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Rude UPS Drivers, Baldwin Park California
Posted by on 02/26/2007
BALDWIN PARK, CALIFORNIA -- UPS Drivers are the rudest, the nastiest, the most arrogant. The ones that work out of Baldwin Park California are horrible. The attitude from these guys is unbelievable. I complained about one driver and now whenever he sees me he spits at me out of the window of his UPS truck. They are completely undisciplined. I complained about this guy to his boss at Baldwin Park UPS in California, and now I get retaliation all the time. If you contact UPS headquarters in Atlanta, they just blow you off. They don't care. Their drivers are nasty, but since most things are delivered UPS there's nothing you can do.

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Posted by GRANNYLKM on 2007-02-26:
Get pictures of him spitting at you - send them to UPS - see if they take action.
Posted by MRM on 2007-02-26:
A picture is worth a thousand words...the company would have taken action if they saw proof.
Posted by rah332 on 2007-02-26:
wouldn't spitting at you be considered as an assault. file a complaint with the police next time he does it.. get his license plate and report him..
Posted by Skye on 2007-02-26:
What did he do originally that made you complain about him??Spitting is so disgusting, and I agree, gotta get pictures. He had no right to treat you or anyone that way. Or have someone video tape him doing his nasty spitting act.
Posted by NeoGeo on 2007-02-26:
We have a bad one here in Los Alamos NM (actually White Rock). He cut me off on my bicycle one day so I reported him. Nothing happened. He continues to run stop signs and speed through school zones. I guess it will take somebody getting hurt or killed for UPS to take notice. The Fed Ex driver is very safe. That is why, whenever I can, I will use Fed Ex. It might be more expensive, but it is worth it.
Posted by yoke on 2007-02-27:
Posted by yoke on 2007-02-27:
We have a driver who speeds up our street and when we ask him to slow down he tells us (in front of the kids) to shut the f up. We have tried to put in a complaint with UPS, but they don't seem to care. They tell us it is a local police problem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-12:
Im from BP!Glad I dont live in that SH*&hole anymore
Posted by oga on 2008-03-21:
It's not only Baldwin. Rude UPS drivers are located nationwide~! At least in most states the streets are wide...I'm in NY and the streets are narrow and they double park and they think that they own the roads. They are plain old nasty and very unprofessional~!
Posted by jm300 on 2008-07-22:
I may just be lucky, but we have great UPS drivers in our area. One of the drivers is a really easy going nice guy. There is one driver who just throws packages at the bottom of the stairs and doesn't even attempt to knock. Once I had to chase her down the street. But, overall they are good.
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UPS Delivery Decision Up to Driver!!!
Posted by Natcire on 07/18/2013
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I printed out email notification of package delivery to me and included instructions to go next door for required signature (I made arrangements with neighbor on both sides of my house to accept package and sign of it as I am not home during day to sign for package. Neighbor to west is 40 feet away, while neighbor to east is about 100 feet away.) Then I "Scotch" taped the note to my front door with big red letters "UPS".

When I got home, the note was on the ground. In its place is UPS InfoNotice from UPS Driver of failed delivery.

Then I login to UPS live chat to learn that the driver has final decision on what to do with package if receiver is not home! So from my take, the driver decided he did not want to walk another 40 feet to get a signature from my neighbor. So now they will have to come back tomorrow. That is how company loses revenue with this kind of mentality.

Went to LinkedIn to see if I can find UPS execs to talk with. None!!!! You can find other execs from Hotels and other service companies but not UPS. This this a service company correct and the execs are so afraid of people complaining to them that they are not accessible to their customers? I had a very poor experience with Holiday Inn and contacted their CEO and had the issue resolved immediately. That is service and I have since then used Holiday Inn as my first preferred hotel (not as nice as Hilton or Marriott but I know if I had problems with HI I can reach out to their execs to have resolution.) They gained my business and hundreds of nights the last 5 years.

I think most businesses have lost sight of what service means.
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Delivery Driver To Be Commended
Posted by Ok4now on 12/31/2012
I do most of my shopping online, mostly from Amazon. Deliveries are frequent and consist mainly of small boxes. The delivery is left at my doorstep without incident. After reviewing some internet videos of deliveries by both UPS and FedEx of big ticket items, theft and deliberate damage have occurred. For this reason I was hesitant to order an expensive home theater system weighing over 70 lbs from Amazon. I finally placed my order and was given a tracking number and delivery date.

