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US Bank Five Star Screwed
Posted by Secured on 09/03/2003
MOST OF US -- Avoid getting a 5-star screwing from US Bank.

Check out the many customer and employee complaints against this bank and its predecessors, the scandals, and the allegations of wrong doing. Check out how this bank gave me, a 12 year customer, a major screw-over.

Visit http://www.usbank-5starscrewed.0catch.com for the truth about US Bank and Five Star Guaranteed Service before you trust your money to them.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-19:
US bank has put a signature loan on my creist history that I never signed for.I never had an account at that bank.I have been trying for 2 years to get it off my credit.I have even gone to the branch who claims that I took it out there and they cant find any record of my loan.
Posted by mskay on 2009-05-30:
US Bank is sneaky, so I overdrafted, but quickly brought the account back positive and even deposited to cover the overdraft fee, soon after I was hit with four days worth of negative balance fees, which caused the account to go negative again and another negative account fee was placed again
Posted by employee on 2013-01-05:
Can't wait to get enough experience so I can get out of here. Fraud by loan officers and the processors and mgt turns their head. Ops hates sales and is lazy very bad environment
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Posted by Truthsquad on 10/16/2009
DO NOT LEASE FROM U.S. Bank under any circumstances. If your dealer uses them, ask him to proivide another lender. U. S Bank has a nifty little trick that they apply to virtually all leasees when they turn in their car. They perform an inspection and then bill you for "excess wear and tear". The Internet is full of stories about this practice. They will bill you for hundreds, even thousands of dollars for ridiculous items. YOu have to take dozens of digital pictures of every angle of your car to dispute them, and then they will claim the picture is not clear enough or they needed a more detailed close up. I turned in a car I had leased for 4 years with less than 30,000 miles, 4 brand new tires, that had been garaged every night, little highway driving and was virtually spotlees inside and out. They still found $875 worth of "excess wear and tear" which included $60 to remove a decal from my rear bumper, and $275 to "repaint" each front plastic bumper that had very tiny scratches from bugs and road debris. They basically just punish you for not buying the car outright. I have leased 5 other cars and never paid a penny. I spent 90 days fighting them and only when I threatened to turn the report over to the Attorney General of both my state and theirs, and notify Senator Dodd's office, did they agree to work with me. They admitted no wrong doing in their estimate, but int the interest of "customer service" agreed to settle for half the charges. I took it to be done with them, even though I knew it was still wrong. They are a horrible greedy company. DO NOT LEASE FROM THEM.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Does sound like a scam.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Why lease when you can buy?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-10-17:
They are not the first ones to discover this little "revenue enhancement" scheme.

With most lessors, you can take the car to the dealer you are going to turn it into a few weeks before the end of the lease to get it inspected and see what they will charge for.

That will allow you to remove bumper stickers, fix windshield chips and door dings on your own terms and at market prices instead of having to pay their inflated prices to have the same work done.
Posted by MRM on 2009-10-17:
Hugh Jorgen! Long time, no see! How have you been doing?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-10-17:
Good to see ya Hugh!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-10-17:
Thanks. Just been a busy summer - haven't had much time for the internet. But with cooler weather coming, I guess it's time for more M3C. :-)
Posted by MRM on 2009-10-17:
Woohoo! Its time to teach these roughnecks some lessons!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-10-17:
Hi Hugh ^_^ Glad to see you back ^_^
Posted by John on 2013-07-18:
They still do this in 2013 - It is unbelievable on the charges.. This is a 4 year old vehicle, but they want it showroom perfect!
Posted by stuart on 2013-08-02:
NEVER Lease from US Bank. They gave me a pay off of $37,600. I wanted to trade in the car and a dealer gave me said they would take the car at that price but US Bank would only accept the $37,600 from me. I have overage on the mileage so now, US Bank wants the car back at the end of the lease plus the mileage overage even though someone would have paid them the pay off they wanted. When I asked why I was told read the fine print on your contract. When I pushed further and asked why they wouldn't take the amount they had quoted me I was told by a supervisor - Robin - "we are not going to do that". There is a reason that the financial markets found themselves in the state they were and that consumers got hurt and its because of the greed of these companies. US BANK is a disgrace, DO NOT lease a car from them
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Unjust Overdraft Fees, Inaccurate Online Banking System
Posted by Miadelie on 01/18/2006
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I am going to paste below what I submitted to the BBB and the FDIC.

