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Rings the Bell and Runs
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BURLINGTON -- Yesterday, my door bell rang. I walked from the kitchen to the door (20 feet) only to find the UPS slip on the door and the driver driving off! I yelled out as his truck door was open and he could hear and see me, yet he just drove off.

Later that day I left a note on my front door for the UPS driver to "wait for me until I answer the door." Today, once again I stayed at home because of the delivery. The bell again rang once. I RAN to the door and once again, the notice was posted on the door (missed delivery) and the driver was already back in his truck! I ran out and asked why he didn't wait? He said he "rang the bell five times", called me a liar and took off, REFUSING to deliver the package!

I have had to go and pick up my own packages in the past from the UPS after somehow having missed the delivery (even though I was at home). I could never figure out how I could have missed the delivery. After the last two times however, I have noticed that the driver pre-writes the notice, sticks it on the door, and rings the bell as he is walking away! I am extremely unhappy with UPS, their service and especially their drivers! I am shocked that they are still in business and that they are able to continue to screw over the public they are doing now.

Failed to Deliver. Failed to Compensate. Unethical Big Business With No Heart.
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I made the mistake of using UPS in a move from Oregon to Nevada. We had 10 boxes in all, each weighing about 50 pounds. 9 of them we shipped via the US Post Office. They made it to their destination as expected. Our final and heaviest box (69#) we shipped via UPS. It never arrived. UPS claimed they delivered it, but we were at our new home waiting, with two alert guard dogs who bark at the sound of any knock or doorbell, and it never came. We walked the neighborhood and talked to neighbors, but no one had even seen a truck in the neighborhood that day. Later we learned that a substitute driver had been working the day the box was lost.

The helpful employee at the UPS Store back in Oregon put a trace on the package, contacted the local depot manager and UPS corporate. However none of this was of any use. The UPS Store and UPS are not the same company. After four months of waiting, gathering receipts to prove the value of what was lost, and filing a claim request, we were offered $129 for a package worth $2500. Other than the UPS Store employee we were never able to speak with a human at the company, or the claims processing center.

Yes, I should have insured it. I take responsibility for that. However, UPS has one job to do... deliver parcels. They failed. Interestingly, as I've read through several online forums I have seen how common it is for UPS to lose packages, and they rarely pay for a loss, even when insured. UPS is a big, unethical business. I will not trust them with my valuables again.

Fraudulent Billing by UPS
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- In August 2012 I shipped 3 packages via UPS and paid by credit card. The charges went through and were paid in full. In Sept I received a bill from UPS for those same packages with additional charges added on. There was an account/shipper number on the bill. I have never opened an account at UPS. I am not a company; I am an individual and only pay in full at the time of shipping. When I went to the UPS Customer Service Center from which I shipped the packages they told me there was a mistake and not to worry about it.

Last week I received another bill from UPS, with the same account/shipper number on it for over $800. All of the shipping listed was done from PA. When I went to the UPS Customer Service Center again they told me they didn't understand why that happened and not to worry about it. I contacted the UPS fraud unit on-line because that is the only way you can. I have not received any response from them.

Today I received another bill from UPS, with the same account/shipper number. I do not know where to turn to get them to correct this and stop sending me bills for an account which I never opened for items which I have never shipped. They are completely uninterested and unhelpful. There is no one in authority I can actually talk to.

I have shown all of the information to the Customer Service Center and they are unable or unwilling to actually stop this fraudulent billing. I am not responsible for these bills and yet they continue to come to my name and address. My last resort will be to hire an attorney - and of course once this issue gets resolved, with or without an attorney I will never ever do any business with UPS and will share this nightmare with everyone I know.

Can't Deliver Packages
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PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- UPS seems unable to deliver packages. They also make it impossible to find out tracking information or change delivery information. I sent two packages by UPS 2nd Day Air (guaranteed delivery by 2nd business day) on two separate days. The first was sent on a Friday, with guaranteed delivery by Tuesday (Note they had some free days for themselves over the weekend). It did not arrive Tuesday, or Wednesday, or... I went online to track package, and by Thursday (a week later) it had (presumably) made its way to Memphis via Montgomery ALA, having just left Montgomery on the delivery day (Tuesday - day 4). Still did not arrive by Friday and no further tracking info.

