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Lost Box for a Month Through USPS, Horrible CS Experience Too!
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Rating: 1/51

WATAUGA, TEXAS -- Sent 2 boxes to the same exact address in Puerto Rico from the Watauga USPS office in December 2015. 1 of the boxes made it to its destiny but the second got lost. I ended up submitting a claim which they never responded after 2 attempts, several calls to the Consumer Affairs office in Fort Worth, TX that they never responded, and long hours waiting for an agent on the phone. In case you have never contacted USPS 800 #, their average hold time is 1 hour.

31 days later after I got the box back to my house with a sticker saying that the box was undeliverable/person unknown, really? BUNCH OF LIARS!! How come the first box, which went to the same address made it fine?! I took the box back to the Watauga location to see what they had to say about the incident… and you would have thought they would accept they messed up and offered a solution for the inconvenience they caused.

"I‘ve worked in customer service for years, and the least I would had offer to an upset customer is a free overnight and a big apology…" right? Well no, instead the lady, who was in charge of the office said she could resend the box through the same cheap service… really? How in the world you think I am going to give my box back to the same guys who lost my box??! Like they say “You get what you pay for.” I thank God for FedEx and UPS, my new package delivery companies!

Lazy and Rude Mail Delivery Person
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Rating: 2/51

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- I had a package delivered from Amazon through USPS yesterday. It took me just about a minute to get to the door when someone rang my apartment's doorbell. When I opened the door, I saw the mail person already down the stairs (7-8 steps) from our landing. She turned to my direction and said, "I'm not going back there!" Immediately, she put the down package on the side of the lawn and minded her own business putting mail in mailboxes for the other tenants. I didn't mind going down there to get the package myself. But for her to say what she said, it's rude!
It also says a lot about what kind of worker she is.

Missing Mail
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Rating: 1/51

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- For several weeks, my volume of mail had declined significantly. I normally receive a number of magazines some are weekly and others are monthly. In the last several weeks, I have not received any magazines and am missing several weekly ones plus a few monthly versions. I am also starting to miss first class mail such as bills. The Torrance post office cannot be contacted, phone off the hook. The main USPS site is non- responsive, its a voicemail hell of infinite hold times. Since I have to make trips to the bookstore to buy magazines every week now I might as well cancel all of my subscriptions.

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Rating: 2/51

UNITED STATES -- I sent my elderly father-in-law a package that needed his signature twice, once return receipt and the other was restricted delivery. The restricted delivery was selected b/c it supposedly can only be signed for by the addressee or another with written permission. Signatures are supposed to be legible. "Manager" at location was allowed to sign, without being required to show written permission to accept. Am unsure if the 2 required signatures match each other. Postmaster in Plano gives various explanations. Getting runaround from postal inspection. Customer service kind, but ineffective.

Package was mailed in late June. Still can't get verification that intended recipient got it. Filed insurance claim. Will be interesting to see how they get out of paying that.

Terrible USPS priority mail
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Rating: 1/51

WESTMONT, ILLINOIS -- I had an oversize package need to be sent out of Illinois. I went to the USPS website and was happy to find that the online price of priority package is cheaper than the regular price. So I printed out everything and brought to the local office (Westmont, IL). I was told there that my price was not correct and was charged the difference between the online and regular prices. I called the USPS customer service and was confirmed my price was correct. BUT the customer service said I have to call the local office to get refund. Then I did, the manager was careless and rude. First he said if I get the price online, I should ask for a pick-up. If I brought it to local office, I should pay the price got from an office terminal. What a terrible excuse it is! Later he said since my package has been delivered, he cannot see it to confirm its weight, size, so he would not refund me! This is the worst customer service I have met, next time I will try FedEx or UPS!

Constantly Harassed by Post Office Employee!

I am frequent customer of your downtown location and one of your counter employees seems to have a major chip on her shoulder! I don't know her name but she's the only counter employee of a particular race. Nothing, I repeat nothing, ever meets her standards and she is not nice about it! A few months ago, I had my 3 year old with me. Next to the supply counter is a metal stand with tape and decorative mailing supplies. On this day, my daughter was walking to where I was in line and tripped on the corner of the display. This employee yells at my daughter to stop climbing on the display!

Yesterday, I was shipping something in a flat rate box and there was a slight bulge in the top of the box. Thanks to all the bubble wrap my husband used, the bulge was raised less than half an inch! I have been shipping and receiving packages via USPS priority mail for YEARS and I have been told by the postmaster himself that if it fits in the box and is under 70 lbs, they will act the package. The seals do not have to be flat. The same thing goes for flat rate envelopes. If the item fits in the envelope, it is acceptable. The envelope does not have to be flat.

And wouldn't you know, this darn employee gets made and says the box has to be flat! But yet, she still accepted my package. I having been doing this for years and I know she just has a chip on her shoulder. None of the employees at this location or the Davis branch ever have a problem with my packages. But takes the cake and I have had it. I will not tolerate this woman any longer.

