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Why I will never switch from USAA to Progressive
By -

Top reasons why I will never switch from USAA to Progressive:

  1. Clientele: while driving down the highway I was struck from the rear by an inebriated unemployed Progressive driver, who was already on probation for DUI. Its feels good to insure others who would be court-martialed if they behaved like this individual.
  2. Clarity: when I call USAA I don't have to be transferred from a National Office to a local office, and since I don't need to be transferred I don't get two different stories about the service they provide. When I call Progressive the national office tells me that they will go wherever I need, service and inspect the car wherever I like and generally accommodate me, but when I call the local office I am told I must go to their body shop during working hours have my car checked out. When I call the national office and ask to speak to someone higher up, they route me to another claims adjuster in the same department who also cannot help. No bureaucracy, that's why I love USAA.
  3. Availability: when I call USAA I am told we will be here all night to help you. My Progressive claims adjuster works only works four days per week.
  4. Attitude: when I speak to USAA about my accident they can't wait to genuinely show concern and look out for my welfare. When I can get a hold of anyone at Progressive I get terse responses and feigned concern. When I come to the Progressive office, the claims adjuster tells the secretary to take my paperwork and lets the secretary try to determine what is happening with my case because she is too busy to see me (though she saw doing a deliberate about face upon seeing me and calls the secretary twice to see if I have gone away yet). When she does come to see me she tells me "You just don't know how the insurance business works." Clearly, I don't know how Progressive works, but I know how USAA does, I am treated with respect, concern and prompt service.
  5. Responsibility: When I take the day off work to personally fetch police reports, contact sheriffs departments, rental car companies and bring needed documentation to the office, but am still told that Progressive does not have the documentation to repair my car and that I should contact my insurance company because they can work faster. USAA bends over backward to cover everything, pay out the claim and get my car into the shop though it was no fault of theirs; it consumes their time and resources and involves them unnecessarily.
  6. Understanding and Timeliness: USAA understands when I tell them I am leaving at 5AM for predeployment certification training for two weeks and that I will not be able to contact them for two weeks. USAA apologizes for the service that Progressive has provided and stresses that they understand that it is not acceptable to leave my wife without transportation. The progressive claims adjustor tells me after an exterior examination of my car that it is not their fault that I am leaving, that the brake light on my dash must have been on before the accident and that my car should be drivable for my wife. Progressive also suggests that I should use my predeployment leave to fix the car.

In a word USAA understands service.

Stay Away From USAA......All Your Funds Will Be Frozen At Some Point
By -

I have been a loyal customer to USAA, depositing money consistently from my BOA accounts as well as having car insurance through them for my 2 vehicles. In my 30 years I've never had an issue with banking. I've been sent overseas for 3 years and continued online banking: paying bills, making deposits and having insurance. I've been an incredible asset, as well as have incredible credit. I now have a fiancee who I live with who also has USAA: A COMPLETE SEPARATE ACCOUNT. For some reason a deposit of his was red flagged (I don't know why, and honestly I don't care, its not my account) and his account was frozen. By the next day MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT was frozen as well. WHY? because we have the same address.

So my hard earned money, my untarnished years of being a customer have gone to the crapper because of another account???? Are you kidding me? How in god's name do they have the right or the legal ability to keep all my money from me for someone else's account???? This is highly illegal practices, the staff that I've talked to are a joke. After hours of calls to their office I finally find that my account is being shut down??!!??!!

A supposed check will be issued to me with my money, and there is ZERO reason to back this kind of move on their behalf.

Many of you may have USAA, as I have for years......IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU... they freeze funds, leave you with're left to fend for yourself against this growing evil entity. I'm a full time student and a mom to two little boys and I can't feed them, pay my bills, go to school, for god sakes can't even put gas in my car. This is what I get after years of the highest and best clientelle service to them. I'm left with the words of some insignificant staff member telling me they're sorry, and only god knows when I'll ever see my money ever again.....we're talking thousands.....


