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Where did that auto bill come from?
Posted by Rgp on 12/06/2004
I started getting billed on my creditcard from this company.(UMG*AUTOHOTLINE) I thought it was something Capital One was doing without my approval. I tracked it down to JC Whitney auto parts. It turned out to be a $1 charge for coupons that would get you discount services. The thing that you do not notice is it goes to $7.99 per month after the first month if you don't call and cancel. When I recieved the coupons they were nothing I could use but I forgot were or why I got them. It was not the Credit Card companys fault.
It you do not want this to happen. NEVER check any permotion box when ordering anything. I am sure several people out here have done the same. They have a charge they can't figure where it is comming from. I had to go to the CC company. They had to tell me where the charge was comming from. I then had to call and cancel. They had to tell me where it was from.

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Posted by bobmonica on 2006-03-16:
The number to call JC Whitney to cancel is 1-800-843-0864
Posted by clydeandpeg on 2006-03-23:
i called the 800 number and they cancelled the "account" and put me on the DO NOT CONTACT list for future reference. She was very pleasant, even though I was pretty upset.
Live and learn, I guess.
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Another Fraud Story
Posted by Slee354 on 07/12/2005
Well I like the rest of you just discovered today that I have been hit for at least 2 months for $14.95 out of my checking acct. (by way of my debit card) from both of these companies. I have no idea what they are for or where they got my info. I certainly hope that someone somewhere can do something to stop these people. I am going to call the bank to see what I can do to stop this. I have ordered from 2 companies online and you can bet I won't be ordering anything else. It's pretty sad when you think you are on a secure site and then something like this happens. I am going to file a complaint with our BBB. I did respond to the atty from IL, I hope he can do something about these companies.
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Posted by fact-finder on 2005-07-12:
What BBB will do? They will extort money from the said company and write good comment about it. Have you not heard of story Fox guarding the hen house. Read more about BBB elsewhere.
Posted by umgwork on 2005-10-05:
I am a previous employee of umg and yes if it's through the phone...ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED FOR VERIFICATION. And anything on paper IS DOCUMENTED AND KEPT FOR RECORDS WITH PROOF OF SIGNATURE OF THE PERSON. The company has been around for 30 years for a reason!
Posted by CaraM on 2010-01-03:
As of today, there have been 421 complaints filed against UMG (United Marketing Group - http://www.unitedmarket.com) through the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has thus given the company an "F" rating. (See full report at http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/advertising-direct-mail/united-marketing-group-in-schaumburg-il-987#ratingdetails). This company is all about scamming through the fine print. If you find charges on your account, the best thing to do is immediately freeze your credit account and get a new card and account number. Yes, it's a hassle. But this will assure you that UMG can't continue to use the credit info they have for you on file.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-03:
well i've never heard of bbb extorting money from the companies but...

i do think they're kinda useless. they have no legal authority

Instead of the bbb, contact your bank and inform them of the fraudulent charges made to your account.
then get a new debit card with a new pin.

also, ordering online might not be the cause of it. there are other ways your card information may have been hacked, such as a virus on your computer, or improper disposal of personal banking information in your trash.

heck your info could have actually been stolen at a physical store you used the card in
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-03:
I wonder how many McDonalds or Taco Bell have? And yet, they are still a multi-million dollar business...
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Credit Card Scam Via Phone
Posted by Bluebird11 on 06/08/2006

Two Saturdays ago, I received a phone call telling me I had won $25 in gas cards and $200 in shopping credit to any store in their organization (what they failed to mention when they said that, was I needed to be a member in good standing to collect these benefits and that means paying their $19.95 a month for the service). There was a $1 initial fee to check these services out once I received the literature and my personal access number. I had two weeks to cancel this service, however, the paperwork wouldn't reach me until two weeks (which I thought was really strange, because they could charge my credit card account before I actually had my access code or information in hand to check this all out). They did not ask for my credit card number but said they would automatically bill everything to "that" credit card. How the heck are these people getting access to everyone's credit card numbers? And we wonder how identity theft occurs . . . if everyone who has access to a computer has access to people's financial information no wonder this problem occurs so often.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-08:
They are working with your credit card company. They most likely paid a buck or two for each name that they are telemarketing. And you are right, it's a rip off. Pay for a membership to their buying club so you get a discount off their grossly inflated prices.
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UMG is a scam artist that has been around for many years
Posted by Octoberguy84 on 01/17/2006
Their website is www.unitedmarket.com

