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Compliments to Jennifer H . Customer Relations LAX
Posted by Blanchemca on 06/15/2013
My compliments to Jennifer H - works in customer service at LAX - she was so professional and helped me get home to Durango, Co on June 11,2013.
Thank you Jennifer for your patience and persistence.

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Beware - Cheap Price = Bait = Cheap Service
Posted by Phihuongdo on 05/28/2013
Cheap price = Cheap service.
In recent economy of America. I am an American to support America. I used UA for my vacation. But I disappointed completely after used them
Their cheap price = Cheap service = Bait.
When you start at airport you will start to pay more for their service for luggage – drinking water, etc… After all of those = Expensive price = Terrible service.

I had booked a flight from John Wayne. (SNA-CA) air port to Orlando International (MCO-FL) air port with one connection at Denver (DEN-CO). On December, 19. 2012
-On December, 19. 2012 I had came SNA-CA at 10.00 Am to check in ready by schedule.

On flight UA431 depart at1.51 pm to Denver (DEN – CO) at 5.10 pm. At that time weather in SNA-CA was good day with clear sky and temperature was 53 F. But my flight delayed 1 hour by UA operate (They delayed my flight for get more guests go to Tampa-Fl. had came in late that day) Then flight could leave SNA at 2.50 pm ( 1 hour late).

- UA4314 had came DEN-CO at 5.50pm late 40 minutes by schedule and I missed my connection Flight UA353 by schedule departed 5.40pm. After few hour waiting I feel badly by cool weather at DEN-CO air port that day (Cool- Snow – Rain) I had contacted UA customer service for a support they gave to me a phone number of their partner hotel in Denver, I tried to call them but their price was unacceptable. I contacted UA customer service again and explain my health situation that time with them and their answer was “I must stay in air port with that situation and they will reschedule my flight to earliest flight to MCO-FL in next day. If something happen their insurance will take care all.”

- Late in that day under that weather condition my blood pressure went up at air port and got an emergency service to University of Colorado Hospital that night. I came back airport at 6.00am in early morning December, 20 2012 and got reschedule my flight on UA 850Y departed at 10.15 am and came MCO on 3.40 pm.

- At MCO one more time I got trouble because my luggage did not came in with my flight. After a hour looking for my luggage I knew they came in another flight earlier my flight ( this is a deceitful and deceive of United Air Line Customer Services ).

- When I got home and received a bill from University of Colorado Hospital and Emergency Service was 15.000,00 (for about 3 hour service with out any treatment) After my insurance paid a co pay is 150.00 us.

- I had been contacted Mr. Jeff Smisek Chairman of UA and Insurance department of UA to pay this Co pay. Then last their answer is “They does not guarantee flight times and reserves the right to adjust flight times as necessary”
- This answer show out unrespect and unreliability of United Air Line with their customer even they was wrong of all.
- BEWARE – BECAREFUL with United Air Line.
The worst air line company Get away with them when you see UA If you don’t
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Worst Customer Service
Posted by Jkgill00 on 05/19/2013
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- I bought United Airlines ticket to fly to Des Moines. I arrived at terminal C and was checked in for flight 4398. At ticketing station, they told me that gate number is not available yet. I went thru security check point. It took me 45 min to go thru security and while looking for gates, terminal given for flight was terminal A. I ran to catch train to get terminal a but I had already missed the flight. I went to ticketing counter at terminal A united express. I explained to ticketing counter agent and she was so rude and started saying that I could be lying and there is no proof that I was at terminal C. I showed her my checked in baggage claim. She said that I have to pay extra to replace ticket or other flight is at 7.35 pm and she cannot do anything. I was on verge of crying for observing her such bad demeanor. I asked for manager and manager Carlos said same thing. I told him that her employee had bad attitude and showed no respect for customers. I asked for representative name, he ignored me completely. He gave me no other option and gave me ticket for 7.35pm. I spent whole day at airport. Such a company can never survive for giving pain to its customers and got showing no respect.