As promised the delivery was made on time. The driver could have just dropped the huge box at the front door and left. This is an advertisement saying "steal me." The driver rang the bell to alert me of the delivery. I was home but unable to immediately come to the door. He took the time to hide the box behind some large bushes in front of the house. Just as he was leaving I came to the door. He waved to me and said "I didn't want your package to be stolen." UPS drivers get a lot of complaints. I wanted to acknowledge that this driver was honest and did his job professionally.
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Posted by sabletaz on 2013-01-01:
Nice review....
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-01:
What I find extremely odd about this event is that "an expensive home theater system" was evidently shipped without a signature required.

It's great to see a UPS compliment. I haven't had a problem with UPS in decades - the driver's have always been friendly and have done a great job. Nice post.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2013-01-01:
My UPS driver sometimes hides packages under my doormat. LOL.
Posted by Alain on 2013-01-01:
UPS and their driver (there's been only one in our area for the last year or so) have always done well for us, as well. Good review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-01-01:
Our UPS driver hides packages behind the column on our front porch. This way, it can't be seen from the street.
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UPS no customer service and drivers not doing their job
Posted by Ndbird1993 on 06/06/2012
FREDERICKBURG, VIRGINIA -- Driver claimed he tried 3 times to deliver my package but yet I was home all three days and he never showed up. I called the main headquarters and complained, they first told me I would have to drive out of my way to pick them up and after a argument she said they would deliver them the next day but when the next day passed and no package I again called the main number and talked to some else to find out she did not do anything. So I ask to speak to a manager whom claimed she would have the supervisor of that hub call me the next morning but yet again nothing. I would have to say they are the worst company I have ever dealt with and will not use their services again due to lack of customer service.

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Posted by old fart on 2012-06-06:
What about business cards?
Posted by Sarah on 2012-06-06:

I’m so frustrated with UPS. I live in an apartment block. The driver called me from the building inter-phone at 11:55 am and I told him I’m at work. He asked me to buzz him in to place the package at my apartment door. I left work at lunch knowing I should not trust UPS. At 12:30 pm. There was no parcel anywhere in my building. I checked all apartments door steps thinking he might got confused between apartments. I sent emails to all my neighbours (they've seen nothing) I called the expeditor and he said the tracking states that the driver left it at the building main door. If he was planning to leave it at the main door anyway why did he call to buzz him in?? It’s horse back riding tack. It’s very specific selling in the black market doesn’t earn much. In 35 minutes I lost a valuable package. Any suggestion about recourse? Thank you.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-06-07:
A suggestion is to have all packages sent to work, because the services seem much better at getting packages to businesses, then homes.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-06-07:
Some employers will not allow their mail rooms to be clogged by pesoanl packages.

When I worked for a nationwide wireess carrier we actually wrote people up for having packages delivered to work. Yes, they knew ahead of time it was not allowed.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-07:
Good point, raven. I was lucky, and worked for companies and institutions that didn't mind. I can totally understand that a company would, however. Thinking back to my first employer, where there were 3000 employees, there is no chance it would have allowed it.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-06-07:
Yup. there are less than 40 people where I work now and the office manager actually encourages us to have our personal packages delivered.

I also bring in my items to be shipped, both USPS and UPS and leave them at the front desk for the correct party to pick up.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-07:
I assume you pay the fee yourself (:

How does that work with UPS? Do you have an account? I'm rubbing two sticks together here, and you've got a blowtorch.
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UPS Driver ran over my dogs head and killed it today, 19 July 2010
Posted by Gwoods4013 on 07/21/2010
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Update:23 July- I want to thank those of you that have read and expressed compassion. Now that the anger and grieving has subsided at bit, I feel that I need to add a few details for some of the more negative responses. Looking back, I feel some responsibility in that I never got a trainer to break Sara's "tire biting". My bad and I feel horrible. But, Sara was NOT in the street. My driveway 250ft long and is at the end of the road. The driver drove down 200 feet of it into the "invisible fence area", firmly on my property. He was a replacement driver and not the regular UPS guy that normally has dog treats. The local UPS Mgr I spoke with was also compassionate and they have determined some negligence and he will not be fired but "disciplined". It was an unfortunate accident that might have been avoided had the UPS driver and I done a few things differently. May God Bless you all and Sara.

