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Universal Studios Orlando
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Too Many People - Too Many Lines
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We went to Universal 12/27/2010 to see the new Harry Potter Exhibit. The best thing about our day was the guest services representative cheerfully refunded our ticket because the lines were so long we could not see the exhibit. You have to go near the Harry Potter entrance to get timed return tickets. Our tickets were for 5 hours later. The lines at the other rides were 90 minutes. Spiderman was 150 minutes. The line into Harry Potter actually became dangerous with people pushing past mothers with baby strollers and bumping people in wheelchairs. The park staff was extremely poorly trained. They had no idea how to control the line and the crowd.

Inside Harry Potter the crowd was uncomfortable always bumping into me. We waited 30 minutes just to get into a store to look at souvenirs. The Gryffindor Scarves were sold out after a week of temps in the 40's. The lines into Hogwart's and the rides were 90 minutes. Even the wand shop had a 30 minute line. A woman next to me getting her refund said she had 7:50 timed tickets and was not allowed into Harry Potter. The staff shut down admission because the area was filled to capacity.

What Universal can do: 1. Stop letting so many people in. When you sell a product that you cannot deliver because of overcrowding, that is fraud. 2. Let people sign up for timed-return tickets at the park entrance, and, make sure people know timed tickets are required. 3. Stop people at least 50 yards from the entrance until the time of timed tickets. The crush in the crowd was because people with later tickets were blocking the entrance.

  1. Clearly mark exits to stores as exit only. 5. Invest in crowd control technology and staff training. 6. Require staff training and park knowledge. I asked several staffers for directions, they did not even know where guest services is.

What you can do: Stay at Universal hotel and start at the park at 7:00 AM, Pay $80 for the express pass and skip line rides, don't go to Universal Christmas week (the way overfill the park), go to guest services and demand a refund when you have a terrible day.

No Safety In Universal Studios
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Over the Thanksgiving week I had items stolen from my small purse that was checked into a "free locker" at Universal near the MIB ride. We called security and they did not show up for almost an hour and 5 calls later. We went to Customer Relations/Service with the Security person who did show up after explaining that they were in a meeting and it was shift change (thank goodness I wasn't injured).

Customer Service did absolutely nothing treated me as if I was a criminal. Security Manager brought a goon with him - guess he was afraid of a woman. I could go on....but in a nutshell - don't use the lockers easy to override as attendant did. Customer Service and Security couldn't care less about you - it is all about the money. Will be spending my money at the Mouse!

Universal Island of Adventure incredible sadism!
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I wonder what bright head at Orlando Universal Island of Adventure may think that people like and enjoy to get soaked wet during a cold and damp November morning, he/she must be a descendant of Marquis De Sade or other notorious villain! In the morning of Thanksgiving 2009, my wife and I decided to visit the Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. The first ride we chose was "Jurassic Park: A River Adventure". It consists of a ride on a strange round vessel following a watery course.

What was not written anywhere nor explained by any of the attendant was that once in there is no way to escape getting soaking wet from the numerous inescapable water downpours, plus lots of water entering the vessel as it goes though the course. The only thing that these dudes did was to make sure that we were well-strapped to the seats by safety belts. Well, as you move down the course there are several, at least ten, water downpours on the vessel and its occupants. Furthermore, in another couple of occasion water pours into the vessel. The tight safety belt made sure that we could not escape any of these threats!

As a result, at the end of the ride we were both soaked wet, no item of our clothing escaped getting wet, including intimates, and had no other choice than driving to the Hotel to change all of our clothing. A perfectly good Thanksgiving ruined! Not only, since then, my wife has developed a nasty cough and also a low grade fever that has not cleared 10 days after the occurrence. I can't believe that reasonable person would think this is the kind of fun one wants to get after paying the outrageously expensive entrance fee! How can it be fun to soak people in the middle of Fall? How come that nobody warned us?

We were new to the attraction and do not know what to expect! How is it that you cannot escape the downpouring water (pours everywhere)? How is it that, having been asked to strap in your seats, you cannot escape having your bottom soaked by the water entering in the vessel? I can understand that this may be acceptable to some in a bathing suit during a hot Summer day, but how could any reasonable person think that fully dressed people enjoy to get soaked on a cold and damp Fall day? Getting people wet during cold days was/is a form of torture and punishment in the not so old days!

At this point I'll have my wife go to her doctor to get a cure and ascertain if her condition can be related to the soaking we received at Universal Island of Adventure, after which a visit to my lawyer to consider legal action against Universal will follow!

Special Needs Children
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I am trying to let everyone know who has a special needs child to Universal. We were in Islands of Adventure at the Seuss Landing sitting on the Caro-Seuss-el. My little guy was belted in on the ride with my husband standing right next to him and the people who work there were talking to us as they filled the ride. We sat there for five minutes and when they got ready to start the ride they told us he could not ride. They had changed the rules to ride and since he had put his head down before the ride started he could not ride. I could not believe they would treat a child like that. We were so mad and upset.

