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3-Hour Delay and Missing Luggage
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ELK GROVE TOWNSHIP, ILLINOIS -- My United plane fare from Roanoke, VA, to San Francisco, CA, cost in excess of $700.00 round trip. The United Express flight from Roanoke was delayed 3 hours (told maintenance problems in plane coming from Wash., DC.). It finally arrived, picked up passengers, flew out of Roanoke, and arrived in DC where it sat on the tarmac until disembarking about 5 minutes before my connecting flight (United Airlines) took off to San Francisco. Needless to say the next flight (around 7:00 p. m.) was totally booked, so I had to book a later flight which would arrive in San Francisco around 12:30 a. m., 4 hours after originally scheduled. This was a total delay for me of 7 HOURS! Knowing I would not have a ride from the airport at 12:30 in the moring, I asked a counter ticket agent if they would provide transportation to my hotel in San Francisco and was first told a flat "NO". When asked why not since it was the airlines fault, I was told to check after getting into San Francisco. Since this would be too late to check on, I had to make other arrangements. And, of course, my luggage left on the 7:00 P.M. flight to San Francisco. Luckily, it was waiting on me when I arrived at 12:30 A.M.

My return trip from San Franciso to Chicago (United Airlines) was pretty much on time; however, my United Express flight from Chicago to Roanoke was delayed an hour (another delay) and arrived in Roanoke around 11:30 P.M. instead of 10:30 P.M. as scheduled. In addition, after a long walk to Concourse B22A to catch the flight out of Chicago, it was announced that the flight had been changed to leave out of Concourse F, another long walk. Of course, my luggage did not make it out of Chicago because of the change and was not delivered to my home until 3:00 P.M. the next day even though it was scheduled to arrive on the 10:30 A.M. flight from

The only reason I flew United was to connect with another couple who were also flying United and would arrive in San Francisco 15 minutes before my flight was due. This way, I could ride with them to my hotel; and, as you can see this did not happen. Would I ever fly United again? Maybe...WHEN PIGS FLY!
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Ben There on 07/17/2010:
I think you will find that all airlines have delays and mechanicals. Also, airlines don't pay for a taxi at your destination because a flight was late - you didn't purchase transportation from your house to your hotel, but from the Roanoke airport to the San Francisco airport. The only time they will pay for taxis is if you are forced to overnight in a connection city because of something within the airlines control, and if there is no hotel shuttle.
Weedwhacked on 07/17/2010:
Happens with all airlines!
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Poor Baggage Service
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I traveled from Portland Oregon to Dayton Ohio, and although I arrived at my destination my bag stayed in Chicago Illinois much like the rest of my fellow passengers. I immediately went and opened a complaint with the service department and was informed that two more flights were scheduled to arrive that day. I waited until the first flight arrived and contacted customer service. At that time I was notified that my bag had arrived on a later flight and was due to me within a four hour window. I waited at my location patiently for my luggage but after the four hours had passed, and still no call, I contacted customer service yet again. I was told this time I would be called within a thirty minute time frame for an update. After an hour had passed I called yet again, and this time I was told I would receive a call within an hour. I'm a firm believer in Frontier Airlines and have always felt like I was taken care of. I will never attempt to fly United again because of this experience.
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Alain on 12/07/2010:
Did you ever get your bag?
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Nonexistent Service
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DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I always fly American, but when booking this trip United (actually United Express) was less expensive (not by a huge amount) so booked there. The flight there even though we booked a couple months in advance we were seated in last row (so can't recline seat) across from lavatory. A close to 2 hour flight but no snack. Did not know this so was grumpy. Flight back to check in there is a HUGE line for all United economy passengers. Although about 10 spaces for checking in, only 3 people working. When I get to the head and hand the clerk the itinerary, she hands back my information informing me that she doesn't work for the airline, have to do itself serve (WTF?) So do it through the kiosk, and only spits out 1 boarding pass. Original clerk not her problem. Have to wait in another line for male clerk who is too busy chatting with another employee to help customers. No mention of delay. Get to gate. Not only plane delayed for 1 1/2 hours, our flight changes gates 3 times! No announcements with each change, just have to keep getting up to check otherwise would have missed flight.

