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Birthday Card (with money) Never Received
Posted by on
My mother sent my daughter a birthday card for her 19th birthday. She mailed it from her local post office in Wall, N. J. on Friday, 11/6/09 as soon as they opened in the morning, on her way to work. The card was going to Saint Augustine, FL, hopefully in time for her 11/11 birthday. Well, it is now almost 3 weeks later, and still no birthday card. It was CLEARLY a birthday card...pink envelope, happy birthday sticker on the back, etc. and it contained not only $50 cash, but a $50 gift certificate to Michael's Arts and Crafts store. On our end, we get our mail every day directly from the mailman - my husband has a routine where he walks the dog when he hears the post truck pass on the other side of the street and meets our postman at the mailbox to get our mail - so I know it did not get stolen out of our mailbox.
What a shame that the USPS has a bunch of petty thieves working for them. They target mail that looks like it could contain cash or gift cards. And no one can be held accountable anywhere along the way, unless you pay extra for insuring or registering the mail. It is sorta like governmental racketeering - pay extra, or maybe it won't make it to your destination!
Of course, my mom - who is on a fixed income, is devastated and has complained and questioned the USPS in person, on the phone, and via the internet, but of course, there is nothing they can do, nobody wants to hear it, give it more time...one time I sent a card to my grandson and it didn't arrive until a month and a half later, it had been damaged in the machine! (that's what the USPS customer complaint person who finally called her back told her).
I guess the moral of the story is: DO NOT USE THE USPS IF YOU CAN AVOID IT, pay your bills online, send email correspondence or call the people you want to talk to, or pay their blackmailing fee if you really want the letter to get there. If you are really feeling like chancing it, take the extra time to completely disguise your letter and maybe you can fool the criminals that sort the mail into not stealing your stuff.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
How dare you accuse the USPS like this without any evidence. If you truly believed your accusations, you should file a charge with the police, maybe the Attorney General of your state, and, of course, directly with your Post Office. Who knows if your mother even mailed a card! Stuff gets lost and delayed - that doesn't mean stolen.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
It is unfortunate that the card is missing, but anything could have happened to it. Putting birthday stickers on a card makes it a target for theft, and not just by USPS employees. Since the value of the contents was $100 the smart thing to do would have been to send it registered mail, return receipt requested and have it insured.
Ytropious on 11/25/2009:
I don't appreciate that little thief picture OP, you have no proof anything was stolen.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
Do you have proof they stole it?
Does your mom have a stand alone mailbox? Anyone could have opened the mailbox and stole the card.
Anonymous on 11/25/2009:
I take offense to the accusation that just because a piece of mail got lost that you blatantly accuse a postal worker of stealing it with absolutely NO proof whatsoever.

Besides that, anyone with any common sense would know better than to put that much cash and gift card in a piece of mail and send it regular postage, and to make it obvious that it is a birthday card is even worse. That is like a proclamation to STEAL ME!

She should have sent it either registered or Express with tracking. Most likely the card is stuffed under another box with mail ion it or behind a shelf or on the floor where it fell out of a bag and will be found eventually. Or it could be in the dead letter box cause they couldn't read mama's writing, or any number of mail mishaps.

I hope it shows up soon,. And I hope you have some conscience left in you to feel bad for immediately accusing someone who delivers your mail, rain sleet or snow for theft with no trial.

Pointy fingers ALWAYS get them back.
goduke on 11/25/2009:
It is much more likely that the card fell between pieces of equipment in the sorting process, or has been misdirectd to timbuktu.
clutzycook on 11/25/2009:
Things happen and it doesn't mean that a postal worker stole it. Your mother should know better than to send cash through the mail. Send a check or at least send it via registered mail with a receipt and insurance.
goduke on 11/25/2009:
Oh..it was mailed from New Jersey. That explains it.
HppieFrk on 11/27/2009:
on one hand, y'all are saying that putting birthday stickers on it makes it an obvious target. I agree, a target to be stolen! she mailed it at the post office. I accepted my mail from my mailman. so therefore, it was "targeted" somewhere along that line, inside the USPS. I wish I was still so naive to believe that it fell behind a shelf or something like that. and all of your suggestions that it was dumb to send that much cash through the mail proves my point, either pay their insurance and registration fees, or take your chances. my mom gambled and lost.
HppieFrk on 11/27/2009:
And just so I don't sound like a jaded, conspiracy theory wingnut, here's a few links I found in about 3 minutes, from the USPS' own website...
Summary of Investigative Activity
for F(iscal)Y(ear) 2008 by Office of Inspector General into mail theft by employees and contractors.

■Investigations completed - 7,679
■Arrests/Information/Indictments - 1,649
■Convictions - 769
■Administrative actions - 3,699


mail employee who JUST THIS MONTH was indicted for rifling through mail and stealing dvds, controlled substances, trading cards, and other items from letters, cards, and packages.
Anonymous on 11/27/2009:
Hppie, it ain't just the USPS workers who steal darlin. People in your own neighborhood may look out for cards and letters and such.

