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U.S. Bancorp
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402-7014
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Money Disappeared From My 3 Year Old's Savings Account
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Rating: 2/51

HARTFORD, WISCONSIN -- I have receipts, bank statements and a log of this account. There's 6 transactions on it and money has already disappeared. Money for Birthday, Christmas and from family is gone. I will be talking to someone there with proof, for an explanation and will withdraw the rest for a better bank.

Us Bank Is the Worst When It Come to Modification
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I was told that they would stop the sale of my home but oops it was a day too late to stop. Oh my MHz modification payment was late, "oops we can't take it". You don't have enough of income but ain't that why I need a modification. Please stay away from this bank .

US Bank - Predatory Fees, Misinformation and Horrible Customer Service.
By -

CALIFORNIA -- US Bank is the absolute worst, least ethical and predatory bank I have ever had the displeasure of having an account with. Their fees are hidden and exorbitant. Most of their staff gives misinformation which costs the customer and which they will not rectify. You could end up in real trouble you are not constantly checking up on the bank and your account.

I closed my account in June 2011 because I noticed they had been charging exorbitant fees and overdraft fees with no overdraft and no longer had free checking. They started charging for all checking accounts if certain criteria were not met. They told me I had to wait for the account to be closed because a $10.00 charge which was made a week ago had still not been paid by the bank! They did this to charge me the next month's fee on keeping the account open.

After I closed my account, I was sent a letter for a $20.00 fee on 23 cents of overdraft I was never informed of when I closed my account. I called and was told to disregard. I received a second letter with $40.00 in overdraft fees. I called to clear up the situation and asked the fees be waived since they had given me incorrect information. I was told nothing could be done and if I didn't pay it, more fees would be incurred. Stay away from this bank if you want a sound mind and your money safe.

US bank looters
By -

So, I have a credit card from US Bank, and I log in to make a minimum payment and see that my credit card balance is paid in full and my savings account balance is in negative. Still, trusting US bank customer service will help in correcting this system error that I had no clue of, customer service representatives were rude, sarcastic, and too cocky. I was shocked to be treated in such a way.

I insisted to speak with their manager but wasn't transferred after 30 min of holding. Some guy named "Kent" came on line, I took his employee ID: **. He said he is the manager there. I explained him everything. He was in hurry to get rid of my call and said he will take the necessary actions and will post on my account that this web error was not from my side to get overdraft charges refunded.

Now after spending so much time on the call I go to my bank and the manager at the savings bank says that there are no remarks about anything on the account. This process was repeated twice and all I have got is being pushed from one department to another. Don't trust US bank at all. They do not care about you. All they mean is money... They have no respect for their customers.

Review of service charges applied to hard working people checking accounts
By -

I do want to know about and want in on any class action lawsuit against the banking industry. I used my debit card on a Friday evening to pay my cable/internet bill. I made an error in math and quickly went to the bank as soon as they open on Monday A.M. to cover the minor negative balance of $17.00. They still charged me the $37.50 in fees later that day. I am now broke and the cable bill of which they held funds for had not gone through yet as well as 2 other charges. 1 for $14.00 and 1 for $1.50.

So now because they pulled the $37.50 charge money from the held funds for my cable bill for their bank charge, they have now caused a domino effect and I will be responsible for over $100.00 in charges. I will not be able to now pay my rent on time and I am solely responsible for keeping a roof over 6 people heads.

When you deal with U. S. Bank they do not assist in reversing any fees ever over the phone. They force you to go to your individual branch to talk to the manager, which in my case is highly embarrassing as I work for a reputable company in a small town that deals with US Bank exclusively and are not very forgiving on bank charges at all. Read on. I have another complaint about another bank. I will have to eat these charges, but I still think that $37.50 for a $1.50 charge is unforgivable. Especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck in these economic times.

Poor Customer Service / Excessive Fees - Refuse To Close Account And Stop Charges
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- My mother passed away approximately 1 year ago. I am the executor of her estate. She has been a US Bank customer for over 20 years. In settling the estate, we paid all her final bills and withdrew funds down to $100-$200 or so. I called US Bank a number of times to let them know my mother was diseased and that I wanted to close the account (...ever try to get someone on the phone at U.S. Bank???)

They frequently refused to talk with me even though they had copies of my power of attorney for 10 years. Though the account had virtually no usage, they continued to assess charges against the account until it became negative ($125.00). I finally drove to the branch that she normally dealt with, and handed them a copy of my mother's death certificate and asked to close the account. They refused to close the account because it has a negative balance of ($125.00). They also informed me they would report this to the credit bureaus and affect my personal credit.

They have enriched themselves through excessive fees depleting what was left of a deceased woman's account and now want to continue to collect fees well after they were informed of her death. I think US Bank could find a more ethical method of achieving a profit than scavenging the balances of long time customers after their deaths. The "customer service" people (including the branch manager) recited bank policy like a couple of mindless/emotionless robots. They should be ashamed.

