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UPS Drivers Suck!
Posted by on
I order my products over the weekend and my package was due to deliver Thursday 2/18/2010. I checked the tracking number throughout the day in case if they try to deliver my package at my apt, I would know to leave work and drive direct to the ups building to pick it up. Leaving work at 5pm, and check the tracking number again - which still said out for delivery. I called the UPS customer service to make sure, the lady on the phone told me that the driver hasn't tried to make an attempt, so I drive home which is about 10 min drive. (Got home before 5:30) What do I see when I get to my door - a UPS infonotice! I call UPS again making sure that my package would be ready at the UPS store for pick, I gave her the info notice #, the representative said that package was from a sender that wasn't my package, and thinks the UPS drive put that notice on the wrong door, so I gave her my tracking number from my email. The representative confirmed that my package was out for delivery still and should be deliver anytime between 7-9pm. So 9pm rolls around and still no package. I check the tracking number again online, it was updated basically it said the driver attempted delivery at 5:40 with no success. By then I was pissed off! I was home and no knock, no info notice! Called customer service, and schedule a pick up. I WILL NEVER USE UPS AGAIN!
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goduke on 02/19/2010:
My UPS guy is fantastic. I try to get everything shipped by UPS.
momsey on 02/19/2010:
Since UPS delivered something to me in the middle of a blizzard by placing it on the GROUND (not on a step, not even leaning against the door) and not ringing the doorbell or knocking, I will avoid UPS at all costs in the future. I probably should write a review!
susie on 03/12/2012:
UPS drivers do not suck. They work hard, and you do not know how overworkedthey are.

Go UPS drivers.
ljeanne on 04/10/2012:
UPS drivers are hard working, and you do not know the conditions under which they work. Does the average person want to work until eight o'clock every night until you are physically worn out?.
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Tampa Florida Hub's employee is rude!
Posted by on
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- A UPS driver miss-delivered a package to our customer. That is not really the problem because I have to say it does not happen very often. What is the problem is that he picked it up from the place he delivered it and returned it to the Hub stating that our customer refused it...actually, that is still not the problem because mistakes happen. When my customer called UPS to say that they still did not have the package, they told her that she refused it. She said that she was at home and wanted the product, and that she did NOT refuse it. So, UPS had the Tampa Hub call her. Apparently, they talked to the UPS driver who said that he was at the correct house, and she refused it. Jim, at the Hub, told my customer that she refused the package and that there was nothing that he could do. When I called UPS, they contacted the Hub and had them contact me. I have to admit that I was upset because they essentially called my customer a liar. At that point Jim became furious and started screaming at me and said that he was going to hang up on me. After several attempts, I did get to talk to the manager, Tim, who was very nice. If I wanted all of these headaches, I would have shipped this package via FedEx! I wrote this review because I saw another review about this hub with their phone number, it is 813-241-1095. It needs to be published so people can get their situations handled.
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Brain Dead Delivery Driver
Posted by on
I had lost my Visa Check Card so my bank sent me out a new card via UPS. Well, UPS came to deliver my package at 8 am but they didn't knock very loud so I didn't hear them. They left a card on my door with a tracking number on it so that I could call them and make arrangements to either have it re-delivered or I could go pick it up. I opted to pick it up so that I would have it sooner.

I drive the 30 minutes to where they are located and when I get there, I find out that the tracking number that they had provided me was for someone else's package and that mine was in fact at the office of my apartment complex.
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Poor driving from United Parcel Service
Posted by on
SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I want to share a situation that happened to me concerning UPS in the low country of SC.

UPS driver Carl out of Summerville SC office delivered a package to my house. While turning around in the grass the driver ran over and killed my dog on my property. The driver did not stop or report the incident. I called the 1-800 number gave them the package tracking number and reported the incident. Two days later a man from the local office called me. The supervisor told me the driver stated to him that he did not know anything about the incident. I have two people who were in the yard saw the whole thing. My dog (registered bulldog with papers) was a 60 pound dog. I find it is no way he did not know he did it. His boss came out to my yard a couple of days later and took some pictures. The boss said the driver was still stating he knew nothing. The boss suspects the drivers union rep is telling him to say that. The boss stated to me he will file a claim with Liberty Mutual.

