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Bank steals customers money
Posted by on
ST PAUL, MINNESOTA -- Just wanted to share with others how US Bank treats their customers.... Below is a copy of my email to US Bank:

I just want to make it clear how disappointed I am with US Bank’s service or lack thereof.

I made an online payment on the 20th of January, this was my first online payment with US Bank, and your system indicated that all was well with the transaction, printed out the confirmation of payment.

To my surprise I received a phone call with the rep indicating my loan is past due. What! Well apparently a check digit was missing or something, WOW, Just getting a call now, 14 days later…….. No email message, no phone message, nothing.

C'mon, does US Bank really expect to retain customers by using a really crappy system and then charge the customers for this system through late charges and phone payment service charge? I say no thanks!!


Wells Fargo may be expensive, but at least you get good service!
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User Replies:
Principissa on 02/04/2008:
Find a credit union in your area. The interest rates are better as well as the customer service. Before you go moving your money to Wells Fargo, I urge you to read some of the reviews on this site and other's before doing so.
Anonymous on 02/05/2008:
Look through your online banking terms and conditions. It will be a separate document from your account terms and conditions. There may be a section concerning how you can recoup any fees or charges you had to pay because of the bank's error (my bank has such a "clause" but fortunately I haven't needed to use it). There may be a specific procedure to follow other than just sending an email.
madconsumer on 02/05/2008:
if you enter your information wrong, why would they go out of their way to make sure of your loan payment? they do not look through each and every loan, and see who has paid on time. once the 14 days are up, and your payment not posted, it automatically prints out your name, then they call you.

sorry, but you are not the only person with a loan.
Ponie on 02/05/2008:
Right, Robf. The account I use most for paying bills online promises $50 if it's their error. I always schedule payments for a day before the actual due dates--just in case. In their drop-down calendars, they have greyed out all weekends and bank holidays. If I manually put in one of those dates, my transaction won't be accepted.

It's been years since I was with a credit union. Do they offer online banking?
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Refusal to release insurance check.
Posted by on
OSKOSH, WISCONSIN -- I had a boat that was damaged in Hurricane Rita. The insurance company sent a marine surveyor to get an estimate. They then sent a check to me and US Bank (the lien holder). I sent the check to the bank to be endorsed so I could cash it and begin repairs. I was told that they needed a copy of the estimate. I had the insurance company send them a copy. Now they are stating that the insurance companies estimate is not good enough for them to endorse the insurance check. It was good enough for the insurance company to print the check. I was told that they "had to protect their interest". When I said I just would not get the boat repaired I was told "that is up to you". I don't see how me not getting the boat repaired is "protecting their interest". I have never signed any paper giving US Bank control over my insurance claims with the insurance company.
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User Replies:
UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 10/13/2005:
Try getting a second estimate. What may be happening is that the bank thinks that your insurance company is trying of give you a low ball offer (which insurance companies often do) and in a way they are looking out for your best interests also by making sure that you are adequately compensated. Since they are the lein holder, that means that they technically own the boat and that's why they want to be absolutely sure that the boat is fixed up properly and therefore they should have an interest in how the insurance company handles the claim. Once again, get a second (or even third) estimate to make sure everything is on the up and up in regards to your boat repair.
UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 10/13/2005:
BTW, once the check is endorsed, the insurance case is considered settled and you can no longer make any legal claims against your insurance company. That's why it's imperative that you make sure the compensation is adequate before you begin anything else.
KenPC on 10/19/2005:
If the bank is holding a lien on the boat, they are not going to sign that check over to you. What they are going to want to see is the proof that you had the repairs done, then they will sign the check over to the repair company to pay them. Giving the check to you is the same as them giving up their lien on the boat, and they didn't just fall off that old turnip truck.
Deborah Easton on 09/28/2012:
March of 2012 had hail damage. US Bank didn't have a prablem releasing the first check that had the bank mine and my husband's name on it and the contractor. However they won't release the second check so we can finishing paying the contractor. They even sent out an inspector to verify the work had been completed which it has and still won't release the second check. Now my contractor can't get paid for the entire job that he has completed.
Never again on 07/11/2013:
The worst experience ever dealing with US Bank for a roof damage claim. Expect to have the contractor calling you a lot asking about the payment. They with held money without providing a reason. I complained and was told they were refunding the inspector fee they withheld but check never came. I called and they said corporate denied the refund money but they never bothered to tell me. Complained more and they say they are able to override corporate decision and will refund the money. God only knows if I will ever see it. Please somebody file a huge class action lawsuit for this scam. I refinanced because of this insane headache just trying to get my roof repaired that was covered by insurance and will never use US bank again.
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US Bank - Consumer Alert - US Bank Unsafe and Unsound Banking Practices
Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Depositing our money in US Bank has proven to be unsafe and unsound.

On May 31, 2002, US Bank in Nashville, Tennessee allowed a $61,000 (sixty one thousand dollars) theft from a senior citizen and his family savings account by a person who had no ownership or partnership and whose name is not on the account.

A federal government employee for the Veterans Hospital converted this money without the account owners knowledge or consent.

A complaint was filed to the OCC who regulates national banks. The vice president of US Bank gave false statements to this government agency in what I believe was an attempt to cover up their gross negligence.

The OCC informed that there are no laws protecting the depositors. FDIC insured is only if the bank fails.

A lawsuit has been filed in Davidson County Circuit Court and US Bank by and through their attorney's have once again filed false statements.

US Bank allowed a $61,000 conversion and then turned their backs on their customers now making them victims of crime.

National Banks should not be above the law!

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User Replies:
LegalCollector on 06/09/2004:
OK, first this happened over 2 years ago. Way to be on the ball. Second, how do you know the statements are false??!! Are you in any way involved with the investigation or prosecution, or are you merely speculating?
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US Bank Five Star Screwed
Posted by on
MOST OF US -- Avoid getting a 5-star screwing from US Bank.

Check out the many customer and employee complaints against this bank and its predecessors, the scandals, and the allegations of wrong doing. Check out how this bank gave me, a 12 year customer, a major screw-over.

Visit http://www.usbank-5starscrewed.0catch.com for the truth about US Bank and Five Star Guaranteed Service before you trust your money to them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/19/2003:
US bank has put a signature loan on my creist history that I never signed for.I never had an account at that bank.I have been trying for 2 years to get it off my credit.I have even gone to the branch who claims that I took it out there and they cannot find any record of my loan.
mskay on 05/30/2009:
US Bank is sneaky, so I overdrafted, but quickly brought the account back positive and even deposited to cover the overdraft fee, soon after I was hit with four days worth of negative balance fees, which caused the account to go negative again and another negative account fee was placed again
employee on 01/05/2013:
Can't wait to get enough experience so I can get out of here. Fraud by loan officers and the processors and mgt turns their head. Ops hates sales and is lazy very bad environment
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