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Thieving Branch "Manager" Stole My ATM Card!
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I had loaded money onto a prepaid card and entered the Vons to use the ATM. I did not notice that the machine was out of service and stuck my card in the slot. There was nothing there to catch it and it fell in behind the wall. I looked through the slot and could see someone back there. A shrill voice angrily ordered me to get my fingers out of the being serviced slot because the machine was being serviced.

I literally took 2 steps to the service desk and explained what had happened when a short, unattractive woman emerged out of nowhere. Without identifying herself, or asking who I was, she hatefully explained that she could not give me back the card that she had just seen me drop 5 seconds earlier. It is important to reiterate that the ATM was not in service. It did not confiscate my card. SHE did! She absolutely refused to give it back, citing bank policies and federal regulations that apply to cards that are retained by ATMs, although this was not the case!

I demanded that she return my property, but she took great pleasure in using a taunting, teasing tone that would remind you of a bratty child playing keep away on a playground, to tell me I had "no options." It wasn't until I reminded her that one of my options was to come across that counter and get it myself that she threatened to call the police, which would have saved me a phone call to them to report what she had done to me! I left and spent 3 hours on the phone trying to explain the situation to robotic customer service "specialists," and get some resolution.

I finally spoke with a member of US bank security who listened and told me that the manager was clearly in the wrong and assured me that she had the authority to instruct the manager to return the card, provided that proper ID of the cardholder could be verified.

She promised to contact me first thing in the morning. Of course I did not hear from her. When I called her, she made no apologies for the fact that the manager had already destroyed the card. This was a prepaid card, so I did not have any other record of the number on the card. The card issuer will not tell me the number for security reasons.

I am out $200 that there is no way to recover because of this. What's worse is that I had to send my 3 kids to bed hungry because, "the lady who works at the bank stole all daddy's money." This lousy excuse for a manager should be fired for misrepresenting the bank's policy, and brought up on criminal charges for stealing my property. I found her and every other bank employee I spoke with to be aloof, misinformed, spiteful, and dumb.

A bunch of impish, overgrown children dressing up in business attire to "play bank." Corrupt, heartless shells of human beings who are very dangerous in positions where they have the power to make decisions that affect people. They should be punished mercilessly!

US Bank tellers make up their own rules as they go along
By -

New in town, I went to a branch of US Bank to deposit my fiance's check into his account. He worked out of state and the checks come in the mail. So obviously he couldn't sign it. I had done this for him many times since he had been away. His paycheck is direct deposit, but the checks he gets for mileage, per dime, etc, the company mailed those. This was one of those checks.

The teller first started to take care of the deposit, then suddenly stopped, held it up, and started waving it around! She was telling me about how due to the patriot act she can't deposit it without a signature. I had never heard of this. I asked when this started, she said "Today, just a few minutes ago!" HA! I replied is asking if I was the first one. She said yes. It got worse from there. She was loud and the man behind me was peering over my shoulder to see what was happening as she expressed he 'concern' over the fact that this check could be fake. The whole bank was looking on. I was bright red in the face and my tongue was on the floor from my biting it so hard.

The amount in the account opened many years earlier stood at a balance 10 times more than the check I wished to deposit. He also had a savings account, and a business account, and a credit card. All in good standing. Anyway... She DID deposit it. So uhhhhh.... why would she do that if it was so called illegal as she put it.

I wrote to US Bank asking if there were any "rules, laws, regulations, standards or practices which prohibit a check being deposited without an endorsement?" They told me that although there are none, "US Bank has the right to refuse a deposit for any or no reason." For "NO REASON" at all they can refuse our money to go into the bank? WOW! That is scary. They said he should put a note in the account that I can deposit his checks. Why, if there is no law against it!?

What makes this scene worse is that a couple months earlier, another US Bank teller in the town we lived in before the move had questioned cashing a check from my finance because my name and his signatures were in different handwriting.

