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UPS/Drivers That Lie!
By -

I bought a flash drive on Feb. 10, 2010 on Newegg and said, "what the hell, I'll pay an extra 7 bucks to make sure it gets here by Monday the 15th by 2nd Day Air. I assumed there would be 1 day for processing and didn't count the weekends, hence arriving at the date of the 15th. Monday morning rolls around and I checked the tracking online using given tracking number. It says it was in a town 1.5 hours away and en route to my house. That was posted at 6:50 am.

5 o' clock rolls around, the tracking still says it's in transit. I called Customer Service and told them I wished to know where the package was. They informed that the driver could get there between 7 and 9 pm; where they got that number from I have no idea. I was like 'OK I'll wait a little longer'.

9 pm comes. I'm seriously frustrated by now because I paid for 2nd Day Air and according to all logical calculations, the parcel should have arrived by now. Except that it hasn't. My purchase was paid through PayPal on Newegg with a VERIFIED address. Hence Paypal is linked with my bank account with same address. I call Customer Service again. ETA for a rep was 7 mins., I got one in 12 minutes. I spoke to a nice gentleman named ** from Tampa, FL. He said the driver put down, 'Unable to verify address or address was incorrect'. ** then went out of his way to verify with me the address they had was correct. Seeing that it was, he sent a message to the center via EMAIL.

So now we are looking at 2nd Day Air package treated like three-day ground service. Heck, ground service was offered for free from Newegg. I could have saved the extra 7 dollars knowing that their driver was going to fail at his duty. So there you have it. All records and logic point to the driver just didn't try and or lied on his report. What kind of people are they hiring nowadays? If however I receive my package by tomorrow, I will write this off as blunder. If however it doesn't arrive within the week, I will file a complaint with Newegg and they will have the privileged to give UPS hell instead of me.

I'm from Central Florida and think that this kind of service is ridiculous. It's one thing to be a day late but to have a delivery driver blatantly lie is another. I have had nice experiences with UPS before even when shipments have been a tad late. However their driver blatantly lying is just wrong, especially when I stopped my plans for today to wait for a package that had no intentions of arriving in the first place.

On the positive side of things, I'm glad that UPS keeps their call centers in America and that ** in the Tampa call center was a pleasure to speak to. On the other hand they should have American call centers anyway seeing as how they are delivering in America. But come on UPS, don't give me a duck and call it chicken. Let me hear your thoughts on UPS. How long did it take you to receive 2nd Day or other expedited shipments? What are your stories? Please comment. I hope this enlightens some about who they might be doing business within the future.

UPS Sucks
By -

SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Over the years I have done more and more of my holiday shopping online so that I don't have to deal with the crowds of pushy, rude people and rude salespeople. I have not used UPS (if it could be helped) but a couple of times over the last few years, because I received quite a few items over a period of a few months that were completely demolished inside the box.

Several of the boxes contained Dell computers, which had every corner on each box completely smashed in. They looked as if they had been dropped off the truck going down the interstate and had about half the keys knocked out of the keyboard and when the system was plugged in it would not even turn on. Needless to say after about 4 or 5 of those type of episodes, I quit using UPS.

I have 4 grown children from ages 27 to 36 that live all over the country and for the first time in 10 years, I had 3 of the 4 home for this Christmas! To say the least, I was excited. My oldest son told me he was sending something to the house, but not to open as it was a surprise for me. The package never arrived before Christmas, even though the tracking info said it was out here in the town where I live for delivery on Dec. 16, 2008 (it had come from Memphis, TN to SC). But for some unknown reason, it left SC & traveled all over the country including Austin, Texas, somewhere in Mississippi as well as several other states. How efficient is UPS???

In the package were computer parts. My son was upgrading my computer for me as my Christmas present (he'€™s a computer guru of sorts). What a great gift - my computer is 6 or 7 years old and slow as can be. A bigger hard drive and more memory - how exciting. There was just one problem: the parts my son had ordered at the beginning of DEC. were still driving around the country on DEC. 29 and my son was flying home later that afternoon.

So my son went to our local Staples and bought what he needed and was just putting the finishing touches on my computer when the door bell rings - ¦who do you think it was??? Well, our most efficient UPS man of course!!! I answered the door & in doing so, one of our dogs ran out the door, down our walkway and to the road. I asked the driver to hold on a minute so that I could retrieve our dog first (he's a rescue dog we had just had for a few weeks at the time & I didn'€™t want him to run off & not be able to find him).

After coming back up to our porch, I asked the driver if I could check the package against the tracking number that was on the box, since there was no person'€™s name or company logo with the return address on the box (& I had one package that I had ordered for Christmas that had not come & I wasn'€™t sure who the shipper was) and I wanted to make sure that if I refused the box that I was refusing the right box. He said OK, but to hurry up because he didn'€™t have time for this kind of crap, then tossed the box to me hitting me on the cheek bone right below my left eye.