I have had previous thoughts that the online banking system US Bank maintains is often times inaccurate. On several occasions, I have noticed very strange transactions appearing, and then once again disappearing on my account. On the date of January 16, 2006, I checked my US Bank Checking Account via their online banking system at www.usbank.com. I had several purchases awaiting authorization, and my "Available Balance" was a far positive number (I do not have the exact amount, as I felt no reason to record this information). I checked my account balance via the online system again today, January 18th, 2006. All of a sudden, my account balance was negative $118.66. I had been charged two overdraft fees of $34.00 a piece from transactions that apparently went through negatively on January 13th, 2006. These transactions were not authorized as of January 16th, 2005, so this all appears very interesting to me. I then received three more overdraft fees at $34.00 a piece on January 18th, 2006, as a result of the two overdrafts they posted to my account on the 17th. I tried contacting US Bank via their local customer service number (612-872-8657) at 4:58pm today, January 19th, 2006. I talked with Jerome, who assisted me on the phone for quite a while, but informed me that there was nothing he could do. He told me that their system showed that the transactions that went through on the 13th were fully authorized and went through on the 13th. He informed me that maybe the online banking system was having problems, but did not look into this matter. I then asked to speak with his supervisor, Chris Fleharty, who informed me that he would not do anything to remove the charges from my account. This call lasted a total of 29 minutes and 52 seconds. I am going to receive another two overdraft fees for transactions that will be authorized shortly, as a result of the recent five overdraft fees.

I would like all the overdraft fees associated with this error to be fully refunded to my account as soon as possible. Currently, I have a total of $170.00 in overdraft fees associated with this error. Soon, I will be assed another $68.00 in overdrafts, a result of this error. That would make the total of overdrafts $238. I would also like any negative balance fee's that may be added to my account from this error to be fully refunded.
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Posted by tander on 2006-01-18:
I would never balance your check book according to the online statements, subtract and keep it balanced in your checkbook registry.I don't think the online banking is always correct and the only way to fight them is to print out statements every day to prove them wrong, but who does that?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-19:
I've always kept my tracking in my own check book. But what a bother..last month I decided to skip the checkbook crediting and debting,It's easier to just check it online when I need to. Well...what a big mistake...I've learned my lesson by the price of and overdraft. It isn't really clear what your mistake or the bank's mistake was, but it may the the same error I made. Here's what I did...Almost all of my bills are either paid online or over the phone (those who doesn't charge for it), so, I just go online check my balance...but when it came to paying my car insurance, I did it the old fashioned way and wrote a check and snail mailed it..well, guess what? Without thinking, I'm going by my online balance not even thinking about the check I mailed out, until after I've withdrawn cash to the point that when the car insurance company got my check and cashed it...boom! Overdraft...Lesson learned, I'm back to doing my on balancing in my check book. On line statements have no way on knowing what you mail out until it is cashed...could that have been what happened with yours?
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-19:
I dunno if this helps but at my bank if you have $100 in you account and deposit $300 after 2pm on Friday then write a check for $120 to pay for something and they get it to the bank on Monday I would bounce a check or more because my Friday depoist won't clear till Tuesday or Wednesday.I never write a check anymore on money that has not cleared my account. Of course what Debtor did is my worst fear.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-19:
I don't write or mail out any checks until I know the money is in the bank, but it was just stupidity on my part to not even think about the paper check I mailed out, and only went by the balance showing with my online payment...ouch!
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-19:
Debtorbasher from reading maybe 200 or more of your posts I can tell you are a financially conscious person. I mainly use my check card but there are times where if I forgot something I'd be fried.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-19:
Yup...I know exactly what you mean, Mike...I always use my check card too...but, got fried on the ONE paper check I sent...oh well, live and learn, right?
Posted by tander on 2006-01-19:
I'm really bad at balancing my checkbook, I write amounts in, with no check numbers, I use my check card and don't write it down, I'm continually depositing money as to not be overdrawn.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-20:
The money you saved on your dog bed...LOL
Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2006-01-20:
US bank sucks. That said, I agree with the posts above. Long time ago I setup automated withdrawals and totally forgot about them. Thinking I had plenty of money in the account, I wrote some checks. WHAM BAM! The bank makes a tidy profit. Banks love those overdraft fees. Actually overdrafts have become the poor person's loan program. Banks gladly let people overdraft and collect the fees.
Posted by edgetho1 on 2006-02-10:
I have been dealing with US Bank on this since they changed their terms a couple years back to charge overdraft fees on Check Card authorizations.

