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Ultra Shield, not so "Ultra"
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SOMERSET, KENTUCKY -- In January of 2007 I purchased new furniture. I also purchased a fabric warranty from Ultra Shield. The warranty was paid for with the furniture and did not receive any info on the warranty till after it was bought. My sales lady informed me that if I spilled something on my new furniture and followed all the directions that Ultra Shield would take care of it. If they could not remove the stain then they would replace it, if they could not replace it they would refund my money for that piece of furniture.
In March of 2009 there was baby formula spilled on my ottoman. I contacted Ultra Shield immediately and they told me what to purchase to remove stains. I tried what they told me and did not work. I called them back and they told me they were going to send a co. out to clean and hopefully that would get the stain out. The co. came out and not only did the stains not come out but they cleaned too deep and basically ruined the top of my ottoman. Now I have a ottoman with stains and lines going through it from too deep a cleaning.
After many many many unreturned calls to Ultra Shield I decided to go try to work with the cleaning co. to resolve this. They came out and agreed that it needed to be replaced. They tried to work with Ultra Shield to get this resolved with no luck. This co. has now offerred to cover my ottomon with no charge to me. All I needed to do was purchase the fabric and they would cover the labor. Ultra Shield has refunded my money, prorated of course which I did not receive until about 7 or 8 mos after this process started. I would also like you to know that the store I purchased my furniture from is now closed, however there are other locations still open. Now I have no coverage on my furniture because of course when they send me the prorated check it voided out my warranty.
These people are rude, nasty an they lied about returning my phone calls. I called them everyday for 2 weeks with not one call back. I would highly recommend if you buy new furniture and a warranty is offered to you, ask to read a copy of their contract before you purchase it. Personally I would not purchase anything from this co. Now the cleaning co that they sent out to my home was wonderful, very accommodating. They were hoping to work with Ultra Shield together but Ultra Shield refused.

Ultra Shield Refuses to Clean My 2 Month Old Couch
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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I have been calling since last year to get my couch cleaned because my daughter spilled chocolate on it. I have been put on hold every single time and then the phone goes back telling me to leave a message. After ten phone calls they called me back and then sent my call back to the message and I had to leave another message. I don't know what kind of company this is but I will be asking my money back from living spaces. If I need to find an attorney to do a class action law suit to sue them I will. After the fifth call I should have known this company is not as legitimate as the furniture store said. No one should ever purchase a warranty on their furniture from this company.

Beware of Ultra Shield's numerous exclusions!
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SOMERSET, KENTUCKY -- First off the Ultra Shield wears off after about a year even though the warranty is for 10 years. So it doesn't even really work. It's supposed to prevent cigarette burns but last year a friend dropped their ciggarette & it caused a few holes in the couch which the Ultra Shield is supposed to prevent. It took them almost a year to get the process started & get the replacement part shipped then finally fixed. & every time I would call the lady would never answer your call & you'd have to leave a voicemail which she would constently not return. Well then the side of the recliner started to tear a little from opening & closing & catching on something. They supposedly cover "accidental rips & tears." We called & she never returned our calls finally 2 months later after calling again she returned it. By that time the small tear turned into a 2 inch tear & the back of the recliner on the corners started to fray. & I told the lady how I thought the tear happened but I wasn't sure & she came back & told me that it wasn't covered because of the exclusions of "mutiple damage & unknown damage". Because she took forever to call me back & I said I wasn't completely sure if that's why. Then I talked to a manager & told her what I thought happened & that it should fall under accident tear & she told me that that still wouldn't be covered because it had to have been abuse. Which is also an exclusion. She finally said they would come take a picture. & Of course I had to call 2 months later because I never got a call back & of course it was still not covered. But beware because when you first read the warranty it says it covers "food & drinks, human & pet fluids, mold or mildew, & accidental rips/tears or cigarette burns". But then the exclusions are 4 times longer then the actual warranty which exclude it if it has an "odor" which would contradict the human or pet fluids. Then it excludes "neglect, abuse, or misuse" which they could used to say your food or drink spill or accidental tear is not covered under. So basically everything covered under the warranty they can tell you is not covered from the numerous exclusions that contradicts the warranty. Let alone the product only works for a year. & my warranty is still supposed to cover me for another 8 years & I'm already having problems. DON'T BUY FROM THEM.

Fabric Protection 10 year premium full replacement
By -

Upon purchasing my Lazy-Boy reclining loveseat I also purchased for $150. a warranty with Ultra Shield for fabric damage ie tears and stains. My loveseat is less than 3 years old when I noticed 10 or more small snags or tears in the fabric on the lumbar support area of one side of the loveseat. I called to report this at the 800 number provided on the warranty card. They said it would not be covered because I didn't know exactly how it had happened although I did know immediately within one or two days) when it had happened. What a Scam!!! My 10 years of coverage is worth zilch! No one came out to see the damage. They didn't even want a photo! The store, Burgan's in Spokane, where I bought the loveseat would be my only recourse and they have gone out of business after 25 or 30 yrs. at the same location. I asked if could get my money back for the rest of the 10 yrs. of the warranty (about 7 yrs.) and they said No. My advice to any one is forget about ULTRA SHIELD they have no intention of backing their warranty.

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