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US Fidelis, Tier One--Now Accepting Donations!!
By -

WENTZVILLE, MISSOURI -- Saw commercial on TV for US Fidelis with NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace advertising for them. Must be legit if they have a NASCAR right? Well I guess not. I should have just given a check to my local charity because at least I know it would have gone to someone who actually needed it. Not a company who prides themselves on being one of the 'top' warranty companies out there. This is what happened to me and I am sure to a lot of their customers.

I bought a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee for my wife to drive. It seemed like a nice vehicle with all the features that we wanted. Paid 3000 for the car, less than the bbv as stated by Kelly Blue Book values. Then I decided since we were running our lives with hardly any extra money, yea I'm going to blame the economy, we would buy an extended warranty. I called US Fidelis, who is also Tier One Warranty, and purchased the warranty. They sent me a contract via mail and said I had 30 days to cancel, who has tested that possible lie? Anyone? If so good luck.

I read over the contract and saw that within 30 days of contract a local repair facility must do a service on the vehicle and record mileage and VIN on their paperwork. They did not tell me this it was written in their long contract. I did so as to not give them an out if I needed a claim. I am sure this is another way they get out of paying many claims. Again anyone tested this part of their scam? Back to my story.

I was driving my vehicle 80 miles away from home when the underside of my vehicle caught fire. I pulled over to the side of the road to put the fire out, and with my fire extinguisher put out the flames. I did not attempt to restart the car, which never died, I turned it off. First thing I did was call AAA. Tier One has roadside assistance, so they claim, but decided that I would use AAA since I KNOW they are a reputable company.

Highly recommended to use them, well worth the $125 a YEAR. Towed the Jeep to my local repair shop, which did the first service, and called Tier One. They told me that the repair shop must determine the cause of the failure and report to them with it and also what it would take to repair. The repair facility was very cautious to take on this job. They have done this before with them and had bad results.

I did not have a choice at this point. The truck was there and it needed to get fixed. They proceeded to check for what went wrong. First they discovered the engine would not turn. Pulled the starter and decided that the trans needed to be pulled to make sure which was not turning the engine or trans. Pulled out the trans and transfer case, now the motor would turn. Result is that the trans is sized. New trans is needed.

Now they had all the info they needed to get the ball rolling with the warranty co. They called the warranty co. to discuss what needed to be done. After being on the phone for over an hour, the warranty co. said they would send out an adjuster, not a mechanic, an adjuster. The 'adjuster' arrived at the repair facility to check out the vehicle.

Looked over everything and then left. The repair facility received an email the next day saying that the claim was denied because the transmission lines were removed from vehicle and that caused the trans to overheat. Well of course they were removed. Did he not see that the transmission was on the ground out of the vehicle. The cooler lines are only a couple of feet long I don't think they would have been able to reach the transmission at this point.

So here I am with a vehicle that I bought for my wife and kids to drive around in and the only way I can do so is if I pull it with a strap behind by single cab truck, which we all won't fit in. I also have to pay the repair facility for the removal and diagnostics of the Jeep. Let's see--I bought the vehicle for $3000, paid $2500 for a warranty, paid over $500 for misc. repairs after the warranty to make sure that all was in working order on the Jeep, and now another $750 to the repair shop. That adds up to $6750 for a vehicle that I bought just three months ago.

For that kind of money, $2250 per month, I should be driving a Bentley! So I think if you need to spend money on a warranty the best advice I can give is to give it to a local charity. That's where my Jeep is headed. Also Rusty Wallace you should be ashamed of yourself for representing a company that screws hard working Americans out of their money. Very sad that after over 30 years in racing you are siding with a company that does this.

Scam Artists. Stay Clear Of This Company.
By -

Signed up with these people after seeing them advertised on NASCAR by Rusty Wallace. Appeared reputable. After paying them $1500.00 over time my car developed an engine problem. My mechanic told me it was a rod and needed either a rebuild or new engine. Put in a claim and was told I had to send them my maintenance records showing oil changes for the past 2 years. I keep all my receipts so I sent them what they asked for.

Time passed, no response. After numerous attempts to get this issue resolved I was finally told that I had to have the engine taken apart and diagnosed before they would consider any coverage. A lot of money to do this and no guarantee that they would cover it. They are liars, con men and scam artists led by a felon. Unfortunately I learned this $1500.00 too late.

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