I never thought of discrimination but this thought came in my mind that I am not white that's why j am treated so bad here. I believe that people who does wrong and say liar to their customers, bad karma will come to them soon.
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Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-05-20:
United Express flights are operated by Sky West.
Posted by walt willis on 2014-01-09:
Daugher in law, her DIL, and baby flew Knoxville to SF on the way to Klamath Falls, OR. Friday evening flight to K Falls was cancelled, Earliest they coul go on would possibly be Monday, probably Tuesday. They had to rent a one way car to Mefodrd, OR and our daughter drove the 80 miles to pick them up. On the way back their luggage was only booked to Portland and was three days late arriving in Knoxville. Just one of several such instances.
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United Luxury Motors Sells Bad Vehicles and Lie to Customers
Posted by Dj10187205 on 05/09/2013
STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA -- I went to buy a car at united luxury motors, ended up liking a 2003 Nissan Maxima so the dealer found me a finance company and I was off in my vehicle. The manager at the dealership told me that if I have any issues to bring the car back and he would fix the problem whatever it may be. After a couple days the car started running bad making noises, and the check engine light came on. I called the dealer the took a look at the car and said it only needed a mass air flow sensor. They replaced the part however the car still rode bad. I drove the car for a little over a month and one day coming home from work the car broke down. I called the dealer and they told me I would have to get a diagnostic done then they could see what they could do. This was the last time I heard from the dealer. I called again after having the vehicles towed to a Nissan dealership where they told me I needed a new engine. I tried calling the dealer and someone answered I told them my problem and they said the general manager would call back within an hour . I still have never heard back from the dealer these people only want money.

They do not care about customers one big no one even bothered to call me back. Please do business with a reputable dealer. Please don't give them your business do it for me and the many others they have scammed.

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Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-09:
You purchased a 10 year old car so you have to expect problems. Did the dealer offer any kind of warranty or did you purchase an extended warranty? If not do you really expect the dealer to replace the motor? You purchased the car "as is" and took a chance. Unfortunately now you have a problem. Good luck.
Posted by Susan on 2013-05-09:
What does the contract you signed say about a warranty? Did you have the car inspected by an independent mechanic you trust? It doesn't matter what you were told by the person selling you the car - the only thing that matters is the contract.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-09:
As written in other replies, the only thing that matters is your written contract and warranty, if there was one.

No used car dealer in their right mind will cover any and all problems that pop up after the sale. This is a perfect way to go bankrupt.

Car dealers put as little work (ie money) into used cars to prep them for sale. The disreputable ones will sell cars that need major repairs without telling you, but it isn't clear that happened here. It is best to have a qualified mechanic check over a used car before the deal is struck, unless there is a good warranty.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-05-10:
When the salesman told you to bring the car back if you have a problem and they would fix it you "assumed" that it would be fixed for free. The salesman never told you it would be fixed for free. Too many consumers assume too many things. You may be more a victim of bad luck rather than a bad dealer.
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Canceled My Flight , Had to Pay for a Hotel for the night,No Compensation
Posted by Dannyd754 on 05/06/2013
NEWARK, NEW YORK -- Flight was canceled till following day. United Airlines used a series of lies as the reason. Proved as lies then changed their reason 3 times. I had to stay in a hotel overnight and United Airlines would not cover any charges. Then moves my return flight to earlier in the day (2 days of my vacation ruined) Then I sit in the airport till the original takeoff time. 2 days of nonrefundable activities gone!!! Thanks United Airlines for wasting my time & money! Credit Card company will dispute all charges. We'll see who wins in the end. If all else fails I will SUE United Airlines!!!
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Posted by Ben There on 2013-05-07:
Airlines do not pay for hotels unless the reason for the cancellation was their own fault - like a mechanical or missing crew member. They do not pay for delays caused by weather, air traffic control, etc...
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-05-07:
You seem to consider this a game where someone will win at the end. It will however be United Airlines. You agreed to their terms and conditions when you purchased the tickets. This includes their reserving the right to change departure time or dates if necessary. The credit card company already knows this so they won't be able to help you.

