK RESTITUTION FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY. YOU ONLY HAVE 90 DAYS TO SUBMIT A CLAIM. I relied on what the customer service people told me--the coins would be in "Friday". After three months of "Fridays" coming and going, I decided to ask for USN to credit my account.

They (USN) are a tricky bunch. I am sure they know that a consumer only has 90 days by law to seek restitution.

By the way, I have called and written to M. Miller and never got a response. I also called the "1-800" operator. I was told there is no 800 number for USN, Ultimate Shopping Network, or any of their other names.
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User Replies:
MRM on 02/28/2007:
Its funny that the company is so quick to charge your credit card but too slow to give you credit.
millymolly on 03/01/2007:
Sorry but you won't get a dime. Keep trying though maybe you can get what hundreds maybe thousands of others can't
Anonymous on 03/01/2007:
millymolly, what does that mean?
millymolly on 03/02/2007:
emt................read all comments on here. I have tried every avenue and come against a brick wall. Nobody wants to know. The people on this site are just a dribble of what is actually going on, nobody has somewhere they can go to find out the amount of people suffering right now
NYLisa on 03/05/2007:
They still have a website. I'll bet you that someone can still go on the site and place an order. I'd also bet that USN would charge your credit card and never ship the merchandise. Even the 800 number to place an order doesn't work anymore. They just keep collecting money without any intention of sending merchandise. I am very surprised that no one is willing to look into the business practices of this company. I even looked up and found another business at the same address and floor as USN. I called (it happened to be a law office) and no one there could tell me if they were still there.
Anonymous on 03/07/2007:
There web site no longer works. http://www.usncorp.com, "The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments."
diamondgirl on 03/28/2007:
I feel very sorry for all of you that were cheated by these crooks, for lack of a better word. I contacted every agency I could think of for help and got none. Just the other day the Calif. Attorney General finally sent me a letter, it took two months, telling me USN is no longer in business so they can do nothing for us. I was lucky, when they started giving me the run around about my order and failed to credit my account as requested, I know something was funny in my gut. I contacted my CC Co. in time and my money was refunded, thank God, almost $3,000.00
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Jewelry undelivered, no refund in 6 months
Posted by on
CABLE TV -- It seems there are plenty of other people who have fallen prey to these people - DO NOT BUT FROM THEM !! Out of 4 orders, I received only one. The one order I did receive, I returned because it was defective and asked for a refund, but they sent me another one instead. Obviously, refunds are against their policy, even when they cannot deliver the merchandise.

I was lucky to have been able to lodge disputes for two of the orders with the credit card company, but the third was past the credit card company's length of time allowed. If you can, contact the credit card company to dispute and they will credit your money back and deal with the company themselves.

I too would be interested in joining a class action - please contact me if one gets started.

