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Pulled Off Plane 2 Minutes Before Departure
Posted by Chelsearemagic on 11/02/2013
CHANTILLY VIRGINIA -- Traveling to try to get there to see terminally ill parent. Flights cancelled ; on standby. To my joy I got a seat. I was pulled off when a tardy US Airways Vacationer (read package deal) showed up as the door was closing. My name was bellowed across the plane and my luggage pulled off. I am feeling emotional but this maid me tear up. I did not lose my temper but was pulled away because I was upsetting other passengers. Ellie tried to get me to agree to a taxi voucher to DCA for a flight leaving in less than two hours-from IAD. I think they wanted to get rid of me.

This major airline let me down when I needed service the most. No doubt their routed will be ones I need and I will have to fly them again but I will never forget this shabby treatment at a sad time.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-11-04:
In all fairness that "Vacationer" had a ticket on that flight, and you didn't. Standbys can always be bumped for revenue passengers.
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Cheated on Space
Posted by Ron.williams on 10/19/2013
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This is the 2nd time in a month I've been seated on the last row of a CRJ 700. There is equipment behind this seat that forces the seats on this row to be more erect than any other on this plane. If that isn't enough, on my last flight I sat next to a plus size individual. He took up a full one-third of my seat (the armrest could not be lowered). This forced me to raise the aisle armrest in order to set down. I sat there waiting for the attendant to address this issue. She of course refused even to make eye contact with me. The flight was full as it is always, makes you wonder why US Airways assigns this size jet to this route. I was allowed to violate FAA regs and set in this most uncomfortable position for the entire flight.

I make a customer complaint with the airline and was given a list of what I should have done differently. Lots of we are sorry, but we plan to offer you nothing in compensation. My issue with this airline is, if they gave you something more than soda and pretzels they'd happily charge you. Therefore why is this seat sold at full price. Clearly they have cheated the occupant out of the standard amount of room allotted every other row on this plane. The price for space should go both ways.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-20:
While there isn't much you can do about a plus-size passenger can't you do an advance seat selection when booking? Or maybe arrive earlier?
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-10-20:
You don't appear to be a demanding individual. Yes, I think you are entitled to your allowed inches seating whatever that might be. Let's face it, the person who overflowed onto your seat knew exactly what he was doing by putting down the armrest between the two of you and arriving first. There's no telling how many times he has pulled that stunt and never been called on it. He didn't want to pay for a second seat due to his size.

cmthru your comments are helpful but what's to prevent the plus sized passenger from pushing down the armrest after arrival and not saying a word to the already seated passenger? Having advanced seating wouldn't do a lick of good except to stay off the back row. There is still the possibility of being seated by someone who has no consideration for anyone but himself. That actually is what all of this is about.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-20:
What does one do when an obese person overflows into their space? What does the airline do? This is like one of those interpersonal management issues a manager can't do much about. I don't believe the Contract of Carriage typically addresses an exact amount of space a customer is entitled to.

As for the seatbacks not reclining - again, I don't believe that is something that is guaranteed. I don't see compensation to be is in order here.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-20:
The CRJ700 hold 67 passengers in the USAir configuration. In coach the seats are 2-aisle-2. The arm rest between the passengers could not be placed in the down position due to the plus-sized person. The airlines I believe have rules concerning such passengers who then have to purchase two seats. But how that's handled during booking I don't know. The flight attendants are supposed to enforce the rules.

There is a story in another consumer forum where an obese passenger did purchase two seats. He got two seats but airline assigned them in different rows.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-20:
I did search their terms of carriage and found no mention of plus-size or obese passengers required to do anything special. However the flight crew members are empowered to handle customer situations as they arise. Since the flight was full the attendant could do nothing to alleviate the situation. I feel sorry for the OP but I still maintain that an advance selection or earlier arrival at check in are the best choices.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-20:
The way I see it, is that someone is *always* going to get that seat, assuming that the flight is always full, so in that respect it's just luck of the draw, and really isn't worth complaining over.

What is worth complaining over is having a hambeast in the seat next to you encroaching on your seat. If the armrest can't go down due to someone's girth, then that person needs to buy two seats. I think that USAir should offer some form of compensation if they have stated polices on passengers of excess size.
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Do Not Fly US Airways!
Posted by Fefnir on 09/22/2013

US Airways Flight 4427
Philadelphia to Baltimore
August 8th, 2013
Flight Cancelled

I was not late to my flight, I did not miss the date, I did everything correct. It was -your- airline that created the entire problem by overbooking all flights that came after our cancelled flight that day. The only resolution offered to us that would fly us directly to Baltimore would have been to take a flight leaving -11 HOURS- (9pm) after our originally scheduled flight (11am). That is not acceptable.

