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Poor Customer Service And Timely Delivery And Quality Of Products
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HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- I have never encountered such poor customer service as I have from this location of USA Baby. It has been a nightmare! I was told my furniture would take 4-6 weeks for delivery and it took 11 weeks for me to get my crib and it had several issues with the paint that the company is not doing anything about! I had to pick up the dressers myself because they came in earlier then the rest of the stuff but I was told I would have had to pay an additional $130 to have it delivered separately, on top of the $160 I already paid! No one ever called me to tell me why there was a delay and I was spoken to rudely when I called.

The special order chair that I bought came 11 weeks later with the crib and was the wrong color and I was told that I would have to wait another 4 weeks and when I said I didn't want to wait any longer, that to just forget it, I was told that I was stuck with it, I would not be getting a discount or anything. And the bed rails that I bought for my convertible 4 in 1 crib were at the store when I picked up the dressers and we were told they would be delivered with the crib, but they were not and when I asked about them, I was told they would be in in another 2 weeks, even though they were there before! They sold them to someone else. I was told a different story each time I called.

For as much money as I spent in their store, I would think I would have been treated much better. And the quality does not match the price.
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Principissa on 04/14/2008:
This sounds like a nightmare. I hope that everything is fine now and you received the correct items. I hope others read this and have more luck doing business with them than you did. Sorry this happened.
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USA BABY in Louisville was horrible
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USA BABY/CHILDSPACE 9902 LINN STATION ROAD, PLAINV -- My wife and I had such a horrible experience at USA BABY in Louisville that I devoted a Web site to telling our story. Employees were rude to my pregnant wife and gave us deceptive information about delivery times. The furniture took four months to arrive and was defective. The owner treated me like a nuisance. I checked into other franchises and learned that many of these businesses have delivery times that are scandalous. Three state's attorneys general have investigated franchises in Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico.

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Anonymous on 05/20/2008:
Thanks for the post,I will not be purchasing anything from these people
I am a store manager at an one of the numerous USA Baby Franchise locations and I have just read your post and visited your web-site. I would like to first tell you and all of the other people who have had negative USA Baby experiences that I am truly sorry for your ordeal. Aside from that it is very important to remember that all of our stores are privately owned and not all of us offer poor customer service. Some of us do truly care about our customers!

The back order issue that you described on your web site was an issue that we also had to deal with. It really was a problem with Sorelle, the manufacturer and not the USA Baby. We received numerous incorrect shipping dates and our calls to them often went unreturned. Our experience with this company was so terrible that we have decided to discontinue carrying their product line. We also had customers waiting several weeks past quote dates due to a backorder that was completely beyond our control. The difference in our case was that we made a huge effort to keep our customers that were affected by the delay informed. I made numerous calls to those customers (without them calling me first), sent out letters, had the owner of Sorelle call the customers affected, gave loaners to people who needed them, and then did free deliveries for the customers who received their combos late. We even shipped a combo to a customer who lived several hours away at our expense!

It can be extremely frustrating on the store level to have to communicate with furniture companies. We are often given the run around and given incorrect information that is passed on to our customers. We are, in reality, the middle man. It sometimes is impossible for me to give accurate information to the customer because I am unable to find out what's going on myself! All I can do is try and keep people up to date on the information I receive.

I hope the efforts our particular store makes to make a backorder situation better allows our customers to walk away knowing that we did all we could to take care of them. We do all that we can to make a bad situation as painless as possible by offering loaners, free delivery and communicating to our customers on a regular basis as to the status of their order. It is often the only solution we have. So please take these things into consideration before making a decision to not shop at USA Baby based on an experience at one location. I care deeply for my customers and often spend sleepless nights worrying about coming up with a solution to help my customers.

I am sorry for your experience and wish you the best for you and your new family. Thank you for your time.
Sassy2 on 12/27/2012:
I have been in USA Baby many times and have always been treated very respectfully.The employees are friendly and very helpful.They go out of their way to make the customer feel at home.Sometimes, with any store that orders their merchandise,there can be problems with delivery which is not the fault of USA Baby but lies with the manufacturers.This is one of the very few stores left that actually carry "American Made" furniture and the quality is very good. Sometimes we all need to practice a little patience and understanding and know that we are getting a high quality item that can be passed down from one generation to the next and the small wait is worth it.
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