Thanks !!
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Anonymous on 02/04/2007:
9th complaint since December. Class actions only benefit the lawyers.
millymolly on 02/04/2007:
Just read your complaint about USN . I come back here daily to see how many other people have found this site because it really helps to see that your not alone, thanks for posting your comments, hopefully somehow we all can get some kind of justice.
diamondgirl on 02/26/2007:
Imagine how many people who would post complaints if they knew about this web site, I came across it accidentally somehow, I don't even remember. There would probably be hundreds of complaints posted.
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Bad customer service
Posted by on
PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA -- Do not trust this company. They are total scam artists. I had tried to purchase a ring in August of 2006 for about $2500.00, and never received it. I waited about six weeks when I decided to cancel my order. Customer service told me it would take 10-14 business days for my refund, but of course that was a lie. Now evertime I call them they tell me it will take another 15-30 days. It is now January 12, 2007 and I have still not received my refund. In fact, I called again today and guess what? They told me it will be 15-30 days!!
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/12/2007:
Typically, you have 60 days to dispute a charge with your credit card company. It appears that have held you off to get you past that time. However, you should still try. There is always the option to sue them to small claims court.
Anonymous on 01/12/2007:
Five complaints about Ultimate Shopping in the past 2 weeks. The complaints are all for the same reason - no refunds issued.
Marcia Arizona on 01/19/2007:
Read my posting from today. According to their SEC Qtrly Report submitted in Nov. 2006, they knew that they couldn't refund people's money because they don't have it. And, they state that they cannot fulfill orders because they cannot pay for the jewelry from their suppliers... It all makes sense now.
diamondgirl on 02/25/2007:
Did you report them to your credit card company, that is a long time since Aug.2006, but at least try. I wish all of you would report them to the FTC, the Calif.BBB, and whoever else may be concerned, I did.
wheeliedave on 02/26/2007:
I had paid them over the phone via atm withdrawal. I'm sure I'm outta luck with the bank. As far as suing them, I have yet to find a lawyer willing to help or talk. I'm in the wrong state to do it myself apparently.
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Posted by on
NEW YORK -- I would not purchase anything again from this company. Customer service is located in India and they tell you that you cannot speak with anyone in the U.S. or credit department; it appears that every time you call for service they read from a script; they tell you the product will be available "Friday"; I finally gave up, asked for a refund in November and they have yet to refund $4,000. I call on an average of 3 times a week and am always told the same thing--there are several factors why you haven't received a refund, we are having accounting issues, no one should have told you you would receive a refund in 10 days, you will be credited within 15-30 days. I have received that exact response every time since the November 10th.
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Anonymous on 01/10/2007:
Did you pay by credit card? If so, the clock is ticking on the limit you have to dispute the charge.
Marcia Arizona on 01/10/2007:
Sorry to hear about this! I don't know how this company stays in business. They seem to be operating just one step above fraudulent. I wonder if anyone has ever sued them? I'll never shop them again. They are just plain awful.
Marcia Arizona on 01/19/2007:
Read my posting from today. I found out more info about this company. They cannot afford to pay their suppliers...which means they cannot ship what they don't have. Yet they continue to advertise the merchandise and take your money for it. They have a negative cash flow, therefore they cannot refund what they don't have either.
millymolly on 01/25/2007:
I go back to an order in July 2006 and all these people I have been reading follow way after me. I have been at them for months and months its so sad to hear so many have fallen victim months after I began my problems with them. If they go under nobody will get anything and somebody got a lot I suggest a website being made for everyone with the same problem to get together because its very difficult on the internet to find where everyone is listing complaints they are spread over many sites.
diamondgirl on 02/15/2007:
When my merchansise didn't arrive within the 2 to 4 weeks I was promised, I did receive a call from India, it was on a Sunday, I could hardly understand the caller and what he was telling me, after having him repeat 2 or 3 times I understood him to say "your mdse. is not available, your credit card was credited. I asked him how the mdse. wasn't available when it was a moving sale, all stock must be sold, we are moving down the street to a new facility, he had no answer. I asked to speak to his mgr., who refused to take the phone. Well I waited for 2 billing cycles on my Visa and no credit, I am now in dispute. Did anyone else see this particular show, it was on 10/04/06, the host was Tony.
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Purchase of item that was never delivered
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I too would like to complain about USN (Ultimate Shopping Network) a home shopping channel found on Dish Network. This company sold items that they never delivered, but charged credit cards. When I started making calls they promised a refund to my credit card (never happened). After many calls, they stopped answering the phone. This company needs to be stopped (the owners are probably now doing the same thing under a different name). Nancy
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/27/2007:
Have you contacted your credit card issuer to refute the charges?
4 Dog mom on 07/28/2007:
I contacted Credit Card company. They gave me a list of things I would have to do (especially since it had been so long). I think USN knew we would run into problems with credit card charge refunds (that's why they kept making promises to refund or replace). My "stupidity"! I learned a lesson and now don't buy from TV jewelry shows.
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