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Rip-Off School Where Is My Associates Degree!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PHOENIX AZ -- University of Phoenix is a university of phonies! I read up on University of Phoenix back when the other not credited school grace institute did not give me my final grades, and I had to write them up for fraudulent practices. I went through financial aid which one of my advisers Mrs[snip] did wrong and I ended up borrowing much more than I needed!

I went back to her and told her the error come to find out they gave me a new advisor! What is going on?! I have been given new academic advisers every time a situation comes up, like for example my diploma. I graduated October 20, 2012 since then, I had since 8 different advisers! Since I begin nearly three years ago, I took a semester off to take care of a ailing relative. I submitted my diploma application and my diploma came back misspelled name was Keandra! How did your mailing department mess that up?! Then, when I told them of the issue the mailing department his name was snip. Told me that oh just a typo everything will be fine! OK wait another month it's November now still open up my mail got the wrong name and the wrong degree! And the name on my mailing address say Keandra as well! Right now fed up the academic councilor is not returning my phone calls or emails as well a the department mailing service. So enjoy reading this post if any University Phonies decided to tell anyone this school is so accredited and has great degrees! That is if they can get the right degree you studied for spelled correctly!

I still have not received my associates and paying for student loans and have nothing to show for it in the way of my degree! Tell other people about this school!
Resolution Update 01/07/2013:
After 3 months got my correct diploma in the mail!!! Woo HOOOO! But Really...the school is retarded do not go!
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User Replies:
ok4now on 12/26/2012:
A well written informative post. My junk email is loaded with University of Phoenix garbage. Now I know why. Sorry to hear that you had to be the recipient of this scam. Hopefully your post will warn others not to fall for it.
trmn8r on 12/26/2012:
Mmm. University of Phonies sounds like a good choice of words for this institution.
Obsfucation on 12/26/2012:
Just print a diploma up with Photoshop. It will be every bit as good as a UoP diploma.
jonthethird on 12/27/2012:
As a graduate of UoP, University of the Pacific, a highly accredited private university in California, I have had to be careful not to use the UoP but state the full name of my school to avoid being messed with. BTW, University of the Pacific is the oldest chartered institution of higher learning in CA and we resent how Phoenix has subverted the UOP name.
ladymirenna on 01/04/2013:
I am really sorry that this happened to you. It's a terrible thing when you commit to a program of higher education and then something like this happens.
Here are some links to other consumer complaints about University of Phoenix:
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University of Phoenix: We regret you feel our advisors did not counsel you......
Posted by on
3157 E. ELWOOD STREET, ARIZONA -- I had a and am having a bad experience with The University of Phoenix, that seems never to end. I enrolled in courses apx. 2 years ago; and had to drop the courses due to a serious illness. That's when the you of P run a round begun. Several of you of P advisors told me to "see how, it goes, give it another try" this before you drop courses, and stonewalled me into dropping my course in time to receive a full refund. And even in the final response letter to the incident. The University, notes: "He stated that his reason for withdrawing was "work responsibilities". I attempted to withdrawal from my classes, E-mailing and leaving voice mail message for my you of P financial advisor, with no answer, until he called me to put me in collections......
University of Phoenix enrollment tactics have also been reported by: PBS, ABC New, and NPR radio.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 09/19/2010:
Have you read the contractual agreement made between both you and the University? If you, in fact, owe the amount, I would suggest getting it paid. Even though you may feel it is unfair, if you don't have a legal ground to claim otherwise, you will be forced to pay ultimately. The amount owed can grow dramatically when interest and late fees are added on. In addition, you now have collection fees and, in the meantime, your credit is bound to be damaged because of the problem.

Again, ultimately if the agreement you've made with UoP requires payment, they will be able to increase the fees until such time as a judge awards them a judgment total. After which, you can have checks and accounts garnished and titles to ownership leaned upon. It can get pretty nasty if they want to make it so. JUST MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SIGNED.

Best of luck and please let us know how this turns out.
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