Today I went to ship a package, again in a flat rate box. This time, I made sure there were no bulges. I filled out the shipping label at home but didn't have a delivery confirmation label. It's 95 degrees today and I am 6 months pregnant. I walk inside, grab the DC label intending to write the addressee's name on it while I am in line. I get in line and reach into my bag for a pen and this damn woman, who is the only person working the counter today, yells at me to get out of the line because the DC label has to be filled out beforehand!

So I get out of line and go to the back counter and of course, I forgot my pen! And none of the pens at the counter will work and of course, this woman doesn't have a pen I can use! I left practically in tears and went home and had my husband take the package to another location to ship it! (And I won't get into how pissed my husband is at me right now because I didn't go to the location inside Nob Hill like he told me to.)

This woman really needs some customer service training or a new job! Every single I have dealt with her, she has been on a power trip and she comes off very abrasive! I am seriously considering filing a complaint against her because this is just getting ridiculous now!

USPS Has really Let Me Down!

USPS you've really let me down. Over the last few months, I've been singing praises about your priority mail service, namely how cost effective it is and fast delivery time. And until now, you've always come through and delivered my packages (whether I was the sender or receiver) safely and in a timely manner. And now it looks as though you have lost a package. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I have had a few scares in the last few months where I would have a package out for delivery yet the mail would arrive sans any packages, and then a few hours later, the doorbell would ring and lo & behold, I would see the mail truck driving away and there was my package next to the mailbox! But not this time. My package was scanned as "Out for delivery" at 8:30 am YESTERDAY. I watched the mail lady delivery my mail and rushed out to get it as soon as she was done, but my package wasn't there and it wasn't delivered a few hours later.

I thought it would show up today but lo & behold, my husband caught the mail lady just as he was leaving for work and again, no package. I went to the post office to find out where the hell my package was and why it hasn't been delivered. And the only thing they could tell me is that they have to talk to the carrier when she returns. And that I should call tomorrow morning between 6-8 am before the carrier has left, to see if they've found my package, and to let them know if I want it delivered or to pick it up myself! I am beyond angry now. There is absolutely no excuse for this!

I don't understand how my package could be allowed to sit on a mail truck for 2 days now! It should be required, if it isn't already, that mail trucks are inspected upon return to make sure all of the day's mail has been delivered! I read somewhere that sometimes packages are delivered by another carrier and that's why they sometimes show up after the regular mail has been delivered. Well this is a small town, there is no way in hell it should take an extra day or 2 to deliver a package. The mail carrier screwed up royally and I can't even hold her accountable!

If I had my way, I would press charges for theft or at least negligence because the post office has determined that at one point or another, my package was on her truck! This really really sucks. I am glad that it's just an inexpensive eBay purchase ($30 shirt) that has been lost and not a check or a credit card. But now whenever I'm expecting a package and it doesn't show up with the regular mail, I'm going to worry that it too has been lost!!! I will be filing a formal complaint against the letter carrier because there is no excuse for this! None whatsoever!

Birthday Card (with money) Never Received
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My mother sent my daughter a birthday card for her 19th birthday. She mailed it from her local post office in Wall, N. J. on Friday, 11/6/09 as soon as they opened in the morning, on her way to work. The card was going to Saint Augustine, FL, hopefully in time for her 11/11 birthday. Well, it is now almost 3 weeks later, and still no birthday card. It was CLEARLY a birthday card... pink envelope, happy birthday sticker on the back, etc. and it contained not only $50 cash, but a $50 gift certificate to Michael's Arts and Crafts store.

On our end, we get our mail everyday directly from the mailman. My husband has a routine where he walks the dog when he hears the post truck pass on the other side of the street and meets our postman at the mailbox to get our mail. So I know it did not get stolen out of our mailbox.

What a shame that the USPS has a bunch of petty thieves working for them. They target mail that looks like it could contain cash or gift cards. And no one can be held accountable anywhere along the way, unless you pay extra for insuring or registering the mail. It is sorta like governmental racketeering - pay extra, or maybe it won't make it to your destination!

Of course, my mom - who is on a fixed income, is devastated and has complained and questioned the USPS in person, on the phone, and via the internet. But of course, there is nothing they can do, nobody wants to hear it, give it more time... One time I sent a card to my grandson and it didn't arrive until a month and a half later, it had been damaged in the machine! (that's what the USPS customer complaint person who finally called her back told her).

I guess the moral of the story is: DO NOT USE THE USPS IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. Pay your bills online. Send email correspondence or call the people you want to talk to, or pay their blackmailing fee if you really want the letter to get there. If you are really feeling like chancing it, take the extra time to completely disguise your letter and maybe you can fool the criminals that sort the mail into not stealing your stuff.