As far as suing them yourself, you might find a lawyer that will take the case just to get paid by you, but they also will be shown the contract of carriage which will leave them with no chance to win anything for you.
Posted by info352 on 2013-07-05:
When a delay happens a code is inserted into the computer system in the FLIFO (Flight Information) so all agents know the reason for the delay. I'd be very surprised to see that code changed over and over as you say. Airlines are not responsible for delays due to acts of God or beyond their control (ex: control tower holding you on the ground for an hour for traffic) and by law they do not have to provide you with a hotel room. But in my experience they will try the best to accommodate you on a flight of your choice if seats are available. This is all airlines, not just United.
Also, when something like this happens, call central reservations instead of pestering the agents at the airport, those guys have a lot on their hands and plenty other things to do. Central Reservation will see the same delay code on their computer and often have more control of seats (for example they can overbook flights whereas airport agents can't).
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Aerator Touring Midwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Gottommowing on 03/19/2013
COLUMBIA, MISSOURI -- March 11, 2013 I ordered a Lawn Aerator for a Zero Turn Mower, The unit was shipped by UPS Freight with a 2 day in transit time.
The unit was picked up by UPS freight on March 13, 2013.
Friday, March 15 at 7:50 AM I received a call from Curtis in the Columbia Terminal that my freight was there and would be delivered by noon. At that time I checked my tracking number and showed it was in Columbia.
3 hours later I get a call the can not locate it, "got the paperwork but cannot find the freight,|"
I called back and spoke to the terminal secretary and she said we do not know where it is, I received a phone call approximately an hour later and was told that it was in "Springfield." At that time she said would have for Monday delivery.
As a result of this snafu on their part I lost over $500.00 in wages as could not aerate yards at $00.08 a sq ft.
No call Monday morning from the Columbia Terminal. So I call the 1-800 number and am connected to someone whose English is so poor thought I was in a preschool class listening., I gathered my aerator had been shipped to Wichita then Kansas City, Ks and would be here tomorrow as needed an extra day. The representative was to also send an "urgent message" to the terminal manager to contact me.,
Tuesday morning I have not received a peep from UPS. On Monday the pallet was 140 miles from it's destination terminal. It would make sense that it would be put on the truck to Columbia, MO to be delivered on Tuesday,
No that is not the UPS way, the are backing tracking it and as I write Tuesday Afternoon it is back in Springfield, MO awaiting a fateful trip through the St Louis Terminal once again.
If I enter the Tracking Number it has not changed since Friday, March 15. It show Shipment Has Arrived at Service Center. What a joke it should read "Paperwork has arrived at Service Center whereabouts of package are unknown.
It's trip to Springfield, Mo, Wichita KS, Kansas City Ks and back to Springfield, MO is yet to be documented let alone it's trip back through St Louis and to Columbia, Mo.
No one at UPS can tell me why it was not routed back Friday through St Louis from Springfield as it appears now to be.
No one at UPS can tell me why it was not put on a truck for Columbia when in Kansas City, Ks instead of be routed back through Springfield.
A rough calculation is that it has traveled an extra 1000 miles more than it should of been had it been placed on the right truck Thursday evening in St Louis.
Final thoughts
Never trust UPS Tracking, it is just paper work and not the actual parcel.
If UPS loses your parcel only the Gods at UPS can figure out how to get it to you the most uneconomical way.
Never trust your parcel to UPS in anyway, shape or form!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-19:
I don't agree with your conclusions. I have used UPS several hundred times with no experience like yours. I use tracking regularly, and typically it is up to date and reflects everywhere the package is processed. I've also used customer service on multiple occasions, and never had a complaint about the assistance I received.

