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Total RIPOFF....dishonest practices
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I took my car for oil leak repair as my car engine used to smoke after driving due to oil leak on 02/27/2010 and was given an estimate of $815 for the repairs. I agreed to do it and was delivered the car on 03/02/2010.
The very day I started experiencing the same problem. I was told they used some brake fluid to clean the engine so I will have the burning smell for few days. But the very next day on 03/03/2010 I had little smoke again from the car.
I took back the car on 03/10/2010 and they gave me a new estimate of $1843.52 for fixing two major issues and another and $700.64 for another issue all related to the oil leak and smoke problem that I came in for in the first place.
All they are going to do is deduct the money I paid earlier from the bill. But I can't pay for all that repairs. I should have known the entire estimate in the first place so I could make a decision. I would have never done it from them if I knew its going to cost me so much.
They have got me fixed.
When I spoke to the Service Manager, he said "THAT'S WHY WE DON’T REPAIR CARS WITH 150K MILES ON THEM."
I was shocked. My car has 150933 miles on it when I first took it in and 151092 when I went back again.
If it was their company policy or something I should have known it. If I knew they don't like to repair cars with more than 150000 miles I would have happily walked out the first time.
I am just a student and I want my hard earned money back somehow which I spent for nothing. Any suggestions would be appreciated ..
Also please don't even think of going to this dealer for anything because they are just going to rip you off your money. A small around the corner mechanic would be more honest and would surely fix the problem.....
How do I upload images here so that I can give post my invoices and the ridiculous New estimate sheet that was given to me?????
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Disreputable dealership
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I am speechless at what my experience has been at this dealership so I will let you decide for yourself. I also ask that you remove all emotion from this as well and look at just the day to day facts.
I had been looking for a Armada for a few months and looking for deals and found this dealership had the best price compared to a lot of other dealers, which is normal because it is a larger market then here in Daytona Beach. I filled out the financial info on line Sunday Sept 5th late in the evening. I then called the dealership the next day to see if they had received my info. I spoke to internet sales manager which confirmed that they had received it but do to the banks being closed for the holiday they would forward it Tuesday, September 7th to qualify with a financial institution. Over the next few days I received calls from the internet sales manager needing more documentation which is no problem and I faxed hard copy information immediately.

Now mind you, this dealership is 84 miles away (one way) and about $9.25 in tolls (one way).

I received a call Thursday, September 9th from the internet sales manager that we had an approval from AmeriCredit financial services and that we could pick up the vehicle as soon as the paperwork was signed. I let her know that I would call her back as we had to make arrangements to due so. Once again during our conversation I ask, is this a for sure deal as we are driving a long way. The internet sales manager replies "yes" and that it would take only about an hour and a half. We got to the dealership at 6:30pm and did not get out of there until 10:15pm. By that time my two young children, under ten years of age, were over tired and ready to go. They did not have a salesman lined up and or financial manager available to get through the contract.

The next day upon start up the vehicle it began to smoke. Not sure of what the problem was I let it go. The following day, Saturday Sept. 11th I started the armada and it was a fog machine. I checked the fluids, the radiator all was as should be. I called the dealership and spoke with the salesman (which I might add was the only good thing about this whole experience. He was a very decent young man and we appreciated his help.) he said bring it back in as it is still under warranty, again having to driving 84 miles and through the tolls to get there. Universal Nissan ran a diagnostic on it and said nothing to us but that they needed to set us up in a rental, and that the Armada should be done by Tuesday the 14th.

On the morning of the 14th, my wife receives a phone call from the service department that our vehicle is ready. So we make arrangements to head all the way back to pick it up that afternoon after work. As we leaving for Universal Nissan we get a call from the internet sales manager that our loan has been denied with AmeriCredit Financial 5 days after this whole deal has been signed off on and done, due to my wife's pay being a 1099. My wife ask point blank, what are you talking about? They paperwork has been finalized and you gave us the keys to this vehicle that we have been in possession of for 5 days. And since when does a financial institute not except a 1099 as a form of income?