The main reason I am writing is that Liberty Mutual does not handle things well. I thought since this is a minor claim as far as money goes I could handle this myself. The offer they told me I should take is not enough to cover my time and expense to get another dog. The claim should at least cover that much. I feel I will now seek a lawyer or just go to small claims court myself not for the money but to get at least some satisfaction. It would have been nice if the driver was man enough to say he was sorry or at least told the truth and reported the incident. I am very surprised a company that advertises that the drivers are safe would act this way when a situation occurred.


Summerville, South Carolina
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User Replies:
firengine103 on 08/23/2007:
Pete! What? No call to the police? Why? I didn't know insurance would cover this kind of thing. That's what courts are for.
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
Since dogs are considered property, you will probably only get the value of the dog at the time of death and not much in the way of cost for time and expense to get a new dog.

Good luck.
jktshff1 on 08/24/2007:
take the offer and cut your losses.
why weren't you watching your dog?
it's quite possible the driver did not know he hit the dog
jktshff1 on 08/27/2007:
btw, sorry about the dog...how's it doing?
gintlefurr on 10/03/2007:
Speaking of them causing accidents. My dad was going to pick my little brother up from school when he was hit by a UPS truck. Bear in mind, my father was in the right side of the road, obeying traffic laws when the UPS truck came around the corner and hit my dad head on. The delivery driver was driving on the wrong side of the road and speeding excessively. None the less, my father ended up having to pay for it all. The UPS came up with and intricate lie about what happened. They say they drive safe, they don't even watch where they are going. They are just as lazy with driving as they are with delivering. I don't know why we keep paying them for nothing.
villary on 10/31/2007:
Ups killed my pug. June 26th, 2007 a UPS driver going to fast turned the corner came into my yard and killed my 9 year old pug. The drive left did not report the incident and denied what the WITNESS saw clear as day. He was driving to fast and lost control of his truck - hit the pug and then ran over him. UPS denies any responsibility for there careless driving. I am going to an attorney. It will not get my dog back but will bring me some satisfaction. What brown does for me is kill helpless pets.
justice4mycasey on 11/10/2007:
I had my dog run over in my driveway 25 feet from the garage door of the house. The driver did not call anyone or even call 911 to let them know he had an accident. I have been back and forth with them since 08/27/07 when this happened. I can feel for everyone who this has happened to. I am not going to let them off without a fight. Please everyone get this out on your local news channels. I have been told by UPS to just get over it as the dog is nothing but a piece of property, I am sorry but like everyone else your pet is a part of your family and UPS needs to know that we are not going to stand for this at all.
colincampbell on 11/20/2008:
UPS just killed my dog today!!!!!!!!!!!!same story driver did not know he did it as he reversed up my driveway.
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Rude UPS Drivers, Baldwin Park California
Posted on
BALDWIN PARK, CALIFORNIA -- UPS Drivers are the rudest, the nastiest, the most arrogant. The ones that work out of Baldwin Park California are horrible. The attitude from these guys is unbelievable. I complained about one driver and now whenever he sees me he spits at me out of the window of his UPS truck. They are completely undisciplined. I complained about this guy to his boss at Baldwin Park UPS in California, and now I get retaliation all the time. If you contact UPS headquarters in Atlanta, they just blow you off. They don't care. Their drivers are nasty, but since most things are delivered UPS there's nothing you can do.
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User Replies:
GRANNYLKM on 02/26/2007:
Get pictures of him spitting at you - send them to UPS - see if they take action.
MRM on 02/26/2007:
A picture is worth a thousand words...the company would have taken action if they saw proof.
rah332 on 02/26/2007:
wouldn't spitting at you be considered as an assault. file a complaint with the police next time he does it.. get his license plate and report him..
Skye on 02/26/2007:
What did he do originally that made you complain about him??Spitting is so disgusting, and I agree, got to get pictures. He had no right to treat you or anyone that way. Or have someone video tape him doing his nasty spitting act.
NeoGeo on 02/26/2007:
We have a bad one here in Los Alamos NM (actually White Rock). He cut me off on my bicycle one day so I reported him. Nothing happened. He continues to run stop signs and speed through school zones. I guess it will take somebody getting hurt or killed for UPS to take notice. The Fed Ex driver is very safe. That is why, whenever I can, I will use Fed Ex. It might be more expensive, but it is worth it.
yoke on 02/27/2007:
yoke on 02/27/2007:
We have a driver who speeds up our street and when we ask him to slow down he tells us (in front of the kids) to shut the f up. We have tried to put in a complaint with UPS, but they don't seem to care. They tell us it is a local police problem.
Anonymous on 04/12/2007:
I'm from BP!Glad I don't live in that SH*&hole anymore
oga on 03/21/2008:
It's not only Baldwin. Rude UPS drivers are located nationwide~! At least in most states the streets are wide...I'm in NY and the streets are narrow and they double park and they think that they own the roads. They are plain old nasty and very unprofessional~!
jm300 on 07/22/2008:
I may just be lucky, but we have great UPS drivers in our area. One of the drivers is a really easy going nice guy. There is one driver who just throws packages at the bottom of the stairs and doesn't even attempt to knock. Once I had to chase her down the street. But, overall they are good.
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Delivery failure; driver lied
Posted by on
EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- On 11 September 2007 I waited at home all day, with the garage open and a note on the door, for a UPS delivery listed as OUT FOR DELIVERY on UPS tracking.