If you can't walk in to your banking institution....DON'T BE A PART OF IT! lesson learned.

Took Additional Interest on Car Loan and Would Not Return It
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- We opened a credit card with USAA and then shortly thereafter, opened a car loan. We have had the car loan for roughly 11 months when we noticed that the principal payments were not being deleted from the principal balance correctly. After 5 long and exhausting calls with the car loan department, its managers and the executive department, they were willing to reverse most of the payments that went to interest incorrectly.

The remaining amount was $96 out of $900 of remaining interest that USAA stated could not be reversed due to being older than a few months and that it was my fault for not watching the account to make sure that the payments went to principal correctly. For not baby sitting USAA accounting department my punishment is that I have to let them keep the $96 in interest and that I have to double check their accounting on a monthly basis.

To add to my distrust with USAA, within the first 9 months of having the credit card, we had to replace this card 3 separate times due to fraud from the bad guys somehow obtaining our account information. I have never had a card that was compromised to this extent, this many times. Fraud has only happened to me once in the past from a credit card. To USAA's credit, this new card has not been hit since I complained about their security. I will replace the car note and also remove the credit card from USAA with a more reputable company who actually cares for their customers.

Customer Service Poor. Long Term Relationships Not Valued. Quality Diminished. Beware.
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I've been a USAA member since 1986. Unfortunately, they are not the company they once were. I've recently had the following problems:

  1. Payments to medical professionals after accident took more than 6 months. They claimed I didn't tell them I was injured, but I called them multiple times and spoke with all their reps. These are recorded lines, but they have no records.
  2. My credit card was cancelled even though I have a credit of $460 on the card. They claimed I didn't authorize the new card and it was my fault when I never received the card from them. Then they told me I lied but didn't verify the card.
  3. Reps in the credit card division at executive escalations hung up on me twice when they would not refund a credit on my account for various internal rules that they are unable to detail. When I asked why they didn't call me back they told me they were too busy and didn't have to.
  4. Auto Insurance: rates are no longer competitive and service is lackluster. Wait times on hold continue to rise.
  5. As this company becomes a resource for all it continues to diminish the special features that made customers want to stay with them. Pity because I enjoyed their quality service for years. Expect many headaches similar to the largest of insurance companies.
USAA Is Slow and Difficult to Work With on Car Claim
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My car was involved in a flood. USAA sent a tow truck, picked up my car, took it to an "inspection station". A week later, an adjuster called me and told me my car was a total loss. They offered me pennies on the dollar of what it would cost to replace my car. They tried to make me believe I had no options other than to accept their offer. After considering this I attempted to call the adjuster at her extension of **, she never returned my call and would not communicate with me.

Finally, I called and kept dialing 0 until a live adjuster came on the line. I told her that I wanted to withdraw my claim and I wanted my property back. I made it clear that I did not want their money, just my car. The adjuster assured me she would close my claim and my car would be returned. Here it is a week later, no communication and no car. So here I go again, calling the automated number and continually dialing 0, trying to get a live person to speak to and I know in my heart it will be the same song and dance routine.

Would I recommend this company to anyone? NO!!! Unfortunately, I have my home, 2 cars, and a motorcycle insured with them, however that is all about to change as I am in the process of insurance shopping. If you are looking for insurance of any kind, DON'T BUY FROM USAA. They are difficult to work with and uncooperative.

Wrong Advertising
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- My husband and I were members of USAA and had a credit card with them for years. When my husband died of his 100% disability from WW2 and I tried to get car and house insurance and they would not allow me to even get a quote. THEY SAID, "ONCE HE DIED MY MEMBERSHIP IS OVER."

They advertise "that their membership is for the whole family, GENERATION AFTER GENERATION." When I called again and relayed my disappointment to other representatives of the company, they couldn't believe it. I told them to check it out and they did. This is their policy and the people who work for them don't even know it. If my husband (as a veteran) knew what they did to me, he would have been devastated.