They may con you into accepting "free gas coupons" or other "free" things and then give you additional services at a monthly fee. If your lucky, you can recover the last few transactions. Visa might give out your card number to UMG when you first activate a card, because I never told the telemarketer my card number and it was charged. They are located at:

Corporate Office (Secondary Call Center/Claims Processing)
United Marketing Group
929 N Plum Grove Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 240-2005 Fax: (847) 240-2177

If I'm ever in the area, I will be sure to pay them a visit ;)

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Posted by Lacy on 2006-01-17:
I noticed a charge for $11.99 by UMG Buyersedge through my debit card. I was not familiar with this company so I called the number listed on my bank statement and a man answered. I asked him what the company was or what services the company provided and he wouldn't answer me; he just kept asking me who I needed to talk to. My final comment was "you can't tell me what your company does?!" and I hung up stunned. I immediately disputed payment of the $11.99 charge with my bank and filed a complaint with the BBB in Illinois. When I typed in UMG Buyersedge on the internet, this My 3 cents.com website came up and I am shocked to learn I am not the only scammed person in the world. This company is a major scammer.
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Unauthorized VISA charges
Posted by Diane Isaac on 02/24/2007
Last month, I noticed 2 unauthorized charges of 11.99 each on my Visa card. One was from UMG Buyersedge and the other was UMG MY Advisor. The 800 numbers listed on the Visa statement were non-working numbers so I was not able to contact them by phone. After calling Visa, they advised that I would have to document the complaint in writing and send to their investigative department which I did. The next statement showed that there were 2 more charges exactly the same! We investigated further and found the following 800 number that actually reached a person who was able to remove the charges: 800-447-7776. The explanation is that I made a purchase from personalcreations.com before Christmas and Personal Creations supplied UMG with my credit card information. They say that if you click on something offering a discount on the purchase that you are about to make, it enrolls you into a UMG program that charges your card each month. I don't remember clicking on anything like this and NEVER authorized such an enrollment. When you contact UMG for reimbursement, ask for a confirmation number. The credit did show up on my next month's statement but the whole experience was very upsetting and I felt that I had no control of these charges. Even after requesting that my VISA no longer accept these charges, it was charges anyway. Also, another 800 number to contact UMG is 888-326-7156. Hope that this is helpful to some. This way of doing business is fraudulent and apparently has been going on for years based on the dates of the stories on this web site.
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Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-02-24:
You should write another review about personal creations allowing UMG to do this crap! I'm glad you got your money back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-24:
I just went through their ordering procedure and I found nothing about discounts. All I found about discounts was on ordering in quantity but nothing about UMG.

A little research turned up the following about UMG: They work co-promotions with apparently reputable businesses, even banks. You get nothing from them and they suddenly zap you for the $11.99. On the good side, people reported some luck getting the $11.99 refunded. On the bad side, a few months after the $11.99 is refunded, they zap you with four $11.99 charges all at once.