You are tossing out an accusation with absolutely NO proof. If you were a USPS worker and someone made that comment you would be hopping mad.
Ponie on 11/27/2009:
You're using a very broad brush in an attempt to paint USPS in a bad light.
Convictions - 769? That's a very, very low percentage for an outfit that employs 656,000 people.
Arrests? For what reasons? I went to grade school with a fellow who drove one of those b-I-g USPS trucks on the Interstate. He doesn't work for them anymore. He was arrested for DUI.
Information? Have no idea what this might comprise. Maybe it was something I witnessed a couple of weeks ago in our parking lot. The substitute carrier parked in one of the spots to take a short nap. I kid you not. Maybe someone would see something like this and 'inform' the post office.
Indictments? As many prosecutors or defense attorneys will tell you, 'you can indict a ham sandwich.' I suggest you reread the last statement in that press release you cited.
What happened to the 562 investigations not accounted for in the figures you posted? Were they dismissed? If so, don't you think that would be worth mentioning?
Believe me, there is NO love between me and USPS. But before you post such a scathing, accusatory review, maybe you should teach your mother not to mail cash. This is something I believe most of us learned in our early teens.
I just wish they'd lose some of the junk mail I get.
HppieFrk on 11/28/2009:
look, all I am saying is the card was mailed AT THE POST OFFICE. Handed to the clerk at the counter, he actually weighed it for her to make sure the stamp she had on it was enough. We stood at our mailbox EVERY SINGLE DAY, as we do every single day, and accepted our mail from our postman Tom. So "mailbox theft" is completely out of the question. The only question is: was it "lost" or was it "stolen". Maybe I am too cynical, but I truly in my heart believe it was stolen. Maybe it was the fact that it WAS so blatanly a birthday card. But as soon as it did not arrive the day after I thought it would, I just knew it never would arrive. And, almost a month later, it still hasn't. My mother DID file a complaint. They say there is nothing they can do. The links I provided were just to show that yes, it's a big company, and yes, there are thousands of employees, and yes, theft does happen regularly, as it would in any company where employees have the chance to steal. As a matter of fact, I saw on the TV JUST TODAY that a postal worker in, of all places, New Jersey, was arrested for stealing money and gift cards out of mail. I realize the post office has a lot of employees, and obviously they are not capable of assuring that every piece of mail is going to make it where it is supposed to, in the condition that it is supposed to. And that pretty much sucks, so my point is, you pretty much HAVE to pay the extra money to register and/or insure your mail if you absolutely want it to get there, as there is nothing you can do about it otherwise. And my original post was a bit harsh, and the cartoon with it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but I have a heartbroken disabled birthday girl who doesn't understand why her nana didn't send her a birthday gift this year.
Ytropious on 11/28/2009:
This is why you don't put cash in cards, checks only. That way even if it DOES get stolen it's not like they can cash the check.
PepperElf on 11/28/2009:
ytrop is right

you never mail cash
you should use money orders or checks

and if it's something that valuable you should send it insured

or if you REALLY want to make sure it's there... mail it a month ahead of time and have it registered. then everyone who even touches it has to sign for it. which is why you need to mail it super early.
PepperElf on 11/28/2009:
and in many areas, the USPS employees are not the only people who can access mail

at the house I grew up at, the mailbox is at the end of the driveway. so any jerk can open it up and take the mail out, without being an employee.

Anonymous on 11/29/2009:
Op, I feel sorry for you.
bored_housewife54 on 09/18/2011:
I think the attack on HppieFrk is unwarranted. If what she says is true (posted at PO & mail always collected from carrier) then lost or stolen BY USPS are the only options.

Fingers crossed for lost & eventually delivered but if I was a gambler I'd be putting my money on stolen too! Sorry if this offends anyone but there are immoral people everywhere so it stands to reason that a company that employs 650,000 people would have some of them as emplloyees & if you make it obvious that your mail is a card then it also stands to reason that it's going to be targeted by one of these less than honest people!
Anonymous on 09/19/2011:
Bored_housewife +100! Great insight.
trmn8r on 09/19/2011:
I've never seen any evidence that the Post Office has a "bunch of petty thieves" working for it. Maybe a couple - it is a very large organization. There are bad cops too. I'm a crusty old man, and I've never lost anything in the mail.

If I had lost an envelope, it would not have had cash in it coz mom taught me a long time ago to NEVER put cash in the mail.

I have had a few pieces of damaged mail in my life (maybe two). A damaged piece of mail taking 1-1/2 months - it doesn't surpise me that this can happen. The envelope gets damaged in sorting, so it gets kicked out of the stream. They get around to it eventually.
mommy of 2 on 09/08/2012:
I had two birthday cards lost completly from usps citrus heights in less than 2 mo. they are theifs
kerry on 09/16/2013:
Unfortunitly there arw good and bad people... not every usps employee is a thief bit unfortunitly there are some. I'm waoting for my daughters birthday card sent in July. Still not received... our post box is locked and only the post man can open it. There for it was either lost or stolen!! Birthday card... more than likely it was stolen!
aninymoose on 02/03/2014:
Same problem over here, my aunt sent something that was over 300 dollars, insured it and went through USPS. It said it was delivered 2 weeks ago, did not come to us. Someone else signed it wihouth the ID she told them to look for (My dad's id only) and now someone stole te package. I have proof, because the signature does not match my dads,, and my dad's name and address was on the box. The address of the person who took is not ours, it only has and the number of the apartment and the bell number right. Th srteet and avenue are not ours. My parents have gone to the p.o right now.
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Constantly Harassed by Post Office Employee!
Posted on
I am frequent customer of your downtown location and one of your counter employee's seems to have a major chip on her shoulder! I don't know her name but she's the only counter employee of a particular race. Nothing, I repeat nothing, ever meets her standards and she is not nice about it! A few months ago, I had my 3 year old with me. Next to the supply counter is a metal stand with tape and decorative mailing supplies. On this day, my daughter was walking to where I was in line and tripped on the corner of the display. This employee yells at my daughter to stop climbing on the display! Yesterday, I was shipping something in a flat rate box and there was a slight bulge in the top of the box thanks to all the bubble wrap my husband used, the bulge was raised less than half an inch! I have been shipping and receiving packages via USPS priority mail for YEARS and I have been told by the postmaster himself that if it fits in the box and is under 70lbs, they will act the package. The seals do not have to be flat. The same thing goes for flat rate envelopes. If the item fits in the envelope, it is acceptable. The envelope does not have to be flat. And wouldn't you know, this darn employee gets made and says the box has to be flat! But yet, she still accepted my package. I having been doing this for years and I know she just has a chip on her shoulder. None of the employee's at this location or the Davis branch ever have a problem with my packages. But today...today takes the cake and I have had it. I will not tolerate this woman any longer. Today I went to ship a package, again in a flat rate box. This time, I made sure there were no bulges. I filled out the shipping label at home but didn't have a delivery confirmation label. Its 95 degrees today and I am 6 months pregnant. I walk inside, grab the DC label intending to write the addressee's name on it while I am in line, I get in line and reach into my bag for a pen and this damn woman, who is the only person working the counter today, yells at me to get out of the line because the DC label has to be filled out beforehand! So I get out of line and go to the back counter and of course, I forgot my pen! And none of the pens at the counter will work and of course, this woman doesn't have a pen I can use! I left practically in tears and went home and had my husband take the package to another location to ship it! (and I won't get into how pissed my husband is at me right now because I didn't go to the location inside Nob Hill like he told me too) This woman really needs some customer service training or a new job! Every single I have dealt with her, she has been on a power trip and she comes off very abrasive! I am seriously considering filing a complaint against her because this is just getting ridiculous now!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 09/28/2011:
Sounds like she needs a reality before she goes completely postal. She shouldn't treat customers that way, and someone needs to tell her. You shouldn't have to go out of your way because of one employee. Have you tried speaking to the Postmaster?
trmn8r on 09/28/2011:
The thing to do is either file a complaint or go to a different post office, in my opinion.