Internal Mail Theft/Non Replacement of Money Orders
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- On May 16th, 2008, I went to the counter of my local post office and purchased a money order from the post office with the reference number of **. I advised the clerk that I needed to make sure that I could track this mail and get a confirmation when it is delivered. She advised me that the certified mail service would take of my concerns. This letter and money order was going from Jacksonville to Jacksonville.

As of today, the recipient has not received it. I have made several calls to my local postal service. I have made a complaint with the postal inspection reference **. I have made a complaint to the Northeast Florida Consumer Affairs reference ** and to ** that handles complaints for the e Postmaster General office. All of these entities told me that someone would contact me.

On top of that, I was advised that I could put a stop payment on the money order for a fee of $5.20 and wait for 60-90 days to get my money back. All of this is unacceptable, because it was the post office that either lost or stole my mail, which included my money order. I have found out that the post office I utilize already had complaint of thief from others. I want my money back ASAP. This is outrageous.

Today, I spoke with ** at my local post office, which was rude and less than helpful and had the nerves to tell me that she was familiar with the situation and asked me "why was I calling". I am calling because, I have made complaints with several entities about this situation and was promised a callback within one day and it has been two. I am calling about the lack of cooperation and consideration that I have received. I am calling because, I paid for a service that sets my mail apart from the regular mail and I did not get what I paid for.

Apparently, other people have similar situation, which is how I found your email and fax number. In the middle of drafting this email, I just got a phone call from ** from the consumer affairs office. She advised me that the mail has not been located. She also advised me that the post office does not have a way to put a stop payment on the money order that I purchased from them and that I indeed would have to wait that long to receive my money, which is just ridiculous.

This is what I am going to do. I am going to fill out the forms for my money order. I have been trying to figure out a way to not use the post office ever again. I have spoken with UPS and was advised that to mail a letter, I could use the UPS ground service, which would cost about $7.00 for a letter. I will attach a copy of my complaint in every piece of mail that I send to charities, sports entities and any other contact. Surely, no charitable organization needs to purchase a money order from the post office. I am going to make sure that every website that I build has something about my experience with the U.S. Postal Service and the chain emails has proven to be priceless.

So Sick of the Post Office!
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Normally I sympathize with those of us with bad jobs. I myself had one until recently, and I'm sure you were all aware of that. I would assume working at the post office is one of those bottom of the barrel, worlds suckiest jobs. However, of all the places I shop/frequent, I have never had more issues with the workers than at the post office. Here is just one example...

I ship a LOT of items. Big items, small items, domestic and international items. It's all for Ebay. I print my own postage at home to save time so all I have to do at the post office is wait in line, and then get my items scanned in. My closest POs do not have a drop bin, you HAVE to wait in line to give them to someone. Until maybe a year ago you just handed them off and hoped they got to their destination.

At some point something changed and they added a scan in and printed receipt feature so when you drop off your items the worker scans in each piece and gives you a printed receipt. I LOVE this. I can ensure that each of my items gets an arrival scan, and makes me feel good showing my buyers on eBay that their item left my hands and on what day.

The PO right by my office has the worst workers. One actually answers her cell phone to take personal calls while helping customers. WTF is that about?! This has happened on more than one occasion, since I'm there everyday, I notice these things. It's not just emergencies, it's not just occasionally, it's practically everyday. Most of them do what they should and scan my items and hand me a receipt without question. One will ask whether or not I would like the receipt, but still scans the items. The one today, who I have never seen before, was not like the others.

I had more boxes then the window could hold, and as soon as I filled the window he began moving them out of the way. He saw I was still standing there and asked "Yes?" Baffled, I said I had more boxes to pile up, and began to do so. He again cleared them off to the side... and again seeing me still stand there he said "ANY MORE?!" With an audible anger. "No?" I said.

He gave me a bug eyed look and raised his hands up in that "then what" pose, to ask why I was still standing there. "I'd like my receipt?" His eyes sank and he began to grumpily scan all my items in and print my receipt. He then held it slightly out of my reach while reading it over. I held my hand up to receive it and he says "It's worthless, you can have it but IT'S WORTHLESS." WTF?! I scowled, grabbed my receipt and said "THANKS" and walked out.

Um #1 it's NOT worthless. #2 Why question WHY a customer wants their receipt? It signifies he scanned in all my items. #3, How come at every other post office I go to they just scan my items and give me a receipt without asking? That is apparently the standard, one that HE decided he doesn't want to follow. #4 THERE WAS ONE GUY BEHIND ME IN LINE and he actually let me ahead of him for God knows what reason. Human kindness?

Point being, I'm sick of going to the PO. These kind of things happen fairly regularly, and at several different locations. I could make them print postage and delivery confirmation for each and every piece but I try and make their lives easier by printing myself and THIS is the thanks I get? Geeze!

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