Snail Mail
By -

US Bank chooses to notify its members by mail instead of email or both. I am a college student and at the beginning of last December I accidentally wrote a check for rent from the wrong checking account. After I went home for Christmas, I went abroad to study in Germany. When I returned to College at the end of January I found a pile of letters informing me of my mistake and telling me I owed the bank approximately $650.00. I have since appealed the charge and received about 50% of my money back. Now the mistake has only cost me $130. I had the money available and if I had been emailed, this charge would be around $27 instead of $130.

I asked a bank representative why they send letters instead of emails and was told that the Bank does not have the resources to send everyone an email. I assume then that US Bank is under the impression letters are cheaper then emails. In addition to being less environmentally friendly the letter system is unethical and exploitive. I would really appreciate an answer to this question of why US Bank chooses to be ethically and environmentally irresponsible by notifying its members of overdraft dues via snail mail instead of via email?

5 Star Guaranty Beware
By -

OGDEN, UTAH -- Beware of U.S. Bank and be prepared to be insulted and demoralized when you question their ridiculous fees. What kind of fees you ask, let me tell ya. In the last few months we have paid in excess of $350.00 as U.S. Bank seemingly has an automated system that is smarter than the average banker. The bottom line is all transactions are a strategic manipulation of your money that is simple yet complex and apparently legal.

When questioned the employees justify the ridiculous fees, in excess of $165.00 for a $5.00 ATM overdraft that was permitted even though I don't have overdraft protection, as a courtesy. The only courtesy here is straight to the greedy execs that have the tellers belittle you by making statements such as "it's good you know how to read" in response to other complaints on the web.

Never ever get a new account there and consider moving your money if you currently have one. I wish we would have. We are not trapped and slaves to their apparently legal, criminal, unethical misconduct! Shame on them and the puppets who unluckily landed in their clutches. Karma!

Unfairly holding insurance funds for my home repair
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I had a house fire in January. The insurance company made the check payable to me and US Bank. They required me to jump through hoops and took the $66,000 to hold. Before they would release the first draft payment to the contractor they required several documents. I took all the required paperwork and the check to a US Bank in Columbus. This branch over-nighted the check to the office in Kentucky that handles insurance claims. Three weeks after providing them all required paperwork for the first draft, NO MONEY was sent to the contractor to order materials. It took five days of complaining to get the first draft mailed to the contractor.

Now I know their games. So for Draft #2, I faxed the required paperwork and requested the required "visual inspection" before they would release the second draft for the contract. Guess what? No response. Two days later I sent the required paperwork and request again, still no response.

These people are holding thousands of dollars of MY MONEY to repair MY HOUSE. Every day they hold MY MONEY is another day I cannot live in MY HOUSE. In 7 1/2 years I have NEVER been late paying my house payment. I am a good customer being treated as if I did not exist. All the while, they hold thousands of dollars that is not theirs.

DEALING WITH US BANK IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD WITH ANY INSTITUTION, FINANCIAL OR OTHERWISE. Once my home is repaired I will be refinancing my home loan. I will never have another thing to do with US Bank.

Disregard Phony Text Messages

While broiling some pork loin skewers tonight for dinner on an unusually warm evening here in the upper Midwest - great wine, cool jazz in the air - I got a text message on my mobile. A nice little vibration and jingle near my business center this time of night made me smile thinking it was a female friend of mine checking in to say hi.

I continued rocking on the barbecue and wine waiting not wanting to torch dinner figuring I'd check in with the cell a few minutes later. Finally getting to it, I read the tiny text telling me that my US Bank credit card was in cardiac arrest - suspicious activity abounds and I'm to call some B.S. 800 number. The sender was "Security@USbank.com."

For starters, US Bank is the bank behind my card - so seeing a message from what at first appeared to be a legit dotcom made me take pause. Then, as a savvy consumer, I disregarded the number texted to me requesting a call-back - I called the number on the back of my card and spoke to a CSR. They quickly informed me the text was a scam and not to respond to it - which I didn't. They checked my card activity and confirmed I was OK.

Relieved I thanked the rep - she asked if I was interested in upping my credit limit. I responded "thank you, no - but would you be interested in lowering my interest rate?" I never hesitate to ask, as if you make timely payments, often they will lower it. "At this time, you're at the lowest we allow" she replied.

I hung up, finished grilling perfect kabobs, had some great wine and will sleep easier tonight knowing I haven't been scammed by some creep who inadvertently got my mobile number. The lesson to take from this gentle readers is to NEVER respond to TEXT messages from finance/credit companies on your mobile phone. Don't call their numbers or go to their sites. If you have questions, call the number on the back of the card only! Be your own hero - use common sense and don't let somebody take advantage of you. Slim, just stay off my reviews and informatives - I don't have time or inclination to explain basic logic to you.

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