I always am able to stand to the side and borrow a pen. There is one post office in which I had to leave the counter, and they had pens on chains. I am surprised that this location you were at makes you leave the front counter, and there are no pens in the back.
Nohandle on 09/28/2011:
I'm sorry but complaining to the Postmaster about an employee will probably do as much good as complaining to the principal at the school about your child's teacher. Their hands unfortunately are tied in most cases but perhaps enough complaints might raise an eyebrow. With some employees it's virtually impossible to get rid of them. That's another story.

I'm fortunate in that I have a great carrier and at my nearest PO location the employees are all business but most pleasant. If the line is long they will open an additional window. I certainly can't ask for much more than that.
Anonymous on 09/28/2011:
The back counters have pens chained to them, but both pens were dry. I would of asked someone to borrow a pen but the only other customers were in the passport line and didn't speak English and I don't know how to ask for a pen in Spanish. This woman is a damn tyrant. The post office across town doesn't require you to fill out your delivery confirmation or certified mail slips before approaching the counter. They have them at the back counter and they also ask if you want those services and if you do and you didn't grab a silp, they give you one. The downtown location also has the slips at the front counter and very other employee will give you the slip to fill out while they calculate the cost, but for some reason, this particular employee has made her own rule that you must fill them out before even getting in line! Its not the first time this has happened to me.

I am not going to file a compliant, I just said that in the heat of the moment. I will probably start going to one inside the care pharmacy because in my current hormonal state, if this woman harasses me one more time, I will probably be get banned from the post office. I wanted to file a complaint against my carrier once because she lost a package in her truck and I was told it was pointless because she can't be held responsible. I just think its ridiculous that a postal employee can be rude and treat people like this and get away with it!
Venice09 on 09/28/2011:
I went up against the post office once and actually won. Everyone told me I couldn't fight city hall, but I wrote to the Postmaster General in Washington DC, action was taken and the problem was resolved. That was almost thirty years ago, and we haven't had the problem since. And it wasn't just my problem. It affected everyone, but no one wanted to do anything about it. One simple letter caused mail service in the area to change forever.
Alain on 09/29/2011:
Good review and frustrating event. In case you change your mind about a complaint, you might take a look at this website http://gethuman.com/United_States_Postal_Service-customer-service_1116.html
jonthethird on 09/29/2011:
We have poor service in West Sacramento. My box rent came up due, nice USPO envelope provided to put the mailbox rental check in to pay. Put the check in, came back a few weeks later, the box was closed. Asked why, the counter said "rent not paid" I had to pay an additional $10 late fee. Three weeks after that, the USPO payment envelope was returned (this is an official, USPO payment envelope, preaddressed to the facility) ADDRESS UNKNOWN.
Slimjim on 09/29/2011:
Absolutely, file a complaint with the branch. Assuming she just doesn't have it out for you, then your complaint on her customer service skills will either join, or soon have company. That should suggest to the branch to either have her modify her abrasiveness or terminate her. I'm sure someone else with better people skills, would love that job right now.
clutzycook on 09/29/2011:
What is it about some PO employees? My mail carrier is also my next door neighbor. Every day when she delivers the mail, she will stop at her house (before she gets to mine), park the truck, run inside with her mail, let her dog out to pee, etc. I've clocked her at upwards of 10 minutes before she finally moseys on back to her truck and continues on her route!
Nohandle on 09/29/2011:
Clutzsy, I'm laughing because I still recall a neighbor having extensive remodeling done on his home. As a result there was a Porta-Pot in their front yard. Their next-door neighbor observed the temporary carrier, for over three weeks, grabbing what appeared to be a newspaper and helping himself to the new found restroom facilities. I guess when nature calls you do the best you can.
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USPS Has really Let Me Down!
Posted on
USPS you've really let me down. Over the last few months, I've been singing praises about your priority mail service, namely how cost effective it is and fast delivery time. And until now, you've always come through and delivered my packages (whether I was the sender or receiver) safely and in a timely manner. And now it looks as though you have lost a package. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. I have had a few scares in the last few months where I would have a package out for delivery yet the mail would arrive sans any packages, and then a few hours later, the doorbell would ring and low & behold, I would see the mail truck driving away and there was my package next to the mailbox! But not this time. My package was scanned as "Out for delivery" at 8:30am YESTERDAY. I watched the mail lady delivery my mail and rushed out to get it as soon as she was done, but my package wasn't there and it wasn't delivered a few hours later. I thought it would show up today but low & behold, my husband caught the mail lady just as he was leaving for work and again, no package. I went to the post office to find out where the hell my package was and why it hasn't been delivered and the only thing they could tell me is that they have to talk to the carrier when she returns and that I should call tomorrow morning between 6-8 am before the carrier has left, to see if they've found my package, and to let them know if I want it delivered or to pick it up myself! I am beyond angry now. There is absolutely no excuse for this! I don't understand how my package could be allowed to sit on a mail truck for 2 days now! It should be required, if it isn't already, that mail trucks are inspected upon return to make sure all of the day's mail has been delivered! I read somewhere that sometimes packages are delivered by another carrier and that's why they sometimes show up after the regular mail has been delivered. Well this is a small town, there is no way in hell it should take an extra day or 2 ro deliver a package. The mail carrier screwed up royally and I can't even hold her accountable! if I had my way, I would press charges for theft or at least negligence because the post office has determined that at one point or another, my package was on her truck! This really really sucks. I am glad that it's just an inexpensive eBay purchase ($30 shirt) that has been lost and not a check or a credit card, but now whenever I'm expecting a package and it doesn't show up with the regular mail, I'm going to worry that it too has been lost!!!! I will be filing a formal complaint against the letter carrier because there is no excuse for this! None what so ever!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/19/2011:
I am an old fart, not to be confused with THE old fart. It has always been the case with the USPS that in the event of a delivery issue, you speak with the delivery person. So I think their advice was good, if you want to find out what happened.

