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Insurance Companies That Don't Pay Their Claims!
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I've been insured with the same insurance company for 6 years paying a very high insurance premium for me and my husband and our two cars. For the past 6 years, I've paid my insurance premium every month without fail and without giving a second thought of the cost. I figured that this was the price for insurance and in return, the company will provide the coverage, if and whenever needed.

Well, I was proven wrong when I was involved in an auto accident this year in May. I was on my way home when I was involved in a four car accident where car #4 rear ended car #3 and so on, causing a chain reaction up to car #1.

I was in car #2, and due to the accident I sustained several injuries, which weren't life threatening, but painful to say the least. I went to the hospital where all kinds of test were done, including x-rays and a brain Ct Scan. I was diagnosed with a knee sprain and sent home with a prescription for the pain. I immediately contacted the insurance company and filed a claim for personal injuries. A couple of days later, I received the forms that are submitted for this type claim. I complete all of the forms with as much information as possible and then returned. I was still in pain so I consulted with a doctor's office. They started me on physical therapy and prescribed an MRI in order to find the source of my pain. It turns out that I have 2 herniated discs, which resulted from the accident where surgery may be my only option.

Shortly after the forms were returned to the company, I receive 3 appointment letters from the insurance company. One appointment was for an examination under oath (EUO) and the other two appointment letters were referring me to their doctor for an exam, an MD Medical doctor and the other exam was with a Chiropractor. I cooperated with all of their requirements and policy conditions and yet, my medical bills have not been paid.

I received a bill from the hospital marked as "delinquent" stating that if payment is not submitted within 30 days that my account will be referred to collections.

Now, I've recently spent time and money restoring my credit and I fear that if payment is not made soon, that all my efforts and money will have gone to waste. I've called the insurance company and have left several messages for the adjuster who is assigned to my claim and I have yet to reeive a return phone call.

I've been left with no other alternative but to file a complaint with the Dept Of Financial Services for resolution and I believe that it's in the works. However, everyone that I have spoken to about my problem, people who have worked for this company say that this company simply doesn't care and that " They just will not pay their claims"

Then if that is the case, my question is, why is this company still in business ? Why do we, as consumers, pay an insurance premium when no coverage will be afforded ? Why is this company allowed to do this ?

Insurance is a contractual agreement between the paying consumer and the insurance company. A promise to pay a premium in exchange for coverage, to indemnify when needed. Well, I've been paying a premium in exchange for nothing.
A promise broken by the insurance company...
Please help me !!

Trying Not To Give Me My Money From My Accident
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NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- I, one Daniel Lamont Jones, being on sound mind and excellent physical health, write to you today seeking assistance in regards to legal matters of importance. My review go as follow.... On June 17, 2010 around 9pm I hit a deer coming from my job in Manning, SC off plowden Mill Road. The deer mess up my front side on the passenger side of my 2004 Chevrolet Classic. I report my claim into this no good company. OK on June 28, 2010 the appraiser which his number is 813-956-1300 look at my car and took pictures and he saw the deer hair and blood on my car. Then my dad and other people witness that the appraiser was sleep in the car for a long period of time. Then 2 hour later he knock on the door and give me an estimate on how much my car is going to cost to get fix what he figure out was 1,121.65. Two days on June 30, 2010 a lady from the claim department called me her name is [snip] and my claim number is 1800003782 this insurance company address is P. O. Box 921399 Norcross, GA 30010. I had got insurance from Driver Choice 810 Broad Street suite 8, Sumter, SC 29150 and that the insurance company they provide for me but anyway they record my statement and told them what happen on the 17 of June 2010. Karen told me that I didn't hit a deer I was in a car accident. Told me that rust was on my car. I have taken pictures of my own for my records. Told me that she doing an investigation on my claim. I told her that you can see that a deer hit me and your appraiser saw the hair on my car. I told them that I want my money for my car to get fix plus a renter. I had talked to a Attorney about this matter told me to give them another week before we take legal actions. Please help me expose this crooked insurance company and help me get my money to get my car fix. I feel emotionally and mentally distraught over the lack of support and cooperation of this insurance company. I feel this United Automobile Insurance Company have acted unprofessionally in this matter and have not dealth with this accordingly within the proper guidelines of the law. Please help me rectify this matter in the most expeditious manner possible. Your respond is awaited and I can be reach at by my email address jones. lamont38@yahoo.com. Looking forward into hearing from someone forth with! Thank you very much for your time.
This Insurance company will not pay me for my total loss of my car
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NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- On 4/2011 a deer hit my car and total my car. This insurance company want to send the money to the lien holder and the lien holder turn the money down to the insurance company because they say that was to low. I am without a car to drive how can I better handle this issue. Every time I called this insurance company they don't want to return my phone calls.
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