This was the answer I received from US Airways customer service employee Edie Curt:

“When a customer accepts accommodations to an alternate airport, the customer assumes responsibility for the additional expenses.”

To note here, we did not “assume” the extra expenses. We were given no other choice if we wanted to reach Baltimore in time. We accepted a flight to DC because it was our only alternative that would get us close enough to take public transportation to Baltimore, and to meet our deadline.

I did ask if we could be provided a rental car so we could drive ourselves from Philadelphia, and that request was immediately denied. As it was, we had to spend our own money for all public transportation from DC to Baltimore so we could meet our group waiting for us in time. This is also not acceptable. It took us FOUR trains to get from DC to Baltimore in unfamiliar territory. Why should this cost be on us?

This was a second answer I received from US Airways customer service employee Edie [snip]:

“There are no federal aviation regulations concerning what an airline must do to compensate passengers when the carrier delays or cancels a flight. This is true regardless of the reason for the delay/cancellation (e.g., weather, mechanical, crew availability, etc.).”

So basically because it is not ILLEGAL, they are not required to help their customers in any way. Beware if you are flying US Airways in the future, I would consider otherwise. I have flown on other airlines and I have always either been provided a hotel, food, direct compensation for a future flight or alternate transportation to my exact destination at no cost to myself.

Keeping the money we paid for services you did not deliver upon is considered theft. Your airline is a poor excuse for a business, and we will never fly with you again.


Anne K.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-22:
All airlines operating in the US are required to have what is called 'Rule 240' in their Terms of Carriage. This essentially explains what the airline responsibilities are in case of delays. If you had accepted the 11 hour alternative then they would have paid for meals, plus a refund. They offered an alternative destination. You accepted and they transported you there. That you had to then make your way to Baltimore is not their problem. I know this is not to your liking but it's spelled out in the Terms of Carriage which you agreed to when you bought your ticket. It's typical that airlines overbook flights but it's based of typical loading for a specific flight. Chances are many miss that flight. Unfortunately for you everyone showed up.
Posted by dan on 2013-09-23:
they should have booked you on a competing airline. What was the reason for the cancellation or just overbooked?
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-23:
What you describe I believe is standard policy for airlines. It sounds like you wanted to specify how and when the substitute transportation would take place, which isn't how it works.
Posted by Likes beefpies on 2013-09-23:
Rule 240 really doesn't exist.
They won't book you on a competing airline because they aren't required to. Besides there are no other competing non stops between those city pairs
The flight was operated by a Piedmont DH8 the FAA rules under 60 seats state you can bump people off with no compensation.
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Seating and Customer Service
Posted by Faiirie on 08/27/2013
My husband and I flew from Florida to Seattle with layover round trip, we books over a month ago together. Do you think we could have two seats together on any of the flights? No instead we are opposite ends of the plane!

The customer service was horrible and they were unwilling to help. I don't care if the airline was free we will never fly them again!!!

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Posted by Ben There on 2013-08-27:
With online check in and premium seat upgrades the norm, airlines no longer assign seats for you unless you ask early or do it yourself - you can either take your pick from the freebies at the back of the plane (if any are left when you make your booking), pay extra for the premium seat assignments, or check in online 24 hours before the flight and hope more seats have opened up. Trying at the airport is always an option, but with full flights and everyone else picking their favorite seats ahead of time can make it difficult to get them together.

This is not exclusive to USAirways - most airlines have moved to this model of DIY seat assignments.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-27:
How come you did not select seats when you booked? When I book flights the airlines offer seat selection. You either failed to notice or skipped it. Unless other passengers are willing to move for your benefit there's really nothing the airline can do.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-27:
I worked for an airline for 8 years. Since getting full flights out on-time was the priority, adults "needing" to sit together was the least of our concerns.

If you want seats together you can choose and pay for them when you book your reservation.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-08-27:
These days flights are near full or full. There are ways to get seats together, but often there is a fee. This situation is not unique to USA.
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Discrimination, Humiliation, and Verbal Assault from US Airways Employees
Posted by Kenpokitty82 on 08/20/2013
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I will never fly this airline again.