Well, yeah, I wrote my name it. If I was a CROOK, do you really think I would stand in front of the teller and write my name on a blank check?! She called my fiance on the phone, and then was having his signature card faxed over. So if you call him and he says no problem, why would you also need to fax his signature over? Not to mention that I went in at least once a week to deposit checks for him while he was out of town. (I guess this teller hadn't heard of the "Patriot Law' that prohibits THAT!)

I was at the far end merchant counter and she was at the other end, I could hear her and so could everyone else, talking about her suspicions etc. She talked to the account holder, what else did she want!? The whole place watched me as I walked out. She did not cash the check.

I am just a regular person, I dress neat, I'm clean, polite. I was in customer service myself for 30 years. I smile at people. I guess I either have a sign on my forehead that says 'abuse me' or I have a knack for finding these little people with big power.

I later called the manager and we had a nice talk. He told me that whenever I had business at the bank, come right to his desk. So I did. We had some nice talks where I told him that she might need some training to learn tact and diplomacy. And not to talk so loud. He agreed.

Anyway, as for the other branch in our new town, I waited patiently for the day when my fiance was working back in town and we went to US Bank together to close the accounts. I told the woman why, and about the experience. Guess what! She was there that day and overheard the whole thing. She had a talk with the teller right after I had gone because the teller was wrong to tell me all that. She SHOULD HAVE walked right up while I was at the counter. She tried to talk us out of closing the accounts, but our mind was made up. So we opened an account at a local credit union. Anyway... I stay away from the bank.

US Bank loses 5+ year customer over a penny
By -

WASHINGTON -- My husband and I have banked with US Bank now for nearly 6 years. We have had a few minor problems over the years, ranging from our debit cards being frozen the 1st time I purchased something online (they wanted to be sure the purchase came from us) to money being taken from our personal account in error to pay someone else's car note (they returned the money immediately and of course apologized, with the explanation being that it was a miss-key error when entering the bank account info).

3 years ago, my husband started his own business (sole proprietorship) and opened a business account with US Bank. Last July, he merged with another businessman and changed his business type (S Corp) and therefore his business account type changed, which meant he had to close out the 1st business account and start a new one. He had one outstanding check that needed to go through in the amount of 8 dollars and some change, so he left that much in his account and started the new one. He was off by ONE PENNY.

On February 17th, 2007, I had our personal account pulled up online and was paying bills, when I noticed that a charge for $391 and some change had been processed on 2/13/07 with the reason "overdraft recovery" listed. I was puzzled because I have not had any overdraft fees on our personal account since we opened it.

I called Customer Service and had to hang up on the first person I talked to b/c she kept telling me she couldn't even see the charge but would open a "research form" for me and someone would call me back in 3-5 business days. I called back and spoke to another CS rep who seemed to be very helpful. While she couldn't tell me why the charge was on our personal account, she could tell me that it had come from one of the local branches in our city.

I immediately called the branch address she gave me and was informed that there was no one to talk to - it was Saturday and they were closing in one hour - and the only 'banker' onsite was with a client. I asked for a callback immediately and was assured I would at least get a call that day, even if I couldn't come in to speak directly to the banker.

No callback occurred that day or the following Monday or Tuesday, so I again called their nationwide Customer Service and ended up speaking to Melissa in the "research department" who asked me if I had ever had another account with US Bank. I told her I had not, but that my husband had, and explained the reason for the change to his business account.

She then told me that I might want to speak to the "other authorized signer" on my personal account and that from what she could see, it appeared that there was an old account with an outstanding balance that had never been paid but she couldn't provide me with any details b/c her computer only allowed her to look back 90 days! So, I asked her if US Bank was going to keep the $400 they had charged my personal account even though she couldn't really tell me why it had occurred, and she informed me that if I wanted to pursue this investigation, that I could order bank statements and research it myself - this coming from their "research department!"

I called my husband and let him know that we needed to make an immediate trip to the local branch that this had occurred so we both took time off work to do so. We met with a banker, who proceeded to blatantly lie to our faces, by telling us that she too could only see back 90 days and that she would have to open up a research claim and that it may take several days.