About that time, my youngest daughter (27) cracked open the door and saw what was happening. She said to the driver that she works in customer service at a record label in Nashville (2 college degrees later) and if she even said or did even one little part of what he did, she would be fired on the spot. His reply was that he didn't have to worry about that, he wasn't a little ** (female dog) like her. He didn't lose the package, it was UPS's responsibility, he just delivers the packages. Between the 2 of us, we asked him to leave our property 5 separate times and he continued to smart off. My son finally had to come out and back this belligerent driver off our property.

Starting DEC. 29, 2008, I have called UPS 6 times to complain, each time they tell me that a supervisor from customer service will call me back. Finally last Friday (almost 2 months after the incident), someone called back from our local yokel office and told me there was nothing they could do but put the complaint in his file. They did not even ask me the guys name. My husband's company lawyer says that I can file a complaint with police dept, then have the driver charged with assault & battery and trespass after notice.

Drivers & Delivery Services
By -

REDMOND, OREGON -- You'll have to pardon, I don't have all the dates written down. This is just experience that has really left me bitter about UPS. My mother and father are avid business people, and they have deliveries coming to their house usually once or twice a day. There was never any problems, complaints, no issues. Until about November, we noticed that Pepper (a large dog, but shy, was abused so she barks and gets about 20 feet away then runs away and hides from all strangers) started to run and bark harder when the UPS people came. She would act all sorts of crazy and disgruntled and when the driver would leave, it took us awhile to calm her down.

We're horse people and we treat our animals well so we don't know what in the hell was happening. In mid-November all the cars were in the garage so it looked as if nobody was home and my mom heard some scuffling outside. When she opened the front door she saw the large UPS guy throwing a couple of the packages at the dog (which btw were computer parts....thank God it was packed well enough so it did not endure any damage), that landed in the dirt and bounced around. My mom looks at him straight and says ''now you leave that dog alone".

The driver comes at her with the rest of the packages, throws them at her feet, proceeds to yell at her about this beast that torments him every time he comes around (she may bark, but really, how could you expect a dog not to bark? Hell, she runs away from 5 year olds). He drove out of the driveway flipping her off.

When I got off work (I worked at T-mobile at the time as a CSR... I know you all hate that person, but I was one of them) I had my mom call UPS to demand the local dispatch and file a complaint. They said the supervisor would be contacting us the next day around 6. So I had the day off and waited around, to no avail. No one contacted us about the issue. It took three more phone calls until the supervisor did contact us and said ''well, I know that driver for over 15 years now and he would never abuse an animal... Keep your dog in the house and away from the driver..."

I was in total disbelief! We had photos of the packages that were dirty, we had photos of where he had thrown them! I understand he may have known the guy for so long. But in all seriousness? He had verbally attacked a customer all because he was caught attacking the dog? I mean really. This got nowhere and we got a new route driver; from what I've seen, they all get along with the dog just fine. In fact, they get out of the car and give her treats. They're all wonderful, but I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from the experience.

Lied About Delivery Attempt
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Rating: 1/51

LONGWOOD, FLORIDA -- I guess, UPS wants to compete with FEDEX for worst delivery service in the USA. My wife was at home all day waiting for a delivery from UPS. There was clearly no attempt at delivery, but of course the claim was made that an attempt at delivery was made and no one answered. Of course, it would help if they trained the delivery drivers how to ring a door bell or knock on a door. With losers like UPS and FEDEX the US Postal Service has nothing to worry about.

UPS Delivery Decision Up to Driver!!!
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Rating: 2/51

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I printed out email notification of package delivery to me and included instructions to go next door for required signature (I made arrangements with neighbor on both sides of my house to accept package and sign for it as I am not home during day to sign for package. Neighbor to west is 40 feet away, while neighbor to east is about 100 feet away.) Then I "Scotch" taped the note to my front door with big red letters "UPS".

When I got home, the note was on the ground. In its place is UPS InfoNotice from UPS Driver of failed delivery. Then I login to UPS live chat to learn that the driver has final decision on what to do with package if receiver is not home! So from my take, the driver decided he did not want to walk another 40 feet to get a signature from my neighbor. So now they will have to come back tomorrow. That is how company loses revenue with this kind of mentality.

Went to LinkedIn to see if I can find UPS execs to talk with. None!!!! You can find other execs from hotels and other service companies, but not UPS. This a service company, correct and the execs are so afraid of people complaining to them that they are not accessible to their customers?

I had a very poor experience with Holiday Inn and contacted their CEO and had the issue resolved immediately. That is service and I have since then used Holiday Inn as my first preferred hotel (not as nice as Hilton or Marriott but I know if I had problems with HI, I can reach out to their execs to have resolution.) They gained my business and hundreds of nights the last 5 years. I think most businesses have lost sight of what service means.

