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Horrible phones
Posted by PreppyboyofIL on 07/22/2008
ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- I over the past 4 months have went through 4 US Cellular phones. US Cellular uses many low grade, weak, britle phones that break or malfunction if you even look at them the wrong way.

First I went through 2 Motorolla Razor phones of which in each case, both phones began shorting out and eventually stopped working. I was told by a rep at US Cellular, that the reason for this, was moisture or steam was getting into the phone and shorting out the phone. I told him that, NEVER has the phone been dropped much less dropped into water and he aggreed that the phone was in good condition as the original wrapping was still on the phone, but somehow steam was entering the phone. I told him, " steam?, my house is not loaded with steam and sorry". I wasn't buying that excuse. He said, well I can offer you a new phone of which he recommended the LG UX 260. This phone as it turned out was worse than the Motorolla phones having continual software issues of which I was told after calling the rep at the Orland Park store once this was occurring, to come in and a software upgrade would need to be done.

My question is, why wasn't this done in the first place? I was told that the software malfunction was an issue with an entire batch of phones bought by US Cellular and that US Cellular doesn't know what phones are faulty and which are good. So that said, I had to go out of town for a few days to a hot climate with this faulty phone. Once down in the hotter climate, I left my phone in my car where the heat "supposedly" cracked my screen on the phone due to the fluid in the screen expanding from the heat, or so I was told by the rep at the US Cellular store. Now I'm sorry here, but aren't phones supposed to withstand the heat that is on EARTH?! Isn't that what they were made for? I wasn't standing in a forest fire or on the sun. The phone was in my car! I remember old phones such as the Nokia's could be dropped off a building and still be ok. Not a new US Cellular phone though. I was told I would need to file an insurance claim of which I would be billed the $50 deductable for. The rep assured me that US Cellular would reimburse me the $50 as a "good faith credit". I received my next LG UX 260 phone days later. Upon activation, I began having problems with the new phone almost instantly such as the phone's processor running slow or locking up all together and a hairline crack appeared at the top of the screen. I called the rep back at the Orland Park/Tinley Park store and was told to once again bring this phone back and he would take care of the problem. I came back in very irrate on a Friday afternoon after the phone this time locked itself up and was told that he would issue me a $10 credit for the hassel, but he could do nothing and that I would need to come back another time when the tech was in. I said fine and that when I got a chance I would be back.

Today, I took my phone to work with me where I work in an office and had my phone alone by itself in my FRONT pocket of my pants and had not used it all day. At my time of departure from work I took my phone out of my pocket to use it and noticed that the screen's small crack had spread down the length of the screen and the new phone, only 3 weeks old, was now un-useable. I called the US Cellular store from a work phone and was told to bring it in to the Harlem Ave location and that they would have to look at it and get me a loaner phone. I arrived and was told that I have been abusing the phone, and they would do nothing for me. I pointed out that there are no scratches on the phone and that the original packaging is still attached to the phone. I was told that I must have sat on the phone. I said, "I'm sorry I don't usually sit on my front, its kinda hard to do so and this phone was not used all day". So, after many people looked at the phone, they agreed that this phone was NOT abused, but still would do nothing due to the fact that there was physical damage to the phone and that I would need to file another insurance claim.