Keep an eye on your card statements.
Posted by MRM on 2007-02-24:
Most definitely, PassingBy, keep an eye on your card statement after purchasing any items with the card. These businesses will sneak an unauthorized charges on your card and they hope that the consumers will not notice the charges.
Posted by sparkyeb on 2007-05-07:
Thank you for posting (above)...I'll add my note...I was charged 11.99 to my visa debit card after apparently ordering from Roaman's or Lane Bryant. I had no idea that my visa card info was being directed to another place for fraudulent use. After noticing this this repeatedly coming up on bank statements, and thinking it was a bank error, I investigated, and am supposed to be receiving MOST of my $$ back by UMG*BUYERSEDGE. Fortunately they do post a number you can call. I was told I had been charged because of a telemarketer deal - - I knew this was not true as I do not talk to telemarketers - I hang up on them or screen them through caller ID.
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Credit Card Fraud
Posted by JayNJ on 02/22/2006
NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY -- U.M.G. Buyer's Edge Inc. TELEPHONE: 1-866-424-5255. MAILING ADDRESS: 929 North Plumgrove, Schaumburg, IL 60173. I want to be involved in A class-action lawsuit filed against this company for making unauthorized charges to my bank account. I first received a phone call about free gas vouchers and information on various things. Right after I got off of the phone I was charged a dollar from these people keep in mind I never gave any of my credit card information.

The phone that I was called on is not even in my name. This company is an obvious problem since so many people have experienced the same thing. We need to form a lawsuit against them. It is the only way to stop them from making money off of innocent people.
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Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-23:
Perhaps you didn't give out credit card information, but you must have given out bank information for you to be charged. Maybe if you weren't so interested in getting 'something for nothing' (which NEVER happens!) you wouldn't have been stung. Whenever I get such an unreasonable call I tell them to take my number off their list or just outright hang up on them.
Posted by MichelleK on 2006-04-01:
I had the same thing happen to me with the gas vouchers and magazines I think it was. They recorded the conversation I think to for verification and I never gave out any of my credit card information. They told me that they were part of a visa credit card point back program. They had all of my information already. Before they hung up I told them I wasn't interested anymore so I told them that I didn't want it and what did they do..hang up. I've been con-ed over 200 dollars in the past 3 months from them and this has to stop. I can't find a way to stop it though...
Posted by plentyfeathers on 2006-12-27:
This happened to me too!! A telemarketer spoke with my young daughter, they told her I was part of their program, she didn't give out any info (she doesn't have any knowledge of)The next thing I know all kinds of companies are taking money out of my account. In contacting UMG they are refusing to refund all my money. I too would like to be part of a class action suit. They are underhanded and should not be allowed to operate!!
Posted by RangerBob on 2007-05-12:
I've got the same story; however, the difference is that I've never talked to anyone or been to any of their websites. Yet, my bank account has been charged not once but four times in one day.
Has anyone other than me contacted a consumer affairs agency with any state?
Posted by lalin on 2007-05-18:
How do we file a class action? I would like to be involved, it just pisses me off that these companies find the right in themselves to deceive people with misleading advertising- and worse- with no notification which in my mind shoud be unlawfull. We have to make it impossible for them and companies like this to fraud innocent people. Just because they charge small amounts, we might not recognize or care but just think of how much money they rip off of us in total.
Posted by dje353 on 2007-08-27:
Domestications sold my information and more importantly sold my credit card number to
a company called Buyers edge. I received a letter in the mail from Buyers edge thanking me for joining their membership program, normally I would just throw this stuff in the trash but the letter went on to say that they would automatically charge my credit card on file for $99 if I didn’t cancel within 30 days. When I called to cancel, I asked how they got my information and I was told Domestications signed me up. If you order product on line from Domestications, watch out for this scam.
Posted by scamd on 2008-11-05:
They got me through Sky Mall. I never authorized anything. I found out months later that I "ordered" Buyers Edge online.
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how they get your credit card info.
Posted by Tura on 01/28/2006
The reason that BUYERS EDGE and MY ADVISER may have ALL of your bank account information may be their affiliation with J.C.WHITNEY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS.They are business partners.Because of this and the abuse to my account,which was credited back after numerous phone calls and hassels.We no longer accept their catalogs or buy their products.
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Posted by tura on 2006-02-25:
After closing my account and changing banks,I get a statement from my old bank.It seems that UMG*Buyersedge 4 help and UMG*My advisor 4 help have CREDITED my closed account for $1 each.this thereby REOPENS the account.After this $2 deposit the bank imposes a $5 service charge.Leaving a -3.00 balance.Of course Inotified bank and they took care of it.I am guessing that this two-headed entity was going to start charging my "account" again for crap I never wanted in the first place!Because J.C.Whitney furnished them with my information in the first place,we no longer order from J.C.Whitney or accept their catalogs. thank you,Tura.
Posted by reviewerswife on 2007-02-13:
There needs to be a way to merge all of accounts for this company. They are listed on this site as buyers edge, my advisor and under several different variations of UMG. Someone please get all of these together.