UPS Driver ran over my dogs head and killed it today, 19 July 2010
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Update: 23 July - I want to thank those of you that have read and expressed compassion. Now that the anger and grieving has subsided at bit, I feel that I need to add a few details for some of the more negative responses. Looking back, I feel some responsibility in that I never got a trainer to break Sara's "tire biting". My bad and I feel horrible. But, Sara was NOT in the street. My driveway, 250 ft. long and is at the end of the road. The driver drove down 200 feet of it into the "Invisible Fence area", firmly on my property.

He was a replacement driver and not the regular UPS guy that normally has dog treats. The local UPS manager I spoke with was also compassionate and they have determined some negligence and he will not be fired but "disciplined". It was an unfortunate accident that might have been avoided had the UPS driver and I done a few things differently. May God Bless you all and **.

20 July 2010 - West Friendship, MD. Wow, what a bad day. I was in the back of my yard when I heard my dogs barking. 2 Jack Russells: Charlie, 10 y/o and Sara, 12 y/o. When I got to the front of the yard, **, the UPS driver was backing out. I tried to signal him to stop but too late. He had already run over Sara's head and she was dead.

Now this begs to question: if YOU are backing out of any location, and you know there are 2 dogs around, and you don't see them in front of the vehicle, then they are probably too close to it. Right? So you stop and make sure they are clear or you ask the owner to secure the dogs. At least that's what common sense and a concern for a customer's pets would dictate to a normal human being. When I called the local manager **, I got the "oh, I'm sorry". I want that driver fired. No excuse for being negligent. What if it had been a child? If he knew there were 2 kids nearby and he starts to back up, he would have surely stopped to see where they were before continuing.

UPS Driver Attitude
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Rating: 2/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- The UPS driver is known as the "mean driver" to our kids in the neighborhood. Numerous adults have witnessed him speeding through the neighborhood and my daughter told me that he came close to hitting her and her friends on their bicycles as he came around the corner.

I have had personal experience where he's cut me off as I was happened again today as I was driving home with my daughter after the movies. This time I confronted him and all he said with a smirk was to "file a complaint". I tried just that as soon as I got home, but got nowhere! As with other BIG corporation, consumer voices are obviously NOT welcome...from what I've been reading online, many consumer agree with my observation.

The drivers know that UPS makes it VERY difficult to file any type of "complaints" against them and for those complaints that does reach the necessary level, the outcome is so minor that the "drivers" continue to with their poor behavior. The consumers are paying for UPS services with their hard earned $...for what? The "attitude and the dangerous actions of the drivers" to continue?! Obviously, UPS corporate is unwilling to hear from their customers unless it's through a "lawyer". Very disappointing.

They Are Killing Pets and Maiming Even More!
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Rating: 2/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- UPS policy states that if a driver feels threatened, he/she can and many WILL maim or kill your pet. YouTube video shows a 200-lb. man, who was very familiar with this address as he's delivered hundreds of packages to this home, slashing at the owner's small little Jack Russell with a box cutter. He was attempting to slash the dogs throat but got his eye and has blinded it.

UPS defends the driver's actions. Jack Russells are tiny little dogs. The driver was around the side/back of the home and had options. The dog did not. The 200-lb. man could have used a number of defensive objects to deliver the package OR simply NOT DELIVERED. He was intentionally abusing this animal. His intention was NOT to stop the dog or find an alternative, his intention WAS TO ABUSE, MAIM OR KILL. Stop UPS drivers from coming onto our property and killing and maiming our pets.

Horrible Service!
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I was waiting for a package delivery today. I ordered overnight shipment. When driver knocked at the doors I went to put my shirt on. It took me a few seconds. When I opened my doors, the driver was nowhere to be seen. I called customer service and they told me that they can deliver it only tomorrow. I was really surprised. Their drivers are so busy that they cannot wait a few seconds for the customers to open the doors. I am really disappointed with the service provided and the way customer service and supervisor handled the situation. In the future I will try not to use UPS at all and recommend everyone to follow my advice.

Delivery Driver To Be Commended
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Rating: 5/51

I do most of my shopping online, mostly from Amazon. Deliveries are frequent and consist mainly of small boxes. The delivery is left at my doorstep without incident. After reviewing some internet videos of deliveries by both UPS and FedEx of big ticket items, theft and deliberate damage have occurred. For this reason I was hesitant to order an expensive home theater system weighing over 70 lbs. from Amazon. I finally placed my order and was given a tracking number and delivery date.

As promised, the delivery was made on time. The driver could have just dropped the huge box at the front door and left. This is an advertisement saying "steal me." The driver rang the bell to alert me of the delivery. I was home but unable to immediately come to the door. He took the time to hide the box behind some large bushes in front of the house. Just as he was leaving, I came to the door. He waved to me and said "I didn't want your package to be stolen." UPS drivers get a lot of complaints. I wanted to acknowledge that this driver was honest and did his job professionally.

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