The front desk employees customer service is atrocious at the Philadelphia International Airport. I waited twenty minutes in a very short line to be given a boarding pass, and to check my bag.

For twenty minutes, the African American employees were catering to an entourage of African American customers. An African American employee let the other African Americans cut all of the other people in line. They were very polite to these customers even though they had stated themselves that they are NOT allowed to be doing this. Meanwhile, there was a Caucasian woman frantically asking for help because she had lost her dog. NOBODY even lifted a finger to help her, or to show sympathy. When I got to the counter they were extremely rude to me and three of them took turns accosting me over a pet carrier (that was to the airline's specifications). It took a second supervisor who was educated in customer service, to resolve the issue in the matter of seconds. I was almost late for my flight because of this atrocity.

US Airways employees from the Philadelphia International Airport are racist, uneducated, and have no tact. US Airways employees are also cruel to animals. This whole event left my dog petrified the whole entire day and is now starting to recover. They also did not care about that poor lost dog in a giant terminal.
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Abused By Flight Attendant
Posted by Cannman150 on 08/17/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I've flown US Airlines many, many times and I've always have had good experiences...

Until now.

I was verbally abused and mistreated by Theresa of flight 470 because she felt the need to berate me because I had not "powered my phone off" quick enough after she rudely commanded me to turn it off.

After this she continued to berate me and forcefully sent me to another seat which was not on the exit row.

Because I have issues with my knee... I specifically always fly in the exit seats so I can stretch my knee out because of my injury.

Theresa of flight 470, made my trip a nightmare because of her condescending and scornful attitude, and because I had to suffer in my seat while my knee constantly locked up.

I will never fly US Airlines again.
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Posted by Djackson on 2013-08-17:
I hope you file a complaint. Most of the stewardesses I've encounters are professional and very nifce. I have run into a glorified waitress or 2 also.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-08-17:
Most airlines now charge extra for emergency exit seats, or reserve them for elite frequent flyers. Did you pay extra to sit in those seats? If not, carriers will send you back to your original seat as it is not fair to those that paid extra to sit in that row.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-17:
Being in an exit row requires that a person be in pretty good shape. If you say anything to a crew member about any health or physical issues there is a pretty good chance they will move you.

I have a bad back (fusion), I am in great shape, work out a lot and my back seldom bugs me. So when I can grab an exit row I do it and say nothing to anyone about anything.

None of this is an excuse for a flight attendant to treat anyone poorly. As stated above, file a complaint. Just keep any mention of your bad knee out of it.
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-08-17:
No one deserves to be treated in that manner but with respect, if you have a bad knee you should probably not be seated on an exit row. I fully understand your need for extra leg room you are also expected to assist others in the event of an emergency. Every flight I've ever been on is that way. Could you possibly request an aisle seat next flight? At least you could stretch the leg with the bad knee out.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-17:
It's not exactly a secret that airlines have little tolerance for people who fail to turn off their cell phones/electronic devices in a timely manner. It's easier just to turn off the phone as soon as you board and turn it back on when you get the okay. It's not rude to tell you turn it off, it's something that you should already know, If you were told to turn it off, and you failed to do so in timely manner, then I can see where the attendant would be annoyed.

If you had bad knee then you probably shouldn't be sitting in an exit row, if the worst should happen, you want someone who's 100% able bodied there so that there's no delay in getting the exit open.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-17:
I would most certainly complain to the airline and also to the FAA, tho neither will probably do you much good. The old days of airline's actually providing good customer service with pretty, nice and helpful stewardesses is long gone. Cattle cars are now the proffered method of travel.
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Cancelled Flight Mid-Trip, Zero Customer Support
Posted by Mike113 on 08/15/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My note to US Airways while sitting stranded in Phoenix...
You cancelled the flight I was to be on after I arrived at the connecting city of Phoenix. You can't put me on another flight and get me to my business meeting. Your staff provides no information and offers no explanation whatsoever. I'm now stuck in your terminal for 6 hours waiting to board a plane that may or may not fly to Washington DC. Upon calling your customer service phone number I get a message telling me that there are no agents available to talk to. Your counter people on the ground will not allow me access to your "exclusive"sky club for the day while I wait 6 hours. You have the nerve to try to sell me a day membership for $75 after I already paid over $600 to miss my scheduled meeting. No offer to compensate your customers, no ability to assist, no food vouchers and you won't allow access to your sky club. One can only hope that your pilots are better at their jobs than your sales, marketing and customer service people are at theirs. I realize that situations occur that cause unforeseen circumstances but the way you choose to handle those circumstances is what makes the difference. You failed.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-15:
You need to find out what caused the cancellation. If it was mechanical related then they have an obligation to provide reimbursement.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-15:
I need to correct my earlier statement. Should have looked at the US Airways web pages first.

