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Universal Studios Florida; just another corporate greed
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I took my family to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, and once I was at the Park we realized that if you pay more for admission for the park (About $25) you can purchase what is called Express Plus tickets. These Express tickets holders have separate lines on every ride and will simply allow them to get to the ride much faster than those who are with a regular admission ticket. So basically those who can afford to pay more money can cut through the lines on any ride legally, while those who can't afford to pay more for the express tickets simply have to wait.

The wait on most rides can be very long (about an hour or more) depending on how many express ticket holder chose to go on the same ride (cut through) at the same. The problem with that is most families with children can not afford to pay the extra money for the express tickets since regular admission is already at $77 plus tax. I just think this is just another unfair corporate greed tactics just to make an extra buck. Note: If you are a company stock holder, an employee of the company or simply a person (sellout) who is paid few bucks to undermine complaints such as this about the corporation, keep your feedback to yourself.

Misled On Ticket Charges
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I purchased tickets in good faith under the premise that this was the lowest published price. It was my understanding that you worked closely with AAA. I would have saved $29.80 had I used the AAA website. You post a best price guarantee that restricts you from using AAA prices. I am requesting a refund of $29.80 or the total cost of $427.80 so that I may purchase my tickets at the lowest possible price.

After speaking with my credit company they will dispute the charges that have been posted to my account at this time, if we cannot come to a resolution. They were purchased yesterday Feb. 18. Please advise. I plan on purchasing additional tickets and will do it through Universal if we can rectify this problem. Thank you.

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