Upon hanging up with Universal Nissan my wife calls me. I was seriously confused as I have worked part time for this company, that she is now employed with for over 8 years and have never had this problem with other financial Institutions. As a matter of fact a year ago we bought a home under the very same situation. Universal Nissan was also unsure if the car that we brought in on trade was still available as it may have gone to auction already. We insisted that we get our car back as it was paid in full and have title to it. I received a call back about an hour later stating that they have found our car and will have it ready when I arrive along with all documentation that states the contract is voided and would get all my other hard copy documentation that was given them. I arrive at to get vehicle and drop off their rental, which I made the salesman check, that all is good with the rental and sign off on it so as not incur other charges. I got my vehicle back and headed home. I wasn't given any of my documents that I requested as all the people that could help have left for the day.

Since I still had the loan contract in my hand, I decided to call AmeriCredit Financial Services to find out what happened to our loan and why it was denied. I spoke with new car loans department and they stated that on the 14th of Sept., the day I receive a call back from Universal Nissan. They, Americredit had received a fax stating Universal Nissan sent them the documentation by mistake and to return all financials back to Universal Nissan. So as to date AmeriCredit states that we were approved for a loan, not denied but never completed it with us or dealership (which I have a legal contract in my hand as we speak saying we do). However they did give me a reference number which documents all the above information.

As of today September 16, 2010 I still have not receiving any documentation or the title for my car. I called and spoke with internet sales manager stating that I wanted this back ASAP, she said I could come by and get the title or that she could put in the mail. I replied please FedEx it back!

My wife and I have been very loyal to Nissan and their products. We have owned a few of their cars and really enjoyed their vehicles. However if this is the way they represent their company and treat their customers ..... I may be rethinking this whole thing. Through all of this, and the economy that we are in today, how we were treated in this manner is beyond what any business would do to survive. As far as I am concerned, Universal Nissan is a disreputable dealership and one that lacks all integrity!
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leet60 on 09/17/2010:
What happened to you is known in the industry as "spot delivery". The dealer lets you leave with the car prior to actual approval of the financing. The dealer is allowed to do so, if you read your contract, there will be terms indicating it is "subject to financing approval" or the like.

The dealer can cancel an initial sales contract/agreement within 10 days simply by notifying you. This is a common practice in the industry, they are banking on your "love" of the new car and your willingness to sign a new contract, subject to higher financing terms/downpayment etc. This maximizes their profit on the sale.

It is always a bad idea to go to a dealership to buy a car and allow them to finance you, give you a trade in or talk "monthly payments". You will lose on all three of these options. The dealer gets a kickback from financing, monthly payments will end up extending your loan much longer than necessary to meet an amount you desire and your trade in will be written back in to the loan somewhere. Go to a bank or credit union, get preapproved and then go in to deal on the car price. Any other option and you will lose in the end.
Alain on 09/17/2010:
Andy M, this is really worth a letter to Nissan Consumer Affairs, PO Box 685003, Franklin, TN 37068-5003 and a call to them (800-647-7261) as well.
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Customer Service???? Yeah right!
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My wife and I purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano in November 2006 from Universal Nissan in Orlando, Florida. Ever since the sale, Universal Nissan has been far from pleasant to deal with! In April 2007 we started noticing problems with the paint on the hood. It appeared as though the clear coat had tiny bubbles all over it, just on the hood. We brought it to Universal Nissan and had it looked at. At first, the service rep attempted to pawn it off as "fallout" and that this was OUR problem. Finally after explaining it very elementary to them, that the "fallout" was confined to JUST the hood and no where else, they determined it could be a paint problem. They kept the vehicle for a day. I was put into a rental vehicle. After the call that our vehicle was ready for pickup and arriving at Universal Nissan, I could NOT believe what I had seen next! Our Murano looked as though they handed grade school children 60 grit sandpaper and allowed them to sand the bubbles off the hood!!! It looked absolutely terrible!!! There were scratches I could see from about 25' away!!! This was their idea of a job well done?!!! I was infuriated! I spoke with the Service Manager and he concurred that the job was unsatisfactory. The vehicle was kept another day. This time, it looked somewhat okay at first. Then after a few washings, the scratches reappeared, again. I advised Universal Nissan and Universal North America of the problem. I was informed by Universal North America to go to another Nissan Dealership to have the problem addressed. That was their way of shooing me away. I went to Classic Nissan in Orlando and was advised that the DPSM (District Parts & Service Manager)would be there on a Wednesday and that I needed to bring the Murano in so he could look at it. He concurred that Universal Nissan needed to address the issue of the hood. He too stated in his "expert" opinion it appeared to be "fallout" but could not explain to me why it was confined ONLY to the hood (in his "expert" opinion). The SUV again went back to Universal Nissan and again I was put into a rental car to drive. I was assured by the Service Manager that they would get it right this time.