Shipping store initiated a tracer. Note, UPS does not allow me to initiate a tracer or change shipping info, only the store from which it was shipped can do this, adding another layer of difficulty and obfuscation to the process. Now, Sunday (Day 9) the online tracking info says it has arrived in California (Bloody California? Why didn't they just send it to the delivery state?). So I call them up, and they will not give me any info at all about this package - they only say a tracer has been put on it. They will not discuss the tracking info I can see on the website!

CONSEQUENCE: A Master's Degree Student will probably not graduate this summer because UPS could not deliver a document package. The shipping store did refund my $19.18. I'd also like them to reimburse me for the two-way shipping costs for FEDEX overnight so I can actually get the new documents, sign them & return them by July 31 so the student can graduate this summer. LESSON: IF YOU WANT YOUR PACKAGE TO ARRIVE AT ITS DESTINATION, USE FEDEX!!! I'll describe the second screw up by UPS in a second post.

UPS's Way or the Highway

PHILADELPHIA -- I live in an apartment building and work full time. I am usually not around when packages are due to be delivered. My last UPS package I received the first attempt notice and responded promptly because I know they will send it back after three attempts and I wanted that package. I initially went online to try to get them to hold it at the UPS store for me, but the location was far from me. Living in the city, I'd have to either pay 8 bucks for public trans and then walk for 15 minutes in a seedy neighborhood or pay roughly 30 dollars round trip for cab fair to and from the Subway, which would have cost me an additional 4 bucks.

My huge complaint is that when I called to ask if they could hold the package at the CLOSEST UPS, the one within 5 minutes of my apartment they rudely refused. Apparently there is no way to get them to save your package at another UPS store. You would think they would at least plug in your zip code and let you pick the closest UPS or automatically do that. I will avoid using UPS again. I would rather miss a deal or not be able to buy something I need than deal with their terrible service.

UPS screwed me while grieving for my mother.
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NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK -- My mother passed away in 2006. I received estimates from 3 shipping companies to send her cherished antiques from New Rochelle, NY to my sister and myself in Oakland, CA. Upon using the copy machine at the above store in 2006 I was told that the store could pack and ship all our belongings and do a better job than any moving company. I then described the items in question, which were much of the contents of a 2 bedroom coop. I was told that no price could be given.

I subsequently spoke with the manager/owner of the store numerous times and when we finally were to come and close out her apartment in May of 2007, I made an appt. with the store owner to come and see the items and give me a price. When I arrived in NY I spoke with him again and he then tells me, while knowing that I was only in NY for 3 days, that he couldn't price it until he saw it all, but not to worry, that they had just packed up an entire 2 bedroom apartment for someone else and it came to only $800.00. I seriously questioned this a few times, but he kept reassuring me.

So the appointed day arrives and he shows up with a helper, NOT to give me a price, but to start packing everything up! I stated I would not wish to do this until he could give me a price. He stated unequivocally that it would be less than the $800.00 he'd just moved this other party for. I let them begin.

When I was busy packing up my own boxes and dealing with other things, they continued to pack up items, only asking me the value of certain items which I stated. What I did NOT know was that they were mixing up items to go to myself and my sister's address, and that he was assigning value to the boxes based ONLY on a single item per box! I had no idea what he put with what.

At least FOUR separate times I asked him what this would cost, since it ended up taking from early morning till at least 5 PM. He reassured me it would not cost more than $800.00. AGAIN! At one point I had my sister decide she might wish to take a sofa, so I asked him to find out what that alone would cost... the answer after a phone call to freight was over $700 for JUST the sofa.

At that point I started to really worry, and asked once again for a price, and suddenly the price became, "certainly not more than $1500". And that was to include the antique Brass bed for $700 all by itself... Now mind you we had 3 separate bids for movers to move the ENTIRE apartment for $2,200 to $2350.

NOW I was worried. Still he would not now give me a price until he got it all back to his store. He packed it up and left. He did not call with a price as promised. Mind you I was leaving for CA. in less than 28 hours. I went down to his UPS store next morning, and was suddenly told that just the boxes I'D packed would come to almost $800 on their own. And that the total bill would be: $2,742.86 IF they were allowed to repack the boxes. I was floored and totally unable to speak for a bit, since this was only PART of the items in the coop, compared to the price the 3 different moving companies gave for the TOTAL of the contents.

