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Unfair Charges
Posted by Kreetz on 02/03/2005
My wife and I were thinking about switching carriers when our contract with U.S. Cellular expired. My wife called them and asked when the contract ended. After that, we contacted Cingular, and were going to get the new service started, before our current contract with USC expired. We had not idea that porting out our number would also terminate our contract with USC. A few weeks later, we got a bill from USC for $300, for early termination. We were never told that we would be charged $300 for porting out our number. USC charged us, when there was less than a month left on the contract. The claimed that they're records indicate that Tessa was told this, but that is an all lie, had we known that they would charge us $300, we would have never gone through with changing carries, until after the contract had expired. I will never recommend USC to anyone. They overcharge, and don't have Customer Care, as they claim! DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

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Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-02-03:
Yes Cingular sucks. Read all the complaints and mine on this site about them. Call the corporate number and ask for the president’s secretary office 404-236-6000.
File complaints with your Attorney General for your State, FTC.gov, and the FCC.gov.
Posted by colleenlucky7 on 2006-02-09:
We have 5 U.S.Cellular accounts..... The kids wanted the Razor Phone......we bought two. The purpose of getting the Razor Phone..was so the kids could do all kinds of cool things as advertised by the company that makes them! We explained (our daughter explained actually) why the Razor Phones were so desired by the kids....(They are super expensive too!!!!!), the sales people agreed..."yeah..they are cool.."
The complaint is....U.S. Cellular removes the software from the phone disabling all the cool free features! The only way to then make it work is to purchase expensive Easy Edge and Etc. I call this "Bait and Switch"...... they don't tell you any of this at all when you go in... if you don't know to ask if they disabled features you desire....They don't tell...... and tell you too bad..... and your hooked into a two year contract of being abused and ripped off! They always bait and switch.....and then later claim that they had told the customer! Yeah... right... one person told me....."If you don't like it....go somewhere else!"... yeah...right..and get ripped off some more! Can you imagine the cost of 5 contracts being penalized for early contract cancelation!.....People should complain and let others know what is happening! Thank you Colleenlucky7
Posted by jvs on 2007-01-23:
The number TXRoadTrip posted above is for CINGULAR! If you wish to contact the president's secretary's office for U.S. Cellular, the number is: 773-399-8900. The president's name is John E. Rooney. Write a letter to him, and also to the "Escalations" department at the following address:

U.S. Cellular
Attention: John E. Rooney, President (and Escalations)
8410 W. Bryn Mawr, Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60631-3486

Make sure to write on the bottom of your letter

cc: FCC
States Attorney General's Office

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Posted by Kelee820 on 02/25/2008
I purchased a new razor phone from us cellular in November 2007. It came with a 50.00 rebate. the salesman helped me fill out the rebate form and sent it off. I received a notice in the mail about a month later that the rebate had expired for that phone. I called and explained that the salesman had told me that the rebate was still in effect at the time I purchased the phone.

I was informed the rebate had expired the same day I purchased the phone. They refused to honor the rebate. Needless to say I sold the contract and went with another carrier.
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Poor business practice
Posted by Timbck2 on 12/29/2005
SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- I called US Cellular to cancel my service contract because I have moved out of their service area. They have charged me a $150.00 contract cancellation fee, despite their own admission that they do not offer service at my new address. This is very poor business practice, and very unfair. I want them to waive the contract cancellation fee like most cellular companies would under these circumstances.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2005-12-29:
Tough shyt. Thats the contract you agreed to.
Posted by UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 2006-01-02:
You know that free or greatly discounted phone that you got when you first signed up for the service? They want their money back for the cost of that phone. The fact that you moved out of their service area wasn't their fault.
Posted by Missyhardt on 2006-09-27:
I totally sypathize with you. I used to use US Cellular, and they did the same thing to me! Once they disconected my service 6 days AFTER I had paid my bill IN FULL, and then made me pay an extra $35 to reconnect.
Posted by jvs on 2007-01-23:
I just love the questionably helpful comments here.