So far, as we've taken possession of the Murano, it appears as though they did something that is hiding the scratches THEY put in my hood. The Service Manager told me that in fact if the scratches re-appear. He would take a hood off a new Murano and switch it out with the hood they ruined on my vehicle. One other side note is both times Universal Nissan has put me into a rental car for problems they created for me, I was charged for the rental car. The Service Manager told me this last time after I explained they had charged me the first time that that WOULD NOT happen again this time. Well, guess what??? Lied again! You can't trust a single person at that dealership, no one! Please take my advise and stand clear of Universal Nissan!!!

Just go somewhere else to buy your Nissan. Their definitely not the only Nissan Dealership in the area. And as I stated earlier, service after they get your money is grossly poor at best anyway. Go somewhere where your treated fairly and with sopme respect and dignity!!!
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Anonymous on 10/01/2007:
Well written, well explained. The scratches were a result of someone doing a poor wet sanding job, then it was buffed with a silicone wax (should have used a compund wax) that will hide the scratches until it washes away. If the scratches do reappear you may have a lemon law case as the scratches will adversley affect the resale value of the vehicle. Keeps all records handy as you have up to 18 months to file for lemon law in your state. Good Luck
MRM on 10/01/2007:
Dealerdirect... you are always giving great advice!
Anonymous on 10/01/2007:
dealerdirect: nice information. You deserve another star !
DigitalCommando on 10/01/2007:
If you look under your hood, is there a heat shield there, or do you just see bare metal? Sounds like an engine heat issue to me. The dealer can buff and polish until the cows come home. This needs to be repainted.
DESNA1 on 09/09/2008:
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A Universal Disaster at UNIVERSAL NISSAN- Orlando
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- In June 06, I took my 2006 Nissan 350Z for service. I have the Nissan service package. The tech initially refused to accept the plan then with proper documentation - they credited the service. July 06, returned to Nissan for issues with rust on my hood, non-flush gas door and oil change. Was told over the phone the rust was from "fall out" not covered under warranty and when compared to other 350's the fuel door was consistent in design. About 10 minutes later, I received another call to inform me that a new fuel door was order. They were unable to explain the reason behind ordering a new door. When I picked up my car, the service indicator sticker was not inside. My tires were not reset (issue indicator light was still illuminated) and there were no visible signs where they felt or closely examined the "fall out" rust (car was dirty - no prints visible). On August 3rd, the Service Engine Light came on.

On August 4th, the car was returned to Universal Nissan, where we were informed not only had my fuel door been in for two weeks but they had no contact information on file for my account. Mind you - the car had been for service TWICE and on both occasions I was called. The Service Director reassured the rust was fall out and had a tech buff a small spot out as proof. He also instructed that the Service Engine Light was a 99.9% result of the emissions sensor caused by not turning the gas cap tight enough. It would take approx. 30 key turns to build pressure back up and the senor would auto correct causing the light to go off. The car was never checked, placed on any kind of diagnostic system to ensure that truly was the problem. Today, upon accelerating onto the highway in rush hour traffic, the car completely shut down. It was a fight to get the car onto the shoulder. Over 100 miles from home and the Universal Nissan dealer, I was able to contact a dealer in Wesley Chapel Florida to service my car. He informed us the "Throttle Body" was bad and was covered under warranty. When I called to cancel today's install of my new fuel door, I informed the Sales Director that we are unable to bring the car in because we are stranded. I was highly upset at the level of service and lack of willingness to better assess a problem that was obviously more severe than a sensor issue. I was informed that warranty service was only completed Monday through Friday and currently there is a three day wait for service. His attitude and lack of professionalism should be known and a complaint has been filed with regard to both service quality and customer treatment with Nissan Corporate.