AND I had no more time left in my trip to be able to re-do this! AND if I decided to cancel it, his manager told me that they would then CHARGE me for the day they'd spent packing it all a whopping $500.00 alone. Making it impossible for me to call the moving companies to come to HIS UPS store and pick it all up, re-pack it and ship it for less than $3,000.00. What I did not even know at that time was that in re-packing what they had done at the store, that they'd completely ignored ALL the values of the contents and that the total insurance did not even come CLOSE to insuring those beloved items enclosed.

I panicked and called my sister and we made the decision to just pay his price as we were out of time and had been told that he would take better care of our antiques than a moving company. On May 23rd, 2007 I gave him a check for the full amount of $2,742.86. Then left for California.

READ ON... When items began to arrive on my doorstep, yes doorstep, as some of the boxes were left on my porch and my sister's porch, our dreams of redecorating with my mother's loved antiques were dashed to smithereens.

EVERY single thing I'd packed arrived unscathed, over 13 boxes. Every SINGLE box that the UPS Store had packed arrived here with the contents smashed to smithereens. We are talking about clocks from the 1700's and 1800's. A wrought iron carriage bench had been tossed into a large box with a 1/2 pound filigree corner shelf unit, all hand carved, with only a few peanuts. The box arrived OPENED along the entire length AND was left on my porch when no one was home.

Light fixtures and lamps had not one single bit of bubble wrap on any of them, in fact they didn't use one drop of bubble wrap, so ALL of the glassware was just the splinters left inside the boxes AFTER the boxes had been damaged enough to be open or smashed in. This went on for a week as things arrived. ALL of it gone, not one single thing they packed arrived unscathed. ALL RUINED.

I was so flabbergasted and in such shock I didn't even know how to proceed. Finally I called UPS directly and was given a claim form. NO ONE bothered to tell me that they would need the FREIGHT department to handle the claim on the brass bed, so it never even got claimed. Though I repeatedly called the UPS Store to find out where the side rails were that never arrived. As this was a custom antique, there is no way to use this bed without them. So sending this many hundred pound brass bed to me.

On top of that, in ALL of the receipts that I was given in NY when shipping all this with this UPS Store, NONE of the receipts or claim numbers matched what arrive inside each box. NOT ONE. They had completely changed the contents and mixed everything up AND not insured any of the boxes for more than $500.00, and not ONE matched the tracking numbers on the receipts I was given. To top that off, they NEVER GAVE me a claim form or tracking number for the brass bed.

So you ask, WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? Well after having the claims adjuster arrive here, and I'd been smart enough to take pictures of ALL the boxes on arrival AND as they were opened and I never removed ANY items from the boxes for weeks while they clogged my home, the adjuster was in as much shock as I was. He stated he'd never ever seen a more inept packing job in his life, and took more pictures and asked me to copy all my own pictures to a CD which I did and gave to him.

But after weeks of work on our part and his part, the fact reMained that the store had totally screwed up the values on ALL of the items and made them almost worthless. This was over $25,000 in valuable antiques. There ended up being 9 boxes of claims, and no claim on the bed because that during all this time, no one informed me it needed to go through a separate department and by the time I found that out, it was past the time frame for a claim.

This went on for many many months during which time I repeatedly asked the manager ** for an itemized inventory, since nothing matched the receipts I was given. It should also be mentioned that about this time UPS kept appearing on my porch trying to pick up packages for return. On more than 5 SEPARATE occasions I asked ** at the UPS Store in New Rochelle why. On every single location I was told it was just in the system and that I did not need to return anything. And that was confirmed here with the appraiser. At this point much of it had been put out with trash as it was just pieces that could not be fixed.

The appraiser and I and the claim person and I were all in constant touch re: amounts and values and trying to make sense of what was in which box... remember I had pictures as the boxes were opened.

I then sent the store MY itemized list of what arrived here in each box and the tracking number on THAT box. They never sent me their itemized list, they instead sent me a slip of paper with a handwritten note of "items shipped" and a total value of the paid insurance which came to almost nothing, compared to the handwritten values they put on EACH receipt they gave me when I was in NY paying for all this. This went on for months during which I was in constant touch with the claims person at this end, my only ally in this mess.

In the end, the UPS Store actually told UPS that the values were even less than their OWN assessor had approved as our claim for. So the total amount was reduced. In the process of this my friend at UPS mentioned to me that he wanted to know the upshot of what happened, as UPS does NOT send the claim check directly to me, they by protocol send the check to the UPS Store who caused all this damage in the first place and they then in turn send ME a check for the claim. I asked why and was told he didn't trust them to give all the money to myself and my sister. HOLY SMOKES! This wasn't even in my mind! And boy did he have them pegged.

