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Do Not Order From USA Wallpaper (Also Called Decorate With Style)
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I found wallpaper I liked at local store but was hoping to get it cheaper. I had seen the ads for USA Wallpaper and called to see if they had the wallpaper, and if so the availability, and price. I talked to ** who put me on hold while she checked. She came back and said that it was available, there was plenty in stock, and it would ship out immediately. SO I placed the order with a comp card I had (which is not as easy to dispute as a cc - although I have already) and was told that I would receive a confirmation email and I would receive the wallpaper in 5 days.

I did not get an email but a few days later ** called back to say that the wallpaper was back ordered and she had no idea when it would be back in stock. She asked if I wanted to wait or cancel. I told her I wanted to cancel since she had no idea when it would be available. She told me my card would be credited. I asked why I was charged when the wallpaper was not available. She had no explanation but said she would send an email when accounting ran my credit. When again no email I called and was told this time it takes "one billing cycle - 30 days" per their policy. I said that was ridiculous since the order was never placed since the wallpaper was not available.

IT HAS NOW BEEN 60 DAYS WITH NO REFUND. I have called countless times and they keep saying the same thing - that they will contact accounting and send me an email. When I have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager they just give me to someone else. I have spoken to **, **, **, **, and **. The last time ** and ** told me it takes "one to two billing cycles" I told them I was looking at their policy online right then and it says "ONE" which is ridiculous in my case because there was no order!!! Today I "googled" USA Wallpaper complaints and found so many people with the same issues. Several suggested contacting the Better Business Bureau and I just did.

If you have the same problems with USA Wallpaper/Decorate with Style go to and put in their zip code which is 44870. On the next screen on the right is a turquoise box where you'll see the first section is called "BBB For Consumers" click on "Complaints" which is the 2nd choice down. On the next screen scroll down to "File a Complaint" which is 2nd from the bottom. Follow the prompts and you will be able to write your case. USA Wallpaper's address is 2419 East Perkins Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio, 44870. Hopefully if enough people complain to the BBB something will be done.

I wonder how much money USA has stolen because people don't check to see if they issued the credit. I think that's their scam - there is no other reason or excuse for this. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE - DO NOT ORDER FROM USA WALLPAPER!

Update from my previous complaint
By -

2419 E. PERKINS AVE., OHIO -- I have previously posted a complaint against USA Wallpaper and have been trying tirelessly to get my refund. As of this coming Tuesday it will be exactly three months that I cancelled my order and have yet to see a refund. I did file a complaint to the BBB. I received a letter in the mail this past week letting me know that they forwarded my complaint to them three different times and they have yet to respond. I also filed a complaint with Ohio's attorney general's office and was contacted by them that they are looking in to it.

I can't go any further with any more complaints to anyone until the attorney general's office has gotten a resolution or not. I did however run across this website one day it is to Yahoo shopping which USA Wallpaper is a member of, this site stated if you have a complaint about one of the companies that is on our site, please write to us, so I did. Told them that I ordered wallpaper and boarders from the company that I found on their site USA Wallpaper and their failure to deliver wallpaper because of back order issues and now failure to give me a refund for them. They sent me a bunch of web addresses to file complaints, I am going to give the sites to anyone that they may help.

Hopefully if enough people keep complaining, this so called business can be shut down so they will quit ripping people off. One is for the Internet Fraud Complaint Center - Another is to your local postal Another is to the federal trade I can't contact these people or at least I don't think I can until my complaint with attorney general's office has or has not come to a resolution. My only other alternative is to take them to small claims court which want be easy seeing as I live in another state.

DO NOT order from USA Wallpaper!
By -

OHIO -- How I wish I had looked up reviews on USA Wallpaper before placing my order with them a month ago. I was shocked to learn that people were cheated out of hundreds of dollars, and placed huge orders that they never received. I'm thankful I only ordered one item - a nursery mobile - but am VERY uncomfortable that my $46 is now sitting somewhere in a netherworld (we have not yet been charged this amount on our credit card, and it's been four weeks since we placed the order, but we're on our guard and checking our Visa acct. daily). I'm also uncomfortable that this fraudulent company has our credit card information in its possession.

I plan to register a complaint with the BBB, as many folks on this website have done. Is there any way the BBB can move to get this company removed from internet shopping sites such as Google Shopping and Yahoo shopping? I shopped on Google Shopping last night to try to buy the nursery mobile that has yet to arrive from USA Wallpaper, and lo and behold, the company was listed as one of two outlets that sells the mobile!