20 July 2010-West Friendship, MD. Wow, What a bad day. I was in the back of my yard when I heard my dogs barking. 2 Jack Russells, Charlie, 10yo and Sara, 12yo. When I got to the front of the yard, Adam L., the UPS driver was backing out. I tried to signal him to stop but too late. He had already run over Sara's head and she was dead. Now this begs to question: If YOU are backing out of any location, and you know there are 2 dogs around, and you don't see them in front of the vehicle then they are probably too close to it. Right? So you stop and make sure they are clear or you ask the owner to secure the dogs. At least that what common sense and a concern for a Customer's Pets would dictate to a normal human being. When I called the local manager Mark H. I got the "oh, I'm sorry". I want that driver fired. No excuse for being negligent. What if it had been a child? If he knew there were 2 kids nearby and he starts to back up, he would have surely stopped to see where they were before continuing.
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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-21:
I'm sorry about your dog.

Posted by momsey on 2010-07-21:
I'm really sorry for your loss. The loss of a pet, especially when it's tragic like this, is close to unbearable.

However, I don't see why the UPS driver should be fired. It is his responsibility to know his surroundings, but it's possible there was no way for him to see your dogs. I'm sure he was pretty heartbroken over it himself.
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-21:
I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. That's really awful. Was the driver inside the fenced area?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
I too am sorry for the loss of your pet, but it really chaps my rear end when people who neglect to take proper care of their pets, blame someone else when something happens to them.

Let me ask you, would you let your child play unattended in any area, let alone a driveway? I think not.

Take some responsibility and keep Charlie in a fenced in area before something terrible happens to him too.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
That's gotta be hard, the driver feels awful I'm sure. Were you expecting him? It was a horrible accident, but a lesson for the future in regards to protecting your pets. I know this was an unforeseen scenario, and do sympathize with your grief. Elizabeth Kubler Ross has identified 5 grieving stages, check it out, it may help, it doesn't just apply to human loss, but speaks to any loss.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Sorry about the dog but they should have been restrained.
Hope the OP can live with the guilt.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Most people have the good sense to contain their pets when they know someone is coming, especially someone unfamiliar to the animal. If they are a behavioral issue, ie: Prone to bite. I'm sure the OP knows her pets, and felt comfortable with them being out, this is just an unfortunate incident that yes, could have been avoided as with most unfortunate things, were we all born with 20/20 hindsight.
Posted by BEJ on 2010-07-21:
I am sorry for the loss of your dog. However, it is your responsibility to see to the safety of your animals. Why were they in the front, unrestrained.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Backup sensors on delivery vehicles wouldn't be a bad idea, they have proven to be very effective on personal vehicles.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Common sense goes a long way as well.
Backup sensors? Are you willing to pay for the higher rates due to these companies adding those to their fleet?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Yes Lakisha, I am willing to pay. If it saves just one life, it is worth it. Animals are not the only things delivery drivers have run over. Children are killed all the time from vehicles backing up, sensors would be a very small price to pay to save a life. Any life.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Pets should be kept in a fenced in area if the owner is not with them, regardless if their owners feel comfortable letting them out or not.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-21:
While this is sad, and as a dog owner I know what you're feeling, you need to make sure that they are within your site at ALL TIMES. What was the dog doing out front by his truck and you weren't near him? Were the dogs allowed to run free outside? Did he get out on accident? My dogs listen fairly well, but even when I expect company and I know my dogs won't run out the door, I keep them contained in the kitchen anyway. You can never be TOO careful. I'd probably want to kill myself if I accidentally let a dog out and someone ran it over, but only if I had done everything possible to prevent it. My dogs are my kids since I'm too young to have any of my own yet.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
The OP was comfortable with her pets being out, which leads one to reasonably draw the conclusion that they were trained to not leave the yard, which most pets would not do with a stranger on their own property anyway.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-21:
Being trained not to leave the yard is one thing, but it still opens them up to other risks like feral animals attacking them, people stealing them, or in this case, someone hitting them. I don't care HOW well my babies listen, I would never leave them outside unsupervised. I'm going to be such a paranoid mom when I have kids!
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-21:
The dogs may very well have been trained not to leave the yard...but that's moot if there are leash laws requiring them to be restrained when outdoors. And is it safe for the pets to be left unattended when delivery trucks are accessing the same area?
I really am sorry for the OP's loss, but I don't know that the UPS driver can (or should) be held responsible.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
The driver could have asked the OP to contain her pets. Delivery drivers in my area will not even enter onto a property with an uncontained pet. Being uncontained opens all of us up, human and pet alike to danger. Your logic would mean no one should ever leave the house without an escort.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
There are no leash laws for a pet in it's own yard. Unless the owner has been cited before for unruly, dangerous pets. It's not safe for anyone to be left 'unattended' when delivery drivers are in the area. I don't believe the driver should be held responsible either, but the OP is grieving,and has a right to her feelings, it is a normal part of the grieving process.
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-21:
Sometimes really bad things happen, and it's really not anyone's fault. There's not always someone to blame for everything wrong that happens.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Amen to that goduke!~ You're singing to the choir!
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-21:
For the record I don't think the driver should lose his job over it. My husband drives a van for work and I know he would be riddled with guilt if he killed someones pet. He loves our dogs as much as I do. OP, I'm sure the driver feels remorse, he shouldn't have to worry about how to feed his family over it though.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-21:
The OP is most certainly grieving and entitled to her feelings. I don't think anyone would argue with that. I agree with goduke...sometimes really bad things happen and it's really not anyone's fault.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-21:
Very sad but... I personally feel the driver is being blamed for things he couldn't control, and perhaps being blamed because of the pain.

