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Another Satisfied Customer
Posted on
Rating: 5/51
WILLIS, TEXAS -- I just had to put something positive about this company on the Internet because there is so much negative and not too many people will take time out to compliment a company or its employees. I just want to say like a lot of people, I was skeptical about someone coming to my door selling magazine subscriptions. But, I took a chance on the young man that came to my door. He was very professional and courteous. I even invited him in for dinner with my family. He told me about his background and how he was changing his life for the better. And that Urban Nation was instrumental in helping him to be a productive member of society and make his own way. I felt compassion for him and that was the main reason I bought the subscriptions. He explained it would take some months before the subscriptions would arrive. The subscriptions arrived yesterday. I had forgotten about them but, not the young man that sold them. Urban Nation is doing a great service for these young people and for that reason alone, I would buy again from the next salesperson. I wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.
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Rip Off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WILLIS, TEXAS -- Never received the magazines. Check cleared in March of 2014. I have attempted to contact them without success. I do not doubt the sincerity of the guys they have hitting the bricks, so to speak, but what is really sad about this is the people running this outfit are the ones who are most likely reaping the benefits at the expense of the very ones they are supposedly trying to help. As the bad experiences such as those listed on this site and others pile up the consumer becomes more and more aware of the truly unscrupulous slime balls that are out among us trying to separate us from a hard earned dollar by using others. The end result is mass distrust. I will never buy from anyone who comes to my door soliciting anything again. My trust and faith in the good of others continues to be tested and those salesmen who are honest and trustworthy are the ones who suffer because I can't tell you apart from the scum. So my door is closed. Thanks a lot Urban Nation for solidifying my cynicism.
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Cheats masquerading as charity workers
Posted by on
WILLIS, ARIZONA -- An agent of Urban nation came down our driveway and asked us to donate money to help provide inner city, poor children with books. We gave $160. When checked online for more info, I found that they were not a charity and the paperwork they gave us was not fully completed. I send certified mail and called numerous time but never got a reply or a call back. We wanted paperwork for the tax write off but as they are not a charity, non is available.

We were cheated out of our money and who knows where it went. This company goes after kind hearted people and deceives them. I have filed a complaint with the Tucson Attorney General.
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Anonymous on 02/28/2011:
I don't know who Urban Nation is, but I got scammed once by a kid selling mags for something or other myself .. I only lost $40 but it was a valuable lesson learned. Now, when I get people knocking on my door, I tell them to show me their credentials first and then we'll talk.
jktshff1 on 02/28/2011:
My money goes to the Shriner Hospitals. I tell anyone who asks me for a donation that.
Skye on 02/28/2011:
It's best NEVER to just hand over money to someone claiming to be a charity.

Thanks for letting other's know about them.

We give to St.Judes Children's Hospital, American Cancer Society and the Humane Society. At least we know these are reputable.
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Magazine Subscription
Posted by on
RIP OFF. They get this shady looking salesperson to come to your door and make you think you're doing mankind a favor by helping out this thug looking character subscribing to a magazine that you don't need in the first place. I should've kicked his a** as that was my first inclination. YOU SUCK U LOW LIFE.

Anyway here it is months later and I haven't seen that dumb Kids Magazine that this crook had me subscribe to. IT WAS FOR THE KIDS U A-HOLE. I hope you're proud of yourself. They ask me everyday where's my magazine daddy. I tell them some crooked guy took our money and you're not getting it.

PLUS this jerk had the nerve to change the amount on my check. Isn't that against the law? If you feel you needed to swindle my out of my $69 then good for you, you obviously need it.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/14/2008:
Here's all the info I could find on this company.

904 W. Montgomery St. Suites 4-326
Willis, TX 77378

Tel: 936.890.8304

Toll Free: 1.800.586.0134
All orders are entered immediately from the time our office receives them. Most orders are received within a week of the purchase date.

Once checks clear the order is processed and it can take 90 to 120 days for the magazine to arrive. Response time (how quickly the magazine arrives) is based on the actual publishing company. Some publishing companies label their magazines in advance which could increase delivery time. All cash orders are expedited immediately because there is no wait time for checks to clear.

PRODUCT Liability.

Refunds are only given in the event an order was never processed or if a publication is no longer available. Refunds are not given if a magazine arrives late or damaged.

** All the magazines available are guaranteed for delivery.

Anonymous on 04/15/2008:
"I should've kicked his a** as that was my first inclination."

