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Discrimination, Humiliation, and Verbal Assault from US Airways Employees
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I will never fly this airline again. The front desk employees' customer service is atrocious at the Philadelphia International Airport. I waited twenty minutes in a very short line to be given a boarding pass, and to check my bag. For twenty minutes, the African American employees were catering to an entourage of African American customers. An African American employee let the other African Americans cut all of the other people in line. They were very polite to these customers even though they had stated themselves that they are NOT allowed to be doing this.

Meanwhile, there was a Caucasian woman frantically asking for help because she had lost her dog. NOBODY even lifted a finger to help her or to show sympathy. When I got to the counter they were extremely rude to me and three of them took turns accosting me over a pet carrier (that was to the airline's specifications). It took a second supervisor who was educated in customer service, to resolve the issue in the matter of seconds. I was almost late for my flight because of this atrocity.

US Airways employees from the Philadelphia International Airport are racist, uneducated, and have no tact. US Airways employees are also cruel to animals. This whole event left my dog petrified the whole entire day and is now starting to recover. They also did not care about that poor lost dog in a giant terminal.

Abused By Flight Attendant
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I've flown US Airways many, many times and I've always have had good experiences until now. I was verbally abused and mistreated by Theresa of flight 470 because she felt the need to berate me because I had not "powered my phone off" quick enough after she rudely commanded me to turn it off. After this she continued to berate me and forcefully sent me to another seat which was not on the exit row.

Because I have issues with my knee, I specifically always fly in the exit seats so I can stretch my knee out because of my injury. Theresa of flight 470, made my trip a nightmare because of her condescending and scornful attitude, and because I had to suffer in my seat while my knee constantly locked up. I will never fly US Airlines again.

Cancelled Flight Mid-Trip, Zero Customer Support
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My note to US Airways while sitting stranded in Phoenix. You cancelled the flight I was to be on after I arrived at the connecting city of Phoenix. You can't put me on another flight and get me to my business meeting. Your staff provides no information and offers no explanation whatsoever. I'm now stuck in your terminal for 6 hours waiting to board a plane that may or may not fly to Washington DC. Upon calling your customer service phone number I get a message telling me that there are no agents available to talk to. Your counter people on the ground will not allow me access to your "exclusive" sky club for the day while I wait 6 hours.

You have the nerve to try to sell me a day membership for $75 after I already paid over $600 to miss my scheduled meeting. No offer to compensate your customers, no ability to assist, no food vouchers and you won't allow access to your sky club. One can only hope that your pilots are better at their jobs than your sales, marketing and customer service people are at theirs. I realize that situations occur that cause unforeseen circumstances but the way you choose to handle those circumstances is what makes the difference. You failed.

10 Hours Stuck in Charlotte, No Explanation From US AIR
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Flight from Knoxville to Charlotte was running one hour behind schedule, informed by US air that I would have to take a detour to Philly and then to White Plains, NY because I would miss my connection in Charlotte. During my wait at the airport in Knoxville, US AIR announced that the flight to Charlotte was back on time and I would make my connection.

I flew to Charlotte and then sat in the terminal for 8 hours waiting on a flight to White Plains, NY. At 9:15 the flight was canceled and we were told to re-book with the agent for US Air. I went there and was told they could not get me to White Plains today, but would get me to LaGuardia and then I could get a rental car and drive to Danbury, CT where I was going for business.

When I got to LaGuardia I was informed that my checked bag was in White Plains, NY. It had my medicine/and clothes in it and I had to have it. By the time I drove to White Plains, the Airport was closed. So I went to the hotel in DANBURY, CT and waited until 05:00 the next morning and drove back to the airport in White Plains to get my Bag. This was one of the worst flights I have ever been on, AND WILL TRY MY BEST NOT TO FLY US AIR AGAIN.

Us Airways Is Awful To Mother And Children
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I am devastated financially and emotionally by my treatment by US Airlines. After months of planning, I booked a trip to AZ from JFK with my 2 sons. I specifically requested the bulkhead so that my sons would have room with their car seats.