I called customer service from the store where once again I was told that I must have dropped the phone by another US Cellular rep. I told the woman on the phone that I never even took the phone out of my pocket, nor did I sit on or fall on the phone. She said sorry, the best I can do is offer you $20 for your trouble. I told her that I just wanted out of this contract so I could go somewhere that has "real" phones. Again no luck. So, after dealing with customer service over the phone from within the US Cellular store, I was then told, "sorry we ran out of loaner phones and you need to go to the other Orland Park store". BOTTOM LINE... DON'T BUY A US CELLULAR PHONE!!! WORST PHONES ON THE MARKET!!!
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Posted by jenjenn on 2008-07-23:
I've had several phones with US Cellular. Only had issues with one type of LG phone. I had it replaced on 3 different occasions. They must have gotten sick of dealing with it, because we got coupons to get a new phone - just to get people out of that one. That's the only time though, and I've had them several years.
Posted by ShaShaGrace on 2010-12-14:
I would just like to point out that wireless carriers do not manufacture their devices. The manufacturers do. So be careful when blaming US Cellular, T Mobile, Verizon, or any other carrier for your dissatisfaction with a phone made by Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, or any other manufacturer. And just to add my personal experience: I've never been happy with a Motorola phone with any carrier. LG and Samsung have always been winners, no matter who I'm with.
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Fantastic Coverage and Great Service
Posted by RyanInSeattle on 12/28/2007
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- US Cellular is a terrific cell phone provider to use if you live in their coverage areas. I used them for 4 years in Wisconsin and virtually never dropped calls. Even when out of the network and roaming, it still gives great call quality.
Their billing was always accurate (something I cannot say about Sprint) and the customer service in their stores (not the authorized dealers) always took care of everything on the first visit. Had I not moved out of the coverage area, I would still have them.
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Stay away from these crooks
Posted by Narwhal on 08/21/2007
I have been with US cellular for almost four years and was relatively pleased with service and coverage until I moved within the last few months. I had a 700 minute plan so I could use my mobile for long distance calls but once I moved (locally), I no longer had a signal sufficient to hold a call. I called US Cellular and discussed options with them and they agreed I was in a poor coverage area and subsequently agreed to let me out of my contract, which I was happy with. My contract expires in May of 08 so they told me that I needed to return the handset that I had gotten with the contract (cheap Nokia) and charger, which I had no issues with. I went to the store today to take care of this and the agent got someone on the phone to review what I was told and apparently, the person on the other end told her she needed to check to see if the phone was damaged (the phone is in pristine condition). The agent told us she needed to go to the back and returned a couple minutes later to show us that there was a red sticker under the battery cover that indicated the handset had water damage and stated that, based on this, she could not accept the phone because it was not in "like new" condition. She said there would be a $150 cancellation fee now.

I was seriously ticked. There's nothing wrong with the phone. It has never been in or near water to get damaged. I don't understand why she had to take it into the back of the store to "check the indicator". Seemed suspicious to me. The indicator was right under the battery cover and she should have done so in front of me. So, I am stuck with a handset and service that doesn't do what I need it to and with a cellular company that uses deceptive practices to avoid doing what they say they will. I called Customer service and was told that I had no way of knowing whether or not the phone had been water damaged (WHAT???) and the idiot actually tried selling me another handset thinking it might work better since this one was damaged.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I've never been so angry with a company such as this and am NOT the type to complain but I thought I needed to warn others about the deception and lies this company practices.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
This is a water damage sticker, which changes colour if moisture gets into this bit of the phone, and will be used to void your warranty if your phone stops working for any reason.

In most cases, the cell phones still work after little water exposure.

The sticker does not lie, unless you think that they replace the sticker just to make you pay a cancellation fee. Very unlikely.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-21:
There are generally two of these stickers. One under the battery, and one internally. The one under the battery arrives already red in something like 40% of new phones. You might try insisting that they open the phone and check the second sticker.
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Repair or replacement of my cellphone
Posted by Greg18 on 08/02/2007
BELOIT, WYOMING -- Yesterday the viewing screen on my cellphone broke. I did not drop the phone, but I am not arguing that I am responsible for the repair. Today I took it to the local U.S. Cellular store for help. The kind sales person looked up my account and confirmed that my contract was valid until December of this year. She checked the phone and said the cellphone is not repairable, and they will let me get a new phone if I sign a new two-year agreement. I don't want to sign another two year agreement-Maybe there will be a better company to go with when the current contract is up in December. It looks like they want me to keep my contract up to date (monthly payments) until December but not have the ability to use the cell phone. It seems unfair, that I am under a contract until December and I can't use my cell phone and the only way to solve it is to purchase a NEW two year contract.

You think I would have been able to purchase another phone to fill the rest of the current contract but that was not an option according to the salesperson.
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Posted by trumania on 2007-08-02:
I'm sure she meant you can get a phone for FREE if you extend your contract.

If you wanted to pay full price for a phone then you could get it without extending your contract.