OTOH, if your objective is to convict or prosecute the delivery person, your first action might be to contact an attorney or law enforcement officer. FWIW, I have never lost a package or letter in the US Mail.
Anonymous on 04/19/2011:
Its not my intent to prosecute the mail carrier. In the heat of the moment, when I was still quite angry, yes I contemplated prosecution, but I know that I can't because a crime hasn't been committed. I do think that the carrier should at least be reprimanded by the post master because there is absolutely no excuse for not delivery a package for 2 days! It had been my intent to ask her about my package (if she didn't deliver it with today's mail) when she delivered today's mail, but it arrived 2 hours earlier than usual and my husband, unaware that I was expecting a package, ran in to her on his way out the door for work and I was at the back of the house and didn't see.
trmn8r on 04/19/2011:
Isn't it possible a crime has been committed? As I understand it, you don't know anything at this point except that you don't have your package.
leet60 on 04/19/2011:
I have had a similar experience with USPS. I watched the carrier one day, place the mail in my box, and there was also a package to be delivered that was listed as out for delivery. The carrier drove away. The post office gave me the same answer "they have to talk to the carrier". As it happened the carrier pulled up to my house about two hours later and casually tossed the package over the fence next to the gate and walked away.

I avoid USPS for packages at all costs after that incident
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So Sick of the Post Office!
Posted by on
Normally I sympathize with those of us with bad jobs. I myself had one until recently, and I'm sure you were all aware of that. I would assume working at the post office is one of those bottom of the barrel, worlds suckiest jobs. However, of all the places I shop/frequent, I have never had more issues with the workers then at the post office. Here is just one example...

I ship a LOT of items. Big items, small items, domestic and international items. It's all for Ebay. I print my own postage at home to save time so all I have to do at the post office is wait in line, and then get my items scanned in. My closest POs do not have a drop bin, you HAVE to wait in line to give them to someone. Until maybe a year ago you just handed them off and hoped they got to their destination. At some point something changed and they added a scan in and printed receipt feature so when you drop off your items the worker scans in each piece and gives you a printed receipt. I LOVE this. I can insure that each of my items gets an arrival scan, and makes me feel good showing my buyers on eBay that their item left my hands and on what day.

The PO right by my office has the worst workers. One actually answers her cell phone to take personal calls while helping customers. WTF is that about?! This has happened on more than one occasion, since I'm there every day, I notice these things. It's not just emergencies, it's not just occasionally, it's practically every day. Most of them do what they should and scan my items and hand me a receipt without question. One will ask whether or not I would like the receipt, but still scans the items. The one today, who I have never seen before, was not like the others.

I had more boxes then the window could hold, and as soon as I filled the window he began moving them out of the way. He saw I was still standing there and asked "Yes?". Baffled, I said I had more boxes to pile up, and began to do so. He again cleared them off to the side...and again seeing me still stand there he said "ANY MORE?!" With an audible anger. "No?" I said. He gave me a bug eyed look and raised his hands up in that "then what" pose, to ask why I was still standing there. "I'd like my receipt?". His eyes sank and he began to grumpily scan all my items in and print my receipt. He then held it slightly out of my reach while reading it over. I held my hand up to receive it and he says "It's worthless, you can have it but IT'S WORTHLESS". WTF?! I scowled, grabbed my receipt and said THANKS and walked out.

Um #1 it's NOT worthless. #2 Why question WHY a customer wants their receipt? It signifies he scanned in all my items. #3, How come at every other post office I go to they just scan my items and give me a receipt without asking? That is apparently the standard, one that HE decided he doesn't want to follow. #4 THERE WAS ONE GUY BEHIND ME IN LINE and he actually let me ahead of him for god knows what reason. Human kindness?

Point being, I'm sick of going to the PO. These kind of things happen fairly regularly, and at several different locations. I could make them print postage and delivery confirmation for each and every piece but I try and make their lives easier by printing myself and THIS is the thanks I get? Geeze!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/05/2011:
The employee's behavior was uncalled for. He has no right telling you the receipt is worthless. Obviously it's of worth to you, or you wouldn't have asked for it.
Venice09 on 12/05/2011:
My local post office has an employee just like that. I can't stand him. So I send my husband when I need something. ;)
trmn8r on 12/05/2011:
Seems to me this letter should be against the particular one you had trouble with, since you said that at other PO's you have no issue and they give you a receipt without asking.

My local PO is very small and I like it. Unfortunately I can't get receipts as you describe at all :(
GreenstarYT on 12/05/2011:
Ven, I'm the one who does the PO trip for my husband AND myself, since we both sell on eBay. The PO is right across the parking garage from my office so I just stop at my car and pick my boxes up and walk on over. I like the receipt because they have to stand there and scan in each package, as opposed to just throwing them aside and I get to HOPE they get scanned in.
Venice09 on 12/05/2011:
I used to do all the banking/post office errands because they were right near my office, so I don't feel guilty sending my husband now. It's his turn!

Since you go so frequently, I can understand why you need good, fast service and a receipt. Most postal workers are friendly, but there will always be one person with an attitude. I tried avoiding that person at my post office but decided it was easier to just send my husband instead.
madconsumer on 12/06/2011:
there is always ups or FedEx.
Slimjim on 12/06/2011:
Mad has a point. UPS and FedEx are very competitive and used by many Ebay sellers. If you haven't looked into them, it's worth a shot.
trmn8r on 12/06/2011:
Last time I checked, UPS/FedEx are more expensive for smaller boxes and not as easy to access. UPS shines for midsize to larger parcels, which become prohibitively expensive at USPS. At my local PO, there are several people like the OP that bring in handfuls of boxes to ship. Most of my Ebay purchases come via Priority Mail, and that is what I most used to send.
Churro on 12/06/2011:
I read where the U.S. postal service plans to prevent bankruptcy by slowing down the mail. As they say at the postal service they lose money on every parcel but they make it in volume. So perhaps this guy is a trend setter because ya know poorer service equals less business which equals less parcel shipments which equals fewer losses. In fact the only way the postal service can be saved it to have no customers whatsoever and there ya go... Your gubment in action.
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Internal Mail Theft/Non Replacement of Money Orders
Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- (This is the letter I sent to the Post Master General)
Here are the contact numbers for complaints:
202-268-5211 (fax)

