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BRISTOL, PENNSYLVANIA -- Dana and all those involved at USA Express -

Keith & I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service we received from USA Express with our move across country. You were incredible! We truly appreciated all of your help.

Please also send my thanks to Dean - the packing also went so smoothly!

We'd be very happy to refer USA Express Moving in the future.


USA Express: Bait and Switch
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Here is the short version:

If you’re looking to pay triple what you were quoted, to be awash in attitude, and to have your stuff unceremoniously dumped on the receiving end after you sign the credit card bill, this is the mover for you! USA Express moving, headquartered in Bristol, PA, is a typical bait-and-switch company. They give you a low-ball estimate over the phone, which is never put in writing, and then you end up paying many times more. Actually when they gave me a quote (about $300), I doubled it, thinking I’d pay $600-$700. But when I ended up paying almost $1,000, I was floored. What was just as bad, however, were the guys who made the move, telling me they would not take any glass table tops and then packing odd items, such as a 30-year-old TV, in materials I had to pay for—materials that were worth more than the TV.

Generally, it was my worst move ever. They never did provide a detailed invoice or deduct my $100 down payment as far as I can tell. I guess I’ll never know, though, since no one will return my phone calls. Do yourself a favor: get a binding estimate from a reputable national company and avoid USA Express.
Unreliable, Unclear, Unresponsive
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had a frustrating experience using USA Express Moving for my recent local move. My problems with them related to showing up on time, communicating costs clearly, and providing good customer service.
First, after requesting an afternoon (1 to 3 p.m.) timeframe for pick-up and confirming a 1 p.m. time two days prior to moving, the truck showed up at 11:45 a.m. Negotiating with the movers, and on the phone with a company representative, did no good; the company would not admit any error or make any adjustments. After loading my belongings and transporting them to my new home, the head mover communicated that my bill totaled $350, which I commented was just over the estimated cost. I requested and understood that the $100 deposit I had made would be removed from my credit card, as I paid for the move ($350) with a different card. Days later, I found that the deposit hadn't been released and the cost had actually totaled $450. While I should have looked more closely at the papers I signed that day regarding costs, the information communicated by the movers was at best unclear and at worst deceptive, and their actions were not consistent with my instructions. Worst of all, a call to USA Express yielded an unsympathetic company representative who could have cared less that the movers had shown up early and communicated costs incorrectly, and that I was an unhappy customer. I do not recommend this company.
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