Unfair USAA bashing from various complaint sites
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Rating: 5/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Read a lot of people bashing USAA. They must not have been dealing with the USAA I deal with. Quick bullets, or I would be on here an hour! I"m a 24 yr AF Master Sgt. joined USAA as soon as they started taking Select Enlisted as customers. My house robbed, no pics or receipts... Claim fairly settled in 5 days. Easiest mortgage ever x two. VA first, then conv refi 15 yr fixed, 3.75 percent. Even came to my house at my time to get papers signed... super simple and really amazing

Had family Emergency, needed 15k fast, called USAA asked for personal loan. Approved in 5 minutes (honestly) and FedEx to me next day for $6.00. No need to keep boring you with my situation, though overseas issues and foreign wife created some other dizzy issues dealing with USAA, All ended fairly and fast! One last thing, love investing with them. All USAA employees get paid by hour or Salary... NO one gets commission.

Locked Out Of Account
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Rating: 2/51

SAN ANTONIAL, TEXAS -- USAA has locked me out of my accounts. I have auto and Homeowners insurance as well as banking services. One day, I was trying to log into my account and it said your account is locked and you need to call the fraud dept. Fraud Dept said it can't id me. Now that's funny, they had no problem id'ing me when I opened up my accounts with them.

So far, it has been 1 week and 10 phone calls to them. They asked me to send them some documents which I did. It cost me around $5.00 to fax them to them. I waited 3 more business days and they said they did not receive the documents. Now this is funny as I have proof that I faxed it to them.

They change their stories like people change their socks. Every time you talk with someone they never give you the same answer. So now, I will have to wait until next Wednesday, 5 March and see what they say this time. They have no problem taking your money, they just have issues allowing you to use your money. I have spent over 22 years defending this country only to be taken advantage of a company who claims to help vets. All I can say is when I get my accounts back I'm gone.

Horrible Customer Service; Fee Gougers
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have been a member with USAA for over 12 years. The last several months have been a total mess with our insurance policies. Suddenly they decided to start charging me rates for a child with a license even though my child does not have a license. In trying to straighten this out, my auto payments were halted since the payments were so screwed up and the amount was literally changing from month to month by hundreds of dollars.

I paid my December bill 4 days early. USAA then still attempted to take the payment from my account twice - both times resulting in a $29 fee - $58 total fee, because the payment was not there to take as it had already been paid early. They refuse to refund me the fees, the bank blaming the insurance side, the insurance side blaming the bank side. Both representatives I spoke to were very snotty.

The insurance representative told me that "payment was halted because you couldn't pay it on time" when in fact the payments were halted due to errors made by USAA, not me. USAA has NEVER not gotten my insurance payment. USAA has gotten too money-hungry and sees the military as a fantastic way to feed that hunger. This is not the first issue I have had with them, which is why over the years my accounts with them have gotten smaller and smaller. I will now be closing all accounts with them.

Legalized Extortion
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I joined USAA after hearing that they were a great company with great customer satisfaction. I served eight years in the military and had heard some good things about them years ago. I called them and compared my current homeowners and auto policy rates against what they could offer. They saved me some money though not a lot. Still they seemed very helpful and were very courteous on the phone.

All the discounts they gave my family were based on us moving over all our insurance policies and opening a checking/savings account with them. For the first year, things were great. Then they did a ‘policy review' over the phone and a month later my auto insurance increased from $280 a month to $391, which is a $1,332 annual increase. This increase was done without any notification or justification. So I called to find out why. They were unable to tell me why there was an increase.

All the drivers on the policy were the same, all the vehicles were the same, and there were no accidents, claims, or traffic violations. They said sometimes the insurance just goes up, and that even the actuaries can't tell you why? Really! I have had policies with three other insurance providers and none of them ever raised my rates without notifying me first and explaining the reasons for the increase.

I am severely disappointed in USAA and would tell everyone, military or not, DO NOT insure with this company! They basically hook you and then try to extort money from you through premium increases that they can't explain nor justify. I wish someone would have warned me. STAY AWAY!!!

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