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Toxic Suave Shampoo
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- The so-called suave "naturals" shampoo--- shamm poo... the three 1rst and most ingredients are amonia !!! a known erritant- to say the least- amonia-?- a harsh cleanser- detergent we use in sinks and toilets-etc... is used on very sensitive delicate scalp-skin... it caused many negative reactions and conditions in my mother and myself for many years until we figured it out and stopped using it... my mother's scalp was very itchy and her hair fell out like mad... we both had itchy irritation and it even affected our mood... as soon as we stopped and used a true natural gentle shampoo- the conditions vastly improved... it's false advertising to show a bottle that looks so pure and healthy and all natural- so clean-clear-pure and called: "naturals" implying it's natural- allll natural... it is also dangerous... buyer beware...
Water (Aqua), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, Cocamide MEA, PEG 5 Cocamide, Fragrance (Parfum), Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Tetrasodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Citric Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate), Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Propylene Glycol, Honeysuckle Extract (Lonicera Caprifolium), Methylisothiazolinone, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera), D&C Green 5 (CI 61570), FD&C Yellow 5 (CI 19140)
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/27/2009:
Those ingredients are in just about every shampoo out there. Your scalp may have been irritated by the perfume, dyes, etc.
Hugh_Jorgen on 11/27/2009:
For what it's worth, Ammonia (NH3) and Ammonium (NH4+) are similar, but Ammonium is not the "...harsh cleanser- detergent we use in sinks and toilets-etc...".

And both occur naturally, so their label is correct. If they advertised it as "gentle", then you might have an argument.
madconsumer on 11/27/2009:
ammonium is a surfactant. as said, a cleaner. where's the issue?
Starlord on 11/27/2009:
Why don't you do some simple research and be sure you are discussing the correct component. I am going to admit doing the same thing. I am a diabetic, and someone suggested using Chondroitin and Glucosamine for my joint pains. I refused, noting the first part of one ingredient, glucosamine, had glucose as the first part of the name. I mentioned this to my doctor, and he told me that glucosamine was perfectly safe for me to use, and that there was no connection between the two compounds. Ammonium lauryl sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate are not ammonia. This is obviously a misunderstanding, but your reaction may cause someone else to panic. A little knowledge is dangerous goes the old adage, and is seen in this case. Relax, Chicken LIttle, the sky is not falling and ammonia is not in your shampoo. You owe Suave an apology.
Anonymous on 11/27/2009:
How did the G&C work for you, Star? I had fantastic results with it, and now take one evry day with my vitamins
Starlord on 11/27/2009:
Ken, I haven't tried it yet, as I have not been able to afford it, but looking forward to it, as others have told me of good results. Let me kone how it works for you, will ya, please?
Anonymous on 11/27/2009:
I don't recall it being very expensive Star, I buy mine a Walmart. It gets my reccomendation.
Starlord on 11/27/2009:
Thnx for the info, I will take a look. We are looking for a place to move, as we cannot continue to live here. I am not trying to gain sympathy, but the economy has hit us hard. Crystal is looking for a job, and we are taking other moves to regain our ability to avoid charity or welfare. Take care, and good to know C&G works for you.
CUE on 12/07/2009:
PepperElf on 12/07/2009:
I believe the point is that the complaint is founded on rumors and not actual facts

you're complaining about the product containing ammonia
when in fact the ingredient is ammonium which is an entirely different ingredient.

It's like assuming "tree" and "three" are the same things just because they're spelled similarly

here's the wiki on it
(this is what is in suave)

this is what is NOT in suave

they are indeed two different things
CUE on 12/08/2009:
the point is just the opposite- your comments are founded
on rumors and not actual facts- even wiki confirms that ammonium is derived from and essentially ammonia !! re- read
it !!! did you go to the site I mentioned? "natural skincare
authority" that is absolutely fact-based and backed by scientific analysis !!!
Ytropious on 12/08/2009:
I think you don't understand what "natural" is. If it is derived from the earth in some way, as in not synthesized in a lab, it's "natural". If Ammonium laural sulfate is a naturally occurring substance (I don't know) then they can legally call it "natural". You're just falling into the marketing ploy that natural somehow = safe and healthy.
PepperElf on 12/08/2009:
yes it's derived from natural ingredients

I looked it up on wiki some time ago

the truth of that substance is that it all depend on the percentage you use. I believe the cutoff is 15% - anything above that will be harmful, but below that is fine to use for cleaning.

so many people hear a rumor about something and they jump on the "OMG IT'S BAD" bandwangon without actually knowing what they're talking about.
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Allergies Caused by Axe
Posted by on
TRUMBULL, CONNECTICUT -- When we first started using Axe music it was great. But after about three uses my brother started getting a rash on his arm and legs.....But surprisingly it had no effect on me until about a week of use, but when it did I got a giant rash all over my body that looked like hives.

Luckily it goes away in about a week.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/12/2011:
Keep it away from your private parts. A fellow member here had a bad experience from Axe around their special area
leet60 on 03/12/2011:
Keep in mind you can use a product for years and have no issues, then develop an allergy to one or all of the ingredients in the formula.
madconsumer on 03/13/2011:
great review.

very helpful.
Ben There on 03/13/2011:
It sounds like you and your brother share an allergy to one of the ingredients in the product... Like the packaging says, "Stop use if rash or irritation occurs".

Various soaps and colognes that millions of people use without problems every day make my skin break out after a few uses. As much as I would love to use different products, I am destined for a life of Dove Unscented... I don't blame the products, just my body's inability to handle them.
GenuineNerd on 03/13/2011:
I once used another variation of Axe shower gel...I liked it...don't know the name offhand, but the product was red, and the scent was carbolic, similar to the old red Lifebuoy soap (which is another Unilever product, that is still made in Cyprus and sold by Vermont Country Store.) I did feel invigorated by that type of Axe. However, once, my skin did get irritated when I used an off-brand bar soap that came from a dollar store (made in China)...probably too much alkali in it. Soaps with high alkali content can irritate sensitive skin.
It's Not you, they changed formula on 09/29/2013:
just to make it clear for everyone Axe has changed their formula in their body washes. if you look at a older bottle of body wash they have no "air bubbles" suspended in the gelatin solution. I'm guessing that it is an inert gas that they started using in order to put less product in the bottle yet sell the same size, also the ingredient list has changed slightly but whatever they changed in the body wash cause me to break out in a rash as well including bumps on the palms of my hands which were similar in size to that of a pimple yet they were the same color as the rest of my skin,just a different texture. The front of my stomach, my thighs, and the tops of my feet were the worst looking places that got a rash...if you look in the bottle and you see little air bubbles inside the solution.if you're experiencing the same rash, my recommendation is to contact the company and tell them about your situation and that you're going to help file a class action lawsuit if they do not change the formula back to the previous one while giving you a refund...being that I am a frugal shopper I buy multiple bottles of things at one time when there is a great sale, therefore I have both the old solution and the new solution in my possession. I stopped using the newer solution and started using a bottle of the original solution and the rash has started to disappear so I know it is not me it is whatever they put in the new solution that has caused the problem since I have both solutions and I have used both. especially since the rash is disappearing after discontinuing the use of the newer solution and using the older one on a normal basis...Good luck!
Never Again on 01/07/2014:
I used the "new" Axe appolo and after the second maybe third time I broke out with a mad rash on my arms, face, chest, man hood parts, and nbsp
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