The trick they pull is they have an authorization come through for $50 and lets say you have $70 in your accout. Then a check clears that night for $50 and according to them overdraws your account by $30 because they count the authorization as a live item so they charge you $34 for an overdraft and they pay the check. You still have a balance of $20 but they count your available balance as -$30 because of the authorization. Then the kicker. When the charge posts to your account a couple days later from the Check Card authorization they remove the authorization and treat it as a new item and charge you another $34 overdraft for an item they already treated as live when the authorzation posted. To me that is double dipping and I have reported it to several agencies that have done nothing to help.

The problem is that the people that you talk to on the phone or by letter are operations people. Even at the SVP level they have no friggin idea how the system works so you can't explain it to them.

I speant 15 years in banking systems and implemented a real time authorization system for check cards for a bank and we didn't charge overdrafts on check card authorizations because of the confusion.

US Bank is greedy. They want every last penny from customers and these bogus overdraft fees are an easy way to do it and because it is so confusing, customers can't do anything about it.

I have a small business and pay thousands of dollars in these bogus overdraft charges because we are heavy users of the check card.

Good luck with your quest.
Posted by arghh on 2007-01-05:
Posted by SillyP on 2007-06-21:
US Bank has gotten very RICH off of me! I remember I had made an overdraft of 32 cents which right afterwards, racked up a few of the overdraft charges. When I asked them to 'work with me" and take some off (It's not like I had a habit of overdrawing my account) the guy from the branch literally told me "I'm sorry, we can't refund your charges. We have a business to run here." Um...Great Customer Service! From that point, I vowed to get all my direct deposit and automatic payment withdrawals switched from US Bank to a new Credit Union, because I can't deal with them anymore. They are vultures!
Posted by AFJack on 2007-07-12:
I had US Bank for five years. this will happen continuously, the bank is unfair and i believe thier system has been programmed to do things like hold checks until funds arent available. one time i had purchased gas a while after i made the purchase, the charge disappeared i didnt notice until they overdrafted my account 25 days later. so i called them, they said if the merchant doesnt request thier money within so many days the system will remove it from pending charges. so thats that i guess it was my fault for not keeping records then
Posted by AFJack on 2007-07-12:
trust me all switch to usaa. they have no atm charges at any atm. free incoming wires, and best of all they will not let you overdraft, if the funds arent in thier,then they wont give you money
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Unfairly holding insurance funds for my home repair
Posted by ACIM1 on 05/11/2008
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I had a house fire in January. The insurance company made the check payable to me and US Bank. They required me to jump through hoops and took the $66,000 to hold. Before they would release the first draft payment to the contractor they required several documents. I took all the required paperwork and the check to a US Bank in Columbus. This branch over-nighted the check to the office in Kentucky that handles insurance claims.

Three weeks after providing them all required paperwork for the first draft, NO MONEY was sent to the contactor to order materials. It took five days of complaining to get the first draft mailed to the contractor.

Now I know their games. So for Draft #2, I faxed the required paperwork and requested the required "visual inspection" before they would release the second draft for the contract. Guess what? No response. Two days later I sent the required paperwork and request again, still no response.

These people are holding thousands of dollars of MY MONEY to repair MY HOUSE. Every day they hold MY MONEY is another day I cannot live in MY HOUSE.
In 7 1/2 years I have NEVER been late paying my house payment. I am a good customer being treated as if I did not exist. All the while, they hold thousands of dollars that is not theirs.