Go back to the store and say you want to buy just the phone because yours broke and you did not have insurance. Then, be prepared to pay more then $100.00 dollars for a phone, unless they have a really really cheap crappy one that will last you through December.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-08-03:
I'll agree with trumania, since a broken or bleeding display is always considered physical abuse by the manufacture and it is always looked at as the customers fault, although sometimes it is not, and is not covered under warranty by any manufacture.
Posted by Greg18 on 2007-08-03:
O.K. I went to a different U.S. Cellular store (across the street from the other one) and they tried to sell me a new contract/phone which I refused. Then they offered me a used cell phone for $60.00. I bought it and I am satisfied. However, when this contract is up in December U.S. Cellular has lost a customer--just because they would rather make more money selling a new contract than sell me a phone or at least give me the option to buy a different phone.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-08-04:
Make sure that they didn't extend your contract with the used phone. It is usually called a refurbished and they can extend with a refurb if you keep it past the return period. I just would hate to see you stuck into something you don't want over a used phone. It wouldn't hurt to call US Cellular and just double check. I am not surprised over what dealer have done and don't trust them for as far as I can throw them.
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US Cellular=Rip Off
Posted by Jlmccane on 06/02/2007
BURLINGTON, IOWA -- I have lived in Iowa and been a US Cellular customer for many years. When we decided to move to Colorado I called US Cellular and asked about getting a Colorado number. I was informed that they don't have service in Colorado and because we are still under contract if we cancel our service we will have to pay an early termination fee of $150 per phone. I told them I'll just take my phone and use it out there with the no roaming plan and they said that if I don't use at least 50% of my minutes in my local calling area that they will cancel my service and I'll still have to pay the early termination fees. So, I'm ripped off and never going back to US Cellular, even if they do someday offer service in Colorado!
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Posted by Starlord on 2007-06-03:
We got a phone years ago with Cellular One, and at first they sqaid we could not get it because of our credit. We got my wife's mom to co-sign for us to get the phone, figuring this would be the avenue to restoring our credit. It didn't take us very long to figure that instead of showing my MIL as co-signer, they put the account in her name. I went into their office and pleaded our case, and got told that was the way it was, TS. We completed the contract, then I went in again, placed the cell phone on the counter and smashed it with my shoe. I let them know in no uncertain terms was I pleased, and that they needed far more than I could do. It wasn't very long before they had a new name on the building, and have changed hands a couple times since. I have been with Tracfone since Cellular One screwed us over.
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Beware of US Cellular Tactics
Posted by Unclemike on 01/08/2007
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- When I was in NC I had US Cellular phone service for several years. My phone kept disconnecting and they said a new phone would pull in all the new towers. I accepted a new phone, not knowing that it renewed my OLD contract, which had all kinds of original "agreements" that was not on the new sheet they had me sign. Several months later I accepted a job in Florida and guess what--US Cellular isn't IN Florida. When I have phone problems where do I go--nowhere. I'm still being billed NC utility tax and haven't lived there for over a year! Although I've payed many times the value for this phone (very basic--no flip, no camera, no nothing--it's a PHONE!), they insist on wanting to charge me a $200 cancellation fee. I dug through my old files and sure enough, on the ORIGINAL contract, they said if I moved to where they weren't TUFF! All the numbers have now rubbed off this phone. This summer as soon as June rolls around I'm going to throw the damn thing as hard as I can into the Atlantic!
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Posted by Skye on 2007-01-08:
Do you really need to have a cell phone?? Just curious, because it's crazy how many people feel they cannot exist without one. I refuse even to this day, to give in, and get one. Am I old fashioned?? No, just cannot stand seeing people swearving on the roads while driving, because they have to be on the phone. The other night, in the store, this lady was driving me crazy talking so loud on her phone. Nobody was interested in her boring, azz conversation, and I asked her politely to stop shouting. She was shocked I said anything, and apologized, saying she wasn't aware how loud she was speaking. Yes, in an emergency, I can see having to have one, but other then that, useless and a waste of money. ~JMO~
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
Skye, good comments. It's especially disturbing when you see a teenager on a small motor scooter with a flag on the back, driving on a 4-lane highway, toting another teenager and talking on his cell phone!
Posted by Skye on 2007-01-09:
And he's probably talking on the cell phone to the teenager he is carrying!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
Not to defend them but you moved to another area. It's standard in the industry that when you upgrade to a better phone you also renew the contract. The only way to avoid that is to buy at full retail.

