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Bank steals customers money
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ST PAUL, MINNESOTA -- Just wanted to share with others how US Bank treats their customers.... Below is a copy of my email to US Bank:

I just want to make it clear how disappointed I am with US Bank’s service or lack thereof.

I made an online payment on the 20th of January, this was my first online payment with US Bank, and your system indicated that all was well with the transaction, printed out the confirmation of payment.

To my surprise I received a phone call with the rep indicating my loan is past due. What! Well apparently a check digit was missing or something, WOW, Just getting a call now, 14 days later…….. No email message, no phone message, nothing.

C'mon, does US Bank really expect to retain customers by using a really crappy system and then charge the customers for this system through late charges and phone payment service charge? I say no thanks!!


Wells Fargo may be expensive, but at least you get good service!
Refusal to release insurance check.
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OSKOSH, WISCONSIN -- I had a boat that was damaged in Hurricane Rita. The insurance company sent a marine surveyor to get an estimate. They then sent a check to me and US Bank (the lien holder). I sent the check to the bank to be endorsed so I could cash it and begin repairs. I was told that they needed a copy of the estimate. I had the insurance company send them a copy. Now they are stating that the insurance companies estimate is not good enough for them to endorse the insurance check. It was good enough for the insurance company to print the check. I was told that they "had to protect their interest". When I said I just would not get the boat repaired I was told "that is up to you". I don't see how me not getting the boat repaired is "protecting their interest". I have never signed any paper giving US Bank control over my insurance claims with the insurance company.
US Bank - Consumer Alert - US Bank Unsafe and Unsound Banking Practices
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Depositing our money in US Bank has proven to be unsafe and unsound.

On May 31, 2002, US Bank in Nashville, Tennessee allowed a $61,000 (sixty one thousand dollars) theft from a senior citizen and his family savings account by a person who had no ownership or partnership and whose name is not on the account.

A federal government employee for the Veterans Hospital converted this money without the account owners knowledge or consent.

A complaint was filed to the OCC who regulates national banks. The vice president of US Bank gave false statements to this government agency in what I believe was an attempt to cover up their gross negligence.

The OCC informed that there are no laws protecting the depositors. FDIC insured is only if the bank fails.

A lawsuit has been filed in Davidson County Circuit Court and US Bank by and through their attorney's have once again filed false statements.

US Bank allowed a $61,000 conversion and then turned their backs on their customers now making them victims of crime.

National Banks should not be above the law!

US Bank Five Star Screwed
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MOST OF US -- Avoid getting a 5-star screwing from US Bank.

Check out the many customer and employee complaints against this bank and its predecessors, the scandals, and the allegations of wrong doing. Check out how this bank gave me, a 12 year customer, a major screw-over.

Visit http://www.usbank-5starscrewed.0catch.com for the truth about US Bank and Five Star Guaranteed Service before you trust your money to them.
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