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UPS Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- This is the complaint word for word to UPS: This has been by far the worse experience I have ever had while having anything delivered. I use my cell phone heavily for my job and therefore, had a replacement express shipped to me after it was broken. Knowing I am rarely home during the day, I tried having my phone shipped to my workplace so that I could receive it, but was told my business had an "invalid" address.

My first complaint is that your website claimed the package would be delivered by 3:00 PM so I swapped shifts at work so that I would be home when it arrived. However, it did not arrive by 3 PM and I had to leave. According to your website, the package arrived at 4:52 pm, nearly two hours after the committed delivery time you provided.

Secondly, I find it very inconvenient that you only deliver business days, especially when you have no way for the customer to change delivery address, add a message to take to neighbors, deliver after a certain time or intercept a package. Because I generally work regular business hours at my job, it makes it nearly impossible to be available to receive this package I desperately need. So really, what can brown do for me because it doesn't seem like they can get a package to someone.

Delivery Person Threw the Restoration Hardware Catalog at My Door
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Rating: 2/51

SONOMA, CALIFORNIA -- At approx. 6:00 this evening I was sitting in the kitchen when I heard something I thought fall onto my roof. I looked around and finally opened the front door to find the new Restoration Hardware 12lb catalog. It appears that the UPS delivery person threw it against my front door. It had been thrown so hard that the plastic that was wrapped around the catalogs had split and the ends of one side were all torn and mashed. I'm assuming that the delivery person was upset for having to deliver these catalogs all day.

The choice of getting out of the truck and actually walking up to the door just didn't appeal to him/her so they threw 12lbs of package at my door. Not very professional in my opinion. I live around redwood trees and the first thing I thought was that a big tree had fallen on the house.

I have tried to call UPS but they keep forwarding me from dept to dept and I finally gave up. The facility where the package was loaded on the truck for delivery was Petaluma, CA. We have many problems with UPS trucks that speed thru our development... Talking to anyone is impossible. Does anyone know how to get a live Customer Service person to talk to?

New Idiot Driver Delivered Mother's Day Package Somewhere Else
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Rating: 1/51

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS -- First my Lady had trouble with Sears. They sent her a label & it was not shipped for like 4 days after the tracking # sent & Supposed to have been shipped the next day. Was sent a tracking # & stated shipped. It was sent UPS, date of delivery May 7th 2014. She saw the UPS truck running up & down the road & then she followed him not far to a business. She come back & waited BY THE GATE approx. 10 min, he NEVER come back.

She called UPS. They stated it was left at gate. She said "NO it was NOT!" She does NOT know where the fool left it. If he did, he stated one color house to her & a different color to the supervisor. Are they handling it? No! Now she stayed on the phone for hours & then more hours with Sears & PayPal. This should have been UPS responsibility to refund or take care of the matter. Their mistake and should be their problem to deal with! A bunch of chicken **!

NEVER do business with UPS, it is a hassle when something goes wrong! Now it will be weeks before this is settled & the money refunded. No Mother's Day package. What she wanted! Just NEVER USE UPS. Driver John ** & supervisor> Todd **. She was so stressed & mad last night & called upset & another supervisor Jackie hung up on her. Just take your business anywhere, but UPS. Her usual driver ALWAYS brings to house! I myself should go out there & take care of this man to man! I may yet!

Stay away from UPS
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Don't use UPS. Stay with United States Postal Service or other carriers. UPS will hold your order/delivery in their warehouses for several days (just happened to me, multiple times actually) until they get their inefficiencies/internal issues figured out and are able to ship your order. Just look at most of the reviews. Pretty straight-forward. You pay for their inefficiency with your time and, quite frankly, patience. The only customer service they are prepared to provide is to tell customers to keep watching their website until the product ships. Seriously? In this day and age??? Do not reward inefficiency with your business...

UPS - Deny All Claims - Crawford Insurance Here to Screw You
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I have been through this song and dance with UPS claims before, so I knew from the beginning what I was in for. Previously, I shipped items when I was an employee of a big company, and they would not spend the time and energy to appeal this claims process that UPS and Crawford Insurance want's you to go through. However, I am now self employed, and I am going to go the distance on this just on principle alone. Enough is enough.

We need national exposure on this scam, and ultimately a class action lawsuit as this is a clear cut case of defrauding the customer. This is because UPS and Crawford Insurance conspire to either deny every claim, or undervalue every claim. It is a conspiracy to defraud and needs to be prosecuted as such, both at the criminal level, and civil process.