Long story short, after pre-boarding and getting the kids settled for 30 minutes we were told we had to move. Flight attendants grabbed my son and his things which led to a tantrum and we got kicked off the flight!! A tantrum caused by their disorganization. My son stopped crying when we were told we would have to get off the plane, but we were told it was "too late." I given my money back for the used tickets, but to rebook the next day was twice as expensive per ticket!! Our vacation was ruined and US Airways customer relations refuses to do anything beyond a "sorry" email. I would encourage all mothers to choose a different airline if at all possible!

If You Are Disabled Don't Fly US Airways!
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I made the biggest mistake booking a flight with US Airways! Never again… I do take responsibility booking a direct flight instead of a non-stop flight, that won't ever happen again. However, the flight was delayed over an hour in Philadelphia. I sat on the plane for an hour, not able to leave the plane to get some food due to the transporter had already left? I was supposed to be the last one off the plane I thought.

The flight attendant did offer me some water, apple juice, chips & salsa free of charge – I was still hungry. My flight left Boston at 11:30 and did not leave Philadelphia until 3 or later. When we finally arrived in Atlanta after 5, while waiting for the wheelchair service another woman was waiting with me. She stated her daughter was angry the flight was delayed and the flight attendant said in a snide tone, “She'll get over it, you made it here.” Unfortunately, the wheelchair service was terrible – I waited for service throughout the entire ordeal & inexperienced transporters not trained in pushing wheelchairs made it even worse! I was hungry and very disappointed!

Refused Service/Travel
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My daughter and I received the worst service I literally have ever experienced from an airline during our attempted trip home from spring break vacation. After returning our rental car, we proceeded to check in with 55 minutes to spare only to be told we were late, we had missed our flight (not true), needed more time than 55 minutes to check our bags (only had carry on luggage) and the next flight available was not until 7:50 pm (original flight to leave at 5:15 am). The woman was rude, smug, not helpful in any way, shape or form and actually looked a bit pleased with the fact we were having trouble and had no options.

When we timed the actual process to enter security checks and ride the tram out to our gate, we would have had 15 minutes to spare. We ended up booking a flight with AirTran who acted horrified with what we had been through and worked diligently to help us at a discounted price for our trouble with another airline. Pathetic, no compassion, and borderline evil are terms I would use for this airline and I feel as if my hard-earned money has been stolen from me. I will also be contacting Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. I will also be telling anyone and everyone I know to fly AirTran Airways and avoid US Airways at all cost!

Unbelievably Horrible Customer Service Experience
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- This is the first time I have ever posted my opinion about anything on the internet - I am normally very hard to offend, but the experience I just had with US Airways has left me so amazed at their terrible, insulting customer service that I am going remove US Airways as a choice for my employees to use, and write this post to hopefully keep others from flying US Airways and potentially experiencing anything close to what just happened to me.

I fly about once every 3 to 4 months, so not often but not a total rookie either. I flew for the first time to Philly, and for the first time chose US Airways due to their partnership with United, on which I have Premier status (barely). My flight out of Philly to Atlanta was scheduled for 4:30pm Wed. and about 2:15pm I received a cell phone message saying the plane was delayed about 70 minutes. I had just arrived at the airport, so went to a restaurant where I located an outlet for my laptop close to the airline info screens, and started working while I waited.

The flight screen continued to update with increasing delays - now up to 2 hours, so I ordered a margarita and continued to work, resigned to a long stay in this airport before my business trip leg continued to Atlanta. 30 min later the flight updated on the board to cancelled. I was not near the actual gate yet, so I called US Airways from my cell while I continued to work, and was told we have been moved to a 9:00pm flight. Sigh.

I decided to head over to Delta and check out their 5:55pm departing flight to Atlanta - figured if it was under $250 I would just pay and go. Got to the gate and found out that most of the passengers from the 4:30pm US Airways flight had been moved onto this Delta flight - cool! However, because I had not gone and sat at the gate, I was not tagged to move to this flight. The nice Delta representative told me to head over to the US Air service desk & have them put me on the 7:20pm flight heading to Atlanta. Cool.