If the dogs lied down behind the truck while he dropped the package off, then yes he would be guilty for not checking around before starting up.

however if they were running free and ran behind the van while he was backing up, it is not his fault. Dogs really shouldn't be allowed to run around freely in an area that will have moving vehicles, not if one expects the drivers to assume responsibility for the dogs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
I disagree Ript2010, one life save IS NOT worth the expense.
No matter how careful we are bad things can and will still happen.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
The driver isn't being blamed for the pain, the blame is how the OP is dealing with her pain, it is one of the stages of grieving.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Posting the incident on an anonymous consumer gripesite is a stage of grieving?
Get real!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Ok Lakisha, let me see if I understand you. If your niece or nephew or other relative, was hit and killed by a delivery vehicle, and you learned that a simple backup sensor would have prevented that from happening, your opinion would not be swayed? And you are saying that a life of just one child, let alone more,is not worth saving? Have I got that right?
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-21:
I could relate so I don't really think it's out of the ordinary for someone angry over the loss of their dog to lash out at the company online and call for the driver to be fired. DABDA = Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. I'd say the OP is in the anger stage, totally normal. Do I agree? Nope, but I can see where they are coming from.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
It's no less real than some of your posts Lakisha. Everybody deals with things in their own way, maybe not your way, but a way just the same. Whatever works.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Ript2010, Yes you do and I knew that scenario of yours was coming. It is the adult's responsibility to watch their pets and children. Sometimes we fail at it.
I'd die inside if I were to lose one in that fashion but I don't expect any company to "childproof" their trucks. Even then you could get hit.
Get out or read much?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Oh geez...here we go again, making mountains out of mole hills. Now we need to consider back up sensors to all delivery vehicles? No..the bottom line is be responsible for your children and pets whereabouts. It is not up to everyone else to make sure YOUR loved ones are safe.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Amen JustC. You are PREACHING to the choir!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Oppps...I guess we were posting the same thing at the same time, Kisha. ;)
Posted by goduke on 2010-07-21:
Lordy, this thread has legs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Your reply is just as worthy AND correct as mine. *smiles*
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-21:
"If your niece or nephew or other relative, was hit and killed by a delivery vehicle,"

We'd be mad at the kids for not paying attention to what they were doing or their surroundings. And if they were too young to pay attention, then an adult would be supervising them and making sure they weren't doing something careless.

That's the problem. The dogs were running free in an area that will experience traffic. That is NOT an area where pets should be running free, if that pet is apt to run into the path of a moving vehicle.

As much as you want to blame the driver, this also would not have happened if the animals had been properly secured so that they couldn't run into the driveway, or if their "free running area" was separated from the driveway... such as a back yard area, or a fence.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-21:
"we" as in my family

As for a driveway yes that can still experience traffic. Be it a delivery truck or a car turning around. Or a visitor.

If you have children who are too young to understand "don't play around moving vehicles" is is your responsibility to ensure their safety

I don't see why that's hard to understand.

Likewise with pets. A yard with full access to a driveway - and therefore a road - is not really the safest place for a dog to roam freely, even if it's "trained" to stay in the yard. Sometimes dogs will ignore the training.

