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USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail
Posted by on
I ordered an item on Friday, July 16, 2010. The only shipping option was USPS Priority Mail. I even offered to pay for Federal Express shipping, but the vendor only uses USPS Priority Mail. I knew I would be in for trouble, but hoped for the best. As of today, no package. I just spoke to a USPS customer representative, who was apologetic, and I thanked her. They now tell me it is only an estimation of delivery, but it could actually take up to, two full weeks for USPS Priority Mail delivery. I asked her, then why do they call it Priority?? She did not have an answer, and I do not blame her. She does not own USPS, nor does she make the rules.

I am only in Colorado. The package was shipped from Chicago. Apparently my package left Chicago on July 17th, at 1:59AM. After that, no tracking information until today, which now shows, package left Chicago, on July 21st, at 1:59AM. Basically, it's the waiting game now.

Processed through Sort Facility, July 21, 2010, 1:59 am, CHICAGO, IL 60701
Processed through Sort Facility, July 17, 2010, 1:59 am, CHICAGO, IL 60701
Electronic Shipping Info Received, July 16, 2010

The package was physically shipped out on July 16th, yet now it's on a mystery journey somewhere, most likely touring Chicago.

I wonder how USPS actually is able to have mail delivered out of the United States, after all, they seem to have plenty of trouble just delivering inside our country. I understand they are delivering millions of packages a day, as well as the regular mail, flyers, magazines, etc., but it seems every time I have something shipped United States Priority Mail, there is a problem. This isn't the first problem, and unfortunately, it will not be the last.

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User Replies:
goduke on 07/21/2010:
Not surprising from the USPS.
bcd on 07/21/2010:
Monday may be considered the shipping day because the package was probably sent late Friday. Today (Wednesday), is the second business day (after shipping) so you will receive the package by tomorrow, the third business day following shipping.
Skye on 07/21/2010:
Bcd, they told me it shipped out on Friday, that it left Chicago, but in reality it did not. For some reason, it is stuck at one of the Chicago hubs, due to being misplaced. That's the latest information I just received. The part about that it could actually take up to 2 weeks for delivery is just plain crazy. Ahh, but what are you going to do? I just hope it's having a nice time, while traveling, lol. The shipper normally ships out of Kentucky, and I've had this item shipped out on Friday's previously, and it has never arrived later then the following Tuesday. I have had other issues with priority mail before, from other shippers, and I know its the chance I take. I just think calling it priority mail, is stretching the envelope, so to say, no pun intended :)
goduke on 07/21/2010:
I think, Skye, that the USPS has you on their hit list. You have the absolutely worst experiences with them! Hope you get it soon, and that the package at least gets a t-shirt from Chicago, or a big slice of pizza!
MRM on 07/21/2010:
I, too, have a package that's from Colorado that said to be processed on the 19th and that was the last update I got. It is now the 21st and still no update. Usually, there will be an update when it arrives to your local post office. Its always been like that with USPS with regards to their lag in online tracking.
MRM on 07/21/2010:
You will see the next update when the package arrives at your local post office.
Skye on 07/21/2010:
OMG goduke, I was actually just thinking they have me on some kind of list. We all know big brother is always watching. Ummm pizza, that sounds delicious and a great idea for lunch, thanks!

MRM, I know what you mean. I have not had any updates since Saturday. I signed up for the automatic email alerts, so that I didn't have to keep going into package tracking for any kind of activity. I don't blame the phone reps, they always take the brunt of it all. I was just surprised that when I called again, to ask a different question, they then told me about the package appearing to be misplaced.
MRM on 07/21/2010:
PS, if you guys are curious what I ordered, its a set of dvds showing you how to play popular songs on the piano.
Anonymous on 07/21/2010:
There is no guaranteed delivery time for USPS priority mail. In my experience it's anywhere between 2 to 5 business days. It's priority because it's a notch above first class mail. It's cheap easy shipping which is why so many vendors use it these days.

I'm betting your package will be delivered by Friday. Good luck!
MRM on 07/21/2010:
Skye, I don't think your package is misplaced. I think they don't want you to know the exact location of the package, as you may be anybody asking for the package. USPS are too good to mispalced packages as it never happened to me.
goduke on 07/21/2010:
I'm watching Best Buy play the UPS "Mail Innovations" game with a shipment of a couple of CDs that I thought were nifty. Made good progress until they handed it off to the USPS. Now it's been in springfield mass for about 4 days.
Alain on 07/22/2010:
Thorough review. I hope the package makes it eventually.
MRM on 07/22/2010:
Just as I thought. My package has arrived to its destination in Norfolk post office and the tracking online has been updated to reflect that. So, the bottomline, the USPS tracking online only tells us when the package has left its destination and when it arrives to its destination as it has always been that way.
steve101 on 07/22/2010:
I have USPS Priority mail that has never even showed up as delivered or even sent, but even though their so called tracking is abysmal they have never lost one coming or going out.
Skye on 07/22/2010:
My package arrived, damaged and empty. I've contacted the shipper, who will file a claim. The priority envelope was damaged beyond repair, the item was missing, as well as the receipt from the vendor. The envelope had been opened, and retaped. They even left a nice footprint on the envelope. Even my mailman was shocked at the damage. Nice going and I hope whomever stole the items I ordered and paid for, remembers Karma has a very good memory.
MRM on 07/22/2010:
Just curious: what was in the package? I haven't check my mailbox yet as I am at work. When I get home from work, its going to be like Xmas in July!
Skye on 07/22/2010:
One of my previous USPS Priority envelopes, was misrouted and ended up in Santa Clarita, CA, but at least when that envelope finally showed up, it had not been tampered with or had the items stolen.
MRM on 07/22/2010:
Skye, I apologize that Xmas in July did not work well for you.
Skye on 07/22/2010:
No apology necessary MRM :)