I'm sorry that your shipment was misdirected.
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Posted by Deanna.denis on 01/21/2013
LILBURN, GEORGIA -- BEWARE! Do NOT even waste your time looking here! My daughter was looking for a car. Since she was paying for it herself, she needed to keep within a budget. She found a Mazda there that she really loved, and during the test drive, it was ok. The trunk was not working, & the ABS light came on, so they said they would fix it by the time she returned (5 days later). Since it was a rare car, she did not want it to be sold before she could get her money together. She put $400 down on it to hold it. They told her she could take it to an independent mechanic, and if it had problems, she could get her $400 back. Yeah .. right.

My husband and I went back with her to get the car, and found that it was leaking coolant, leaking oil, smoking when driven, would not crank the first 3 times, the engine was surging when in idle, wires were hanging, and sloppily soldered together, and we found evidence of it being wrecked .. etc.

We obviously said we did not want the car, and wanted our $400 back. They, of course, refused. We agreed to look at their other inventory. When we were looking .. most of the cars had glaring issues. Leaks, tail lights hanging off, moisture inside .. etc.

By this time, we had absolutely no faith in their cars or their word. They still refused to give the $400 back.

We went to Stone Mountain Ford, and found an '02 Mustang GT convertible, in mint condition with very low miles, for only a couple of thousand more!!

Bottom line ... The staff at United Luxury Motors are liars and thieves!

DO NOT BUY from them!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-21:
You'd have to check the law in your state to know if she is entitled to a refund.

Never EVER agree to buy a car that has issues. Tell them you will commit to buy when the problems are fixed. They will probably tell you to go elsewhere, and you'll be better off if you do.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-21:
trmn8r is spot on. Did she get anything in writing that the $400 was refundable?
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Harassment: Beware of Seasonal Driver Helper Asking Your Phone Number If You Are A Female Customer Waiting For Your Package
Posted by Lissipalowsky on 12/19/2012
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- This is a long story, but definite worth your notice, so sit back and have a cup of coffee/tea and read on....

In early November I was waiting for a package to arrive. My package was sent via UPS according to the website of my purchase. I live in New York and there was Superstorm Sandy happened at the end of October. The packages in New York were handled partially through its Maspeth facility location. Because of the storm, UPS website showed the tracking status on the day that my package was estimated to arrive as 'Out for Delievery' and the time was 5 AM for the update.

Then I waited all day at home, doing things here and there while waiting, but it didn't arrive. Around evening, I was on my way outside of my apartment building, I saw a UPS guy dressing its uniform standing in the lobby waiting for elevator in my building. Thought I didn't see him holding my package, he said 'hi', I responded 'hi.' Later I walked outside of my building, I saw a UPS truck so I walked over to ask the driver who was unloading some boxes from his truck to see if he has any more packages for my building. The driver said 'Wait for my helper, he is in your building now, and he is coming back soon.'

I realized the guy I saw earlier in the lobby of my building is the driver's "helper". Later the guy came back to the truck, he saw me, I asked him if he has any more packages to my building as I was anxiously waiting to get my package. The "helper" guy said 'No.' Then the driver said 'it may be in another truck and your package will arrive, don't worry.' So it was fruitless.

Later I went home, I checked again on UPS website, the status on the website was never updated that day, it was still 'Out for Delivery' since 5 AM that day up until midnight when I went to sleep. Then the next day around noon time, the UPS website updated my package status as 'Exceptional Condition beyond control', 'Delivery Rescheduled'. It didn't say when my package would be delivered.

Around 6PM the evening, suddenly someone knocked on my door. I saw it was a UPS guy, I thought he had my package though the website was still 'Exceptional Condition beyond control, Delievery rescheduled.' I opened my door. It was the guy standing in the lobby of my building yesterday, the driver's "helper". He said "Did you receive your package?" I said "No, do you have my package?" He said "I will check it for you. What is your phone number?" In a split second, I thought there was a tracking number, is it really necessary to give my phone number? But I thought he might give me a quick call when he goes back to his truck to see if he can find my package in his truck. So I gave the UPS driver helper my phone number. The he said 'My name is Gabriel.' I told him my name, he shoke my hand. He left.