Off I head again (and anyone who knows this airport knows I was doing a lot of walking with luggage by this point). Get to the US Air service desk and wait in a substantial line, watching in increasing concern as the service representative and her manager systematically belittle, deny and in one case seem almost gleeful in their refusal to help various folks in front of me...I assumed I was not hearing both sides of the conversations taking place ahead in line & actually smiled at the seeming straightforward nature of my request. Ha!

My turn came, and I walked up, then told the story and asked cheerfully if I could be moved to the 7:20pm Delta flight with over a dozen open seats. The US Airways representative told me no luck, I would have to take the 9:00pm flight. I asked why everyone else had been nicely moved to a Delta flight while I - with the same dilemma & transferring United status, had to sit and wait. She told me I had not "followed proper procedure" and that "she did not have to put me on any flight since she smelled alcohol on my breath.

She then called over her manager while I noted with increasing dismay that I had never had a flight cancelled underneath me & did not realize there was a procedure, nor did the US Airways representative on the phone mention anything. The most amazing thing was how MEAN this lady was - and I realized a moment later I was going to become their next victim.

The manager came over and proceeded to verbally assault me in a manner that in my 38 years of life I had never experienced in a customer facing experience - she made the first representative seem like the good cop! I still can hardly believe what happened. I never got in a word, just listened as she threatened to keep me in the Philly airport overnight due to my "not being at the gate, choice to have a drink (which I would not have done had their flight not been delayed 2 hours at one point), etc. She was beyond anything negative I had ever experienced. I walked away speechless.

2 minutes later I decided to fight back, and walked across the terminal again to the far US Airways service desk on the other end. Upon finally arriving the lone service representative there nicely listened to my brief repeat story / transfer request, then immediately and successfully transferred me to the 7:20pm Delta flight (I made no mention of my experience at the first US Air service desk). She was excellent, and seemed much less interested in tearing passengers apart and more interested in really listening and helping.

I am a Director for multiple global software support teams, and have to say that I would not blame anyone for having a bad day, but what ** did transcended anything resembling a bad day, and ensured that I will never fly US Airways again nor allow any employee in my company or business units to have a trip approved on this airline for fear of them experiencing anything remotely as negative as what I experienced.

US Airways SUCKS! Don't use them EVER!
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I will NEVER ever EVER fly US AIRWAYS again!!! It's the worst airline service I have ever experienced in all my years of travel. They acquired America West Airlines which was the airline I always used to fly to Fresno. Let start from the beginning:

For my departure Sunday morning I arrived at BWI 1 ½ - 2 hours before my flight, the line was three to four rows of a couple hundred people and only (4) kiosk machines were working out of 10 -12 kiosk machines. People were being pulled out of the line for the very next flight. At this point I was wondering if I was going to make my flight and still had to go through security with only 25 min till flight time. Luckily I made did my fight with a few minutes to spare.

When I arrived at Fresno, CA my luggage with all my clothes was missing. I was one of many standing in line with lost luggage. I filled out a claim number with my cell number and was told to call this number later in the day. I called several times that afternoon and received a standard answering machine message like a home answering machine: “Please leave a message” I left several messages and finally decided to go to the airport at 11:30 pm that night to check on my luggage. My luggage was there at the airport and nobody ever called to say it have arrived.

When I was out in Fresno I purchased a new pair of Sony Studio Monitor headphones ($100.00) from the Guitar Center. I did not have enough room in my carry-on baggage so I packed it in my checked baggage for my return flight home.

My flight home was a red-eye fight (my choice). When I got home at 9:00 am I went t sleep and later that afternoon I woke up and started unpacking. Guess what my new ($100.00) headphones were missing out of my checked luggage. I called the airline and was told I have to return to the airport within 24 hours with the checked bag with the missing item. I went to the airport Saturday night and filled a claim and given a printout with a claim number and told to call Monday morning for instructions on how to proceed with my claim.

