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Do Not Order From USA Wallpaper (Also Called Decorate With Style)
By -


I found wallpaper I liked at local store but was hoping to get it cheaper. I had seen the ads for USA Wallpaper and called to see if they had the wallpaper, and if so the availability, and price. I talked to ** who put me on hold while she checked. She came back and said that it was available, there was plenty in stock, and it would ship out immediately. SO I placed the order with a comp card I had (which is not as easy to dispute as a cc - although I have already) and was told that I would receive a confirmation email and I would receive the wallpaper in 5 days.

I did not get an email but a few days later ** called back to say that the wallpaper was back ordered and she had no idea when it would be back in stock. She asked if I wanted to wait or cancel. I told her I wanted to cancel since she had no idea when it would be available. She told me my card would be credited. I asked why I was charged when the wallpaper was not available. She had no explanation but said she would send an email when accounting ran my credit. When again no email I called and was told this time it takes "one billing cycle - 30 days" per their policy. I said that was ridiculous since the order was never placed since the wallpaper was not available.

IT HAS NOW BEEN 60 DAYS WITH NO REFUND. I have called countless times and they keep saying the same thing - that they will contact accounting and send me an email. When I have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager they just give me to someone else. I have spoken to **, **, **, **, and **. The last time ** and ** told me it takes "one to two billing cycles" I told them I was looking at their policy online right then and it says "ONE" which is ridiculous in my case because there was no order!!! Today I "googled" USA Wallpaper complaints and found so many people with the same issues. Several suggested contacting the Better Business Bureau and I just did.

If you have the same problems with USA Wallpaper/Decorate with Style go to and put in their zip code which is 44870. On the next screen on the right is a turquoise box where you'll see the first section is called "BBB For Consumers" click on "Complaints" which is the 2nd choice down. On the next screen scroll down to "File a Complaint" which is 2nd from the bottom. Follow the prompts and you will be able to write your case. USA Wallpaper's address is 2419 East Perkins Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio, 44870. Hopefully if enough people complain to the BBB something will be done.

I wonder how much money USA has stolen because people don't check to see if they issued the credit. I think that's their scam - there is no other reason or excuse for this. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE - DO NOT ORDER FROM USA WALLPAPER!

Still on the Web but They Are Closed Down
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Rating: 1/51

SANDUSKY OHIO, MICHIGAN -- Followed the driving directions and the door and Windows are completely blacked out.

Buyer Beware
By -

I wish I had read reviews of this company before purchasing. I buy things online all the time and have never ever had any problem until now. I placed my order in DECEMBER 2007. They did not have the merchandise available, so I cancelled my order and was told I would receive a full refund. As of today, Sept. 21, 2009, I still have not received it. I have called and called and emailed and they always say sorry we will get that taken care of. My next step is BBB and then legal options.

Never receive product
By -

I ordered my border and was told that it was on backorder, and I would receive it in 2 weeks. It's been six months, and I still haven't received it. My credit card was not supposed to be charged if it was on backorder, but it was charged immediately. I'm trying to get my money back, and I haven't gotten a response from them.

USA Wallpaper May Be A Scam Company
By -

I placed an ordered and was never told the item was on backorder until I inquired. So, when I finally found out it was on back order, I cancelled the order. Now it is two months later and I have not received a refund. Since then I have found TONS of people who never received their refund as well. So, my only conclusion is that this company is a big scam. I don't know why PayPal continues to let them do business. They have stolen my money.

Have Not Paid Refund
By -

2419 E PERKINS AVE, OHIO -- I placed an order with USA Wallpaper and a month later called to check status of my order and they told me it was back-ordered and would be at least 2 more weeks before it even arrived at their warehouse. So I canceled. After 3 weeks and no refund I called and spoke to ** who told me 30 days after accounting receiving my paperwork I would have my refund, I called back 30 days later and was told to be patient sometimes it takes a while longer, even though clearly stated on their refund section is within one billing cycle you'll get your refund.

I have called, and E mailed countless times and spoken to **, **, ** and ** only to get the run around and lies and not have my e-mails returned. My purchase was a gift for my daughter and here I am months later no gift and no refund. USA Wallpaper and their employees are liars and thieves. They have 0 customer service, they couldn't care less that they are stealing money from people to pay their salary. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID, THEY WILL ONLY STEAL FROM YOU AND THEN LIE, LIE AND LIE AGAIN. ** is the "sales manager".

Bad Service
By -

REYNOLDSBURG, OHIO -- I also will never order from USA Wallpaper again. I placed my order on 1/30/08. On 2/6/08 I got an email saying it was on backorder so I called and cancelled the order right away. I received the order on 2/16/08 anyway. Now I can't talk to anyone there because the phone keeps going into a voicemail that is full. I am going to the BBB.

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