People all around us were mad and told them that they were wrong but it did not matter. We talk to a supervisor and they said the same thing. We paid all that money and could not do anything. They said he could go in to see the shows. I told them that would be hard since he can not see. We had been to the other parks and had no trouble at all. He rode any ride he wanted to over there. They should put up a sign that says people with disabilities not wanted here. I want no family to feel like we felt that day.

Charging Twice The Parking Fee -> Hard To Give Refund!
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I went to the park today with my Kids. I had lost the park Tickets before, and therefore, I had to pay $15 for the parking at the entrance. Then, they gave me a new copy of the tickets at the park, but they gave me a hard time at the customer service window to refund the $15 from the parking.

When I bought the annual passes, I have spent $60 extra in my ticket so that I did not have to pay for the parking during the year. Their point was that because I had no ticket at the entrance, the parking fee could not be refunded.
It is hard to believe that knowing that I have paid twice for the parking, they have tried so hard to not give me a refund.

By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- The last time I went to Universal (Orlando) was 15 years ago with my young daughters. We stayed 2-3 days and had a great time. I wanted to share any part of that pleasure (this past February) with my good friend who had never visited any Florida Theme Park. To my shock, the “bargain price” for a SINGLE day was $84...but I rationalized it could be worth it for a FULL day of fun…even if we were 57 & 64 years old and didn‘t enjoy roller coasters or other fast rides.

The disappointment continued as I found out my 2-3 favorite rides were now in the “new” Island Of Adventure section and all my other favorites, including the Animal Show, were still in Universal Park and I had to decide which to choose as the “1-Day Hopper” ticket price was even more outrageous. Because of the one positive thing, short lines, we were able to cover most of the fun stuff in a couple of hours... so we're quickly looking for ways to waste time and justify being there for the full $84 day...and trying to find any additional value.

This already-diminished value was further lessened when I discovered they even closed my favorite water ride (FOR ANNUAL MAINTENANCE!!!!!) so my expenditure became even more of a loss. I know you will survive without my attendance or recommendation and will also not offer any compensation so… enjoy your stringent policies and business decisions. I have been permanently “soured” away from Orlando.

Misleading season ticket benefit
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Just a note of warning! Don't forget to read the fine print on the Universal page that tells you prices of season tickets and benefits. (It doesn't tell you on the page where you actually buy tickets.) On the main page it says "free parking is included in season pass price." There is an asterisk that says "except the first day." The way to get around this is to go to drop off area and drop off someone who has bought the season pass online and let them pick up their pass. Then you can go back around and you can park for free.

Rip Ride Rockit Roller coaster
By -

FLORIDA -- At the end of most rides, you can purchase a photo of you on that specific ride. Well, the new roller coaster at Universal is no exception. The ride itself was AMAZING. However, there is a new feature of buying a video of your ride. This is the complaint: the video you view before you purchase it is not the actual video that they make for you. The video you have has small clips of you on the ride and most of the video has these ridiculous effects of the roller coaster. Not worth the $35!

No more skipping the lines

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Those been to Disney World and Universal Studio are aware of the Universal Express Pass and Disney Fast pass service. These services allow you to bypass the standard standby lines for popular rides. It cut down the wait time for most popular rides down to minutes. It looks like Universal Studio Orlando is making this an add-on service to their standard theme park tickets. You will have to pay (per-day/per-ticket) to access the Universal Express Pass service, unless you stay in one of their themed deluxe resorts.

Disney is currently offering golden Disney Fast passes to anyone who endures their one-hour Disney Vacation club (Time-Share) sales pitch. It gives you unlimited access to all Disney Fast pass rides without time restrictions between different rides. You can also trade up the golden Disney Fast passes for food vouchers, good for $15-20 off all Disney restaurants in the resorts, theme park, and/or downtown Disney.

On the plus side, Universal is building Harry Potter land and replacing the aging Back-To-The-Future ride with the Simpson ride (inspired by the Simpson Movie). Harry Potter land is schedule to be open late 2009. The Simpson ride is schedule to be open next summer 2008.

Universal Studios Florida; just another corporate greed
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I took my family to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, and once I was at the Park we realized that if you pay more for admission for the park (About $25) you can purchase what is called Express Plus tickets. These Express tickets holders have separate lines on every ride and will simply allow them to get to the ride much faster than those who are with a regular admission ticket. So basically those who can afford to pay more money can cut through the lines on any ride legally, while those who can't afford to pay more for the express tickets simply have to wait.

The wait on most rides can be very long (about an hour or more) depending on how many express ticket holder chose to go on the same ride (cut through) at the same. The problem with that is most families with children can not afford to pay the extra money for the express tickets since regular admission is already at $77 plus tax. I just think this is just another unfair corporate greed tactics just to make an extra buck. Note: If you are a company stock holder, an employee of the company or simply a person (sellout) who is paid few bucks to undermine complaints such as this about the corporation, keep your feedback to yourself.

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