Once my home is repaired I will be refinancing my home loan. I will never have another thing to do with US Bank.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-11:
First, not being late with a house payment gives you no leverage. You are never supposed to be late with a payment...it is expected you will pay on time.
Second, it appears that you still have a mortgage on the home with US BANK? Yes? Then, it is not "My House"...the property is jointly 'owned' by you and US BANK.
There...the emotional stuff has been dealt with!
All that said, you should be given the money to repair the home. The largest problem is that you are dealing with a mega-bank. You are a mere fly speck to them. Does that justify your situation. Absolutely not! Guess what? I agree that you are being mishandled. Find a human being at your nearest branch. Camp out in their office until you get answers.
Posted by RobandMar01 on 2008-05-11:
The bank will not release the funds till after the work is completed and the reason is the have an interest in the property. You have a secured loan on the house and the security took a dump when it burned down. More than likely right now it will not appraise for what you owe on it (without the repairs done). They are afraid of you blowing the check on non home repair items and leaving them holding a note on a trashed house they can not recoup there money on because the house is toast and the check was spent and gone. I know it does not seem fair but if you have a builder who does insurance work they know the game with the bank and will be more than willing to do the work with a promisary note from the bank. There are even builders who specialize in this and that is the bulk of the work they do. Check around and make sure you chose a highly recommended one because if they screw it up the bank will never release the funds. Most banks require a walk thru inspection after the work is done to make sure it was done correct and if it was not they do not pay!!
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-05-11:
The above poster is right about US Bank not wanting you to blow it. When I worked at an insurance agency I witness a guy blowing $75K on everything BUT the repair and the contractor was left high and dry. That wasn't a fun mess to sort out.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-05-12:
I witnessed*
Posted by suzann on 2012-04-20:
I get that U.S. Bank wants to make sure the repairs are done. I am going through the same problem with this u.s. bank right now. It doesn't matter what you do they are not going to release your money......not without just one more form! Forms already sent. final inspection done and is satisfactory . Paid contractor out of pocket because he couldn't wait any longer to get paid. Still no money from U.S. Bank. Yes my money.....I pay my mortgage on time and ahead of schedule most months and I pay for the insurance that paid the money for repairs.....my money that U.S Bank has used for 2.5 years free of paying any intrust on it. I have had my mortgage with them for 5 years and have paid intrust every month. This bank has bad customer reviews everywhere and now another one. I am currently out 8,000 in repairs and looking for a new loan. I don't know how they sleep at night? I will never bank with them again!
Posted by Anthony on 2012-06-18:
I to have completed all work. We rebuilt a brand new house due to a fire that left nothing much left to clean up but ash. the house appraised a full $150k more than balance of and us bank has all documents, and then all documents that need to be notarized. Its been 5 weeks now that we are waiting on final draw, everything is 3 to 5 business days. I to fully understand protecting the investment. Just got done complaint forms for Bank Commission for both Kentucky{ us banks executive office} and Pennsylvania's Bank Commission office were we reside.
Posted by STACEY on 2013-04-11:
I went through the exact same thing. Someone broke in my house and knocked the door in and destroyed the frame - it took over a month to get ANYTHING back from the mortgage company while I'm informing them that someone could just walk back in my house if they wanted. I ended up having to borrow the balance due to the contractor so I could get the work done. Going on month 2 - I still don't have the other half of the check from the U.S. Bank.
Posted by Pissed on 2013-09-30:
We had a fire in a portable shed that wasn't even here when we took out the mortgage. There was cosmetic damage from the heat that melted some of the siding on the house. I am fully capable of replacing the few pieces of siding on the house myself but do not intend to replace the shed. The insurance company made the check out to us and us bank. We have been fighting with them for 8 months now and they will not release the funds. I don't understand how they can hold money for a portable storage shed that was purchased after the mortgage was taken out. US Bank is the worst mortgage experience I have ever had, you call them and get transferred 6 times and still no answers. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing there. As it stands now we have a section of siding that I have removed to replace but until I receive the money from US Bank to purchase the siding it is just sitting exposed to the weather which is going to cause more problems.
Posted by Mad as hell on 2013-11-26:
USBank has my insurance money and I can't fix my house without it!! I'm not paying my mortgage for the next 3 months cause I have to pay my contractor!!
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Us Bank Is the Worst When It Come to Modification
Posted by Mmunley69 on 11/21/2013
I was told that they would stop the sale of my home but oops it was a day too late to stop. Oh my MHz modification payment was late oops we can't take it. You don't have enough of income but ain't that why I need a modification. Please stay a way from this bank .
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Thieving Branch "Manager" Stole My ATM Card!
Posted by Twadecorder on 07/21/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I had loaded money onto a prepaid card and entered the vons to use the ATM. I did not notice that the machine was out of service and stuck my card in the slot. There was nothing there to catch it and it fell in behind the wall. I looked through the slot and could see someone back there. A shrill voice angrily ordered me to get my fingers out of the being serviced slot because the machine was being serviced. I literally took 2 steps to the service desk and explained what had happened when a short, unattractive woman emerged out of nowhere. Without identifying herself, or asking who I was, she hatefully explained that she could not give me back the card that she had just seen me drop 5 seconds earlier.