By then I was angry and I told her I was not leaving until someone could tell me what happened and how dare they think they can enter my personal account -without even notifying me - and take almost $400 in fees and then they cannot explain it! I also asked her if it was even legal to take funds w/o notifying me and she would not answer my question. She asked us to give her 24 hours to research.

The next day, after we did not hear back, my husband went back to the local branch and spoke to a different banker, who immediately was able to help him (by the way, he was new) and advised him that what had happened was that when he had closed out his first business account, he had been off by one penny, so when the last check went through, it showed a negative balance. US Bank had charged him $7/day on weekdays and $21/day on weekends, EVERY DAY, until they finally closed out the account in October!

My husband asked why he had never been notified about this, we had bought a house in May, and the business account still had our old address on it, but they did have his phone #. The banker didn't know. He stated he couldn't find any record of any attempts to contact my husband. And, the real kicker is, there was over $30 in check card rewards in that account, that my husband had forgotten about, yet US Bank didn't see fit to take the penny from that OR to give him that money.

In the middle of meeting with this banker, the branch manager, Peggy **, came out and interrupted, stating to the banker that our case was already being handled by someone else and that he needed to immediately cease giving my husband information. When my husband said that he already knew what had happened and that all of this mess was over a penny, Peggy stated that she was aware and working on it. He asked if she was working on it, what did that mean, and she told him to come back at 4:00.

My husband called me and I arranged to leave work early to go with him at 4:00 to meet with her. As we were walking into the bank, Peggy saw us and met us halfway to her office, shoved a piece of paper in my hand and said she had taken care of everything and that they had replaced the funds in our account and started to walk us back to the door. I let her know that I wanted details and I wanted some answers and was not leaving until I had both.

We went to her office where she proceeded to tell us exactly what the banker had told my husband, and put on airs that the whole thing was ridiculous and that she was going to be giving some feedback 'up the chain of command' about what poor customer service we had received and this was not what 5 star service was all about.

When she was done, I told her I wanted 3 things in writing: 1. confirmation that this 'mishap' was not going to show on my husband's credit report, 2. a letter from US Bank stating that no overdraft ever occurred and the charge to our personal account was in error and 3. a written statement as to whether or not US Bank is legally obligated to inform its customers that funds are going to be taken from their account prior to the action. Peggy said she would make sure that I received all of these requests.

This was Friday, 2/24/07, nearly a full week since I had first noticed the funds had been taken from our personal account. I followed up by sending written notification via email of our requests on 2/24/07. I have never heard back. At this time, we are severing our relationship with US Bank and I am filing a complaint with the BBB and will not stop until my requests are met.

I wouldn't normally take time out of my day to post a complaint here, filing a complaint with the BBB, or spend the next few weeks stopping direct deposit of my paychecks and stopping all of my online banking, but if I stop and think about the amount of time wasted over one penny, I am utterly disgusted at the thought of doing business with US Bank another day. If someone had told me that this had happened to them, I almost wouldn't even believe it, it all sounds so ridiculous!

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Rating: 4/51

HARTFORD, WISCONSIN -- I asked about my 3 year old's money that disappeared. The money, thank GOD, was back. The teller didn't know exactly why the balance printed on the back of the receipt was off. She said to check the next day to see if it corrects itself should this happen again & that money sometimes has to get transferred from other banks. Still weird though.

Money Disappeared From My 3 Year Old's Savings Account
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Rating: 2/51

HARTFORD, WISCONSIN -- I have receipts, bank statements and a log of this account. There's 6 transactions on it and money has already disappeared. Money for Birthday, Christmas and from family is gone. I will be talking to someone there with proof, for an explanation and will withdraw the rest for a better bank.