OK, there are 2 options

1. Go to the website celltradeusa.com and for a small fee, they will help you get out of the rest of your contract by finding someone else to take over the remainder--no termination fee! Likewise, if you want to sign up for a service for only a few months, instead of a few years, you can also use this service to take over the remainder of someone else's contract! I believe the charge for this service is around $20.

I have just recently gotten U.S.Cellular to agree to let me out of my contract and waive the termination fees--but I had a LOT of problems with their customer service department misrepresenting the services they offered, and overcharging me on the bill for months on end, repeatedly promising to correct it, and then, just not following through and making the corrections. If you have an extremely good reason for wanting to get out of your contract and get them to waive the termination fee, well, best chance is to go up the ladder and talk to their home office--ask for the president's office at 773-399-8900.
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The best phones and best customer service.
Posted by Jzqt22 on 06/13/2013
I have been a loyal customer since 1999. Products and service have been impeccable. I wish the were keeping their cellular towers in Chicagoland. Instead they are switching us to Sprint :-(

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Why the phone call?
Posted by Ocbarbq on 10/12/2012
CANTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- We are a BBQ business and have been here for 2 1/2 years. We get daily calls from US cellular about an account issue. No one who works here has US Cellular nor is the business thru there either. We have talked to 4 different people in 4 days who say they will rectify this problem. As of today they have called again. We are a busy restaurant and do not have the time to contnually take theses calls. This has completely dissuaded us from EVER trying US Cellular should we become tired of AT&T.
OC's Bar-b-q
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-13:
This sounds the same as what happens to citizens as well - I had this problem with VZ online until I took the time to speak with the reps. It really doesn't matter that you are a business - nobody has time to deal with bill collectors we don't owe money to, and there isn't any distinction to them either. It's an account that owes money.

Hopefully the fact that you spoke with them will help get you off the list soon. Keep doing so until they do - if you hang up on them they will assume they have the right party.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-10-13:
Are they calling for an individual or a business? Not that it really matters. If this isn't your account or your business account as you said, send them a certified registered Cease and desist letter with a return receipt. Tell them to cease all communications to that address and phone number because they have the wrong person. Once they receive the C&D letter, they can not continue to call at that number,otherwise they will be violating the FDCPA.
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Harassing Past Due Automated Calls
Posted by Danielkippowell on 04/18/2012
I was past due on my bill by about a week. I paid the balance today. I received 4 calls today (one "restricted" - sneaky huh?)saying I needed to contact US Cellular. I contacted a CSR who told me if I didn't listen to the message completely that I would continue to get calls until the system had updated over the next 24 hours. I told her I was at work and didn't have time for one of these ungodly lengthy robocalls from technology hell that plague our society. I will change carriers if that happens again. Granted I must pay bill on time, but this was excessive.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-20:
You may wish to check and see if this has effected your credit rating.
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Data Overage Usage
Posted by Maewest7_2000 on 02/27/2012
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Ok so my Samsung android keeps giving me overages every month! This month bill is nearly 700! They don't seem to care about keeping me as a customer since I have been with them since they came to Chicago several years ago. On the phone with them for over an hour an the most they can offer me is a 75$ discount, overall their whole attitude is we don't know what to tell you why your phone is using so much data even after I had taken it in to have the old OS delete and the new one put on. They suck and are very unprofessional and don't care about retaining a longtime customer!
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Posted by MRM on 2012-02-27:
A $700 monthly bill... Whoa Nelly! I love my $25/month plan as I feel richer in my bank account!
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-02-27:
are you being billed per instant message or web access??
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-02-27:
Yikes! I have virgin mobile for 25 a month with unlimited text and web. Its now 35 but old customers get it for the same price. Only downer only 300 minutes...ugh
Posted by Starlord on 2012-02-28:
I have an LG800G smart phone and get triple minutes for life. Every 90 days, I buy a 60 minute card, and that gives me 180 minutes. This works out to about $6.50 per month for my cell phone. Gotta love Tracfone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-28:
I also own a Tracfone. I don't use a cell phone that much so its adequate for my needs. I currently have 920 minutes on it.
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They have always done right by me
Posted by Glers on 02/25/2011
I have been with US Cellular since they bought out Primeco. I rarely have had a problem with dropped calls, their call plans are the best priced, they have free in coming calls, and they notify me when I hit 75% of my minutes.

