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Auto Charges Started by Scam Trickery
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Ordered bras in January on my wife's debit card. Didn't catch the fact that when you order you are signed up for this auto membership at 14.95 per month. If you are really on your toes and catch this auto sign up and call 800 number to cancel you can stop this scam. You normally don't expect to be signed up for something like this when placing one order. PREPLANNED RIP OFF because if you catch it and call their hand they MIGHT REFUND ONE MONTH.

Citizen's Beware
By -

ILLINOIS -- Around December, 2007 I heard a commercial by the late Billy Mays advertising a car polishing kit for $19.95. I ordered the kit by phone using an 800 number. What I thought was a simple order turned out to be a sales pitch and a battery of questions. I answered the best I could, gave my credit card number during the questions with no idea what was coming.

On Jan. 15,08 I received a legitimate charge of $19.95 on my financial statement from Capitol One. I'm negligent about scrutinizing every statement for false charges. I'm at fault for not being more careful. I noticed the same charge for $19.95 appearing on my credit statement. It took 11 payments of $19.95 before my wife questioned the charges. Immediately I called UMG Buyersedge (888)326-7156-IL. I told them briefly what happened and they said they would cancel the continued charges-no explanation given.

I reported these fraudulent charges to Capitol One (11 charges) amounting to $219.45 plus interest. After being referred to four financial departments, I finally ended up with the Fraud Liability Department of Capitol One. They have an early fraud detection program. They gave me credit for 8 out of the 11 charges then soon after rebilled me for the 8 charges and credited me for 5. They told me that they cleared my account. Soon after this they notified me that I was credited twice by UMG Buyersedge and by them.

In short, they wanted their money back. I told them that I had no credit account with UMG Buyersedge, no paper trail, nothing; not even an address, just an 800 number. The Capital One representative told me all UMG needed was my credit card number and stated that I was paying a membership fee of $19.95 a month since this was a marketing company. I paid my total debt to Capitol One earlier when I realized they didn't cover the 11 false charges.

Now they insisted that UMG was doing something legal. I finally realized that this was a SCAM. I told the Capital One representative that it was still a fraud. He disagreed; a scam, yes; but a fraud, no. Capitol One is still charging me $19.95 at this time for some unknown amount. I assume it's for the 5 credit charges they gave me before I closed my account with them. So much for Capitol One's $0 Fraud Liability Program. Their justification is in semantics, the difference between the words fraud and scam, and it's all legal.

Meanwhile UMG is supposed to give me credit for one charge of $19.95. They will pocket $219.45 plus interest. I paid them for (an undesired) membership according to the Capitol One representative and all they needed was my credit card number. UMG Buyersedge are taking unfair advantage by trickery of old, gullible people like me (I'm 77 yrs. old) with a razzle dazzle phone activity. If that isn't fraud, what is?

I put a certain amount of trust, which I consider normal, in financial institutions like Capitol One only to find out that they knew this was going on and are still doing business with UMG because the representative told me they approached this company about many complaints. Corruption is ruining America and we are losing our freedoms. They bite the hand that feeds them. Bad things are happening because they sacrifice principles for money. It doesn'€™t look good for our children who are victims in this secular amoral society. P.S. I cut up my credit card and will never buy anything advertised on TV or internet. I will also assume a paranoid attitude for protection.

Company Response 11/5/2009:

We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. You may contact us by responding to the e-mail link sent to you from and we will be happy to explain how you became a member and address any of your concerns.

I Am Still Not Sure What Service This Company Provides
By -

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- Recently I noticed a charge of $14.95 on my monthly credit card statements. The charge was a bit suspicious as I did not recognize the ‘UMG Edge' vendor. After going through the past statements I discovered that the charges were started back in Sept 2010. The first charge was $1.95 and after that there has been a regular monthly charge of $14.95 on every 24th of the month.

There are multiple complaints against this company (UMG aka United Marketing Group). They seem to be involved in this practice as I have read scores of consumer complaints and reviews. In almost every case, the consumer does not even know or recall ‘signing up' for their service. Most consumers do not see the initial first fee of $1.95. I had been getting charged for the last 10 months and this adds up to $136.50.