It is important to reiterate that the ATM was not in service. It did not confiscate my card. SHE did! She absolutely refused to give it back, citing bank policies and federal regulations that apply to cards that are retained by ATMs, although this was not the case! I demanded that she return my property, but she took great pleasure in using a taunting, teasing tone that would remind you of a bratty child playing keep away on a playground, to tell me I had "no options." It wasn't until I reminded her that one of my options was to come across that counter and get it myself that she threatened to call the police, which would have saved me a phone call to them to report what she had done to me! I left and spent 3 hours on the phone trying to explain the situation to robotic customer service "specialists," and get some resolution. I finally spoke with a member of US bank security who listened and told me that the manager was clearly in the wrong and assured me that she had the authority to instruct the manager to return the card, provided that proper ID of the cardholder could be verified.

She promised to contact me first thing in the morning. Of course I did not hear from her. When I called her, she made no apologies for the fact that the manager had already destroyed the card. This was a prepaid card, so I did not have any other record of the number on the card. The card issuer will not tell me the number for security reasons. I am out $200 that there is no way to recover because of this. What's worse is that I had to send my 3 kids to bed hungry because, "the lady who works at the bank stole all daddy's money." This lousy excuse for a manager should be fired for misrepresenting the bank's policy, and brought up on criminal charges for stealing my property. I found her and every other bank employee I spoke with to be aloof, misinformed, spiteful, and dumb.

A bunch of impish, overgrown children dressing up in business attire to "play bank." Corrupt, heartless shells of human beings who are very dangerous in positions where they have the power to make decisions that affect people. They should be punished mercilessly!
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-07-21:
You should have called the police yourself when she refused to return your property.
Posted by Anonymous on 2013-07-21:
File the police report anyway for theft and destruction of private property. Demand prosecution and insist you will get a writ of mandemus if necessary. The bank will probably stonewall but it can't hurt.
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US Bank - Predatory Fees, Misinformation and Horrible Customer Service.
Posted by GinaO001 on 08/22/2011
CALIFORNIA -- US Bank is the absolute worst, least ethical and predatory bank I have ever had the displeasure of having an account with. Their fees are hidden and exorbitant. Most of their staff gives misinformation which costs the customer and which they will not rectify. You could end up in real trouble you are not constantly checking up on the bank and your account.

I closed my account in June 2011 because I noticed they had been charging exorbitant fees and overdraft fees with no overdraft and no longer had free checking. They started charging for all checking accounts if certain criteria were not met. They told me I had to wait for the account to be closed because a $10.00 charge which was made a week ago had still not been paid by the bank! They did this to charge me the next month’s fee on keeping the account open.

After I closed my account, I was sent a letter for a $20.00 fee on. 23cents of overdraft I was never informed of when I closed my account. I called and was told to disregard. I received a second letter with $40.00 in overdraft fees. I called to clear up the situation and asked the fees be waived since they had given me incorrect information. I was told nothing could be done and if I didn't pay it, more fees would be incurred. Stay away from this bank if you want a sound mind and your money safe.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-08-23:
Suntrust is going to do away with free checking, adding a maintenance fee etc.
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US bank looters
Posted by Hamir on 11/20/2010
So, I have a credit card from US Bank, and I log in to make a minimum payment and see that my credit card balance is paid in full and my savings account balance is in negative. Still, trusting US bank customer service will help in correcting this system error that I had no clue of, customer service representatives were rude sarcastic and too cocky. I was shocked to be treated in such a way. I insisted to speak with their manager but wasn't transferred after 30 min of holding some guy named "Kent" came on line, I took his employee ID:11101261 .. he said he is the manager there. I explained him everything he was in hurry to get rid of my call and said he will take the necessary actions and will post on my account that this web error was not from my side to get overdraft charges refunded. Now after spending so much time on the call I go to my bank and the manager at the savings bank says that there are no remarks about anything on the account. This process was repeated twice and all I have got is being pushed from one department to another. Don't trust US bank at all.. they do not care about you.. all they mean is money ... they have no respect for their customers..