Why would you resort to violence simply based on the appearance of a door-to-door salesman? Perhaps it was not the salesman who altered your payment? Perhaps the salesman looked 'shady' because he had not worked in a while and this was the only job (and an unpleasant one too) that he could get? I hope the poster uses the contact information provided above to either get the magazine, or request a refund.
Justice67 on 04/15/2008:
I apologize for the original post. I could feel the frustration, anger and cynicism take me over as I wrote it. That having been said, I recant the comment of kicking his a**. You know that's a result of not getting product that I subscribed to. It's been 60, 90 240+ days since my "subscription" and I have learned a lesson. Whether it was him or his company, somebody broke the law by altering my check without my consent. That's serious. Honestly, out of the kindness of my heart, I opened the door to this gentleman and entertained his whole sales talk when few others in the neighborhood did. I know because I witnessed it. It's just frustration and I felt my original post was a way of venting.
surfer laurie on 08/28/2008:
I'm with you on this. I got ripped off too, for $159. I work at a bank so I plan to see where the funds were deposited so I can trace this company. What a slick idea--what a scam. We need to get this info out in the open. I plan to follow up on this address in Texas to see where it's at. "ripped off in Honolulu"
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Urban Nation Magazine Subscription
Posted by on
HONOLULU, HAWAII -- Urban Nation is definitely a scam. A man came to my door, very slick. Told me he was from the south, he had a family he was trying to support. He had come out of the ghetto and was trying to make a life for himself. He was selling magazine subscriptions. Even told me to look on the computer at their website and I called the phone #.

He wanted me to purchase over $300 worth of magazines. I ended up giving him a check for $150 for 3 magazines. Haven't seen a single magazine--he came in April 2008. It is now almost September, 2008.


--"feeling silly in Hawaii"
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Anonymous on 08/28/2008:
He came from the South. South of what in Hawaii? There are ghettos in the Pacific? How is it possible for anyone in such a financial condition to be able to afford the transportation to Hawaii? There should have been many red flags when he told you his story.
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Magazine Subscriptions
Posted by on
LAKE JACKSON, TEXAS -- I was working out in my front yard and was approached by a young woman claiming to be selling subscriptions to magazines through a company that used the money to help black youth that were down and out, Urban Nation. We spent about 30 minutes talking about where she was from, how she had gotten here, (dropped off by a van with others doing the same thing) the fact that she had family living in Houston (my town is 60 miles from Houston) and I even told her she had the gift of salesmanship and she should apply at the place I work. She eventually wore me down (very good salesman as I said) and I ended up writing a check for $78 for 4 magazine subscriptions, with one of them being "donated" at her suggestion to a childrens place such as a school or hospital unit. This was on 2/8/07. Today is 4/9/07, and so far I have seen nothing. She told me someone from the company would be calling to verify the subscriptions were really something I ordered before they cashed the check. Of course that never happened. So, I am out $78 bucks. If anyone approaches you trying to sell magazines, just say no thanks. (unless of course you enjoy just giving your hard earned money away to people you don't know)
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Anonymous on 04/10/2007:
I googled Urban Nation and there was nothing that came up about any organization to help down and out black youth.
You might be out $78 but your heart is in the right place, it's just too bad that we must become skeptical of charities and do our homework before donating.
Justusryan on 04/10/2007:
I would keep checking my bank if I gave some scam artists my check. Now they have your account number and routing number.
Sparticus on 04/10/2007:
Good point justusryan...
lobo65 on 04/10/2007:
I had an attractive girl try to same thing on me. She said she was trying to earn rewards toward a prize trip from her company. I asked how is that any of my concern? She was a good salesperson, but luckily I saw through her ruse, and sent her packing.
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Don't buy magazine subscriptions from Urban Nation
Posted by on
BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN -- If you're reading this, you're probably wondering about the legitimacy of a company called Urban Nation. In short, DON'T GIVE THEIR DOOR-TO-DOOR SALESMAN A PENNY, UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY.

For the longer version, here's the story...Although their office is listed in Willis, Texas, a salesman representing them came to my door in Brookfield, Wisconsin, in August, 2006 to sell his magazines. The salesman was upfront with me and told me that this was not a non-for-profit organization but was rather an organization that helps youth and adults get back on their feet by letting them sell their magazines with a large mark-up (with large portion of the mark-up going to the salesperson). After looking at the list of magazines, I purchased six months of Architectural Digest for $53. I figured, if this guy was legitimately trying to get back on his feet, why not...worthy cause.