What angers me most is the phony tone of the order confirmation email. Every time I read it, my blood boils. It thanks me effusively for placing the order, outlines (an apparently phony) return policy, gives a long list of customer service contact email addresses (from ALL of which I've received email delivery failures), and says it will continue to update me on the status of the order. When I click on the link to see my status, all I see is what I've ordered, where it will be delivered, and what I've been billed... no information on shipping.

Forget their 1-800 number... I think I must have called that number 50 times by now over the past two weeks, at all times of the day and night, and every time it's gone immediately to a busy signal. I'm so sorry for what others have had to endure with this company, especially when the orders amount to a lot of money lost. I only hope that together we can put an end to their fraudulent practices.

OMG!! Please don't order from this company
By -

TOLETO, OHIO -- OMG, If I had of done more research on this company, I would have never ordered anything. I ordered wallpaper and boarders on July 5th, my invoice total was 196.00. They debited my checking account 238.00. I received an email from them a couple of days later stating that all of my wallpaper selections and boarders were on back order. After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided to paint instead and called and cancelled the order.

No problem, or at least that's what I thought, they told me I should see a credit to my account in one to two billing cycles. Well, how long is that? I was told that it would be a month or two, I told customer representative that your refund policy states 30 days. She then back peddled and said that's correct. Well on the 30th day, I get an email with a sob story stating that the company is going through a financial crisis because of the economy and everyone cancelling their orders because their vendors have all paper on back order. No mention of when I may expect my refund.

OK, I'm in my third month of waiting for my refund and several emails stating that all my information has been given to their accounting department. I keep trying to call but always get a busy signal. I filed a complaint with the BBB but USA Wallpaper has yet to respond. I went back to the BBB website to get update on complaint and looked more into the USA Wallpaper complaints, come to find out they have over 800 complaints about them. My question is why are the still in business? Why are they still allowed to steal people's hard earned money? In this day and time I can't afford for someone to rip me off.

I would love to take them to small claims court but can't afford it. What are we all supposed to do, just forget about it and let them keep our money? This is crazy, I've never dealt with anything like this before. My other question is, how do they get to debit your account as soon as you purchase? Other online sites I've ordered from, debit once product is shipped. This is a scam company, please beware, don't make the same mistake I did!!

Do Not Buy From USA Wallpapers
By -

PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! I was saddened to find that people have been having issues like the one I am about to describe for more than a YEAR and this company is still in business!

In August of 2008, I placed an order with USA Wallpapers for a quilt and matching shams for my daughter's bed. During the ordering process, it is clearly stated that you WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL YOUR ORDER SHIPS, HOWEVER, they charge you immediately. The quilt arrived quickly, and I waited for the shams. Finally, 2 weeks later, I called customer service to check on the status of the shams, and was told they would ship in about a week (September). I took out the quilt, washed it and put it on my daughter's bed.

October 6th rolls around, and still nothing, so I sent out an email to customer service asking about the status of my order. Within minutes, I got an email from them (not a REPLY, mind you, but a generic email) informing me that the shams have been discontinued, and I would get 10% off my next order. So, I promptly call them to express my frustration. At the end of the conversation, I said ' Well, at least I wasn't charged, correct?' The reply was that I had been charged, but my refund was going to their accounting department, and I would get the credit in 1-2 billing cycles. I waited and checked my credit card after each of the billing cycles - nothing.

So, yet another phone call to find out the status, and I am given the same story, it is with their accounting department, and I will have the refund in 2-3 weeks. Finally, after 74 DAYS and still no refund, I called them to inquire about my refund status yet again, and am given the EXACT SAME STORY. I told her that this was not acceptable, and I wanted my refund credited immediately (it is December 19th, and my order was discontinued October 6th). I was told that it was not possible, and that they would know my status in 2-3 weeks.

I immediately called my credit card and have started the complaint process with them. THIS COMPANY HAS BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH THIS FOR MUCH TOO LONG! PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY ISSUES WITH THEM, CONTACT THE BBB AND FILE A COMPLAINT. THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT WITH THEM, AND I AM WILLING TO BET THAT THERE ARE MANY CUSTOMERS OUT THERE THAT NEVER EVEN GOT THEIR REFUND AND JUST DON'T KNOW IT! Another reviewer here has given excellent instructions on contacting the BBB online and filing the complaint.