But I am looking forward to Xmas in August, lol...
safesinger666 on 07/22/2010:
I've used USPS many many times never had an issue.
As a matter a fact if there's a USPS option I'd rather use that instead of UPS & Fedex high prices.
If UPS has a ship option for 2-7 days you can guarantee it will be late or very last minute that 7th day with USPS always received my package in a quick manner.
nicki212 on 12/18/2010:
yep. I had the same sitution as yours too. I asked them can I get a refund when it's not delivered as promised, which is 3days. they said I can't.
u would better off using 1st class mail then coz it won't appear in your mail box even if u live in the big apple!!!
kiki134 on 12/29/2012:
If you ordered on eBay and got an empty box, you file an INR, item not received through PayPal and you will get a refund. This is the sellers baby. If you ordered anywhere and paid with a credit card, contact the company and file a charge back on the credit card, you will get a refund. Again it is the sellers baby. They can say they are not responsible for items lost in the mail if you do not buy insurance but they are WRONG.
teank on 03/16/2013:
That's where your wrong its not just the sellers baby ,Your the one paid the shipping that's your money pay for that so it's not the seller prob it's your usps tell you that and the seller pays you back .... Well is good bis to keep the custormer happy usps just don't care
Akaur on 05/27/2013:
I use USPS very frequently primarily because they are the cheapest. I have used priority mail for domestic and international packages. I have never really had any problem with delayed packages as long as they don't get stuck at the Indian customs (even God can't guarantee a safe or timely passage through there). Thing to note though is that 2-3 days (domestic) or 5-10 days (international) estimate is business days so it excludes, sundays and any other holidays. Sometimes they don't usually update the tracking status promptly but if you call them, they can initiate an inquiry to find out where the package is.
Murp on 03/14/2014:
I will not mail packages via USPS anymore, you pay flat rates for their priority boxes but they still don't deliver on time.
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They always let me down, 2-3 Priority Mail
Posted by on
COLORADO -- I ordered a watch for my sister on September 15, 2010. The best shipping method they offered was USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail. Now of course I know this is NOT the best shipping method, but I chose it so I could follow the feeble tracking information and have a delivery confirmation. Not really expecting to have it in less than 2 weeks, which is what I was told last time, priority mail can take up to. So much for the priority part.

This is what has me aggravated. It was missent somewhere along the way, and when I called USPS, the automatron voice told me they cannot give me any tracking information, I MUST call my local post office. I called my local postoffice, and they also could not give me any information. Here is my tracking information:

Detailed Results:

Processed through Sort Facility, September 19, 2010, 11:37 pm, DENVER, CO 80217
Missent, September 18, 2010, 5:53 am
Processed through Sort Facility, September 16, 2010, 10:34 pm, DENVER, CO 80217
Electronic Shipping Info Received, September 16, 2010
Processed through Sort Facility, September 15, 2010, 7:44 pm, CINCINNATI, OH 45235

Apparently it was missent to where, who knows, on September 18, 2010.

Wherever it is, I hope to see it before Christmas!

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 09/20/2010:
It has only been 4 days, if you don't count Sunday. You say you don't expect it in less than 2 weeks, so it isn't clear why you are reaching out at this point.

I use Priority Mail quite a bit for national mailings, and honestly I have never had it take more than 5 days, and usually it is less. I'm sorry your service is not as good.
Skye on 09/20/2010:
I'm posting this, to show how it was missent. I'm not reaching out, lol. I always have nothing but trouble with USPS priority mail. Have other reviews about it, and every time unfortunately I use them, I have nothing but issues. I know they have me on some kind of list. The other two times I've used priority mail, same thing, nothing but trouble. Just sharing my newest experience.
DebtorBasher on 09/20/2010:
I'm sorry Skye, sounds like ZZ is driving for the USPS these days. Like me, he takes the scenic routes.
Man-O-Man, I sure miss the Zman!
Skye on 09/20/2010:
DB :)

