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US Cellular
8410 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60631-3486
1-888-944-9400 (ph)
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Deceitful Business Practices
By -

US Cellular...LIES! This company underhandedly duped my wife, brother and I into getting new phones with our newly resigned service plans. Little did they tell us that the smartphones we chose required a data plan that they would not let us out of as long as we had the smartphones (which we now own) activated.

So...not only did we buy the phones (at a cheaper prices...yes) but got us into a plan for $25 a month per phone for the data along with the service. The phone in question is the Moto Q. The same one in which Sprint and a few other carries said they did not require data plans for. Multiple US Cellular representatives told me "all carries require data plans with their smartphones..." Untrue! US Cellular is now telling put is simple..."too bad".

Listen to my warning...don't be fooled by enticing plan prices. They con you in to such obscured plans that they end up making the money they want with lies and confusing contract... BUYER BEWARE!!! US CELLULAR LIES!!! Funny thing... they have billboards up in my area say... "US Cellular...WE CARE"... yeah right! About themselves!

Repair or replacement of my cellphone
By -

BELOIT, WYOMING -- Yesterday the viewing screen on my cellphone broke. I did not drop the phone, but I am not arguing that I am responsible for the repair. Today I took it to the local U.S. Cellular store for help. The kind sales person looked up my account and confirmed that my contract was valid until December of this year. She checked the phone and said the cellphone is not repairable, and they will let me get a new phone if I sign a new two-year agreement.

I don't want to sign another two year agreement. Maybe there will be a better company to go with when the current contract is up in December. It looks like they want me to keep my contract up to date (monthly payments) until December but not have the ability to use the cell phone.

It seems unfair that I am under a contract until December and I can't use my cell phone and the only way to solve it is to purchase a NEW two year contract. You think I would have been able to purchase another phone to fill the rest of the current contract but that was not an option according to the salesperson.

US Cellular=Rip Off
By -

BURLINGTON, IOWA -- I have lived in Iowa and been a US Cellular customer for many years. When we decided to move to Colorado I called US Cellular and asked about getting a Colorado number. I was informed that they don't have service in Colorado and because we are still under contract if we cancel our service we will have to pay an early termination fee of $150 per phone.

I told them I'll just take my phone and use it out there with the no roaming plan and they said that if I don't use at least 50% of my minutes in my local calling area that they will cancel my service and I'll still have to pay the early termination fees. So, I'm ripped off and never going back to US Cellular, even if they do someday offer service in Colorado!

Beware of US Cellular Tactics
By -

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- When I was in NC I had US Cellular phone service for several years. My phone kept disconnecting and they said a new phone would pull in all the new towers. I accepted a new phone, not knowing that it renewed my OLD contract, which had all kinds of original "agreements" that was not on the new sheet they had me sign.

Several months later I accepted a job in Florida and guess what--US Cellular isn't IN Florida. When I have phone problems where do I go--nowhere. I'm still being billed NC utility tax and haven't lived there for over a year! Although I've paid many times the value for this phone (very basic--no flip, no camera, no nothing--it's a PHONE!), they insist on wanting to charge me a $200 cancellation fee.

I dug through my old files and sure enough, on the ORIGINAL contract, they said if I moved to where they weren't TUFF! All the numbers have now rubbed off this phone. This summer as soon as June rolls around I'm going to throw the damn thing as hard as I can into the Atlantic!

Termination Fees and lying about them
By -

IOWA -- I activated a line w/ US Cellular in July of 05' then another line in Dec 05'. I'm living in the Midwest at this time but am from the NW and my husband is from TX. There isn't much to choose from in this part of the country so we decided to go w/ US cellular. We knew that we WERE NOT going to live in this area for an extended period of time and WAS TOLD BY THE KIOSK REP THAT IF WE MOVE OUT OF THE AREA THERE WOULDN'T BE A TERM FEE.

Now, over a year later we've decided to move back to TX and guess what, they want to charge a 150.00 early termination fee for both lines, 300.00 in total. When asked why they stated "you sign a contract for the service in the area you are in, not anywhere else."

I've never heard of any cell phone company do this, if they don't have service in that area that's THEIR FAULT not OURS! I was lied to for commission from the rep! Don't let this happen to you! I specifically asked the rep because I knew we were not going to be in this area for 2 years.

Trying to Cancel Plan
By -

DANVILLE, ALABAMA -- After twenty years of being a cingular customer I received notice that they want to cancel my plan because I use my phone too much in areas other than mine. I have lived in the same house for 30 years and this is the first time I have heard anyone complain that there is not a tower near enough to my home.

My plan runs $150 a month. I only use it about an hour a month and my roll over is in the thousands. I do roam off a different tower, but my plan does not have roaming charges. Does anyone know what's going on? Is there something in the future we do not know about? I would like some input!

Unfair Charges
By -

My wife and I were thinking about switching carriers when our contract with U.S. Cellular expired. My wife called them and asked when the contract ended. After that, we contacted Cingular, and were going to get the new service started, before our current contract with USC expired. We had not idea that porting out our number would also terminate our contract with USC.

A few weeks later, we got a bill from USC for $300, for early termination. We were never told that we would be charged $300 for porting out our number. USC charged us when there was less than a month left on the contract. They claimed that their records indicate that ** was told this, but that is an all lie. Had we known that they would charge us $300, we would have never gone through with changing carries, until after the contract had expired. I will never recommend USC to anyone. They overcharge and don't have Customer Care as they claim! DO NOT USE THEM!!!

Fantastic Coverage and Great Service
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- US Cellular is a terrific cell phone provider to use if you live in their coverage areas. I used them for 4 years in Wisconsin and virtually never dropped calls. Even when out of the network and roaming, it still gives great call quality.
Their billing was always accurate (something I cannot say about Sprint) and the customer service in their stores (not the authorized dealers) always took care of everything on the first visit. Had I not moved out of the coverage area, I would still have them.

Poor business practice
By -

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- I called US Cellular to cancel my service contract because I have moved out of their service area. They have charged me a $150.00 contract cancellation fee, despite their own admission that they do not offer service at my new address. This is very poor business practice, and very unfair. I want them to waive the contract cancellation fee like most cellular companies would under these circumstances.

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