The final amount sent by UPS Claims to the UPS Store #4992 in New Rochelle, NY was: $5,830.36. I have an e-mail to that effect from my friend locally at UPS Claims dept. The check we received from the UPS Store # 4992, Wykagyl, New Rochelle, NY was: $4748.74.

To THIS DATE 10-04-2008, they've lied and told me that the lesser amount was ALL they were sent by UPS, and I've sent them the e-mail from my UPS friend stating that the higher amount is in the computer and along with the check number. The UPS store has only said to me that THEY were being charged by UPS for the items that weren't returned. There was NOTHING to return!!! And THEY had told me 5 separate times that it was not required. (good thing too since I was not about to try to pack up all that damage for them). It just went into the trash. AND they had required me to get appraisals on some of it showing there was nothing left to fix!

So you do the math The UPS Store in New Rochelle to this DAY still owes me almost $1,100.00 and has lied that they have received it. AND it's a mere PITTANCE compared to the actual value of what they've RUINED, and known full well that we were dealing with our mother's death during all this and these were her prized possessions.

UPS is by far the worse delivery company in the world!
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On November 20th, I should have received a package sent to me from the States via UPS. Apparently on the first attempt, the UPS driver did not find my name in my buildings directory so the 1st attempt was unsuccessful. Since I've had the tracking number from the get go, I checked online to see the status of my package and I realize on the 21st of November that the driver needed further information in order to deliver my package. I called UPS at their 1-800-742-5877 number and I spoke to a Customer Service Rep. (CSR) and I gave him all the info needed to make the next delivery a successful one.

I provided them with my buzzer number and how my name appeared on the directory to ensure that the driver would be able to find me. On November 26th - 6 days later - the driver attempted to deliver the package a second time, but I guess the CSR that I spoke to did not relay my message to the DC for the driver, b/c again on my tracking file it was noted that on November 27th, the driver again could not find my name on the building directory. Again I called the 1800 number and provided a 2nd CSR with all of my information. The CSR assured me that the package would be out for delivery the next day.

On the 27th of November I waited around all day for the driver to come to my building and he never came. I again went to look at my tracking sheet to find that the driver said that the address provided on the package was not the right one and now he could not find my building. So for the 3rd time I called UPS's 1 800 and told the CSR that the driver had originally been at the right building therefore he had the right delivery address, so why did he now state that the address was wrong. The CSR said there must have been a mistake b/c after confirming the delivery address, everything matched the info I gave him with what was on the package.

The CSR apologized and said that the package would be delivered the next day. On the 28th of November the package still did not arrive and so I decided to give it another day before calling UPS again. So after not receiving it on the 29th of November I called now a 4th time UPS to find out what was going on. The CSR read the notes on the tracking of the package and mentioned that he was unsure as to why the package had not been delivered yet and that he apologized for the inconvenience, and the package would be delivered the next day.

So November 30th came and went and no package, so I called UPS's 1 800 # and demanded my package to the CSR who took my call. The CSR could not believe (again) the history on my package and told me that my package showed as being at the DC and so I could pick it up there if I wanted to just so that I would finally get it. I told the CSR that I was going to drive to the DC to do just that, even though the DC is out of the way for me, but at this point I figured if I did not go to get it, I may never get the package. The CSR asked for my contact # to have the DC call me regarding my package so I gave my cell phone number.

I then drove to the DC at 2:45 pm on 2900 Steeles Avenue, Toronto to find a line-up of more than 20 ppl either picking up or delivering a package. At the DC there was only 1 person trying to help everyone. Many customer started to get frustrated due to the long wait and 3 customers walked out upset and 1 lady spoke up and demanded more employees to come and help at the desk. Finally an older lady came out from the back and got 2 more employees to help at the front. I finally got to the gentlemen working at the desk after a 30 min wait and it took him 20 mins to find my package.

When he brought to me he asked me to pay $48.00 in brokerage fees. I asked him why that much when that was half of the cost of the item being sent to me. He said that was the fee charged by them. I was appalled and I said I am not paying that much, I need to speak with someone. The gentleman told me to call their 1 800 # and speak to a Customer service rep. I did just that and the rep went over my tracking info with me, he could not believe how long it was taking for me to get my package. He apologized profusely and told me that he would take off part of the brokerage fees and I would just have to pay $13.81.