I'm not even mad. In fact, I find it funny how once again, something goes wrong with my priority mail. This time it was missent. But looking on the bright side, it's not a scary experience, yet anyway, unlike the papwer wasps!
Enigmatic on 09/20/2010:
My favorite USPS memory--Having a friend overnight something from NC to me in MO. I received it two weeks later. There's no incompetence like gross incompetence! :)
Anonymous on 09/20/2010:
Delivery confirmation and tracking are NOT the same when it comes to the USPS. Delivery confirmation is proof that a package was delivered, or that an attempt to deliver has been made. It does NOT track your package. You should never rely on delivery confirmation as a source of tracking because the package actually has to be scanned each time it reaches a new location and many post offices do not scan package. Also, if you re-read the information provided, your package was missent on the 18th after being processed in Denver and then re-processed the next day at Denver. Give it a day or two, you package will eventually arrive at the correct location.
Skye on 09/20/2010:
I know all about it. Actually, it is a tracking method, with delivery confirmation at the end. Why else would the screen say tracking on it? I'm a novice at USPS, Federal Express and United Parcel Service. I prefer Federal Express over all of them. I was just posting how my package had been missent, as usual.

Believe me, I know how it all works, thanks for the feedback.
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Late Delivery or None Delivery
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ANAHEIM, CA, CALIFORNIA -- Three week ago, I sent a certified mail to Birmingham, Alabama. It took 2 weeks of back and forth tracking before it was finally delivered. The package was sent back to Anaheim after shipping to Alabama, back and forth. Then on the 31st July, I sent a priority mail that was supposed to arrive Alabama and be delivered on 8/2/13, according to USPS receipts. They said the mail was sent to Florida where it remained for 3 days. Upon much calling and fussing, they finally sent it to Birmingham sorting facility where it remains till today because nobody from the USPS can still tell me the whereabouts of this mail, today is Sat. 8/10/13, and I have been calling the Anaheim main post office yet same run around. I am very frustrated. If the FEDs can no longer manage the post office, they should hand it over to private companies since they cannot recruit competent people to run it. As at this time of writing, I have not received any call back for the complain I filed even when they promised a return call within 24 hour. I will update if anything changes.
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USPS Nightmares
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I spend about 6 months in Florida and 6 months in Massachusetts each year. I've always had problems getting packages from FL to MA; they usually disappear in Jacksonville. This time it actually made it to NJ before it was sucked into the void. It's been 7 days since it was sent "priority", 5 days since it supposedly left NJ. I could've walked to NJ and back by now.

I called the 800 number to initiate a search and the CSR dyslexic'd my P.O. box number. The receiving P.O.called me and filled me in on that but do ya think she would/could correct the mistake???
What really chaps my a** about this incident is that my friend was intending to send it express and the CSR at the P.O. talked her out of it and told her express is a waste. I have tried and tried to tell people to never never never send anything slightly important by any other way than express.

"Track and Confirm" is so incredibly misleading that the USPS should be forced to drop the "track" part. Bottom line -do NOT send anything even slightly important or time sensitive through the USPS. If you have no alternative, use express mail only and DO NOT let any CSR talk you out of using express. I am hoping against hope that this package appears by tomorrow but I really think it's gone to the place socks disappear to, never to be seen again. Will update if it is delivered

my package arrived at 2pm after 7 days, the last 5 days floating around Vermont because somewhere along the way the zip code was "keyed in wrong." mmm hmm....
it was crushed pretty bad but, due to decent packing, the contents were OK.
my son sent me an express envelope from the same location yesterday at 3pm. it arrived by 10a.m. today, 4 hours before the lost package.
lesson learned...

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/23/2012:
The reason that USPS employees warn people about Express Mail being a waste (of money), is that is many cases it is. My postmaster does the same thing - if a package *should* take the same amount of time to get from me to Point B as Priority, there isn't a time incentive to paying a hefty premium.

I've never had a problem shipping packages with USPS. Priority Mail can take variable amounts of time, I do know that. When I want reliable shipping of packages, I use package experts like UPS or FEDEx.
Whiteduck on 07/24/2012:
I went to the Castleton, IN branch of the PO the other day and stood in their line waiting on service for about 5 minutes. When I got to the counter and asked for a roll of stamps, they didn't have any. No stamps. Of any kind. None. This is a post office, so I'm not real sure what they think their priority is, but I'd think stamps would be pretty high up.