It is much safer to have them in an enclosed outdoor area, such as a fenced dog run, where they can run freely without any risks of road or car to interfere with their safety.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-21:
Your pets are supposed to be under your control at all times. The only person at fault is the owner.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-07-21:
While it is sad that the dog lost its life, the owner has some responsibility here. In Howard county MD the leash law states:

"When domestic animals are not confined on their owner's property, the county requires that they be on a leash or properly restrained and under the direct control of a responsible person. "

I doubt the driver was in the driveway, I have yet to see a delivery driver pull into a driveway with UPS - they almost exclusively park on the street in front of the house.

If the yard was open enough that the driver could pull up into the driveway or on the property then the dogs were not confined to the property but could move about at their leisure
Posted by Starlord on 2010-07-22:
I know the Arizona law on dogs is that they be on a leash no longer than six feet in length, or in a fenced yard or enclosure. I understand Washington has the same law, substantially. I am sorry, but the driveway is neither a fenced enclosure nor a six foot leash. As an animal owner, I have lost animals, especially a German Shepherd who chased a guy who slipped her chain off the fence in an attempt to steal her. He made it across the street, she had her pelvis crushed and I had the sad task of putting her out of her misery. It was not the driver's fault, just as it was not the UPS driver's fault. I grieve for your loss, but the fact remains, the dog was running loose.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-22:
+100 Starlord
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-22:
The OP states that the driver was in her yard backing out. Again, I do not think the driver should be held responsible. The OP is in the denial and anger stage of grieving, and could obviously use some support, she knows where the responsibility ultimately lies, and doesn't need it thrown in her face,it's not helpful. She will accept it in time. Her time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-22:
Just spoke to a UPS driver delivering next door, it is her contention that from the company's standpoint, the driver would be considered at fault. The driver said that they are required to attend frequent defensive driving classes, with an emphasis on looking out for children and animals. She went on to say that the driver may or may not be fired, depending on company history, and may just be sent to more defensive driving classes, as well as possible probation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-22:
I've never seen a UPS driver "park" in someone's yard. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, only that I've personally never seen it. They normally park in the street, much the same as a U.S. Postal worker does. This prevents any such claims of negligence or property damage, etc...
Posted by Skye on 2010-07-22:

I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dog. What heartache for your family, as well as the driver.
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-22:
ript, thanks for the insight from a UPS employee. It shows how serious the company is about safety. I still hope the employee in the above situation doesn't lose his job.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-22:
"she knows where the responsibility ultimately lies, and doesn't need it thrown in her face,it's not helpful. She will accept it in time. Her time. "

Yet in the meantime the driver is suppose to be punished? Isn't that what this letter is for? To ask the the driver be punished?

Yet you yourself just said it's not his fault.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-23:
Pepperelf,I didn't say it wasn't the driver's fault. I said I didn't believe it was. After having spoken to a UPS driver herself, my opinion hasn't changed, even after finding out the UPS company policy itself would find the driver at fault. And Starlord, laws in Washington state also vary by county. I have a 1/2 wolf dog, which is legal in my county, but not in an adjoining county.
Posted by les on 2013-11-16:
In my opinion you knew you had a delivery coming to your home you should have made sure all your dogs were next to you or in secure confinment before this driver was back behind the wheel common sense .They animals get excited by a little frolic and run uncontrollably instead of blaming a driver.
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Receiving Shipments
Posted by Johiki2 on 04/11/2010
Granted this does not apply to all UPS drivers but just the one that delivers on my street. I have had repeated issues with them not delivering shipments and the last one was even returned to the shipper stating it was refused by me and it was not. I did not know that UPS ships as late as 10:22pm to residential homes. When I saw that listed on the tracking sheet I was really surprised. Fortunately I was up that late with my grand kids and we did not hear any UPS van coming down our quiet neighborhood street. What is really shocking is that I had already had a package delivered from the same order but it was shipped USPS without incident. Prior to this I had a driver who stated he attempted to deliver but no one was home. But we were out front loading a pick up truck and no UPS van came down the street when he stated he delivered. When I complained to UPS the driver returned and through the package over my fence as my husband watched. Yes I did again file a complaint. UPS needs to train more in customer relations
services as they are biting the very hand that feeds them. I will not order from any company that cannot give me other shipping methods besides UPS.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-04-11:
It would be helpful to post the town where this takes place so others may avoid them as well.
Posted by johiki2 on 2010-04-12:
Took place in the Valley of the Sun Phoenix, AZ
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UPS Drivers Suck!
Posted by Kim85 on 02/19/2010
I order my products over the weekend and my package was due to deliver Thursday 2/18/2010. I checked the tracking number throughout the day in case if they try to deliver my package at my apt, I would know to leave work and drive direct to the ups building to pick it up. Leaving work at 5pm, and check the tracking number again - which still said out for delivery. I called the UPS customer service to make sure, the lady on the phone told me that the driver hasn't tried to make an attempt, so I drive home which is about 10 min drive. (Got home before 5:30) What do I see when I get to my door - a UPS infonotice! I call UPS again making sure that my package would be ready at the UPS store for pick, I gave her the info notice #, the representative said that package was from a sender that wasn't my package, and thinks the UPS drive put that notice on the wrong door, so I gave her my tracking number from my email. The representative confirmed that my package was out for delivery still and should be deliver anytime between 7-9pm. So 9pm rolls around and still no package. I check the tracking number again online, it was updated basically it said the driver attempted delivery at 5:40 with no success. By then I was pissed off! I was home and no knock, no info notice! Called customer service, and schedule a pick up. I WILL NEVER USE UPS AGAIN!
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Posted by goduke on 2010-02-19:
My UPS guy is fantastic. I try to get everything shipped by UPS.
Posted by momsey on 2010-02-19:
Since UPS delivered something to me in the middle of a blizzard by placing it on the GROUND (not on a step, not even leaning against the door) and not ringing the doorbell or knocking, I will avoid UPS at all costs in the future. I probably should write a review!
Posted by susie on 2012-03-12:
UPS drivers do not suck. They work hard, and you do not know how overworkedthey are.