He told me that my package would be delivered to me by Monday Dec. 3rd and not to worry b/c he was sending the DC a note to contact me to ensure delivery. On Monday Dec. 3rd I was at home all day waiting for my package to arrive and the UPS driver never showed up, I received no calls from UPS and I was as frustrated as anyone could get.

I went to read the notes on my package and found that the man working the desk at the DC on Steeles avenue had put into my file that I had refused the shipment and that it would be going back to the sender???!!! I was livid when I read this on my file and called Monday early evening UPS, this meant that my package was not intended to be delivered as I was told. I snapped on the CSR that took my call and I demanded to speak to a manager. I had to pull hairs to get to speak to someone other than a CSR.

I finally got put through to a female manager who identified herself and she went over all the notes and expressed her disbelief on what had happened with my package. Again she apologized and I told her I had heard enough apologies that I did not care for anymore b/c none had gotten me my package. She said that Tuesday she would have someone from the DC call me and that the package would be delivered by Tuesday. So Tuesday Dec. 5th came and at 9:15 am I received a call from the DC. A female spoke to me to let me know that the package was on its way and it could be delivered between 9 am - 8 pm.

I actually waited all day at home - if you can believe that! And guess what? No package came. In fact I have video surveillance of the main entrance of my building and the outside of it and I was glued to the TV to see if in fact this driver ever came and he never showed up. Yet on my tracking file it stated that he had come at 6:17 pm but no one was home. My husband and I were both at home and now my husband was livid b/c that was a lie. I called UPS and asked to speak to the manager whose last name I never got.

To get to speak to her again was nearly impossible b/c the customer service reps were not comfortable getting her on the phone so I could talk to her again. Finally after UPS hung up on me due to a rep's mistake with transferring the call, the manager called me back on my cell phone, which was on file. The manager apologized yet again and said that she did not understand what was happenning and to allow her to place a formal complaint on this issue.

I told her to go ahead and she said she would have the DC call me on Wednesday and that she would send a note to have them deliver my package at a time that worked for me, b/c I could not spend yet another day waiting around for UPS to show up. I also mentioned to this manager that I had video surveillance showing that the driver was NEVER here and that I was willing to take action with that against UPS for lying and not providing a service that was paid for. She said it would not be necessary and that the DC would call me Wednesday and the delivery would take place.

Well... today is Wednesday and I am without a package to this day. The DC did call me twice in the morning and they did not do anything to get me my package. I have no idea what kind of show UPS is running there but they are out to lunch, and I can swear to all that I will never use them again for anything as long as I live, and I will try to get this story known b/c this is incredibly unprofessional, outrageous, and not acceptable.

Terrible Service - Twice in a month!
By -

INLAND EMPIRE, CALIFORNIA -- I live in Southern California and purchase a ton of items via the internet. I'm also a major car nut which means I am always online searching for items to make my vehicles unique. About a month ago, I was waiting on a car interior center console piece from the local car dealer. A little background... Unfortunately, they didn't have the item in stock when I visited them, so it had to be ordered), and they ship via UPS :(.

They didn't provide a tracking number, so the only way I knew anything about the item was when a fellow resident in my city called me on my cell phone and told me UPS had delivered an item with my name on it to his address. He lives about 5 miles away on a street name not even remotely similar to my street name. He left a message along with his address and phone number, so I called him back.

I then called UPS, and this is where the headaches began. I talked to a Customer Service Rep who showed absolutely no desire in helping me retrieve my package. I gave her the address of where the package was delivered to, along with the honest citizen's name and phone number. She asked for a tracking number (which the dealer didn't provide).

She also told me that I could call the car dealer to try to get the tracking number. (On a sidenote, I later found out from a Supervisor that without a tracking number, there is nothing that they can check on. In other words, they can't look up a shipment just by a name that the package is scheduled to be delivered to. In this day and age, that is unacceptable.) The useless Rep even suggested that I drive to the location to pick up my package. Needless to say, I was furious, and asked for her name. She refused to give it to me stating that I shouldn't be making a complaint against her when she was doing all she could to help me.