To Whom It May Concern:

You are receiving this letter, because I have exhausted every attempt to get this matter resolved. On May 16th, 2008. I went to the counter of my local post office and purchased a money order from the post office with the reference number of 12188965555. I advised the clerk that I needed to make sure that I could track this mail and get a confirmation when it is delivered. She advised me that the certified mail service would take of my concerns. This letter and money order was going from Jacksonville to Jacksonville. As of today, the recipient has not received it. I have made several calls to my local postal service. I have made a complaint with the postal inspection reference OR37817004. I have made a complaint to the Northeast Florida Consumer Affairs reference CB37816566 and to [snip] that handles complaints for the e Postmaster General office. All of these entities told me that someone would contact me. On top of that, I was advised that I could put a stop payment on the money order for a fee of $5.20 and wait for 60-90 days to get my money back. All of this is unacceptable, because it was the post office that either lost of stole my mail, which included my money order. I have found out that the post office I utilize already had complaint of thief from others. I want my money back ASAP. This is outrageous.

Today, I spoke with Rosa at my local post office, which was rude and less than helpful and had the nerves to tell me that she was familiar with the situation and asked me "why was I calling". I am calling because, I have made complaints with several entities about this situation and was promised a callback within one day and it has been two. I am calling about the lack of cooperation and consideration that I have received. I am calling because, I paid for a service that sets my mail apart from the regular mail and I did not get what I paid for.

Apparently, other people have similar situation, which is how I found your email and fax number. In the middle of drafting this email, I just got a phone call from Misty from the consumer affairs office. She advised me that the mail has not been located. She also advised me that the post office does not have a way to put a stop payment on the money order that I purchased from them and that I indeed would have to wait that long to receive my money, which is just ridiculous.

This is what I am going to do. I am going to fill out the forms for my money order. I have been trying to figure out a way to not use the post office ever again. I have spoken with UPS and was advised that to mail a letter, I could use the UPS ground service, which would cost about $7.00 for a letter. I will attach a copy of my complaint in every piece of mail that I send to charities, sports entities and any other contact. Surely, no charitable organization needs to purchase a money order from the post office. I am going to make sure that every website that I build has something about my experience with the U.S. Postal Service and the chain emails has proven to be priceless.

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Anonymous on 05/23/2008:
That is so unfortunate but for the amount of mail that they process I think that they are pretty efficient. It will cost more to send the money but I've never had any problems with Western Union or MoneyGram.
Anonymous on 05/23/2008:
I understand the poster's frustration. I have also all but given up on the USPS, unless I send something Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. My business partner sent me two books on two occasions via parcel post. Neither were received. When I inquired, the clerk told me 'It's best to always use Priority Mail and delivery confirmation for parcels or 'important' letters (Funny, I thought all letters were regarded as 'important' by the postal service!). So, one can now spend $5 for an 'important letter' to be posted, rather than 42-cents. Of course, much more for a parcel. Also, USPS touts that Priority Mail (letters) takes an average of 3-5 days for delivery. I've seen it regularly take 12-20 days for domestic delivery (per the delivery confirmation tracking). So, I share the poster's disgust with what has become an incompetent postal service. Great post (VH)!
madconsumer on 05/23/2008:
if you mailed this from jacksonville to jacksonville, couldn't you have drove it over and dropped it off?

all you need to do is contact the number on the money order stub, hopefully you kept it, and find out if the money order has been cashed. they can as well tell you who cashed it.

as far as the post office is concerned, your money order was never lost or stolen, but, you are trying to "get them to pay you" for it. sort of stealing!

until you prove the money order was never cashed, or was cashed, I aggree with the post office.
chow on 06/07/2008:
I used USPS "registered mail" for oversea mail once instead of regular mail,even though the postage cost is 20X more,but it does not shown up in the delivery service, the mail was lost,after several attempts of trying to inquire about it drawn a blank from USPS, the clerk has no clue about the mail and no record at all even though I shown her the receipt, just see how efficient USPS is!!!
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Click-N-Ship: Painful!
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Rating: 2/51
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- The USPS "Click-N-Ship" service is promoted as being easy and simple to use. It IS easy until you try printing out a label. This online service is an unfriendly user. After all the time I've spent online just trying to print a shipping label, I could have made a trip to the post office. They take all your shipping info (AND your money), and then, good luck trying to print out the label. I tried for two hours to get my label to print. I even switched browsers, and went in from different directions. Nothing helped! But wouldn't you know, they got my money right away, and I got NO shipping label. Something else with Click-N-Ship happened a few months ago. I was just trying to get an estimate, and they charged me before I was given a chance to agree to anything. There was no "YES", no "Complete transaction", nothing to click on. It just went through and charged directly to my account. I had to wait weeks for a refund. The USPS website appears to be user-friendly, but is, in fact, just an unfriendly user. Difficult to navigate and it loops you into areas you don't want to be in. I now use FedEx and UPS as much as possible.

No wonder they're losing money! I feel sorry for the carriers, as they are overworked (I have a carrier friend), but much could be accomplished if they would only get their website straight. CALLING ALL GEEKS! Their site needs a SERIOUS makeover!