I called the toll-free number that was provided - 1(866)854-8768. I was told by the customer representative that I had agreed for this service over the phone in Sept. Apparently, every other consumer I searched does not recall any such authorization. I was then transferred to the supervisor who also did not seem very apologetic. I was told that all phone calls are recorded so I requested a copy of the conversation. I have not been provided a copy thus far.

Honestly, I still don't understand what their service provides. After speaking to them for about 10 minutes, I still did not get an answer as to what they do and what they are selling. I hate to malign their image, but this company seems to be involved in CONSUMER FRAUD. The charges on my credit card are NOT authorized and therefore NOT legal. The card has been cancelled but this has caused a great deal of hassle and inconvenience. I hope some watchdog group out there can protect other consumers as this company seems to be still in business.

Company Response 7/28/2011:

Your customer information has been located, and a full credit was issued representing any and all charges. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance and very sorry again for any inconvenience.

Customer Support

UMG Fraud Alert
By -

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- Yesterday I found a charge on my credit card for 19.95 by a group I have never heard of called UMG Tech. I have been away and not checking statement and when I looked back I realized I had been charged this by UMG Tech for the last 6 months on my credit card. I went to call UMG Tech at the listed 1-800 number. When I did a recorded message at UMG Tech told me that number was changed and I must call this 1-900 number to reach UMG Tech.

But I know that when you call a 1-900 number, you pay expensive minute charges. This is the system they use on all the sex call lines. So not only were UMG Tech trying to cheat me of 19.95 a month they were trying to make me pay a fortune for the telephone call to complain. Recognizing it was a blatant fraud, I called my card company and they reversed the charges and canceled future bills from this company.

Based on the fact that charges appear on my most recent statement, it is clear that UMG Tech are still in business ripping people off operating under various names such as UMG Tech, United Marketing Group LLC, UMG Edge, UMG Edgebuyers, UMG Merchanttec and many many more. Others who are doing their part to expose this slime to the light, have informed me that their real name is Direct Connection Consulting Inc. 11660 Alpharetta Hwy Suite # 650 Roswell Ga.30076 and it looks like they are getting charged in at least one state but obviously this has not stopped them. **

They are paying their legal bills on the backs of good American people who can ill afford to have money stolen from them in this manner. People like this are the equivalent to terrorists as they undermine the quality and security of peoples lives. They need to be treated the same way as a Taliban with a bomb vest strapped on. The address of this company is obviously easy to find as would likely the addresses of the UMG Tech directors. Remember it is not likely their staffs fault, but the Directors of the company that are the responsible heartless perpetrators of this crime against Americans. I believe there is a class action lawsuit being formed so sign on and lets go get I'm folks.

Company Response 4/29/2010:

We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. You may contact us by responding to the e-mail link sent to you from and we will be happy to explain how you became a member and address any of your concerns.

By -

This company, UMG, evidently got my account number through an online purchase my wife or I made. Somehow during that transaction we didn't uncheck a box or otherwise indicate that we did not want this service so for the last two months their fee has appeared on my bill. I missed it the first month so I ended up paying for it.

When I called them after the second month bill came in. They were quite reasonable about giving me credit for current month but their customer service representative was not able to do anything about the month for which I hadn't challenged the charge. Of course it is not cost effective for me to pursue redress for this small amount so they get away with that scot free. BEWARE and don't let even the smallest unidentified charges slip by on your statements.

UMG - Buyer's Edge
By -

My 85 year old mother lives alone, on no income, only a small savings account she and my father had built. Yesterday she told me she's getting a charge on her credit card statement that she doesn't know what it's for - UMG Buyer's Edge. After doing some research, I discovered, that, like many others, she is being royally ripped off, charged 11.99 a month for "Special deals on travel and hotel coupons". How nice, especially since she never travels. I called the # listed above, 888-432-5916, and I will say the lady at the other end was helpful in spite of my fury. :) She promptly stopped the "service" and, being authorized to reimburse two charges, she did so.