Anyway, I'm just commiserating with the OP. The USPS is losing it's edge...
Mike on 11/27/2012:
Your lucky yours at least came eventually. I have been blown off, lied to by almost every person at 1-800-ask-usps about my package that I was talked out of sending it the way I wanted to and talked into sending it via confirmed delivery which according to Websters dictionary means yes it will be delivered. My package is in limbo for over 3 weeks already and they couldn't give a crap since it isn't their package. They then say you should have had it insured. That is a catch 22 as when was the last time you went to a restaurant and ordered dinner and had to pay extra to make sure you actually got the food from the waiter/waitress you ordered it from and paid for?
cassandra on 08/06/2013:
I'm not one to complain I hate complainers but this time I'm letting it slide I swear OK so I ordered a reborn doll if u don't know what that ia look them up I spent 202.00 it was sent out Saturday and now its Tuesday which it said two day delivery I had sent my payment to the lady she received it in that two days and when she got mine the mail mab picked up hers she is sending me OK so aroubd 9 she gives me the tracking number I look it up and every was updated etc. well Sunday afternoon I looked it up still no updates so I wait till 6 still nothing OK so I figure its 2 day n she got hers on time ill get mine on time when minday came along my mailman came but no package I looked up the tracking freaking out cuz there is no status update of my package noting so I call the 800 number now its all automated then I called thw pist office by her they gave me a run around told me it wasn't gaurnteed delivery days bs cuz it says on their site that ...
trackung now even better pin point days of delivery I told him I'm not stupid I actually read on everything so he cannot pull that crap out on me well finally last night it updated thank god someone scanned it cuz now its in where it shuld be just waiting for my mailman to come which is between11:00-4:00 fudge it I told tgem I don't want to sit home expecting a package on a sertin day then it don't show .. the point is the workers just don't care and they wounder why they r going bankrupt maybe if they had better services ppl would be teed off n maybe they would start makeing money
Anastacia on 12/04/2013:
Oh, believe me the Express is not an option at all! I sent one on Monday from Houston sububrs with !Money back guarantee it will reach NY by next day at noon. You know what? Tue at 5PM it just made to Houston, which is 40min drive!!! Do use UPS or FedEx and don't rely on USPS on anything important. (Although, I did have good examples of International priority mails sent quite OK - with no tracking numbers even and it is twice or three time less expensive than UPS/FedEx)
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As usual, USPS has once AGAIN lost my package
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I get it. Priorty USPS service does not guarantee 2 to 3 business day delivery. I know according to USPS, it can take up to two weeks. My issue is, again, they lost my package. Seriously, if it was great service all the time, an occasional error I could live with, but with USPS, the only consistent thing about them is, they lose my package.

I don't live in a rural area. I have a mailbox. I do not understand why they always always always lose my packages. Right before I left work, I checked my package, and it was out for delivery. I get home, no package in my mailbox. I check my package on line, and the dreaded "missent" message now appears. So I call USPS customer service, and after yelling into the phone, no I don't need a zip code, I need a customer service representative, the automated machine cooperated, and connected me with a living live person. But alas, she was not helpful, and sounded bored that I interrupted her afternoon siesta.

I chose USPS Priority, because the shipper only offered that, as the next option, after regular USPS mail. I wanted the delivery confirmation option. Lot of good it did me, other than give me agida. I told the customer service representative, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when the only shipping option offered is USPS. She said they're working on getting my package to me. Well hopefully, I will receive it in May, hopefully.

I do not have any faith in the USPS, and they don't care. I guess this will teach me! Must be the snow storm we're having today, that caused my package to misdirect itself!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 05/07/2012:
I recently had a registered parcel that was lost. took a couple of days to locate it and forward for my retrieval.
Old Timer on 05/07/2012:
Hope you get your package Skye. We only us USPS now because UPS used to loose so much stuff, and a lot of stuff showed up crushed, broken, ripped open and used for football practice at the UPS facility. FedEx has priced themselves to high for our use anymore.
trmn8r on 05/07/2012:
I've never lost anything in the US Mail, so I can't relate to this. Good luck!
BigAl on 05/07/2012:
Several years ago I sent an overnight letter from Ohio to Florida. It cost $10 to send. It took 12 days to arrive at its destination and I was not offered a partial discount. A couple months ago I sent a package insured and return receipt requested. It was a small package but it cost around $50 dollars to send. The package did get there but I never received my delivery confirmation. Poor excuse for professionalism.
Alain on 05/08/2012:
Good review, Skye. I hope they get your package to you!
madconsumer on 05/08/2012:
for the package they miss placed of mine, I received a telephone call telling me they located it and when I could come to pick it up. the usps was extremely helpful and accommodating!
E on 05/16/2012:
I am going through the same experience right now. The USPS online tracking system shows that two delivery attempts were made, and both were Missent. I can't call during business hours because I am at work, and the automated system/voice recognition is a joke (disconnects after a long silence every time I state my choice). I've e-mailed my complaint twice, and I've yet to receive a response from them.