I prepared 2 shipping labels where I paid for the "insurance" at an amount that was clearly under what it would take to replace the items if lost or damaged. And, I was fully willing to accept that amount when UPS lost my package. However, Crawford Insurance, as usual undervalued my claim, and did not "make me whole" as required under the law. Then they jump you through hoops when you try to appeal the decision in hopes you will just go away, and most people do. That's why they get away with it.

I finally get a return call from a "supervisor" with Crawford & Co. by the name of ** with a caller ID of **. She was snotty sounding from the start and talked down to me like I was stupid. (I'm not by the way). She tried explaining that this was NOT "insurance" that I purchased, but rather "declared value". (Semantics). This person sounded like she is like 12 years old.

I declared the value of that package at only $195 (trying to be fair and reasonable) even though the items could never be replaced for $195. Crawford went ahead and processed a payment for like $101 total! I was given the amount over the phone, and have not received the check yet. My total claim amount was only $231.59 which I WAS fully willing to accept, but now, that offer is off the table. I reside and do business in Florida, which to the best of my knowledge (from past experience) is a "make whole" state which means they are required to pay me at least the declared value OR they must actually replace what I lost.

I am now going for nothing less than full replacement of my lost items, as that cannot be done for less than $1000. These idiots think that just because I paid a certain amount for something, that is all they are required to pay. The part these mental midgets cannot comprehend is that the lost items cannot be replaced for what I paid for them. BUYER BEWARE!! When you purchase "insurance" from UPS you need to understand that they have no intention of paying you the declared value that you are paying for.

I must now proceed against the seller on Ebay on this although he did nothing wrong, just so there is another party involved against UPS... Although I purchased the UPS labels on my UPS account and sent them to the seller (that makes me the shipper, legally).

These lowlife already tried using that angle..."well you are not the shipper"... WRONG! Crawford & Co. / Crawford Insurance/UPS will do whatever they can to get out of paying a legitimate claim. These arrogant fools are willing to go to court and possibly have a legal precedent set over a measly $130.00!! How stupid is that! We really do need a class action lawsuit on this of every single person who has ever been shorted on a claim with UPS or any claim that Crawford ever processed and shorted. Any lawyers out there want to tackle this? If not, I have enough experience to prepare and file my own complaint and it will be filed in FEDERAL COURT.

It will be filed against UPS as they are the ones who actually lost my items, and then they can deal with Crawford so they can see how they like it! I printed the labels on 3/19/2012. The Ebay seller dropped them at a UPS Store on 3/26/2012 in Edison NJ. My package never made it past that location as per the tracer. 3/31/2012 UPS declared the package lost and this nightmare claim process began.

UPS Bent My Bike
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Hello. I just wanted to inform everyone what a poor shipping company that UPS is. I recently purchased a motorized bike from EBAY from a very nice seller that packaged the bicycle in a bicycle shipping box and sent it to me by UPS. That cost me $244 dollars since it was shipping from Canada to California. After waiting for 4 days they sent me a message that it had been misdirected to the wrong location... After a total of 13 days the bike was delivered in a box that looked like it had been dragged through a war zone. I had the delivery person wait while I opened what remained of the box to take a look at the bike.

Unfortunately I did not completely un-box the bicycle at that time and it looked in passable shape from what the driver and I could see. Later that evening when I went to assemble the bike I discovered that the damage was all on the bottom half of the bicycle which I could not see from my previous vantage point. I immediately contacted UPS and they told me that since I had destroyed the packaging opening the box they would make an appointment to view it on sight. No call was forthcoming. I called back and was informed that the claim was refused because the packaging was destroyed by me.

I don't care how the bike was packaged... The amount of damage done was intense. The back forks where the wheel is mounted was bent into two 90 degree "L" brackets. The crank sprocket was bent and the front springer front end forks were bent as well.

I told them that I could probably be made whole with $150 but was put through the contact the seller game. I had been in constant contact with the seller and told him to contact his local UPS and they directed him back to me... these guys are slick as slime. I am currently filing through EBAY resolution center to have them pressure UPS. In the Whole I would not send an anvil through UPS because I am sure they could damage it!

UPS Shipping Is Highly Unreliable
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55 GLENLAKE PARKWAY, NE, GEORGIA -- I returned home 12/29/09 and found an "info" note on my door stating UPS attempted to make a delivery and a second attempt would be made the next day. I read both sides of the note on my door. There was a place to sign and print my name so as to leave the note on my door if I would not be home. I signed the note then applied scotch tape to make sure it stayed on my door and put it in the same place the UPS man left it. I also stayed home this day because it was my day off and I wanted to get my package. I patiently waited until 6 P.M. because I knew the drivers stayed out later than this.