By -

ILLINOIS -- I guess my husband and I somehow "subscribed" to this, which is odd since I don't subscribe to ANYTHING because I'm CHEAP. Anyway, without our knowledge they charged us $11.99 a month since May. Today, I found this site and realized that it wasn't my husband's personal charges, it was FRAUD.

My husband called and we've been taken off their "subscription" (which supposedly saves $500/year on sports and hotels). They also refunded the past THREE MONTHS they've been scamming us. They claimed that's all they could do. Had I been more open to communication with my husband I would have realized that this company was STEALING OUR MONEY a LOT sooner. They're a bunch of fraudulent scam artists and I hope no one else has this problem, but if they do call 1-888-326-7156. Good luck!!!!

Unauthorized VISA charges
By -

Last month, I noticed 2 unauthorized charges of 11.99 each on my Visa card. One was from UMG Buyersedge and the other was UMG MY Advisor. The 800 numbers listed on the Visa statement were non-working numbers so I was not able to contact them by phone. After calling Visa, they advised that I would have to document the complaint in writing and send to their investigative department which I did.

The next statement showed that there were 2 more charges exactly the same! We investigated further and found the following 800 number that actually reached a person who was able to remove the charges: 800-447-7776. The explanation is that I made a purchase from before Christmas and Personal Creations supplied UMG with my credit card information. They say that if you click on something offering a discount on the purchase that you are about to make, it enrolls you into a UMG program that charges your card each month. I don't remember clicking on anything like this and NEVER authorized such an enrollment.

When you contact UMG for reimbursement, ask for a confirmation number. The credit did show up on my next month's statement but the whole experience was very upsetting and I felt that I had no control of these charges. Even after requesting that my VISA no longer accept these charges, it was charges anyway. Also, another 800 number to contact UMG is 888-326-7156. Hope that this is helpful to some. This way of doing business is fraudulent and apparently has been going on for years based on the dates of the stories on this web site.

Credit Card Scam Via Phone
By -

EVERYONE OUT THERE... BE VERY AWARE OF THIS FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY!!!!! Two Saturdays ago, I received a phone call telling me I had won $25 in gas cards and $200 in shopping credit to any store in their organization (what they failed to mention when they said that, was I needed to be a member in good standing to collect these benefits and that means paying their $19.95 a month for the service). There was a $1 initial fee to check these services out once I received the literature and my personal access number. I had two weeks to cancel this service.

However, the paperwork wouldn't reach me until two weeks (which I thought was really strange, because they could charge my credit card account before I actually had my access code or information in hand to check this all out). They did not ask for my credit card number but said they would automatically bill everything to "that" credit card. How the heck are these people getting access to everyone's credit card numbers? And we wonder how identity theft occurs... if everyone who has access to a computer has access to people's financial information no wonder this problem occurs so often.

Buyers Edge customers reviews is a dead link.
By -

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- BE WARNED. We chose 'Buyers Edge' for their low prices and promised ability to furnish numerous Bosch appliances for a major install. I don't sweat the small stuff. The new kitchen for my wife's enjoyment was my reward. "€˜Buyers Edge" thought otherwise. It'€™s remarkable how frustrated these people made me. Numerous major delivery issues. Damaged return problems. High prices for "€˜advised"€™ hook-up cables/hoses (naturally included with all the appliances). Then to top it off the Lady on customer service was rude, divisive and evasive. She bare faced lied about deliveries putting my install from five days to over three months.

Once I posted my original objective review on a website Buyers Edge Director of Service personally hounded me relentlessly (no exaggeration) on my home phone to alter my review to five stars for a single appliance warranty bribe. Months later I have never received the warranty upgrade and ironically I have ongoing warranty repairs from delivery damage. ANGER. DISSATISFACTION. AGGRAVATION. All of this and more is yours if you do business with what has to be THE BIGGEST RIP OFF SECOND RATE online merchants YOU WILL EVER HAVE THE DISPLEASURE OF BEING ABUSED BY. Buyers Edge customers reviews is a dead link for a reason. YOU'€™RE WARNED

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