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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-21:
I'm hoping by now you've switched to a different bank or are in the process of doing so.
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Review of service charges applied to hard working people checking accounts
Posted by MSQ on 08/18/2009
I do want to know about and want in on any class action law suit against the banking industry. I used my debit card on a Friday evening to pay my cable/internet bill. I made an error in math and quickly went to the bank as soon as they open on Monday A.M. to cover the minor negative balance of $17.00. They still charged me the $37.50 in fees later that day. I am now broke and the cable bill of which they held funds for had not gone thru yet as well as 2 other charges. 1 for $14.00 and 1 for $1.50. So now because they pulled the $37.50 charge money from the held funds for my cable bill for their bank charge, they have now caused a domino effect and I will be responsible for over $100.00 in charges. I will not be able to now pay my rent on time. and I am soley responsible for keeping a roof over 6 people heads. When you deal with U. S.Bank they do not assist in reversing any fees ever over the phone. They force you to go to your individual branch to talk to the manager, which in my case is highly embarrasssing as I work for a reputable company in a small town that deals with U S Bank exclusivly and are not very forgiving on bank charges at all. Read on I have another complaint about a another bank. I will have to eat these charges, but I still think that $37.50 for a $1.50 charge is unforgiveable. especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck in these economic times.
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Posted by BEJ on 2009-08-18:
It never ceases to amaze the number of people who write bad reviews after their bank charges them for overdrawing their account. The bank had every right to charge you those fees. Is the cable really a necessity for you in the hard economic times--seems to me rent/food/utilities would be a priority. When times are tough--you need to look at what is necessary and what is a "nice to have".
Posted by BOAsucks on 2009-08-18:
watch this about BOA, really sad as the consumer/taxpaper:


Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-18:
BOA, this review is not a complaint about Bank of America... why are you posting this here?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-18:
bkk - i think it's to push his/her own issues against boa
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-18:
If he/she's going to spam this over every BoA complaint... at least let it be a BoA complaint and not on everything... yeesh.
Posted by skelly39 on 2009-08-18:
I agree that it is sad what a domino effect a simple math error can have, but that's why it's all the more important to be as accurate as you can. The bank has every right to charge these fees. It may not seem fair, but if you don't want them to have your money, don't give it to them. And if you are complaining about another bank for the same thing in a different post, the problem lies with you, not the bank.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-18:
ya it gets annoying after a while
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-08-18:
Living paycheck to paycheck should give you even MORE incentive to be careful not to overdraft.
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Stay away from US Bank
Posted by 2bzmom on 05/18/2009
PORTLAND, OREGON -- My daughter's card was stolen, It took me two times for Visa Buxx to recognize that I had filled out the paperwork. Then they still denied the fraudulent charges and kept her account in the negative due to the fact that I was not going to pay the 10 dollars to get a new account. Know where does it state in the in the initial contract that if you do not get a replacement card your charges will not be considered fraudulent... scam... do not get a Visa buxx...

My wallet was stolen, I called US Bank within 30 minutes of the wallet being stolen. The bank cancelled my charge cards but did not put an alert on my account. One week later, the thieves brought in a remade ID with my information on it, and the bank teller, gave them my account numbers, and in the end Eight thousand dollars. I had to submit my paperwork three times. It took two months to get my money back. When they gave my money back they gave me to much, but they had closed my account and I did not have the time to double check the work yet when all of sudden the Fraud dept realized the mistake and then just took the money with out explaination or warning so that I did not bounce. When I called and spoke with the fraud department the woman told me I should have known that the money was not mine... which would have made since if I had found the time to balance my account, I am in the military and travel a lot so no I had not had the time. I explained that she should have given notice tome again. She then laughed at something funny, I hung up. The next day, I was also informed that the overdraft was not paid off and I owed money. When the account was closed, I had asked the fraud deparment if they had paid my overdraft off and they said YES. Stay away from US BANK...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-18:
Unless your daughter is a minor, why were you calling to report her card stolen?
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-18:
so whos card is it? yours or hers? whos name appears as the account owner?
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