The only problem I ever had is with them is the Motorola phones they sell.

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The Customer comes first and with out me there is no U.S. Cellular
Posted by Darsell on 04/16/2010
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am a cell phone customer at U.S. cellular, I have 4 phones. I pay around 265.00 every month and this have been for the last year and four months. U.S. Cellular have very nasty customer service reps that talk to me like I am nothing as a consumer. when you call to make payment arrangements for your current bill they threaten to shut your service off and force you to make arrangements on dates that you know you can not make the payment. I had a bill do on the 28th of the month and they will not give me until at least
the 10th of the month. I had to go visit my dad whom live in Arizona, he was diagnose with liver cancer with out thinking and being under the impression my service was fine I went to only get back and have 200.00 dollars in roaming charges I called and they again were very nasty and would not accommodate my bill. They are some nasty people that do not appreciate their customers. when you ask for a supervisor, they are just as nasty. I would suggest that anyone with U>S. Cellular to shop Elyse where.
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Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-17:
to be honest, most cell phone companies don't give you free roaming, even if you tell them there's an emergency in the family.

what you may want to do the next time you travel is pick up a prepaid phone (burn phone!) and just use that while you're traveling and then toss it (or donate it to a shelter) when you're done. that way your regular bill won't get hosed.

what you don't know is that many of these companies get countless calls claiming "family emergency" as a reason to get their bills reduced or extra credit.

In one case I read about, it was the 3rd time the customer's mother had died, & once - while dead - had gotten into an accident. So, when the girls mother had died again, the company called her out on it & refused to extend her minutes.

Now your case could have been a true emergency. the thing is... fewer companies automatically believe it, not without actual proof.
Posted by RedDazes on 2010-04-18:
I have to say, when I first read your comment I felt sympathetic towards you. But about half way though it ended. It sounds like you have been paying late often. I suggest switching companies if you are really so upset with them. T-Mobile might not have as wide of a service range, but they have really great customer service.
Posted by Darsell on 2010-04-19:
Stay off the paying late,The company was told when I first signed up that I will be paying around the 10 of the month. I will be leaving and T-mobile will not get my business. I pay faithfully 300.00 a month and have been for 1year and 4 months ,I should get respect and not nasty attitudes from CS R'S
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Deceitful Business Practices
Posted by TimWV on 11/21/2008
US Cellular...LIES!

This company underhandedly duped my wife, brother and I into getting new phones with our newly resigned service plans. Little did they tell us that the smartphones we chose required a data plan that they would not let us out of as long as we had the smartphones(which we now own) activated. So...not only did we buy the phones (at a cheaper prices..yes) but got us into a plan for $25 a month per phone for the data along with the service. The phone in question is the Moto Q. The same one in which Sprint and a few other carries said they did not require data plans for. Multiple US Cellular representatives told me "all carries require data plans with their smartphones..." Untrue! US Cellular is now telling me..to put is simple..."too bad".

Listen to my warning...don't be fooled by enticing plan prices. They con you in to such obscured plans that they end up making the money they want with lies and confusing contract... BUYER BEWARE!!!!


Funny thing... they have billboards up in my area say... "US Cellular..WE CARE" ...ya right!

About themselves!
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Posted by Davenport on 2008-11-22:
Do you have anything in writing that says you owe 25 dollars a month for the data plan? If so, did you get it when you signed up? Either read the contract or if no such paper exists, dispute it with them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-22:
Why would you buy a data phone if you didn't want to use it for what it's designed for?

I looked on the US Cellular website and nothing says you have to have a data plan if you have a Smartphone.
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