At 6 P.M. I called the number on the note from my door previously left by Mr. UPS and spoke to a nice lady in Virginia. By the way I live in the pacific northwest. Before talking to the "trained to be nice" lady, there was a voice system that asked me for the number from the "info" note on my door. I voiced the number and was told by the machine that the delivery was attempted for the second time but no one was home. The nice lady said the attempt was made at 10:13 A.M. I said no it wasn't because I was home with my family watching tv. She nicely apologized and assured me someone would call me within an hour from the local UPS company some 20 miles away.

I waited the hour plus 10 minutes then called back. This time there was a different lady who wasn't so nice. I think it was because I had to excuse myself a number of times because I could not understand her accent. So I hung up and called again and spoke to a "nice" man who put me on hold to speak to a "nice" lady who called the local UPS. She told me I could go pick up the package myself if possible.

I became a bit bewildered and frustrated by this time but went after my package. I met a man inside the UPS place who was leaning on a table and asked if he was the back of the line. He replied, "no problem, I've been waiting almost 2 hours for a package that was supposed to be delivered and was not. The driver is still on his way in". I replied, "This is just a tiny part of the problem with the way things are in America. These large companies don't care how their services are run, and there is nothing that can be done about it."

Of course I'm "old school" and if this would have happened when I was a kid, the company would have gone out of its way to get the package to me. But it doesn't matter how crappy services are with business's today, they carry on. Oh well, nothing was accomplished here really except more practice on the keyboard for me. UPS! You can go screw yourself. And every business that pulls the same crap, which is in general, every big corporation.

Sorry About Your Luck
By -

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- Well it's time for a status update on this one. Apparently UPS Public Relations was so worried about their public image they decided to "make this right". So far they are falling short, but they do seem to be working towards a solution. To sum up the amount that it will cost me to recreate 4 pictures that were shredded when UPS's truck ran over them is $139.95/picture. I'm trying to be reasonable and not make up a number for the costs of the 4 frames that were broken and splintered because at this point the pictures mean more to me than the frames.

The tower speaker that was destroyed; to replace it with an inferior model that was deemed to be in the same group by a ratings website is going to cost $899.99 to replace. At least the bright side to this is that the speaker would ship with someone other than UPS so it may actually show up in one piece and not many pieces like the other speaker did! To date UPS has gone above and beyond by offering a large settlement of $162.41! Thanks UPS! With a figure like this I can absolutely afford to replace nothing that your esteemed crew demolished!

Let me break this down a little more: Cost to recreate 4 pictures driven over by a UPS truck: $559.80; Cost to replace 1 speaker destroyed by UPS when the other speaker that was packaged the same way arrived in great shape: $899.99; Cost to ship both packages from AZ to FL: $106.77; Total cost incurred due to UPS's negligence: $1566.56; Amount UPS thinks is fair for replacement costs: $162.41 or roughly 10% of replacement value!

Original Issue Below: I would like to thank UPS for delivering 4 out of 6 packages in decent shape. It must have been hard shipping from AZ to FL and not being tempted to drop, kick, and run over them like you did with the other 2 that I shipped with you. I really appreciate the tire marks across the box that you delivered today, 10 days late. Mostly though I really appreciate that your driver dropped the box at my front door and sprinted back to his truck! I knew you hired people that liked to run to give the company an image of urgency but seriously!

I also like the fact that the first package you delivered damaged was boxed up by your staff at the UPS store in Glendale AZ store # 5320. I like that your stores are independently owned and operated so when you do have a complaint to file about a lost or missing package you get to deal with someone that has already taken your money and has no plans for returning it due to the negligence of UPS.

It is really nice though to know that when your company picked up the damage package to ship back to the shipper (which is me) for replacement your company had an Oh moment when they found out they couldn't blame it on someone else. I again, like the fact that your company picked up my damage freight and have had the common courtesy to ignore my phone calls in regards to the damage claim. I really enjoy not having to store my personal property in my new home, seriously thank you UPS for helping keep my new place clean by breaking and destroying the things I thought I wanted to keep!

I do have to thank the people at UPS at your main customer service group, they all seem so helpful to get me to the next person that will offer their sincere apologies for shipping with them.