Then about half an hour later, around 6:30PM, I got a call, it was that driver helper. The phone number is 347-xxx-xxxx, it looks like a cell phone number. He said 'I will track your package for you.' I said 'Thank You.' Then he said 'By the way, you look really really beautiful, are you married?' I said 'Thank you. I am engaged.' Then he said 'Oh, engaged? But we should definitely talk sometimes, please call me ok?' I said 'thank you.' That's all I can say since you don't want to say anything bad to this person. Then a minute later, he called again. He said 'Ok, I will definitely track your package for you.' I thought it was a little weird he never asked my tracking number. I said 'Do you want my tracking number?' He said 'Oh, what is your tracking number?' Then I read the number to him. He said 'I will check your package for you, please call me.'

It was a conversation going nowhere and getting weird. I said 'Thank you.' Then after another minute, he called again. I picked up. He said 'Oh, the package is in Maspeth location.' I said 'I know, I can see it on your website.' Then he said 'I will definitely find out when the package will be delivered, but please call me.' I said 'Thank you.' After another minute, the 4th phone call from this UPS driver helper, he said 'tomorrow I will definitely find out and hand over the package to you. Please call me, ok?' I said 'Thank you.'

So I picked up 4 phone calls from this guy. I went on to spend the evening with my family, later I was shocked to find out this UPS driver helper called me another 5 times at 10:42PM, 10:43PM, 10:44PM and 10:46PM. I started looking for UPS customer service information online and made a call to talk to someone at UPS to file the official complaint. UPS determined it was harassment from this person. After the phone conversation, I just found out this guys called another time at 11:47PM at night.

The next day, the third day from the original date that my package was supposed to arrive at my door step, I was waiting to see if this guy ever dared to call my phone again. It didn't happen. Around late morning, I got a call from someone at UPS complaint center, this man said 'they already took care of this and the driver helper's boss is going to talk to this guy and make sure it will never happen again.' Since I told UPS this driver helper's phone number and name when I filed my complaint last night, I figured they already found out who that was and the boss already knew it and that's why I didn't see the guy calling me again the next day. After the call from UPS complaint center, about half an hour later, a man showed up in my lobby and I saw it was a different person, and he looks like a supervisor. The man was very nice, he apologized for what happened and he explain he was in charge of UPS delivery in my neighborhood area and he already talked to this guy and he said this Gabriel was very scared and this boss made sure Gabriel deleted my cell phone number and promised never dared to call me again. I thanked this supervisor for his decision and let him to decide if he wanted to fire this driver helper Gabriel or not, all I wanted is my package, that's all.

I still have this driver's helper phone number in case I need to take legal action against UPS with the iron clad proof this guy called me 9 times in total. After all, I received my package in the evening after the supervise came to apologize to me. It was downright unprofessional and this guy's behavior ruined UPS reputation. He thought he probably was in some kind of 'Sex and The City situation' that he could get to know some girls through his delivery and had 'some fun'. It was stupid drama, things like that happened in real life are called harassment. I also learned a lesson, NEVER GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AWAY, NO MATTER WHAT. What a scary situation, I will never forget. Be careful if someone asks for your phone number, don't give it away for your safety.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-12-19:
Freaky story. At least UPS seems to have taken care of it.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-20:
I skipped to the last few paragraphs because I wasn't in the mood for a long story. It looks like UPS promptly responded to your complaint.