Just another example of how the concerns of common citizens are disregarded, and the promise of receiving basic customer service is nonexistent.
private4limited on 07/23/2012:
sorry for your continuing problems. I too have had constant problems with "priority/track and confirm" packages. the usps should be forced to drop "track" because the available information is useless.
every time something disappears and I have to open a case, an email is sent to my receiving p.o. wtf???? if they had it, I'd have it. the packages disappear along the way, not when my p.o. gets them!!! (very small village, no home delivery, everyone has a p.o.box or general delivery) strangely enough I have only had issue with items sent to me from north Florida. I can send to FL and receive packages from other areas w/out incident.
best of luck to you, skye. hope things improve.
Alec on 12/29/2012:
USPS is a collection of the lowest common denominator of talent. Yesterday I stood 2nd in line for 10 mins while the postmaster gossiped with her girlfriend on the phone. As the line became longer and everyone looked at each other with that "WTF??" expression, I left. These self centered incompetent morons are supposed to work for thee public. Just another epic failure for the history books. Last week my Xmas gift package arrived to my friend missing the contents. It had been opened enroute. Thanks USPS! Today I was informed that my paycheck (which I have been waiting for) was mailed out Dec 15th. Everyone else got theirs! Thanks USPS!
What a cluster. These morons couldn't get or keep a real job with the way they work. It is time to start over again. Fire the whole lot and give the jobs to competent people with strong work ethics.
Shawn on 12/29/2012:
I know what your going through USPS is terrible, From snippy Postal Clerks to the postal delivery guy or gal who delivers your mail to your new neighbor even though your last name is in bold print on the front of your mailbox, or how about how they, get mad because its time for them to take their lunch and you need to buy something and they rush you out the door, what a joke. Anyway seems I'm in a similar situation, I ordered some hard to find guitar parts from Germany, I had no option on shipping the company sent the parts through German Post, which arrived here in the US with no problems, well until they were handed to our great US postal system, the package which was sent registered mail the tracking number says last updat Dec 24th Missent. I've had my share of problems with USPS but this is the first missent package I ever had lucky me, I guess all I can do is wait. I hope your mail arrives.
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Delivery of priority mail is NOT a priority of the USPS
Posted by on
Last December (2009) I was caring for my parents who were both recovering from major operations. I had been mailing via Priority Mail through the USPS, keepsakes and other personal items from my childhood and teenage years back to my home in Georgia. When each package arrived my wife questioned the manner in which I had packaged each box before mailing, she would then inform me that upon arrival each package would be damaged, and beat up with the contents spilling out from damaged seams.

On the last day of my trip I went against my better judgment, and again utilized the United States Postal Service to ship my package, this time I insured my package for $200 and again shipped it priority mail. The box contained a gift from a friend that I hadn't seen since high school, and several VHS home videos of relatives and friends who are no longer living.

To summarize the story my 'Priority Package' that I insured weighed 5 pounds when I sent it, and when it arrived a week later the box had been split on one side and re-taped, the irreplaceable contents were GONE what was left in its place was a broken cable modem, and pile of papers from someone's class notes from school. I filed a complaint, and after further investigation I learned that Atlanta is the USPS national location to send all 'Lost' items.

I learned that all unclaimed and lost items are auctioned off to the highest bidder at a warehouse on the other side of the city. I made a visit to this warehouse in hopes of finding my belongings. I spoke with one of the employees who will remain nameless. She told me, "If I sent something through the mail and the contents such as my home movie had no return name or address then it is thrown into the garbage." I asked if there was a way to look for my property or person to speak with about getting permission to search through the lost and found items, and was told NO, the USPS doesn't allow citizens to search for their lost items. The woman apologized for my loss.

I sat through the auction for just a few minutes because that's all that I could stomach, I just couldn't bare the thought of knowing that my families irreplaceable home videos are gone forever. To make matters worse the only money that has been forwarded to me was for the cost to send the package and the cost of the insurance, the USPS claims department has said, that since I don't have a receipt(s) for the VHS video's and other personal items they 'will not' reimburse me for my loss. That was the day I vowed to my wife, "That whenever I have to mail another envelope I will pay the additional cost and send my mail via United Parcel Service, or Federal Express. The United States Postal Service deserves to go bankrupt because of their incompetence.

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User Replies:
bcd on 07/26/2010:
Based on your claim that several packages [sent separately] were damaged; it is likely you provided inadequate packaging.
Weedwhacked on 07/26/2010:
That's terrible but they did pay the claim that you insured your package for. That's really all they can do if the package is lost.
dan gordon on 07/26/2010:
I sympathize but I question anyone sending irreplaceable priceless possessions through any 'mail source'. It sounded like something you should have packed and brought home with you
PepperElf on 07/26/2010:
indeed weedwhacked

also, for others... if you want to mail something that is breakable and of deep personal value to you... I recommend double boxing.

that is, put the item in a box with packing material around it.
Then fill a bigger box 1/4 to 1/3 full of more packing material, put the little box in the big one, and then fill the rest of the bigger box with packing material.

it does sound excessive but... it's one of the most sure ways of having your items arrive unbroken.

Do I do this? Not really. Often I've used excessive bubble wrap and tshirts (when the shirts were to be gifts as well) around mugs and glasses. and the shipping box is usually sturdy.

it's worked well enough for sending home mugs n stuff like that. but once in a while something doesn't survive my packing.

so indeed the best way to ship is the 2-box method.
if you don't want to take any chances.