Two weeks or so ago I kept getting calls from the same number. They kept asking for my wife and when I said she was not at home they would hang up. One person when I asked what it was about and told them that I was the husband they said "We are with the credit card company and will speak with only your wife" and hung up. I raised hell with my wife that her new credit card company has been driving me crazy and she said that it would get taken care of. Later that evening they called back offering this great "service" using the same "your credit card company". My wife told them that she was not intrested and asked that they do not call back. Now her credit card was charged two times today for 1 dollar each time. We never gave any of the credit card numbers away and never signed up for this service.

Now someone please get all of these complaints together so I can forward them to the Attorney Generals office.

Also, this company is located right outside of Chicago and someone stated that they have been around for 30 years. I looked up the address on Mapquest and that address doesn't have a building on it. This is classic FBI stuff and I will do everything I can to take these people down.
Posted by keyjockey on 2007-10-31:
Its always best to purchase with money orders only. You'd be surprised how many places online now accept money orders. No one needs a credit card.
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Posted by Cris-e on 05/09/2010
This company, UMG, evidently got evidently got my account number through an online purchase my wife or I made. Somehow during that transaction we didn't uncheck a box or otherwise indicate that we did not want this service so for the last two months their fee has appeared on my bill. I missed it the first month so I ended up paying for it. When I called them after the second month bill came in they were quite reasonable about giving me credit for current month but their customer service representative was not able to do anything about the month for which I hadn't challenged the charge. Of course it is not cost effective for me to pursue redress for this small amount so they get away with that scott free. BEWARE and don't let even the smallest unidentified charges slip by on your statements.

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Posted by Skye on 2010-05-09:
I'm confused, are you saying that you placed an on line order with one company, and then this other company somehow was able to get your account information?
Posted by cris-e on 2010-05-10:
That's exactly what I mean. If you do an online search for UMG*EDGE you can find a number of others who have had similar experiences. I'm not exactly sure where/when this occurred but I do recall an online purchase about that time to ans website that I got off of late night TV add for something. That purchase was about the time the first charge appeared on my credit card and I should have challenged it then. I did have a bogus and trivial charge on another card a few months ago --- that time the card company caught it and called me to check.
Posted by Skye on 2010-05-10:
Thank you for updating me. Now I get it. Did you cancel that credit card number, and ask for a new card, this way they cannot keep charging you. I'm glad the credit card company caught it for you.

I do a lot of on line shopping, and use one credit card for on line shopping only. I keep a very small amount on the card, just in case someone does get the account number. You could even get one of those green dot Visa cards, that you reload money on.

PS: I like my new nic name, Sykes, LOL!! JK
Posted by cris-e on 2010-05-10:
Oops, sorry about the nick-misspell! To add to my previous e-mail I haven't canceled the latest FUBAR'd card because I want to see if this sort of problem comes in again from any other direction. My wife is currently buying stuff for some renovations we are planning so I will have her use this card to determine whether this was a one time deal or not. The earlier charge that the other card-provider caught was replaced by the card company as soon as I called them to deny the charge. It was posted in Switzerland so I'm sure that was what made them suspicious. These were both very small charges: $6.75 in one case and $14.95 in the other; trying to go unnoticed on peoples cards I suspect. On the other hand $14.94 times 10,000 accounts can add up to real money. As Senator Everett Dirksen said so many years ago, "A billion here a billion there pretty soon your talking real money."
Posted by Skye on 2010-05-10:
It's a good thing your bank is looking out for you! I remember placing an on line order in 2005, and it was to ship from Spain. My bank would not allow the card to go through. When I called my bank to ask why, they said there is so much fraud coming out of Spain. They advised me to come in for a Visa from them, that I could preload if I wanted to continue ordering from Spain. All this technology is a wonderful thing, but it also has been a gold mine for the scam artists and thieves!