Stay away from US Bank
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- My daughter's card was stolen, It took me two times for Visa Buxx to recognize that I had filled out the paperwork. Then they still denied the fraudulent charges and kept her account in the negative because that I was not going to pay the 10 dollars to get a new account. Know where does it state in the initial contract that if you do not get a replacement card your charges will not be considered fraudulent... scam. Do not get a Visa buxx.

My wallet was stolen, I called US Bank within 30 minutes of the wallet being stolen. The bank cancelled my charge cards but did not put an alert on my account. One week later, the thieves brought in a remade ID with my information on it, and the bank teller, gave them my account numbers, and in the end Eight thousand dollars. I had to submit my paperwork three times. It took two months to get my money back.

When they gave my money back they gave me too much, but they had closed my account and I did not have the time to double check the work yet when all of sudden the Fraud dept realized the mistake and then just took the money without explanation or warning so that it did not bounce.

When I called and spoke with the fraud department the woman told me I should have known that the money was not mine... which would have made since if I had found the time to balance my account. I am in the military and travel a lot so no I had not had the time. I explained that she should have given notice to me again. She then laughed at something funny, I hung up. The next day, I was also informed that the overdraft was not paid off and I owed money. When the account was closed, I had asked the fraud department if they had paid my overdraft off and they said YES. Stay away from US BANK...

US Bank Steals From It's Customers With Unfair Overdraft Charges
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- US Bank has an interesting policy. That is, to misinform the account holder of the actual balance of their account, tricking the account holder into spending more than they actually have, then actually CHANGING their own listed online banking records as it suits them to force multiple overdraft charges. This has been observed several times, when, having checked my online statement multiple times in a day over the course of a few days, the listed order of transactions has changed within hours - with the obvious purpose of forcing multiple overdrafts.

Yes, my account was overdrawn due to ONE charge. Oops I screwed up, so I transferred money to cover this overdraft. Upon checking back on my account the next day, the available balances listed per transaction had ACTUALLY CHANGED FROM THE DAY BEFORE! As a result of this deception, my account had been charged 2 additional overdraft fees. That's $120 or so totaling deceptively devised overdraft charges.

Even sneakier, these crooks decided not to reveal the changes and the overdrafts until the end of the next day, in order to wait until the very last possible minute, hoping, even EXPECTING me to check my balance through the day, "think" the account is positive, and (hopefully for U.S. Bank) make a few more trivial purchases that day and rack up a few more overdrafts. This is a very low blow by Screw US Bankcorp. It is misleading, dishonest, and takes advantage of people's trust in their online "banking" system by feeding misinformation and changing transaction history to steal your money.

Avoid U.S. Bank at all costs, or it will cost you. Better yet, avoid banks altogether by joining a credit union and, pay cash or money order for everything you can. Yes I made a mistake by allowing my account to get low, but in doing so my eyes were opened to just what US Bank is capable of given half a chance. I watched my account like a hawk to try to ensure I would not be charged an overdraft, yet they nailed me for 3. Thanks US Bank, I feel like I should file rape charges against you. All banks are crooks, right, but US Bank is one of THE CROOKEDEST. You have been warned. Close your accounts and go to your local credit union asap.

Protect your cash! Steer clear from US Bank and you will be richer!
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- BE AWARE OF US BANK FEE SCHEME. According to an article published in USA Today banks make at least 93% from fees (with free checking the fees, the fees most likely are overdraft fees). I have read some Consumer Reports about how US Bank statements did not match what really happened to the account. I had plenty of instances where my daily balance was positive and I still incurred overdraft charges. I even talked to an in-branch assistant manager who could not understand why I was charged an overdraft if I had positive balance.

And here it is why: when charges on the debit cards are made regardless that they are hold (funds become not available) the bank does not post them and wait for the moment when they should post them. They watch like hyenas and charge overdraft fees because even though the money are in the bank they are not available and if they are not available (which is at the discretion of the bank) therefore, your account is paid an overdraft fee.