I've seen that one even used on big old tv sets. got to the location in one piece.
madconsumer on 07/26/2010:
try the new usps flat rate shipping boxes. often times usps claims it was your packaging at fault. using their boxes, it is hard for them to claim it was the boxes.
simontemplerr on 08/02/2010:
To All,

My wife made similar comments, so my question for everyone to comment becomes should the USPS be utilized to send anything aside from a letter or card, because that is the only thing they do adequately.
goduke on 08/02/2010:
My own preference would be not to use the USPS even on letters or cards -- they seem to botch that as well a lot of the time. But I definitely agree that you are using them at your own risk.
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Priority Mail - For Those Who Don't Care If It Ever Arrives
Posted by on
I needed to mail concert tickets from Ohio to West Virginia to a business associate. The concert was scheduled for 04/22/10. On 4/15/10 I went to the local post office, told them I had concert tickets, and asked what the best mailing option was in terms of ensuring the tickets would arrive before 4/22/10. The clerk said, "Just send them Priority Mail. That only takes 2-3 days for delivery." If you are worried, just get a tracking #." Sounded good so that is what I paid for. Big mistake! On the evening of 4/21/10, the business associate called and said the tickets had failed to arrive. I checked the tracking via the USPS website and it showed the tickets were last seen in Missouri on 4/17/10. I called the national USPS customer service number the next morning and the representative was not only worthless but rude. She said, "Well, we don't guarantee anything." My associate actually contacted the Missouri PO on 04/22/10 where the tickets were last seen and reached a supervisor who said, "Yeah, I know where they are. I'm looking right at them. They are here sitting on top of a box here. They were misrouted and they've been sitting here since the 17th." To make a long story short, the tickets still are in Missouri (it is now the evening of the 22nd, 8 days after I mailed them and there is no telling when the tickets will actually arrive at their destination; regardless, they will arrive far beyond the concert date). My point is this: In terms of business ethics, the USPS should be required to post information concerning what ocnsumers can expect in terms of Priority Mail. For instance, it should state, "There is no guarantee that Priority Mail will arrive in 2-3 days or will even arrive at all. 1 out of 4 items sent via Priority Mail is delivered 4 days or greater after mailing or is never actually delivered. If you are mailing an item that absolutely needs to arrive at a destination in less than 4 days, do not use Priority Mail."
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jakleg on 09/19/2014:
I feel you! I have actually had packages never track until I contacted the USPS and boom all of a sudden all the tracking information shows up online! I have had several packages actually show that shipping information was electronically received for shipping and never tracked until after the arrival of the packages! USPS is a total JOKE!
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United States Postal Service-Priority mail
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Here I go again, having to deal with the USPS. They misrouted, my package. Believe me, they aren't my first shipping choice, but that's who the shipper uses, so I had no other choice.

I placed an order, Monday morning. The shipper sent me an email, with the USPS labe/receipt number. I also requested the delivery confirmation option, to show my item was delivered and there wouldn't be any hassles later. My item was being sent priority mail. My item was shipped from Kentucky, on Monday, November 16, 2009.

Well wouldn't ya know it. My order was sent, by USPS to Santa Clarita, California. It has been there since Tuesday, November 17th. I contacted the shipper and they told me if I do not receive it by Monday, they will reship. That's a good thing, but I really wanted my item today.

I then called USPS, and after dealing with the insane automated system, got a live person, yes a live person, who then gave me the wrong information, telling me, my package was shipped from California on Monday. I then promptly told her, no, my package was shipped from Kentucky, my address is in Colorado, and she was like, oops, I was looking at the wrong screen. Yea, ha ha, so funny. She finally confirmed what I knew, that my package had been misrouted, and hopefully it would arrive in Colorado by tonight, or tomorrow. Still doesn't do me any good.

Yes, I know mistakes happen, but it seems anytime I have used USPS Priority Mail, they have constantly run into problems with my packages. I also understand their, "tracking" system, isn't like UPS or FEDX, and not real time, but just a small way of showing your package status.

I'm done using them. If I need to order anything, and the only shipping option is USPS, then my order will never be placed.

I hope my package is enjoying it's misrouted time, in Santa Clarita.

Resolution Update 11/21/2009:
My package finally showed up today, November 21st, at 10:30 AM.
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goduke on 11/20/2009:
So you called the person with the USPS, they confirmed that it was misrouted and was on the way to the right destination. I'm curious. What did you expect them to do?
Skye on 11/20/2009:
I wanted to know if they had any current information. That's what I wanted them to do.

No need to be so snarky. This site is to write our complaints, which I did. I also know things happen, I just wanted to share what happened, again with USPS.
msnanny on 11/20/2009:
Fed-Ex and UPS misroute packages too, it happens. I hope that your package arrives safely soon!
Skye on 11/20/2009:
msnanny, I have never had a package misrouted through either Fedx or UPS. I'm sorry that the shipper does not use these options.
Anonymous on 11/20/2009:
Sky it will be more expensive but Fed Ex, UPS Next Day or USPS Overnight might be what you need to use.
Priority, is just a step above regular 1st class mail.
Skye on 11/20/2009:
I know that Z, and I'm always willing to pay extra for the good service of either of those carriers. The shipper only uses USPS, my loss.

I also know there aren't any guarantee's with prority mail, fancy name, but doesn't mean much, lol.
Skye on 11/20/2009:
I'm just so aggravated today, because, USPS is so unreliable. I have no problem receiving regular mail, but priority, well that's a big joke.

Anonymous on 11/20/2009:
Don't sweat it.
goduke on 11/20/2009:
Skye...I'm not being snarky, and there's no need to get bent out of shape.