Have Not Paid Refund
By -

2419 E PERKINS AVE, OHIO -- I placed an order with USA Wallpaper and a month later called to check status of my order and they told me it was back-ordered and would be at least 2 more weeks before it even arrived at their warehouse. So I canceled. After 3 weeks and no refund I called and spoke to ** who told me 30 days after accounting receiving my paperwork I would have my refund, I called back 30 days later and was told to be patient sometimes it takes a while longer, even though clearly stated on their refund section is within one billing cycle you'll get your refund.

I have called, and E mailed countless times and spoken to **, **, ** and ** only to get the run around and lies and not have my e-mails returned. My purchase was a gift for my daughter and here I am months later no gift and no refund. USA Wallpaper and their employees are liars and thieves. They have 0 customer service, they couldn't care less that they are stealing money from people to pay their salary. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID, THEY WILL ONLY STEAL FROM YOU AND THEN LIE, LIE AND LIE AGAIN. ** is the "sales manager".

By -

SANDUSKY, OHIO -- Whatever you do, do NOT order from this company. The same has happened to me as to others. I ordered wallpaper border and they immediately debited my account for the almost $100 order. Then I received an email stating that the manufacturer was out of stock on the item and it should ship in 2 weeks. 3 months later, no border and am still waiting for a refund. I get responses back from my emails promising things that never happen. None of their phone numbers work. I found out from another company that the item I ordered was not out of stock with the manufacturer and they had over 200 rolls of it to sell. I was very much lied to.

Billed but did not receive product
By -

SANDUSKY -- On December 4, 2008 I ordered two companion wallpapers and a matching boarder. Of course the money was immediately deducted from my account. 12-8-08: I received notification that "some of the merchandise you ordered from us is temporarily out of stock" 12-11-08: I received another notification of the backorder. 2-2-09: I notified them asking for delivery information, received canned answer that it was still backordered. 2-28-09: They contacted me that my order was still on backorder. 3-10-09: I again contacted them and was informed that the backordered wallpaper would ship in "1 to 2 weeks"

3-19-09: They shipped one of the wallpaper designs and boarders, backordered the matching wallpaper. 3-31-09: I again contacted them and was informed that the backordered wallpaper "should release from our supplier in the next 48 hours." I also tried calling a different phone numbers which were always busy. And on and on... 11-3-09: I finally got through to a Company named "By Design" that claimed to be a distributor for USA Wallpaper and she informed me that my order had been cancelled in July and that someone should have informed me and I should have received a credit, which I didn't.

So when I confirmed that I now have two thirds of a matching wallpaper set and what was I supposed to do now, I was rudely informed that I could try to order the third wallpaper from someone else... Not what I would call a professional business. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF A MAJOR HEADACHE AND PURCHASE FROM A COMPANY THAT REALLY WANTS AND DESERVES TO BE IN BUSINESS!!!

Avoid USA Wallpaper. They will rip you off!!!
By -

SANDUSKY, OHIO -- I ordered wallpapers worth $160 in the USA Wallpaper website on 1/04/2009. Right away, they charged my debit card for the full amount. Three days later (1/07/2009) I got an email from them stating that the wallpapers are backordered. For five months, I kept on emailing them regularly about the status of the order and I got the same excuse every time (backordered and problem with supplier). Since obviously they are not going to deliver, I finally cancelled the order on 5/29/2009 and received cancellation confirmation on 6/01/2009. Three months later, I am still waiting for the refund.

I have been emailing them constantly for the status of the refund and they keep on making excuses. The latest email I got from them is that due to the bad economy, their refund process is slower than normal. I have filed complaints about this company with the Better Business Bureau of Toledo Ohio. BBB tried to contact them but they never responded to numerous BBB's email and phone calls. I also filed complaints to the Ohio Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection and the Internet Crime Complaint Center since obviously this company is just scamming customers.

I have little hope of getting my money back, and I wish I would have done background check about USA Wallpaper before I placed my order, Hopefully, others who are reading the complaints about USA Wallpaper in this website will not do the same mistakes that myself and other have done and not order anything from these scammers.

Happy with Product & Service
By -

I ordered wallpaper from USA Wallpaper. A couple days later I got an e-mail saying one or more of the products were on back order. I got a little worried so google searched their name and the word complaints. I was concerned when I read quite a few complaints. However, I have to say all went very well for me. My paper did take about 6 weeks. About the same from ordering from a store really. It came and was the right paper etc. They did keep me posted with weekly e-mails so I have a very good experience. Thought I would share that. Saved me a lot of money and some was even discontinue where I live so I was very happy.

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