Pretty much every flight in that hub (United flights) were all delayed, so seems like a systemic problem. Oh yes, a 0 bag limit. If you check any bags it is $15 (or more) each way so that negated any savings I had on ticket. Will be avoiding United Express from now on.
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Ben There on 04/20/2009:
It sounds like a lot of your issues could have been avoided if you had pre-assigned your seats and checked in online. If the plane is full somebody has to take the last row, and you had a couple months to change your seat. As for delays, all airlines get stuck with weather delays at some point or another. I know Denver has been hit hard in the past week and a lot of United planes go through there. Also, most airlines now charge $15 for checked bags.
Anonymous on 04/20/2009:
United Express is operated by Mesa Airlines. They also do express flights for US Airways and Delta
Anonymous on 04/20/2009:
A two-hour flight and no snack is the norm these days. The first leg of my flight to Vegas a few months back was five hours and you had to pay $10 for a box of crackers - no actual meals. Always bring food with you on the plane if you think you'll be hungry.
Ben There on 04/20/2009:
Chicago to Honolulu is longer than some flights to Europe, but you still have to pay for a snack.
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Officiousness Gone Mad
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, CALIFORNIA -- Beware a United Express agent called Paula who delighted in closing the gate when I said my husband was coming up behind me. Her colleague went to see if anyone was running down the corridor; she said no one was. I went to look and saw my husband lumbering along. I never yell, but I yelled out to him to hurry as they were closing the door. Paula had already disappeared through the door, and as I yelled, her colleague, who turned out to be her supervisor (!!!) and equally ignorant of customer service, quickly slipped through the door. I couldn't believe it! It was the rudest thing I've seen in countless travel miles.

The door was effectively slammed in our face 5 minutes before departure. It was done in a manner of "we'll show you whose got the upper hand round here!"
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Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
Did you arrive at the gate late?
Ben There on 04/06/2009:
If they were shutting the door then the flight was closed and the passenger manifest already submitted... It would have been nice of them if they would have said that someone would be with you shortly to rebook you on another flight, though.
dan gordon on 04/06/2009:
you showed up 5 minutes before departure? I'm sorry but you were holding up the entire plane and though it seemed rude you were at least 15 minutes past when they could have denied you boarding.
jktshff1 on 04/06/2009:
Looks like it's going to be one of those nights!
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
littleyaya, how long did you work at the "Sandcastle?" (pre US or HP?)
What's with every female employee there wanting to sleep with S.K.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
who's sk?
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
Oh...... I know who you mean now.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
Just a suggestion for future flights at this rather large airport. If your husband needs assistance getting to the gate with enough time to spare, they do have assistance in the form of motorized vehicles at most airports. Ask about that option next time. Some airlines will contact the gate area if they know someone is having difficulties. At least they do on Southwest Airlines.

As a side note, I was on a SW flight once that did hold at the gate for passengers that were still walking from the check in area. The agents called ahead to let the crew know. They announced they were waiting for these passengers because there were no more flights out to their destination that day. Yes, there were some groans because of tight connections, but, I thought it was a very nice thing to do. It took 5 minutes and we all made our connections. The pilot also managed to get us to destination on time. Sometimes the airlines do go out of there way, which is nice to know.
rudybjr on 05/06/2009:
You were late. Not their fault.
Anonymous on 05/06/2009:
No, YOU are late. The thread is a month old.
jktshff1 on 05/06/2009:
ZZ lol, my first reaction also!!!
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Inexperience, I'll-mannered, rude, arrogant booking clerk and very low quality of service
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My parents boarded the United Express 7266 plane on 01/25/2006. It was connecting flight for AIR INDIA international flight up to Delhi, INDIA. We spent $3000/- in total from Nashville to Delhi, INDIA. We got the worst experience of our life with United Express 7266 booking clerk. She didn't have knowledge at all, rude, arrogant and very low quality of service. It seemed to me that she was in a wrong profession. She was not suitable for a public dealing job. Seems like United Airlines/United Express is compromising on quality to save money or to come out of bankruptcy. She did 3 things:
1) She said we can't take more than 50 pounds now in the international flight. She didn't care to see that this policy change was done in September, 2005 and we had booked tickets in July, 2005. I had to request to her to look into that.
2) She said that United Express flight 7266 is delayed by 45 minutes and United Express flight is not responsible for their stay in Chicago if they miss their connecting flight. I found out later that Flight 7266 wasn't delayed due to weather and actually it was the responsibility of United Airlines to take care of that. She told me instead that I should have taken care to booking the flight and giving more than 2 hours gap. She didn't care to see that actually there was 2 hours gap , though it is not the responsibility of the passenger because it is connecting flight and all the tickets were bought that way i.e. together.
3) Finally this was the last straw. She said that my parents who are old 68 and 61 yrs will have to get their bags in Germany , Frankfurt in some alien country , where they have not even stayed and go through customs and check them back again. This was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
4) When I asked this girl to stop giving us hard time, she proudly said that she can turn me away if she wants (like she owned the United Airlines).
5) When we asked for the supervisor, she told me that supervisor was not available. What kind of airlines or for that matter any business will not have their supervisor not available.