The one thing I wanted her to do, was have a UPS driver go back and pick up the package. I am of the opinion that they delivered it to the wrong address, and they should go pick ip up! I had provided her with everything she needed to make this happen. Seeing that I was getting no where with her, I asked for a UPS Supervisor. I was on the phone dealing with this madness for about 30 minutes.

I did speak to a UPS Supervisor who obtained all the info and sent the UPS driver back to pick up the package. He later delivered it to my home a few hours later. The Supervisor was apologetic and said that the Customer Service Rep should have did that in the first place. That was too much agony for the sake of getting a package safely delivered.

The next headache was a few days ago. I ordered more car parts via the internet. I got a tracking number and patiently waited. On the day it was to be delivered, I checked QuantumView and it showed it as being "out for delivery". I was in the garage when I heard (and saw) the UPS truck outside. By the time I got inside the house, and looked out of the front door, the UPS driver was already walking back to the truck. I looked on my porch and saw no package. This seemed strange being that they leave packages on my front porch without a signature 99% of the time. I assumed he thought no one was home and would try to deliver it later.

I then checked QuantumView, and the status was still "out for delivery". I checked a few more times and it showed the same. About two hours later, I checked it again, and it showed "delivered" with a remark of "pillar". The delivery time was roughly two hours prior which made me even more suspicious. Judging from countless past deliveries where the status of a package gets updated within minutes, this late update time made me wonder about the honesty of the UPS driver. Trust me, I have made dozens and dozens of purchases, and with all the other times, it was updated shortly after delivery.

Anyway, I called UPS Customer Service and they told me what I already knew. The driver stated he placed the package by the "pillar" of my front door step. That very pillar is in direct view of my front door - the same area I saw the UPS driver walking away from earlier. The Rep told me to notify the Company I had ordered the merchandise from so that UPS could in turn do an investigation. I notified the Company the next morning, and shortly afterwards, UPS called me and told me they would investigate, but for updated info, I would need to stay in touch with the Company that shipped the merchandise.

It's been a few days, and so far nothing from the Company that shipped the merchandise. Long story short, the items I ordered were simply car parts (lug nuts - to keep your wheels on your car) worth about 40 bucks. What was a good deal at 40 bucks, will balloon into an 80 dollar part. It looks like I will have to order the parts again, and then wait for them to arrive. Needless to say, this has put a new spin on how I shop via the Net. I now look at who the shipper is (in addition to price), and if the Shipper is UPS, I'll move on to the next business that ships via Fed-Ex. Thankfully, I have never had a problem with FedEx.

This is pretty sad. Just thinking aloud... You pay for merchandise and expect it to be delivered to the right address, and if they say it's delivered, you expect it be there. I am done with UPS, and I hope this long complaint convinces others to use an alternate shipper.

UPS - absolute worst delivery service
By -

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- I ordered a cell phone / PDA device from an online seller on a Friday and paid extra for Saturday delivery to my house residence (Murfreesboro, TN). My wife and I were home on Saturday, and while she was outside saw the UPS truck go by. When she told me, I looked out our front windows and saw the truck across the street at an apartment complex. A bit of time went by and no visit to our door, so I checked the UPS tracking website and saw that there was a "delivery exception" and that no one had been available to sign for the package? This was infuriating, since I had been peeking out the windows and hovering around waiting for the delivery.

Checked the front and back doors anyway for a delivery attempt tag; of course nothing. I phoned customer service and got the automated system telling me a delivery attempt had been made when it hadn't, and got through to a customer service person. (The system doesn't provide an easy automated stated way to reach a live human, you just have to keep saying "customer service" at the question prompts.) I told the person of my issue, and he took my info and said someone would call me back. Of course no one did so I called back again and got another guy, explained the issue again.

After being put on hold, he came back and asked if I would be willing to "meet the driver somewhere". I said of course not, that I paid extra to have it Saturday delivered, and that I didn't plan on driving somewhere to try to hook up with a driver. He put me on hold again, and while waiting my neighbor came home and walked over to give me a UPS delivery attempt door tag for my package. The stupid part is that she does not have a house number at all visible on her street mailbox, while on mine twenty feet away is our house number in very large letters on both sides of the box post and is unmistakable.

The driver had either walked across the street from the apartments to the wrong house or driven over to the wrong driveway. The service guy came back on the phone and said that nothing could be done today but that another delivery attempt would be made on Monday. I told the guy that my wife and I both work, that no one would be home Monday to sign for delivery, and asked what would make the driver come to the right house next time anyway. I asked that the package be pulled off the truck Monday and held at the local hub for pickup.

