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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- The charger caused an an electrical short. Luckily my daughter was in the room and saw smoke coming from the outlet. She was able to pull the plug out and flip the breaker. I have been told by the electrician that had no one been home or had it happened at night when we were all asleep there very well could have been a tragic ending.

How Uniden screws its customers

The following is a good reason not to buy from Uniden. Less than one year ago I received a new Uniden cordless telephone as a birthday gift. The phone turned out to be a wonderful present. I was very fond of its long range and it provided excellent clarity. In spite of these features, I was upset when one day the on/off button stopped working on the handset and I could not answer or hang-up the phone unless I was near the base (thus defeating the purpose of owning a cordless phone).

To remedy this problem, I called the customer service hotline to see if the phone could be repaired under the supposed warranty. The woman with whom I spoke told me that it was covered and that since I had received it as a gift, I would not need a receipt, just a written explanation of the problem and why I could not provide a receipt. I was happy to oblige. I figured that it was well worth the $30 shipping fee since I probably could not find another phone of that quality for under that amount. As the weeks passed by, I received a letter in the mail from Uniden. To my chagrin, what I thought was a friendly reminder that my phone was on its way turned out to be a bill for $40.

It stated that I should respond to this letter with a check for the amount shown or by checking a box indicating that I did not want the repairs to be made and they would discard the phone. Perplexed I called the customer service hotline that was so nice to me before to get an explanation. They now told me that what they had said before did not apply and that the problem with my phone was not covered under their so called "warranty". Needless to say I was outraged. I was honest with them, why couldn't they have been forthcoming with me? In the end, I was out a brand new phone and $30 dollars. Do not buy from Uniden! If you do, do not fall for their repair trap.

Uniden Cordless Customer Service Policy is Not a Good Deal
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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased Uniden model #TRU248 cordless phone/answering machine combo from Circuit City, San Jose, CA in February 2001. Priced comparable with other brands, but salesman highly recommended (claimed #1 Consumer Reports, yada yada). Sales price $150.00.

March 2002 - the #1 and #3 buttons on the phone would not work. Of course, now phone is out of warranty (1 year warranty). July 2002- Contacted Uniden Customer Service - they will repair the phone for $46.95, but we have to ship it to them. So, we must wait in line at the post office on our lunch hour, pay shipping costs and have to be without a phone and answering machine for ??? weeks/months. (Haven't they heard of a prepaid shipping label? Amazon does it online!) They then send us a refurbished unit that has a 90-day warranty. Why bother?

We are going to use the $46.95 wisely, and purchase a NON-Uniden phone. Be warned - if you buy a Uniden phone, be prepared to throw it away if it doesn't work after a year. We had a Sony combo cordless phone/answering machine that lasted 8 years with no problems.

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