Well, it's now the end of December 2006, and I haven't seen any magazines from Urban Nation. I've tried repeatedly to call the phone number listed on the receipt and only get an answering machine. I've left several messages, and have threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I called the BBB, and found out that these guys have 20 complaints filed and unresolved in the last 36 months. So, again, if you want to donate to a worthy cause, give to your favorite charity...if you want to get suckered, give to the salesman from Urban Nation standing on your doorstep.
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Anonymous on 12/27/2006:
I never trust any salesperson that comes to my door. That's why I proudly own a "No Soliciting" sign. It's unfortunate what happened to you..ever seen the movie "Office Space"?
Sparticus on 12/27/2006:
Office Space is a timeless classic. I would wary of anything that is sold "door-to-door". Except girl scout cookies of course... ;-)
Anonymous on 12/27/2006:
Sparticus, are you aware that we have new cover sheets for the TPS reports? Did you get the memo?
shawnp80 on 12/27/2006:
Caramel Delights are the best!!!!
Anonymous on 12/27/2006:
Good evening Sir, my name is Steve. I come from a rough area. I used to be addicted to crack but now I am off it and trying to stay clean. That is why I am selling magazine subscriptions.
Anonymous on 12/27/2006:
I'd like to move us right along to an emt_c. Now we had a chance to meet this young lady, and boy that's just a straight shooter with five stars written all over her.
Sparticus on 12/27/2006:
Time to pull that DVD out tonight... =)

EEMACI - Sorry to drift off the subject... thank you for the warning about these guys...
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Big Fat Rip Off
Posted by on
WILLIS, TEXAS -- This is the 3rd time that I've made the mistake of purchasing magazines door-to-door from this rip-off company. Shame on me! They use street-smart kids to make their sales, and then cash the check and a publication never comes. I'm going to complain to the Utah Division of Consumer Affairs, the Fraud Division of the State Attorney General's Office, and everywhere else that I can. Scam artists who take advantage of young kids to sell and then never any product received.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/20/2010:
I'll leave this one up to someone else.
Anonymous on 07/20/2010:
The word that I am looking for stats with an 'S'.
Anonymous on 07/20/2010:
Kisha, can I buy a vowel?
Anonymous on 07/20/2010:
You sure may.....
GenuineNerd on 07/20/2010:
This has been an ongoing problem for years. Hucksters promoting the sale of fraudulent magazine subscriptions and other overpriced junk would send groups of teenagers or twentysomethings, often from troubled backgrounds, to solicit door to door, often violating "no solicitation" or "Green River" ordinances in the towns they visit. These promoters would lure these teens/twentysomethings via ads in alternative weekly publications, bulletin boards at supermarkets, high schools, college campuses, and other public buildings, and over the Internet, with promises of "travel", "$10-$15 hour jobs", "jeans and T-shirt jobs", etc., only to take advantage of these youngsters, mainly by telling them to go door to door to sell overpriced magazine subscriptions or other items, putting them up in low-end motels in every town they visit, and subjecting potential "customers" (or should I say, "victims") to high pressure sales tactics. Often times, these "victims" have been robbed or assaulted in their own homes by these hustlers, since they won't take "no" for an answer. Any monies collected by these "sales crews" are used for booze, drugs, and partying, instead of being sent to the magazine publishers, etc. Law enforcement nationwide have received numerous complaints about these door to door hucksters, ranging from soliciting without permits, to non-delivery of merchandise/magazines, to assault, burglary, and robbery. And the youngsters hired by these companies often have past juvenile or adult criminal records. They would also often misrepresent a local school, church, or other charity as a way of their trying to put your trust in them. All these people are are scammers. If you buy magazines from a door to door salesman, chances are you won't get any magazines. You would be better off to go directly to the magazine's publisher and subscribe directly.
Helpful on 07/21/2010:
What magazines did you order?
Anonymous on 07/21/2010:
Helpful, why does is matter what magazines the OP ordered?
Helpful on 07/21/2010:
Dryad, partial just curious; however, there are some magazines you can really get a great deal on over the internet, if you know where to look. I thought if I had the magazines the OP was interested in, I could point them to a way of still getting them without paying much of anything.
MRM on 07/21/2010:
Theres only one magazine that I love and subsribe to and that is "Maximum PC."
GenuineNerd on 07/23/2010:
There was a recent incident in the Cleveland area, where a motel clerk was raped by a youth representing a magazine sales crew.
b on 06/07/2013:
I got all my mags
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