I asked about the extra charges I incurred for Saturday delivery, and he said I would have to contact the company arranging the shipment for that, as if they would be responsible for the UPS driver going to the wrong house. Ridiculous.

In frustration, I drove to the local UPS hub thinking that by chance, someone might be there and could retrieve my package. The little brown trucks were there, but no humans available. At this point I flashed back to a previous UPS screwball event from a few weeks ago. A signature-required package delivery attempt had been made to our house on a weekday with us not home, and I had called customer service to request that it be pulled and held at the hub for pickup. I went by there around 5:30 PM when I got home from work, and was told the driver was not back yet and I could come back before 6:30 PM. I did so, and was told he still was not back but that I could wait.

After almost two hours the driver showed up, laughed when asked by the hub guy about my package, and said he had already pulled it off the truck. My package had been sitting not more than thirty feet from where I had been waiting the whole time with a pile of other packages. And the hub people were clueless. The neat part is that while waiting I got to see the hub in action. After I first got there, about eight young guys were lounging around in the truck bay load/unload area. With their apparent break being over, a conveyor fired up and they started sending packages down it.

At a section visible from where I was waiting, packages kept hanging on a suspended monitor beside the belt. A guy would walk over and shove/slam/punch (literally) them back in line. Some fell over after backing up, and were promptly kicked (literally) out of the way before being picked up and thrown back on the belt. They could see me, a "civilian" and customer, standing there watching them, but seemed to not care that I was observing their package attacks. During my entire waiting time, two to three very young guys were sitting in nearby office areas, and spent most of the time doing absolutely nothing except talking about pickup trucks.

The office areas were unbelievably filthy (I got to stand in one while waiting since it was chilly in the bays), with the kind of dirt and gunk on desks, computers, and around the floor and baseboards that only accumulates over a long period when never cleaned. Toward the end of the wait, one of them apparently decided some work might be in order, and started showing a young hillbilly-doofus looking guy how to run waybill/tracking looking slips through a computer reader device. As I heard him say, it was time for him to leave (and obviously he couldn't have done it in the previous hour and a half of shooting the breeze).

I listened and watched as the doofus struggled to understand what the other guy was telling him, and valiantly attempted to do it after he left. Also while waiting, I noted the large pile of packages sitting near an open truck bay door with it pouring rain outside and water only a few inches from Dell computers and other packages, along with mine if I had only known. The entire time there I saw around twenty "workers" with none over what I would guess was twenty-five years old. It was a real struggle for the manufacturing plant manager in me not to just start reaming all of them out of instinct.

My boss where I work refuses to use UPS due to gross delivery problems, and now I understand why. This company is horrendous if my experiences are typical of how they operate. I keep wondering if they have the same doofii flying their planes, and watching for any attempted landings in my driveway.

By -

NOVA SCOTIA -- August 14th, 2006

After 19 years of shipping with Fedex because of past horrendous invoicing and delivery service from UPS , My mother shipped us a shipment from Sydney Nova Scotia to Ottawa. A 2 Day Service normally.
Previopus to that this package (a Lap top Computer) was delivered from California to Nova Scotia in 2 Days with Fedex. Because the Parcel had to be shipped to the address on the Credit Card due to the policy of the Seller.
On August 1st, We reshipped the parcel from Sydney, Nova Scotia to Ottawa, Ontario. Both in Canada. My son was leaving on August 5th to come to visit me in the Dominican Republic.With the parcel which contained a new Laptop computer. The day before he was leaving we called UPS because there were no scans on their website showing the progress of the parcel. We were ASSURED that it would be delivered by 5:00 PM that day. At 3:00 we called again and asked to verify that it was out for delivery. The driver was paged and we were assured" that he would call back within 90 minutes. No call. From 4:30 until 8:00 we called every 30 minutes and he was supposedly paged. No answer from the driver OR they were not bothering to page him . It seems Odd to me that a human being would not answer urgent pages for over 5 hours. Maybe there was a death in his family? So I think that I was put on hold while they did their nails and then was given a crap excuse. At exactly 7:56 the parcel was scanned and entered on the website . IN THE WRONG CITY! It was going on a trailer in Toronto and was leaving for Ottawa. We were on the phone with UPS, me from the Dominican Republic and my mother from Nova Scotia.