I called this morning and they have no record of that claim number.

They then gave me a new claim number. They said to check back later and they will see if my item has turned up?

I asked you do not even know what's missing? How often should I call back?

Well just call back in a week.

Is there a time limit when you will issue a check? No, just call back every couple weeks.

What a JOKE!!! Item will not be replaced because of the policy below reguarding what they will replace.

This is the policy for items in your baggage:


As detailed in our Contract of Carriage, US Airways is not liable for loss, damage to, or delay of perishable property; not liable for damage to, or caused by, fragile articles, liquids, or perishables; and not liable for lost, damaged, or delayed:

Negotiable Papers/Securities/Documents
Precious Metals/Stones
Natural Fur Products
Sound Reproduction Equipment & Related Items
Photographic/Cinematographic Audio/Video Equipment & Related Items
Artistic Items
Computer Hardware/Software & Related Items
Lifesaving Medication
Electronic Components/Equipment & Related Items
Business Samples/Equipment/Documents & Irreplaceable Items

Why don't you just say we do not cover anything missing from your baggage!!!

I checked with other airlines I travel with ad the list is not as near long as this one.

US Airways Is Talented in the Art of Lying
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- So this is my story yesterday, and it is unbelievable the nerve US Airways has to lie so blatantly to the clients' faces. I flew with it Thursday and my only bag was my carry-on. For 5 years now I have traveled the world with my same bag without having to check it in because it meets the requirements to be carried into the overhead bins in the main cabin, but on Thursday I couldn't because one of its employees "decided that it was too big just by looking at it." That certainly is one professional response, isn't it?

It seems US Airways is hiring ocular psychics to determine who could get their carry on in or not. I was told that it was too big, and then as I am standing in line to board, other personnel from US Airways said that there was no more space in the overhead bins. I was pretty much forced to check my carry-on bag because it was either that or not boarding my flight, and when I got into the cabin, there were at least three bins completely empty, and a few others with enough space for a bag like mine or bigger. However, people with bigger bags than mine were allowed to take them into the plane. How is this fair?

I am not sure... why other passengers and I were discriminated against when other people were allowed to get their bigger bags in, I am not sure, and on top of that you blatantly lied to our faces first by saying that the bags were too big, then by saying that there was no more space, when clearly there still was, and plenty of it. I am disgusted and disappointed on your services. By the time my bag was returned to me, it was all scratched and peeled. I have to fly with you again on Monday, so I hope I do not run into this situation again.

If I travel with carry-on, there are many reasons, and the main one is because your airline has delayed my luggage in the past. You think you are entitled to abuse your power to do as you please with passengers in the name of security especially because there is little regulation for your industry, which is disgusting. For the money we pay, you have the responsibility to make our flights beyond pleasant. You are not doing us any favors, in any case, we as clients do you the favor of choosing to fly with you.

If you overbook your flights out of greed and poor planning it is not my fault, so do not penalize me or other passengers for your poor choices as an Airline. We pay enough money to get nothing but an uncomfortable chair and inexistent customer service, so do not make flying worse than it already is.

The comments above were posted on US Airways Facebook page, and this is its response: "US Airways **, I apologize for the overhead issue. We'€™ve made some recent changes to our boarding process. I will be sure and forward your valuable feedback to the correct department. Thank you for taking the time to let US know." 12 hours ago..

Really, US Airways? Is this your best answer? What I am talking about here is ethics, transparency and respect, which goes beyond changing processes. The least you could do is to have some decency and take responsibility for your lies.

Supposedly I am a valued customer, I not only have their credit card, but I am signed up as a Dividend Miles customer, but I guess I am not that valuable anymore because after touching a sensitive spot for the airline with my comments, I seem to have been blocked from commenting in its FB page. What are you afraid of US Airways, that other people can read how poorly you treat your customers? Thank you for making of our flights and trips an unpleasant experience.

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