Go UPS drivers.
Posted by ljeanne on 2012-04-10:
UPS drivers are hard working, and you do not know the conditions under which they work. Does the average person want to work until eight o'clock every night until you are physically worn out?.
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UPS/Drivers That Lie!
Posted by Starscream on 02/15/2010
I bought a flash drive on Feb 10, 2010 on newegg and said what the hell I'll pay an extra 7 bucks to make sure it gets here by Monday the 15th by 2nd day air. I assumed there would be 1 day for processing and didn't count the weekends hence arriving at the date of the 15th.

Monday morning rolls around and I checked the tracking online using given tracking number. It says it was in a town 1.5 hours away and in route to my house. That was posted at 6:50 am.
5 O' Clock rolls around the tracking still says its in transit. I called Customer service and told them I wished to know where the package was. They informed that the driver could get there between 7 and 9pm, where they got that number from I have no idea. I was like ok I'll wait a little longer.

9pm comes. I'm seriously frustrated by now because I paid for 2nd day air and according to all logical calculations the parcel should have arrived by now. Except that it hasn't. My purchase was payed through Paypal on Newegg with a VERIFIED address. Hence Paypal is linked with my bank account with same address. I call customer service again. ETA for a Rep was 7mins I got one in 12 minutes. I spoke to a nice gentleman named Louis from Tampa, FL. He said the driver put down, Unable to verify address or address was incorrect. Louis then went out of his way to verify with me the address they had was correct. Seeing that it was, he sent a message to the center via EMAIL. So now were are looking at 2nd day air package treated like Three day ground service. Heck ground service was offered for free from Newegg. I could have saved the extra 7 dollars knowing that their driver was going to fail at his duty.

So there you have it. All records and logic point to the driver just didn't try and or lied on his report. What kind of people are they hiring now adays. If however I receive my package by tomorrow I will write this off as blunder. If however it doesn't arrive within the week. I will file a complaint with newegg and they will have the privileged to give UPS hell instead of me. I'm from central Florida and think that this kind of service is ridiculous. Its one thing to be a day late but to have a delivery driver blatantly lie Is another. I have had nice experiences with UPS before even when shipments have been a tad late. However their driver blatantly lying is just wrong, especially when I stopped my plans for today to wait for a package that had no intentions of arriving in the first place.

On the positive side of things I'm glad that UPS keeps their call centers in America and that Louis in the Tampa call center was a pleasure to speak to. On the other hand they should have American call centers anyways seeing as how they are delivering in America. But come on UPS don't give me a duck and call it chicken.

Let me hear your thoughts on UPS. How long did it take you to receive 2nd day or other expedited shipments. What are your stories. Please comment. I hope this enlightens some about who they might be doing business with in the future.