I asked the operator (Mary Operator #202) to check and see what time the trailer would get into Ottawa and that we would go and pick up the parcel , early in the morning. The trailer left Toronto at 9 PM. I Am Canadian; I lived in Both Toronto and Ottawa. It is a 5 hour Drive at VERY WORST Case. She asked me what time my son was leaving for the airport in the morning. I told her at 6 AM . I BEGGED Her to let us get the computer early before he leaves. That he would drive across the city early to get it. Low and Behold ! The trailer wasn't getting in until 6:00 AM According to her(What a Coincidence!!!) The next morning I checked the Scans and it was Scanned into Ottawa at 3:33 AM which means that it was off the trailer and that she and her supposed Cohorts at Stevenage drive in Ottawa lied again to me. They told me that it had to make a stop on the way to Ottawa. But if you calculate what I said (5 Hours , Left at 9 AM means that it got in at 2 and that the scan at 3:33 AM would be accurate because it would take about that time to offload the trailer. Again, I am SURE that I was put on hold while she SUpposedly called the warehouse and was given this information which was untrue. Just to get rid of me.

My Mother's saga
All evening my mother was talking to a lady in Moncton (Melissa) who assured us that she would do all that she could and was supposedly a supervisor All of a sudden went into a meeting at 10 PM and would not return calls or answer calls.

Both of our frustration levels were very high with the constant reassurances followed by lack of effort.

As my son was flying WITHOUT the computer, I was making arrangements to have the computer flown here at no charge by UPS. At about 11 AM that day , after talking to several different operators I got a lady named Denise Piercy (Ext 4643) who said that she would call me back in the afternoon with their "plan" to get the parcel to me.

SUPPOSED Great news, she had the parcel in her hands at the warehouse in Ottawa, needed a customs invoice from me , had someone ready to relabel and reship it and get it to us by August 9th , 2006 . She had the Invoice within 30 Minutes faxed to her. Being that the computer belonged to my new business partner, whom I had told would be easy and less expensive to get this way and if he paid for ½ of my sons plane ticket he would save 1000$ and he was willing to pay extra because he needed the computer faster I called him and owned up to the situation and apologized and he accepted the fact that the computer would be here a little late.
Ms. Piercy was going to be off until the following Tuesday (August 8th, 2006) at which time I was to call to get the new tracking #. I was out of town on that Tuesday but felt reasonably comfortable that the situation was in hand so I opted to call on the 9th to get the tracking #.

Guess what ?????????? No tracking number and the parcel was on a trailer (supposedly) back to Sydney Nova Scotia. No calls , no warnings no nothing. But at least she took my call and owned up to it . What happened? We have no idea.
She didn't know where it was, exactly, if she could get it in her town or if it would show up in Sydney. I begged her to call my business partner and explain to him. He is desperate for this computer.

AS of today , August 14th, no one knows where the computer is. A new computer that I paid for on my credit card and is tieing up my credit that I need to get my new business off the ground. It is holding up my partners development in his other business , that he paid EXTRA for, so as to get it faster.

They seem to find ways to cover each others Asses. They have written on the website that we SHIPPED IT LATE ! We Did NOT ship it late ! It was shipped, guaranteed within 2 days . End of business day Thursday August 3rd It Was In Ottawa for Delivery on August 4th because it was sent to the wrong terminal or to save costs for UPS. I was told that most Ottawa shipments go through Montreal and that it is RARE for a shipment to go to Toronto and then back.

Now we are waiting with bated breath to see if the package will arrive here and what the reaction of Dominican Customs will be. How much duty will be payable? Duty was already paid to Canada for this and the computer at that point is a personal possession that if my son had with him would be duty free.

UPS And its Inflexible policies and untrained people in call centers cause problems well above just not delivering the packages. They are a glorified post office (which is 100 times more reliable). NEVER Ship ANYTHING if you need it on time ! Or by a certain date, with UPS. They are unprofessional, Unorganized and Inflexible. They cannot even send an EMAIL ! They use call centers which house people getting paid minimum wage to do customer service.

ocation Date Local Time Activity
OTTAWA, ON, CA 08/08/2006 5:14 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN
08/04/2006 3:33 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN
SYDNEY, NS, CA 08/01/2006 2:54 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN

Tracking results provided by UPS: 08/14/2006 9:34 A.M. Eastern Time (USA)

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