You're actual quote was "Still doesn't do me any good." I think it's reasonable to ask "what would have helped" or "what would you rather they have done."

I get that your upset. No need to take it out on anyone but the USPS.
Skye on 11/20/2009:
I would prefer that they had sent my package to Colorado, instead of Santa Clarita, California.

goduke on 11/20/2009:
Understood. Won't ask anymore questions.
Anonymous on 11/20/2009:
Well, the post office does not guarantee Priority so even if they had not misrouted there is no guarantee you would have gotten it today. I have seen PM take 2 days, and I have seen it take 3 weeks. It just depends on the situation. It sounds like it is sitting in the hub waiting to be rerouted.

Hope you get it soon.
SadSackSam on 11/20/2009:
Its USPS what do you expect. Every time my mother sends me a package she flakes. Iy goes from Amarillo to Dallas to Savanha to Atlanta then to me. Is it miss routed or an icreadibly stupid delviery system? Its the gov't go figure. If your adult and its not meds. your out of then you can wait a day or two. It adds to the excitment.
Nohandle on 11/20/2009:
I've ordered things from some companies that only ship USPS. That's great, fine and whatever. I was never given a tracking # as I do with with UPS or FedEx from the shipper. It seems to bit of a problem on this website with many people in the past. If the order is not received as agreed, I'm curious as to whether all shipping charges are credited back to the shipper's account for a late delivery and then the recipient in turn from the shipper. Mistakes happen but at one time I would tell the shipper I'd pay extra if they would go the UPS or FedEx route.
Anonymous on 11/20/2009:
No, the only guaranteed service with the USPS is express, and they only refund if they miss the date for delivery, NOT if you aren't home.

I also believe that Express is the only guaranteed service with UPS and FedEx too, but I would have to double check on that.
Skye on 11/21/2009:
I received my package at 10:30, this morning. It had a nice, little vacation.

Anonymous on 11/21/2009:
Skye, good. Glad it made it. :)
PepperElf on 01/19/2010:
actually I found skye's post to be well thought out
and she did the legwork ahead of time to read into what services are guaranteed and the like.

perhaps that is something to consider.

VH review skye =)
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The Post Office just won't deliver to apartments
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I have been told point blank that the Post Office does not deliver directly to apartments only to mailboxes. If your item does not fit in the mail box, you have to pick it up at the post office. I do not own a car and would have to take off work to pick up mail which is addressed to my apartment, not a mail box. When I complained I was treated with hostility and for a while even stopped receiving mail. Sometimes they shove items in the mailbox that don't fit, often damaging or even breaking items so they can fit them in the mail box. Twice now an oversized item has blocked the lock so I can't open the box and have to get the lock popped and replaced. As far as I am concerned, the post office can go out of business -- that way vendors will have to use UPS. I do not mind paying more in order to receive my items undamaged and at my home address. It appears the post office will only deliver to people affluent enough to own a home. Apartment dwellers appear not to be entitled to postal service. My only option appears to be not to order items online if they are to be delivered by the postal service.
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i_am_canadian on 09/15/2009:
The post office go out of business, keep dreaming.
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
They can't deliver the big boxes to the apartment complex's office?
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
lets see....rain,sleet,snow....Nope nothing about apartments.

Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Perhaps there isn't an office to deliver the package to as it is at my pad.
I would suggest that the OP should have the packages delivered to a neighbor at the apartment or get a P.O. Box and pick their mail up on their days off.
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Get an account at the local UPS Store (former Mail Boxes Etc). They will accept and hold any size package for you.
bcd on 09/15/2009:
Have your packages delivered to you at your work location.
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Supes: (BA)
laklisa on 09/15/2009:
I have a solution: In today's technology, you can get your bills delivered to your email (if possible). It also helps our environment...
Or as bcd said, have packages and mail delivered to your work location (if allowed).
Skye on 09/15/2009:
Where do you live that they won't go to your apartment?? Sounds fishy to me.

Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
They go to their apartment mailboxes, Skye.
Skye on 09/15/2009:
I understand that. I also was realized if the priority mail doesn't require a signature, they are not obligated to deliver to someone's apartment. They just leave it in your mailbox.
Skye on 09/15/2009:
I just saw where the OP hopes the Post Office goes out of business.

How precious is that??
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Really, skye? That's what you said to me about 2 years ago when I first posted my complaint about the post office, lol.

I know firsthand that mail, for some reason, does not always get delivered to apartments. When I lived, temporarily, in Connecticut, I had nothing but problems with my mail forwarded to me in one priority box every week. I paid extra for this service. The post office even lost one package containing a weeks worth of mail--but, thankfully, found it two weeks later. Even the district office couldn't resolve the problem. We resolved the problem ourselves when we moved back to our home. We never have problems there with our mail.

People can have problems with their mail--it happens every day.
PepperElf on 09/15/2009:
My post office sometimes delivers to apartments but normally they don't.

This is not something bad. This is called security.

If they left your package at the apartment door, someone else could steal it. Then the post office would be possibly liable for the loss.