And here's one for a laugh: Three different times I have gone to the USPS website and tried to have my mail held while I was on vacation. The first time, even though there was a "resume" date, I had to contact the local post office and remind them to deliver my old mail; the second time, they completely lost ALL of my mail (they claimed I had not received any mail at all during that period); the third time, they ignored the online request and squashed 2-1/2 weeks of mail into my tiny mailbox. When I called to ask about it, I was told I needed to go to the local post office to make sure they got the message!!! OK, so what is the point of online services if you have to go to the post office anyway??? I am SOOOOO disgusted with these guys.
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Victoria on 02/03/2014:
I tried several times to print shipping label without any success. This new "easier" way is so out of it! Nothing works!!! Their chat offers help but chat is not available, at least not to me. My address book is gone, all names deleted by USPS, shipping history (where I can track my shipments) also gone. They don't seem to have anybody working on this new system that has an IQ higher than 55.
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Wrongfully seized express package
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Rating: 1/51
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently moved to San Diego around a month ago and it has been hard to find work. Talking with friends from where I moved from they all decided to chip in and send me some cash. Along with the cash a good friend of mine included a motherboard and processor for my broke down computer. He sent both together in an express box thinking that would be the fastest and cheapest way to get me what I needed and in time.
Leave it to the post office to seize the package claiming the money was intended to purchase medical marijuana. WHAT??
How they made this decision I am not certain. I have never even mailed an envelope from San Diego since I have been here. All the information on the box was accurate for both the sender and myself so no flags there. Still they seized the package and it has been two days now and no communication since. Both myself and my friend who mailed the package have tried to get a hold of the inspector. Left multiple voicemail messages; none of them returned.
I have already filed a complaint with the inspector general and am looking on the internet for anywhere else I can express my disgust. So apparently it seems to be legal for an employee of the postal service to just assume something and that is all that is required to seize your personal belongings.
It is not illegal to send any amount of cash through the post office as long as its intent is legal. Also the burden is on the post office to prove otherwise which so far they have not. In the mean time I am out the money and belongings sent in the package and every friend who contributed is also out their money and that is what angers me the most. My friends cared enough to get together and send me some cash to help me out and this is what they get for being kind.
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jktshff1 on 11/29/2012:
Let us know how this turns out.
clutzycook on 11/29/2012:
It's not illegal, but it isn't a great idea either. They should have sent you a check and then insured everything.
trmn8r on 11/29/2012:
My mom taught me not to send cash in the mail over 40 years ago, and she was right. Moms are always right. Mom was right due to the risk.

However, the question of legality is different. It *is* illegal to send cash *if* the cash is to be used for purposes such as buying illegal drugs, laundering, etc. So, my guess is you need to wait for an investigation to be complete.

It would be interesting to know the law regarding probable cause or whatever allows them to seize such packages. Good luck.
Vinnie11 on 11/30/2012:
So curious to know how this turns out. Did he stuff the Express envelope at the Post Office or did he already have an envelope at home?
MissLeopard83 on 11/30/2012:
Always send money by PayPal or money order so it is insured. Cash can easily be stolen, which I'm betting is the case here. Someone in the post office is being greedy.
copper_works_ on 11/30/2012:
If it was express, it was probably going on a plane and x-rayed. The electronic items probably raised a red flag, the page was opened and the cash was held, yep, I can see something like that happening.
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USPS - Its Own Victim
Posted by on
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I have the misfortune to live in Henrico County, VA just outside Richmond, Va. Of course, in their wisdom, the USPS assigned my community a Richmond Zip Code forcing us to deal with the East End Richmond Post Office, better known because of its plastic shields at the counter and locked areas, the "War Zone".

For 12 years I have suffered and complained to the Post Master General and the local post office by telephone (try to use their online complaint e-mail forms and you will probably find as I do that they do not work - broken links, locked fields, etc.) about: (1) misdelivered mail, i.e. all mail in my cul de sac delivered to my mailbox, my correctly addressed mail delivered to a person in Richmond with a totally different name and zip code, etc. (2)delivery of my mail consistently after 6:30PM (3)packages not delivered requiring me to pay a cab (I do not drive and there is no bus service) to go to the "War Zone".

The excuses they give me are numerous - can't hire enough people because they, "can't find enough employees to pass the legal requirements and drug testing" (actual quote), they are afraid someone will steal the package if they leave it (UPS and FedEx have no such problem and I have never missed receiving a package), my neighborhood is the last on the route, etc.

I have a family in France and right now I am waiting to call a cab to pick up the package they sent. As usual, it was delivered after 6:30PM and although I was home either the carrier did not use the doorbell or simply knocked once and left.

So, I am going to tell my family in Europe to not attempt to send packages and to rely on IM and e-mail for our correspondence.

I will choose the more expensive method of sending my packages by FedEX or UPS. I have already switched to almost exclusively electronic cards and correspondence.

It appears to me that if the Post Office wants to become financially viable they might consider providing decent service.
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J. Plantaganet Corby on 12/22/2011:
Do you live in a house with a fence? If the gate is closed USPS will not open the gate like all the rest of the carriers do. I have the same problem I have to leave the gate propped open to get delivery from USPS. If I don't get to the gate in time I also have to go pickup my packages. I have no idea why they can't open gates.
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Extremely slow package delivery!
Posted on
My husband had a package shipped to him on 10/28/11 via USPS (Ebay purchase). It is now 11/22/11 and the package has not be delivered yet. Tracking information shows:

Detailed Results:

Processed through USPS Sort Facility, November 12, 2011, 7:57 pm, RICHMOND, CA 94804
Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 28, 2011
Acceptance, October 28, 2011, 12:39 pm, FREEPORT, IL 61032

Richmond, Ca is 110 miles north of our location. The package arrived in Richmond 10 days ago so why hasn't it at least reached our local post office? I'm beginning to think that, in an effort to save money, the USPS has strapped this package to the back of a turtle instead of placing it on a mail truck for the mailman to deliver! Seriously USPS? You've had this package for 3 weeks now. We could have had the package shipped media mail and it should have been here by now! It's also frustrating to know that at least as far as the USPS is concerned, a tracking number means nothing to them. If I take the tracking info down to the local post office, there is nothing they can do to locate this package. You would think that the USPS would have a more sophisticated way of tracking mail but they don't. This is seriously disappointing USPS. You have been my preferred method of shipping for a long time.
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madconsumer on 11/22/2011:
if it is parcel post, then there is no time given for delivery. it could take a month or more.
Alain on 11/23/2011:
My sister-in-law had a similar problem and contacted the USPS headquarters in D.C. at (800) 275-8777 [there's also a 202-268-2000 #]. She finally got a human and eventually they replaced the postmaster at her local post office. I don't know if this will work for you, but it's worth a try.
oldisgood on 11/23/2011:
I don't know where madconsumer got his info, but parcel post does not take a month or more. Somewhere the package is lost. That happens and when it happens to you it is catastrophic. Most packages go through in a week. I mail oranges from Arizona across the country during the winter and it has NEVER taken more than a week.
raven2010 on 11/23/2011:
According to the Post Office website, parcel posts takes 2-8 days in the lower 48

oldisgood on 11/24/2011:
Anonymous on 12/03/2011:
Thanks for the advice everyone! It is now December 3rd and the package hasn't showed up nor has the tracking info been updated since the package was scanned in Richmond. Because it is uninsured, we are out of luck as far as USPS is concerned but a claim was filed with eBay and the seller refunded our money immediately.
trmn8r on 12/03/2011:
My memory is that with Ebay, if the Seller does not insure a package and it is lost, Ebay will automatically ding the Seller for the full amount if a claim is filed. This is new in the last few years, so essentially insurance is expected whether the ad states it or not.

