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FDCPA Violations
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DRAPER, UTAH -- After making payment arrangements with this company, I paid them what I was told I owed. They are now harassing me and telling me I owe them more.
I have paid this company $4141.00 to date. The original debt was $3968.00. This company has reported this debt to Experian as "paid in full/closed". As of now, they claim I owe them another $253.00. When they call me, they harass and threaten me, fail to identify themselves as debt collectors, then proceed to repeatedly hang up on me when I request an itemized billing and payment history. I have told them they are no longer authorized to withdraw any money from my bank account. They have told me they will take money from my account if they want. I have not been able to verify the amount to which they claim I still owe. As of today, United Recovery Group Inc. has "turned over" my account to "SRL and Associates". Upon investigation of said "SRL and Associates", they reside in the same office as United Recovery Group Inc. and are not a registered business in the State of Utah. Upon my account being "turned over" to "SRL and Associates", my alleged balance has escalated to $453.00.
It amazes me that this company is still allowed to do business in Utah, or anywhere for that matter. They have an "F" on the BBB website for numerous similar, if not identical complaints.
They have also been on "Get Gephardt". What a company to be proud of!
Beware of anyone from this company: Mel, Benji, Rob, Jerimiah
Take your case to court instead of falling into the trap I did!
BTW: "SRL and Associates", the company that isn't even registered to do business in Utah has got an "F" too!
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harrassed by U.R.G on 07/18/2013:
I am being harassed by these people named U.R.G. they call and call and call. claiming I owe an amount of money that they have to look further into and have claimed if I don't pay them I'm doing to jail. first off in the state of California it is illegal for them to harass me as well as threaten me. I've spoke to am attorney about this matter and I'm hoping I have a case against them. they refuse to claim they are a debt collector but when you call there 866 number it states that they are collecting a debt. wow.
Kiki on 10/09/2013:
Fair Debt Collection Practices

Pennsylvania's Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act seeks to protect consumers from certain unfair or deceptive debt collection practices. The following is a summary of the relevant provisions.

The following debt collection practices are not permitted without your express permission or permission granted through a court order:

contacting you at unusual times or places
contacting you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
contacting you at work (if the debt collector is aware your employer does not allow such contact)
contacting you when the debt collector is aware you are represented by an attorney

Debt collector and third party communications:

debt collectors may only contact third parties to ascertain your location/whereabouts
debt collectors may not reveal to third parties that you owe debt

Debt collector may not harass you, or third parties in connection with collecting a debt:

debt collectors may not use threats of violence or harm
debt collectors may not use profane or obscene language
debt collectors may not repeatedly use the telephone to annoy
debt collectors may not publish a list of debtors (except lists sent to credit bureaus)

Unfair and deceptive debt collection practices are not permissible:

debt collectors may not make false implications of government affiliation
debt collectors may not assert false threats of legal action or legal status
debt collectors may not falsely imply you committed a crime
debt collectors may not deposit a postdated check prematurely

Although the Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act does protect consumers from illegal methods of collection, the best way to protect yourself from unfair debt collection practices is to avoid excessive debt altogether. Also, it is a good idea to keep a log of when you receive your bills
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