They have no obligation to you other than book you on the next available flight to your destination. If you had to stay overnight then they would have provided a hotel room and ground transportation.

Scroll down 2/3 of the page.
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10 Hours Stuck in Charlotte, No Explanation Form US AIR
Posted by Gary.shelton on 08/09/2013
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Flight from Knoxville to Charlotte was running one hour behind schedule, informed by US air that I would have to take a detour to Philly and then to White Plains, NY because I would miss my connection in Charlotte.

During my wait at the airport in Knoxville, US AIR announced that the flight to Charlotte was back on time and I would make my connection. I flew to Charlotte and then sat in the terminal for 8 hours waiting on a flight to White Plains NY. At 9;15 the flight was canceled and we were told to re-book with the agent for US Air. I went there and was told they could not get me to White Plains today, but would get me to LaGuardia and then I could get a rental car and drive to Danbury CT. where I was going for business.

When I got to LaGuaridia I was informed that my checked bag was in White Plains NY, It had my medicine/ and clothes in it and I had to have it. By the time I drove to White Plains, the Airport was closed. So I went to the hotel in DANBURY CT and waited until 05:00 the next morning and drove back to the airport in White Plains to get my Bag. This was one of the worst flights I have ever been on, AND WILL TRY MY BEST NOT TO FLY US AIR AGAIN.

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Posted by PassingBy on 2013-08-09:
Regardless of the fact you were delayed, you should never pack medicines in checked baggage.
Posted by olie on 2013-08-09:
Agree with PassingBy. NEVER, EVER pack medications in checked luggage.

Planes get delayed. Weather between departure and arrival, or weather at arrival
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Us Airways Is Awful To Mother And Children
Posted by Consumer76154 on 07/25/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I am devastated financially and emotionally by my treatment by US Airlines. After months of planning, I booked a trip to AZ from JFK with my 2 sons. I specifically requested the bulkhead so that my sons would have room with their carseats.

Long story short- after pre-boarding and getting the kids settled for 30 minutes we were told we had to move. Flight attendants grabbed my son and his things which led to a tantrum and we got kicked off the flight!! A tantrum caused by their disorganization. My son stopped crying when we were told we would have to get off the plane but we were told it was "too late. " I given my money back for the used tickets, but to rebook the next day was twice as expensive per ticket!! Our vacation was ruined and US Airways customer relations refuses to do anything beyond a "sorry" email.

I would encourage all mothers to choose a different airline if at all possible!
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Posted by CU on 2013-07-26:
It takes a lot to get kicked off a flight. I sure would like to see a video of this.
Posted by Bee on 2013-07-26:
Oout of curiousity, had you purchased seats for your children as well or was one flying as a "lap baby" therefore no seat, but felt the bulkhead would give space for him to remain in his carseat/stretch out?

I ask this, because I have seen it before and had clients attempt to purchase tickets like this before. This would make a difference in how and why you were treated a certain way.
Posted by consumer76154 on 2013-07-26:
I bought 3 tickets- each child had their own seat. I was thinking someone surely would have videotaped it as well! The flight attendants were impatient and someone discovered the booking/seating error at the last minute- I think that's what it comes down to.

I would have thought it would take much more to get kicked off a flight! I am so disappointed in US Airways.
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It Was the Worst Flight Got Cancelled
Posted by Plumlipert on 06/28/2013
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Paid a lot of money for the flight from hell. Got to logan flight was delayed. Got to my connector flight only to find it was cancelled due to weather. Flat-out LIE the weather was fine.

No consideration from the staff. just " it is what it is" I hate that saying. had to stay in the airport no hotel no food. Oh and did I tell you I was handicapped women traveling alone.

US airways will never get my business again. Over priced rude people.
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Posted by Ben There on 2013-06-28:
Flights can be cancelled because of weather in other cities. Let's say you are flying from Boston to Charlotte, and both of those cities have great weather, but your plane is coming in from D.C., which happens to be having thunderstorms... Viola, your flight is cancelled because of weather.
Posted by Bee on 2013-06-28:
While the weather may have been fine where you were, the plane you were connecting to may have been en route from an area with bad weather, or the weather en route to your final destination may have been bad.

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