The last real problem I had with UPS was back in 1989, literally. I had one other issue, around 2005, that they very promptly handled. It was related to an incorrect address put on by the sender, but UPS made a special trip to retrieve it and get it to me.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-20:
Some may or may not agree. I see nothing wrong with someone in such a position acting 'interested' and even asking a nice young lady out. But once she makes it clear she is engaged or otherwise not interested, that's where it should have ended.
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2 Hours Waiting in Line Just for Check In
Posted by on 12/14/2012
A trip to Disney World shouldn't start with a 2 hours standing in line waiting with 2 kids about to passing out because just 2 out of six front desk showed to work, where is the rest ????? First and last time traveling with United
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2012-12-14:
Check in online, print your boarding passes at home, and check your bags at the curb. I know this isn't an option for everyone, but it saves a lot of time.

FWIW -- JetBlue is a great airline, they have customer service down to a fine art.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-14:
Did they tell you the delay was because 4 employees did not show up for work? 2 hours is odd, especially with security delays being what they are. However, I have taken international flights that had long check-ins. Hope you had a nice vacation.
Posted by Ben There on 2012-12-14:
I have noticed most check in desks are not completely staffed anymore as most people check in online or at a kiosk and just use the bag drop line.
Posted by Dryer Lint on 2012-12-14:
Let's see...30 min at gate, 15 minutes through security. Good on you to show up at the airport nearly 3 hours ahead of time! Since you showed up so early, I guess it was either stand in line or sit at the gate for all that time - its a wash.
Posted by info352 on 2013-07-05:
It's usually very fast to check in at the kiosks (all United counters have them) and yet a lot of people are so afraid of the "machines" that they don't even try to use them and they rather wait in line. It's not the airline fault if there are so many people like that.
Another delay in line is due by people packing more than the allowed 50lbs per bag and not wanting to pay the overweight fee and wanting to repack everything at the counter.
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Worst Travel Experience Ever
Posted by Jerryruiz00 on 11/27/2012
MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- I've been flying on a semi-regular basis for the past 16 years, and I've never had an experience like the one I had yesterday on United Airlines. I flew Continental for a long time, because it was one of only two airlines in my hometown, where my parents still live. But after yesterday, I doubt if I will ever use United again.

I originally had a 'red-eye' flight from Monterey, CA to New York City for Sunday night, with a connection at SFO. That flight was first delayed, then eventually cancelled due to fog. That, I can understand.

I was automatically re-booked onto the 5.30am flight. I slept for four hours, woke up at 4am, and was a the airport with plenty of time. We all got onto the airplane. Then, the gate agent came onto the plane to announce the plane was overweight. She offered any volunteers to leave the play a $250 voucher. Since $250 won't get you very far these days, no one took the offer. Then she came back and read the last names of two passengers would would have to get off the plane. I was one of those unlucky passengers.

I loudly refused to leave the plane. I explained I had a very important work event that I was already going to be three hours late to, and that I could not miss entirely without serious repercussions. Another passenger then tried to negotiate for a larger voucher amount, saying she would get off the plane for more than $250 so that I could stay on, but the gate agent said should could not offer more than $250. She said I had to leave as I was the last to check in for the flight - surely because I was automatically rebooked and wasn't supposed to even be on that flight in the first place.

I refused to leave. The gate agent left, then came back with security. I was forced to get off the plane like some kind of criminal when I done nothing wrong. They escorted me out of the airport and put me in a cab (which they paid for) to SFO. So I had to endure a two hour cab ride, and of course I missed the connection (only by a matter of minutes due to fog delays). They also gave me a $250 voucher which is worthless because I will never fly their lousy airline again or give them ANY money.

After I missed my connection, they tried to put me on a 1pm flight, but I demanded they get me back to NYC sooner. The put me on hold for HALF AN HOUR and finally came back telling me they could get me on an 11am Delta flight.

I finally got home, bedraggled, at around 10pm. I missed my work event entirely.

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Posted by cruisecat on 2012-11-27:
they forced you to get off the plane like some kind of criminal because you did something wrong you didn't leave it when they said you needed to
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