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Who are they?
Posted by on
LARGO, FLORIDA -- Has anyone dealt with US Land Services in Largo, FL?

I am curious about this outfit. Check AG in Florida, BBB, and other sources and cannot find anything negative about them. Would like any comments or information about them.
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Sparticus on 04/19/2007:
I found this on them... but doesn't seem to be much substance there. So not sure how much is truth or just a disgruntled customer...
Anonymous on 04/19/2007:
They show as members of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce. Might try calling them. This is the contact info they show:

US Land Services
7421 114th Ave. N. Suite 203
Largo FL 33773

Toll Free:
1-877-424-LAND (5263)

CJGirone2001 on 04/19/2007:
If you can find the name of a principle, you can go to and type in their name. It will give you EVERYTHING on file for that person or company. If you can't find anything BEWARE! Florida has an exceptionally high rate of fraud. If you are considering building a house beware of giving a deposit....many builders now are going belly-up. If you give them a deposit, they are using your money to build someone elses house and if you are at the end of the rung, he has run out of money and you're screwed! Been there, done that.
scutty on 05/17/2007:
Got contacted by "Cathy" yesterday, and phoned this morning. Didn't get "Cathy" - surpise - but Henry. We live in Canada and have a lot for sale in P. Charlotte. Told I could get $75k, and was VERY interested.

"Henry" faxed me details and contract, and I have to give them my cc # so they can get their $995 to cover their 'legal expenses' and the cost of 'uploading' into their system.

Has scam written al over it to me - anyone else have info?

wgsinc on 02/20/2008:
US Land Services Informative
Who are they? - Land Sales
Posted By: Patrick4287 on 4/19/2007
Location: Largo, FL
Has anyone dealt with US Land Services in Largo, FL?
I am curious about this outfit. Check AG in Florida, BBB, and other sources and cannot find anything negative about them. Would like any comments or information about them.

Here's your answer Patrick:
SCUMBAG illegit company posted on the web to scam any stupid greedy land owner out of over $1,000 00
of their hard earned cash.

They always ask for money up front.
Translated means - they want someone stupid and greedy enough to send them money up front first - for a promise of megabucks to them after.

2) Web Site is a total scam.
They would have to be bigger than Century 21 - Coldwell Bankers - and 20 other National realtors - ALL COMBINED to cover the territory on
their web site.
And their contact address is a "SUITE NUMBER in Largo, Florida"
with no HEAD OFFICE mentioned at all.
I don't think so !!! DAH

They are as real as a 3 dollar bill.
They take your UP-FRONT MONEY and RUN !!

4) I'm sure any number you call that they give you is more of their GANG.
All supersalesmen hired to rip off greedy and naive people.

Let's hope the FRAUD SQUADS get these criminals before more honest people are taken.
that guy on 06/17/2008:
you say they take your money and run? where did they go? there still there aren't they? any business that is in an office park has a suite number...... your paying for a service and truley getting a service. I've seen their commercials on tv and I also know that they are licensed as well call the atty general, bbb or chamber of commerce. You cannot allways believe what you read on the net check them out for your self
sushi79 on 11/13/2008:
DO NOT use US Land Services. I was scammed by these guys. I had 2 homes in Florida to sell. I was told they needed $1000 upfront for their services. I gave them their money and did NOT get ANY help from them. He just kept saying "oooh, I have a lot of interested buyers. I'm actually flying down to other states to talk to these rich real estate investors. " I had to keep calling that representative for half year and just got the same speech!! It was either him telling me this same story or the secretary just kept saying no one was available to answer my questions. After writing a nasty letter about them to the Better Business Bureau, US Land's Director finally contacted me and said they would refund HALF of my money and continue to give me "service" (yeah, right). I had to fill out a form and agree that I will take away the complaint on the BBB and then I will get half of my refund - this is why you won't see any complaints about them.
To make a long story short, I got my money back and realized that these people prey on home owners desperately looking to sell their property.
Bunch of Parasites!
Kurt on 02/11/2014:
This company stole our name several years ago. My company U.S. Land Services L.L.C. is located in Texas and is a Leasing Brokerage for major Oil and Gas firms in the United States. I have spoken with a great many people over the past couple of years that have been scammed out of a lot of money. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. Common sense should always tell you that paying any money up front for any goods and services is not a wise thing. Please do not confuse U.S. Land Services, L.L.C. in Tyler Texas with these scumbags.
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