Afert 5PM the driver posted a statement that "Receiver requested a different delivery date" which was a total, complete lie. Driver was never here; I neverr met or spoke with the driver.

Calls to the national 800 number are futile; they claim not to have any local contact name or number. The only support offered is to send a message to the local delivery center (Bethlehem, PA for me).

On my third call to support and the same sorry story, I demanded a supervisor. After five minutes a supervisor came on the phone and after a brief discussion agreed to contact the local delivery center; I was on hold for 10 minutes and then she claimed it was on the truck for delivery today. I protested that I neededit NOW and shouldn't have to wait around all day again due to their mistake. (They claimed it was on the wrong truck yesterday.) The supervisor called the center again and they agreed to page the driver to get a delivery commitment and would call me back.

The entire UPS Customer Service process has two well-designed characteristics: (1) never give out any internal names or phone numbers so they don't get bothered with annoyed customers. (2) Always promise something, e.g., a call back, a few hours later just to buy time before their next useless commitment.

I have already sent a letter to the CEO but I'm sure he has a squad of yes-men to intercept and destroy any complaints.


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User Replies:
moneybags on 09/12/2007:
It seems like their excuse is always that "No one was home" or it "went out on the wrong truck." Very familiar story.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
File a complaint direct with UPS Human Resources. Make sure you have as many facts as you can, dates, times, names etc. And demand that they notate the drivers permanent record (which they will do) and reimburse you (which they will do). A bad mark in a drivers record is a death warrant at UPS, a few of them and the bad driver will get fired. It's really to bad USPS, DHL etc over work the drivers so much that they have to forge fake attempted delivery claims just so they can finish their route for the day but that's the way these delivery companies treat their drivers. We should not have to carry the burden of lazy or overworked drivers.
Anonymous on 09/12/2007:
I have neighbors at home all day. I usually leave a note on front-door for the delivery guy to leave the parcel with my neighbors. Never had a problem…
qteondty on 09/14/2007:
Yes, UPS is the worst and one time they lied too that it was a 3rd attempt and it was the 1st. These guys are paid decent but, are lazy. I knew a UPS worker and he told me how they lied and if was rainy they would purposely not go up stairs, etc.
gintlefurr on 10/03/2007:
We had something similar to this happen this week actually. My fiancee ordered some CDJ's (dj equipment) that were to be delivered by UPS. SO Monday this week, he's sitting at home at 4pm, not even 10 feet from the front door. No knock, no attempt to speak with him, the UPS Man just stick s a note on the door saying he had attempted delivery and would attempt one more time on Tuesday.. so I being off on Tuesday waited the entire day for this man. then my fiancee got home from work. I left to fill my tank up with gas. we wrote KNOCK LOUDLY PLEASE on the note he had left the previous day just to see what happened. I got home just in time to witness it. I crept up the stairs to our apartment complex behind the ups man. he snatched our note off the door and just put another one on like he hadn't seen anything. keep in mind I'm right behind him the entire time. he turns around and walks off. I called him on it. I asked what apartment he was delivering to.. he told me the number. I said 'funny how you totally disregard the note on the door that says KNOCK LOUDLY PLEASE!'
he then tried to tell me he did knock and no one answer. I told him I was behind him the entire time and he was full of it. I then knocked and my fiancee opened the door within 1 second.
funny when you try to file a complaint through their website theres nowhere to file a complaint. so I filed a complaint through every single section I could find to submit info. maybe they will get the idea
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