Worst quality in airlines - United Airlines/United Express. I Am never going to fly with them again. I spent 3000 dollars for this service.
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CrazyRedHead on 01/26/2006:
And you call that rude. I don't see how that was rude, she was answering your questions. It does't matter if you booked your tickets 2 years ago, what is happening "now" is what counts. I don't know about the other points that you tried to make but I don't see any rudeness here. But then, I guess you had to be there.
tander on 01/26/2006:
I saw a lot of rudeness, especially her telling them, she can turn them away, sounds like a power trip, and that was extremely rude, she did not have to say that.
Shakra on 01/26/2006:
Actually, it does matter if you booked the trip prior to the new ruling. I know because I just went through this two months ago when flying to England.

However, a lot of what the representative told them was not her rules, but all the airlines' rules. For example, retrieving the luggage and putting them onto a connecting flight. That is the norm. The luggage goes through customs in Europe and then gets put on the connecting flight by the owner of the luggage. I do this all the time when coming back to the states.

People always perceive rudeness when they are told something they don't want to hear. It doesn't matter how it is said. Anybody who works with the public will attest to that.

Having said that, the rep was certainly out of line by telling the customer that she could turn him away at any time. She knew she was out of line or else she would have turned the customer over the supervisor. The only hope is that the call was being monitored and the person will get fired.
Anonymous on 01/28/2006:
I agree, Shakra. I used to deal with the public & people just love trying to complain about you being rude to them if you do not give them the answer that they want to hear.
familytravel on 09/22/2006:
It doesn't matter when you book your tickets...what does matter is what the policies are ON THE DAY OF YOUR TRAVEL. You should have looked at their baggae policies online right before you packed!
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Best airline stewardess
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I would like to compliment the airline stewardess on the flight from the Quad Cities to Denver on October 4, 2010. It was flight #6203 at 2:49pm. She was the only attendant and she was amazing. Her speech was clear, she was cheerful and super attentive. She really stood out as the best flight attendant I've ever had. Unfortunately, I do not remember her name, but I just want to comment on the great service!
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Left Behind
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ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- On December 16, 2008, I was flying standby on flight UA6998 from Allentown to Dulles Wash. Only six revenue passengers were at gate side at 5:15 A.M. for the 6:00 A.M. Departure. Passengers boarded and no standby passengers were called.

The aircraft door closed, leaving me behind with over 25 seats open still open on the flight.
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Ben There on 12/16/2008:
Were you on the type of ticket that you get from a friend that works for the airline?
yoke on 12/17/2008:
ben, What does that have to do with standby passengers not being called?
bargod on 12/17/2008:
Did you ask why you weren't called?
Ben There on 12/17/2008:
Yoke, traveling standby on an airline employee ticket is much different than a regular ticket. For example, you have to be dressed in a certain way, and you have to let the gate agent know you are there because you do not have a reserved seat or seat assignment... NOW if this was someone who missed a flight from the night before and was put on standby from the next day then it would be a different story, but since the posts mentions revenue travelers I am thinking this was not the case.
yoke on 12/17/2008:
ben, I know what kind of ticket you are talking about, I have flown that way thanks to a friend at AA. The OP stated that no standbys were called and they left. Sounds like someone was not doing their job and forgot to call for standbys.
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