Something I sent was lost and the Buyer and I split the difference because the box got there empty, but the Buyer didn't tell the post office until after leaving the building.
Marie Valenza on 03/16/2012:
I recently ordered (1 MONTH AGO) a guitar strap from America (I am in London UK) and USPS have the most annoying web site ever. Via my ref number - all I get is the same information as last week - my item is still in the Los Angeles sorting office - does anyone work there!! - and I can't find an email address so I can personally moan to someone about the shoddy service they are providing - where's the customer care!! non existent - I will never buy anything from the US again if they have to use the awful postal system - makes you wonder what kind of people work there - machines!!!!
Skye on 03/16/2012:
trmn8r on 03/16/2012:
trmn8r on 03/16/2012:
Maria - here in the US we usually make complaints through our local post offices. I can't imagine contacting them via the phone or email, but it is possible there is a way to do it.
{Edit} I see Skye has in fact given you an inquiry form}

To my knowlwedge, it isn't like a package delivery service like UPS or FEDEX, where they are used to offering phone support.

If you have tracking information, is there a way to start with whatever agency on your end delivers such mail to you?

Incidentally, the one time I attempted to track something on the USPS website, the status was woefully lacking also.
Kathie on 02/18/2013:
Well my package (first class) hasn't made it out of the town it waqs mailed. It has been sitting in the sorting facility since the day it was mailed. It hasn't been a month - it's been a week so far, but it hasn't gone anywhere either, so it will probably take a month by the time I get it, if I do. USPS is lousy!
crympson on 06/18/2013:
USPS yup there a joke and I will tell you why .... are u ready for this ? Its because there an affiliate with the government and we all know how the government is a tight wad plus the USPS has the lowest IQ people working for them every time I mean every time I buy or sell on eBay I have a problem with sort facilities I think we could all make a lot of money on this. Here's how - send a package too someone you know and insure it for hundreds when it don't arrive or it gets lost file a claim and cash in I promise that if enough people do this the USPS will do there job a bit better. Also I believe when you pay for delivery confirmation and tracking you are paying for a service that is most of the time just ripping you off
Elaine ogden on 08/20/2013:
Posted tracked airmail from GB 8/5 arrived NY 6 still not showing any movement it was urgently needed!! Cannot contact any one is the usps to help only know shows Jamaica NY I am desperate and feel so alone!!!Any help gratefully received here in GB m.ogden1@btinternet.com
Victor on 09/24/2013:
The whole problem started when usps changed the ceo's and the first thing this very important super-smart ceo did was to cut down the jobs to save money. Then all the extra mail he simply split and added to the current mailmen...Then mistakes started happening....I used to order all the time, twice per month smth from Amazon...Then 2 years ago I didn't get 3 books in a row!!!!! Amazon returned the money. I went to barnes and nobles, purchased the $25 membership(which I renew every year) and gave up on online ordering...International experience? I used to send every once in a while from NYC to Croatia. A letter would arrive in 3-4 days. A box sometimes in 7 days. 2-3 years ago usps skyrocketed the prices and now mail arrives in 3-4 weeks! I stopped mailing, now I find someone who goes to Croatia....
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No package arrived, but I received teasing phone call from PO
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- This happened to me 3 times already. it always ended up with the same person to speak with by the end. I ordered something online and the sender always used tracking services. when I check on the USPS website, it always misteriously showed that it's already been delivered. But weird enough I haven't seen any pink slip in the mailbox in my building nor it's ever made it to my doorstep. the regular mail is totally fine, only package seems like it's disappear from the radar for 1 week or 2 week, then a 2nd notice or even final notice pink slip would somehow appear in my mailbox again. When it happened the 2nd time, I already suspected it's a work of my local postal driver who did this. coz when I made a complaint online, the local postal worker would call me tell me the same thing "on the net, it shows it's delivered". I said I never got it and I don't know how it can be showed delivered if I haven't gotten it YET! guess what? few days later, they would call and tell me "OH! it's been sitting on the shelves all along!!" then how the hell would it show "delivered on the net?" fishy? oh yeah. someone might want to cheat salary out of making a non-existence delivery!

I've been trying to avoid using USPS ever since, but on the 3rd time I ordered a book using priority mail.. hello~~ I paid more than 1st class and 1 expect to get it with 3 days. that's what priority mail is. isn't that what they advertise?????!?!?!? guess what? my package is somehow also showed a delivered status on the net but no one in my family has ever seen that package. OK. so now the driver is pulling the same trick again. I email USPS the complaint, I guess it's the local manager called me and insisted the package is delivered. and funny enough, he mimic a girly talk keep saying
"where is my book? where is my book?" I was very angry at that jerk's attitude. does he want to keep his job or what??? and he also sounds like I made a big deal out of nothing! I needed that book at my class that's y I paid priority mail. now it doesn't show up, I have to order another one because of it.

the jerk keep insisting my family got the package. and he also imply that may be they hide it from me after they got it! come on. I am the only guy in my family who would have the gut to talk to English speaker, OK? I kept saying the package is not arrived! he then ask my family composition coz first he insisted the package is delivered to a TEENAGE boy. I told him there wasn't any boy in my family. then he asked me WHAT OTHER FAMILY MEMEBERS DO I HAVE. WTF is that??? why is it his business? so he can frame my parents next time? lol... I didn't know the USPS postal has to know my family composition in order to deliver a package.

the new book I ordered has arrived after 1 week, but I haven't received the missing package until 2 weeks after. that jerk called me again on the 2nd week. explained to me "NICELY" that the book somehow NEVER got delivered, but was sitting on the shelf of the postal office for the last 2weeks!!! I told him" you know what? I already brought another book. why don't you fXXking keep it !! jerk" then I hung up on him.