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Tampa Flordia Hub's employee is rude!
Posted by BestFriends mom on 02/01/2010
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- A UPS driver miss-delivered a package to our customer. That is not really the problem because I have to say it does not happen very often. What is the problem is that he picked it up from the place he delivered it and returned it to the Hub stating that our customer refused it...actually, that is still not the problem because mistakes happen. When my customer called UPS to say that they still did not have the package, they told her that she refused it. She said that she was at home and wanted the product, and that she did NOT refuse it. So, UPS had the Tampa Hub call her. Apparently, they talked to the UPS driver who said that he was at the correct house, and she refused it. Jim, at the Hub, told my customer that she refused the package and that there was nothing that he could do. When I called UPS, they contacted the Hub and had them contact me. I have to admit that I was upset because they essentially called my customer a liar. At that point Jim became furious and started screaming at me and said that he was going to hang up on me. After several attempts, I did get to talk to the manager, Tim, who was very nice. If I wanted all of these headaches, I would have shipped this package via FedEx! I wrote this review because I saw another review about this hub with their phone number, it is 813-241-1095. It needs to be published so people can get their situations handled.
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UPS Sucks
Posted by Jmk in sc on 02/23/2009
SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Over the years I have done more and more of my Holiday shopping online so that I don’t have to deal with the crowds of pushy, rude people and rude sale people. I have not used UPS (if it could be helped) but a couple of times over the last few years, because I received quite a few items over a period of a few months that were completely demolished inside the box. Several of the boxes contained Dell computers, which had every corner on each box completely smashed in. They looked as if they had been dropped off the truck going down the interstate and had about half the keys knocked out of the keyboard and when the system was plugged in it would not even turn on. Needless to say after about 4 or 5 of those type of episodes, I quit using UPS.

I have 4 grown children from ages 27 to 36 that live all over the country and for the first time in10 years I had 3 of the 4 home for this Christmas! To say the least I was excited. My oldest son told me he was sending something to the house, but not to open as it was a surprise for me. The package never arrived before Christmas, even though the tracking info said it was out here in the town where I live for delivery on Dec 16, 2008 (it had come from Memphis, TN to SC), but for some unknown reason it left SC & traveled all over the country including Austin, Texas, some where in Mississippi as well as several other states. How efficient is UPS???

In the package were computer parts…My son was upgrading my computer for me as my Christmas present (he’s a computer guru of sorts). What a great gift…my computer is 6 or 7 years old and slow as can be. A bigger hard drive and more memory…how exciting. There was just one problem the parts my son had ordered at the beginning of DEC were still driving around the country on DEC 29 and my son was flying home later that afternoon. So my son went to our local Staples and bought what he needed and was just putting the finishing touches on my computer when the door bell rings…who do you think it was??? Well, our most efficient UPS man of course!!!

I answered the door & in doing so, one of our dogs ran out the door, down our walkway and to the road. I asked the driver to hold on a minute so that I could retrieve our dog first (he’s a rescue dog we had just had for a few weeks at the time & I didn’t want him to run off & not be able to find him).

After coming back up to our porch, I asked the driver if I could check the package against the tracking number that was on the box, since there was no person’s name or company logo with the return address on the box (& I had one package that I had ordered for Christmas that had not come & I wasn’t sure who the shipper was)and I wanted to make sure that if I refused the box that I was refusing the right box. He said ok, but to hurry up because he didn’t have time for this kind of crap, then tossed the box to me hitting me on the cheek bone right below my left eye. About that time my youngest daughter (27) cracked open the door and saw what was happening. She said to the driver, that she works in customer service at a record label in Nashville (2 college degrees later) and if she even said or did even one little part of what he did, she would be fired on the spot.

His reply was that he didn’t have to worry about that, he wasn’t a little ***** (female dog) like her. He didn’t loose the package, it was UPS’s responsibility, he just delivers the packages. Between the 2 of us we asked him to leave our property 5 separate times and he continued to smart off. My son finally had to come out and back this belligerent driver off our property.

Starting DEC 29, 2008, I have called UPS 6 times to complain, each time they tell me that a supervisor from customer service will call me back. Finally last Friday (almost 2 months after the incident)someone called back from our local yokel office and told me there was nothing they could do but put the complaint in his file. They did not even ask me the guys name.

My husband's company lawyer says that I can file a complaint with police dept, then have the driver charged with assault & battery and trespass after notice...
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-23:
I would have filed the police report the day of the incident.
Posted by Big R on 2009-04-06:
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