By making it secure they reduce the chance of having your mail stolen.

At my old apartment: packages that didn't fit in the box were dropped off at the manager's office and stored there.

Current apartment: mail is put in the "mail hut" boxes. Oversized packages are put in the bottom boxes & a key is put in the recipient's mailbox. Anything bigger than that is supposed to go to the post office.

(though I do see the mail truck in the parking lot by some of the apartments though... it may be that they're delivering the mail to the disabled residents though)
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
pepper, that may be true for some. My packages fit in my mailbox and they still screwed it up somehow. Sometimes stuff happens that no one can explain. Not even the postmaster general's office could get my situation straightened out. I guess that's why I have to side with anyone who complains about mail delivery. It is very frustrating when it's happening to you.
nagpochenpo on 09/15/2009:
In response to our comments to my venting about not receiving packages at my apartment. I live in a garden apartment and we do not have an office. If they won't deliver to me (and my roommate who works out of the apartment is always home), they certainly won't deliver to a neighbor. Our apartments have easily accessible gated balconies and porches where packages can be left safely. I have gone so far as to write a letter to my local Post Office warranting that they were not liable for any lost packages if they would only leave packages inside my balcony. They say it is too much work to walk all the way to an apartment, that they only deliver to a central mail box, and that I was unreasonable to expect them to walk that far (we are not a huge complex). I already do all my bills and everything else possible online. I also do not own a car and use public transport (and wouldn't you know it, my Post Office is not on any bus line). I try to purchase from vendors that use UPS. If given the option I always select UPS. My problem at this point is Ebay and some booksellers who use the post office. So my best option is just to forgo using any vendors that ship via the Post Office and let them know that I will no longer be purchasing from them for this reason in the hopes that they will use a carrier that will deliver to me. And finally I was only dreaming of the post office going out of business, dreaming of receiving my packages at my home. It was a nice dream.
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Surely ONE of the suggestions here will solve this problem.
PepperElf on 09/15/2009:
you don't have to pay for a po box to pick up a package

my "mailbox" at my apartment is on the apartment grounds ... basically it's a small shack. The mail-person goes in, puts the mail in the boxes from the inside and we unlock our boxes from the outside.

Keep in mind these boxes aren't the pay-for PO boxes; each one is assigned to a different apartment.

are you saying that if a package is too big they won't hold it for you at the post office?

we were informed that anything that's too big is held there... but there was no mention of having to pay for any PO box.

Then again where I live... although I wouldn't want to walk there the post office is within a mile of the apartment I think.

of course there IS another option for packages. Have them sent UPS? They will deliver to apartment doors.
Fufu487 on 09/15/2009:
What the OP was saying is that the post office isn't close to him and he doesn't have a car, so picking up the parcel isn't easy or convenient. But unfortunately, the post office will not deliver to him, which I understood to be basic postal service....
Susan on 02/12/2014:
I'm in an apartment and home all day. Not once has the postal worker tried to deliver to me. Every freaking time I have to drive to the post office because she is so lazy and doesn't deserve the job.
john on 03/01/2014:
they put our packages out in common area at my senior home-one of my packages stole, my congressman is now involved to get my money back because not delivered to me. also if post office won t deliver packages to apts then any adrs with apt number should get a 20 percent discount on delivery. if I pay 10 dollars for a package and the won't deliver to my apt and a house owner pays 10 dollars for and gets it delivered is not fair and equitable.
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Love the new USPS pickup service
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I don't often hear compliments for the Postal Service, but when I went online to print mailing labels last night, to send Christmas packages to my family back in Ohio, I was surprised to find that not only could I print complete 2-3day Priority Mail labels, but that I could have the postman pick up the packaes, the next day, FREE.
The free service requires at least one 2-3 day, priority mail or higher package. I had 2, and sure enough they were picked up today, and a receipt left for me.
Wow- the Priority Mail postage is cheaper when printed at home, free pick-up, and you avoid the horrible lines at the Post Office. WHAT A GREAT IDEA-- I love it!!

Thank you USPS, for a really great idea, that appears to work well!!
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Venice09 on 12/18/2010:
I've seen the commercials and wondered how well it worked. Based on your review, I would try this service. I'm glad it worked out.
Ohpiddle on 05/16/2011:
You can also buy stamps by placing the money in the mail box with your name and address attached. Sometimes the carrier will have enough to fill the order right then or they will take the money back to the p.o. and deliver the stamps the next day...just make sure the money is not in an envelope that looks like out going mail. We are timed at stops and most of the time pay no attention. Some put it in a zip lock baggy or ask your carrier for an orange envelope that can be reused. There are many other services that your carrier can do for you right from your mail box without needing to go to the post office.
old fart on 05/16/2011:
I've used the orange envelopes for a long time... all you do is write a check for what you need and "voila"! you have stamps.
Pat Savage on 08/24/2013:
I mailed a parcel from Blaine WA. to our daughter in Virginia, on Tuesday. It arrived in less than 24 hours. I could not believe the service. Congratulations on having dedicated staff and elements in place to provide that service.
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