You should decide which is cheaper for you until June. Pay the current charges or the termination fee.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-01-09:
Skye, I also felt the same way you do. However, several years ago my Sis and niece bought me one for Christmas. No bells and whistles--just a plain ol' flip phone. Now I'm glad they did. For a very reasonable monthly fee, we're in more frequent contact with each other (we're all T-Mobile). But you won't see me whizzin' down the X-Way, phone glued to my ear. In all the years I've had it, only one month did I go over my allotted minutes. Whenever I go out of town, the phone is right there in the cupholder of my car. I'm surprised unclemike didn't read his contract. I was aware of termination fees from the day I signed mine--and I'm no expert. Glad to hear that lady apologized for her loud conversation.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-01-09:
Not all poeple misuse their phones and annoy others. I cannot imagine being out on the highway and having my car break down and no phone with my 3 yr old son in back. Or being out on errands and not remembering what else I needed to pick up at the store. My 10 and 13 yr old nephews have cell phones and use them responsibly and it's comfirting to know they have them in an emergency. Technology is not a bad thing if you don't misuse it.
Posted by jvs on 2007-01-23:
Skye, I have U.S. Cellular and although I live in Chicagoland, I just spent 3 months in Florida (Tampa) and my cell service worked--great! You may just need to get a newer, and better phone. When I upgraded from a basic phone to the razr, reception improved 100%!

Important! To switch cell phone provider without having to pay the termination fee! There is a new service called celltradeusa.com Which, I believe for $19.95 allows you to trade off the rest of your current cell phone contract--and have someone else take over the remainder of your contract so you don't have to pay that termination fee! If you don't want to be locked into a 2 year contract, you can also take over the remainder of someone else's contract, and only be obligated for a couple of months, instead of a couple of years.
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Termination Fees and lying about them
Posted by Alegna242 on 11/23/2006
IOWA -- I activated a line w/ Us Cellular in July of 05' then another line in Dec 05'. I;m living in the midwest at this time but am from the NW and my husband is from TX. There isnt much to choose from in this part of the country so we decided to go w/ Us cellular. We knew that we WERE NOT going to live in this area for a exended period of time and WAS TOLD BY THE KIOSK REP THAT IF WE MOVE OUT OF THE AREA THERE WOULDNT BE A TERM FEE. Now, over a year later we've decided to move back to TX and guess what, they want to charge a 150.00 early termination fee for both lines, 300.00 in total. When asked why they stated "you sign a contract for the service in the area you are in, not anywhere else." I've never heard of any cell phone company do this, if they dont have service in that area thats THERE FAULT not OURS!
I was lied to for commission from the rep! dont let this happen to you! I specifically asked the rep because I knew we were not going to be in this area for 2 years.
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Posted by jvs on 2007-01-23:
U.S. Cellular's customer service department is trained to do everything possible NOT to give out the number of their home office--but if you want the termination fees waived, the Office of the President is the only one authorized to do so. Call and ask to speak to the President's secretary at 1-(773)399-8900.
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Trying to Cancel Plan
Posted by Srrider on 10/17/2006
DANVILLE, ALABAMA -- After twenty years of being a cingular customer I received notice that they want to cancel my plan because I use my phone too much in areas other than mine. I have lived in the same house for 30 years and this is the first time I have heard anyone complain that there is not a tower near enough to my home. My plan runs $150 a month. I only use it about an hour a month and my roll over is in the thousands. I do roam off a different tower, but my plan does not have roaming charges. Does anyone know what's going on? Is there something in the future we do not know about? I would like some input!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-10-17:
This is the second post this week about this. Perhaps Cingular has begun the "big purge" of customers that roam too much.
Posted by jvs on 2007-01-23:
FYI, US Cellular and Cingular are completely different cell phone companies.
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