UPS Delivery Games
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- UPS has been a big pain for me to deal with. These are just two incidents being detailed, but there have been others. About 4 months ago I was expecting a shipment with UPS. I decided to wait at home all afternoon so to be sure to receive it. Having had prior negative experiences with this company, I stayed near the window keeping a look out and also leaving the window a tad open so to be able to hear the truck when it approached. When the truck arrived and the driver approached the door, I walked to the intercom waiting for the driver to ring it so I can buzz him in.

After waiting for almost a minute and hearing NOTHING... I decided that I better get to the outside door quickly. Lo and behold he was already writing up the "MISSED YOU" delivery notice and getting ready to walk back to his truck with my package. I asked him if he had pushed the button to my unit he said "Ya" which was a lie because I didn't hear anything. Anyway, I thought about putting in a complaint, but I didn't make anything of it.

Today 3/1/07 I was expecting an important package and decided to stay home to receive it. I stayed by the window to keep a look out for the truck. At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon I heard and saw the truck – but it didn't stop. It just kept going. I thought maybe the driver just passed my house by accident and he would go around the block and come back. After 15 minutes I KNEW he wasn't coming back at all. I went outside to look for a notice and of course there was none. I then checked the UPS website with my tracking number and it said "Receiver was unavailable. Delivery will be rescheduled."

I called up to complain and told the customer rep that I saw the truck and it didn't even bother to stop. They told me somebody would call me back in one hour. When somebody did call back they told me the driver had finished for the day and has "gone home". I was told it would be delivered the next day or I could come by to pick it up today. So I said to him that I might pick it if I had time to. He said that would be fine. I came by at 7:30 p.m. for my package and they told they had loaded it up on to the truck and they could not get it. They told me I should have confirmed with them that I was coming by.

I explained that I was told I could come by today to pick it up. They then said that they didn't know who told me this and it was probably a rep from out of state who gave me the bad information. I then asked where I can I file an official complaint and the UPS clerk at the pickup counter said they don't handle complaints, that I'd have to use the UPS website. Anyway, I don't know why anyone would use UPS. The drivers are cocky and rude and the service stinks. I have NEVER had problems with FedEx. USPS is also OK. I recommend you stay away from UPS.

Aerator Touring Midwest!!!
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI -- March 11, 2013 I ordered a Lawn Aerator for a Zero Turn Mower, The unit was shipped by UPS Freight with a 2 day in transit time. The unit was picked up by UPS freight on March 13, 2013. Friday, March 15 at 7:50 AM I received a call from ** in the Columbia Terminal that my freight was there and would be delivered by noon. At that time I checked my tracking number and showed it was in Columbia. 3 hours later I get a call they can not locate it, "got the paperwork but cannot find the freight."

I called back and spoke to the terminal secretary and she said, "we do not know where it is," I received a phone call approximately an hour later and was told that it was in "Springfield." At that time she said would have for Monday delivery. As a result of this snafu on their part I lost over $500.00 in wages as could not aerate yards at $00.08 a sq ft. No call Monday morning from the Columbia Terminal. So I call the 1-800 number and am connected to someone whose English is so poor thought I was in a preschool class listening. I gathered my aerator had been shipped to Wichita then Kansas City, Ks and would be here tomorrow as needed an extra day.

The representative was to also send an "urgent message" to the terminal manager to contact me. Tuesday morning I have not received a peep from UPS. On Monday the pallet was 140 miles from its destination terminal. It would make sense that it would be put on the truck to Columbia, MO to be delivered on Tuesday, No that is not the UPS way, that are backing tracking it and as I write Tuesday Afternoon it is back in Springfield, MO awaiting a fateful trip through the St Louis Terminal once again.

If I enter the Tracking Number it has not changed since Friday, March 15. It show Shipment Has Arrived at Service Center. What a joke it should read "Paperwork has arrived at Service Center whereabouts of package are unknown." It's trip to Springfield, Mo, Wichita KS, Kansas City Ks and back to Springfield, MO is yet to be documented let alone it's trip back through St Louis and to Columbia, Mo. No one at UPS can tell me why it was not routed back Friday through St Louis from Springfield as it appears now to be. No one at UPS can tell me why it was not put on a truck for Columbia when in Kansas City, Ks instead of be routed back through Springfield.

A rough calculation is that it has traveled an extra 1000 miles more than it should have been had it been placed on the right truck Thursday evening in St Louis. Final thoughts: Never trust UPS Tracking, it is just paper work and not the actual parcel. If UPS loses your parcel only the Gods at UPS can figure out how to get it to you the most uneconomical way. Never trust your parcel to UPS in any way, shape or form!

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