wow.. I've never seen such attitude as being the #1 in a service business. first it's the constant mislocate packages, then it's teasing / mocking, commenting on you haven't nothing else better to do then to make a big deal out of nothing attitude. at last, the package is always showed up and SOMEHOW always ENDED UP in the shelf at the post office waiting to be picked up.

that package was never opened, no tear, clean! so I m pretty sure it was never set foot outside of the post office.

then I've never use USPS to deliver package again. coz I know THEY ARE HIDING MY PACKAGE.

it's the old chelsea po, the manager there is a guy, I believe he's black because he surely sound like one, especially when he's mocking me.
I wonder why do post office keep him? to lose more business??
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 12/18/2010:
There has to be someone higher up than that manager. Try to find him/her and report the guy.
nicki212 on 12/18/2010:
I m not sure if that guy is the manager or even the truck driver. I couldn't find another person to speak with other than that guy. he was also the one call me when my 2nd package was missing. I know the mailman is doing their work, but the truck driver has been hiding package. they won't deliver it but tag it as delivered. I have never had this problem while I was living in brooklyn for 10 years. and the postman there are friendly.
MRM on 12/18/2010:
Interesting scenario
nicki212 on 12/18/2010:
I regreted I didn't record our phone conversation. so other people can hear how nice his girly voice is.
madconsumer on 12/18/2010:
since you live in an apartment building, could it be in the office?
tnchuck100 on 12/18/2010:
1st incident: "OH! it's been sitting on the shelves all along!!"

2nd incident: "...but was sitting on the shelf of the postal office for the last 2weeks!!!"

I would say that pretty much eliminates the "could it be in the office" possibility.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
Luckily, I've had no problems with the USPS. I always get packages in a tinely manner, and my postal lady is very nice.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
You think with the decrease in people using their service, they would do everything they can to improve their customer relations. I recently had an incident with them that showed just pure laziness on someone's part. It makes me know why I rarely send checks in the mail anymore.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
I had a WONDERFUL carrier. Unfortunately, I moved and lost her. When she was off, everything went wrong. Some of them are ridiculously lazy. I was across the street at a neighbors and saw the truck pull up to my box. I was expecting a package so I went out but not from my side, from the opposite side because I was across the street so he did not see me coming. He was in there filling out the slip for the package as if I missed it. He wasn't even going to ATTEMPT to walk the 10 steps to the door. What a slacker!

Service is hit or miss with USPS.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
lee, I had that problem once too. It took me 3 weeks for them to locate the (Priority) package after they left the slip!
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
definitely laziness. Why don't they leave the packages at your door? All my packages are left by my door if I'm not home. So the pink slip is basically the "lazy" slip. They were too lazy to walk to your door and leave the package there.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
Priority really used to be something special. I worked for a company that sent payroll checks to their locations by Priority. I bet they don't now. Priority Mail is the old standard First Class Mail and First Class Mail is now like playing the lotto. They just use it as an excuse to get more money.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
first class is only available for packages up to like a pound. Then it automaticallty is priority, unless you go with Parcel. I heard that you're better off putting your packages in the dryer for an hour than send a package parcel post. I've used parcel on heavy items that are not worth much.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
The price between parcel and priority are not much, depending on how heavy the package is.
clutzycook on 12/18/2010:
My mail carrier is my next door neighbor and she uses the fact that she lives on her route to full advantage. When she comes around to our neighborhood, she will stop when she gets to her house, take her mail inside, let her dog out, then about 5-7 minutes later will get back in her truck and take off. I've thought about reporting her, but I don't know if anyone would really care.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
clutzy, I wouldn't mind it as long as she's doing her job well. Maybe she considers this her break and has already discussed it with her employer?
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
clutzy, Id suggest just letting it go. The last thing I would want to do is make enemies with my neighbor who also delivers my mail. Sounds like it could cause a bad time.
nicki212 on 12/18/2010:
clarification : when I answered that jerk's call, I did asked him if the package is on the shelf in the postal office coz it already happened to me twice. he denied it right away, repeating himself like I don't understand English, "it was delivered to someone in your apartment!","it was YOUR SON!!" "I bumped into him so I gave the package to him." I don't have kid. I bet they don't even know who I am, how could she could know "my son"!! how can they make up a son of mine just to cover their asses. he even repeated my address to confirm, but it didn't make the package appear out of thin air now, wouldn't it? after he repeated my address, the other woman staff there said "yeah! we gave it to your son. ask your son." I repeated myself again "I don't have a son." he was very rude said "who else lives in your apartment?" x 3, coz I wouldn't say it.

if the guy quit working at post office, I am sure he will be a great story-teller. his attitude is just annoying and rude.
nicki212 on 12/18/2010:
I don't think they would even want to take the elvator to go up to the building. in fact, they didn't even make the attempt to deliver. I've seen it myself once. the mailman would fill out the "we missed u" slip and leave it in my mailbox. they didn't buzz me through intercom. But 2 years ago, packages were delivered to my door, the mailman bang my door so hard, scared the crap out of me. sometimes, they also buzz me and ask me to go downstair to pick up the package. now they just don't even bother to buzz or bring out the package while they deliver the mails.
leet60 on 12/18/2010:
I also have issues with USPS package delivery. The same incident has occurred twice in the past month. Rather than bringing a package to my door, which is less than 10 feet from the mailbox, they will walk up to the gate and unceremoniously drop the package on the ground on my side of the fence. No notice, no attempt to actually deliver.
My fence is rather short and borders the sidewalk. Had I not seen this happen, it is likely the first pedestrian walking by my house could simply reach over the fence and walk away with the package.

When I queried the post office about this, I was told if it did not fit in the box and the carrier was running late they could "leave it in a safe place". I find this kind of service undesirable and the USPS should not wonder why their business is dwindling rapidly.
nicki212 on 12/19/2010:
leet60>> that's pretty scary. unless they have a gps device on the package, they shouldn't just leave it out in the public like this. when I was still living in brooklyn years ago. there are houses with lawn and fence. I always see mailman / truck driver put packages in front of the door or inside the screen door. not the lawn or fence. they would only do it if they see someone is coming to get the package after they rang the bill. if no one's home, they would fill out pink slip instead, and put it into the mail slot. the house I lived doesn't have lawn, so they can't just leave it on the street if no one's home. they always deliver packages to my house, ring the bell, pink slip if no one's home. they made sure your mail / packages are inside your house. good old days.
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