Looking at your statement you will not know what happened (they cover their kill very methodically) so going and asking a teller makes you more confusing until you decide to sit down and get to the bottom of their policy. And then it starts to stink and you are sick to your stomach. Contacting customer service will not get you anywhere because this is something that is incorporated in their software. So, the only thing left is to separate myself from this institution that is so dishonest and have a rip-off attitude.

There are so many other smaller banks that thrive in serving their customers and their fee is straightforward and the transactions recorded in real time not manipulated time. So, for you out there protect your cash and DO NOT BANK WITH US BANK!

Looks Like I'm Not Alone
By -

Apparently US Bank has instituted a crafty way to prevent their own collapse: Playing with deposits in a way that allows them to assess astronomical overdraft charges. Several months ago I had an unauthorized charge placed against my debit card/checking account. It overdrew me, just barely, but the fees associated with it amounted to nearly $100. It took several days to gain a provisional credit, but I finally did (no thanks to a rather unpleasant bank branch manager, and SEVERAL reps who incorrectly informed me of the process to used to gain those credits).

Two days ago I logged in to my user account there, as I do everyday (I am unemployed and living close to the edge; after that fraud episode I'm paranoid). My balance was positive, albeit low, the day before. Suddenly my balance was -$67.50.

I went to my post office box to look for overdraft notice. There it was! Only their "accounting" was specious -- they had an interesting arrangement of charges and credits which allowed them to zap me one single $37.50 overdraft charge, which NEVER SHOWED UP ON MY ONLINE ACCOUNT LEDGER. That charge allegedly was processed four days earlier, so by the time I noticed the negative balance, I had ALREADY BEEN CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $32 FOR 8 DAYS OF "CONTINUING NEGATIVE BALANCE FEE."

I called customer service and said there was just no way I could have become negative in my balance, even a little bit. The clerk pulled up the same accounting ledger info they sent in my overdraft notice, and it became clear to me that: 1. She doesn't understand the way the bank orders charges in a manner that makes the customer always wrong, and 2. She doesn't understand that their online accounting system is inaccurate, so I never saw a negative balance in the four days since she claims I first incurred one.

I don't know about you, but I call this shoddy business practices, and I intend to pursue some sort of a complaint through my State Attorney General's consumer protection division. I'm thoroughly disgusted with US Bank, but do not want to change just yet because I've maintained this account in good standing for three years, and often that's an important indicator when applying for credit.

Disregard Phony Text Messages

While broiling some pork loin skewers tonight for dinner on an unusually warm evening here in the upper Midwest - great wine, cool jazz in the air - I got a text message on my mobile. A nice little vibration and jingle near my business center this time of night made me smile thinking it was a female friend of mine checking in to say hi.

I continued rocking on the barbecue and wine waiting not wanting to torch dinner figuring I'd check in with the cell a few minutes later. Finally getting to it, I read the tiny text telling me that my US Bank credit card was in cardiac arrest - suspicious activity abounds and I'm to call some B.S. 800 number. The sender was ""

For starters, US Bank is the bank behind my card - so seeing a message from what at first appeared to be a legit dotcom made me take pause. Then, as a savvy consumer, I disregarded the number texted to me requesting a call-back - I called the number on the back of my card and spoke to a CSR. They quickly informed me the text was a scam and not to respond to it - which I didn't. They checked my card activity and confirmed I was OK.

Relieved I thanked the rep - she asked if I was interested in upping my credit limit. I responded "thank you, no - but would you be interested in lowering my interest rate?" I never hesitate to ask, as if you make timely payments, often they will lower it. "At this time, you're at the lowest we allow" she replied.

I hung up, finished grilling perfect kabobs, had some great wine and will sleep easier tonight knowing I haven't been scammed by some creep who inadvertently got my mobile number. The lesson to take from this gentle readers is to NEVER respond to TEXT messages from finance/credit companies on your mobile phone. Don't call their numbers or go to their sites. If you have questions, call the number on the back of the card only! Be your own hero - use common sense and don't let somebody take advantage of you. Slim, just stay off my reviews and informatives - I don't have time or inclination to explain basic logic to you.

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