Ahhh, renovations...good times :)
Posted by Ricky Williams on 2011-05-20:
Yep, they got me too, and they charged $14.95 per month! They were very civil when I called and refunded the current month but of course they got away with the month I didn't catch on my statement.
We need better laws against Internet fraud, This UMG*EDGE company is probably making millions charging such a small amount to millions of unsuspecting Internet shoppers!!
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UMG - Buyer's Edge
Posted by Fmast on 12/14/2007
My 85 year old mother lives alone, on no income, only a small savings account she and my father had built.

Yesterday she told me she's getting a charge on her credit card statement that she doesn't know what it's for - UMG Buyer's Edge.

After doing some research, I discovered, that, like many others, she is being royally ripped off, charged 11.99 a month for "Special deals on travel and hotel coupons". How nice, especially since she never travels.

I called the # listed above, 888-432-5916, and I will say the lady at the other end was helpful in spite of my fury. :) She promptly stopped the "service" and, being authorized to reimburse two charges, she did so.

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Posted by miketech on 2007-12-14:
I have heard of that company, my girlfriend bought something online I think from Romans (not exactly sure) and part of the checkout was a box checked to "Sign me up for travel incentive program, 1st month free" so then the next month it starts and you forgot where it came from and it's a slam scam. But they do remove it easy. I think because they don't want any hype about it and I would be a lot of money is being made because people never notice it.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-12-14:
Since this was so quickly resolved, I don't think it should have been posted as a complaint.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-12-14:
I have to agree with Ponie. Not knowing how the service was authorized to start with, which can be the only complaint here. Outside of that, they offered everything possible to resolve the situation.
Posted by fmast on 2007-12-15:
I beg your pardon. I guess I should be applauding this company for bilking an 85 year old woman with no income out of $12.00 a month. She has no idea how she got started. Wonderful marketing ploy. I wish I could think of a business where I could do that.

So if you don't want to look at this as a complaint, a warning???? advice to someone who needs help??
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Unauthorized charges
Posted by Preacher on 09/29/2005
MONUMENT, COLORADO -- This company has been charging us $20 a month for unauthorized services. I called them to ask what it is for and they gave me a bunch of garbage about discounts and things we received in the mail. Well, we have NEVER received anything and we have NEVER authorized them to charge us. My mistake for not calling earlier!!! They can only refund 60 days worth of charges. They are a fraudualent company and they need to be charged and put in jail! How many others have they swindled money out of?
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Posted by umgwork on 2005-11-26:
I used to work for UMG. I'll tell you that. AFTER 2 NO'S they automatically give you a maximum of 2 credits...ASK FOR THEM OR YOU WONT GET THEM. Also, If you have been having charges for up to 6 months...THEY GIVE THE CREDIT BACK FOR UP TO 6 MONTHS. That is the most they will EVER DO. And i mean EVER!!! 6 is the most the credit card company will allow for reinbursement and that is the most that a supervisor is allowed. PHone calls ARE recorded to play back to a customer to show that they did say a yes. Anything through the mail WILL BE TAKEN TO COURT TO SHOW THAT THE CUSTOMER SIGNED THAT THEY WANTED THE SERVICES. The company has been in business for 30 years for a reason. They make money off stupid people that dont know what they sign, what they agree to, or what they click on. Quit being lazy and pay attention to what you do. THEY DO MAIL TO WHATEVER ADDRESS YOU PROVIDE TO THE COMPANY.
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