A car is an investment. Service is critical and finding a trusting dealership is important. I am highly disturbed with several issues currently underway at Universal Nissan and would like for others to take caution if Universal Nissan is their service provider. And on a side note – I have actually spent more time on hold than actually speaking with a live person.
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Anonymous on 08/12/2006:
Wow, there are so many things wrong here I don't nowhere to begin. 1) What is fallout???? Is Florida next to Chernobyl??? I have been in this business for a long time and that is the WORST excuse I have ever heard. 2) 30 turns of the key to build up pressure? Don't think so!!!!!! Telling a customer to ignore an engine light,other than being the dumbest comment ever made, it well because why you ended up stranded. I don't know if you have already received your survey from Nissan about your service, if not I would hope that you take the time to FILL it out appropriatley and return it. I usually side with dealers on the complaints, but you really need to do something about this. There is no excuse and I encourage you to contact Nissan Motor about this dealer (it's embarrassing to even be associated with such incompetence) the number is in your owners manual. Good Luck
sasegrl350Z on 08/14/2006:
Thanks for the reply. The Service Director said "fallout" was caused by the limerock used in construction work throughout the city. The body shop apparently had seen it on several of their cars on the lot. I used a clay compound and good wax which took out almost all of the spots. I still have a few small places where, without a good buffer, I was unable to get cleaned up. I did file a complaint with Nissan Consumer Affairs and advised the dealership of doing so. I was told I would have a response today. We'll see!
SS350z on 02/23/2007:
I agree that Universal Nissan is the worst place to go to get your car serviced. I have an 06 Z also and have been dealing with oil consumption. Their service supervisor has mireported nearly every reading. This last time it was down 3/4 qt and he said it was down 1/3 qt. He put 1/3 qt in and I checked it the next morning and it was down 1/2. These people simply can not be trusted with servicing your vehicle. STAY AWAY FROM UNIVERSAL NISSAN in Orlando, FL!
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Poorest Customer Service, Worse than AOL!
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Alright, I could write a novel detailing every ridiculous instance that proves that this dealership does not give a crap about customer service.

Or, I could give you the long and short of it.

Here's the long and short.

Check engine light on a Nissan Sentra that barely has 30,000 miles on it.

Tried to take it to the dealer, was denied due to lack of appointment. Also, it was Saturday. The cry babies in the service dept. don't do warranty work on Saturday.

Took it to the 'Zone, and they hooked it right up. mis-firing 3rd cylinder.

Called following Thursday to make appointment, and was told it was not necessary, to simply drop it off on the way to work, and they would get to it sometime during the day.

Was hassled while attempting to drop off the car because of no appointment.

Car did not get looked at that day, and is still sitting at the dealer as I type this. They won't touch it until Monday.....

They don't do warranty work on the weekend.

*********update for all the nay-sayers!!********

For the record, I was not asking for them to fix the car on a Saturday, I just wanted them to run a diagnostic, which takes about 4 minutes for even the dumbest mechanic.

Once they finally looked at the car, they realized that the car had a blown head gasket... yep, at 30,000 miles, the head gasket was blown!

Mind you, this was my g/f's car, and it got full synthetic oil every 3,000.

It took them another week to get the car finished.

They gave us a rental that was ridiculously dirty, and had puke all in the back seat.

Due to the horrible customer service of the dealer, and the poor craftsmanship of the vehicle, we promptly sold the vehicle after getting it back from the dealer (by the way, they never fixed it correctly), and she now owns a real car! (Honda!)
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DigitalCommando on 10/21/2007:
How many hoes you runnin pimp? And why you aint got a Cadillac? Dem hoes must be slow-playin a pimp!
Anonymous on 10/21/2007:
LMAO at this post, pick up the damn cell phone between booking the girls out and call for an appointment next time. Is your purple Cadillac with the leopard skin seats in the shop also? (NH)
Anonymous on 10/21/2007:
johnnybravothepimp, they really seem like they don't care about fixing your car, I would get it back and go to a local car repair where they care about doing business and don't hire people like JayD and his nasty attitude. good luck to you
Anonymous on 10/21/2007:
If this is such a troubling issue and you want your car fixed right away, what happened Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday???????
Tryme on 01/21/2009:
Let's skip the pimp jokes, this owner can't get up in the morning to get to the dealer at 8am to get his car serviced like the rest of us, but wants the same service!

Weekends are for oil changes and cash paying customers...and usually are limited hours....you are lucky that this dealer even offers these things on a Saturday....most are 9-5, Mon -Fri.

Sorry that this dealer had to endure this complaint AT ALL!
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